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 MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS  Saturday October 6th at 3pm in Richmond Park.

 The first of our four mob matches this winter season. For the benefit of new
 members who don't know what mob matches are, the idea is that two clubs each
 field as many runners as possible and all contribute towards the final
 result. So the more Ranelagh vests we can get to the start line, the better
 our chances of winning. We haven't fared too well in mob matches of late,
 but Orion at home is one we really ought to win. So if you can manage 7.5
 miles at any speed please make the effort to turn up and help make sure we
 do. The course is two laps of the one used for the Thomas Cup handicap a
 couple of weeks ago. The Lee Cup goes to the winning club, and the race also
 incorporates our club veterans championships.

 The ever-popular Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham on September 23rd was
 also our Callis Cup 10 miles championship. Marcus had a fairly comfortable
 win, though Mick also put in a good time and new man Paul Doyle edged close
 to the hour. Bridget Cuthbert was our first woman, just missing 70 minutes.

 Wisely avoiding embarrassment we eschewed entering a senior men's team for
 the Southern Road Relay championships at Aldershot last Saturday, but we did
 put a quartet into the Over 40s race. Andy Bickerstaff's report is brief and
 succinct: "With the exception of Marcus we ran like a bunch of decrepit old
 gits on Saturday......which of course we are!" The OGs finished 18th out of
 45, which doesn't sound too bad to me.

 The women's event was at the same venue on Sunday and Skipper Sarah was
 bouncing around in delight at her team's performance - not so much at the
 finishing position, which slipped a little from last year, but at finding
 that the team had outdone even the Surrey relay for consistency. There Sarah
 had been fastest but the other three had been within 22 seconds of her. Here
 Sarah was again fastest but the others were all within 19 seconds - and they
 were a completely different trio! That depth of talent must augur well for
 the winter season.
 56 teams started and 43 finished. Paula Radcliffe zipped round in 11.44 on
 stage 2 for the winning team (who, incidentally, won by over four and a half
 minutes!). It shouldn't be allowed.

 The Windsor Half Marathon also took place on Sunday, attracting some 4000
 competitors to Windsor Great Park. Our small contingent was led by Bridget
 Cuthbert, just ahead of Simon Griffiths.
 273	Bridget Cuthbert		1.33.12
 421	Simon Griffiths		1.36.08
 1138	Eileen Church		1.47.24
 1518	Corinne Bishop		1.52.01
 3684	Bev Ali			2.27.53

 Chris Spink writes: "I'm running the London to Brighton double marathon this
 Sunday (October 7th). I know this is short notice but if any of the club
 would be prepared to either sponsor me, (Naomi House Children's Hospice) or
 to run a leg of the race in support, or meet me in Brighton for a beer after
 the jaunt, I'd be most grateful!!" The race starts at Westminster Bridge at
 7am and for most of the route follows the A23, with a few diversions. Chris
 expects (hopes?) to run at about 9 minute miling pace, which would get him
 to the Brighton seafront in a little over 8 hours. You can contact Chris at

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@ndirect.co.uk) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

 Saturday October 6th     The season's first mob match at home v Orion
 Harriers. 7.5 miles in Richmond Park, starting at 3pm. See above.

 Saturday October 13th    Surrey Cross Country League Division One - men at
 Brockwell Park, women at Wimbledon Common. Note that the women's league
 start times have been brought forward this year. Under 13s & under 15s now
 run together at 12 noon, under 17s and under 20s at 12.30pm and seniors at
 1pm. Men's races remain at 2.30pm for under 17s and 3pm for seniors.

 Saturday October 20th    Surrey Veterans Championships (women 6km at 2.30pm,
 men 10km at 3pm) at Richmond Park. This is on our course but entries do have
 to be made in advance to be eligible for the team competition. We regularly
 seem to miss team medals because of this, so anyone planning to run should
 please be sure to add your name to the list on the clubhouse noticeboard or
 contact John Hanscomb (020 8399 3928) or send your entry direct to Derek
 Crookes at 209 Lynmouth Avenue, Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX with the 2 fee
 payable to Surrey County AA.

 Saturday October 27th    Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. Start
 at 3pm.

 I got my Helly Hansen out of the drawer this week. It must be winter....

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