Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 409             27 September 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Chris Owens wins World Over 60s Triathlon Championship
 *  Men's Over 50 team wins silver medals at the Surrey Road Relays - other
     teams just off the podium
 *  Good runs at the Bristol Half Marathon
 *  New M80 world Half Marathon record by Ed Whitlock
 *  Matthew Copp 3rd in the Richmond Imperial 5m 
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Duncan Mallison, Eirin McDaid, Alex
     Fordham and David Lawley
 *  Page Cup handicap this Saturday
 *  Volunteer needed to join our Half Marathon organising team
 *  Book for the Quiz Night on Saturday 26th October...
 *  ...and for the Christmas Party on Saturday 7th December

 PAGE CUP 5 miles handicap  
 Our second handicap race of the season is the Page Cup 5 miler in the Park
 this Saturday, 28th September. 3pm start, all members welcome, please
 register at the clubhouse.

 SURREY VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 12th October in Richmond Park
 As usual we are the hosts for this event, but it is organised by Surrey
 Athletics so entries have to be made in advance. On the day entries will be
 accepted at your own expense but will not qualify for the team events, so if
 you are thinking of running please let us know you'd like to be entered.
 There are two races: all women over 35 and men over 60 run together over 6km
 starting at 2.15pm (NOTE earlier time than originally shown in our fixture
 lists). Then at 3pm the men 40-59 race over 10km. There are individual
 medals in 5-year age groups and team medals in 10-year age groups. For
 entries contact Phil Aiken ranelagh.women@gmail.com  (women over
 35), Peter Fordham peter_fordham@yahoo.com  (men over 50 & over 60)
 or Trevor Maguire trevor.maguire@bt.com  (men over 40).

 Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 "As a corollary to the success of flag marking for the Thomas Cup can I
 plead for some help marking the courses for the Page Cup and the Surrey
 Vets. This entails plodding round with a screwdriver (to make the hole for
 the flag, what else!) and a bag of flags an hour or two before the race. I
 don't mind doing it but would rather not do every race. Can I express my
 gratitude to Mark Herbert, who ran the Thomas Cup and then collected stray
 flags, as well as Ivan Boggis who did the new turn (vital as someone had
 pinched a couple here between me putting them out and him arriving at the
 spot) and also collected flags as did Christian Vaughan and Simon and
 Deborah Burrell. Thanks go also to Robin and Julie Drummond who trooped
 round for years doing the job." 

 Alex Horne writes:
 "Would you like a functional check up, want to get rid of a persisting
 injury or just a rub down?
 My name is Alex and I'm a chiropractor who has just moved and is working in
 the Richmond area. I will be providing taster sessions to members both
 before (6pm-7pm) and also after Tuesday training sessions for anyone with an
 injury, or who just wants a friendly chat! I am a keen sportsman with a big
 interest in rugby but have been running for years and working with lots of
 different sports teams, so don't be shy, pop over and just ask me anything!
 Feel free to get in touch with any queries: alexhornechiropractic@gmail.com." 

 QUIZ NIGHT  Saturday 26th October in the clubhouse
 We'll be holding a quiz night in the clubhouse after the Orion mob match on
 26th October. It's £10 a head to include a supper of fish and chips (or
 veggie alternative). Make up your team of four or just come along and we'll
 sort out teams on the night. Start time 6.30pm. Please contact Andy Hayward
 andrewhayward@catalinare.com to book your place.   

 CHRISTMAS PARTY  Saturday 7th December
 Our Christmas Party will take place at the Richmond Hill Hotel on Saturday
 7th December starting at 7pm. It will include a three-course meal plus wine,
 followed by a DJ and (optional!) dancing. The price is £45 if you book
 before October 22nd, otherwise £50. To reserve your place contact Michele
 Gibson  micheleagibson@hotmail.com or put your name on the list at
 the clubhouse. Please indicate your choice of food - see the menu at the
 clubhouse or page 4 of the brochure here:.   

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  Sunday 20th October in Twickenham
 Entries for the Cabbage Patch 10 have closed.
 Bear in mind, that this year there is an unfortunate clash with the Surrey
 Cross-Country League - the opening League fixture takes place the day
 before, the men at Wimbledon and the women at Lightwater.  

 Race Director Sandra Forrest writes:
 "The Half Marathon Team needs a replacement for Philippa Kitchen, who is
 expecting a baby in March (congratulations Philippa and Rob!). Philippa is
 responsible for permissions, hiring the loos, hiring the man with the van,
 and luggage. She'll take care of as much as she possibly can before that and
 she'll make the transition to a new person as easy as possible
 organisationally." Could anyone interested in joining the team please
 contact Sandra forrests@marymountlondon.com  or Philippa
 philippakitchen@gmail.com .

 Kate Brook sends the following details of upcoming workshops at St Mary's
 University College. Please can all wishing to attend each day contact
 England Athletics mentor, Nick Anderson on 07725 148344 or e-mail
 The days below will once again form part of the ongoing support from The
 Virgin London Marathon and England Athletics at the St Mary's University
 College EPACC and coaches and athletes are invited to attend the workshops
 delivered on:

 Workshop One - Sunday 6th October 2013  Lecture Room G7 at 9.45am.
 10am Discussion on: Winter programme, Planning, Goal setting, Periodisation
 10.45am Long Threshold reps in Bushy Park for athletes. Coaches to help
 12.45pm Charlie Peddlar - Planning & Physiological testing best practice
 1.30pm Drills & Dynamic warm up practical & and how to periodise this season
 2.45 Final Questions and workshop closes 

 Workshop Two - Sunday 17th November 2013  Lecture Room G7 at 9.45am
 10.15am Practical long XC rep session Bushy Park (12 athletes to be field
 12.45pm Functional stability practical workshops & injury prevention.
 2.30pm General conditioning & training questions (using X training in the
 2.45pm Final questions & workshop closes
 Workshop Three - Sunday December 1st 2013  Lecture Room G7 at 9.45am.
 10.15am  Sports Psychology "Performing Under Pressure"
 12.45pm Elite Athlete Interview "Performing under the spotlight"
 1.30pm Interval session on the track using distraction or performance
 strategies from the morning. (12 athletes to be field tested)
 2.45pm Final questions & workshop closes
 Workshop Four - Sunday 19th January 2014  Lecture Room 7 at 9.45am
 "Preparing for a Spring Marathon"
 10.15am How to train for a marathon and the key elements
 12 Noon Marathon specific interval & threshold session using the track &
 1.30pm "Elite athlete interview - a few top tips!"
 2pm The taper and race day strategy
 2.45pm Final questions and workshop closes
 Workshop Five - Sunday 2nd March 2014  Lecture Room 7 at 9.45am
 10.15am The winter - spring/summer transition for a middle distance track
 11.15am Nutrition "how to fuel that performance" 
 12.45pm Athlete and coach interview
 1.30pm Interval session on the track for event groups
 2.45pm Final questions and workshop closes
 Workshop Six - Sunday 30th March 2014  Lecture Room 7 at 9.45am
 10.15am Drills & Speed/ running technique with a top Sprints Coach (TBA)
 12.15pm Better running technique - "A few further thoughts"
 1pm Afternoon workshops & sessions for  Middle distance, Steeplechase, Race
 walking, Endurance wheelchair (Christine Benning POC)
 3pm Middle distance and steeplechase workshop closes
 4pm Race walking and endurance wheelchair workshops close

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Saturday 28th September      Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 3pm

 Saturday 12th October           Surrey Vets Championships in Richmond Park.
 Women over 35 and men over 60 6km at 2.15pm, men 40-59 10km at 3pm. 

 Saturday 19th October          Surrey Ladies League 6km at Lightwater
 Country Park, 12 noon start
                                           Men's Surrey League on Wimbledon
 Common, 3pm start

 Saturday 26th October          Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers, 7.5 miles
 in Richmond Park. 2.30pm start. Incorporates club veterans' championships.
 Followed by Quiz Night.

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at http://www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 SURREY COUNTY ROAD RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 14th September at Wimbledon
 We came away from Wimbledon Park with one set of medals, but otherwise "near
 miss" was the theme of the day. Our men over 50 team of Mick Lane, Stephen
 Logue, Martin Halvey and Paul Rider must take the plaudits as our sole medal
 winners, finishing in the runner-up spot behind perennial vets champions
 South London Harriers. Mick ran the team's fastest lap on the opener,
 bringing us home in a solid third place. Stephen maintained that position,
 then Martin - fresh from two marathons in two weeks - brought us up to
 second, which Paul comfortably held on to on the anchor. 

 For the rest, nearest of the near-misses was by our men over 60. Phil
 Jackson set us off in fourth place then Peter Fordham, suffering with a
 heavy cold, slipped to sixth. One of the teams ahead was ineligible for the
 county championship so in real terms we were holding fifth place. Mike Peace
 on the anchor took more than a minute off the two teams ahead but to no
 avail. He crossed the line an agonising three seconds behind the bronze
 medallists and seventeen seconds behind the silvers. Our men over 40 held
 third for the first three stages thanks to Paul Doyle, Trevor Maguire and
 brand-new vet Vaughan Ramsay, but Phil Aiken on the anchor was up against
 some fast men and we slipped out of the medals into fifth place.

 Our senior men's team was never in contention for the medals but finished a
 good sixth in the county championship. Fastest lap was Alex Harrison's 16.02
 on the anchor, with Nick Twomey, Peter Faull and Ted Mockett also inside 17
 minutes and Lars Lundqvist and Marc Snaith a little outside. Our ineligible
 B team finished 18th with Mark Herbert turning in a sub-17 run. 

 Unfortunately we had only two women taking part this year. Sonia and Marie
 ran in the W45 race and actually crossed the line in third place but were of
 course ineligible for the medals as Sonia ran twice. 

 1   Thames H&H A           1:29.55 (ineligible for county championship)
 2   Clapham Chasers A      1:30.37 (ineligible for county championship)
 3   Hercules Wimbledon A   1:31.06 (1st in county championship)
 4   Herne Hill A           1:33.50 (2nd)
 7   Wimbledon W A          1:36.40 (3rd)
 11  Ranelagh H A           1:41.29 (6th)
     Nick Twomey      12    16.22
     Marc Snaith      16    18.07
     Peter Faull      15    16.57
     Lars Lundqvist   14    17.12
     Ted Mockett      11    16.49
     Alex Harrison    11    16.02 
 18  Ranelagh H B           1:53.04 (ineligible for county championship)
     Mark Herbert     14    16.42
     Alex Fordham     20    18.49
     Paul Doyle       17    17.19
     Trevor Maguire   16    17.34
     Steve Rowland    19    23.58
     Mark Herbert     18    18.42                        
 Men Over 40
 1   South London H         1:02.15
 2   Wimbledon W            1:10.55
 3   Hercules Wimbledon     1:11.05
 5   Ranelagh H             1:13.48 
     Paul Doyle       3     16.25
     Trevor Maguire   3     16.50
     Vaughan Ramsay   3     18.05
     Phil Aiken       5     22.28
 Men Over 50
 1   South London H         1:10.36
 2   Ranelagh H A           1:13.42
     Mick Lane        3     17.29
     Stephen Logue    3     19.38
     Martin Halvey    2     17.51
     Paul Rider       2     18.44   
 3   Dorking & Mole V       1:15.52
 8   Ranelagh H B           1:24.52 (ineligible for county championship)
     Andy Hayward     9     22.55
     John Ricketts    9     19.49
     Mick Lane        7     18.23
     Andy Hayward     8     23.48 
 Men Over 60
 1   South London H         56.51
 2   Stragglers             58.54 (ineligible for county championship)
 3   Hercules Wimbledon     63.31 (2nd in county championship)
 4   Dorking & Mole V       63.45 (3rd in county championship)
 5   Ranelagh H             63.48 (4th in county championship)
     Phil Jackson     4     20.15
     Peter Fordham    6     22.52
     Mike Peace       5     20.41     

 Women Over 45
 1   South London H         58.37
 2   Herne Hill H           62.14
 3   Ranelagh H             62.25 (ineligible for county championship)
     Sonia Rowland    3     21.02    
     Marie Synnott-Wells 3  19.17    
     Sonia Rowland    3     22.06    

 SOUTH OF ENGLAND ROAD RELAY CHAMPIONSIPS  Sunday 22nd September at Rushmoor
 Arena, Aldershot
 The South of England relays took place as usual at the once-splendid
 Rushmoor Arena, now sadly all but abandoned by the Army and gradually
 crumbling away. And as usual also the races took place to the backdrop of
 throaty engines and squealing tyres from the adjacent stock-car racing.
 Nevertheless it remains a great venue for relays with easy access, plenty of
 parking and an enclosed traffic-free testing course.     

 The first event on Sunday was the veterans four-stage relay, in which we had
 entered only an over 60s team. Mike, Peter, Phil and Steve made the top ten
 in their age group - it need not be mentioned how many teams finished! 

 It was good to see two full Ranelagh senior teams taking part in a field of
 close to one hundred teams and it will be valuable experience even if we
 finished well down the field. The Southern Six-Stage is a fearsomely
 high-class event, the opening stage even more so. Nick Twomey was hurled
 into the fray for Ranelagh's A team and he hung on well for 77th place,
 teeing up Ian Kenton to run the team's fastest lap of 20.52 in picking up
 fourteen places on lap two. Mark Herbert, Peter Faull and Ted Mockett all
 ran in the 22 minutes bracket and we were in 66th place when skipper Phil
 Killingley took over for the anchor. He had something of a lonely run but
 picked up a couple of places with a time just six seconds slower than Ian.
 For the B team Lars Lundqvist finished the opening lap in 89th place and we
 gradually progressed during the afternoon to 79th. Fastest time was Marc
 Snaith's 22.22.      

 BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap  Wednesday 11th September at Westminster
 1   C Murray (unatt)       19.23  (actual time 16.23)
 18  Alan Davidson          21.30  (17.30)
 26  John Hanscomb          23.54  (26.54)   

 THAMES PATH CHALLENGE 100km  Saturday 14th September   Putney to Henley on
 Bruce McLaren reports:
 "There were a few bits of the Thames Path I hadn't run along so I discovered
 this race and thought it would be a great way to fill in the gaps.  I
 therefore found myself on the start line in Putney at 6:45am on Saturday
 14th ready for a trot to Henley on Thames and the little matter of 100km of

 The first marathon went well and pacing was very comfortable but I noticed
 that 5km out from the halfway point I was slowing down.  I made it to the
 50km mark in 4:45 and naively thought that sub 10 might be possible.  Fool!
 My real target was under 11 hours so I was fortunately able to dismiss the
 sub 10 time a few kms outside Runnymede.  It simply was not possible to get
 anywhere near the pace I had managed in the first half as my legs began to
 ache. It is a beautiful route and the miles slipped past.  By 75km I was
 beginning to question why I was doing this.  It was so painful to start
 running, and took so long to clear the lactic acid and get to a pace which
 was comfortable (about 11 min/ miles by this stage) that I really didn't
 want to stop once I got going but then you just run out of puff and you have
 to take a walk.  Repeat.  

 Things were good until the 90km mark when the organisers thought it would be
 a good idea to divert from the Thames Path and take to the hills, joining
 the Chiltern Way for 5kms into Henley.  By this stage I could only run on
 the flat, uphill was impossible and downhill too painful.  To add some spice
 the organisers then decided that if running 100km was not mentally
 challenging enough they would up the psychological stakes by getting you
 into Henley (i.e. the finish) but make you run another 5km back down stream.
 But it wasn't.  2.5km from the finish you have to run within 10 yards of the
 finish and then loop around.  Mental hell.  I crossed the line in 10:37 and
 very nearly had a Steve Redgrave never again moment.  Fortunately I
 refrained as I discovered a few days later that I had finished 8th overall
 so I'm now looking for the next one!"

 1   A Stradis               9:14
 8   Bruce McLaren          10:34 

 Chris Owens reports:
 "As well as those blokes from Yorkshire, a few other people braved the
 Serpentine last weekend, doing the (very) non-elite Age Group World
 Championships. This allows you to get up at 4am, drive to Knightsbridge on
 empty roads (a truly unique experience), and fumble about with your kit in a
 muddy field in the dark. Yes, I'd forgotten my head torch....
 However soon enough I was encased in rubber, and waiting with a group of
 fellow competitors to be allowed to leap into the murky water. We'd just
 heard the swim distance had been halved (1500m to 750m), due to the low AIR
 temperature. After spending a year training and thinking about a specific
 event, we were one puzzled bunch. Anyway, on with the show - the water felt
 warm enough and we duly  thrashed off to face our next challenge - after
 250m or so the course turned due east, and with the sun just over the
 horizon, nothing could be seen of the buoys marking the course. Luckily some
 of the support kayaks lined up to keep us more or less on course. Up out of
 the water, the run to transition was one of the longest I'd experienced -
 Tuesday night reps helped here - although I don't remember doing any in a
 wetsuit - perhaps an option for January in future? Onto the 40km bike course
 which gave our event a brilliant tour of central London - Hyde Park,
 followed by Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square,
 Whitehall, the Embankment to Tower Hill and back, Trafalgar Square, the Mall
 to the Palace, then back to Hyde Park for a repeat lap. I'd obviously spent
 too much time looking at the sights as I'd dropped from 5th after the swim
 to 8th after the bike (I discovered afterwards). 
 A speedy Transition 2 saw me recover three of those places, as by the time I
 staggered out onto the run, my dear coach was telling me '20 secs to fourth
 place'. What he didn't tell me was the gap to first was 95secs - just as
 well as I'd probably have despaired of catching the leader. The 10km run was
 three laps around the Serpentine, and the course by that time was full of
 age-groupers of all sizes and shapes. This turned out to be a good thing, as
 I had no idea whom I was racing, but there was always someone to chase,
 driven on by a great crowd  - including a few friends who were kind enough
 to yell - but 'Go GB' seemed to be on  (nearly) everyone else's lips - just
 a great sensation. 
 Due to the chip everyone wears, I was hoping to get a provisional placing
 once over the line, either from the (annoyingly loud) announcer who'd been
 calling others home while we were still on laps 2 and 3, or from the keypad
 and screen present at most UK tri races - where you key your number and see
 a provisional place. Nothing. Silence. Had I been disqualified? Penalised?
 Done enough laps on the run? It took about an hour to get an official
 result, as I wasn't going to believe various 'expert' views, or the absence
 of the other Brit who I thought had beaten me easily and then gone for
 breakfast - he had dropped out, I learned much later.
 Then I could relax, enjoy the day and the victory, and rest up for the last
 big event of the day - driving back from Knightbridge on a Sunday

 Over 60s World Championship
 1   Chris Owens            2:09.34
     (swim 12.29, T1 3.45, bike 68.31, T2 3.00, run 41.51)
 2   A Lennon (NZ)          2:10.55
 3   A Wodcock (GB)         2:12.01  

 MILTON HALF MARATHON  Sunday 15th September at Milton, Ontario, Canada
 Ed Whitlock writes:
 "I ran in small local half marathon in my home town, 205 finishers. I set a
 new M80 WR, 1:38:11. I also met John Atkinson who came out from Toronto and
 won the M40 category in 1:21:41."
 This run shaved just a few seconds off 82 year-old Ed's own M80 world
 record. His eyes are now on the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 20th
 where two years ago he set the M80 world record of 3:15.54.  Full story:.

 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles  Sunday 15th September at Lightwater Country Park
 1   N McKay (WW)           33.50
 29  John Ricketts          41.55
 35  John Barber            42.50
 96  Lynne Barber           55.13
 102 Christine David        59.37

 BRISTOL HALF MARATHON  Sunday 15th September
 A big PB for Becky Hall and more modest ones for Carl Selya-Hammer and Rob
 Curtis. Estelle Damant finished 19th in a high-quality women's race.

 1   B Rotich (Kenya)       63.56
 29  E Stepto (Cornwall)    73.40  (1st woman)
 43  Carl Selya-Hammer      74.40
 187 Estelle Damant         83.36
 443 Becky Hall             88.51
 761 Rob Curtis             92.58 

 Marie Synnott-Wells was 5th woman and 2nd over 40.

 1   J Hoad (Camb U)        1:21.11  (chip time 1:21.10)
 9   Mark Herbert           1:31.08  (1:31.06)
 14  S Rollins (unatt)      1:34.15  (1:34.13 - 1st woman)
 22  Peter Weir             1:37.11  (1:37.02)
 39  Liam Griffin           1:40.41  (1:40.28)
 69  Marie Synnott-Wells    1:44.49  (1:44.39)
 162 Karen Weir             1:56.09  (1:55.57)
 261 Heather Martingell     2:05.27  (2:05.11)  

 RICHMOND IMPERIAL RACES  Sunday 15th September
 Matthew Copp finished third in the shorter event.

 5 miles  
 1   M Shore (TH&H)         26.52
 3   Matthew Copp           32.41
 8   A Pesa (unatt)         38.52  (1st woman) 

 10 miles
 1   H Lobb (RI)            55.34
 7   Nick Wright            67.14  
 13  K Carter (WW)          71.02  (1st woman) 

 HOVE PROM 10km  Sunday 15th September
 John Pratt was the leading over 65.

 1   J Kettle (HHH)         34.45
 11  R Moore (Worthing)     37.31  (1st woman)
 122 John Pratt             50.06

 Richmond Half Marathon
 1    N White (WSEH)        1:09.44  (chip time 1:09.44)
 37   H Manning (unatt)     1:28.03  (1:27.59 - 1st woman)
 121  Michelle Davies       1:36.46  (1:36.31)
 288  Martin Nance          1:45.02  (1:43.59)
 307  Lewis Emery           1:45.30  (1:43.57)
 322  Jane Craigie-Payne    1:46.11  (1:45.09)
 549  Helen Nance           1:55.21  (1:54.16)
 1068 Ann Kearey            2:29.25  (2:26.33)
 1069 Kevin Kearey          2:29.25  (2:26.33) 

 Kew Gardens 10km 
 1   C Thompson (AFD)       30.14  (chip time 30.14)
 4   E Pallant (AFD)        35.44  (35.43 - 1st woman)
 21  David Lawley           39.42  (39.41)
 107 Tom Kearey             46.51  (46.26)
 150 Polly White            48.35  (47.31)
 228 Mel Hunter             51.26  (50.40)
 349 Kirsty Bangham         55.47  (55.00)

 SAVILL GARDEN JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 1st September
 1   H Hodgkinson (Wyc P)    8.12
 43  Connor Scally          24.32  

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 Michelle Davies was the leading woman.

 1   G Brook (Strag)        18.20
 8   Michelle Davies        21.21  (1st woman)
 9   Kevin Kearey           21.44
 14  Lee Davies             22.19
 17  Tom Kearey             22.21
 27  Kabir Sait             24.44
 45  Emily Kearey           27.59
 50  Josie Kearey           29.19
 54  Ann Kearey             29.34
 55  Tanya Allen            30.00
 70  Deirdre Inman          32.23

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 1   T Do Canto (unatt)     15.01
 15  Peter Weir             19.17
 22  Alberto Esguevillas    19.42
 36  E Calderbank (unatt)   21.18  (1st woman) 
 39  Eugenio Carmo          21.23
 57  Amrut Sharma           22.48
 61  Polly White            23.03
 63  Karl Garvey            23.13
 71  Steven Mountain        23.33
 105 Michael Sikora         25.21
 110 Colin Rogal            25.47
 126 Sue Camp               26.29
 128 Sally Yau              26.36
 147 Andrew Brown           27.15
 198 Deepa Sharma           29.59
 203 Philippa Kitchen       30.15
 207 Jackie Dunkley         30.29
 238 Michelle Martinez      34.43 
 254 Pat Hewlett            37.29   

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    15.48
 9   Nick Wright            18.01
 19  Andrew Forth           18.50
 60  N Nicholson (Elm)      20.09  (1st woman)
 76  David Ready            20.37
 240 Clive Naish            23.51
 264 Rachel Revett          24.20
 445 Kirsty Bangham         26.53    
 763 John Hanscomb          35.31

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 1   S Weiland (Sheen)      19.20  (1st woman)
 4   Steve Aikin            21.22
 19  Noah Heron-Brett       24.31
 20  Colin Brett            24.31
 26  Mel Hunter             25.32

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 1   R Blagrove (unatt)     19.46
 7   Phil Jackson           22.07
 16  D Rakowicz (unatt)     23.34  (1st woman)
 33  Lynne Barber           27.54
 46  Christine David        31.28
 47  Stacey Barber          31.29  

 CITYPARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 14th September
 Eirin McDaid was the winner in Craigavon.

 1   Eirin McDaid           16.26
 22  R Dobson (unatt)       20.48  (1st woman) 

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 14th September)...
 Bedfont Lakes: 111 Danny Hobbs 41.07
 Gunnersbury: 189 Waldron Slaughter 30.15
 Hilly Fields: 11 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.32,  70 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 28.01,  84
 Mary Hickson 30.06
 Oxford: 65 Evelyn Joslin 25.35
 Wimbledon Common: 80 Lydia Louw 23.01,  214 Arthur Louw 29.05    

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 21st September
 1   S Shaw (unatt)         17.15
 12  Peter Weir             19.06
 14  Ed Smith               19.19
 16  F Cole (Belgrave)      19.27  (1st woman)
 42  Bill Neely             20.57
 49  Steve Aikin            21.24
 54  Peter Faull            21.53  
 62  Alberto Esguevillas    22.19
 65  Amrut Sharma           22.29
 72  Polly White            23.07
 98  Gemma Cory             24.12   
 105 Colin Rogal            24.48
 116 Michael Sikora         25.24
 137 Rob Kitchen            25.56
 141 Sally Yau              26.15
 175 Tony Clark             27.47
 219 Deepa Sharma           29.26
 226 Philippa Kitchen       29.40
 237 Claire-Louise French   30.47
 248 Andrew Brown           31.51
 279 Michelle Martinez      35.01    

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 21st September
 There was a Ranelagh double for Duncan Mallison and Michelle Davies,
 Michelle taking the top spot for the second week in a row.

 1   Duncan Mallison        18.28
 8   Kevin Kearey           21.02
 11  Michelle Davies        21.20  (1st woman)
 15  Lee Davies             22.25
 18  Tom Kearey             22.54
 28  Alan Davidson          24.13
 43  Heather Martingell     25.57
 44  Mike White             25.58 
 49  Emily Kearey           26.35
 69  Janet Russell          29.55
 70  Josie Kearey           29.58
 74  Christine David        30.58
 75  Stacey Barber          31.03
 76  Lynne Barber           31.03
 87  Tamsin Burland         35.25

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 21st September
 1   T Do Canto (unatt)     15.11
 7   Nick Wright            17.19
 47  S O'Sullivan (HCD)     19.07  (1st woman)
 62  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.28
 436 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       25.30
 663 Kirsty Bangham         28.38
 691 Jackie Dunkley         29.23    
 844 John Hanscomb          35.07

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 21st September
 Alex Fordham was runner-up.

 1   A Brennan (unatt)      19.14
 2   Alex Fordham           19.54    
 11  K Milner (unatt)       22.47  (1st woman)
 25  Noah Heron-Brett       26.07
 27  Tor Heron-Brett        26.30  
 28  Colin Brett            26.30
 31  Luke Maguire           27.15
 34  Paula Maguire          29.06

 OSTERLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 21st September
 David Lawley finished third.

 1   S Elson (ES&M)         17.54
 3   David Lawley           19.27
 5   D Rakowicz (unatt)     21.38  (1st woman)

 OTHER parkruns (Saturday 21st September)...
 Bedfont Lakes: 22 John Scally 22.00
 Gunnersbury:  219 Lexi Slaughter 36.16
 Black Park: 36 Mark Herbert 21.02
 Dulwich: 8 Paul Doyle 17.46
 Bradford: 7 Rick Jenner 18.50
 Hampstead Heath: 52 Phil Jackson 23.13,  96 Peter Fordham 26.06, 110 Nick
 Fordham 27.10    
 Preston Park: 59 John Pratt 23.12
 Kingston: 25 Chris Camacho 22.19,  82 Janet Turnes 29.13,  Annemarie
 Goodridge 31.02

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