Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 412             7 November 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Orion narrowly defeat us in the Lee Cup mob match
 *  Phil Killingley and Kerrie O'Connor lead our mob
 *  Trevor Maguire, David Wright and Chris Owens win the club veterans
 *  Ranelagh juniors run 2:44 relay marathon and win mob match v Runnymede 
 *  Frankfurt, Venice and Dublin Marathons
 *  parkrun placings for Becky Hall, Trevor Maguire, Jane Craigie-Payne,
     Polly White, Mark Herbert, Rick Jenner, Duncan Mallison and Niall O'Connor
 *  Chris Camacho joins the parkrun 250 club 
 *  David Rowe at the Hawaii Ironman
 *  Men's Surrey League this Saturday
 *  Marshalling help required to counter attempted race sabotage
 *  Book for the Christmas Party on Saturday 7th December

 2XU SURREY LEAGUE RACE 2 Saturday 9th November at Mitcham Common
 The men's League visits Mitcham Common this Saturday for the first time in
 many years, while the women have the week off. The HQ for the men's race is
 at the Mill House Ecology Centre, but parking there and in nearby roads is
 very limited. We're advised to use public transport where possible. More
 details here:. 
 DYSART CUP WOMEN'S INTER-CLUB 6km  Saturday 16th November in Richmond Park
 Our women's inter-club race for the Dysart Cup incorporates the club women's
 championship for the Hugh Jones Salver, and also the women's veterans (over
 40) championship for Trish's Trophy. The start is at 1.45pm.

 ELLIS CUP MEN'S INTER-CLUB 8km  Saturday 16th November in Richmond Park
 The men's race for the Ellis Cup follows on from the Dysart Cup race,
 starting at 2.30pm. 

 Last winter Paul Gregory attempted to resurrect the running clubs' rowing
 race, which used to be held annually between crews from Ranelagh and some of
 the other mob match clubs. As the winners last time the event was held, we
 are the holders of the race trophy, the Franckeiss Cup which dates back to
 1929. Unfortunately Paul was thwarted last year by continuing bad river
 conditions, so he's trying again this year. The format would be the same as
 that proposed last winter, i.e. coxed double skiffs (skiffing involves two
 blades per person rather than the one in rowing) over a downstream course on
 the Thames of approx 3 - 3 ½ minutes. 

 He's hoping to stage the race on Sunday 1st December with practice/coaching
 available on Sundays during November at the Skiff Club, Trowlock Way,
 Teddington. More info about skiffing here:.
 Crews can be male, female or mixed and no experience is necessary. If you're
 interested in having a go, please contact Paul at p_gregory@talktalk.net. 

 CHRISTMAS PARTY  Saturday 7th December
 Our Christmas Party will take place at the Richmond Hill Hotel on Saturday
 7th December starting at 7pm. It will include a three-course meal plus wine,
 followed by a DJ and (optional!) dancing. The price is £50. To reserve your
 place contact Michele Gibson micheleagibson@hotmail.com or put
 your name on the list at the clubhouse. Please indicate your choice of food
 - see the menu at the clubhouse or PAGE 4 of the brochure here:. Please ensure you choose from the right menu - there are
 several in the brochure but we are using the one on page 4.   

 Carol Barnshaw writes:
 "Anyone fancy doing the Mumbai Marathon in January? Great course includes
 running across the famous Rajiv Ghandi bridge, one of the longest bridges in
 the world at 5.6 kms. My daughter, who has run this marathon twice,  has
 just opened Mumbai's first boutique hotel  (budget doubles at £30 a night up
 to luxury suites at £100 a night). She'll happily organise everything you
 need to make the most of the day from accommodation, transport and food
 before the race to massages afterwards.
 You can contact her lizzie@abodeboutiquehotels.com." 

 Somewhat belatedly - owing to circumstances beyond our control - the
 Ranelagh Gazette covering the year up to spring 2013 has been published.
 Help yourself to a copy at the clubhouse, or if you'd prefer to have one
 sent to you, please reply to this e-mail with your postal address. 

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook:. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 9th November        2XU Surrey League Division 1 (men). 3pm start
 on Mitcham Common

 Saturday 16th November      Dysart Cup women's 6km (1.45pm start) and Ellis
 Cup men's 8km (2.30pm) inter-club races including Hugh Jones Salver club
 women's championships  

 Saturday 23rd November      South of the Thames 5 miles men's and women's
 championship. 2pm start at Streatham Common.

 Saturday 30th November      Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds 7.5 miles on
 Wimbledon Common (Kingston Vale) 2.30pm, following which Thames will host us
 at a supper at the Telegraph pub on Putney Heath.   

 Saturday 7th December        Surrey Ladies League 6km. 12 noon start
 (followed by junior races) at Coulsdon. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 HAROLD LEE CUP MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS  Saturday 26th October in Richmond
 Well, this was definitely the mob match that got away. The auguries looked
 good: we had at least sixty-three RH on the starting line, outnumbering our
 visitors by fifteen and - leaving aside the guest runaway winner (more of
 him later) - we had the first three home. But in the end we lost by a
 miserable 38 points. One more runner anywhere in the top fifty would have
 pulled the result in our favour. By such tiny margins are mob matches won
 and lost. 

 We had been warned that the first and third finishers in last week's Cabbage
 Patch 10 - Kenyan Boniface Kiprop Kongin and Colin Leak from the US - were
 hoping to run as guests. In the event Leak didn't show, and it fell to
 skipper Phil Killingley to do his best to provide some company to the
 fleet-footed Kenyan. We were unfortunately targeted again by someone with an
 axe to grind regarding cross-country races in the Park, resulting in many
 flags going missing. Kongin therefore loped effortlessly alongside Phil for
 the first lap before intrepidly taking off on his own to build up a
 near-four minutes lead on the second circuit. As this was the first mob
 match held on our amended course, Kongin's 41.37 constitutes an inaugural
 course record.     

 Phil was probably relieved to see the Kenyan disappear into the distance and
 he settled into an isolated run in second place, though winning the mob
 match. Next home was Mark Herbert who ran probably his best cross-country
 race to date in getting the better of Richard Gregory - though Richard had
 some navigational problems. Phil, Mark and Richard - with Trevor Maguire
 close behind - gave us four of the first five home, a great start. But the
 Orion fight back began immediately and they took the next six places before
 Ian Kenton led in the second Ranelagh pack. Peter Weir in 19th place was our
 tenth man home, whereas the tenth Orion was 22nd: counting ten a side we
 held a slender advantage. This lead actually grew through the twenties and
 thirties and at twenty a side (William Griffin 37th v Orion 43rd) we were
 some seventy points clear. At thirty a side, however, that lead had been
 halved and the writing was perhaps already on the wall. Bob Beatson at 63rd
 was our 30th runner home, whereas his Orion counterpart had finished seven
 places higher. At forty a side (John Ricketts 83rd  v Orion 75th) we had
 slipped behind, never to recover. Our 45th and final scorer was mob match
 debutante Anna Riechwald in 89th place and although this was well ahead of
 Orion's last man (97th) their tail had wagged a little too vigorously for
 us. In the end it was a win for Orion by 2074 points to 2119.  

 Kerrie O'Connor was the leading woman in 46th place, so her time of 56.21
 stands as the inaugural women's course record. Amelie Hunton was third and
 Karen Weir sixth. The race also incorporated our club veterans championships
 for the Hastings Cup (over 40s), the McDowell Salver (over 50s) and the
 Maslin Mug (over 60s). All three trophies will go to new homes this year.
 Trevor Maguire's excellent run deservedly brought him the Hastings Cup,
 David Wright travelled up from Cirencester for his 153rd mob match and was
 rewarded by winning the McDowell Salver and the Maslin Mug went as expected
 to Chris Owens.  The veterans' sealed handicap also went to David Wright,
 with the minor medals being taken by Chris Owens and Lewis Emery.  

 Here's an interview with the winner:.

 #IRONMAN TRIATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 12th October at Kailua-Kona,
 David Rowe reports:
 "After winning my age group (40-44) at Ironman UK in early August my 'prize'
 was the opportunity to do another Ironman - this time in Hawaii for the 35th
 running of the Ironman World Championship.  OK then, if you insist!  I paid
 my money, booked flights, accommodation, hire car, time off work and packed
 my bags for a month away in paradise. 

 Since getting into triathlon I've always wanted to watch the Hawaii Ironman
 in real life.  Maybe one day I'd be good enough to qualify and be able to
 take part.  Well - I'd qualified and I was here, in the village of
 Kailua-Kona for the biggest and most famous race in long distance triathlon.

 At 7am on Saturday morning just under 2,100 people were sent on our way by
 an incredibly loud (just ask Sharon!) but rather small cannon.  I was
 expecting a right bun-fight in the 2.4 mile ocean swim but somehow I had a
 pretty uneventful swim and managed to find some fantastic 'fast feet' to
 draft off.  When I came out of the water I surprised myself with a swim time
 of just under 65 minutes.  I was expecting nearer 70 so this was a great
 confidence boost. 

 Then it was the bike, which is a mostly out-and-back along a very straight
 and slightly undulating road through lava fields.  It wasn't inspiring but
 this is part of what makes this race special.  It's not meant to be
 beautiful - it's meant to be tough.  It was.  My legs weren't playing ball
 today and I just didn't seem to have the strength I was expecting to have.
 Well, it's only 112 miles!!  After 5 hours and 23 minutes I was off the bike
 and slipping into my running shoes. Only a marathon.  In 30+ degree
 temperatures.  After a little swim and bike ride.  For fun!

 I'd missed five weeks of running in late August and September due to a
 suspected stress fracture.  This wasn't ideal but I had to get round this
 course and get a finisher's medal at the World Championship.  Times were not
 important.  Completion was.

 With aid stations (water, ice, coke, sports drink, gels and more) every mile
 I settled into a pattern of walking through the aid stations and running
 between them.  For 26.2 miles.  Coming into town for the finish was an
 experience that I will never forget.  Actually, I don't think I'll ever
 forget the race full stop.  It was amazing.  I clocked a 3 hours 54 marathon
 to finish the day's exertions and my overall time was 10 hours 29 minutes
 and 27 seconds.

 1   F Van Lierde (Lux)     8:12:29 (swim 51.02, bike 4:25.35, run 2:51.18)
 918 David Rowe            10:29:27 (1:04.50, 5:23.24, 3:54.31)

 After arriving in Hawaii I wrote a lengthy blog post each and every day and
 all my entries (including lots of embarrassing photos) can be found here:.
 Full results are here:." 

 BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap  Wednesday 9th October at Westminster
 1   N Jellema (unatt)      18.19  (actual time 13.19)
 8   Alan Davidson          21.04  (17.34)
 23  John Hanscomb          24.33  (27.33)

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 25th October in Hyde Park
 1   R Weston (Serp)        15.52
 159 Alan Davidson          23.28 

 Colin Brett reports:
 "'It was a dark and stormy afternoon' when eight brave juniors and a couple
 of sage coaches took on the task of challenging the world marathon record
 supposedly on a track. That was never really on, as being Harriers we
 decided it would be much more fun to run cross country on a 1km loop, each
 runner sprinting 250m at a time. We set a revised goal of running a sub
 three hour Marathon off road and with the bit between their teeth the first
 kilometre was completed in 3mins 46secs. Fuelled on ghostly treats, bananas
 and cake they just didn't slow down. The wind blew, the skies brightened and
 dimmed but on they went - every kilometre was completed in under 4 minutes,
 impressive stuff. Our new record was set at 2hrs 44mins 02sec for which they
 can all feel very proud. That's an average 3.53min per km for 42.2

 Our stars were:-
 Tom Kearey, Emily Kearey, Josie Kearey, Tor Heron-Brett, Noah Heron-Brett,
 Jamie West, Livvy Ricketts and Juliet Ricketts
 Sages:- Kevin Kearey and Richard Xerri and a big thank you to Tracy West for
 stepping in at the last minute as our official time keeper." 

 FRANKFURT MARATHON  Sunday 27th October

 Carl Selya-Hammer writes on Facebook:
 "2:40.40, a new personal best and good enough for 158th overall despite
 20mph wind, rain, and warm conditions. The last three miles were especially
 gruelling, but I ran the best race I could. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm
 going to sit down for the rest of my life."

 1   V Kipruto (Kenya)      2:06.15  (chip time 2:06.15)
 159 Carl Selya-Hammer      2:42.24  (2:40.40) 

 VENICE MARATHON  Sunday 27th October
 Lloyd Camp reports:
 "Four Ranelaghs made the journey for the 28th running of the Venice
 Marathon, held on 27th October 2013. Deepa Sharma took responsibility for
 most of the travel and accommodation arrangements, placing us perfectly in a
 hotel right at the Expo and later near the end of the race (for the all
 important post-race cappuccino and pasta factor) and was a tower of strength
 in support on the day, waving the Union Flag in St Mark's Square, a
 psychologically critical juncture of the race. Thanks Deepa!

 What a lovely route! It begins on solid ground to the west of Venice,
 winding through small leafy towns and along rivers  before crossing at last
 over the lagoon and through the cobbled streets of Venice island, traversing
 the canals by means of fourteen small bridges as well as a temporary pontoon
 erected over the Grand Canal specially for the marathon, before doubling
 through St Mark's Square and along the waterfront to the finish (which was
 500m further than it was supposed to be!)

 Amrut Sharma was a nervous marathon debutant but powered away at the start,
 leaving Sue and Lloyd Camp to plod at a more sedate pace. Amrut soon got
 into his stride, and was surprised by his rapid pace until the dreaded
 cramps nailed him at 35 km, just as he began the long and tedious drag
 across the Liberty Bridge onto the island of Venice. He was a bit glum as he
 limped over the 4 km of bridge but finished strongly to record 3:58, a sub-4
 on his first attempt, and exactly what he was hoping for. 

 Sue had a tough day (she feels she peaked about three weeks too early!) but
 ran steadily and pushed through to complete her fourth marathon in 4:17, and
 says she was perfectly happy to get it over with!

 Due to work commitments in Africa, Lloyd did almost no training for the race
 but by dint of a run/walk strategy, managed to last the distance! He and Sue
 met up at 30 km and ran together for a while but he paid the price for being
 under-prepared when his right leg refused to go on at 34km! He altered his
 style to a shuffling limp never before witnessed at Venice which got him to
 the line in 4:26, not the fastest of his 28 marathons but nonetheless a fun
 day out! 

 After that, it was pasta, vino and waterborne transport for the rest of the
 stay. Prego!"

 1    N Machichim (Kenya)   2:13.10  (chip time 2:13.10)
 10   M Jerotich (Kenya)    2:31.14  (2:31.14 - 1st woman)
 2481 Amrut Sharma          4:01.25  (3:58.11)
 3461 Sue Camp              4:20.27  (4:17.08)
 3893 Lloyd Camp            4:29.59  (4:26.40) 

 GREAT SOUTH RUN 10 miles Sunday 27th October at Portsmouth
 1    E Bett (Kenya)        48.03
 16   F Kiplagat (Kenya)    53.53  (1st woman)
 279  Sean Paynter          67.25
 1459 Phil Jackson          76.50
 3711 Heather Martingell    84.48
 4159 Hannah Doyle          86.10
 9887 Deborah Blakemore    101.25   

 RICKY ROAD Run 10 miles  Sunday 27th October at Rickmansworth
 1   M Woodman (Staff H)    58.17  (chip time 58.17)
 28  A Young (Chilt)        67.44  (67.41 - 1st woman)
 251 Pete Warren            88.41  (88.29) 

 SURREY CLASSIC 10km Race 1  Sunday 27th October at Oxshott
 1   S Pearce (unatt)       37.01
 126 John Hanscomb          76.54   

 DUBLIN MARATHON  Monday 28th October
 1    S Hehir (Ireland)     2:18.19  (chip time 2:18.19)
 102  F Stack (Ireland)     2:49.07  (2:49.04 - 1st woman)
 181  Martin Halvey         2:54.21  (2:54.11)
 621  Colin Brett           3:09.29  (3:09.16)
 1467 Marie Synnott-Wells   3:24.43  (3:24.21)

 Gardens Junior parkrun  Sunday 3rd November
 Colin Brett reports:
 "On Sunday 3 November, on a beautifully clear but blustery autumn morning,
 eleven Ranelagh Harriers juniors joined their three regular stalwarts at the
 Savill Garden juniors parkrun (Livvy & Juliet Ricketts and Connor Scally) to
 enjoy the wonderful multi-terrain of the Windsor Great Park course whilst
 incorporating a mini mob match with Runnymede Runners and B2P Tri Club.

 Ranelagh were led home up the final hill onto Obelisk Lawn by Lydia Louw in
 a superb time of 08:14 - just 12 seconds outside the girls course record.
 Close on her heels was Euan Sinclair and Noah Heron-Brett packing the top
 ten followed by Livvy Ricketts and Tor Heron-Brett all scoring well in the
 top twenty . A little further back Ranelagh packed well with Luke Maguire
 (no lacing problems here), Juliet Ricketts and Arthur Louw. They were
 closely followed by Josie Kearey and Finlay Sinclair. He was followed in by
 sister Eilidh with Campbell McLaren, Ciara McLaren and Connor Scally closing
 out the Ranelagh team. A super effort by a talented group of youngsters. 

 The final scores saw Ranelagh comfortably home on 88 points to Runnymede
 Runners / B2P Tri's 123. Bring on the Henty Relay!"

 1   M Berardi (unatt)       7.53
 2   Lydia Louw              8.14  (1st girl)
 4   Euan Sinclair           8.27
 10  Noah Heron-Brett        9.05
 14  Livvy Ricketts          9.23
 17  Tor Heron-Brett         9.43
 22  Luke Maguire            9.51
 25  Juliet Ricketts         9.59
 29  Arthur Louw            10.12
 32  Josie Kearey           10.24
 33  Finlay Sinclair        10.29
 48  Eilidh Sinclair        11.58
 63  Campbell McLaren       13.30
 68  Ciara McLaren          14.05
 88  Connor Scally          19.53     

 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles  Sunday 3rd November at Puttenham
 1   K Macintosh (WW)       29.42
 6   H Jarvis (DMV)         33.37  (1st woman)
 54  James Barber           42.26
 87  Lynne Barber           48.11

 SURREY CLASSIC 10km Race 2  Sunday 3rd November at Nonsuch Park
 1   N Reissland (Coll)     35.00
 143 John Hanscomb          76.28     

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 6th November at Woking
 1   E Wheeler (Woking)     25.43  (actual time 24.43)  
 2   Steve Rowland          25.55  (21.55)
 7   Sonia Rowland          26.39  (20.54)
 10  Louise Piears          26.49  (21.34)   

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 1   B Pointing (Taunton)   16.59
 12  R Bunting (London Hth) 19.16  (1st woman)
 46  Daniel Chiechi         21.29 
 54  Eugenio Carmo          22.05
 92  Steven Mountain        23.29
 100 Tomas Sterner          23.44
 189 Prelini Chiechi        27.44 
 196 Alberto Esguevillas    27.51
 200 Leeanne Bryce          27.59       
 283 Katie Walton           33.19
 288 Michelle Martinez      34.28
 308 Claire-Louise French   38.10 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 1   Unknown                16.33
 7   Nick Twomey            17.26
 12  Nick Wright            17.47
 13  M Dillon (unatt)       17.48  (1st woman)
 141 Jonny Rowan            22.09
 209 Adam Wright            23.24
 629 Mary Hickson           29.38
 658 Jackie Dunkley         30.28 
 816 John Hanscomb          37.02
 852 Wally Garrod           45.09

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 Jane Craigie-Payne found time during a long training run to finish 2nd

 1   E Seibold (Vegan)      19.25
 4   Duncan Mallison        21.24
 9   Tom Kearey             22.03
 17  K Coombes (unatt)      22.55  (1st woman)        
 25  Jane Craigie-Payne     23.43
 36  Alan Davidson          24.49   
 55  Janet Russell          28.31
 71  Cindy Croucher         32.15  
 77  Tracey Small           34.29
 83  Nigel Coombes          36.02
 85  Lexi Slaughter         37.54
 87  Waldron Slaughter      38.48          

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 Second place this week for Polly White. 

 1   D Agustus (Scarb)      17.20
 10  Bruce McLaren          21.48
 13  J Livesey (Thames TT)  22.04  (1st woman)
 15  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     22.19
 16  Simon Burrell          22.35
 18  Polly White            22.50  
 25  Phil Roberts           23.42 
 39  Paula Maguire          28.38
 40  Natalia Slattery       28.54
 51  Deborah Blakemore      31.14   

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 Becky Hall was the leading woman.

 1   M Reed (unatt)         18.00
 8   Becky Hall             20.32  (1st woman)
 13  Rob Curtis             21.33

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 26th October
 Congratulations to Chris Camacho who became the 58th member of the parkrun
 250 club.

 1   J Ruskin (Strag)       18.15
 27  Chris Camacho          22.15
 83  Annemarie Goodridge    30.19

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 26th October)...
 Cannon Hill: 303 Janet Turnes 29.12
 Fulham Palace:  70  Andrew Brown 25.34  
 Modderfontein Reserve:: 18 Peter Fordham 24.51,  45 Nick Fordham 28.53
 Longrun Meadow: 27 Michelle Davies 21.36,  Lee Davies 22.05
 Osterley: 29 Stacey Barber 29.49
 Walthamstow: 23 Cathy Jones 26.01

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 1   P Clarke (Herc Wimb)   17.41
 12  David Lawley           19.19
 17  Peter Faull            19.34
 18  Bill Neely             19.45
 24  Peter Weir             19.56    
 36  A Dolinska (unatt)     20.27  (1st woman)
 37  Alberto Esguevillas    20.31
 47  Steve Aikin            21.12
 58  Lydia Louw             21.46
 75  Christopher Parsons    22.23        
 90  Eugenio Carmo          22.45
 91  Gary Aston             22.46
 98  Stewart Anderson       23.02
 116 Amrut Sharma           23.49
 141 Rob Kitchen            24.38
 146 Tomas Sterner          24.49
 190 Arthur Louw            26.37
 200 Jenny Rogal            27.01
 204 Michael Sikora         27.16
 235 Colin Rogal            28.30
 250 Tony Clark             29.01
 252 Val Lowman             29.07     
 307 Katie Walton           33.23
 310 Michelle Martinez      33.37
 314 Philippa Kitchen       33.59  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 1   R Axe (Cardiff)        15.08
 5   E Pallant (AFD)        16.59  (1st woman)
 31  Marc Snaith            18.42
 36  Nick Wright            18.53
 85  David Ready            20.24
 152 Jonny Rowan            21.40
 229 Adam Wright            22.43
 278 Ian Grange             23.26
 320 David Rowe             23.56
 423 Kirsty Bangham         25.02
 875 Sharon Rowe            33.07  
 933 John Hanscomb          36.31
 948 Clare Hulacki          38.06
 975 Mary Hickson           41.48
 981 Wally Garrod           42.30

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 1   R Ward (Belgrave)      17.50
 31  L Howard (Elm)         23.41  (1st woman)
 59  Lynne Barber           26.46
 68  Rachel Allen           27.43
 69  Janet Russell          27.44
 85  Stacey Barber          30.32
 87  Christine David        30.39
 95  Deirdre Inman          31.48
 98  Cindy Croucher         32.34  
 102 Tracey Small           34.59

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 A 1-2 at the front for Trevor Maguire and Rick Jenner...

 1   Trevor Maguire         18.50
 2   Rick Jenner            19.02
 5   Simon Burrell          22.11
 6   L Ryan (unatt)         22.32  (1st woman)  
 13  Phil Roberts           23.25
 34  Lorna Smith            27.36   
 57  Deborah Blakemore      36.06   

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 ...and a 2-3 for Duncan Mallison and Niall O'Connor.

 1   J Hughes (Brunel U)    18.41
 2   Duncan Mallison        19.06
 3   Niall O'Connor         20.14
 16  K Saville (Ealing E)   24.52

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 2nd November
 Mark Herbert was runner-up.

 1   D Grima (Herc Wimb)    18.28
 2   Mark Herbert           18.41
 33  B Pirkle (unatt)       23.28  (1st woman)
 34  Chris Camacho          23.31
 48  Tom Reay               24.53
 101 Jar O'Brien            31.45
 102 Mike White             31.47
 103 Wiebke Kortum          31.48 

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 2nd November)...
 Brockwell:  12 James Whistler 18.36
 Darlington South Park: 70 Nigel Coombes 24.14
 Fulham Palace:  44 Phil Jackson 21.38  
 Delta: 42 Peter Fordham 25.19,  84 Nick Fordham 28.47
 Gunnersbury: 202 Waldron Slaughter 35.35
 Harrow Lodge: 29 Phil Aiken 24.22
 Little Stoke: 69 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 23.34, 104 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.41
 Nonsuch: 316 Penny Merrett 35.55
 Oxford: 79 Ian Bingham 25.45, 103 Evelyn Joslin 28.04
 Reading: 233 Louise Atkinson 28.51
 Sheffield Hallam: 60 Rob Wise 20.22
 Southsea: 50 Alan Davidson 24.02
 Wormwood Scrubs: 61 Pete Warren 26.20
 Walthamstow: 7 Ben Shore 21.46

 Another new Olympic event?
 A few years ago a number of Ranelagh ladies took part in a 400 metres race -
 wearing high-heeled shoes. The painful results could be seen on Gok Wan's
 television programme. If only they had known...German Julia Plecher recently
 won 10,000 Euros for winning a 100m high-heels race in Berlin. She also
 holds the world record at 14.53 seconds.  Video:.