Newsdesk 2014

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 417             16 January 2014
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Ranelagh men finish 4th in Surrey League Div 1 and move up to 7th overall
     - but only 38 points cover 5th - 8th 
 *  Richard Gregory leads our team
 *  Ranelagh women finish 2nd in Surrey League Div 2 and remain 2nd overall
 *  Megan De Silva leads our team
 *  Gill Sanders wins a silver medal in Surrey Championships
 *  Carl Selya-Hammer is our leading man in 27th place
 *  Lydia Louw finishes 4th in Junior Great Winter Run in Edinburgh
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Nick Wright, Duncan Mallison,
     Trevor Maguire and Megan De Silva  
 *  Inter-club at the Bank of England this Saturday
 *  South of England Championships at Parliament Hill on 25th January
 *  Important fixtures ahead - final League races on 8th February and final
     mob match v Blackheath on 15th February
 *  "An evening with Hugh Jones" after the mob match on 15th February  

 INTER-CLUB v BANK OF ENGLAND etc  Saturday 18th January in Richmond Park
 (Roehampton Gate)
 All members are invited to run on the Bank's 5 miles course starting near
 Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park at 2.30pm. It incorporates the Hec Petersen
 Trophy race against Ealing, Southall and Middlesex AC. The race HQ is the
 Bank's sports club in Bank Lane, a quarter mile or so from the Park.
 Details:. Please note that
 if you stay for the sumptuous tea afterwards we are now asked to contribute
 £2 a head towards costs.

 On Saturday 8th February we have the final Surrey League races for our men's
 and women's teams. The women run at Lloyd Park, Croydon, starting at 12
 noon, followed by U17/U15 girls at 1pm and U13 girls at 1.30pm. Our main
 target is to hold on to the runner-up spot, secondary target is to stay in
 the top three and so win promotion to Division 1. The men are on our home
 course in Richmond Park. The U17/U15/U13 boys run at 2.30pm followed by the
 men at 3pm. We're in a very tight spot in the men's League: Walton AC are to
 all intents and purposes already doomed to relegation, but there will be a
 colossal fight between four clubs to avoid joining them. Belgrave Harriers
 are 5th on 1602 points, Clapham Chasers are 6th on 1603, Ranelagh are 7th on
 1621 and South London Harriers are 8th on 1640. It will be, to quote Bels'
 Will Cockerell, "a slugfest!"

 On Saturday 15th February it's our final mob match of the season against
 Blackheath Harriers and Bromley AC on our home course in Richmond Park
 starting at 2.30pm. Incorporated is the club championship for the splendid
 Wynne Cup. We've pulled off two outstanding away wins in mob matches this
 season, let's finish up by winning one at home! In mob matches all runners
 count towards the final result so weight of numbers is crucial. If you can
 be there, don't miss it. The winning team takes home the Pelling-Ratcliff
 Cup. In the evening we welcome Hugh Jones - see below.      

 Hugh Jones has been a Ranelagh member since the age of 14. He became
 Britain's leading Marathon runner during the 1980s, famously winning the
 London Marathon in 1982 in a time of 2:09.24. He represented Britain in the
 1984 Olympics, the 1983 and 1987 World Championships, the 1986 European
 Championships, the 1981 European Cup and the 1991 World Cup. He also
 represented England in the 1980 and 1982 World Cross-Country Championships.
 Injuries have restricted his running in recent years and so apart from
 visits to measure the course or ride the lead bike at our road races, his
 appearances at the club have become rare. I'm very pleased to say,
 therefore, that Hugh has agreed to come along to the Roebuck on the evening
 of our mob match with Blackheath & Bromley (15th February) and give a talk
 about his life, career, training and so on, followed by a Q&A session. The
 venue will be the Roebuck's upstairs room and Hugh's talk will begin at
 about 7.30pm. All are invited to come along, either just for the talk or to
 eat at the pub first.     

 These take place at Parliament Hill (Hampstead Heath) on Saturday 25th
 January. Entries have already closed but we will be well represented in the
 women's race at 2.05pm and the men's at 2.50pm.

 Our kit stewards Heather Martingell and Jane Craigie-Payne are in the
 process of changing our kit supplier to a company called Alley Catz who are
 able to produce items on demand, printed with the Ranelagh insignia and
 optional personalisation. Members will place their orders direct with Alley
 Catz. This will obviate the necessity for us to hold large stocks of kit at
 the clubhouse. At the moment the only item available from Alley Catz is a
 hoodie but other items will follow shortly. In the meantime we are trying to
 sell off some of our existing stocks at bargain prices, particularly larger
 sizes. To order a hoodie follow this link:. For details of the other items we want to clear, contact Heather
 hmartingell@gmail.com .

 Note that there has been a change of date for the MABAC League 5 miles that
 we host in the Park. It will now take place on Sunday February 16th starting
 at 11am from the Broomfield Hill (Isabella Plantation) car park. Details:. Note also the Cranleigh 15 or 21 miles on Sunday
 16th March

 FINCHLEY 20 miles road race  Saturday 9th March
 This long-established race - in Ruislip despite the name - incorporates our
 club 20 miles championship for the Spendlove Cup and could be of interest to
 spring marathoners as a warm-up trial run.  Details:.  

 THAMES TOWPATH 10 miles  Sunday 27th April at Chiswick
 Entries are now being taken for the always popular Thames Towpath 10 here:. 

 Entries are also coming in for our own Half Marathon. At the moment they
 number about 750, so it doesn't look as if we will reach our limit as early
 as we did last year, but if you're planning to run it will probably be
 advisable to get your name in early. The race includes the Surrey County
 Championship. If you're not planning to run, reserve the date anyway - as
 ever we'll need plenty of help on the day.  Entry details:.  

 ...who is Fetch Everyone's Member of the Month. Their website features a Q&A
 session with other members here:. 

 Dale Lyons has written a book entitled "The Real Marathon Men" He writes:
 "This is the story of 42 marathon runners who were created as the
 'Ever-presents' by the London Marathon in 1995 after they had run 15
 consecutive Londons. Their story is a testimony to a 'never say die' spirit
 that has sustained them during the thousands of marathons they have run all
 over the world." The 42 includes of course Ranelagh's Mike Peace (still
 going strong with 33 Londons now under his belt) and John Hanscomb. The book
 will be available this month priced £6.99 + £2.60p&p. For orders contact
 Dale Lyons by e-mail  dale@5rhg.co.uk or at 5 Richmond Hill Gardens,
 Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3RW.

 Hilary Saw writes:"This is the association that looks after people with the
 disease that killed my husband Peter. I wondered if anyone at Ranelagh might
 be interested in running for them and having a entry to the London Marathon
 assured thereby? Please contact  marathon@pspassociation.org.uk or call
 01327 356132. Deadline for entry is 30th January."

 Jeff Bull sends this link to The Guardian's  "Running Hub":. 

 The name may or may not be familiar but if you read any of the athletics or
 running magazines you'll be familiar with his work as the country's premier
 athletics photographer. Congratulations go to Mark on being awarded an MBE
 for 'services to sports photography' in the recent New Year's Honours.
 Following, courtesy of Pete Mulholland, is an appreciation of Mark's award
 from the Sports Journalists' Association website: 

 "Mark Shearman, the first photographer ever to be allowed membership of the
 British Athletics Writers' Association, has been covering sport for more
 than half a century. Shearman, 70, has covered thirteen Olympic Games in his
 career, beginning in Tokyo in 1964, and has been the official photographer
 for the national governing body of athletics, and of Athletics Weekly, for
 the last four decades. 'If I get through Rio and go on to Tokyo in 2020,
 that'll be going full-circle. I doubt if anyone else will manage that,
 though I may be using a Zimmer frame by then,' Shearman said.

 Shearman first started photographing sport in 1962, when he went to Tooting
 Bec track in south London to capture a British record attempt in the pole
 vault by Trevor Burton. 'My brother suggested that I send some of my
 pictures in to this little magazine,' Shearman said, explaining the start of
 a working relationship with AW that has continued, almost uninterrupted,
 ever since.'They couldn't have had many pictures sent in that week, because
 they used one of mine on the cover.' Shearman's images have graced the cover
 of Athletics Weekly, Running Magazine, Runner's World - in the United States
 as well as the UK editions - Athletics Today, and the International Track
 and Field Annual, and also been used by most national newspapers over the
 last fifty years.

  'If we ask Mark for a picture of somebody, it's highly unusual for him not
 to have one,' Jason Henderson, the editor of Athletics Weekly, said. 'Not
 only does he have the skill and experience to know how to consistently get
 great photos of an athlete moving at high speed, but he's also
 ultra-organised during the countless hours he spends sorting out images away
 from the track. Mark has literally been an ever-present at the top British
 and international athletics meetings for many years and the New Year honour
 is thoroughly well-deserved," Henderson said.

 Kate Brook sends details of a free SWLAN workshop:
 SWLAN Workshop on Growth and Athletic Performance 
 Delivered by Paul Graham, Senior Occupational Therapist, BSC (Hons) WBIS
 Level 7 and Level 2 Athletics Coach
 Date Wednesday 5th February 2014 from 7:30pm - 9.00pm
 Venue: St Mary's University College, Twickenham TW1 4SX, Room J101
 Free of charge but spaces are limited. To book email kate.brook@swlan.org.uk.

 Martin Goodway of the South Surrey Athletics Network sends details of one of
 their courses:
 "SSAN are holding a course for First Aid suitable for athletics. There are
 spaces still available to out of Network clubs at £30/head payable to this
 Athletics presents the potential for a wide variety of First Aid situations.
 Do you have the confidence to deal with minor injuries? Can you manage
 serious injuries until professional help arrives? First aid may be required
 at training and during competition. It may be needed by athletes or even
 officials and spectators, therefore the more First Aiders we have amongst
 our coaches, officials and club volunteers the higher the chance of any
 incidents being dealt with in the correct manner. The South Surrey Athletics
 Network is delighted to offer a First Aid for Sport course to network
 coaches, officials and other club volunteers. Those successfully completing
 the course will receive an HSE certificate valid for three years and a First
 Aid manual.
 Venue: CADAC clubhouse, King's International College, Watchetts Drive,
 Camberley, GU15 2PQ
 Booking: contact megoodway@hotmail.co.uk." 

 Sophie Addis, a student in the Department of Life Sciences at Roehampton
 University, is looking for volunteers to help with her dissertation: 'Will
 pre-cooling through the means of Ice Slurry be beneficial to running
 performance at room temperature (18°c)'.
 Sophie writes:
 "Volunteers should be involved in physical activity, be fit and healthy,
 free from injuries and able to run 5km plus. This study will take place over
 three sessions:
 Session 1: Height and weight will be measured; familiarisation of the
 equipment used for testing  - this will be running a 5km time trial on a
 treadmill but only at 50% effort. Duration approx 30-45mins.
 Session 2: Start with a weigh in, then warm up; consumption of ice slurry
 prior to 5km time trial in condition 1 (heat chamber). Variables such as
 body temperature will be measured, using a rectal thermometer. Final cool
 down. Duration approx 1hr (subject dependant).
 Session 3: Start with a weigh in, then.warm up; consumption of ice slurry
 prior to 5km time trial in condition 2 (room temperature).Variables such as
 body temperature will be measured, using a rectal thermometer. Final cool
 down. Duration approx 1hr (subject dependant)."
 If you can help contact Sophie at sophis_addis@hotmail.co.uk or on 07522
 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 18th January          Inter-club at Bank of England (Richmond Park
 Roehampton Gate) incl Hec Petersen Trophy v Ealing, Southall & Middlesex. 5
 miles, 2.30pm start. All welcome, register on the day.

 Saturday 25th January          South of England Cross-Country Championships
 at Parliament Hill. 

 Saturday 8th February          Surrey League final races - women at Lloyd
 Park, Croydon (12 noon), men at home in Richmond Park (3pm)

 Saturday 15th February        Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath &
 Bromley including club championship for the Wynne Cup. 2.30pm start in
 Richmond Park

 Saturday 22nd February       National Cross-Country Championships in

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 4th January at Denbies
 Vineyard, Dorking
 Yet another Atlantic storm ripped into Britain just in time for the county
 championships, depositing more rain on already sodden and waterlogged
 ground. The course at Denbies Vineyard was unrelenting mud and many runners
 came a cropper on the steep climbs and descents. However, it takes more than
 mud, gales and torrential rain to put off your average cross-country runner
 and there were record fields in several of the races. There's little or no
 shelter at Denbies, so applause from all sides went to our supporters
 especially women's team manager Phil Aiken who was there braving the storm
 from early on Saturday morning.  

 In the senior women's race there was bad news and good news for Ranelagh.
 The bad news came first - Estelle Damant made a 100 miles round trip to be
 present, only to cover just about one metre of the course for every mile
 travelled. No more than 100 metres from the start she fell heavily, damaged
 her knee and had to pull out. This was a great shame, as Estelle had been
 running into good form and had beaten today's 6th placer Claire Grima in the
 SEAA Inter-Counties last month. For the good news, I'll quote Martin Duff in
 Athletics Weekly: "Lily Partridge was with the pace right from the start,
 but many watchers wondered about the identity of the Ranelagh runner
 matching her stride for stride throughout the first lap. The second lap of
 the increasingly muddy course with its hills and slippery descents, saw
 Partridge go away from her challenger before finishing full of running 70
 metres clear."

 The mystery runner was Ranelagh's new recruit Gillian Sanders. Gill is a
 member of Chris Owens's triathlon club and competed for South Africa in the
 2012 Olympic Triathlon where she finished 19th. She has both British and
 South African passports and has been resident in the UK since 2010, which
 makes her eligible for the championships. You don't finish so high up in an
 Olympic Triathlon without being a top class runner, but Gill is a virtual
 novice at cross-country and on such a tough course this was a very
 impressive performance indeed. Her silver medal matches those won by Estelle
 back in 2011 and Liz Kipling in 2010. Gill's target this year is the
 Commonwealth Games Triathlon but in the meantime we hope she'll find time
 for another race or two!               

 Behind Gill, Gemma Cory continued her return to fitness and the team of four
 was completed by Julia Bailey and Marie Synnott-Wells, with Wiebke Kortum
 and Heather Martingell providing the back-up. They placed 8th out of 18 in
 the team race. 

 In the men's race we were led by a good run from Carl Selya-Hammer who
 placed 27th. Mark Herbert, Trevor Maguire, Paul Doyle, Ted Mockett ("7.2
 miles of mud, hills, mud and mud. Definitely the muddiest race I've ever
 done!") and Dave Lawley closed in the scoring team in 10th place. Another
 six followed them in - Mick Lane, Vaughan Ramsay, Stewart Anderson, Alex
 Fordham, Mike Peace and Peter Fordham. Mike adds: "After struggling round
 the exceptionally muddy Denbies vineyards as slowly as I did - not being
 able to stand up for at least 60% of the course - and Peter and I missing
 the team photo because we were so late - I was met at the finish by two
 young runners. They had finished first and fourth nearly half an hour before
 me - the winner being Ian Bailey (AFD - sorry) one of my ex junior school
 pupils who first took to running in our after-school running club. After
 chatting for a while they announced that they were off for their 'warm down'
 whilst I crawled away waist deep in mud - respect!" 

 Livvy Ricketts was our only competitor in the junior events and she finished
 56th in the Under 13s race.   

 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY LEAGUES - Men (Div 1) and Women (Div 2)  Saturday 11th
 January on Wimbledon Common
 For the only time this season our men's and women's League teams were
 competing at the same venue - Thames Hare & Hounds' course on Wimbledon
 Common. It was a beautifully bright and sunny day in a brief interval
 between the storms, but the Common was, needless to say, in choice
 condition. Runner after runner finished caked in mud and there were more
 than a few blooded knees. No serious damage seems to have been done though,
 apart perhaps to socks and shoes!

 The women were off first and we had a very pleasing turnout of 17 runners
 including a couple of newcomers in Ellen Clague and Nic Evans and a welcome
 return from Bonnie Webster. Both divisions run together resulting in a total
 field today of some 360 runners, and this makes it difficult to calculate
 Division 2 scores in isolation while the race is underway. But League
 leaders Guildford & Godalming were obviously out in strength again and
 looking to cement their lead still more firmly. With our team packing well
 we looked good for another 2nd place, though our nearest challengers 26.2
 RRC were also well represented.

 At the very front of the field the first four unfortunately went off course
 on the first of the two laps. The leader Tish Jones of Belgrave lost no time
 in redeeming her position and amazingly ran away to a victory by almost a
 minute. The other three found it more difficult on the tricky and narrow
 course. Luckily the team result was little affected and it was Belgrave who
 prevailed again in Division 1. They look to have the title sewn up already.
 In Division 2 the Gs (Guildford and Godalming) provided the first two home
 and although with not quite as strong a team as in the previous race they
 still won comfortably enough. We did indeed fill second place but only by
 four points from 26.2 RRC. Barring complete melt-downs in the final race it
 will be those three clubs climbing up to Division 1 next season, while in
 the relegation zone it's Dorking, Ful-On Tri and Woking who face the
 prospect of replacing them in Division 2. 

 Individually there was a great run from Megan De Silva whose 6th place
 despite a sore knee is her best League result to date after 11th and 10th in
 the first two races. There seemed to be a bit of a gap before our next
 runner, but in fact it only represented ten places. Anna Scally it was who
 led in the rest in 16th place with Gemma Cory, Julia Bailey and Marie
 Synnott-Wells packing well behind Anna to give us our scoring five all home
 by 21st place. Kerrie O'Connor was only half a minute behind Marie and led
 our B team (Kerrie, Bonnie Webster, Becky Hall, Victoria Elbourne and Ellen
 Clague) into 7th place, beating ten A teams and well clear of all the other
 Bs. Similarly our C team (Kirsty Bangham, Heather Martingell, Rachel Revett,
 Hannah Doyle and Sally Bamford) was the first C and our incomplete D team
 (Nic Evans and Annemarie Goodridge) beat the only other D team on the day!
 The final race, where we must secure our runner-up position in the League,
 is at Lloyd Park, Croydon on February 8th. 

 Livvy Ricketts finished exactly mid-field in the Under 13s race, and then it
 was the turn of the men, with the course by now well churned up. We had
 another great turnout of 32 starters, giving us exactly 50 runners all told
 today, not counting the great support we had around the course. Rumour has
 it that it's Rob Curtis's cakes that are the real attraction! However, for
 once we were put in the shade numerically by Herne Hill Harriers. As part of
 their 125th anniversary celebrations (and also in tribute to club doyen Stan
 Allen who sadly died the previous week) they set themselves a target of
 fielding 125 runners in total across the senior and junior races. They
 numbered a remarkable 82 in the men's race alone and altogether they easily
 surpassed their target.            

 In the men's League two teams are relegated and before today we occupied one
 of those spots - 8th out of 9 but only 19 points behind South London
 Harriers in 7th place. Walton were already waiting for the chop a long way
 behind in last place. So for the final two fixtures it was going to be a
 battle between ourselves and SLH - or so we thought. Captain K takes up the

 "First the league.  We were fourth in yesterday's fixture and have moved out
 of the relegation zone to 7th in the League!  We scored 438 points which is
 far, far better than both our previous totals, both nearer 600.

 Starting the fixture we were 19 points behind SLH; we are now 19 points
 ahead. We were 173 points behind Clapham; we're now just 18 behind.  We were
 190 points behind Belgrave; we're now 19 behind.  So the League position has
 been transformed with this fixture.  Ordinarily our result would mean we
 were out of relegation trouble.  But SLH also put in a blinder, with
 Belgrave and Clapham tripping up and putting themselves in trouble, so now
 four teams are in the mix, with just 38 points between us all. 

 The rub of it is that if we do well at our final home fixture, it's 5th
 place.  If we do badly, it's 8th and relegation.  I anticipate Belgrave will
 turn out their big guns to avoid the Surrey League equivalent of Man United
 getting relegated, which leaves Clapham, SLH and us.  Of course expect those
 two rivals also to field their top teams.  What a finish is in prospect!
 You can expect me to be chasing the potential scorers to be there in
 Richmond Park on 8th February!

 Then the mud.  Paul Doyle and Trevor Maguire came out looking like bog
 creatures having taken a dip in the mud stream. Peter Haarer was bleeding
 profusely from the knees (!)  Only Josh Mutch managed miraculously to come
 through virtually clean.  Ranelagh did really well to complete without
 serious mishap (as far as I know).  Well done everyone - a top result and
 one final push required in a month's time."

 Richard Gregory ran strongly for 15th place but Eirin McDaid and Josh Mutch
 were within half a minute or so. Jackson Creegan and Sam Perkins were in
 close order another 40 odd seconds behind, then came the Captain himself
 marshalling his troops from the middle ranks. The ever-reliable Peter
 Haarer, having missed the first two League races through injury, narrowly
 avoided doing himself further mischief but made it to the finish as our 7th
 man. Next came Ralph Street - great to see Ralph back in action, even if
 below full fitness. Newcomer George Howard, in his first League race, did
 very well to make the scoring team and behind him Marc Snaith was the team's
 anchor man, just staying ahead of Nick Twomey. Rick Jenner and Trevor
 Maguire were also well up in support, finishing within a minute of Nick.
 Paul Doyle and Mark Herbert were next, just in front of another club
 debutant Richard Warburton. Well done to all those who got round -
 particularly Aiah Songu-Mbriwa who - thanks to the long tail of Herne Hill
 runners - achieved his ambition of not finishing last!  

 Not surprisingly Herne Hill Harriers won today but Kent AC hold onto the
 overall lead.    

 Great photos of the men's race by Stephen Logue here:. 

 LAURISTON 5 miles  Saturday 28th December on Wimbledon Common
 Marie Synnott-Wells was the fourth woman home and first veteran.

 1   C Busaileh (HHH)       27.05
 10  M Knepsl (Herc W)      32.01  (1st woman)
 26  Marie Synnott-Wells    35.15

 NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Wednesday 1st January
 Pete Warren was the first over 70 and Mr & Mrs Forth were third over 45 and
 second over 40 respectively.

 1   J Mohamed (VP&TH)      34.20  (chip time 34.20)
 37  Andrew Forth           38.45  (38.42)
 51  E Stavreski (TH&H)     39.40  (39.38 - 1st woman)
 78  Stewart Anderson       41.43  (41.31)
 109 Kerrie O'Connor-Forth  43.25  (43.22)
 148 Rob Curtis             45.43  (45.31)
 241 Pete Warren            50.32  (49.49)
 252 Heather Martingell     50.57  (50.13)
 312 Alan Davidson          53.39  (53.17)
 427 Paul Martingell        59.12  (58.28) 
 TADWORTH 10 miles  Sunday 5th January
 Bill Neely reports:;
 "Just done the Tadworth Ten. Mud, mud, hills, another one mile hill, mud,
 another one mile hill. Brutal."
 Apparently Marie had not had enough mud at Denbies the day before...

 1   J Baker (Chich)        55.59  (chip time 55.59)
 24  L Custance (Clapham)   65.49  (65.49 - 1st woman)
 56  Bill Neely             70.01  (69.58)
 161 Marie Synnott-Wells    76.43  (76.15)
 314 Melissa Glackin        86.11  (85.49)
 385 Pete Warren            91.14  (90.52)
 414 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       92.47  (92.02)  

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 8th January
 1   A Mayger (unatt)       23.40  (actual time 21.55)
 21  Steve Rowland          28.50  (23.20) 

 RAVENS QUARTERLY 5km  Thursday 9th January
 1   T Sherman (Soton)      17.04
 14  D Jeker (unatt)        18.22  (1st woman)
 29  Chris Read             21.25
 35  Alan Davidson          24.44    

 BUPA JUNIOR GREAT WINTER RUN  Saturday 10th January at Edinburgh
 Lydia Louw made the long journey north and finished an excellent fourth in
 the girls' race.

 1   J Gillanders (Pitr)     8.11
 4   Lydia Louw              8.38

 MABAC LEAGUE 8 miles  Sunday 11th January in Windsor Great Park
 1   D Cairnie (Runnymede)  44.52
 94  James Barber           61.09
 123 John Scally            64.56
 184 Lynne Barber           74.18
 214 Christine David        82.25
 215 Cindy Croucher         82.50
 220 Penny Merrett          85.56
 221 Deirdre Inman          90.32

 4 miles
 1   N Herriot (Runnymede)  30.35
 30  Tracey Small           44.22
 31  Sally Spaull           44.23  

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Wednesday 1st January
 1   Unknown                17.40
 6   A Critclow (West 4)    19.05  (1st woman)
 13  Peter Weir             19.42
 27  Alberto Esguevillas    21.20
 33  Steve Aikin            21.48
 42  Lydia Louw             22.29
 46  Chris Read             22.47
 84  Arthur Louw            25.46
 88  Karen Weir             25.55
 92  Tomas Sterner          26.10
 96  Rob Kitchen            26.23
 122 Claire-Louise French   29.05
 141 Ally Salisbury         30.35
 153 Katie Walton           33.10
 161 Philippa Kitchen       34.52
 162 Andrew Brown           34.54
 176 Penny Merrett          43.27
 177 Bev Ali                43.28  

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Wednesday 1st January
 Duncan Mallison was second for the second time in a week, with Trevor
 Maguire third. 

 1   G Brook (Strag)        18.09
 2   Duncan Mallison        18.10
 3   Trevor Maguire         18.43
 5   Jack Moran             19.12
 9   Peter Weir             19.44
 13  David Rowe             20.17  
 16  R Bunting (London H)   20.24  (1st woman)
 46  Kevin Kearey           23.41
 49  Karen Weir             23.49
 62  Phil Roberts           24.27
 66  Steven Mountain        24.38
 74  Tom Kearey             25.11
 92  Lynne Barber           27.10
 100 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       28.13
 101 Paul Sinton-Hewitt     28.21
 111 Ally Salisbury         29.47
 120 Christine David        30.35
 124 Josie Kearey           31.29
 127 Ann Kearey             31.40
 132 Tanya Allen            32.39
 136 Cindy Croucher         33.03
 140 Deirdre Inman          34.00
 141 Su Clark               34.10
 143 Rachel Allen           34.23
 146 Tracey Small           34.30 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Wednesday 1st January
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.34
 12  Nick Wright            18.58
 16  Ted Mockett            19.30
 38  K Wilson (Thames T))   20.26  (1st woman)
 64  David Rowe             21.28
 122 Peter Faull            22.40
 158 Chris Camacho          23.31
 309 Tom Reay               26.39
 334 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       27.05
 342 Kirsty Bangham         27.21
 480 David Meaden           31.44
 507 Sharon Rowe            33.01
 563 John Hanscomb          39.22
 568 Wally Garrod           42.01

 DULWICH parkrun 5km  Wednesday 1st January
 Megan De Silva was third woman finisher.

 1   A Yee (CP Tri)         16.12
 7   S Watson (Kent)        18.28  (1st woman)
 16  Megan De Silva         19.47
 37  Marie Synnott-Wells    21.29

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Wednesday 1st January
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    17.13
 9   Ted Mockett            19.29
 22  K Wilson (Thames T)    20.51  (1st woman) 
 32  Peter Faull            21.50
 34  Steve Aikin            21.56
 50  Chris Camacho          23.08  
 88  Kirsty Bangham         26.04
 101 Tom Reay               26.48
 159 Wiebke Kortum          32.25
 160 Annemarie Goodridge    32.26
 165 Andrew Brown           33.47         

 OTHER parkruns (Wednesday 1st January)...
 Southampton:  51 Michelle Davies 22.35,  67 Lee Davies 24.08,  109 Mike
 White 26.28
 Eastleigh:  40 Michelle Davies 28.35,  44 Lee Davies 29.27,  48 Mike White
 Basingstoke: 114 Peter Fordham 26.36,  129 Nick Fordham 27.42
 Stewart: 95 Nigel Coombes 26.49
 Middlesbrough: 186 Nigel Coombes 28.59
 Worcester: 63 Phil Jackson 25.32 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th January
 Michelle Davies was the leading woman.

 1   G Brook (Strag)        17.55
 10  Michelle Davies        21.38  (1st woman)    
 21  Tom Kearey             23.45
 37  Mike White             26.17
 41  Lynne Barber           27.10
 42  Rachel Allen           27.18
 57  Josie Kearey           29.53
 58  Christine David        29.58
 61  Ann Kearey             30.17 
 66  Tanya Allen            31.54
 67  Cindy Croucher         32.00
 73  Deirdre Inman          34.08 
 74  Su Clark               34.18 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th January
 1   K Davidson (unatt)     18.49
 12  H Edwards (HHH)        20.45  (1st woman)
 23  Steve Aikin            21.48
 33  Alberto Esguevillas    22.27
 40  Lydia Louw             23.27
 57  Steven Mountain        24.14
 83  Simon Taylor           26.06
 92  Colin Rogal            26.52 
 96  Arthur Louw            27.07
 102 Andrew Brown           27.30
 106 Nick Fordham           27.50
 127 Jenny Rogal            29.14
 137 Claire-Louise French   30.06
 138 Peter Lowman           30.14
 143 Val Lowman             30.31
 148 Eugenio Carmo          31.04 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 4th January
 1   J Wightman (Edin)      16.11
 5   Nick Wright            18.16
 52  David Rowe             22.03
 55  P Adams (unatt)        22.09  (1st woman)
 132 Adam Wright            24.09
 201 Kirsty Bangham         25.33
 493 Sharon Rowe            33.31
 549 John Hanscomb          39.27
 556 Wally Garrod           40.43 

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 4th January)... 
 Osterley: 4 Chris Read 24.16
 Sedgefield: 81 Nigel Coombes 29.45 
 Old Deer Park: 10 Phil Roberts 25.18
 Killerton: 111 Jackie Dunkley 33.13
 Kingston:  16 Chris Camacho 22.09, 67 Janet Turnes 32.08
 Wimbledon Common: 42 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 23.20,  97 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.43
 Cleveland: 18 Martin Nance 23.56
 York: 47 Phil Jackson 21.54

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 11th January
 1   O Parsons (SMUC)       18.07
 14  Bill Neely             19.52
 19  Z Illis (Herc Wimb)    20.41  (1st woman)
 32  Peter Faull            21.25
 50  Stephen Hurton         22.19
 59  Chris Read             22.53
 68  Steven Mountain        23.13
 69  Michael Beverly        23.15
 88  Alberto Esguevillas    24.06     
 126 Colin Rogal            25.46 
 172 Nick Fordham           27.27
 173 Alex Fordham           27.29
 177 Jenny Rogal            27.35
 198 Andrew Brown           28.20
 207 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       28.43
 214 Val Lowman             29.02
 237 Lorna Smith            30.00
 246 Peter Lowman           30.20
 270 Karen Weir             31.29
 302 Eugenio Carmo          33.02
 306 Bronwen Northmore      33.30
 308 Penny Merrett          33.41
 340 Claie-Louise French    37.03
 349 Pat Hewlett            37.55
 355 Beverly Walsh          39.15
 368 Yvonne Howie           41.10        

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 11th January
 Michelle Davies finished 2nd this week.

 1   G Russell (unatt)      18.57
 12  L Hale (Sandhurst J)   21.05  (1st woman)
 14  Michelle Davis         21.18    
 24  Tom Kearey             22.53
 32  Kevin Kearey           23.17
 43  Nigel Coombes          25.21
 56  Emily Kearey           26.55 
 58  Mike White             26.58
 60  John Herriott          27.06
 75  Janet Russell          28.37
 77  Josie Kearey           29.19
 79  Ann Kearey             29.29
 87  Paula Maguire          30.32 
 94  Tanya Allen            33.40
 96  Su Clark               34.21

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 11th January
 No fewer than 1184 finishers this week.

 1    A Jackson (Sitting)   16.14
 15   Andrew Forth          18.35
 71   M  Richards (unatt)   20.22  (1st woman)
 302  Adam Wright           23.40
 317  Ian Grange            23.51
 735  Mary Hickson          28.36
 901  Jackie Dunkley        30.34
 952  Ed Josey              31.24
 1147 Clare Hulacki         39.00   
 1155 Wally Garrod          41.11 
 1158 John Hanscomb         42.01 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Wednesday 11th January
 1   D Etheridge (unatt)    19.16
 15  Chris Camacho          22.07
 16  M Ansell (unatt)       22.12  (1st woman)
 53  Tom Reay               26.03
 67  Rob Kitchen            27.46
 80  Janet Turnes           30.18
 81  Jar O'Brien            30.23

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Wednesday 11th January
 1   B Cope (Serp)          19.32
 15  K Saville (Ealing E)   24.44  (1st woman)  
 31  Lynne Barber           28.42
 34  Rachel Allen           29.00
 44  Christine David        32.24
 45  Cindy Croucher         32.24
 50  Deirdre Inman          34.16
 51  Tracey Small           34.17

 DARLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 11th January
 Nick Wright was the winner.

 1   Nick Wright            19.02
 21  F Hiersemenzel (unatt) 23.12  (1st woman) 

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 11th January)... 
 Banstead Woods: 17 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.23
 Gladstone: 67 Peter Fordham 26.07
 Old Deer Park: 10 Bruce McLaren 23.14
 Southsea: 67 Alan Davidson 23.44
 York: 80 Phil Jackson 22.09  

 Peter Fordham sends the following link - 
 Auld Lang Syne fell race turf surfing: .