Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 402             7 June 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  


 *  Carl Selya-Hammer and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our teams at the Dorking
 *  Ranelagh finishes first women's vets team in Parkland Relays  
 *  Phil Killingley and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our teams at the BUPA London
 *  Jamie West and Kabir Sait are our fastest at the Stragglers Junior
 *  Women's Beginners Course concludes with 22 novices completing 
 *  parkrun placings for Cathy Jones, Wiebke Kortum, Duncan Mallison, Mark
     Herbert, Colin Brett, Jo Ronaldson and Michelle Davies 
 *  Entries still open for the Richmond 10km - also marshals needed 
 *  Sumer BBQ after the 10km

 RICHMOND 10km  Sunday 23rd June
 Niall O'Connor writes:
 "While Mo is practicing his Russian for an August race, the only 10k that
 really matters this summer takes place on Sunday June 23rd at Ham. Entries
 for the race are  here:.
 It will be the same course that we've used since 2010 - flat, fast and scenic
 with a touch of grass at the beginning and end for a retro-school sports day
 feel. 10 for club runners and 12 for all others - great value for a race
 with chipped timing. As a running club, priority has to be to run the race
 but if you're available to volunteer to marshal I'll gratefully accept all
 offers at 10k-enquiries@ranelagh-harriers.com. As  well as being the county
 10k championship the race also serves as the club championship.

 I'm struggling to get marshals so all assistance is required - get ready for
 increasingly frequency pleading emails. If you are running I could use you
 beforehand to assist Martin distribute numbers, and afterwards to help
 remove the chips. I really need a lead bike and will be in contact with all
 those that marshalled last year to see if you could assist again in 2013. 

 See you on the start line!"

 At the time of writing there are some 400 entries in all, including about 60
 from Ranelagh. There's still time to enter, but don't delay!

 The next event in our summer road Grand Prix is our own Richmond 10km on
 June 23rd - see above. Full GP details are on our website here:. Leaders so far (after five events)
 are (Open) Trevor Maguire 44, Peter Faull 28, Ted Mockett 27, Carl
 Selya-Hammer 24, Steve Whitehead 24, Stewart Anderson 20;. (Men Over 40)
 Trevor Maguire 22, Stewart Anderson 15, Steve Whitehead 12; (Men Over 50)
 Phil Jackson 24, Stephen Logue 15, Bill Neely 12, Peter Fordham 12;  (Women)
 Heather Martingell 14, Marie Synnott-Wells 12, Rachael Holmes 9, Wiebke
 Kortum 9; (Women Over 40) Heather Martingell 19, Marie Synnott-Wells 12,
 Ally Salisbury 12, Wiebke Kortum 10; (Women Over 50) Lorraine Clifton 11,
 Sally Bamford 6, Michele Gibson 6, Deirdre Inman 5.   

 As usual we'll be holding a barbecue at the clubhouse after our Richmond
 10km on Sunday 23rd June. All are invited. 

 Annemarie Goodridge writes:
 To reflect an increase in cost to the club in relation to buying new stock
 of Ranelagh kit, please note that with effect from June 1st the prices of
 Ranelagh kit items will increase as follows:
 Long-sleeved T-shirts  24
 Short-sleeved T-shirts  19
 Vests  18
 Fleeces  31

 Kate Brook forwards the following from Nicholas Ryan at Roehampton
 We are looking for runners as part of a masters research project at
 Roehampton University on the effect of Achilles Tendon stiffness on
 foot-strike patterns. You must be aged between 18 and 50 and run, on
 average, at least 15 miles a week. In return for your time, we will conduct
 a full analysis of your running gait using motion capture technology. 
 Please contact Nicholas Ryan for more info: ryann@roehampton.ac.uk.  

 Heather Martingell has created a new Ranelagh Juniors website here: - still, as
 she says, a work in progress: . 

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris  
 ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or e-mail Estelle and Phil  ranelagh.women@gmail.com

 Sunday 9th June                   MABAC League 5 miles at Holmwood. 11am
 start.    Details:. 

 Sunday 23rd June                 Richmond 10km. 9am start. Road GP race 6
 and Surrey Road League race 4.   Details:. 

 Saturday 13th July                Elmore 7 miles at Chipstead. 2pm start.
 Road GP race 7 and Surrey Road League race 5.   Details:. 

 Sunday 21st July                  Elmbridge 10km at Walton. 9am start. Road
 GP race 8 and Surrey Road League race 6.   Details:. 

 Sunday 21st July           MABAC League Surrey Slog Half Marathon at Peaslake.
 Friday 26th July                    Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park. 7.30pm
 start. Road GP race 9.  Details and entry:.  

 Sunday 11th August              Wimbledon 5km. 9.30am start. Final Road GP
 and Surrey Road League race.   Details and entry:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 DORKING 10 miles  Sunday 2nd June
 Duncan Mallison reports:
 "A 9am start on a Sunday in Dorking during half term meant it was always
 going to be a struggle to get a strong team out for today. While we were not
 in the mix at the business end of things, we still managed to get 19 men and
 6 women on the start line. This week Carl Selya-Hammer brought the team
 home, just making it into the top ten, followed yet again by the ever
 consistent Trevor Maguire. Performance of the weekend, without doubt, came
 from Peter Faull, who on a tough course and in warm conditions knocked out
 an impressive PB. Following Peter was Mick Lane (4th O50), myself and Ted
 Mockett all under 70 minutes. Another nine runners finished under 80 minutes
 including Mike Peace 4th O60 and his son Joseph just beating him home. Marie
 Synnott-Wells led our women's team in 23rd place (6th W40) ahead of Wiebke
 Kortum 39th (11th W40). Sally Bamford was 11th over 50.  

 At the business end it was another dominant performance from Clapham Chasers
 who took first place in the men's team event, with three runners in the top
 ten and Tadworth in second. While it was always going to be a struggle to
 maintain our strong start to the Surrey Road League, at was likely to be one
 of our weaker events, we managed a creditable 6th. Quick calculations
 suggest we are now 3rd overall in the men's League."
 "Score one for the hyphenated surnames!" adds Carl.

 There was a good Ranelagh showing at the second of Stragglers' junior
 handicap series at the Hawker Centre. Handicap winner in the first race
 Kabir Sait ran a few seconds faster this time but in the handicap found
 himself pushed back to 15th. First home for the boys and girls in blue was
 Jamie West, 6th in the handicap and 4th fastest overall. This was Jamie's
 first run in the series, as it was also for Eve West, 8th in the handicap.
 Patrick O'Sullivan was next with a new PB while brother Daniel just missed
 his. Tor and Noah Heron-Brett came next with Gaby West just behind. In the
 minis race, Afrah Sait ran a big PB but had to settle for 2nd place again.
 Sam and Theo Doyle were 6th and 7th.  

 The next event is on Thursday 13th June - registration 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.
 start. All juniors welcome.

 Juniors (speed order)
 1   M Connelly (St Mary's) 15.06  (actual time 10.06, speed order 22nd) 
 6   Jamie West             18.16  (8.16, 4th)
 8   Eve West               18.53  (10.53, 25th)
 15  Kabir Sait             19.40  (8.40, 8th)
 17  Patrick O'Sullivan     19.49  (8.49, 11th)
 26  Daniel O'Sullivan      20.05  (11.35, 28th)
 33  Tor Heron-Brett        20.27  (9.57, 20th)
 34  Noah Heron-Brett       21.14  (10.14, 24th)
 35  Gaby West              21.50  (16.50, 35th)    

 Fastest:   G Chaplin (Stragglers)  7.50

 1   N Bond (Stragglers)     2.58
 2   Afrah Sait              3.05
 6   Sam Doyle               4.08
 7   Theo Doyle              4.10 

 BEGINNERS COURSE 2.7 miles Tuesday 4th June in Richmond Park
 Deborah Blakemore writes:
 "Another very successful Ladies' Beginners Course has just finished with
 their annualk event around Sidmouth Wood. We started with a class of 36 in
 Week 1 and after 8 weeks we finished with 22 spirited and enthusiastic
 ladies who all inspired me to remember why I love running so much. I will
 certainly remember their commitment even when it was pouring with rain! I
 would like to thank Andy Bickerstaff and Jo Sinton-Hewitt for their timing
 at the final event; to Cindy for her help with the organisation; to the
 volunteers from Cindy's group for their extra assistance over the weeks, to
 Yvonne for her regular support and most of all, to Juliette for being my
 running elf!" Thanks too to Deborah herself for leading the course. 

 1   Natalia Slattery       26.15
 2   Jen Johnson            26.46
 3   Charlotte Macneill     30.53
 4   Deepa Sharma           31.17
 5   Rachel Allen           31.25
 6   Abigail Underhill      31.36
 7   Michelle Martinez      32.21
 8   Joanna Haigh           33.48
 9   Annie Recuerda         33.48
 10  Jane Hart              34.00
 11  Tracey Small           34.28
 12  Sally Spaull           36.10
 13  Jane O'Brien           36.11
 14  Valerie Moore          37.07
 15  Sally Burdis           37.30
 16  Eleanor Davies         38.05
 17  Sarah Cheshire         38.24
 18  Clare Hulacki          38.38
 19  Carole Varney          38.38
 20  Jan Rivers             39.25
 21  Cath Preston           40.24
 22  Hazel Morgan           44.37     

 STAINES 10km  Sunday 19th May
 1   A Miller (Datchet)     32.59  (chip time 32.59)
 52  Rob Curtis             43.19  (43.16)
 56  Becky Hall             43.34  (43.31)  

 GODALMING TOWN 10km  Sunday 19th May
 Sonia was the first over 50 by about seven minutes in this hilly
 multi-terrain event.

 1   N Morgan (Waverley)    37.37  (chip time 37.36)
 81  Sonia Rowland          50.14  (50.03)
 99  Steve Rowland          52.04  (51.53)

 THAMES HARE & HOUNDS PARKLAND RELAYS  Wednesday 22nd May in Richmond Park 
 Peter Fordham reports:
 "The Parkland Relays in Richmond Park are one of the finest events in the
 summer racing calendar, and Ranelagh wase represented by a ladies' and a
 men's team. The Ladies run three legs and Jo Ronaldson, Sandra Prosser and
 Marie Synnott-Wells brought the team home in 9th place overall, but first
 vets team. Jo recorded the 12th fastest leg in 18.24.

 The men's race comprises four legs, and it resulted in the spectacle of one
 of the great team relay performances by Ranelagh men in recent years. Here
 the crowd witnessed consistent pacing of the highest order and seamless
 changeovers, with no breaking of stride reminiscent of the great American
 track relay teams. Fordham set the pace, running the first leg in 23.24,
 before passing over to Fordham for the second leg who consolidated the team
 position with a 23.40. The third leg was run by Fordham having  completed
 his warm up, with a 23.32, before passing over to Fordham for the anchor leg
 who posted the best team time of 23.20.
 Ranelagh finished a credible 46th out of 47 edging out Sheen Shufflers'
 fourth team. Look out for next years' event in late May." 

 1   Thames H&H             58.45
 46  Ranelagh               93.56
     Peter Fordham               23.24
     Peter Fordham               23.40
     Peter Fordham               23.32
     Peter Fordham               23.20
 1   Thames H&H             53.17
 9   Ranelagh               57.39
     Jo Ronaldson                18.24
     Sandra Prosser              20.21
     Marie Synnott-Wells         18.54   

 Bev Ali reports:
 "Edinburgh is a beautiful city, especially when the sun shines, and it
 really did on the bank holiday weekend!  We were very fortunate though
 because at the start, the clear blue skies were gradually blocked by a
 fairly thick cloud cover which prevented it from being as hot as it might
 have been (there goes excuse number one).  The start of the marathon is just
 in the shadow of the castle, a fairly good 20 minute or so walk, mostly
 uphill, from our hotel.  The baggage trucks were located very close to the
 start, and very accessible.  The most important part of the start area, the
 portaloos, were the most organised I have ever seen with marshals directing
 runners to the next available loo every time one was vacated!  And they were
 plentiful.  We were in the second last pen, and it took us no more than
 10-15 minutes to cross the start line.  This was definitely not Paris!  And,
 it is true what they say about the downhills - they were plentiful, and,
 near the start, fairly  steep.  There was no correspondingly steep uphill,
 either.  After leaving the city centre and heading out along the coast,
 called the Scottish Golfcoast, the route is a fairly flat out and back.  On
 the out leg, there were some gently rising sections, but emphasis on gently
 - not enough of a gradient to really be noticeable at that point of the
 race.  The turnaround is quite sharp at just before 18 miles with a little
 detour through the grounds of Gosford House, and then the gently falling
 gradient for the last 8 miles was extremely welcome.  It definitely felt as
 though the finish was moving away from me in the last three miles, but the
 onlookers kept assuring me that I was 'almost there'.  

 The finish is actually where my only two negative comments start.  The last
 20 or 30 yards were on those horrible plastic mats that are put down to
 protect the underlying grass.  They are very uneven, and, having seen
 runners fall on them at Reading, I kept my head down watching my footing the
 whole way, which did not allow for particularly good finishing photos!  The
 other negative comment I would make about this race would be about the
 arrangements for getting back to the start.  We had what felt like 5 but was
 really only about 2 miles of uphill walking to join a 45 minute minimum
 queue for the shuttle buses to take us back to Waverly Station.  It took us
 no less than two hours to get back after finishing, and we did not tarry in
 the merchandising and entertainment area.  By the time we got off the
 shuttle bus we could hardly move, my teeth were chattering even though I had
 a down filled jacket and a fleece hat on, and Penny's lips were blue. We had
 another mile and a half to walk back to the hotel on top of that. Tea and
 bath never looked so good.  

 The medal is great - heavy enough to use as a paperweight on a desk, and the
 t-shirt is also worthwhile. All in all I would say it was a positive
 experience and would definitely recommend it as a big city marathon, but
 would also recommend spending a few days looking at the sights and the

 1    L Tola (Ethiopia)     2:15.32
 7320 Penny Merrett         5:24.12
 7438 Cindy Croucher        5:29.36
 7807 Bev Ali               5:52.56   

 GREAT MANCHESTER RUN 10km  Sunday 26th May
 Roger Wilson reports:
 "Good to do a great race outside London with around 40,000 runners. The
 great Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia set a World Masters record of 28 mins
 dead in finishing third. I watched the Great City Games athletics including
 a straight 200m, long jump and pole vault in the city centre with large
 crowds the day before."

 1    M Kipsiro (Uganda)    27.52
 8339 Roger Wilson          54.32

 EURO VETERANS NON-STADIA CHAMPIONSHIPS  Thursday 23rd May - Sunday 26th May
 at Upice, Czech Republic
 Alan Davidson reports:
 "An obscure venue for the Euro Vets non-stadia was Upice, a one horse town
 without a horse or a railway station close to the Polish border. As a result
 fewer than thirty Brits travelled to compete in 10k/half
 marathon/cross-country relays and road walks. Surprisingly I swapped a sunny
 Heathrow for a rain-lashed Prague before the 3h15m train journey to my stay
 in Trutnov (the nearest town on the railway to Upice 15k distant).The
 Kyrkonos hotel was a pleasant venue with the added bonus of a built-in
 wardrobe perfectly designed for doing eccentric heel raises to ease a
 niggling Achilles! The Friday evening 10k on an out and back undulating
 course Upice to Halovice took place in chilly, windy and latterly wet
 conditions and I suffered from ill-advisedly not wearing a long-sleeved top
 under my national vest. The last 400 metres was on slippery wet cobbles with
 a steep climb to the town square and as I crossed the line in (guntime)
 48.06 I was literally caught by the medical staff as I was crumpling in a
 heap exhausted and chilled through. I was well cared for with blankets,
 drink and time to quietly recover but sensibly I decided there and then to
 withdraw my entry for the Sunday half marathon.The Saturday morning
 cross-country relays at Male Svatonovice had two shocks for me with firstly
 team manager Maurice Doogan advising us that we had won the M65 team bronze
 medal in the 10k and secondly the cross- country course which usually
 involves a few laps of playing fields was more like a Swiss scene with a
 wooded hillside and flower meadows providing a lovely setting but a very
 hilly course with ruts, sharp cambers and holes to try to avoid. It was
 rather worrying at the start to be told by officials we needed to wear our
 chips to run but the race booklet specifically said chips not to be worn for
 the cross-country relays - as it was all done manually and there were no
 chip mats, also our chip numbers didn't tally with the ones given to us for
 the race, this 'requirement' didn't make sense, so Maurice went to have a
 'quiet' word with the officials. Just to add to the tension my race number
 (I was on leg 1) had to be hastily changed because the officials had given
 us the wrong numbers so it was a relief to get underway. I had jogged the
 figure of eight course beforehand (two laps 2km in total) and I think that
 paid off because some runners were running out of steam on the second lap
 and also helping me was my kamikaze running down the steep descents ignoring
 the cambers and ruts whilst some were pussyfooting their way down! It was a
 shock afterwards to learn that our jolly trio (all teams ages 60 upwards had
 run in one race) finishing in 30.21 had earned a team bronze medal. So it
 was back to the village which was en fete to be presented with our medals on
 stage by the mayor. As usual I had enjoyed the atmosphere of the events and
 the friendship of the British group (and some other nationalities when the
 language barrier permitted!). On Sunday morning in a cold blast and squally
 showers I set off from Trutnov station (glad not to be running the half) on
 the express train - which takes the same time as the slow - from platform 5
 - though the platforms weren't numbered - but at least train travel was
 cheap (very!).I swopped a sodden Prague for sunshine again at Heathrow."

 BUPA LONDON 10km  Monday 27th May
 Phil Killingley ran negative splits to lead our team, leaving Eirin McDaid
 behind in the second half. The results are a bit confusing as they vary by a
 second or two depending on where you look. The times shown below are the
 chip times.

 1    Mo Farah (N&EB)       29.13
 119  Phil Killingley       34.12
 144  Eirin McDaid          34.41
 435  Peter Faull           39.05
 469  Nick Wright           39.23   
 472  Colin Brett           39.31
 534  Vaughan Ramsay        40.06
 852  Marie Synnott-Wells   42.45
 1017 Michelle Davies       43.42
 1248 Phil Jackson          44.53
 1656 Daniela Mingham       47.33
 1686 Matt Copp             47.40
 2067 Phil Aiken            48.25
 3150 Ally Salisbury        51.52
 3410 Heather Martingell    52.38
 3540 Hannah Doyle          53.01
 4517 Kirsty Bangham        55.47

 COMRADES MARATHON  54 miles / 87 km  Sunday 2nd June Durban -
 Conditions were hot and windy for South Africa's classic Comrades Ultra
 Marathon, this year run on the 'up' course starting on the coast in Durban.
 Our three gallant representatives all made it through safely within the 12
 hours limit. I hope there will be more details to follow.

 1    C Moshiywa (RSA)      5:32.09
 3586 Karen Weir           10.11.10
 3588 Peter Weir           10:11.11
 4728 Neil Walford         10:40.04

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   J Cornish (White H)    16.47
 53  Steven Mountain        22.27 
 67  Polly White            22.56
 74  Amrut Sharma           23.13
 87  Eugenio Carmo          23.54
 100 Ally Salisbury         24.27
 112 Simon Taylor           24.46
 146 Michael Sikora         26.28  
 267 Penny Merrett          36.26
 268 Bev Ali                36.31
 276 Pat Hewlett            39.16  

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   G Brook (Strag)        18.23 
 8   Kevin Kearey           20.36
 14  Tom Kearey             22.13 
 44  Emily Kearey           26.13
 58  Mary Hickson           28.06 
 68  Cindy Croucher         31.15
 69  Josie Kearey           31.48
 70  Ann Kearey             32.00

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   S Hayes (unatt)        15.54
 37  Nick Wright            19.01
 158 Ian Grange             21.43
 251 Adam Wright            23.08
 281 Alan Davidson          23.31 
 544 Kirsty Bangham         26.48
 648 Wally Garrod           28.22
 652 Vicci Randle           28.31
 707 Teresa Segovia         29.28

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   T Shurlock (unatt)     19.26
 11  Stewart Anderson       22.48
 32  Lynne Barber           26.22
 33  Mel Hunter             26.37     

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   D Harris (Les C)       17.47
 31  Peter Fordham          23.52 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 Wiebke Kortum was the leading woman this week. 

 1   K Macintosh (WW)       17.20
 20  Wiebke Kortum          21.29   
 40  Tom Reay               23.16
 58  Chris Camacho          24.37

 HIGHBURY FIELDS parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   J Laybourn (Highgate)  17.14
 6   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.03
 83  Jo Sinton-Hewitt       26.39

 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   D De Jong (unatt)      17.21
 198 Lexi Slaughter         38.54 
 199 Waldron Slaughter      38.55 

 MALAHIDE parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   D Gorman (Raheny)      17.05
 165 Tomas Sterner          25.40 

 QUEEN ELIZABETH parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 Michelle Davies finished third woman in the inaugural Queen Elizabeth

 1   P Collins (Ports J)    18.45
 22  Michelle Davies        22.54
 27  Lee Davies             24.10
 52  Mike White             25.58  

 NONSUCH parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   K Quinn (Real R)       15.24
 24  Alberto Esguevillas    19.56
 59  Phil Jackson           21.30  
 184 Tony Clark             26.28

 OXFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   E Gronbech (unatt)     18.54
 52  Evelyn Joslin          27.50
 53  Ian Bingham            27.51  

 PRESTON PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 1   J Guilmant (Bright P)  15.41
 64  John Pratt             22.58

 WALTHAMSTOW parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 Cathy Jones was first woman.

 1   D Tumaitis (Eton M)    17.51
 8   Cathy Jones            21.52

 SHERINGHAM parkrun 5km  Saturday 18th May
 Mark Herbert placed second.

 1   C Stark (N Norfolk))   18.40
 2   Mark Herbert           19.33  

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   P Cheetham (Barnes)    17.41
 6   Peter Faull            18.33
 13  David Lawley           19.34
 15  Alberto Esguevillas    19.58
 17  Phil Killingley        20.09  
 37  Stewart Anderson       21.27
 60  Eugenio Carmo          22.54
 63  Wiebke Kortum          22.58
 67  Amrut Sharma           23.13 
 71  Polly White            23.38
 78  Peter Weir             23.57
 123 Michael Sikora         26.01
 136 Tomas Sterner          26.48
 140 Sue Camp               27.07
 143 Ally Salisbury         27.11
 158 Val Lowman             27.43
 177 Tony Clark             28.32
 183 Rob Kitchen            28.59
 193 Philippa Kitchen       29.44
 194 Peter Lowman           29.57
 196 Jar O'Brien            30.08
 200 Molly Smith            30.48
 215 Annemarie Goodridge    32.48
 231 Pat Hewlett            39.50 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 Duncan Mallison finished 3rd.

 1   H Hughes (TVH)         18.04
 3   Duncan Mallison        18.23
 17  Phil Roberts           22.20
 58  Tanya Allen            30.18
 59  Christine David        30.36
 60  Deirdre Inman          30.49
 68  Danny Hobbs            35.45   

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   M Withey (Stroud)      16.30
 12  Nick Wright            18.18
 24  David Rowe             18.58
 149 Adam Wright            22.19
 378 Clive Naish            25.22
 656 Jo Sinton-Hewitt       29.17
 816 Kirsty Bangham         33.16

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   T Maxwell (Strag)      18.37
 22  Chris Camacho          22.46
 29  Tom Reay               23.19

 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   J Grace (AFD)          16.07
 110 Peter Fordham          23.34
 240 Nick Fordham           28.23

 HAMPSTEAD HEATH parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   D-A Wingrove (Kings C) 18.10
 99  Mary Hickson           29.44
 116 Chris Wright           31.39   

 FAELLEDPARKEN parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   J Thornberg (Denmark)  16.57
 15  Paul Sinton-Hewitt     22.02

 HACKNEY MARSHES parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   C Norris (unatt)       16.19
 33  Mike White             24.29

 ROTHER VALLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   C Cotton (Kimber)      16.56
 4   Chris Brook            19.44

 BARROW parkrun 5km  Saturday 25th May
 1   M Zikking (Evesham V)  17.48
 57  Andrew Brown           29.30 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 Jo and Marie were third and fourth women to finish.

 1   J Congdon (unatt)      18.33
 13  Alberto Esguevillas    20.03
 14  Jo Ronaldson           20.07
 22  Marie Synnott-Wells    20.33
 24  Peter Faull            20.35
 61  Steven Mountain        22.52         
 64  Polly White            23.00
 69  Amrut Sharma           23.08
 99  Simon Taylor           24.24
 104 Tomas Sterner          24.44
 114 Ally Salisbury         25.10
 127 Michael Sikora         25.45
 129 Clive Naish            25.49
 132 Sally Lau              25.56
 141 Lynne Barber           26.10  
 142 Philippa Kitchen       26.11
 168 Rob Kitchen            27.13
 184 Jar O'Brien            28.04
 191 Tony Clark             28.31
 233 Eugenio Carmo          31.30
 245 Bronwen Northmore      33.01
 246 Annemarie Goodridge    33.11
 256 Andrew Brown           34.52 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 A 1-2 for Duncan and Mark.

 1   Duncan Mallison        18.16
 2   Mark Herbert           18.26
 23  Stuart Young           24.13
 30  Mike White             25.09
 41  Mary Hickson           27.05
 52  Chris Wright           29.24
 55  Tanya Allen            29.56
 56  Christine David        29.59
 57  Stacey Barber          30.02  

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 Colin Brett placed second.

 1   L Davis (Clapham)      18.04
 2   Colin Brett            19.08
 13  Stewart Anderson       22.03
 18  Phil Roberts           22.47
 34  Mel Hunter             25.08
 38  Lorna Smith            25.54
 44  Paula Maguire          29.09
 58  Deborah Blakemore      36.37 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   A O'Brien (WSEH)       16.22
 34  Nick Wright            18.36
 74  David Rowe             20.03
 197 Adam Wright            22.12
 494 Nicola O'Shea          25.57
 502 Rachel Revett          26.00
 784 Vicci Randle           29.43 
 817 Kirsty Bangham         30.33
 818 Sharon Rowe            30.34
 985 John Hanscomb          36.53  

 NORTH BEACH parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 Karen and Peter Weir were in Durban for Sunday's Comrades Marathon.

 1   D Robinson (BRAT)      17.11
 41  Peter Weir             25.04
 111 Karen Weir             32.13   

 KILLERTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   R Orton (Tavistock)    16.29
 49  Sonia Rowland          23.36
 56  Steve Rowland          24.16 

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   J Ruskin (Strag)       17.46
 25  Chris Camacho          21.27

 EGLINTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   S Kay (Ayr S)          18.04
 5   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.41

 BARNSTAPLE parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   T Stokes (SWRR)        17.47
 35  Margaret Auerback      28.50 

 CONKERS parkrun 5km  Saturday 1st June
 1   C Hinds (Hermitage)    17.38
 9   David Lawley           19.23

 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km  Sunday 2nd June
 PBs for Euan and Finlay but Eilidh missed hers by a second. 

 1   C Cecil (K&P)           7.00
 12  Euan Sinclair           8.08
 67  Finlay Sinclair         9.24
 216 Eilidh Sinclair        12.20
 The book "One Man and his Bog" by Barry Pilton is a very humorous account of
 the author's attempts to walk the Pennine Way. I can recommend it to all
 fell walkers and runners. Of extra interest to us is that Ranelagh gets a
 mention - not actually by name but as "Chris Brasher's lot". In this extract
 the author is ascending Knock Fell, having left Dufton at 6am:

 "The day was already warm and very still. Only the sun and the keener flies
 were up - or so I thought. I had climbed steadily up through the fields to
 1,500ft, and was already sweating when I first saw him. Above me, at over
 2,000ft, was a figure. It ran forward five yards, it ran backward five
 yards; forward, backward, forward, backward. It got no nearer; it got no
 farther; it did nothing else. As I climbed inexorably closer, I tried to
 construct a reasonable explanation, but always came back to my limited
 knowledge of mad axe-men. He was still running, repetitively, maniacally, to
 and fro, and I was still pondering the correct conversational openings to
 use with deranged psychopaths, when we came face to face, with 100 square
 miles of Cumbria spread below us.
 'Hallo,' he said. 'They're late!' (Some form of delusionary illness, I
 'Yes...' I replied - in a tone aimed at that delicate balance of being both
 understanding yet unpatronising in a single word at the same time.
 'You had me worried. I thought you were one of them!' (With strong paranoiac
 elements, I further noted.)
 'No! Oh no!' I had felt here that lashings of firm reassurance were clearly
 required. 'No, no!' At this point, one of my own inner voices advised me to
 try and build a bond. 'One of what?' I enquired.
 'The relay team. Chris Brasher's lot.'
 It is deflating, when one has 164 blood-stained, sweat-spattered miles
 stowed beneath an increasingly loose belt, to be accused of slowness by
 fitness freaks running the complete distance in less than 30 hours...After a
 pleasant little man-to-man chat with the relay runner, about such matters as
 my bronze medal for the under-11s long jump, I left him still waiting, his
 relay team clearly running late, and continued on up to tick off the summit
 of Knock Fell, after which I set about No. 2, Great Dun Fell.
 (Embarrassingly, when he did race past me, only he had the breath to offer

 The book was published in 1986 but it's not clear in which year the events
 described took place. We had originally set a record for the Pennine Way
 Relay back in 1971 but in the ensuing decade the record was beaten more than
 once and by the 1980s Holmfirth Harriers' 29 hours 46 minutes was the
 target. We ran the Relay again in our Centenary year of 1981 and in heavy
 underfoot conditions we finished 48 minutes adrift of the record. In 1982 we
 finished an agonising 18 minutes outside. Gluttons for punishment, we tried
 again in 1983, this time running from north to south unlike all of our
 previous attempts. Bad weather and overnight navigational errors put paid to
 our hopes. Barry Pilton was walking south to north, so must have encountered
 us in either 1981 or 1982. A dozen or so of those who ran in the 1981 or
 1982 teams are still members - does anyone own up to being the mad axe-man?