Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 424             23 April 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Carl Selya-Hammer and Amelie Hunton win club marathon champs in the
 *  Mike Peace retains his "ever-present" record
 *  Martin Halvey finishes 5th in the M55 class
 *  Megan De Silva finishes 3rd in Battersea Park 10km
 *  Karen Weir finishes 3rd in Jurassic Coast Challenge
 *  parkrun placings for Gemma Cory, Duncan Mallison, Eirin McDaid, Olivia
     Lloyd, Michelle Davies, Becky Hall and Niall O'Connor
 *  Towpath 10 this Sunday, Richmond Half Marathon next week
 *  Subscriptions are due!

 RANELAGH E-NEWS #422 and #423
 Apologies to those of you who received the last two e-newses late or in some
 cases not at all. I have been encountering mysterious intermittent problems
 with sending out to group addresses - and I'm not sure they have been
 resolved yet, so apologies again if this apology itself arrives late!
 E-newses are always loaded up to the News section of our website, so if you
 think you might have missed anything you can always access them there. 

 Sunday 4th May
 We can still use more helpers for our Half Marathon next month. If you are
 not taking part in the race PLEASE volunteer to help out in some capacity -
 we need mostly marshals but also officials at the finish, people to man
 water stations etc. The race starts at 8.30am and the last finisher should
 be home inside three hours. However, you don't necessarily have to commit
 yourself to the whole morning - if you can spare just a few minutes we can
 still fit you in somewhere.  Please contact ranelaghhalfhelpers@hotmail.co.uk
 if you can help.     
 ...were due on April 1st. 
 Our rates are unchanged at £40 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and
 those who are retired and over 60, £10 for under 20s and students and
 non-running members. There is also a £70 family membership.  Post your
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A
 Standing Order form is available from our website here: . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk

 SUTTON 10km  Sunday 11th May and DORKING 10 miles Sunday 1st June
 These are both Ranelagh Grand Prix and Surrey Road League events. For the
 past three years the Sutton race has reached its entry limit early, so act
 now if you're thinking of running. Details:. Dorking doubles up as the county
 10 miles championship. Details:. 

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 22nd June
 Entries are coming in steadily for our 10km, which as usual incorporates the
 Surrey county championship. It also forms part of the Surrey Road League and
 of course our own Grand Prix. Nearly 200 entries have been received so far,
 so it's quite possible the entry limit might be reached. Over 50 of you have
 already got your entries in, but anyone else planning to run should not
 delay. Details:.   

 Michelle Davies writes:
 "I am sorry, I have been terribly slack with this one (new job etc.!). I
 need to pull my finger out and organise this year's GBR over the weekend of
 May 17/18. So far I have 11 people on my list. We need 11 to complete a team
 so if there are any more of you interested in forming a second team please
 let me know. We can enter an incomplete team so please don't be put off! In
 the past some of us have always stayed overnight and the end of day one, if
 you would like do this please let me know as I will need to look at booking
 accommodation pretty quickly. For more information on the GBR visit:

  Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 "After the 'ahem' success of last year's race on Wimbledon Common (well the
 40 that ran it seemed to have a good time, despite the worst weather of an
 otherwise glorious summer), in a mad moment I thought it would be a good
 idea to do it again only bigger and even better! There are now three races
 of 5, 5 and 8ish miles still featuring one of my favourite routes along
 Beverley Brook and up the 'Toast Rack' with the infamous Rifle Butts thrown
 in for good measure. A bit of negotiation with the conservators means all
 three races now have a more scenic start at the Windmill. The races are all
 on Wednesday evenings (May 14th, June 11th and July 9th) and it would be
 good to see a few of you there. Details are here:. Of course I always need
 marshals etc, and if you can help that would be great. Mail me at

 Details of the events that will make up our summer Road Grand Prix are on
 our website here:. There are only
 nine events this year - the Elmore 7 miles has been dropped as it is on the
 same weekend as the Elmbridge 10km. All the Surrey Road League events are
 included in our Grand Prix. The GP kicks off with any spring Marathon up to
 May 4th and continues with the Thames Towpath 10, the Richmond Half Marathon
 and the Sutton 10km.   

 As you may know, Janet and Manuel Turnes are retiring from the Wych Elm in
 Kingston at the end of May. Janet has been a Ranelagh member for nearly
 twenty years and we have many times enjoyed her hospitality at the pub on
 the evening of the London Marathon. This year, we presented Janet with a
 small trophy as a token of our gratitude. The Stragglers also regularly use
 the Wych Elm, and they plan to hold a social there on the night before the
 Green Belt Relay - that is Friday 16th May. All are welcome, so if you
 missed the London Marathon evening "do" you might like to go along to bid
 farewell to Janet and Manuel (who, incidentally, are not moving far away, so
 we'll hope to see Janet at races occasionally.   

 Former Ranelagh junior Georgia Miansarow is now representing Australia as an

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Sunday 27th April                Thames Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick.
 Entries closed.

 Sunday 4th May                  Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon. 8.30am
 start.   Details:. 

 Sunday 11th May                 Sutton 10km. 9.30am start.  Details:. 

 Sat/Sun 17th & 18th May       Green Belt Relay. See above.

 Sunday 1st June                  Dorking 10 miles.  Details:. 

 Sunday 22nd June                Richmond 10km. 9am start.   Details:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start), and also every Sunday at 9.30am
 in Wimbledon Park. 

 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 13th April
 As usual these days there were about a couple of dozen Ranelagh Harriers on
 the starting line, though on a fine day for spectating many more were out on
 the course in support.

 Carl Selya-Hammer was out to defend his club Marathon title and also to
 improve on last year's time of just inside 2:41. Here's Carl:
 "This year I decided to change tactics. Instead of aiming for a negative
 split, running the first half conservatively, I went out quite fast so that
 I'd have enough of a margin for the unavoidable descent in the last 10km.
 More than any previous marathon, I felt like I was working hard much earlier
 on in the race, even at 5K. I ran the entire race feeling like I was taking
 a gamble going out that hard. I crossed halfway in 77:10, and maintained
 several more quick miles right afterwards. Knowing that if I simply
 maintained my pace I'd have a ridiculous time of 2:34-2:35 definitely
 spurred me on to continue working hard, but I knew full well I would slow
 down, it was just a question of when. I'd say that moment came around 30km,
 but I never panicked since I knew I would have to slow down significantly
 for my target to slip away. I looked at my watch at 22 miles and calculated
 6min/mile x 4 + 72 seconds which had me finishing in 2:37 something. I knew
 maintaining that pace would be a minor miracle, but I also knew that I could
 slow down 30 seconds per mile and still come in under 2:40, goal #1 of the
 race. We all know how the last stage of the marathon goes, the last few
 miles were arduous and much slower, but I ground them out and crossed the
 finish line a bit closer to 2:40 than I had anticipated, in 2:39:40. I was
 quite happy not to have become delirious towards the end of the race, which
 has happened in the last three marathons I've run, and I'm grateful I was
 able to enjoy (and remember!) that last part of the course. I think I can
 thank my strategy of taking on a gel every 20 minutes from start to finish. 

 As for my strategy, comparing my splits to my two previous 2:40 marathons, I
 definitely slowed down A LOT towards the end (every single 5k split for the
 entire race was slower than the previous split), but most importantly at
 each step of the way past the halfway point, I knew I had enough margin for
 the slowdown not to cause me to panic. I just held on and luckily had enough
 fast miles banked to cruise in under 2:40 for the first time." 

 Carl duly took the Winter Cup club Marathon championship and had almost ten
 minutes to spare over our second finisher Nick Twomey who ran well to crack
 the 2:50 barrier. Martin Halvey put in another solid run and his 2:55 placed
 him an outstanding fifth in the M55 category. Rick Jenner was our only other
 finisher inside three hours, but several others were within striking
 distance including Mark Herbert, unencumbered this year by a Fuller's beer

 Martin writes:
 "The marathon was as usual another great day. I had a bell in my ear for a
 few hours after the race such was the enthusiastic support all along the
 route. Conditions were almost perfect but if you were sheltered from the
 cooling breeze and in the sun it got a little warm but not uncomfortable. I
 saw a few runners availing themselves of the showers which was a good idea
 when in the sun but I imagine quite cold when facing into the cooling breeze
 and in the shade.

 When I arrived at the 'good for age' pen I was assailed by the sound of jigs
 and reels coming from a music system, and a man dressed in green, white and
 orange - the green dangling from his hips in the form of a mini-skirt. This
 gent was dancing, well you wouldn't call it dancing, it entailed hopping on
 one leg then transferring his weight on to the other leg in time with the
 music. It's just as well he transferred his weight otherwise one leg would
 be much stronger than the other and he would end up walking around in
 circles. Two elderly men were amused at his antics commenting among
 themselves as the Michael Flatley of Greenwich Park knocked six bells out of
 the tarmac. When he paused I approached him and asked why did he tackle the
 Brazilian runner as he was leading the Olympic marathon in Athens and also
 why did he run out onto the Silverstone race track during the Grand Prix. He
 replied he did it for God and world peace. One of the elderly men turned to
 him and said he didn't do it for God but for himself as he was an egotist.
 On hearing this his companion asked was an egotist worse than an eejit and
 the poor defrocked priest James Horan, outcast by his family decided there
 was no point in having an intellectual discussion resumed his hopping from
 one milky white leg to the other. I remembered I had a marathon to run.

 There was a bubbling anticipation in the auld runners pen as we waited for
 the hooter. Prince Harry, a lively young lad, gave a speech which would have
 been more effective if he had been running. Nobody heard what he said as the
 excited chatter in the pen drowned out his plummy tones. The hooter sounded
 and we were off to take in the wonderful sights of London. At the three mile
 mark our concentration was on each step until a DJ calling out names he
 could see asked why were we all looking so miserable. I think he wanted us
 to acknowledge his presence and his inane banter, and one or two did note
 his presence by giving him the Harvey Smith!

 As we ran on the music gave us all a lift especially towards the end in the
 tunnel. Drummers created a booming sound that reverberated off the walls and
 made us feel invincible. I felt so until the last three miles when Big Ben
 seemed to be moving away into the distance. Was it being shifted towards
 Vauxhall Bridge? Birdcage Walk seemed longer than usual but the support
 seemed to counteract this impression. The volunteers manning the baggage
 lorries were as usual friendly and efficient. St.James's Park provided a
 peaceful haven to relax and chat and to recall the support from the Ranelagh
 Harriers along the route."

 Bill Neely writes: 
 "So...I got back to the UK  a week before the Marathon after two months on
 the road in running-friendly places like Syria and Crimea. I finished in
 Australia where I managed two runs, of five and eight miles. I came back and
 did two Bikram Yoga sessions. On that basis (let's call it the Neely
 Training Plan or NTP),  I decided to do the London Marathon. My daughter
 Sarah was also doing it for the first time. I thought I could raise a bit of
 money for my charity, CRY. Plus, it was due to be a sunny day, all of which
 are big factors in the NTP.  

 So I did it on Sunday. I consulted the wonderful Karen Weir on the walk-run
 technique she has used to great effect in marathons and I did that. So I ran
 ten miles non-stop, then walked for 30 seconds to a minute at every mile
 water station. It worked. I actually sped up in the last 7K. I finished it
 in a personal worst time of 3.38. But I did it. And I felt fine after the
 usual two days of aches. It was, as ever, a wonderful day - more like a
 festival than a run. I may hold a course on the NTP next year. Or I may just
 be away." 

 Bruce McLaren also consulted marathon guru Karen:
 "A late entry, lack of training and then the withdrawal by my Virgin
 Money-employed friend who got me a place and whom I said I would pace round
 sub 4 hours meant I was not prepared for a time. I chose to just enjoy the
 day and did just that setting off at a comfortable pace and soaking up the
 support. Even so I must have gone too fast as I converted from 8 min miles
 to 9 min miles pretty instantly at mile 15. I'd met Karen Weir on the train
 and been briefed on her run-walk strategy. I adopted that which helped me to
 the finish. Legs ached by the end - there is no shortcut to 'miles in the
 legs' - but a beautiful day for a run and my ninth London ticked off."

 Karen herself started the race, but had to retire with knee trouble very
 early on, thanks to her efforts on the Jurassic Coast Challenge three weeks
 earlier - see below. Subject to confirmation we had only three other women
 taking part, led by Amelie Hunton who therefore wins the Brasher Bowl as the
 club women's Marathon champion. Runner-up was Hannah Doyle, who writes:
 "I'm very grateful to Ranelagh for my place in this year's London Marathon -
 and felt really proud to be wearing my blue vest and representing the club.
 I was lucky to travel up with some of the fast fellas, Rick, Colin and Nick
 T, all of whom did amazingly and were also pretty good at pre-race pep
 talks. As far as my race goes, I finished the day spent but happy, and
 learned the following:

 1) You can't beat London in the sunshine
 2) You can't beat the London Marathon crowd for support
 3) If you've trained well (thanks Ranelagh and Karen) the miles tick off
 4) If you get too distracted after Tower Bridge searching for Ranelagh's
    elite tearing down the other side of The Highway, you may well trip over a
    traffic cone and go flying
 5) The only way to get through a marathon without stopping for a wee is to
    run faster
 6) Garmins are the devil's work
 7) Always wear sunscreen
 8) On Sunday night you won't want to run another marathon... but by Tuesday
   you will
 9) Toenails are for losers
10) There's no difference at all between 3:59 and 3:56. But there's a LOT of
     difference between 3:59 and 4:02.

 So yes, there you have it - I missed my sub-4 goal by a measly 2 minutes and
 4 seconds. Rats! On good days I'm blaming the traffic cone, my lousy Garmin
 stopping halfway and the heat. On less good days I'm blaming my inability to
 keep on pace and leave my comfort zone. On in-between days I'm wondering
 which marathon to run next...
 Thank you to everyone who volunteered and/or came out and supported, it was
 great to see all your friendly faces." 

 Mike Peace finished of course, and now there are only 14 "ever presents"
 left standing. Mike's time of 3:53 was his second slowest in the 34 London
 Marathons to date, but he's still inside 4 hours in spite of the passing
 years. They catch up with us all - even the great Chris Finill, youngest and
 fastest of the ever-presents, was unable to keep up his sub-3 hours record. 

 In the evening we had what will sadly be the last Marathon Aches and Pains 
 Party at the Wych Elm. Janet Turnes has been generously laying on food for
 us every Marathon day for nearly twenty years, even when she had run the
 race herself! Now Janet and Manuel are retiring from the pub at the end of
 May, and in gratitude for her hospitality over the years we presented Janet
 with a small trophy.  

 JURASSIC COAST CHALLENGE  Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd March
 Karen Weir reports:
 "Three weeks ago I embarked on a new challenge for me, a multi-stage event -
 three marathons in three days along the Jurassic Coast. We ran west to east
 from Charmouth to Studland following the South West Coast Path. It's a
 beautiful part of the world, but the hills were something else, oh and the
 mud and the wind.... but at least it didn't rain. I'll keep it short, but I
 can sum it up in a single word - brutal. My approach was to run any bit of
 it that I could run, and the rest walk as fast as I could. Just keep moving.
 And it paid off, in fact I discovered that I can actually walk quite fast
 uphill, however I am not so good at vertical descents, of which there were
 many, but on the flat I managed to keep a reasonable pace ticking over. And
 to my surprise, as the days went by, although I was knackered and wondering
 how on earth I would start let alone finish each day, it seems I wasn't as
 knackered as those around me. So after three days, over 80 miles (it was
 self-navigated so each day I managed to take some unplanned deviations) I
 finished in 20th position overall, (3rd female and 1st vet), with day three
 giving me my highest finish of 14th place.

 It was a great event, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The organisers
 did a fantastic job given the scale of the challenge and it actually felt
 like a low key, friendly event organised for runners (and walkers) by people
 who really know what matters; such as free tea, coffee and cake on tap. You
 can run it, walk it, do all three days or a combination of any of the days
 as individual events and you can enter up till the day before it starts. Oh
 and the aid stations (three each day) are immense!"

 1   R Grover (unatt)       11:58.40  (day 1 1st 3:50.54 / day 2 1st 4:06.36
 / day 3 1st 4:01.10)
 7   N Taylor (unatt)       14:08.41  (1st woman - 12th 4:43.22 / 8th 4:44.25
 / 7th 4:40.54)
 20  Karen Weir             16:14.02  (51st 5:16.43 / 27th 5:24.31 / 14th
 141 finished inside 29 hours

 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 10km  Saturday 5th April in Battersea Park
 Megan De Silva and Marie Synnott-Wells were third and eighth in the women's

 1   B Barwick (Winch)      34.17
 26  S Rust (London Hth)    38.41
 35  Megan De Silva         40.15
 58  Marie Synnott-Wells    42.33  

 BRIGHTON MARATHON  Sunday 6th April
 In addition to those listed in the last e-news, also running were:

     Ian Grange             3:57.04  (chip time 3:55.21)
     Penny Merrett          5:32.56  (5:20.47) 

 REGENTS PARK 10km  Sunday 6th April
 Phil Jackson was third over 60.

 1   W Brewin (unatt)       33.41  (chip time 33.40)
 30  I Rea (West 4)         40.05  (39.58 - 1st woman)
 100 Lloyd Camp             44.50  (44.29)
 139 Phil Jackson           47.32  (47.12)          

 1   D Bruce (Highgate)     1:10.57  (chip time 1:10.57)
 36  S Crombie-Hicks (Bourt)1:24.53  (1:24.51 - 1st woman)
 360 Tom Reay               1:58.18  (1:58.02)

 MAIDENHEAD 10 miles  Friday 18th April
 1   P Wicks (Belgrave)     49.01  (chip time 49.01)
 44  D Moore (Headington)   62.58  (62.49 - 1st woman)  
 89  Mick Lane              65.50  (65.43)
 341 Phil Roberts           77.56  (77.40)
 699 Marina Quayle          94.45  (94.09) 

 BOSTON MARATHON  Monday 21st April
 Paul Doyle reports:
 "It wasn't a pb day today, partly because it was hot, but also I messed up
 my fuelling, I decided fairly early on to focus on enjoying the race, it was
 truly an amazing experience."

 1    M Keflezighi (USA)    2:08.37
      R Jiptoo (Kenya)      2:18.57  (1st woman)
 1400 Paul Doyle            2:55.00 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 1   W Mackay (Bedford)     15.39
 12  C Clover (Newbury)     19.18  (1st woman)
 16  Stewart Anderson       19.34 
 60  Alberto Esguevillas    22.23
 63  Craig Maclellan        22.38
 70  Eugenio Carmo          22.54  
 87  Ulises Alonso          23.45
 108 Sally Yau              24.25
 118 Andrew Brown           24.45
 122 Carol Aikin            24.53
 173 Karen Weir             26.37
 180 Ally Salisbury         26.50
 210 Val Lowman             27.58
 268 Peter Lowman           30.08
 278 Michelle Martinez      30.53
 298 Louise Atkinson        32.15     
 304 Bronwen Northmore      33.10
 309 Penny Merrett          33.17
 332 Pat Hewlett            37.30  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 1    J Mays (B&MH)         15.11
 10   Ted Mockett           17.51
 12   David Rowe            17.59
 26   R Haynes (AFD)        18.58  (1st woman)
 117  Egis Vincel           21.30 
 141  Adam Wright           21.56
 289  Kirsty Bangham        24.00
 504  Paul Sinton-Hewitt    26.48
 643  Jackie Dunkley        28.42
 697  David Meaden          29.37
 881  Sharon Rowe           34.47  
 881  Wally Garrod          36.31

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 1   S Watson (unatt)       19.54
 5   G Munro (Old Deers)    21.42  (1st woman)
 12  Phil Roberts           22.48
 38  Katie Walton           31.37
 40  Deborah Blakemore      31.40   

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 1   R Eveson (SMR)         17.37
 25  M Ansell (unatt)       21.21  (1st woman)
 34  Wiebke Kortum          22.06
 44  Chris Camacho          22.58
 67  Deepa Sharma           27.25
 68  Amrut Sharma           27.26
 73  Janet Turnes           28.33
 86  Annemarie Goodridge    31.24     

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 Second place this week for Duncan Mallison.

 1   G Brook (Stragglers)   17.19
 2   Duncan Mallison        18.08
 26  Mike White             23.54
 35  J Wilson (Traf Sch)    24.28  (1st woman)
 74  Mary Hickson           28.26
 89  Christine David        31.38
 94  Deirdre Inman          32.36
 100 Su Clark               34.48
 102 Tracey Small           35.01

 MEDINA IOW parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 Olivia Lloyd was third woman home.

 1   S Metcalf (IoW)        18.02
 11  C Plowden-Roberts (IoW)21.02  (1st woman)
 22  Olivia Lloyd           22.18

 FULHAM PALACE parkrun 5km  Saturday 12th April
 Becky Hall finished second woman.

 1   L White (Herc Wimb)    15.42
 41  J Cunniffe (Barnes)    21.39
 51  Becky Hall             22.20
 59  Rob Curtis             22.31

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 12th April)...
 Nonsuch: 152 Tom Reay 24.34
 Warsaw Zoliborz: 18 Peter Fordham 23.55
 Gunnersbury: 293 Lexi Slaughter 36.20
 Walthamstow: 24 Ben Shore 24.00

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 First place in the women's section for Gemma Cory.

 1   O Hewitt (unatt)       17.57
 19  Simon Ogle             20.12
 20  Alberto Esguevillas    20.14
 21  Peter Faull            20.14
 40  Gemma Cory             21.20  (1st woman)
 70  Chris Read             22.36
 71  Ellen Clague           22.40
 77  Eugenio Carmo          22.51
 87  Amrut Sharma           23.10
 106 Tomas Sterner          24.07
 160 Michael Sikora         26.19
 170 Colin Rogal            26.35
 174 Andrew Brown           26.40
 230 Deepa Sharma           28.46
 282 Michelle Martinez      31.17
 293 Penny Merrett          31.35
 295 Claire-Louise French   31.38
 322 Katie Walton           33.42
 331 Lexi Slaughter         37.15
 342 Bev Ali                39.50  
 344 Pat Hewlett            39.54  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 1    J Stead (HHH)         15.54
 13   Tarek Mouganie        17.52
 14   M Dillon (unatt)      17.54  (1st woman)
 49   David Rowe            19.35
 146  Paul Sinton-Hewitt    21.21
 432  Jo Sinton-Hewitt      24.40
 574  Teresa Segovia        26.18
 628  Michelle Hovanessian  26.52
 740  Mary Hickson          28.09
 1014 Sharon Rowe           33.39  
 1065 Wally Garrod          36.14
 1111 John Hanscomb         40.35

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 1   S Evans (unatt)        18.21
 5   M Garner (Strag)       18.50  (1st woman)
 20  Andy Bickerstaff       21.37
 28  Chris Camacho          22.05
 45  Peter Fordham          24.53
 63  Phil Aiken             27.17
 64  Nick Fordham           27.19
 72  Martin Clark           29.45
 74  Annemarie Goodridge    30.05     

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 Niall O'Connor was third finisher.

 1   M Adam (unatt)         19.15
 3   Niall O'Connor         20.22
 8   R Marsh (Harrog Tri)   22.32  (1st woman)

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 And up to first this week for Duncan Mallison, while Michelle Davies was
 second woman..

 1   Duncan Mallison        18.25
 5   J Downs (unatt)        19.47  (1st woman)
 13  Michelle Davies        21.27
 15  Tom Kearey             22.08
 16  Lee Davies             22.24
 25  Kevin Kearey           23.21
 60  Heather Martingell     26.14
 69  Rachel Allen           27.16
 75  Josie Kearey           28.19
 78  Ann Kearey             28.33       
 91  Christine David        30.39
 92  Cindy Croucher         30.45
 95  Tanya Allen            31.06   
 96  Deirdre Inman          31.49
 103 Tracey Small           34.09
 104 Su Clark               34.10

 MEDINA IOW parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 Olivia Lloyd was second this week.

 1   D Blackman (Soton)     18.00
 25  G Crumplin (Havant)    21.52  (1st woman)
 32  Olivia Lloyd           22.21

 CITYPARK CRAIGAVON parkrun 5km  Saturday 19th April
 Eirin McDaid was the winner.

 1   Eirin McDaid           17.06
 6   G Burns (Dromore)      19.15  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns  (Saturday 19th April)...
 Reading: 209 Louise Atkinson 30.37
 Brighton & Hove: 140 John Pratt 23.41
 Ashton Court: 85 Christopher Parsons 23.48
 Old Deer Park: 37 Simon Burrell 27.19
 York: 119 Phil Jackson 23.23
 Crystal Palace: 22 Becky Hall 22.19, 28 Rob Curtis 22.54
 Havant: 103 Ally Salisbury 25.51
 Gunpowder: 123 Danny Hobbs 38.14
 Darlington South: 180 Nigel Coombes 29.09
 Pontypridd: 4 Craig Maclellan 17.54
 Longrun Meadow: 133 Lynne Barber 27.16
 Tonbridge: 99 Mike White 25.49 
 Keswick: 53 Sue Camp 27.33
 Winchester: 15 Ben Shore 20.02 

 A gent named Jason Scotland-Williams apparently ran the second half of the
 London Marathon quicker than Mo Farah. After reaching half way in over two
 hours he then covered the second half in 61.47. He strongly denies cheating,
 despite the fact that his chip did not record a time for him at 25km, 30km
 and 35km. The Daily Telegraph quotes him as saying: "I'm a personal trainer.
 I train every day, seven days a week, for the past seven years. Nobody
 thinks maybe I just trained hard. No one thinks 'Maybe he paced himself
 through the first half and when the second half came he just let himself
 go'".  Full story:.