Newsdesk 2013

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 398             3 April 2013
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Milocarians win the Bank of England inter-club 
 *  South of England Road Relays cancelled owing to snow
 *  parkrun placings for Clare King, Wiebke Kortum, Michelle Davies, Bruce
     McLaren, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, Kevin Kearey, Colin Brett, Trevor Maguire,
     Philippa Kitchen and Simon Burrell
 *  Still time to sign up for the captains' 10km challenge 
 *  Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap this Saturday 
 *  A few places still available at the Baker Cup supper on Saturday
 *  parkrun mob match v Stragglers at the Kingston parkrun on 13th April

 BAKER CUP 3 miles road handicap  Saturday 6th April
 All members welcome, sign in at the clubhouse by 2.30pm for a 3pm start near
 White Lodge in the middle of the Park. Details and course map here:. 

 Only a few places left! It's upstairs at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill on
 Saturday 6th April, starting at 7pm. Price 22 includes welcome glass of
 bubbly, free beer while stocks last and a buffet dinner. If you have a
 trophy to collect, please try to come along. Book with Michele Gibson on
 Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at the clubhouse or by e-mail
 micheleagibson@hotmail.com or phone 07703 518956. Cheques payable
 to Ranelagh Harriers. 

 THAMES TOWPATH 10 miles  Sunday 14th April
 Officially the first event in our 2013 Road Grand Prix series, though some
 Spring marathon marks have already been recorded and others will come from
 the Brighton Marathon which also takes place today. Entries are still being
 accepted for the Towpath 10 - we currently have about 30 RH in a total entry
 of just over 500. Details:.  

 ...were due on April 1st. 
 Our rates are unchanged at 40 for seniors, 20 for second-claim members and
 those who are retired and over 60, 10 for under 20s and students and
 non-running members. There is also a 70 family membership.  Post your
 cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road,
 Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A
 Standing Order form is available from our website here:  or e-mail the Membership
 Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk  for Bank Transfer details or any other

 These two competitions are for points scored in all winter club events. With
 just Saturday's Baker Cup to come, Sandra Prosser holds an unassailable lead
 in the women's competition with a grand total of 1180 points. Sonia Rowland
 is second on 765 and Becky Hall is third with 698, just 4 points ahead of
 Marie Synnott-Wells. Full scoreboard:. 

 Things are not quite so clear cut in the men's competition. Trevor Maguire
 leads with 1131 points and provided he completes the race on Saturday he
 should be safe. But Chris Camacho is still there on Trevor's heels with 1114
 points, definitely not giving up without a fight. Steve Rowland is in third
 place on 1015. Scoreboard:.   

 This one will also be resolved on Saturday. It's for consistency in
 handicaps and leading at the moment is Mark Herbert on 19 points ahead of
 Phil Aiken on 16 and Mike White on 14. Anyone down to 7th place could still
 win the trophy.  Details:.  

 Brian Abrams writes:
 "Every year when the London Marathon comes around, I remember my youth and
 times with Ranelagh. I was never a runner, I am, or was, a front row
 forward. But my dad George Abrams was. He indeed appears on your web site
 under Past Members Mob Match Appearances - he completed 55. I note that this
 list was compiled by Bill Bird, who will remember dad. During the early 60s
 I invested some pocket money in a cycle mileometer. This was a little device
 that attached to the front fork turned by a small pointer attached to a
 wheel spoke. Soon afterwards dad had me accompany him over most of
 Ranelagh's Richmond Park routes to get accurate distances.

 My last real contribution was as co-driver with dad, on the original Pennine
 Way relay. Then my high point, literally, was on top a mist-covered fell,
 lifting a farm gate off its pins so dad could drive through. Chris Brasher
 was on board and this saved him a mile going towards the upcoming runner.
 Mum and dad were both part of the original Ranelagh volunteer contingent,
 co-opted by Brasher, to assist with registration on the first London
 Marathon. And now many years later, my daughter Kirsten, who grew up a
 swimmer and lacrosse player, will compete in this year's race.
 Best wishes and good luck to all at Ranelagh."

 The Runner's World website has an interesting short interview with Hugh
 Brasher on the London Marathon past,  present and future:. 

 Kate Brook writes:
 "After the success of the last Meet and Mingle morning, SWLAN are pleased to
 invite members of the four SWLAN clubs to free breakfast at the Hawker
 Centre on Saturday 13th April from 9am to 10.30am. There is an opportunity
 to take part in the Kingston parkrun which will be playing host to the mob
 match between Stragglers, Ranelagh and K&P."

 Peter Fordham writes:
 "Just in case you missed the feature in the parkrun newsletter of 28th
 February....the parkrun Poland team are welcoming a group of parkrunners to
 the historic and fascinating Tricity area on the last weekend of April,
 where you will have the opportunity to run one or both of the parkruns. We
 experienced amazing hospitality from the parkrun team there last year, and
 it is a great way to mix with the wider parkrun community both U.K. and
 Polish. The team have also promised to show us some of the attractions. Most
 of the group will be flying out of Stansted on Friday morning and returning
 on Sunday night.
 If you are interested, it is still possible to join us. Call me on 07799
 072307 or email me peter_fordham@yahoo.com
 www.parkrun.pl/gdansk and www.parkrun.pl/gdynia         

 Marc Snaith writes:
 "To give you an extra incentive to train harder and run some fast times this
 summer we are going to reward the three runners who shave the most time from
 their 10k PBs. Don't worry if you set your 10k PB 20 years ago, we'll use
 your fastest time since 1 March 2011. 

 There are three categories organised according to your fastest time since 1
 March 2011. The most improved runner in each of the following three
 categories will win a 50 voucher.
 1. Men sub 40 minutes, women sub 45 minutes.
 2. Men 40 minutes - 49.59, women 45 minutes - 54.59.
 3. Men 50 minutes plus, women 55 minutes plus.

 Only times run between 1 March and 30 September 2013 will count. To enter,
 email ranelagh.men@gmail.com and we'll take your fastest 10k time shown on
 the powerof10 or runbritain websites, or reported in the e-news, since 1
 March 2011. We'll try to keep tabs on improvers but if you beat your best
 time it will help if you send another e-mail with your new PB. 

 Happy training!"

 RICHMOND HALF MARATHON  Sunday 5th May starting at 8.30am
 As usual on this complex course we need plenty of marshals and people to man
 the water stations, ride the lead bikes etc. If you can spare only a few
 minutes we can still use you. If you have two or three hours so much the
 better. Please contact ranelaghhalfhelpers@hotmail.co.uk to volunteer. 

 Our unofficial parkrun "mob match" against the Stragglers will be
 incorporated with the Kingston parkrun on Saturday 13th April. Kingston &
 Poly are also joining in. If you're doing a parkrun that day, try to make it
 the Kingston one. Note if your parkrun registration doesn't currently show
 you as Ranelagh Harriers, please amend it before the day or you won't count
 in the scoring - and if possible please wear blue Ranelagh kit of some kind.
 Start is on the towpath adjacent to the Hawker Centre. Details:.
 On the same day at the Hawker Centre there will be free breakfast at the
 latest SWLAN Mix and Mingle morning (see SWLAN News above).  

 Know anyone starting from scratch? Our 2013 women's beginners' course is due
 to start on 16th April.   It runs for eight weeks and is aimed at complete
 beginners to learn to run 5k.  This course is for women only and will take
 place on Tuesday evenings in Richmond Park at 7pm. See  here:.

 Our summer GP will consist of the same ten events as last year, starting
 with the Thames Towpath 10 on Sunday 14th April.  Details:.  Any spring marathon will also
 count, up to our Half Marathon on May 5th. Full details are on our website here:.  

 Follow Ranelagh on Facebook. 

 More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris  
 ranelagh.men@gmail.com  or e-mail Estelle and Phil  ranelagh.women@gmail.com

  Saturday 6th April                  Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in
 Richmond Park. 3pm start. All members welcome, register on the day.

 Saturday 13th April                parkrun mob match v Stragglers at the
 Kingston parkrun. 9am start.

 Sunday 14th April                  Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick, starting at
 9.30am. The first race in our summer road GP.  Details:.  

 Sunday 21st April                  London Marathon

 Sunday 28th April                  MABAC League 5 miles at Winterfold Forest
 near Cranleigh. 11am start, register on the day.  Details:. 

 Sunday 5th May                    Richmond Half Marathon. Marshals needed!
 See above.

 Sunday 12th May                  Sutton 10km on a new course at Nonsuch
 Park. 9.30am start.  Details:. 

 parkruns every Saturday at 9am
 Bushy Park                            Diana Fountain car park
 Richmond Park                      Richmond Gate
 Wimbledon Common             Windmill car park
 Banstead Woods                  Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
 Bedfont Lakes                       Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford,
 Kingston                               The Hawker Centre
 Old Deer Park                        Pools in the Park on the A316
 Crane Park                             Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout
 on the A316 in Twickenham
 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com
 2km junior parkruns for under 14s take place on the first Sunday of each
 month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate (11am start) and from Savill Garden
 car park, Windsor Great Park (9.30am start). 

 BANK OF ENGLAND INTER-CLUB  Saturday 23rd March in Richmond Park
 Our annual visit to the Bank of England's course at Roehampton Gate was
 originally scheduled for 19th January but heavy snowfall persuaded the
 Bank's officials to call it off. When they picked 23rd March as the date to
 try again they probably expected that the Park would by then be echoing to
 Browning's lines:. "The year's at the spring / And day's at the morn; /
 Morning's at seven; / The hill-side's dew-pearled; / The lark's on the wing;
 / The snail's on the thorn; / God's in His heaven- / All's right with the

 Some hope. The year might well have been at the spring but the hill-side was
 ice-pearled and all sensible larks and snails were indoors keeping warm. As
 befitted the coldest March for fifty years, a bitter Siberian wind was
 swirling more snow around the Park. At least it wasn't settling, but
 surprise surprise we seemed to have the Park pretty much to ourselves. Not
 that there were many of us to enjoy the solitude - only 43 runners in all
 from six clubs and only Milocarians breaking into double figures. Even our
 hosts mustered only five runners. We had nine, though in mitigation we also
 had teams lined up for the (ultimately cancelled) South of England Relays
 the following day. 

 The outcome of the team competition was in little doubt as soon as the young
 and keen Milocarians services team marched into the Bank's clubhouse in
 matching tracksuits. They obviously meant business compared to the rag tag
 teams opposing them. And so it went - winner Charlie Austin represented
 Milos and they provided eight of the first thirteen to finish. Trevor
 Maguire was our first man in 15th place, half a minute clear of Andrew
 McLauchlan. Chris Camacho was next, and then Sandra Prosser, third woman

 The team results take longer to set out than the individuals! At nine to
 score we placed second to Milos, at three to score we were fifth, and in our
 separate contest against Ealing, Southall and Middlesex - with five to score
 - we had to relinquish the Hec Petersen trophy.             

  Phil Killingley writes:
 "Those of you secure in the knowledge that the Southern 12 stage relays in
 Milton Keynes on Sunday 24 March were cancelled due to ice on the course
 will be a mite perplexed by the headline.  Know then that a little frozen
 water and sub-zero wind chill could not scare off our intrepid Ranelagh
 dozen, who u-turned as the news of cancellation filtered through on our
 journey towards the citadel of roundabouts, and headed back down the M1
 towards Bushy Park for an impromptu 10km challenge.  In fact, it may have
 been more the prospect of Liam's chocolate brownies, Nick's doughnuts and
 Vaughan's coffee that led us to line up in singlets and shorts on the
 parkrun start line, rather than hardiness of spirit, but by 12.30 we were
 haring off down the avenue of trees, already guaranteed victory due to the
 non-appearance of any of the other teams. Ranelagh scored a famous victory,
 packing 11 runners into the top 11 (er... in a total field of 11), then
 proceeded to astound heavily wrapped up dog walkers by tucking into a
 shivery and calorie-laden picnic in the car park. 

 The day had started more promisingly, with the news posted at 8.30 on the
 Milton Keynes website that the 12-stage was going ahead! Captain Marc
 Snaith's last hurrah would mean Ranelagh entering our first team in the 12
 stage relays for at least fifteen years, and possibly since Roman times (the
 archives are a bit murky on this subject).  However, the race referee had
 other thoughts, and after a 10am course inspection concluded that health and
 safety would rule the day. Probably not a bad thing, given reports from
 other competitors that the course was 'an ice rink'. But teams travelling
 from the further reaches of the South of England, including Devon and
 Cornwall, will no doubt question the wisdom of such a late call and travel
 expense incurred for nothing. 
 Ranelagh's team (12 stage and Bushy 10km): Eirin McDaid, Marc Snaith,
 Vaughan Ramsay, Phil Aiken, Mark Herbert, Nick Twomey, Estelle Damant, Alex
 Harrison, Jon Mortimer, Matthew Copp, Rob Curtis, Phil Killingley and Liam

 GOSPORT HALF MARATHON  Sunday 18th November 2012
 This brace of PBs from last November slipped through the net.

 1   M Revier (Soton)       68.23  (chip time 68.23)
 329 Rob Curtis             93.37  (93.13)
 334 Becky Hall             93.43  (93.19)

 HARROW HILL 6 miles  Sunday 17th February
 1   S Riley (St A Str)     34.14
 62  Louise Piears          48.21
 88  Melissa Glackin        51.51 

 RUN THROUGH BUSHY PARK 10km  Sunday 10th March
 1   O Garrod (E&E)         33.24
 56  Simon Rothwell         45.43
 118 Rachel Revett          52.45
 155 Wally Garrod           59.14
 176 Duncan Bell ??         65.11       

 FLEET HALF MARATHON  Sunday 17th March
 In addition to the result in the last e-news, Maya Farah also ran and
 finished 2072nd in 2:21.25 (chip 2:20.07). 

 Kate Comisso finished 1027th in 93.57 (chip time 93.20). 

 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 10km  Saturday 23rd March at Battersea Park
 1   J Cherriman (Orp)      32.05
 14  Paul Nicoll            38.01

 BREAKFAST RUNS  Sunday 24th March at Kingston
 There were a few more pre-Marathon training runs today, including Carl
 Selya-Hammer who appears to have started at the back and cruised through to
 18th place, though his chip time would have had him home about ten places

 16 miles
 1   J Franklin (Met Pol)   1:27.31  (chip time 1:27.30)
 18  Carl Selya-Hammer      1:41.46  (1:38.23)
 45  Sean Paynter           1:46.10  (1:46.06)
 58  Bill Neely             1:47.42  (1:47.37)
 106 Richard Holme          1:54.04  (1:53.51)
 178 Bruce McLaren          1:59.19  (1:59.14)
 771 Kate Brook             2:26.43  (2:26.29)
 772 Chris Brook            2:26.43  (2:26.30)
 949 Prelini Udyan-Chiechi  2:35.16  (2:35.01)  

 8.2 miles
 1   M Ismail (Herne Hill)  46.12  (chip time 46.10)
 81  Daniel Chiechi         60.28  (60.25)
 193 Simon Taylor           68.08  (67.57)

 LEITH HILL HALF MARATHON  Sunday 24th March at Dorking
 The clue is in the name!
 1   R Macdonald (Swansea)  1:22.21
 141 Paul Gilbert           2:05.14
 144 Dave Munt              2:06.17

 1   R Prout (Chelms)       1:09.47  (chip time 1:09.47)
 226 Lars Lundqvist         1:37.18  (1:36.46)

 CRANLEIGH 21 miles  Sunday 24th March 
 1   J Addison (Beck)       2:10.12
 97  David Rowe             2:42.20
 551 Sharon Rowe            3:50.33

 MAIDENHEAD EASTER 10 miles  Friday 29th March
 1    A Cooray (VoA)        50.22  (chip time 50.22)
 109  Mick Lane             64.11  (64.07)
 170  Peter Weir            67.12  (66.20)
 328  Becky Hall            73.37  (72.10)
 343  Karen Weir            74.04  (73.30)
 413  Rob Curtis            76.28  (76.01)
 612  Melissa Glackin       82.33  (82.20)
 641  Pete Warren           83.28  (83.28)
 1057 Aiah Songu-Mbriwa    110.35  (109.35)

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 29th March in Hyde Park
 1   M Fayers (Hill)        15.09
 106 Alan Davidson          23.41

 RICHMOND 13.1 miles  Sunday 31st March
 The "other" Richmond Half Marathon attracted over 1300 runners. Bill Neely
 was second over 50 while Sally Dell and Wiebke Kortum both made the top
 seven in the women over 40 category.

 1    P Owor (Belgrave)     1:10.54  (chip time 1:10.54)
 68   Bill Neely            1:28.26  (1:28.15)
 265  Sally Dell            1:39.50  (1:38.34)
 296  Wiebke Kortum         1:41.14  (1:40.40)
 297  Lloyd Camp            1:41.16  (1:40.22)
 321  Karen Weir            1:42.35  (1:42.24)
 347  Michael Mullen        1:43.31  (1:42.30)
 398  Tomas Sterner         1:45.16  (1:44.45)
 438  Phil Roberts          1:47.07  (1:46.28)
 546  Tom Reay              1:50.33  (1:49.43)
 768  Hannah Doyle          1:57.49  (1:56.27)
 891  Ally Salisbury        2:01.54  (2:00.02)
 1073 Lorna Smith           2:12.12  (2:09.36)   
 BRIGHTON & HOVE parkrun 5km  Saturday 9th March
 1   S Fletcher (Seaford)   17.26
 213 Ally Salisbury         26.03   

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   H Wyber (WG&EL)        17.12 
 9   Sean Paynter           18.39
 15  David Rowe             19.07
 16  Nick Wright            19.13 
 197 Rachel Revett          25.36
 410 Wally Garrod           32.59
 437 John Hanscomb          35.28     

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   R Carol (Clapham)      17.41
 19  Stewart Anderson       20.32  
 23  Alberto Esguevillas    20.45
 44  Tomas Sterner          23.01
 54  Eugenio Carmo          23.46
 85  Phil Aiken             25.42
 131 Andrew Brown           28.48
 144 Peter Lowman           29.12 
 148 Val Lowman             29.23

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 Kevin Kearey finished second.

 1   B Taylor (unatt)       21.05
 2   Kevin Kearey           21.12
 5   Tom Kearey             22.57 
 8   David Bell             23.58
 21  Josie Kearey           27.25
 32  Tamsin Burland         32.46
 33  Cindy Croucher         33.01
 34  Deirdre Inman          33.01
 35  Oliver Bheemul         33.20
 36  Stacey Barber          33.21
 37  Allison Peach          33.44 

 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   M Symes (unatt)        17.54
 11  Mark Herbert           20.49
 34  Lee Davies             24.21
 69  Michelle Davies        28.17
 76  Mike White             28.42   

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 Bruce McLaren finished second overall and Wiebke Kortum and Philippa Kitchen
 were second and third in the women's section..

 1   R Eveson (SMR)         19.18
 2   Bruce McLaren          19.43
 12  Chris Camacho          21.38
 18  Lloyd Camp             22.43
 29  Wiebke Kortum          24.25
 31  Tom Reay               25.11
 37  Rob Kitchen            27.03
 39  Philippa Kitchen       27.03
 45  Tony Clark             29.15
 49  Janet Turnes           31.13 

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 Colin Brett was runner-up.

 1   H Hughes (TVH)         19.09
 2   Colin Brett            19.11 
 14  Phil Roberts           23.34
 20  Mel Hunter             25.03
 33  Molly Smith            29.51
 34  Paula Maguire          30.56
 35  Deborah Blakemore      31.12 

 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   S Don (SMR)            18.34
 8   Chris Spink            21.49

 CONKERS parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   M Dumelow (Herm)       18.57
 7   David Lawley           21.30 

 MILTON KEYNES parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 1   S Patey (Redway)       20.17
 75  Lynne Barber           30.23

 PYMMES parkrun 5km  Saturday 23rd March
 Paul Sinton-Hewitt placed second.

 1   D Norman (26.2)        17.06
 2   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.33

 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   R Carol (Clapham)      17.04
 26  Bill Neely             20.09
 34  Stewart Anderson       20.39  
 64  Alberto Esguevillas    22.13
 76  Phil Jackson           22.42
 78  Eugenio Carmo          22.46  
 82  Tomas Sterner          22.58
 107 Phil Aiken             24.05
 162 Sue Camp               26.27
 163 Lloyd Camp             26.28
 177 Rob Kitchen            27.00
 179 Lorraine Clifton       27.04
 189 Colin Rogal            27.39
 197 Val Lowman             27.59
 201 Michael Sikora         28.05
 209 Philippa Kitchen       28.18
 218 Andrew Brown           28.40
 223 Jenny Rogal            28.46  
 232 Peter Lowman           29.16
 247 Claire French          30.59   

 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   A Jackson (Sitting)    16.03 
 27  Nick Wright            18.28
 36  David Rowe             18.52
 40  Sean Paynter           18.56
 183 Ian Grange             22.19
 228 Adam Wright            23.00
 682 Mary Hickson           29.42
 684 Kirsty Bangham         29.44 
 748 Wally Garrod           31.30 

 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 Clare King was first woman.

 1   G Brook (Strag))       17.15
 5   Clare King             20.48
 11  Tom Kearey             22.06
 27  Kevin Kearey           25.24
 28  Emily Kearey           25.26
 34  Peter Fordham          26.05
 43  Nicholas Fordham       28.07
 54  Tanya Allen            29.34   
 58  Cindy Croucher         30.46
 59  Deirdre Inman          30.50
 60  Josie Kearey           31.19
 61  Ann Kearey             31.23

 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 Trevor Maguire and Simon Burrell filled second and third places.

 1   H Hughes (TVH)         19.08
 2   Trevor Maguire         19.13
 3   Simon Burrell          20.46
 11  Phil Roberts           23.22
 27  Tor Heron-Brett        29.48
 29  Colin Brett            29.54

 KINGSTON parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   J Chang (26.2)         19.04
 5   Bruce McLaren          19.58
 38  Alan Davidson          24.14
 62  Janet Turnes           30.03

 PLYMVALLEY parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 Michelle Davies was second woman home. 

 1   B Trigg (Erme V)       17.44
 17  Michelle Davies        22.27
 28  Lee Davies             23.42
 37  Mike White             25.35

 ALICE HOLT parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   A Hamilton (Bas & MH)  18.20
 28  Gareth Davies          25.04
 52  Ally Salisbury         28.08

 SHORNE WOODS parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 A new parkrun in Kent...

 1   R Tomlinson (Med & M)  17.48
 8   Paul Sinton-Hewitt     19.36  

 HAMPSTEAD HEATH parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   T Nicholson (Morn C)   18.17
 4   Mark Herbert           19.07 

 OXFORD parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   M Hallissey (unatt)    17.38
 64  Evelyn Joslin          29.39  

 St ALBANS parkrun 5km  Saturday 30th March
 1   A Cracknell (Dac & T)  16.29
 208 Tamsin Burland         32.46

 "If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon."
 Kathy Switzer, women's marathon pioneer