Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 399             19 April 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Michele Gibson wins the Baker Cup
 *  Fastest times by Trevor Maguire and Becky Hall
 *  Stragglers win parkrun mini mob match
 *  Marc Snaith and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our mob
 *  Steve Whitehead and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our contingent at the
     Towpath 10
 *  Eirin McDaid 2nd in Clapham Common 10km
 *  Estelle Damant runs 37.20 at the Lincoln 10km
 *  Good Marathons in Paris and Brighton
 *  Colin Brett and Si Martin complete the Marathon des Sables
 *  parkrun placings for Michelle Davies, Phil Killingley, Sean Paynter and
     Kevin Kearey
 *  Good luck to all London Marathoners
 *  Aches and Pains Party at the Wych Elm on Sunday evening
 *  More help needed for our Half Marathon

 Good luck to all our runners in Sunday's London Marathon. As usual we'll be
 gathering in Janet Turnes's pub the Wych Elm on Sunday evening. There's good
 beer and good food generously laid on by Janet so please come along.
 Everyone is welcome, but If you've completed a marathon lately, whether it's
 London, Paris, Brighton or anywhere else, do bring your medal (or medals in
 some cases!). The Wych Elm is in Elm Road, Kingston.  

 RICHMOND HALF MARATHON  Sunday 5th May starting at 8.30am
 Our half marathon is only a couple of weeks away now, and we're still
 looking for marshals, particularly in the Kingston area. Please volunteer
 for a couple of hours' work if you possibly can. Contact

 Amelie Hunton, who is running her first marathon in London on Sunday,
 started a London4Boston Twitter campaign to show London's solidarity with
 the people of Boston and all those affected by Monday's tragic events. She
 was asking people to wear a green ribbon to show their support. Here's a
 link to the story on ABC news:.  Amelie was interviewed on
 Radio5Live on Tuesday and the campaign looked set to take off. However, the
 London Marathon organisers subsequently announced that they would be asking
 runners to wear black ribbons, so Amelie has stepped back. 

 ...were due on April 1st. 
 Our rates are unchanged at 40 for seniors, 20 for second-claim members and
 those who are retired and over 60, 10 for under 20s and students and
 non-running members. There is also a 70 family membership.  Post your
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A
 Standing Order form is available from our website here: . For Bank Transfers, our
 account is at HSBC, sort code 40-23-29, account number 81109847; please add
 a message, for example SubscriptionJSmith. For any queries, e-mail the
 Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk . 

 These two competitions are for points scored in all winter club races. The
 Baker Cup handicap was the last of the seventeen scoring events. The very
 clear winner of the women's award was Sandra Prosser who amassed an amazing
 1276 points, almost 50% more than anyone else. Sonia Rowland was runner-up
 on 860, with Becky Hall third on 798.  Full scoreboard:.  

 It was a closer contest in the men's competition, but Trevor Maguire hung on
 to his slender lead. He totalled 1232 points, ahead of Chris Camacho on 1203
 and Steve Rowland on 1096.  Scoreboard:.  

 This competition also reached its conclusion at the Baker Cup. It's for
 consistency in handicaps and the winner was Mark Herbert on 19 points. Mark
 just stayed ahead of Philippa Kitchen who scored the maximum 10 at the Baker
 leaving her on 18 points. Third place went jointly to Phil Aiken and Chris
 Camacho, both on 16. Bad luck to Chris on just missing out on two awards!

 Kate Brook writes:
 "The following Coaching courses are available. You may be able to get
 funding from SWLAN if you are or will be volunteering your coaching time at
 Ranelagh Harriers. If you wish to apply for one of the following courses
 please contact kate.brook@swlan.org.uk on how to proceed. Please visit
 www.englandathletics.org/courses for more  courses which become available
 throughout the year. Please note that the Coaching Assistant course will
 book up very quickly. 

 Leadership in Running Fitness 
 Course dates: 22 June 2013  (Booking deadline: 7 June)
 Location: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium, Gatting Way, Uxbridge, UB8 1ES
 Course Code: SC0707 
 A one day Leadership Training course which qualifies and insures leaders to
 deliver safe and fun running sessions, suitable for Running Club Leaders and
 other Group Leaders. The minimum age for this course is 18.

 Coaching Assistant
 Course dates: 18 May to 19 May 2013  (Booking deadline: 3 May)
 Location: St Mary's University College, Waldergrave Road, Strawberry Hill,
 Twickenham, TW1 4SX
 Course Code: SC0690

 Athletics Coach
 Course dates: 22 June to 23 June 2013  (Booking deadline: 7 June 13)
 Location: St Mary's University College, Waldergrave Road, Strawberry Hill,
 Twickenham, TW1 4SX
 Course Code: SC0701
 You need to have Coaching Assistant qualification to attend this course.
 This course also has a third training day plus an assessment day. Please
 check you are able to attend on the dates given for these before booking.

 Coach in Running Fitness
 Course dates: 22 June to 23 June 2013  (Booking deadline: 7 June)
 Location: Winchester Sports Stadium, Milland Road, Winchester, Hampshire,
 SO23 0QA
 Course Code: SC0706
 You need to have Leadership in Running Fitness or Coaching Assistant
 qualification to attend this course. This course also has a third training
 day plus an assessment day. Please check you are able to attend on the dates
 given for these before booking."

 Marc Snaith writes:"To give you an extra incentive to train harder and run
 some fast times this summer we are going to reward the three runners who
 shave the most time from their 10k PBs. Don't worry if you set your 10k PB
 20 years ago, we'll use your fastest time since 1 March 2011. 

 There are three categories organised according to your fastest time since 1
 March 2011. The most improved runner in each of the following three
 categories will win a 50 voucher.
 1. Men sub 40 minutes, women sub 45 minutes.
 2. Men 40 minutes - 49.59, women 45 minutes - 54.59.
 3. Men 50 minutes plus, women 55 minutes plus.

 Only times run between 1 March and 30 September 2013 will count. To enter,
 email ranelagh.men@gmail.com and we'll take your fastest 10k time shown on
 the powerof10 or runbritain websites, or reported in the e-news, since 1
 March 2011. We'll try to keep tabs on improvers but if you beat your best
 time it will help if you send another e-mail with your new PB. 

 Happy training!"

 Our summer GP consists of ten events, starting with the Thames Towpath 10
 last Sunday. In addition, any spring marathon up to May 5th will count. The
 third event is our own Richmond Half Marathon on May 5th. Entries are closed
 but we need plenty of marshals - see above. Next comes the Sutton 10km on
 May 12th. This is on a new course this year, in and around Nonsuch Park.
 Full details are on our website here:.  

 We have just learned that David Campbell, who died last year, generously
 bequeathed the club 5,000 in his will, to be added to our Building Fund.
 David left his body to medical research so there was no funeral, but an
 Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving for donors is to be held at Southwark
 Cathedral on Friday 17th May at 11am. Anyone is welcome to attend.

 The May edition of Runner's World features an article on Chris Brasher and
 the birth of the London Marathon, adapted from a chapter of the biography of
 Brasher written by our friend from Thames Hare & Hounds, John Bryant.
 Ranelagh features well, including (ahem) the President and David Wright.   

 The Dysart Arms owner has repeated his request that we should not ride bikes
 across the pub car park. Please comply by walking them across. 

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris  
 ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or e-mail Estelle and Phil  ranelagh.women@gmail.com

 Sunday 21st April                  London Marathon

 Sunday 28th April                  MABAC League 5 miles at Winterfold Forest
 near Cranleigh. 11am start, register on the day.  Details:. 

 Sunday 5th May                    Richmond Half Marathon. Road GP race 3.
 Entries closed, but marshals needed! See above.

 Sunday 12th May                  Sutton 10km on a new course at Nonsuch
 Park. 9.30am start. Road GP race 4.  Details:. 

 Sunday 2nd June                   Dorking 10 miles. 9am start. 
 Road GP race 5.  Details:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 BAKER CUP 3 miles road handicap  Saturday 6th April
 Once again, thanks first of all to Ken Powley who continues to fill our
 handicapping void. He had a field of over 50 to contend with today, mostly
 regulars but with a smattering of new faces too. And as usual he did an
 excellent job with nearly forty runners home within two minutes. However,
 there was a surprising runaway winner...

 First away from the start beside White Lodge was Deborah Blakemore followed
 at ten seconds' distance by Paula Maguire and then by the rest of the field
 over the ensuing twelve minutes. The quadruple out-and-back nature of the
 course foreshortens the gaps, but if any of the faster runners thought they
 would catch Deborah and Paula, they were to be proved wrong - with one
 exception. To great acclaim it turned out to be Michele Gibson's day. Our
 Social Sec put in a great run to forge past all those in front of her and
 stride up the last hill a good half minute clear of the pack. That pack was
 still led by Paula and Michele, but only just as a horde of runners bore
 down on them. Paula was competing as a guest so missed out on the silver
 medal which went instead to Deborah. Next across the line Prelini Chiechi
 was also a guest so the bronze medal went to Peter Fordham.

 Fastest time of the day was Trevor Maguire's 17.48 ahead of Ted Mockett on
 17.56 and Niall O'Connor on 18.05. Fastest woman was Becky Hall on 19.42
 followed by Juliet Edwards on 20.42 and Wiebke Kortum on 21.04. Winner of
 the Jack Ellicock Trophy for the first under 18 in the handicap was Luke

 In the evening we filled up the upstairs room at the Roebuck for our annual
 prize presentations supper. Michele and Andy organised as efficiently as
 ever, Mike White provided the beer and Alan Hedger provided an astonishing
 array of newly polished and engraved silverware. Alan, Clive Naish and the
 President saw to it that the cups found their way to their new owners.

 RAVENS 5km  Thursday 21st March at Wapping
 1   L Armitage            17.13
 23  Chris Read            21.15
 28  Alan Davidson         23.39  

 MARATHON DES SABLES  Sunday 7th - Friday 12th April in Morocco 
 Colin Brett and Si Martin did amazingly well to finish 76th and 213th out of
 almost a thousand finishers in this, one of the toughest races on the
 planet. With high temperatures and desert sands to contend with, competitors
 are faced with four stages of near-marathon distance plus a near-double
 marathon thrown in on the fourth day. Colin and Si finished day one together
 but thereafter Colin forged ahead well inside the top hundred each day, with
 a best of 56th on the murderous 81.5km fourth stage. More details to follow.

 1   M Ahansal (Morocco)   18:59.35
 76  Colin Brett           29:19.10
 213 Si Martin             34:23.18

 Stage 1  33.8km
 1   M Ahansal (Morocco)   2:50.56
 298 Colin Brett           5:17.19
 297 Si Martin             5:17.19
 Stage 2  38.5km
 1   M Ahansal (Morocco)   2:38.48
 73  Colin Brett           4:13.53
 295 Si Martin             5:16.16
 Stage 3  35km
 1   A El Akad (Morocco)   3:00.17
 65  Colin Brett           4:23.54
 323 Si Martin             5:39.08
 Stage 4  81.5km
 1   M Ahansal (Morocco)   6:54.47
 56  Colin Brett          10:34.25
 155 Si Martin            12:08.49
 Stage 5  42.2km
 1   A El Akad (Morocco)   3:18.36
 61  Colin Brett           4:49.37
 282 Si Martin             6:01.44
 Stage 6  "Charity stage" non-competitive 7.7km 

 PRAGUE HALF MARATHON  Saturday 6th April
 On her Powerof10 profile page Michelle Davies lists her targets for 2013 -
 sub 21min 5km,  42min 10km, 1:34 HM and 3:30 Mar. Well, Michelle ran 20.54
 at the Gunnersbury parkrun last month and a big PB of 1:33.43 on chip timing
 here in Prague. So that's two down, two to go!  PB also for Mark Herbert. 

 1    Z Tadesse (Eritrea)  1:00.10  (chip time 1:00.10)
 155  Mark Herbert         1:22.09  (1:21.59)
 758  Michelle Davies      1:34.30  (1:33.43)
 1414 Lee Davies           1:41.10  (1:39.23)   

 PARIS MARATHON  Sunday 7th April
 Ben Shore reports:
 "Conditions could not have been much better for the Paris Marathon. Bright
 blue skies greeted the 40,000 starters and while the day began cold, the
 temperature by finish time was near perfect for fast running.

 There were two stand-out performances amongst the six-strong Ranelagh

 Duncan Mallison, a veteran of eight marathons, finally nailed a sub 3.10
 after a brilliantly judged race. He passed your correspondent at the 35k
 mark, looking strong, and finished in 3.08.34. Having run 3.11 at his last
 marathon in Seville, Duncan showed the benefit of experience, going through
 half way in 1.34 and hanging on impressively in the hard yards towards the

 Catherine Jones, who was press ganged into Ranelagh membership by me just
 one year ago, also performed extremely well. In February 2012 she ran 28
 minutes at the Richmond parkrun, in Paris she managed 3.30.34 frustratingly
 close to her intended sub 3.30. She lost about 90 seconds around kilometre
 38 - 40 from painful knees, and despite pushing hard in the final stretch
 couldn't get the time back. Cathy, like Duncan, does qualify for London on
 the 'good for age' criteria so perhaps that's when unfinished business will
 be dealt with.

 Next up, Lars Lundqvist. Lars, was injured in the crucial period eight weeks
 before the marathon when he would have liked to have been clocking up some
 big runs and, despite a brave opening half (1.39), he didn't quite have the
 legs at the end to complete the job of sub 3.20...coming in at 3.29.10. This
 was still a significant personal best for Lars who only started running
 seriously last year and must be a candidate for most improved Ranelagh
 runner over the past twelve months.

 Next up was Paul Rider, who produced an impressive 89 minute half marathon
 at Eton just three weeks before Paris. Paul was on track for sub 3.10 time
 at half way, passing 21k in 1.35. Sadly, like several of us on the day, he
 blew up after 25k, coming home in 3.41.52. Commenting on the result Paul
 said: 'I ran in Paris on Sunday. Well, the first 28k anyway. Not much of a
 run, I'm afraid, but hopefully it will get me a point in the road grand
 prix.' (It should be noted that if we had known he was running we would have
 invited Paul for alcoholic commiserations at the end but alas the chance was

 Ian Grange again demonstrated his consistency, coming in in an extremely
 creditable 3.49.10. His desire to keep banging out 26.2 miles is fast
 becoming the stuff of club legend - a legend enhanced by the fact he went on
 to run 3.51 at Brighton just a week later in very windy conditions. Has any
 active member run more marathons than Ian?

 Finally my own race didn't go to plan. Aiming for 3.07, I got half way in
 1.33.15 but could feel myself dying as soon as I crossed the half-marathon
 line. The last 7k were extremely difficult, and I only managed to finish (in
 3.23.44) because I met another struggling Brit from Tunbridge Wells...we
 walked for 30 seconds at each kilometre marker then hobbled/ran to the next
 one. At the end I ended up in the medical tent for thirty minutes with

 However, when I finally got to the hotel room I asked Cathy to marry me and
 she said yes..so no harm done. Perhaps like other first time marathoners, I
 swore I'd only do it once and am now reconsidering.

 Good luck to everyone running London...now I really do know what you'll go

 1     P Some (Kenya)      2:05.38  (chip time 2:05.36)
 2400  Duncan Mallison     3:16.13  (3:08.34)
 3651  Ben Shore           3:25.43  (3:23.44)
 5003  Lars Lundqvist      3:35.02  (3:29.10)
 6439  Cathy Jones         3:42.56  (3:30.34)
 8082  Paul Rider          3:50.28  (3:41.52)
 13655 Ian Grange          4:15.09  (3:49.10)  

 LINCOLN 10km  Sunday 7th April
 Estelle Damant finished 6th in the women's race.

 1   B Livesey (Birch)      30.16  (chip time 30.16)
 85  Estelle Damant         37.20  (37.17) 

 1   K Quinn (AFD)          1:11.31  (chip time 1:11.31)
 18  Ian Kenton             1:24.10  (1:24.06)
 242 Phil Aiken             1:48.12  (1:47.42) 

 parkrun MINI MOB MATCH  Saturday 13th April at the Kingston parkrun
 We had a turnout of 46 for the mini mob match, not bad considering we also
 had 30-odd running the Towpath 10 the next day (a dozen or so gallantly did
 the double) as well as another ten lining up for marathons. However, there
 was one more Ranelagh vest reluctantly on show - worn by Stragglers' captain
 Roy Reeder as a forfeit for losing to us in our Surrey Cross-Country League
 B team competition. The extra runners from Stragglers and Ranelagh doubled
 the average Saturday morning attendance here to 170, even though the
 anticipated third mob from Kingston & Poly failed to materialise.  

 The Kingston parkrun course is tarmac at the start and end, with a section
 of rough tow-path in the middle. Puddles were the main feature of that
 tow-path section, accounting for relatively slow times. Strags provided the
 winner in James Ruskin, but Marc Snaith filled the runner-up spot and Ted
 Mockett and Nick Wright were close at hand in 4th and 5th places. That gave
 us a good start, but thereafter Strags always had the edge, though there was
 never very much in it. Counting 43 a side we lost by 1736 points to 2013.
 THAMES TOWPATH 10 miles  Sunday 14th April
 The Towpath 10 was the first race in our 2013 Road GP, though quite a few
 spring marathon marks have already been set too. At last we enjoyed some
 fine weather, but the towpath remained very wet. Steve Whitehead was our
 first man home in 9th place, and 3rd over 40. Trevor Maguire was not far
 behind, then came Mark Herbert, Niall O'Connor and Stewart Anderson all
 inside 70 minutes. Alberto Esguevillas was just outside 70, and then Marie
 Synnott-Wells crossed the line in 7th place in the women's race and 2nd over
 45. Juliet Edwards was 14th woman home and Phil Jackson and Peter Fordham
 filled the top two spots in the men's over 60s class.  
 Steve Whitehead writes:
 "It was good to have a run in warm conditions and although there was a
 strong wind, it was tropical compared to the arctic blast of late.  Good to
 see a big turnout from Ranelagh; we all had an extended chat before the race
 as the start was delayed by 15 minutes to allow everyone to use the toilets.
 The race itself felt painful but a good workout ahead of the summer season."

 BRIGHTON MARATHON  Sunday 14th April
 Becky Hall reports:
 "A tale of two (other) halves.
 Both Rob and I have seen big improvements throughout the last year in our
 running times, partly through the continued hard work of the club putting us
 through our paces at Tuesday sessions. Despite this, we both travelled to
 Brighton with some trepidation about the forthcoming race: Rob because he
 ran a stellar time and pb last year and the weight of expectation for him to
 perform well again was high and me because this was to be the first time I
 had raced over the marathon distance, having only run a few before at more
 moderate paces.

 On the start line I decided to try and temper my habit to go off too fast so
 stuck with Rob for the first four miles, but then he told me to go on as I
 was actually making him speed up too much as well. In my naive mind I was so
 comfortable that I went on with a group of five or six guys who were having
 some great banter. I should have known that I was in for trouble when just
 past half way we caught up with the sub 3:15 pacer. Ah.

 17 miles in and disaster struck, my legs just instantly turned to concrete.
 I struggled on through the Hove loop up and back on a road that seemed to go
 on forever with each mile getting slower. At mile 20, with a 9:52 mile to my
 shame, I was all ready to pack it in, when who should call out my name, but

 Although he was tiring from the too fast start he was looking a lot better
 than me. I decided to try and stick with him as long as possible and was
 able to pick myself up again. Both of us struggled through the power station
 loop and ran straight into the headwind for the final four miles. By then we
 knew the sub 3:30 was still on and the sub 3:25 was possible, so we decided
 that all being well we would cross the line together.

 It seems only fitting really, we train together, we often finish races
 within seconds of each other and although both of us could have done perhaps
 a better time on the day with more realistic first halves, neither of us
 felt we would have run those last miles as quickly as we did without our
 better half by our side. As we crossed the line in 3:24:17, the announcer
 called out that Hugh Jones was there and that made me very proud to be part
 of the club that has been such a big part in our success. Thanks to all the
 cheery, lovely, and committed Ranelaghs, hopefully we can carry on with our
 improvements for some time yet, after a well earned break of course!"

 1    D Kangor (Kenya)      2:10.46  (chip time 2:10.46)
 489  Becky Hall            3:24.43  (3:24.17)
 490  Rob Curtis            3:24.43  (3:24.17)
 1706 Ian Grange            3:53.18  (3:51.54)
 2008 Jane Craigie-Payne    3:54.07  (3:52.44)
 2597 David Munt            4:01.42  (3:59.33)
 3636 Tomas Sterner         4:17.12  (4:14.25)
 3695 Heather Martingell    4:18.03  (4:16.40)
 5970 Kirsty Bangham        4:52.05  (4:48.03)
 7564 Tanya Allen           5:26.15  (5:18.15)
 8107 Sharon Rowe           5:44.27  (?)                   

 RUN THROUGH CLAPHAM COMMON 10km  Sunday 14th April
 Eirin McDaid finished 2nd, with Nick Twomey and Matthew Copp also well

 1   P Berntsen (Winch)     34.20
 2   Eirin McDaid           34.49
 10  Nick Twomey            38.01
 24  Matthew Copp           40.41

 BOSTON MARATHON  Monday 15th April
 Details of the race hardly seem relevant in light of the tragic bombings
 which took place near the finish. However, for the record, Bruce McLaren
 finished in just over three and a half hours. Thankfully Bruce and his
 family are safe and well.

 1    L Desisa (Ethiopia)   2:10.22
 8481 Bruce McLaren         3:30.06 

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   D Hellard (London Hth) 18.02
 30  John Ricketts          22.09
 97  Louise Atkinson        26.06 
 115 Michael Sikora         27.19
 132 Val Lowman             29.12
 140 Andrew Brown           29.46
 146 Peter Lowman           30.13

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   R Ward (Belgrave)      16.08
 687 John Hanscomb          34.28 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   E Donovan (Les Croup)  17.27
 6   Kevin Kearey           21.04
 18  David Bell             23.06 
 32  Ann Kearey             32.15
 34  Bev Ali                37.16

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 There was a real extravaganza at Old Deer Park this week, as part of the
 Adidas BOOST tour. There were prizes galore and star runners in attendance,
 the upshot being that over 550 runners took part (as against the normal 30
 or 40!).  

 1   J Shane (N&EB)         15.45
 47  Alberto Esguevillas    19.50
 77  David Rowe             20.38
 79  Bill Neely             20.39     
 184 Phil Roberts           22.52
 201 Richard Goddard-Jones  23.15
 215 Tomas Sterner          23.29
 218 Alex Fordham           23.31
 228 Phil Aiken             23.42
 233 Rachael Holmes         23.49
 248 Adam Wright            24.06
 255 Melanie Hunter         24.18
 319 Rob Kitchen            25.43
 320 Eugenio Carmo          25.44
 344 Peter Fordham          26.17
 436 Sue Camp               28.54
 437 Lloyd Camp             28.56
 473 Tony Clark             30.25
 477 Stacey Barber          30.33
 486 Tanya Allen            30.53
 491 Christine David        31.15
 498 Cindy Croucher         31.32
 501 Deirdre Inman          31.38
 531 Penny Merrett          34.48
 553 Wally Garrod           44.21              

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   C Kissane-Wood (Walt)  16.20
 16  Chris Camacho          21.08
 67  Tom Reay               27.45

 YORK parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   D Cheeseman (York A)   16.08
 46  Phil Jackson           21.16
 159 Aiah Songu-Mbriwa      31.34 

 READING parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 Second place for Sean Paynter

 1   T Fricker (Reading U)  17.50   
 2   Sean Paynter           18.23  

 CRYSTAL PALACE parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 Phil Killingley was the winner.

 1   Phil Killingley        17.37

 OXFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   M Dilks (Kidlington)   18.39
 53  Evelyn Joslin          28.14  

 BRIGHTON & HOVE parkrun 5km  Saturday 6th April
 1   K Rojas (Brighton & H) 16.06
 139 John Pratt             23.04

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 1   J Chaston (Belgrave)   16.13
 11  Peter Weir             19.22
 136 Tomas Sterner          26.30
 144 Colin Rogal            26.56
 146 Michael Sikora         26.58
 152 Jenny Rogal            27.10
 153 Louise Atkinson        27.14
 158 Andrew Brown           27.30
 212 Peter Lowman           30.19
 218 Claire French          31.09 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 Kevin Kearey was runner-up. 

 1   A Keane (unatt)        19.08
 2   Kevin Kearey           20.43
 15  Tom Kearey             23.36
 39  Emily Kearey           29.42
 42  Tamsin Burland         30.45
 43  Deirdre Inman          33.35
 44  Cindy Croucher         33.36
 45  Stacey Barber          33.37
 49  Danny Hobbs            36.48 

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.20
 603 Vicci Randle           28.55
 812 John Hanscomb          35.30 

 UPTON COURT parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 Michelle Davies was the leading woman. 

 1   T Hawkes (WSEH)        19.13
 10  Lee Davies             24.50
 12  Michelle Davies        25.29  

 MILTON KEYNES parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 1   S Richardson (Redway)  17.15
 199 Lynne Barber           27.36
 278 Christine David        31.28

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 1   J Smith (unatt)        19.35
 41  Paula Maguire          30.25

 HAMPSTEAD HEATH parkrun 5km  Saturday 13th April
 1   Unknown                16.32
 25  Andres Arana Garcia    22.20    

 When you run the marathon, you run against the distance, not against the
 other runners and not against the time.  Brainy Quotes and 
 Haile  Gebrselassie