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*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 381 10 August 2012 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Darryl McDonald and Marie Synnott-Wells lead our teams at the Elmbridge 10km * parkrun placings for Mel Hunter, Becky Hall, Alice Hector, David Lawley, Mark Herbert and David Rowe * Road GP winners: Darryl McDonald, Phil Jackson, Marie Synnott-Wells and Sally Bamford * Surrey Road League - Ranelagh men and women both finish 6th * Darryl McDonald wins the League Over 40 title and Phil Jackson is 3rd in the Over 60s. * Ratchford Relay for women on Tuesday 28th August * Thomas Cup handicap and club photo on Saturday 8th September * Quiz night on the evening of the Thomas Cup * Ranelagh Harriers Gazette published * Junior coaching every Tuesday * Peter Saw obituary ATTENTION PLEASE **************** RANELAGH HARRIERS GAZETTE The latest edition of the club Gazette has been published and copies are available at the clubhouse. Please help yourself. If you're not likely to be at the club in the near future and would like a copy sent to you, please reply to this e-mail with your name and address. RATCHFORD RELAY Our club relay for women only is to be held on Tuesday 28th August at 7pm in the Park. All welcome. OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP 3.9 miles handicap Saturday 8th September in Richmond Park The Opening Run of our 132nd season takes place on September 8th. All members are welcome for the annual club photo and the Thomas Cup handicap race. Register at the clubhouse. The photo will be at about 2.45pm in the Park opposite the clubhouse and the race starts as soon after 3pm as we can get everybody up to the start! QUIZ NIGHT Saturday 8th September Our second quiz night of this amazing year of sport takes place at the clubhouse after the Opening Run, to celebrate the start of the new season on Saturday 8th September. The plan is to have drinks on the lawn from about 6pm and then start the quiz at about 6.30pm, with a break for a fish and chip supper (or veggie alternative) at about 8pm. The cost will be a tenner per head to include the supper. Maximum four people per team - either make up your own team or link up with others on the day. Pimms, beer, wine and soft drinks will be available. Please contact Andy Hayward - andrewhayward@catalinare.com or at the clubhouse - to reserve a place. RIVER RELAY Sunday 9th September Andy Bickerstaff writes: "We're entering some teams for the River Relay this year. It's on Sunday 9th September, the day after the Opening Run and Thomas Cup handicap. It's 5 stages with a baton! The course goes from Windsor Great Park to Ham. The teams are mixed and must have at least one vet and one lady. Start is 9am and the legs are mainly flat 5 miles-ish. Previous results are here: and home page here:. We won this race back in 2000 (although I did my best to lose it for us) but haven't bothered with it since. We already have some interest and I'm happy to organise teams."

Contact Andy andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk if you're interested. OLYMPICS I can hardly send out this e-news without some mention of the little sporting event currently going on in London! As I write there are still a couple of days to go before the Closing Ceremony but I think it's fair to say that so far the Games of the 30th Olympiad have been successful beyond old Seb's wildest hopes. A few random impressions: Danny Boyle's inventive, humorous and spectacular Opening Ceremony...the wonderfully cheerful 75,000 volunteers smoothing our way through the various sites...efficient security...six-deep crowds lining the bike, triathlon and marathon road routes...sell-out attendances at every event, even at sports that normally barely rise above the radar like Handball and Wrestling...decent weather (mostly)...a party atmosphere throughout central London...and of course unprecedented success for Team GB, urged on by the sheer will of the crowds. Of course there were a few problems - having to call in the Army to ensure full security, the ticketing system that left many people disappointed and so on. At the last moment we were given as a club a small allocation of 13 tickets for the athletics morning sessions, for which we received over 50 applications from members. So there was another ballot and sorry to say most people were disappointed once again. There was justified criticism in the early days when empty seats could be seen at some of the venues, and it appears these were mainly tickets that had been allocated abroad but not returned. The organisers subsequently did their best to re-sell those places. Finally it remains to be seen whether a new generation of youngsters will be inspired to take up sport, whether the new stadia will become white elephants as they have at other Olympic cities and whether the enormous expenditure will be seen to have been worthwhile. But for now I'm hoping that the whingers and the carpers will shut up and let the rest of us bask in the afterglow of an amazing once-in-a-lifetime event. Many Ranelagh members were amongst those 75,000 volunteers and at least two of us were amongst the cast of thousands at the Opening Ceremony. I'm hoping to receive some impressions from them, but I'd also like to hear from everyone who acted as a volunteer in any capacity. Just let me know what you did, and add a few comments if you wish. Similarly if you will be helping at the Paralympics. As a starter, here's Frances Ratchford: "I have just taken part in an Olympic Final and I am going to take part in two more next Saturday. You did not know tiddlywinks was an Olympic sport I hear you say, thank you! Let me explain; last Saturday I was a judge's assistant for the men's 20k Walk in the Mall. The judge gives me a piece of paper with the athlete's number on and their offence (athlete not judge) which can be as heinous as bending their knee or something equally awful, I enter it on my machine then it magically appears on a giant scoreboard on The Mall....... oh and all around the world! So it really is a relaxing job, no pressure. If you want to spot me I am in that mauve and red confection of a uniform which mark us all out as something called "Gamesmakers". I felt a little self conscious when I wore the uniform for the first time but then began to like it; people smile at you, ask you to take photos of them in front of landmarks and ask worrying questions. One American family accosted me on Waterloo station and asked me to help them plan an interesting walk round London. How did I get here you ask? It began last year when I volunteered to help with the test event for the marathon but found myself working on....you guessed, the 20K walk. Since then I have been to training sessions with 10,000 others at Wembley Arena, more intimate training sessions with only a couple of hundred others and last week a specialist training half hour with eight people, my fellow assistants. Everyone working in my team seems to be an official either in athletics or some other sport: one man officiates in carpet bowls, not sure I see the link but who am I to question the selection procedure. Strangely no one has ever helped with Walks events before; perhaps the people doing the lap chart for the Olympic marathon are all experts on the 50K walk. Have I enjoyed it? Yes, of course, I still can't believe I have been part of the Olympics in London, the atmosphere, razzmatazz and overwhelming crowd noise has been stunning, everything you'd expect from a final and more. Sadly by Saturday evening it will all be over for me but perhaps Rio want some help in four years' time!!!" JUNIOR COACHING We are pleased to have a Tuesday night Junior Squad being led by Richard Xerri at 6pm - 7pm. Richard, the current Surrey U13 and U15 XC manager brings many years of experience and racing to the club. His emphasis is on fun and building a young healthy society through grit and hard work!! 11 years upwards. All are welcome, if you know any youngsters who might be inspired by the Olympics, please bring them along. WIMBLEDON 5km Saturday 11th August at Wimbledon Park No sooner had we sent out the last e-news stating that this race was going ahead, than came the news that it was to be cancelled after all. The local council will not permit it to go ahead owing to the proximity of the Olympics tennis tournament. See below for the effect on the club GP and the Surrey Road League. ROAD GRAND PRIX The cancellation of the Wimbledon 5km means that our Road GP will conclude with only nine races. Ken Powley has the final scoreboard on our website here:. Darryl McDonald secured the Open and Men Over 40 categories with Nick Wright and Ben Shore taking second and third places in the Open and Bruce McLaren and Stewart Anderson in the minor places in the Over 40s. Phil Jackson was the winner of the Over 50 class ahead of Bill Neely and Paul Sinton-Hewitt. Marie Synnott-Wells emulated Darryl in winning both the Women and Women Over 40 categories. Heather Martingell was runner-up in both, with Elin Berstad Mortensen and Ally Salisbury taking the third places. Sally Bamford won the Women Over 50 title ahead of Lynne Barber and Michele Gibson. A total of 129 members completed at least one of the nine races. SURREY ROAD LEAGUE Similarly, the Surrey Road League will conclude one race short. Our men's and women's teams both wound up in 6th place but we did have some individual success. Darryl McDonald won the men's over 40 class and Phil Jackson took 3rd place in the over 60s. Just missing the medals were Louise Davies (4th in the Senior Women), Heather Martingell (4th in the Over 45s) and David and Alan Meaden (5th and 6th in the Over 60s). SWLAN NEWS Latest Network news from Kate Brook: "South West London Athletics Network (SWLAN) would like to offer any member of its four clubs the opportunity to attend a Leadership in Running Fitness Course for free. In past years SWLAN has organised its own closed course, but this year England Athletics have arranged a course on our door step. Please take advantage of this course and SWLAN will fund your attendance. It's on Sunday 2 September from 9am to 5pm at St Mary's University College Twickenham TW 1 4SX It's a one day course with no assessment and anyone over the age of 18 can apply. If you have an interest in running for fitness and you would like to lead or assist in leading a group this is the course for you. It will enable you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for people and will provide you with the skill to set up your own group and insurance to lead a group. For more details contact Kate Brook at kate.brook@swlan.org.uk Coaching courses - Coach in Running Fitness Course - funded by SLWAN for members. Book through Kate as above. Date: 6 Oct 12 to 7 Oct 12 Venue: St Mary's University College Twickenham TW1 4SX Booking Deadline: 28 Sept 12 Click here for more information PETER SAW We are very sorry to report the death of Peter Saw at the Princess Alice Hospice on 6th August. He died of pneumonia after having suffered for several years with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). Peter had been involved with athletics for most of his life, chiefly on the administrative side. He was an IAAF qualified walks judge as well as an experienced official and timekeeper. At one time he would often be seen as a spectator at major road races, striding round the course in the opposite direction to the runners. For many years he was the main organiser of the Southern Cross-Country Championships at Parliament Hill and was a regular helper at the Surrey Championships. He was always an enthusiastic walker and cyclist and was a member of the Long Distance Walkers Association, for whom he helped organise the Founder's Challenge, a 26 miles event in the Surrey Hills. His first club was Queen's Park Harriers and he served on the committee of Middlesex County AA but in later years, living in Kingston, he became an invaluable official and timekeeper for Ranelagh until ill-health forced him to give it up. The funeral is to be held at Kingston Crematorium on Friday 17th August at 2.20pm, and afterwards at the Wych Elm, 93 Elm Road KT2 6HT. Everyone who knew Peter will be welcome. It will be a Quaker service, so there will be no formal prayers and anyone is welcome to speak about Peter. Donations to the PSP Association. To Peter's wife Hilary, also a Ranelagh member, we offer our sincere condolences. WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris ranelagh.men@gmail.com or the women's team managers ranelagh.women@gmail.com Tuesday 14th August MABAC League 5 miles at Wimbledon. 7.30pm start. Details:. Tuesday 28th August Ratchford Relay. 7pm start in Richmond Park Saturday 8th September Opening Run and Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap. Start at 3pm preceded by the annual club photo., Saturday 15th September Surrey Road Relay Championships at Wimbledon Park. 12 noon start. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Crane Park Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout on the A316 in Twickenham Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** ELMBRIDGE 10km Sunday 22nd July Darryl McDonald reports: "Despite it being a Sunday morning this year's Elmbridge 10k race had started out with a bit of competition for road space: there was a car boot sale nearby and a traffic jam, to boot. (See what I did there with "boot"?) Fortunately, the race started half an hour later, at 9.30am. But with the first actual summer Sunday that felt like summer, no one seemed bothered by the delay. All the star runners seemed to be out: Thames Valley Harrier's Robert Russell (1st, in a course-smashing 30:14); Belgrave's Samantha Amend (winning lady in 36:07) and Phil Wicks; and Ethiopian Tadele Geremew, to name but a few. And speaking of stars, Ranelagh repped hard on the day with a whopping 23 dogs, old and young. The race eventually got underway, with Darryl heading the Ranelagh pack and finishing first for the club in 35.27. Next fastest man was Nick Wright in 37.25 with Chris Owens rounding out our sub-40 minute finishers. Marie Synnott-Wells was (surprise, surprise) the fastest Ranelagh woman in 41:12. Marie was 2nd over 45 and Darryl was 2nd over 40. Unfortunately, this will end up being the last race in the 2012 Ranelagh Harriers Road Grand Prix Series, as the Perseverance Wimbledon Dash 5k has been cancelled." NSPCC MILTON KEYNES HALF MARATHON Sunday 8th July Phil Aiken reports: "Having successfully survived the Green Belt weekend, my thoughts turned to running a half. Milton Keynes was the best of those on offer, if for no other reason than the start was at a now unheard of 10 o'clock, meaning I could get there without having to leave home ridiculously early. The route was mostly on the redways, which are cycleways and paths surfaced with red tarmac (hence the name, at a guess) and mostly flat. Aside from a 3-4 mile stretch beside a couple of dual carriageways, the redways cut a rural path through parkland and beside a couple of lakes. There was also a 2 ½ mile stretch along the Grand Union Canal, something that wouldn't have been out of place in the aforementioned Green Belt Relay. If nothing else, the route proved there is more to Milton Keynes than concrete cows and roundabouts. A couple of work colleagues are from Milton Keynes but, no doubt alarmed by my appearance, they had fled the country. However, thanks to a great idea from the organisers - the runner's name appeared underneath the race number - I was not without local support. Though it did take a few miles to realise that all the shouts of 'Come on Phil' and 'Well done Phil' were for me and not at someone else called Phil just behind me! I wanted to run a half and I did. I wanted to run inside 1:45 and I did that too. Job done then! Winner Ser-Od Bat-Ochir, who broke Phill Sly's course record and also won the Elmore 7 last weekend, will be running the Olympic Marathon for Mongolia. Mike Tebulo and John Kayange, second and third, will be representing Malawi." 1 S-O Bat-Ochir (Mong) 1:04.42 (chip time 1:04.42) 2 M Tebulo (Malawi) 1:05.44 (1:05.44) 3 J Kayange (Malawi) 1:05.55 (1:05.55) 250 Phil Aiken 1:43.42 (1:43.15) ELMORE 7 OR LAUGAVEGURINN 55km ULTRA? Saturday 14th July Peter Fordham writes: "After being overlooked by the Olympic selectors, and becoming tired of waiting for the expected call to light the flame, I had a big decision to make.The choice was the futile chasing of Phil Jackson on the road and the sound of Wally Garrod huffing and puffing behind in the Elmore '7', or the torturous 55k Laugavegur Ultra in central southern lceland for a second dose of volcanoes, 'hot footing it' over bubbling mud, and contending with the sulphur fumes, glaciers, ash desert and icy rivers. Well, in the end it was a 'no brainer', the decision made easier by my amnesia during final three hours last year's race. So off to Iceland it was. Despite the incredible landscape this is one of those 'never again runs', however, I have this flaw which drives me to such events a second time. Determined not to put the same demands on the medical team at the finish as I did last year, I chose a more conservative pace and was surprised to cruise home 40 minutes up on 2011. 10 minutes later - the familiar faces of the Icelandic medical team were hovering over me: a saline drip in each arm, combined with four other syringes followed by a tube feed.... feel great now, and ready to take on the world. See you all at the 2013 Elmore '7'." There were 301 starters and 289 finishers, the missing 12 were either boiled alive, fell down a crater, swept away in an icy river, overcome by fumes, or simply didn't make the 'cut off' times. 1 B Morgeirsson (Ice) 4:09.55 277 Peter Fordham 8:50.43 BRIGHTON PHOENIX 10km Wednesday 18th July 1 J Kales (RAB) 30.55 252 John Pratt 47.47 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km Friday 20th July in Kensington Gardens 1 T Alexander (Tamsel) 16.05 108 Alan Davidson 22.48 DOWN TOW UP FLOW HALF MARATHON Sunday 22nd July Windsor to Marlow 1 D Bruce (Highgate) 1:10.57 125 Rob Curtis 1:42.14 251 Becky Hall 1:51.46 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.84 miles handicap Wednesday 1st August at Woking 1 R Thevenet (Woking) 25.16 (actual time 19.16) 5 Sonia Rowland 26.22 (20.52) 8 Steve Rowland 26.52 (22.37) BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap Wednesday 8th August at Westminster 1 S Barry (unatt) 18.38 (actual time 16.38) 12 Alan Davidson 21.03 (17.18) 20 John Hanscomb 22.11 (25.11) RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 E Coakley (unatt) 17.21 6 Sean Paynter 18.30 11 Lars Lundqvist 19.25 21 Alberto Esguevillas 20.10 55 Eugenio Carmo 22.19 65 Amrut Sharma 22.54 88 Andrew Brown 24.05 108 Dianne Oliver 25.08 112 Tomas Sterner 25.14 183 Val Lowman 28.27 216 Peter Lowman 31.01 223 Bronwen Northmore 31.49 250 Pat Hewlett 36.47 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 A Jackson (Sitting) 15.45 12 David Rowe 17.43 32 Nick Wright 19.08 155 Ian Grange 21.55 230 Egis Vincel 23.27 520 Vicci Randle 27.40 758 John Hanscomb 33.47 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July Mark Herbert finished third. 1 I Johnson (Strag) 17.21 3 Mark Herbert 18.48 13 Lee Davies 21.31 27 Mike White 25.50 30 Lynne Barber 26.27 37 Stacey Barber 27.27 43 Christine David 30.34 46 Tanya Allen 31.14 51 Cindy Croucher 33.31 52 Deirdre Inman 33.46 OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July Mel Hunter was the leading woman. 1 R Young (unatt) 20.36 12 Mel Hunter 26.06 13 Ben Shore 26.46 21 Deborah Blakemore 35.01 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 R Reeder (Strag) 18.26 11 Chris Camacho 21.14 18 Lloyd Camp 22.09 42 Sue Camp 24.44 51 Tom Reay 25.48 55 Philippa Kitchen 26.08 66 Tony Clark 30.11 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 J Flood (strag) 17.52 14 Phil Jackson 20.34 ROUNDSHAW DOWNS parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July Becky Hall was first woman. 1 N Reissland (Colling) 19.16 31 Rob Curtis 24.48 32 Becky Hall 24.51 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 J Stead (HHH) 16.19 91 Michelle Purcell 22.58 ANDOVER parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 C Neil (Andover) 17.08 9 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.09 HAMPSTEAD HEATH parkrun 5km Saturday 21st July 1 S Jenkins (unatt) 18.24 33 Phil Aiken 23.46 BESPOKE parkrun 5km Thursday 26th July There is not, so far as I know, a Park called Bespoke! It's a portmanteau name to cover special or one-off events. David Rowe writes: "There was a (hardly advertised one-off) run arranged on the Highbury Fields course in London as part of an Islington Council sports event to celebrate the Olympic torch running throughout the borough earlier that morning. It was held at 12:45pm in the stinking heat and there were thousands of people in the park - which we had to run around five times trying to avoid pedestrians and children!" 1 R Walker (Highgate) 18.24 3 David Rowe 18.37 OLYMPICS! The men's cycle road race took place on Saturday 28th July. The route went through Richmond Park and consequently the parkrun was cancelled together with those at Bushy Park and Wimbledon Common. OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 28th July 1 R Berry (West 4) 17.46 7 Alberto Esguevillas 20.03 8 Bill Neely 20.27 18 Peter Fordham 23.53 24 Tomas Sterner 24.25 30 Dianne Oliver 25.42 34 Mel Hunter 25.55 37 Lynne Barber 26.18 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 28th July 1 I Charlton (unatt) 18.34 10 Lee Davies 21.33 13 Rob Curtis 22.05 34 Becky Hall 25.51 73 Danny Hobbs 35.48 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 28th July 1 D Grant (unatt) 16.42 58 Andrew Brown 25.50 NONSUCH parkrun 5km Saturday 28th July 1 O Garrod (Epsom & E) 17.15 188 John Hanscomb 20.51 BARKING parkrun 5km Saturday 28th July 1 E Wynne (Newport) 16.39 14 Phil Aiken 20.51 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 J Ridger (Paddock W) 17.23 6 Bill Neely 19.57 20 Alberto Esguevillas 21.12 23 Chris Read 21.31 30 Rachael Holmes 21.50 32 Sally Dell 21.59 130 Andrew Brown 27.43 139 Michael Sikora 28.21 152 Lynne Barber 29.15 184 Christine David 32.29 196 Stacey Barber 34.39 209 Penny Merrett 37.40 215 Bev Ali 41.29 216 Pat Hewlett 41.41 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 Unknown 15.20 480 Wally Garrod 28.33 498 Vicci Randle 29.02 627 John Hanscomb 33.57 690 Kirsty Bangham 51.34 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 R Berry (West 4) 16.58 25 Lloyd Camp 21.19 46 Amrut Sharma 23.22 65 Rob Kitchen 24.09 67 Sue Camp 24.40 73 Philippa Kitchen 2500. CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 H Hughes (TVH) 19.08 25 Sally Bell 29.45 32 Deirdre Inman 32.54 33 Cindy Croucher 33.50 OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August David Lawley missed victory by a couple of seconds and Mel Hunter was the leading woman. 1 R Young (unatt) 19.55 2 David Lawley 19.57 11 Mel Hunter 24.41 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 G Russell (unatt) 19.21 40 Sharon Dooley 26.34 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August Alice Hector was second overall and first woman. 1 R Gibbe (unatt) 18.19 2 Alice Hector 18.42 36 Lee Davies 21.42 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 Unknown 16.58 36 Bruce McLaren 20.55 149 Michelle Purcell 26.14 WYCOMBE RYE parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August Mr parkrun was present at the inaugural Wycombe Rye event. 1 Unknown 16.35 40 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 23.19 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 D Harris (Ful-on Tri) 17.33 16 Chris Camacho 21.22 GUNPOWDER parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 J Walton (Taunton) 17.03 7 Phil Aiken 21.23 BRIGHTON AND HOVE parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 Unknown 15.51 176 Ally Salisbury 24.19 St ALBANS parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 D Green (Harpenden) 17.55 96 Danny Hobbs 33.44 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 4th August 1 J Davies (Reading) 15.16 189 Louise Atkinson 32.30 FINALLY... The Olympic Games, the London Games symbol and the mascots have all featured large in conspiracy theorists' fantasies over the last few years. This was Dr Bill Aitchison's fiery prediction for the Opening Ceremony: Video:. Curses, if it wasn't for those darned kids...