Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 406             7 August 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Ranelagh retains the Mob Match trophy at the Wedding Day 7km
 *  Ted Mockett and Wiebke Kortum lead our team 
 *  David Rowe wins his age group in Ironman UK and qualifies for the World
     Championships in Hawaii
 *  Lydia Louw second fastest girl at the Stragglers Junior Handicap
 *  Ralph Street finishes 20th in the World Orienteering Championships
 *  parkrun placings for Jane Craigie-Payne, Trevor Maguire, Duncan Mallison,
     Michelle Davies, Mel Hunter and Rick Jenner
 *  Final club GP and Road League race on Sunday - Perseverance Wimbledon
     Dash 5km 

 The final event in this year's Road GP is the Perseverance Wimbledon Dash
 5km on Sunday 11th August starting at 9.30am at Wimbledon Park.  Details:.
 Full GP details are on our website here:. 

 Leaders so far (after nine events) are (Open) Trevor Maguire 81, Ted Mockett
 66, Peter Faull 59, Steve Whitehead 46, Carl Selya-Hammer 35, Duncan
 Mallison 32; Paul Rider 28, Ian Kenton 25; (Men Over 40) Trevor Maguire 43,
 Steve Whitehead 24, Paul Rider 19, Stewart Anderson 19, William Griffin 14,
 David Rowe 12; (Men Over 50) Phil Jackson 37, Stephen Logue 24, Peter
 Fordham 23, Bill Neely 18, Mick Lane 12; Alan Meaden 11, Paul Sinton-Hewitt
 11;  (Women) Heather Martingell 25, Wiebke Kortum 19, Marie Synnott-Wells
 18, Cathy Jones 17, Hannah Doyle 14, Sally Dell 10; (Women Over 40) Heather
 Martingell 37, Wiebke Kortum 21, Marie Synnott-Wells 18, Ally Salisbury 14,
 Sally Dell 12, Deborah Blakemore 9; (Women Over 50) Sally Bamford 23,
 Lorraine Clifton 20, Michele Gibson 10, Sonia Rowland 6, Deirdre Inman 5,
 Lynne Barber 4.  

 Scores after six races - with just the Wimbledon 5km to go - are on the
 Surrey Athletics website here:.
 Only the best five scores count, so positions can be misleading but at the
 moment out women's team holds a five point lead at the top of the table. A
 good result at Wimbledon would ensure we take the title for the first time
 since 2009. Our men's team is currently in the runner-up position, but
 Clapham Chasers already have the title sewn up. In the individual
 competitions our best placings are Heather Martingell, 2nd in the W45 class,
 and Phil Jackson and Peter Fordham who are 2nd and 3rd respectively in the
 M60s. Others just off the podium at the moment include Trevor Maguire (M40),
 Ted Mockett and Peter Faull (Senior men) and Alan and David Meaden (M60).
 Entries for the 5km are still being accepted - see above for details.    

 Andy Bickerstaff writes:
 "After many years of supposedly organising Ranelagh Races (Ken and Alan
 really do most of it) I thought it would be a good idea to do a race under
 the Good Run Guide moniker and help out the website. For many years one of
 my favourite runs on Wimbledon Common has been along Beverley Brook and up
 the 'Toast Rack'. So (for a not inconsiderable fee going to a good cause:
 the upkeep of the commons) I got permission from the Conservators to use
 these features as well as the infamous Rifle Butts to make an interesting
 and challenging 4 mile race that I would love to have run myself. The race
 will be held on Wednesday evening 14th of August at 7pm.
 Details and race entry are here:.
 Of course I always need marshals etc, and if you can help that would be
 great. Mail me at andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk."

 OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP 4 miles Handicap
 The Opening Run of our 133rd season will take place on Saturday 7th
 September, beginning as usual with the annual club photo and continuing with
 the 4 miles handicap for the Thomas Cup. All members are welcome, but if you
 haven't paid your 2013/14 subscriptions yet please do so before the 7th. 

 All winter fixtures for 2013/14 are now up on our website here:. 

 MABAC PAIRS RELAY - Sunday 18th August at 11am
 This is open to all members of MABAC clubs (that includes us!).  It's a
 two-person relay over 10 laps of 1km, each member of the team running
 alternate laps - i.e. 5 laps each in all. Pairs can be male or female or
 mixed and there will be prizes for each category. Note there is a new venue
 this year: it's at Matthew Arnold School in Staines-upon-Thames. The circuit
 is 1km flat grassland around school playing fields. Entry is free on the
 day. If you can't talk anyone into running with you, pairs can be made up on
 the day. Afterwards there is a barbecue! MABAC provides barbecues, utensils,
 cutlery, cold foods and bread, you bring meat, picnic tables and chairs.

 Hilary Saw writes:
 "Some of you will already know that my sister Penny is Mayor of Kingston at
 the moment (and that I am her Mayoress) so obviously I have a vested
 interest - much magnified in the case of the Princess Alice Hospice, who
 looked after my husband Peter - in securing runners who will raise as much
 as possible for Penny's mayoral charities, the Princess Alice Hospice and
 the Alzheimer's Society. Is anyone interested in taking up any of the ten
 free places (five each for both distances) available in the Garmin Kingston
 runs on 13th October 2013, and the ten (five each again) for the Wholefoods
 Market Breakfast runs on 23rd March 2014. A minimum of £50 sponsorship is
 required. The money raised would be split equally between the two charities.
 The website www.humanrace.co.uk gives additional info about both events. To
 secure your free entrance contact Claire Wilson or Alison Croucher as soon
 as possible at: mayorsoffice@rbk.kingston.gov.uk."
 Paul Keen writes:
 "I have committed to ride the two Yorkshire stages of next year's Tour de
 France along with a friend at the beginning of September this year and hope
 to raise money for Changing Faces, a charity that supports people with
 disfigurements and is currently setting up services in Yorkshire, based on a
 centre in Sheffield. As two 60 year olds we'll certainly be among the oldest
 riding 400km in two days over some of the toughest climbs in Yorkshire so it
 is not going to be easy.  But I hope it will be worth it. If you would be
 kind enough to sponsor me, you can do so through my fund-raising page
 uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulKeen. The site will remain open until
 the beginning of October and I will let you know how we get on."

 ...who is currently based in Sweden, was selected for the British team to
 compete in the World Orienteering Championships in Finland last month. Ralph
 was named for the Long Distance race and the Relay, and his first event took
 place on July 7th. This was qualifying heat 3 for the Long Distance race,
 and Ralph finished 8th to comfortably secure his place in the final. Two
 days later came the final and Ralph finished 20th in 1:50.19, some eight and
 a half minutes slower than the winner Gueorgiou of France. The three-stage
 relay took place on 13th July and Ralph ran the anchor leg for the British
 team which finished 11th out of 33 teams.   

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from the men's Captains ( e-mail Phil, Duncan
 or Trevor ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or the women's Captains 
 ( e-mail Estelle, Becky or Phil ranelagh.women@gmail.com  )

 Sunday 11th August              Wimbledon 5km. 9.30am start. Final Road GP
 and Surrey Road League race.    Details and entry:. 

 Wednesday 14th August        Andy's Wimbledon Adventure 4 miles. 7pm start.
 See above.

 Sunday 18th August              MABAC Pairs Relay. 11am start at Matthew
 Arnold School, Staines.     Details: 

 Tuesday 20th August             Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. Women
 only, 7.15pm start

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start).  

 WEDDING DAY 7km  Friday 26th July in Bushy Park
 David Rowe writes on his blog at http://rowerunning.co.uk/ :
 "On 29th July 1981, there was a public holiday in England to mark the
 wedding day of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales. A running race
 was organised by the London Road Runners Club in Bushy Park, West London.
 Since this date, the race has been run every year on the last Friday in July
 (apart from a date change in 2012 because of the London Olympics). This 7k
 race is a regular fixture in our calendar and 2013 is my fifth time taking
 part. I missed out in 2012 because of the date change but normally I find
 myself on the start line along with a number of friends ready to see if we
 can run as fast as a parkrun 5k and then hang on for the final 2k! Coming
 off the back of a time of 18:08 for the previous week's Crane Park parkrun I
 felt I had some good speed in the legs and the main thing that would hold me
 back would be tiredness. Earlier in the day I'd done a (very easy) run to
 and from the local pool and then just under 4km of swimming (you'd have
 never guessed I was doing an Ironman again soon!). About an hour before the
 start my legs just felt heavy and tired. Perhaps the evening warmth and
 friendly racing would bring them to life...

 Sharon and I arrived at the race early to collect our race numbers and enjoy
 the early evening atmosphere. Hampton Hill Cricket Club, where the race HQ
 is based, was looking fantastic after its recent rebuild. We caught up with
 quite a few friends who were taking part and then headed to the start. A
 small group of us 'Ranelaghs' started close together and had a little banter
 before the start. The atmosphere was great. Weather-wise, it was warm
 (around 25-26 degrees) with a light breeze.

 The start was the usual mad rush to get off the grass area and onto firmer
 ground without tripping over! I planned to run 'steady' this evening.
 However, after about 1km or so I heard this voice behind me say: 'David Rowe
 we're going too fast!'. It was Duncan Mallison, who I've run this race with
 before and has fallen foul to some over-enthusiastic pacing at this race. My
 response was something like 'This just adds to the excitement" or something
 similar. After about 2.5k a young lady ran past and I tried to jump on the
 back of her. Not literally I must add - I wanted to get right behind and use
 her to help pacing (and drafting!). She was tall, fast and running really
 well. We ran together and pushed each other on for about 3km. It really
 helped me stay on pace. We were slowly reeling in runners up ahead. As I
 knew many of them I got tons of support from the marshals on course. It was
 lovely. I tried my best to thank them or lift an arm to signal thanks of
 some sort!

 Heading alongside the Woodland Gardens at about 4.5k we caught up with Peter
 Faull. I told him to 'stick with us' - which he did (not for long though
 mind!). I went through 5k in just over 18 minutes so I knew the final 2k
 would be tough. The young lady I was trying to run with made a gap just
 before 6k and I couldn't close it down. The 'elastic' had snapped. From here
 to the finish it was just a case of getting there as quickly as possible.
 Rounding the last 'bend' before the final 600m or so there was loads of
 support which really helped. I ran back onto the grass, pushed hard, got
 overtaken by someone pushing harder (damn!) and 'raced' through the finish
 to get a time of 26:07 and 17th overall. This is both a one second PB at the
 race and my best finishing position. I also finished 3rd in the V40
 category. My mile average pace splits (it measured 4.4 miles) according to
 my GPS were 5:45, 5:55, 5:52, 5:59 and 5:54 - pretty consistent there.
 According to Ken's stats this was my best ever performance running for the
 club. I'm still not that quick, but I'm not too shabby either!

 After attempting to rehydrate with water at the finish I waited for Sharon
 to finish. We put our lovely new finishers t-shirts on and chose to
 rehydrate back at the cricket club with something a little stronger than
 water and a picnic that we'd prepared earlier. What a lovely evening."

 The one Ranelagh man who managed to stay ahead of David was Ted Mockett who
 finished 13th overall, while Trevor Maguire was right there on his heels
 ahead of Peter Faull and Lars Lundqvist. Our leading woman was Wiebke
 Kortum, just ahead of Cathy Jones. We had exactly 50 finishers, slightly
 down on last year but sufficient for us to retain the Father Onn Mob Match
 trophy for the club was the greatest number of finishers (barring organizers
 Stragglers). Here is some of our 'mob' at the presentation:.

 BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap  Wednesday 10th July at Westminster
 1   D Williams (HW)        19.58  (actual time 17.58)
 6   Alan Davidson          20.43  (17.13)
 24  John Hanscomb          23.35  (26.35)

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP  Thursday 18th July at the Hawker Centre
 We had half a dozen from Ranelagh in race 5 of the series, and all finished
 almost within half a minute. Lydia Louw was our first runner home, setting a
 PB and the second fastest girl's time of the day. Tor, Charlie and Noah were
 close behind, then with another PB came Jonny Brook pursued by Arthur Louw.
 The last race in the series is on Thursday 29th August, 7.30pm start.

 1   S MacLeod (unatt)      14.33  (actual time 9.33)
 17  Lydia Louw             19.32  (8.32)
 19  Tor Heron-Brett        19.36  (9.06)
 25  Charlie Brook          19.44  (11.44)
 26  Noah Heron-Brett       19.45  (11.45)
 28  Jonny Brook            19.50  (8.50)
 36  Arthur Louw            20.05  (10.05)   

 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 5km  Monday 22nd July at Battersea Park
 1   R Evans (SLH)          15.56
 18  T Harris (Well, NZ)    17.46  (1st woman)
 80  Phil Jackson           22.18
 96  Alan Davidson          23.11

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 26th July in Hyde Park
 1   J Gjesdal (Norway)     16.24
 14  B Proctor (AFD)        17.43  (1st woman)
 152 Alan Davidson          23.55
 Marie Synnott-Wells was the leading W45.

 1   D Kiralyfi (HW)        1:16.27  (chip time 1:16.27)
 21  K Morgan (unatt)       1:30.24  (1:30.21 - 1st woman)
 77  Marie Synnott-Wells    1:39.23  (1:39.19)
 214 Heather Martingell     1:55.21  (1:55.17)    

 DOWN TOW UP FLOW HALF MARATHON  Sunday 28th July at Marlow
 1   D Bellinger (Oxf C)    1:14.46
 17  L Hartney (Reading)    1:26.35  (1st woman)
 134 Bruce McLaren          1:41.10     

 Bill Neely writes:
 "Apologies to the club for failing (spectacularly) to get to the starting
 line of one of my favourite events, the Elmbridge 10k. I left in plenty of
 time, got caught by the Walton Bridge closure and then went round in
 circles, giving up at 5 to 9. It seems I can get around Afghanistan and
 Syria but not Weybridge. As a result of being out of contention for the club
 Road Race League, I ditched the Wedding Day 7K on Friday for something a bit
 easier. I competed in the Virgin London Triathlon on Sunday, doing the
 Olympic distance of 1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run in a respectable time of
 2.25.45, with a final 10K run of 43.26. It's way outside my best, but after
 two other distance events, it's about as good as I can do!"

 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 5km  Monday 29th July at Battersea Park
 1   J Poole (Serp)         15.14
 41  A Aronson (HW)         18.19  (1st woman)
 105 Phil Jackson           22.02
 138 Alan Davidson          23.27

 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 10km  Saturday 3rd August at Battersea Park
 8am start - one for the early risers!

 1   T Aldred (London Hth)  32.02
 17  C Ansell (Imp C)       35.59  (1st woman)
 23  Paul Doyle             36.53
 72  Becky Hall             41.42
 99  Rob Curtis             44.48
 145 Alan Davidson          49.00

 IRONMAN UK  Sunday 4th August at Bolton
 David Rowe put in a fantastic performance to cross the line a few seconds
 inside 10 hours, finishing with a 3:30 marathon. David won his age group and
 qualified for the World Ironman Championship at Kailua-Kona in Hawaii in
 October. More details to follow. 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   P Sly (TH&H)           16.21
 10  David Lawley           19.27
 36  Steve Aikin            21.19
 37  Eugenio Carmo          21.23
 43  B Koltai (Clapham)     21.34  (1st woman)
 46  Alberto Esguevillas    21.46
 92  Amrut Sharma           24.11
 107 Simon Taylor           24.50
 108 Lydia Louw             24.51
 125 Michael Sikora         25.34
 146 John Ricketts          26.24
 147 Arthur Louw            26.27
 153 Sue Camp               26.44    
 192 Tony Clark             29.48
 243 Andrew Brown           43.32
 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 A double Ranelagh victory for Trevor Maguire and Jane Craigie-Payne, who
 actually finished alongside Michelle Davies.

 1   Trevor Maguire         18.25
 11  Duncan Mallison        21.11
 12  Kevin Kearey           21.21
 29  Jane Craigie-Payne     24.19  (1st woman)
 30  Michelle Davies        24.19
 40  Heather Martingell     25.49
 48  Luke Maguire           27.16
 49  Peter Fordham          27.20
 50  Sharon Dooley          27.43
 54  Josie Kearey           28.37
 56  Nick Fordham           28.42
 59  Rachel Allen           29.30
 62  Janet Russell          29.32
 63  Paula Maguire          29.36
 70  Tamsin Burland         30.21
 73  Christine David        31.05
 74  Elizabeth Everett      31.08
 75  Ann Kearey             31.40
 78  Tanya Allen            32.27
 79  Deirdre Inman          32.38    
 81  Cindy Croucher         33.07
 82  Stacey Berber          33.08
 83  Allison Peach          33.46
 90  Annie Recuerda         36.10  

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.07
 68  L Moore (Poole)        20.09  (1st woman)  
 136 David Rowe             21.53
 177 Ian Grange             22.30
 776 John Hanscomb          35.38
 777 Wally Garrod           35.45

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 Mel Hunter was third woman.

 1   E Marriott (unatt)     19.35
 18  D Arthurs (unatt)      24.30  (1st woman)
 24  Mel Hunter             26.46
 31  Vanessa McConkey       29.24

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   J Abel (unatt)         17.55
 11  M Garner (Strag)       20.15  (1st woman)
 43  Chris Camacho          24.05

 DULWICH parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   M Ismail (HHH)         16.34
 12  S Watson (Kent)        18.50  (1st woman)
 52  Phil Jackson           23.20

 SOUTHWICK COUNTRY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   S Henderson (Corsham)  17.32
 16  C Thompson (unatt)     19.39  (1st woman)
 105 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       26.29

 OXFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   M Marshall (Ox C)      17.37
 14  A Scrivener (Ox C)     21.05  (1st woman)
 54  Ian Bingham            25.23
 57  Evelyn Joslin          25.56 

 PRESTON PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   B Tickner (Phoenix)    15.22
 13  C Wood (Arena 80)      19.21  (1st woman)
 55  John Pratt             23.12 

 EASTBOURNE parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   L Howard (Bodyworks)   17.56
 8   R Shepherd (Soton)     19.50  (1st woman) 
 85  Waldron Slaughter      32.26
 102 Lexi Slaughter         37.47

 GUILDFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 27th July
 1   J Broom (Barnsley)     18.35
 11  M Oldham (Woking)      20.22  (1st woman)
 121 Alan Davidson          29.38

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   N Dawit (TVH)          16.42
 7   Peter Weir             19.53
 15  Lauren Major (unatt)   20.36  (1st woman)
 26  Peter Faull            21.11
 30  Alberto Esguevillas    21.28
 40  Lydia Louw             22.06
 45  Steve Aikin            22.32  
 67  John Ricketts          24.00
 100 Rob Kitchen            25.32
 116 Colin Rogal            26.32 
 130 Arthur Louw            27.17
 166 Michael Sikora         30.00
 180 Claire French          31.26 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 It was Duncan Mallison's turn to lead the way this week. 

 1   Duncan Mallison        18.58
 2   C Bond (Strag)         19.07  (1st woman)
 17  John Scally            23.05 
 36  Heather Martingell     26.18
 48  Tamsin Burland         29.31
 56  Waldron Slaughter      30.14
 58  Christine David        31.11 
 59  Stacey Berber          31.29
 60  Tanya Allen            31.39
 61  Lynne Barber           31.40
 68  Lexi Slaughter         36.56 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   S Hayes (unatt)        15.43
 11  E Pallant (AFD)        17.08  (1st woman)  
 18  Ted Mockett            17.52
 20  Nick Wright            17.56
 154 Adam Wright            21.44
 201 Ian Grange             22.32
 706 Wally Garrod           31.58
 780 John Hanscomb          36.52
 811 Clare Hulacki          40.21

 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   C Brown (unatt)        17.51
 7   Mark Herbert           18.34
 18  J Koski (unatt)        19.59  (1st woman)
 98  Michelle Davies        24.29
 99  Lee Davies             24.30 

 NEWCASTLE parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   A Alderson (unatt)     17.26
 11  M Jakschik (Newc U)    19.09  (1st woman)
 44  Kevin Kearey           21.12
 87  Tom Kearey             22.41
 190 Emily Kearey           26.09
 296 Josie Kearey           31.31
 300 Ann Kearey             31.39

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 Rick Jenner and Mel Hunter were both runners-up.

 1   J Moran (Oxf U)        18.13
 2   Rick Jenner            18.43   
 4   Niall O'Connor         19.23
 18  Phil Roberts           23.05
 32  R Smith (unatt)        26.27  (1st woman)
 33  Mel Hunter             26.45
 39  Natalia Slattery       29.09

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   R Berry (West 4)       16.49
 8   A Critchlow (West 4)   18.38  (1st woma)n
 53  Amrut Sharma           22.39
 103 Sue Camp               25.15
 182 Deepa Sharma           30.36 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   R Eveson (SMR)         18.25
 8   M Garner (Strag)       19.59  (1st woman)
 39  Bruce McLaren          23.19
 44  Chris Camacho          23.34
 52  Phil Aiken             24.34    

 BANSTEAD WOODS parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   P Chambers (Croydon)   16.40
 11  L Rooney (Coll)        20.10  (1st woman)
 56  Peter Fordham          24.33
 85  Nick Fordham           27.29 

 CARLISLE parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   P Graves (unatt)       18.06
 8   J Wilson-Young (unatt) 20.24  (1st woman)
 25  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     23.26

 FINSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   A Kirk-Smith (unatt)   16.21
 12  M O'Rourke (Morn C)    18.52  (1st woman)
 31  Andres Arana Garcia    21.31

 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   S Dickinson (unatt)    16.56
 39  B Downes (unatt)       20.29  (1st woman)
 161 Nigel Coombes          24.36

 YORK parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   K Boynton (unatt)      17.30
 22  S Lynn (unatt)         20.37  (1st woman)
 37  Phil Jackson           22.13

 READING parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   J Davies (Reading)     15.11
 21  V Frith (Read SC)      19.54  (1st woman)
 33  Sean Paynter           20.59

 PENNINGTON FLASH parkrun 5km  Saturday 3rd August
 1   D Lee (unatt)          17.50
 3   J Zakrzewski (Dumfr)   18.26  (1st woman)
 134 Sharon Rowe            32.16    

 SAVILL GARDENS JUNIOR parkrun 2km  Sunday 4th August
 1   M Moran (SMR)           7.38
 5   P Walters (unatt)       9.05  (1st girl)    
 8   Livvy Ricketts          9.21
 13  Juliet Ricketts        10.05
 39  Connor Scally          27.19

 Scientists at the University of California San Diego have developed a means
 of detecting when glycogen levels in an endurance athlete are falling low. A
 device that looks like a temporary tattoo detects the production of lactate,
 the first sign that the athlete is "hitting the wall". Theoretically the
 athlete then takes an energy gel to restore blood sugar levels. Here's the
 story on the New Scientist website here: .