Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 425             9 May 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  722 finish a successful Richmond Half Marathon
 *  Congrats to organising team Sandra Forrest, Tamsin Burland, Sally Bamford
     and Lindsey Simmonds
 *  Lauren Stewart and Megan De Silva finish 1st and 3rd in the women's race,
     Phil Killingley is 2nd in the men's 
 *  Open and Surrey victories for Ranelagh men's and women's teams
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells finishes 3rd in the Towpath 10, Trevor Maguire leads
     our men in 8th place  
 *  Ranelagh juniors top the table in the first Stragglers junior handicap 
 *  Triathlon success in Africa for Gill Sanders
 *  Estelle Damant runs 36.35 10,000m in BUCS track championships
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Marie Synnott-Wells, Gemma Cory,
     Wiebke Kortum, Niall O'Connor, Becky Hall, Lauren Stewart and Rick Jenner 
 *  Sutton 10km this Sunday, Dorking 10 on June 1st
 *  Subscriptions are due!

 A full range of our club kit is now available from Alley Catz:.
 Everything is made to order which means we won't have to keep kit in stock ourselves.
 We are selling off cheaply those items we do still have in stock - contact Heather
 Martingell heathermartingell@hotmail.co.uk  or Jane Craigie-Payne jcp-1@hotmail.co.uk  for details. 

 Louise Piears writes:
 "After a long, long time in the planning, running, mapping, writing and
 waiting, our Good Run Guide book is finally due to be launched on the 8th
 May. It's got 40 fantastic routes of varying distances and difficulty, with
 write-ups, maps, colour photos, downloads and of course a well deserved
 acknowledgement to Ranelagh!  It actually went on sale on the 8th May at
 £12.95, but is now available to pre-order at a 30% discount on the
 Publisher's site, so if you fancy a copy its worth putting an order in now!

 Stragglers and Ranelagh are getting together to bid farewell to Janet and
 Manuel Turnes who are shortly leaving the Wych Elm pub in Kingston for a
 well-earned retirement. Celebrate with them at the pub on Friday 16th May
 any time from 7.30pm onwards. All welcome.

 ...were due on April 1st. 
 Our rates are unchanged at £40 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and
 those who are retired and over 60, £10 for under 20s and students and
 non-running members. There is also a £70 family membership.  Post your
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A
 Standing Order form is available from our website here: . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk . 

 The Ranelagh Building Fund Draw was discontinued last year, but a number of
 people have not yet cancelled their standing order to the Draw. If you are
 one of these, please arrange for your standing order to be cancelled as soon
 as possible.   

 SUTTON 10km  Sunday 11th May and DORKING 10 miles Sunday 1st June
 These are both Ranelagh Grand Prix and Surrey Road League events. The Sutton
 race is this Sunday and entries are closed. Dorking doubles up as the county
 10 miles championship. Details:. 

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 22nd June
 Entries are coming in steadily for our 10km, which as usual incorporates the
 Surrey county championship. It also forms part of the Surrey Road League and
 of course our own Grand Prix. Over 250 entries have been received so far, so
 it's quite possible the entry limit might be reached. Over 50 of you have
 already got your entries in, but anyone else planning to run should not
 delay. Details:.   

  Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 "After the 'ahem' success of last year's race on Wimbledon Common (well the
 40 that ran it seemed to have a good time, despite the worst weather of an
 otherwise glorious summer), in a mad moment I thought it would be a good
 idea to do it again only bigger and even better! There are now three races
 of 5, 5 and 8ish miles still featuring one of my favourite routes along
 Beverley Brook and up the 'Toast Rack' with the infamous Rifle Butts thrown
 in for good measure. A bit of negotiation with the conservators means all
 three races now have a more scenic start at the Windmill. The races are all
 on Wednesday evenings (May 14th, June 11th and July 9th) and it would be
 good to see a few of you there. Details are here:. Of course I always need
 marshals etc, and if you can help that would be great. Mail me at

 GREEN BELT RELAY  17th and 18th May
 There is still room for a couple more runners in our two teams of eleven for
 the Green Belt Relay. For more info on the race, see www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/.
 Contact Michelle Davies michelle.davies@richmond.gov.uk  if you're interested.

 The Stragglers are again holding a series of 2km handicap races for juniors
 during the summer months, and the first one took place on Thursday 24th
 April. Ranelagh came out as top team on the day - see results section below.
 All under 18s are welcome at these races, which are all on Thursday
 evenings: 22nd May, 12th June, 26th June, 17th July and 28th August.
 Registration begins at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. For the very young there is a
 500 metres race.

 Phil Aiken writes:
 "We are delighted to report that Lauren Stewart has moved her first claim
 club to Ranelagh from Woodford Green and Essex Ladies. Over the last 18
 months Lauren has lived in Richmond, trained with us and raced occasionally
 for Ranelagh as a second claim runner. With recent 1h19 and 2h49 times for
 the half and full marathons respectively, she is a fantastically talented
 runner and will be a huge asset to our team recently promoted to Surrey X-C
 division 1."

 ...has been competing with great distinction in several Triathlon events in
 Southern Africa. Back in March at Buffalo City in South Africa she finished
 second by just 5 seconds to the Russian Arina Shulgina, after rounding off
 with a 36.39 10km run. This won Gill the South African Championship for the
 scond time in three years. Then it was on to Troutbeck in Zimbabwe for the
 African Championship. Here Gill was the clear winner by nearly two minutes
 with a 10km run of 37.30, her third time as champion. Finally it was the
 World Cup event in Capetown and here she was pleased to finish 15th in a
 high-class field less than three minutes behind the British winner Jodie
 Stimpson. Gill finished with an impressive 35.08 10km, and was home well
 ahead of Shulgina, her vanquisher in Buffalo City.

 ...have let us know about some events they are hosting this summer:
 1  Annual 5 miles series.  These are 5 miles on well surfaced trails through
 Epping Forest on the first Saturdays of June, July and August.  These are
 popular events on a beautiful and reasonably quick course. 
 2  A  Fell Race in Epping Forest on Friday 20th June.  While the course is
 only 3 miles, it packs in nearly 1,000 feet of climb. The race, now in its
 15th year, offers panoramic views of the City and a free beer for every
 3  'Fast Friday' on Friday 27th June offers two 10k and one 5k race at
 Walthamstow track.
 Details of all the events can be found on the Orion website here:. 

 On Saturday 3rd May 2014, Kids Run Free launched their free monthly kids'
 running races in Marble Hill Park, Twickenham. All are welcome from toddlers
 to teenagers and distances will range from 50m to 1km plus. Register to take
 part at www.kidsrunfree.co.uk. 

 Details of the events that make up our summer Road Grand Prix are on our
 website here:. The next events are
 the Sutton 10km this Sunday, then the Dorking 10 miles and the Richmond 10km
 in June. 

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Sunday 11th May                 Sutton 10km. 9.30am start. Details:

 Sat/Sun 17th & 18th May       Green Belt Relay. See above.

 Sunday 1st June                  Dorking 10 miles.   Details:. 

 Sunday 22nd June                Richmond 10km. 9am start.  Details:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 TOWPATH 10 miles  Sunday 27th April at Chiswick
 Trevor Maguire reports:
 "This year the Towpath 10, held by our friends at West 4, was not pre-London
 but instead in late April and so this year it is the second race in our road
 league.  This re-positioning dulled the quality at the front but did not put
 off a large Ranelagh contingent of 30+ entering.  The weather was mild and
 dry for the race (just a bit of drizzle beforehand) and the breeze wasn't
 too bad.  After a full health and safety debrief we set off around the grass
 pitches at a steady pace, which picked up over Chiswick Bridge as the field
 stretched out.  Two sprightly runners from Clapham Chasers set off at the
 front and they duly finished first and second.  I watched an exciting race
 for third from a few places back, with the eventual podium place runner
 passing me just after halfway.  As ever the actual towpath is a bit slower
 than you think, especially from miles 7 to 9 as tiredness bites and this
 year we had the added bonus of swarms of flies to swallow.  Whilst Ranelagh
 packed well at the front (5 in 25) the men's team wasn't strong enough to
 prevent Ealing Eagles picking up the team prize.  Ted came storming in with
 his characteristic sprint finish, Peter nearly managed his target of a
 negative split and Dave continues to run better and better.  However, we did
 win a few beers from the sponsor and some cash, with Marie (3rd lady and 1st
 W40) and I (1st M45) running the course better than we have done for a few
 years. Stewart was 2nd M45 and Paul was 3rd M50.  Rachel certainly had a big
 PB and Deepa and Paula completed their first 10 mile races.  From those I
 saw finishing, or caught up with afterwards, Sally B looked very fresh at
 the end, whilst Stewart, Paul, Alberto, Lloyd, Sally D, Simon, Heather, Ann
 and Michael seemed happy enough as they finished.  Bruce, Amrut and Kevin
 were a bit grumpy but admitted fitness was the main culprit.  All in all I
 think everyone enjoyed the race along the scenic Thames."  

 We had 722 finishers for our 2014 Half Marathon, a little up on the past
 couple of years, but still featuring a high percentage of no-shows from our
 total entry of about 1,200. This is simply a reflection of its own
 popularity: the entry limit was again reached months before the race, giving
 plenty of time for those entered to repent at leisure! That the race is so
 popular is in no small part due to the efforts of the organising team of
 Sandra Forrest (race director), Tamsin Burland (volunteers), Sally Bamford
 (prizes and finish line) and Lindsey Simmonds (luggage and permissions). So,
 hearty congratulations to them and the dozens of other members and friends
 who helped on the day to make the event a success.

 Phil Killingley picks out the highlights:
 "A fantastic result for Ranelagh. In both the men's and the women's team
 events we got less than half the points of the next best (low points is a
 good thing in running scoring!). Our men had 2nd, 4th and 12th (me, George
 Howard and Nick Twomey) and our women 1st, 3rd and 9th (Lauren, now running
 first claim for us, and recording a seemingly effortless victory, Megan in
 third and Gwen). Ranelagh had 10 of the first 42 individuals home. 

 Moreover, there was a flood of pbs:
 - Nick Twomey broke his time from Reading earlier this year with a low 78min
 - Ian Kenton timed his sub-80 effort to perfection with 79:59, off not very
 much training and a illness/injury strewn winter. 
 - Ted Mockett and Peter Faull ran together for much of the way and recorded
 big pbs in 80:51 and 81:30. 
 - Jordan Mungovan did 82:44 with a welcome return to form. 
 - Dave Lawley did 84min dead with a fantastic first effort at half. 
 - Megan's 87min was a 3 minutes improvement on her pb from Wales earlier
 this year, and first time under 90min. Great run for 3rd place (beating
 fourth by a narrow margin to get a medal)
 - David Ready's 91:33, second time running for Ranelagh, was an excellent
 effort too, and there's much more to come from him. 
 - 93:06 for Gwen McCormack must be a pb too. 

 This is a really hard distance, particularly for first timers, so some very
 impressive efforts. OK, so I'm bound to have missed some pbs. It was a
 glorious day for running - a brilliantly organised race with superb home
 support. For me, running doesn't get much better than that. (it would only
 have required the Herne Hill guy who won not to have entered, or me to run
 30 seconds quicker!)." 

 After a brief opening rush from Reigate's Charl Jordaan, the eventual top
 finishers settled in at the front including several blue Ranelagh vests.
 Phil Killingley had been hoping to repeat last year's victory, but despite
 running a minute and a half faster he had to settle for second place behind
 Herne Hill's John Kettle. George Howard fought out third place with
 Stragglers' Graham Brook but it was the Strags man who came out ahead,
 relegating George to fourth, just out of the individual prizes. However,
 there was compensation for George as he joined Phil and Nick Twomey - who
 himself had just got the better of Paul Doyle - in the winning open and
 Surrey championship teams. Paul was third over 40, with Trevor Maguire

 In the women's race, Lauren Stewart led all the way and at the finish had
 all but three minutes in hand over second-placed Isobel Rea from West 4.
 Megan De Silva finished strongly for third and Gwen McCormack was ninth,
 closing in the team which echoed the men's performance with open and Surrey
 team victories. Behind Gwen there were great runs from Ellen Clague and Mel

 Some race photos here,
  courtesy of Rob Knell:
 The professional shots from Ant Bliss are here:. 

 LOUGHRIGG and TODD CRAG FELL RACES  Wednesday 16th April
 Trevor Maguire reports:
 "Whilst in Rome..... Luke and I decided to enter a local fell race whilst on
 holiday in the Lake District (at the top of Lake Windermere just beside
 Ambleside).  Luke entered Todd Crag (1½ miles junior race up towards Lily
 Tarn and back) and Loughrigg was the senior race (two miles up to the
 Loughrigg cairn at 330m/1083ft and two miles down).  I know many Harriers
 have run fell races over the years but this was a new experience for us!  

 Typically, the junior race set off at a rapid rate and although he found
 himself in the middle of his age-group by halfway, Luke lost a shoe in a bog
 on the way back.  After a slide and a trudge back to his football trainers
 he recovered a few places near the end to finish 41st  and stated he enjoyed
 the race apart from finishing with a muddy bum. So, Lesson 1 from fell
 races: wear the right shoes and tie your shoe laces tight.

 Loughrigg turned out to be a fairly serious prospect and I have to say that
 fell runners are a different kettle of fish.  Irrespective of age and gender
 all runners were, to various degrees, rugged, hardy and gnarled, and ready
 for action.  Fell race Lesson 2 - be prepared.  As it was the toughest grade
 fell race (A) the presumption was that all runners had to carry survival
 equipment (everyone had a largish bum-bag).  I had a shower proof mac that I
 was trying to securely tie around my waist to give the impression of
 something substantial, but it ended up flapping about (I don't know how
 Michele G does it in mob matches).  As the weather was good and the race
 short I think they had some discretion and turned a blind eye to the obvious
 amateur.  Lesson 3 - don't start at the back.  Whilst I was busy with knots
 the route was explained and, after a short pause, we started with a
 surprising 'off you go then'.  We came across a narrow bridge after 200m and
 I've never actually formed a polite queue in a race before.  About a minute
 later I set off steeply up hill and managed to overtake droves of hardy and
 then tough runners and eventually caught up with the gnarled. Lesson 4 -
 when the slope gets too tough to run, adopt a crouching long striding
 walk/bound with hands on knees.  I discovered I can't do this very well and
 as I hit these sections I yo-yoed between the hardy/tough and the gnarled.
 Near the top I spotted the eventual winner bombing down (discovered later he
 is the current English Fell running champion).  Scrambled up the climb to
 the cairn, somewhere near the top 50 or so.  Lesson 5 - fell runners are
 nuts.  I usually make up ground downhill on cross country/road but not on
 the fells.  I was OK on bogs and paths but was tippy-toeing over rocks and
 ledges whilst all around me were running as if we were on a flat road.  The
 gnarled disappeared down the hill and I only caught up with the rugged/hardy
 when the surface improved towards the end.  I finished a disappointing 87th
 out of 191 but everyone was very friendly and it was an enjoyable way to
 spend a Wednesday evening.  I would definitely like to do another, but
 ideally on an easier course."

 1   T Addison (Helm H)     26.10
 32  F Bunn (Abingdon)      32.44  (1st woman)
 87  Trevor Maguire         36.35   

 Todd Crag Under 12s
 1   H Bowen (Ambleside)    10.14
 8   C Rylance (Ambleside)  11.33  (1st girl)
 41  Luke Maguire           14.34

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP  Thursday 24th April at the Hawker Centre,
 Colin Brett reports:
 "Ranelagh managed a good turnout of sixteen runners, including seven
 debutants and the result was seven PBs - a remarkable performance from the
 team and they proudly stand at the top of the Junior league. Debutant Mathew
 Beal had the honour of being first finisher with a great run, Lydia Lowe was
 fastest girl with Kabir Sait and Noah Heron-Brett making our fastest three,
 but this was all about the team getting round and racking up the points
 which they did with aplomb. It was  great to witness the effort and
 determination of a super squad and we know there is more to come. Luke
 Maguire kept his laces done up (unlike Dad) but did add an extra 20 metres
 insuring a PB next time out! Young Oliver Beal will also certainly bank a PB
 next time as he ran 2.5k and many of the first timers are getting to
 understand the distance. Well done all Juniors you did us proud!
 Next outing is Thursday 22nd May at 7pm.
 PS We did have two more running who forgot to register as Ranelagh (Victor &
 Patrick Korejwo)". 

 1   Matthew Beal           14.47  (actual time 9.47)
 5   Luke Maguire           16.56  (8.56)
 12  Lydia Louw             18.44  (7.44 - fastest girl)
 21  Florence Henderson     19.16  (9.16)
 24  Arthur Louw            19.22  (9.22)
 25  Oliver Beal            19.23  (14.23)
 29  H Thursfield (Strag)   19.29  (7.29 - fastest boy)
 34  Noah Heron-Brett       19.40  (8.40)
 37  Kabir Sait             19.44  (8.14)
 38  James Rushby           19.46  (11.46)
 39  Jonny Brook            19.55  (8.55)
 41  Harvey Bloomer         20.05  (12.05)
 42  Charlie Brook          20.07  (12.07)
 47  Antonia Bloomer        21.12  (13.12)

 1   Ranelagh H             25
 2   Stragglers             19
 3   St Mary's Richmond     16

 23  Victor Korejwo         19.19  (9.49)

 1   F Hutchings (Strag)     2.49
 5   Afrah Sait              3.21  (1st girl) 

 8   Patrick Korejwo         3.42          

 RAVENS QUARTERLY 5km handicap  Thursday 24th April 
 1   M Starkey (Ravens)     28.38  (actual time 18.55)
 13  Alan Davidson          29.49  (23.38)

 Marina Quayle writes:
 "Started off well but then slowed down considerably. It was a trail run and
 there was so much mud (it had rained all week) that you just had to be
 careful not to fall and go splash face first in the mud. There were only 70
 runners or so doing the half and a few crazies doing the ultra. But it was
 good fun (in hindsight)."

 1   K Baldwin (unatt)      1:40.26 
 6   A Carr (unatt)         1:47.40  (1st woman)
 65  Marina Quayle          2:34.06
 Duncan Mallison was delighted with a big PB, even though just outside the
 three hours barrier.

 1   S Dehasa (Ethiopia)    2:06.43  (chip time 2:06.43)
 571 Duncan Mallison        3:03.27  (3:02.39)

 BUCS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sunday 4th May at Bedford
 Representing Loughborough, Estelle Damant finished 5th in the 10,000 metres
 in 36:35.4.

 REGENTS PARK 10km  Sunday 4th May
 1   W Brewin (unatt)       34.19  (chip time 34.18)
 17  K Williams (USA)       38.43  (38.39 - 1st woman)
 50  Ben Shore              41.34  (41.25)

 1   H Coates (Walls)       74.17
 37  L Stobbart (Cumb)      90.31  (1st woman) 
 130 Bob Beatson           103.03 

 1    R Lloyd (Stock)       2:43.25  (chip time 2:43.20)
 32   S Hill (Farnham)      3:00.21  (3:00.16 - 1st woman)
 1661 Jane Craigie-Payne    4:58.01  (4:55.52)
 1822 Nigel Coombes         5:15.49  (5:13.41)

 1   I Ssenyange (Uganda)   1:08.38  (chip time 1:08.35)
 15  J Ovington (MMK)       1:23.01  (1:22.53 - 1st woman)
 455 Heather Martingell     1:55.47  (1:54.34)  

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 7th May
 1   Alan Davidson          23.00  (actual time 23.00)
 Also: Sonia Rowland               (21.15)            

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 6th April
 1   D Martin (SMR)          7.17
 5   E Harwood (unatt)       7.57  (1st girl)
 9   Lydia Louw              8.11
 11  Euan Sinclair           8.15
 30  Finlay Sinclair         9.07
 31  Lexi Keech              9.09
 64  Arthur Louw            10.05
 73  Eilidh Sinclair        10.15
 115 Campbell McLaren       11.33
 220 Theo Doyle             17.37
 222 Sam Doyle              17.57    

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 6th April
 1   A Young (WSEH)          8.20  (1st girl)
 71  Connor Scally          19.01

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 Rick Jenner finished 3rd.

 1   O Parsons (SMUC)       17.53
 3   Rick Jenner            18.11
 14  Craig MacLellan        19.15
 17  Simon Ogle             19.28
 20  V Brown (unatt)        19.45  (1st woman)
 22  Mark Herbert           19.52
 49  Steve Aikin            21.40
 59  Alex Fordham           22.05
 62  Olivia Lloyd           22.13
 63  Lara Werrett           22.16
 82  Eugenio Carmo          23.27
 123 Simon Taylor           25.18
 125 Carol Aikin            25.22
 126 Ulises Alonso          25.24
 128 Andrew Brown           25.32
 138 Michael Sikora         26.05
 154 Alberto Esguevillas    26.35
 237 Claire-Louise French   30.12
 259 Katie Walton           32.46
 264 Penny Merrett          33.12
 281 Bev Ali                41.02  
 282 Pat Hewlett            41.03
 283 Amrut Sharma           41.04  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 Captain K led a handful of RH inside 18 minutes and Lauren Stewart was 3rd

 1   J Stead (HHH)          16.00
 4   Phil Killingley        16.11       
 8   T Jones (Belgrave)     16.33  (1st woman)
 10  George Howard          17.14
 13  Nick Wright            17.24
 19  Duncan Mallison        17.49 
 28  David Rowe             18.40
 30  Charlie Pedlar         18.50
 33  Lauren Stewart         19.02
 68  Jonathan Robinson      20.15
 113 Simon Collingridge     21.29
 120 Julia Bailey           21.40
 155 Adam Wright            22.15
 528 Teresa Segovia         26.45
 749 Jackie Dunkley         29.46
 861 Matthew Beal           32.06
 897 Sharon Rowe            33.25
 935 Danny Hobbs            35.40  
 948 Wally Garrod           36.48
 964 John Hanscomb          39.53

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 1   R Eveson (SMR)         18.10
 5   Andrew McLauchlan      19.44
 13  S Black (Tri Eur)      21.10  (1st woman)
 24  Chris Camacho          22.11
 31  Wiebke Kortum          22.36
 78  Annemarie Goodridge    31.25     

 BRUETON parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 Becky Hall was third woman.

 1   P Brookes (Holmfirth)  16.43
 4   J Evans (unatt)        17.54  (1st woman) 
 38  Becky Hall             21.44
 64  Rob Curtis             23.12

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26h April
 Michelle Davies was the leading woman..

 1   G Brook (Strag)        17.52
 14  Kevin Kearey           21.01
 18  Tom Kearey             21.46 
 21  Michelle Davies        21.53  (1st woman)
 50  Kate Brook             24.45
 81  Mike White             27.28
 84  Mary Hickson           28.08
 86  Emily Kearey           28.18
 87  Josie Kearey           28.27
 88  Ann Kearey             28.37
 90  Rachel Allen           28.58
 113 Christine David        32.10
 118 Tracey Small           33.20
 119 Su Clark               33.21

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 1   A McGeoch-Williams (WV)20.11
 10  B Farr (unatt)         22.21  (1st woman)
 16  Phil Roberts           23.35
 30  Wyn Williams           27.41
 31  Mel Davison            27.43
 34  Tor Heron-Brett        28.04
 35  Colin Brett            28.05

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th April
 Niall O'Connor finished 2nd.

 1   L Phair (Met Police)   19.55
 2   Niall O'Connor         20.06
 8   D Rakowicz (unatt)     22.26  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 26th April)...
 Reading: 164 Louise Atkinson 30.58
 Preston Park: 76 John Pratt 23.27
 Ashton Court: 75 Christopher Parsons 23.37
 Gunnersbury: 60 Phil Jackson 22.31
 Brockwell: 136 Kirsty Bangham 25.12
 Oak Hill: 17 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.42,  47 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.02
 Royal Tunbridge Wells: 165 Peter Fordham 37.42 
 Wimbledon Common: 173 Sue Camp 27.15,  178 Tony Clark 27.20

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 Gemma Cory was the leading woman.

 1   B Wickham (VP&TH)      17.18
 49  Gemma Cory             21.22  (1st woman)
 61  Eugenio Carmo          21.59
 63  Olivia Lloyd           21.59
 69  Christopher Parsons    22.17 
 145 Andrew Brown           24.45
 151 Karen Weir             24.50
 159 Colin Rogal            25.04
 173 Michael Sikora         25.44
 195 Sue Camp               26.17
 218 Tony Clark             26.59 
 222 Rob Kitchen            27.03
 241 Vanessa McConkey       28.05
 243 Val Lowman             28.09
 276 Jackie Dunkley         29.40
 301 Peter Lowman           30.39
 305 Michelle Martinez      31.03
 311 Jenny Rogal            31.15
 312 Claire-Louise French   31.16
 323 Bronwen Northmore      32.02
 357 Alberto Esguevillas    35.14

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 1    A Jackson (Sitting)    15.57
 15   M Dillon (Belgrave)    17.39  (1st woman)
 27   James Whistler         18.17
 39   David Rowe             18.47
 209  Egis Vincel            22.25
 487  Teresa Segovia         25.51
 552  Kirsty Bangham         26.47
 929  Sharon Rowe            33.00
 984  Danny Hobbs            35.21  
 1023 Wally Garrod           37.49
 1045 John Hanscomb          40.33

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 Wiebke Kortum was second woman home.

 1   J Millbank (SMR)       17.20  
 20  L Fletcher (K&P)       20.56  (1st woman)
 24  Wiebke Kortum          21.38
 27  Chris Camacho          21.46
 33  Chris Read             22.22
 41  Hannah Doyle           23.23
 48  Simon Taylor           24.10
 82  Tom Reay               32.14     

 RUSHMOOR parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 The inaugural parkrun at Rushmoor, Aldershot.

 1   A McIntosh (Garden C)  16.50
 12  K Philp (Garden C)     18.45  (1st woman) 
 249 Peter Fordham          27.16
 259 Becky Hall             27.44
 325 Rob Curtis             29.43 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 1   G Russell (unatt)      18.15
 29  L Bowden (Strag)       23.24  (1st woman)
 41  Kate Brook             24.30
 43  Mike White             25.06
 51  Emily Kearey           26.04
 52  Kevin Kearey           26.06  
 59  Josie Kearey           26.36
 61  Ann Kearey             26.42
 96  Christine David        30.57
 99  Deirdre Inman          31.14 
 103 Tracey Small           33.25
 104 Su Clark               33.33

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 1   J Smith (unatt)        18.31 
 13  G Munro (old Deers)    22.23  (1st woman)
 14  Phil Roberts           22.27
 23  Luke Maguire           23.50
 37  Lorna Smith            27.03
 58  Deborah Blakemore      30.48
 59  Katie Walton           31.00 

 ARDGILLAN parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd May
 Marie Synnott-Wells was first woman.

 1   R Dunphy (unatt)       18.31
 10  Marie Synnott-Wells    21.21  (1st woman) 

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 3rd May)...
 Walthamstow: 26 Ben Shore 26.00
 Preston Park: 78 John Pratt 23.22
 Southsea: 74 Alan Davidson 23.46
 Gunnersbury: 52 Phil Jackson 21.56, 268 Lexi Slaughter 35.56
 Poole: 234 Ally Salisbury 24.21
 Maldon Prom: 10 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.39
 Fulham Palace: 31 Gordon Whitson 20.32 
 Fountains Abbey: 82 Chris Wright 26.01, 147 Mary Hickson 30.49  

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 4th May
 Personal bests for Lydia, Euan, Finlay and Arthur, plus some near-misses.

 1   J Poncia (SMR)          7.21
 5   E Newton (E&E)          7.39  (1st girl)
 12  Lydia Louw              7.53
 15  Euan Sinclair           7.59
 16  Kabir Sait              8.06
 42  Finlay Sinclair         9.00
 47  Arthur Louw             9.04
 124 Eilidh Sinclair        10.38

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 4th May
 1   H Turner (Cook)         7.28  
 7   A Young (WSEH)          8.04  (1st girl)
 132 Connor Scally          21.56
 According to statistics reported in The Daily Express 541,000 Americans
 completed a Marathon in 2013, as against 25,000 in 1976. The report goes on
 to helpfully point out that if this rate of increase were to continue, every
 American would be running a Marathon by the year 2087. It continues by
 pointing out that, conversely, the USA makes up 6% of the world's population
 and 37% of the world's total human body weight.