Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 404             8 July 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Successful Richmond 10km - Phil Wicks and Tish Jones record a Belgrave
 *  Ranelagh's teams led by Eirin McDaid and Lauren Stewart.
 *  Lauren, Estelle Damant and Sally Dell win county gold team medals
 *  Good results in Stragglers junior handicap series
 *  Chris Owens wins national 60-64 Triathlon title 
 *  Elmore 7 miles this Saturday
 *  Coad Cup 5 miles handicap next Tuesday followed by club AGM
 *  parkrun placings for Kate Brook, Michelle Davies, Mark Herbert, Nick
     Wright, Duncan Mallison and unknown others! 

 COAD CUP 5 miles SUMMER HANDICAP in Richmond Park
 This takes place on Tuesday 16th July as soon as possible after 7pm. All
 members are welcome to take part. To reduce the queue for registering and
 obtaining a handicap please arrive early if you possibly can. 

 Our AGM takes place after the Coad Cup in the clubhouse. All members are
 welcome to attend. 

 The next event in our summer road Grand Prix is the Elmore 7 miles on
 Saturday 13th July starting at 2pm. The event forms part of the Chipstead
 Flower Show.  Details:. And after that in
 rapid succession we have the Elmbridge 10km on Sunday 21st July
 Details: and the Wedding Day
 7km on Friday 26th July Details:. We're the holders of
 the "mob match" trophy for the club with the greatest number of finishers in
 the Wedding Day race, so let's try to hang on to it for another year! Beware
 - it's a popular race and usually fills up before the closing date.  

 Full GP details are on our website here:. Leaders so far (after six events)
 are (Open) Trevor Maguire 49, Carl Selya-Hammer 35, Peter Faull 34, Ted
 Mockett 34, Steve Whitehead 34, Stewart Anderson 22; (Men Over 40) Trevor
 Maguire 27, Steve Whitehead 18, Stewart Anderson 16; (Men Over 50) Phil
 Jackson 26, Stephen Logue 19, Bill Neely 18, Peter Fordham 13;  (Women)
 Heather Martingell 15, Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Sally Dell 10, Rachael Holmes
 9, Wiebke Kortum 9; (Women Over 40) Heather Martingell 23, Ally Salisbury
 14, Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Wiebke Kortum 10; (Women Over 50) Lorraine
 Clifton 16, Sally Bamford 12, Michele Gibson 10, Deirdre Inman 5.  

 After four races, our men's team lies in second place but well behind clear
 leaders Clapham Chasers. Our women are in third place behind joint leaders
 Elmbridge and Stragglers. In the senior men's individual competition Peter
 Faull and Ted Mockett are 4th and 5th. Trevor Maguire are 3rd and 6th in the
 men over 40 class, Stephen Logue is 2nd in the over 50s and Phil Jackson,
 Peter Fordham and David Meaden are 3rd, 4th and 6th in the over 60s. In the
 women's categories, only Heather Martingell is well placed, 2nd in the over
 45s.  Full details:.  

 This contest is for the biggest improvers over 10km since last year.
 Leaders in the three categories are:
 A  Peter Faull  1.21 improvement
 B  Lars Lundqvist  3.10 improvement
 C  Alan Meaden  1.13 improvement 

 ...was won by Rory Killingley who arrived on 1st July, one day ahead of
 Ethan Copp. Congratulations to all the proud parents!

 ...is featured in the August edition of Runner's World. ITN international
 news editor Bill is pictured proudly wearing his Ranelagh t-shirt.   

 Stephen Perchard writes:
 "We have seen some of your runners in the past and so I wanted to let you
 know that we have an Alter-G treadmill now at Richmond Physiotherapy. It's a
 great piece of kit for runners coming back from injury or looking to
 increase their endurance without hammering their bones and risking shin
 splints. There is more information available here:. 

 DENIS FULLER junior...
 ...posted on our Facebook page:
 "My running days - such a they ever were - are over, but I can still manage
 a walk, and with my wife Carol I thought a stroll from Saunton on the SW
 Coast Path would be nice. As we set off, clockwise, a few runners came by,
 anti-clockwise. As we carried on, pausing to let every group pass, I thought
 back to how my late father, Denis Fuller, would have enjoyed this - the
 North Devon Marathon and Half Marathon. My mind went back 60 years or so -
 to when we drove to the Dysart in the old Standard 8, and I was left to play
 with my brothers on the swings in the park whilst our father did something
 strange - he ran in the park! Afterwards we all went into the pub for
 crisps, and met the likes of Moriarty, Seccy, Amos, Dicky Bird, John Martin
 etc. Later on we would join him on the Boxing Day run; I still tell folk
 that I once ran with Chris Brasher - albeit for about 20 yards from the Park
 gate, before he showed us a clean pair of heels. I tell folk about the baths
 - a selection of cast-off household baths which members took turns to fill
 when it was their turn to be 'bath man'. There were no women members. But -
 as my mind was wandering yesterday, watching the hundreds of runners as they
 passed us by, I spotted a young lady runner wearing a Ranelagh vest! Do
 Ranelagh have 'bath women' I wondered? What would my father have thought? No
 need to answer that - he would have been full of approval! Happy Memories!" 
 Rosie Knott of Outline Productions writes:
 "I wonder whether any of your Club members might be interested in a new
 Television opportunity? We are making a ground breaking new health series at
 Outline Productions, and wondered if any of your members wanted to take
 part. The programme in question is a new health series exploring the world
 of home remedies. The series will see some of these remedies being put to
 the test, so we are looking to reach people, who currently have a few
 specific (often sports related) conditions, to potentially participate in
 the show. 
 We would love to hear from people with verrucae (or warts) and athlete's
 foot who might want to get involved in the production. These people would
 help us to put a potential cure to the test, to prove or disprove whether
 the treatment works - and hopefully will find a home treatment that will be
 effective for other people who suffer from the same condition. 
 I am happy to answer any questions or discuss the series at any time, please
 feel free to contact me via 0207 424 7675 or email Rosiek@outlineproductions.co.uk. I must just  stress that we are up against
 it time wise, so we would be looking to hear from anyone interested as soon
 as possible."

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris  
 ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or e-mail Estelle and Phil  ranelagh.women@gmail.com

 Saturday 13th July                Elmore 7 miles at Chipstead. 2pm start.
 Road GP race 7 and Surrey Road League race 5.   Details:. 

 Tuesday 16th July                Coad Cup 5 miles summer handicap in
 Richmond Park. 7pm start - please arrive early. Followed by club AGM in the

 Thursday 18th July                Stragglers Junior Series 2km race 5. 8pm
 start at the Hawker Centre. All under 18s welcome.

 Sunday 21st July                  Elmbridge 10km at Walton. 9am start. Road
 GP race 8 and Surrey Road League race 6.  Details:. 

 Sunday 21st July                  MABAC League Surrey Slog Half Marathon at
 Peaslake.    Details and entry:.  
 Friday 26th July                    Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park. 7.30pm
 start. Road GP race 9.   Details and entry:.  

 Sunday 11th August              Wimbledon 5km. 9.30am start. Final Road GP
 and Surrey Road League race.   Details and entry:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at  www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start).  

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 23rd June
 Race Director Niall O'Connor writes:
 "There were 542 entries with 432 runners making it to the start line (that's
 14 more runners than in 2012). Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, all
 made it safely around the course. Despite the blustery wind the racing
 conditions were good. The wind ensured any PBs were hard earned. At the
 front, eight runners finished in sub 33:59 compared to 11 in 2012 and 22 in
 The race itself was a master class in distance running from Belgrave's Phil
 Wicks who won in 30:45, a couple of minutes outside his PB. It's great to
 see him back after the disappointment of his Olympic qualifying attempts. A
 pair of south sea raiders (i.e. Brighton & Hove City AC runners) - Kevin
 Rojas and Howard Bristow - finished in 2nd and 3rd places (31:42 and 32:37).
 Thanks to Dave Benton for bringing them to West London. Eirin McDaid was our
 first Ranelagh Harrier home in 34:20, in his first experience of the race. 
 Tish Jones led the ladies home in 34:45, for a Belgrave double, 45 seconds
 ahead of Emily Wicks (AFD). It could have been a Wicks family double! Shona
 McIntosh (Dulwich Runners) was third in 36:39. The first Ranelagh lady, in a
 superb 4th in 37.14, was newcomer Lauren Stewart with Estelle Damant 5th in
 About thirty of you volunteered to marshal on the course so I was able to
 fill the critical positions to ensure a safe race but was still short of a
 few hands. I ended up enlisting some 'innocent' bystanders to help with the
 chip-cutting. As per 2012 it's worth noting that approximately 20% of all
 marshals were non-Ranelagh and (as I said in 2012), in 2014 I'm intent on
 focusing on improving this area. Special thanks to Mateo and Matilda, the
 junior marshals. Many thanks too to Richard Xerri of the Perseverance Clinic
 in Richmond (www.perseverance.me/) not only for helping out at the
 race but also for donating some extra prizes. 

 A big change this year was the introduction of on-day number/chip
 distribution. In previous years we lost about £200 in non-returned chips so
 we've really cut this expense this year through the more-laborious on-day
 distribution (plus savings on postage - another £250).
 There were no on-course incidents - one lady did suffer some heavy grazing
 but the paramedics said that she was fine when she left them. I have dropped
 her an email but haven't heard anything back yet so assume she isn't going
 to sue me! Overall, I'm always happy when the race goes smoothly and safely.
 I wouldn't like more finishers as we'd struggle to cope but it's hard to
 predict who will turn up. This year 80% of entrants actually turned up
 (compared to 67% in 2012). There's plenty for me to mull over for 2013 -
 unless any of you want to take over as Race Director!"

 Notwithstanding Niall's comments about hard earned PBs, several RH managed
 to record improvements. Here are some Facebook answers to the question "Who
 ran a PB?".
 Matt Copp.."Lars Lundqvist smashed the pipe out of his. Peter Faull ran like
 a beast again - he's practically PB'n every week"
 Peter Faull..."33 seconds off my PB"
 Dave Lawley..."Yeah but wanted sub-40" .
 Simon Martin..."Very small one - but a PB is a PB"
 Ann Kearey..."Me!"
 Ben Shore..."Yep, nice to finally run well at our home event!"
 Colin Brett..."39 seconds PB - chuffed and puffed"
 Lauren took the Surrey county bronze medal, and Lauren, Estelle and Sally
 Dell won the team golds. Steve Whitehead won the men's over 40 gold. 

 Phil Aiken's apparently laggardly performance can be explained by the fact
 that he was acting as "whipper-in". 

 PBs for Kabir Sait and Patrick O'Sullivan. 

 Minis (1km)
 1   N Bond (Strag)          2.58
 2   Afrah Sait              3.05

 Juniors (2km)
 1   M Connelly (SMR)       15.06  (actual time 10.06)
 6   Jamie West             18.16  (8.16)
 8   Eve West               18.53  (10.53)
 15  Kabir Sait             19.40  (8.40)
 17  Patrick O'Sullivan     19.49  (8.49)
 26  Daniel O'Sullivan      20.05  (11.35)
 33  Tor Heron-Brett        20.27  (9.57)
 34  Noah Heron-Brett       21.14  (10.140
 35  Gabi West              21.50  (16.50)  

 Half a dozen PBs this month, headed by Jamie West who just ducked inside 8
 minutes. Kabir Sait took another chunk off his best and Tom, Emily and Josie
 Kearey all broke new ground. In addition Afrah Sait led the way in the minis
 race. The next race in the series is on Thursday 18th July at the Hawker
 Centre. Registration at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. All under 18s welcome. 

 Minis (1km)
 1   Afrah Sait              2.51

 Juniors (2km)
 1   D Hall (unatt)         13.21  (actual time 13.21)
 13  Noah Heron-Brett       19.26  (8.56)
 18  Tor Heron-Brett        19.31  (9.01)
 19  Jonny Brook            19.34  (9.04)
 22  Tom Kearey             19.39  (8.09)
 30  Kabir Sait             19.49  (8.19)
 31  Emily Kearey           19.49  (9.19)
 34  Josie Kearey           19.51  (10.21)
 37  Jamie West             19.57  (7.57)
 39  Patrick O'Sullivan     20.02  (9.02)
 40  Charlie Brook          20.03  (12.03)
 47  Daniel O'Sullivan      21.03  (13.03)

 CHRIS BRASHER PONDS RUN  Tuesday 2nd July in Richmond Park
 Normal Tuesday night training was abandoned in favour of our annual visit to
 every pond in the Park - though the number now seems to vary between 21 and
 26! Different groups found different numbers. Some knew where they were
 going - those following native guides like Clive Naish - while others found
 themselves in bits of the Park they'd never seen before. But all returned to
 base before dark...just.  

 Paul Doyle was first over 45.

 1   D Olefir (Newmarket)   2:43.28  (chip time 2:43.25)
 18  Paul Doyle             3:04.24  (3:04.21) 

 In addition to those already listed, Ian Kenton ran and recorded 3:09.32 for
 236th place.

 DAMBUSTER STANDARD TRIATHLON  Saturday 22nd June at Rutland Water
 Chris Owens reports
 "Conditions at the start echoed other races this year - a cool, blustery
 day, with a 100m reduction in the swim due to the choppy state of Rutland
 Water and a massive field of competitors. The slightly long bike course of
 42km and the chilly lake had clearly not deterred all those motivated by the
 Brownlees' Olympic performance. The race started slightly late as the new
 barrier system installed by Anglian Water at the entrance to the venue
 defeated even the normal slick organisation of the event. Another good
 reason, at least for me, to camp overnight - Oakham village is close for all
 the normal things like a good dinner, and being only 400m from transition
 makes setup easy.

 The slight change in the swim meant I could walk/wade the first 100m or so,
 although the mixture of sharp gravel and mud underfoot did not make for easy
 or pain-free progress. The water turned out to be warmer than it looked and
 slightly less choppy, so after the usual search for some friendly feet, we
 all staggered up the ramp and onto the bike. Blustery conditions meant too
 much riding on the drops rather than the aerobars, but rather that than into
 the hedge! The course has three sharp climbs early on (think Kingston Hill)
 followed by miles of flat/descending roads with a good surface, with a final
 climb at about 30km and a roller coaster finish. The run follows the
 lakeshore, and allows you to experience the sights (and smells) of England's
 (formerly) smallest county. This year, an out and back course meant a) a
 true 10k - previously a mult-ilap course meant a slightly shorter run, and
 b) at least 5k head-on into the blustery winds previously featured on the
 bike. At least the blustering helped blow everyone home.

 Unlike elite racing, it's often not clear how you have fared until well
 after the finish, so I was eventually very happy to find I'd placed first in
 my 60-64 age group - qualification for the London Worlds in September had
 been delivered! Also another silver plated frisbee from the race organisers,
 and in theory a Triathlon England medal as English champion (always sweeter
 for a Scot...). 

 1   N Dunn (Tri Camp)      1:59.23
     Swim 18.56, bike 63.36, run 35.26
 289 Chris Owens            2:27.12
     Swim 23.36, bike 77.16, run 42.17
 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 5km  Monday 24th June in Battersea Park
 Sara Grosvenor was second in the women's section.

 1   H Lobb (Serp)          15.34
 47  Sara Grosvenor         20.04
 81  Alan Davidson          22.40

 RAVENS QUARTERLY 5km  Thursday 27th June at Wapping
 1   J Clark                16.52
 25  Alan Davidson          23.38

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th June in Hyde Park
 1   G Chandler (Spring)    16.45
 6   Carl Selya-Hammer      17.04
 154 Alan Davidson          23.31
 207 John Hanscomb          36.19

 CVC CAPITAL PARTNERS CHARITY EVENT  Friday 28th June at the Dysart Arms
 The Business Travel Partnership on behalf of their clients CVC Capital
 Partners took over the Dysart, car park and our clubhouse on Friday 28th
 June for a staff charity event. The pub car park was transformed, covered
 with Astroturf and with marquees for relaxing and food down either side. An
 inflatable arch was situated over the entrance and a giant screen displayed
 the total amount raised so far. All members of the CVC staff were encouraged
 to run or cycle laps of the Park (or walk a shorter lap), with the company
 donating a set amount for each lap. One keen individual apparently ran four
 laps and then cycled two more! The final figure raised was some £65,000. Our
 clubhouse was used for changing, showering and storage and we received a
 generous donation to club funds for our trouble.     
 HARRY HAWKES 10 miles  Sunday 30th June at Thames Ditton
 Chris Read reports:
 "The Harry Hawkes was a well organised race along a fast and scenic course.
 The start and finish were in the pleasant surroundings of Giggs Green,
 Thames Ditton.  The weather was relatively warm (24C when I got back to my
 car).  The number of runners (317) was about right.  There were always
 people ahead to chase but there was no problem with congestion.  Most people
 said they had struggled in the second half.  This must have been due to the
 weather and could not possibly be because any of us were slow or unfit.
 Our best performer was second claim member Marion Rayner running as a West 4
 runner, who achieved an age grade of 78.84%. Chas Rayner, who is injured,
 offered welcome support and encouragement from the sidelines." 

 1   M Ismail (HHH)         57.13  (chip time 57.13)
 73  Chris Read             75.52  (75.43)
 81  Daniel Chiechi         76.35  (76.31)
 121 Marion Rayner (W4)     81.02  (80.56)
 146 Heather Martingell     83.51  (83.36)
 254 Tamsin Burland         99.13  (98.49)

 NORTH DEVON HALF MARATHON  Sunday 30th June at Woolacombe
 Michelle Davies also ran (the "young lady runner in a Ranelagh vest"
 mentioned above by Denis Fuller jnr) but isn't in the official results, and
 Mark Herbert opted for the Half after entering the full Marathon so he also
 isn't listed.

 1   M Battensby            1:26.29  (chip time 1:26.28)
 205 Mike White             2:23.42  (2:23.10)

 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 5km  Monday 1st July in Battersea Park
 1   N Torry (Serp)         14.45
 98  Alan Davidson          23.13

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesday 3rd July
 1   E Robinson             32.09  (chip time 32.09)
 40  Mick Lane              39.28  (39.26)                   

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 3rd July
 1   R Smyth (unatt)        25.40  (actual time 25.40)
 5   Louise Piears          26.19  (20.34)
 14  Sonia Rowland          27.57  (21.57)
 21  Steve Rowland          31.21  (25.21) 
 TOMMY'S BAY RACE 8km  Saturday 6th July in Windsor Great Park
 John Scally writes:
 "I am very proud of Mrs S who was 'first lady with a buggy' and 5th overall
 in her race today - 7:38's average I'm told over a not flat 8km- with
 1   J Houghton             30.40
 5   Anna Scally            35.05 

 JIM BRABEN 10km  Sunday 7th July on Wimbledon Common
 Marie Synnott-Wells was second over 45.

 1   O Garrod (E&E)         34.29
 39  Marie Synnott-Wells    44.22  

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 Kate Brook was the leading woman today.

 1   D Tanner (Clapham)     17.59
 11  Kevin Kearey           22.34
 12  Tom Kearey             22.35
 22  Chris Brook            24.23
 24  Kate Brook             24.32
 43  Emily Kearey           27.10
 57  Josie Kearey           29.48
 61  Tamsin Burland         30.27
 62  Heather Martingell     30.33
 68  Stacey Barber          31.20
 73  Deirdre Inman          33.11 
 74  Cindy Croucher         33.11 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   P Hines (Uni EA Tri)   17.40
 8   Peter Weir             19.18
 29  Peter Faull            21.15
 95  Karen Weir             25.11
 112 Michael Sikora         26.06
 216 Tony Clark             31.10
 235 Deepa Sharma           33.30
 236 Amrut Sharma           33.48
 241 Pat Hewlett            35.07
 255 Andrew Brown           49.50

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   A Miller (Datchet)     16.16
 117 Simon Rothwell         21.24
 605 Vicci Randle           28.38  
 841 John Hanscomb          35.56

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   J Millbank (StM Uni)   18.12     
 41  Chris Camacho          25.26
 78  Waldron Slaughter      31.39 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   Unknown                18.40
 5   Bruce McLaren          20.47
 11  Phil Roberts           22.50
 24  Stewart Anderson       24.49   
 37  Mel Hunter             29.50 

 BROCKWELL parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   A Mohamed (unatt)      17.33
 59  Phil Jackson           23.04

 DULWICH parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   A Fuller (unatt)       17.36
 71  Alan Davidson          23.49

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 Mark Herbert took 3rd place. 

 1   J Repper (Chilt)       17.01
 3   Mark Herbert           17.55

 READING parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 1   R Sherwood (unatt)     17.50
 140 Louise Atkinson        28.42

 RUSHCLIFFE parkrun 5km  Saturday 22nd June
 Nick Wright was the winner at Rushcliffe near Nottingham.

 1   Nick Wright            18.20

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 According to a Facebook post, "Ranelagh claimed positions 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9,
 10, 11, 13, 15. Totally awesome effort. Storm clouds are gathering! With
 Nick Twomey, Jackson Creegan, Lauren Stewart, Alex Harrison, Matthew Copp,
 Phil Killingley, Lars Lundquist, Ted Mockett, Peter Faull, Peter Weir, Dave
 Lawley."  Unfortunately the official result shows "Unknowns" in positions 1,
 3, 4 and 9, so you can work out the possible permutations! Lauren Stewart
 was the day's leading woman. 

 1   Unknown                17.12
 6   Nick Twomey            18.11
 7   Ted Mockett            18.16   
 10  Peter Faull            18.31
 11  Lauren Stewart         18.33
 13  Peter Weir             19.00
 15  David Lawley           19.21
 22  Matthew Copp           20.00
 27  Stewart Anderson       20.21
 42  Steve Aikin            21.08
 53  Eugenio Carmo          21.36
 54  Alberto Esguevillas    21.37
 59  Phil Jackson           21.47
 60  Stephen Logue          21.51
 85  Amrut Sharma           23.42
 104 Simon Taylor           24.41
 130 Sally Yau              26.08
 131 Ally Salisbury         26.21  
 134 Michael Sikora         26.29
 143 Helene Trout           26.54
 168 Tony Clark             27.55
 192 Rob Kitchen            29.16
 195 Philippa Kitchen       29.29
 200 Val Lowman             29.44
 203 Peter Lowman           29.51
 234 Deepa Sharma           32.42
 254 Pat Hewlett            38.43

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   C Stanton (Bexley)     18.21
 5   Kevin Kearey           20.34
 15  Tom Kearey             22.10
 48  Emily Kearey           26.48
 53  Mary Hickson           27.18
 60  Tamsin Burland         28.36
 61  Heather Martingell     28.37 
 65  Josie Kearey           30.03 
 67  Stacey Barber          30.11
 68  Christine David        30.15 
 71  Deirdre Inman          30.46
 74  Rachel Allen           31.35 
 82  Cindy Croucher         32.52
 88  Meredith Bell          33.44
 93  Annie Recuerda         36.13

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   J Mays (Bas & MH)      15.36
 116 Simon Rothwell         21.18
 179 Ian Grange             22.28
 377 Clive Naish            25.07
 642 Vicci Randle           28.52
 686 Kirsty Bangham         29.50
 850 John Hanscomb          35.45
 906 Wally Garrod           46.17

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   A Lightfoot (T Turbo)  19.01
 4   Bruce McLaren          21.14
 8   Phil Roberts           22.34
 16  Mel Hunter             24.54 

 ALBERT MELBOURNE parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 James Whistler continued his Aussie parkrun tour.

 1   J Gifty (Sth Melb)     17.02
 4   James Whistler         17.48 

 ASHTON COURT parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   A Yusuf (unatt)        18.05
 4   Mark Herbert           18.56
 86  Michelle Davies        25.19
 101 Mike White             26.02  

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   M Rutter (Clap)        18.03
 47  Alan Davidson          23.51      
 108 Chris Camacho          40.24

 GLADSTONE parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   A Charkaoui (Shaft B)  16.46
 14  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     20.34 

 GUILDFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   D Hull (unatt)         17.59
 100 Jim Forrest            27.06  

 POOLE parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   J Gibson (Army)        16.32
 11  Nick Wright            18.04

 QUEENS parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   Unknown                17.54
 49  Vanessa McConkey       26.16

 OXFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 29th June
 1   M Tyrrell (Eynsham)    17.21
 66  Evelyn Joslin          26.16

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   C Hyde (Herc Wimb)     16.44
 9   Peter Weir             18.53
 18  Alberto Esguevillas    19.53
 34  Steve Aikin            21.03
 51  Tomas Sterner          22.03
 69  Phil Jackson           22.54
 83  Polly White            23.28
 86  Amrut Sharma           23.33
 95  Karen Weir             24.17
 116 Phil Aiken             25.28
 122 Sally Yau              25.41
 172 Rob Kitchen            27.58
 178 Tony Clark             28.15
 183 Val Lowman             28.27
 190 Peter Lowman           28.46
 206 Philippa Kitchen       29.28
 215 Michael Sikora         29.59
 236 Deepa Sharma           33.11
 264 Bev Ali                47.50
 266 Penny Merrett          47.56 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 A double triumph for Mark Herbert and Michelle Davies.

 1   Mark Herbert           18.46
 8   Michelle Davies        20.47
 10  Kevin Kearey           21.16
 26  Mike White             24.05 
 61  Janet Russell          30.35
 62  Rachel Allen           31.00
 63  Ann Kearey             31.30
 68  Stacey Barber          31.50
 70  Josie Kearey           32.01
 71  Tanya Allen            32.02
 73  Deirdre Inman          32.19    

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.28
 13  Ted Mockett            17.49
 15  Nick Twomey            17.52
 16  Nick Wright            17.56
 117 Simon Rothwell         21.13
 480 Clive Naish            26.34
 623 Vicci Randle           28.52
 746 Kirsty Bangham         31.30
 838 John Hanscomb          35.26
 839 Wally Garrod           35.28

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   S Emeny (unatt)        19.07
 28  Holly Conolly          27.51
 30  Colin Brett            28.02
 31  Mel Hunter             28.06
 32  Vanessa McConkey       28.38
 33  Lorna Smith            28.44
 37  Natalia Slattery       29.30
 43  Deborah Blakemore      31.59     

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   M Boulton (unatt)      18.15
 34  Alan Davidson          23.24
 37  Tom Reay               23.44      

 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   M Symes (unatt)        16.31
 101 Sonia Rowland          23.10
 131 Steve Rowland          24.10

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   D Grant (unatt)        15.46
 223 Waldron Slaughter      37.09
 225 Lexi Slaughter         37.21

 TEMPLE NEWSAM parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 Duncan Mallison finished in third place.

 1   G Shooter (St Theresa) 17.55
 3   Duncan Mallison        19.16  

 CONKERS parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   L Plank (Badgers)      17.43
 6   David Lawley           18.37 

 EASTBOURNE parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   B Andrews (unatt)      18.17
 18  Eugenio Carmo          21.53

 BRIGHTON AND HOVE parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th July
 1   G Godden (unatt)       17.04
 50  Kerrie O'Connor        20.41 

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 7th July
 PBs for all three Ranelagh runners.

 1   M Deria (WSEH)          6.30
 13  Euan Sinclair           8.03
 14  Kabir Sait              8.04
 131 Eilidh Sinclair        12.13

 Need a spring in your step? Here's how, according to Professor Jim Richards
 at the University of Central Lancashire... spring-soled trainers:.