Newsdesk 2012


*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 380 18 July 2012 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Umberto Grieco wins the Coad Cup * Fastest times by Nick Wright and Marie Synnott-Wells * Darryl McDonald and Cathy Jones lead our teams at the Elmore 7 * Peter Haarer wins the Oxfordshire 5000m title * Chris Brasher Ponds Run * parkrun placings for Elin Berstad Mortensen, Carl Selya-Hammer, Christine Palmer, Jo Sinton-Hewitt, Niall O'Connor, Mark Herbert, Sally Dell, Becky Hall and Lorna Smith * Next Road Grand Prix event - the Elmbridge 10km on Sunday 22nd July * Ranelagh Harriers Gazette published * Junior coaching every Tuesday ATTENTION PLEASE **************** HON SECRETARY We are still looking for a volunteer to take on at least part of the job of Hon Secretary. If you can spare a little time to help the club's operation please reply to this e-mail or speak to any Committee member. RANELAGH HARRIERS GAZETTE The latest edition of the club Gazette has been published and copies are available at the clubhouse. Please help yourself. If you're not likely to be at the club in the near future and would like a copy sent to you, please reply to this e-mail with your name and address. ELMBRIDGE 10km Sunday 22nd July at Walton This is the penultimate race in our own Road Grand Prix and also in the Surrey Road League. At the time of writing we have a relatively small entry of just under 30 but entries are still being accepted. Details:. WIMBLEDON 5km Saturday 11th August at Wimbledon Park ...and this is the final race of both series. It has been moved to Saturday morning this year (9.30am) to avoid clashing with the Olympic Marathon. There had been some doubt over whether it could take place but the problem has been resolved and the race goes ahead. Details:. RATCHFORD RELAY Our club relay for women only is to be held on Tuesday 28th August at 7pm in the Park. All welcome. OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP 3.9 miles handicap Saturday 8th September in Richmond Park The Opening Run of our 132nd season takes place on September 8th. All members are welcome for the annual club photo and the Thomas Cup handicap race. RIVER RELAY Sunday 9th September Andy Bickerstaff writes: "We're entering some teams for the River Relay this year. It's on Sunday 9th September, the day after the Opening Run and Thomas Cup handicap. It's 5 stages with a baton! The course goes from Windsor Great Park to Ham. The teams are mixed and must have at least one vet and one lady. Start is 9am and the legs are mainly flat 5 miles-ish. Previous results are here: and home page here:. We won this race back in 2000 (although I did my best to lose it for us) but haven't bothered with it since. We already have some interest and I'm happy to organise teams." Contact Andy andy.bickerstaff@goodrunguide.co.uk if you're interested. JUNIOR COACHING We are pleased to have a Tuesday night Junior Squad being led by Richard Xerri at 6pm - 7pm. Richard, the current Surrey U13 and U15 XC manager brings many years of experience and racing to the club. His emphasis is on fun and building a young healthy society through grit and hard work!! 11 years upwards. All welcome. OLYMPIC RINGS IN RICHMOND PARK The largest Olympic Rings have been mown into the grass at Richmond Park - near the Pen Ponds on the flat area between Queen's Ride and Sheen Crossroads. At approximately 300m wide and 135m tall they are visible on the Heathrow flight path. The Rings have been mown into the grass by six of the Royal Park's shire horses and they will be maintained by two of the horses, Jim and Murdoch, who regularly cut road side verges in Richmond Park and have been used to maintain the park for many years. Photo:. ROAD GRAND PRIX The Elmore 7 on Saturday was the eighth race in our Road GP and Ken Powley has the up-to-date scoreboard on our website here:. Darryl McDonald extended his lead in the Open and Men Over 40 categories with Nick Wright and Bruce McLaren his nearest challengers. Similarly Phil Jackson stretched the gap between himself and Bill Neely in the Men Over 50 category. In the Women and Women Over 40 categories Heather Martingell closed up a little on leader Marie Synnott-Wells who missed this one. There was no change in the Women Over 50 class, with Sally Bamford retaining a couple of points lead over Lynne Barber. There are just two races still to go, the Elmbridge 10km on Sunday 22nd July and the Wimbledon 5km on Saturday 11th August. THE LAUGAVEGURINN 55km ULTRA Peter Fordham writes: "For those of you still to recognise the process of growing old, I can tell you it has its benefits. In the space of a year, my failing memory has enabled me to forget the agonies I experienced in the closing stages of last year's Laugavegurinn 55k Ultra in Iceland, but I still remembered the amazing landscape. So against my better judgement, I'm due to run it again on Saturday (14th). The link below covers the race I did last year, you will get a taste of the incredible landscape for this race. Just remember while this footage is around 5 minutes, I'm expecting to be on the go for 8 hours or more. I hope some of you will give it a try sometime. Video:." NATIONAL GARDENS SCHEME Janet Turnes writes from the Wych Elm pub in Elm Road, Kingston: "We will be opening the garden again this year on behalf of the Yellow Book NGS Gardens Open for Charity. It's Sunday 22nd July from 12-6pm, entrance 3. I hope some members will be able to come along. We raised over 800 pounds last year. In addition, garden expert Jean Griffin from BBC Radio Kent & BBC Radio Sussex has kindly agreed to attend and answer gardening questions." SWLAN NEWS Latest Network news from Kate Brook: "South West London Athletics Network (SWLAN) would like to offer any member of its four clubs the opportunity to attend a Leadership in Running Fitness Course for free. In past years SWLAN has organised its own closed course, but this year England Athletics have arranged a course on our door step. Please take advantage of this course and SWLAN will fund your attendance. It's on Sunday 2 September from 9am to 5pm at St Mary's University College Twickenham TW 1 4SX It's a one day course with no assessment and anyone over the age of 18 can apply. If you have an interest in running for fitness and you would like to lead or assist in leading a group this is the course for you. It will enable you to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for people and will provide you with the skill to set up your own group and insurance to lead a group. For more details contact Kate Brook at kate.brook@swlan.org.uk Coaching courses - Coach in Running Fitness Course - funded by SLWAN for members. Book through Kate as above. Date: 6 Oct 12 to 7 Oct 12 Venue: St Mary's University College Twickenham TW1 4SX Booking Deadline: 28 Sept 12 Click here for more information

WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris ranelagh.men@gmail.com or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 (After 5pm Weekdays) / e-mail Marie and Heather ranelagh.women@gmail.com Sunday 22nd July Elmbridge 10km. 9am start. entry and details:. Saturday 11th August Perseverance Wimbledon 5km. 9.30am start. Details and entry:. Tuesday 14th August MABAC League 5 miles at Wimbledon. 7.30pm start. Details:. Tuesday 28th August Ratchford Relay. 7pm start in Richmond Park parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Crane Park Near the Hospital Bridge Roundabout on the A316 in Twickenham Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** CHRIS BRASHER MEMORIAL PONDS RUN Tuesday 3rd July Our "summer" has ensured that this year the Ponds would all indeed be ponds and not muddy depressions - though the trumpeted new Jubilee Pond was something of a disappointment as it consists so far of no more than a few sticks outlining the shape it will eventually take. With many of us sporting the smart new red Ponds Run t-shirt designed by Heather we set off in a number of groups in pursuit of any number of ponds - 20, 21, 22, or more? Vicci and Clive's group offered a couple of additional bonus ponds and en passant the unnamed one in Conduit Wood was christened Naish Pond. All returned to base before dark - just. COAD CUP 5 miles handicap Tuesday 10th July The Coad Cup has become one of our most popular handicaps and this year no fewer than 76 completed the course. Some 20 of those competed as guests, either because they are not yet official members or they have not yet taken part in the required three club events. The problem with the race is that the vast majority of those wanting to take part arrive en masse at about 6.55pm, just as they do for a normal Tuesday night training session. This leads to a lengthy queue to register, particularly with the guests having to be assigned a handicap "on the hoof". Congratulations to Handicapper Mike plus Ken and Alan for getting everyone suitably bibbed and tuckered as quickly as possible. We must remember to ask people to arrive early next year! The race eventually got underway, with Cindy Croucher first away. A large puddle five metres from the start set the tone for the evening. Though it only rained briefly half way through the race the Park was already saturated and there was no chance of getting round keeping your feet dry. Cindy led for some way but inevitably the pack formed up behind and pounced. Michael Eastgate was leading the way but he was in as a guest and so could be discounted for the Cup. Bert Grieco and Tamsin Burland had started only ten seconds apart and were never separated by much more than that throughout the whole 5 miles. But it was Bert who came out ahead by 13 seconds to lay claim to his first trophy in some twenty years of membership. Tamsin took the silver medal and she was pursued home by two more guests Michelle Purcell and Rachel Lawlor. So the bronze medal went to the next finisher who was Kirsty Bangham just a few seconds clear of Bruce McLaren. Not far behind came the day's fastest man Nick Wright, who recorded 29.29. Ed Barker on 29.53 was second fastest while third place went to Phil Killingley on 30.28. As usual Marie Synnott-Wells was the fastest woman on 34.12 but not so very far ahead of Sally Dell on 35.40 and Wiebke Kortum on 36.33. Incidentally, Ken's stats reveal Mike Peace to be the club's most prolific handicap runner with 132 races. Mike didn't add to his tally tonight but Clive Naish pushed his total up to 119. Remarkably in all those Clive has never won a handicap trophy, his only victory being in the Hastings Cup sealed handicap back in 1998 for which the reward is only a medal. Mike's only win - the Clutton Cup - dates back to 1996. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday 10th July in the Clubhouse. Not too many stayed on for the AGM after the Coad Cup race but of course that just goes to show what faith you all have in the club's administration! There was little or nothing of a controversial nature to discuss. We were assured that the absence of both the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer was no more than an unfortunate coincidence and we don't need to alert Interpol. Niall O'Connor expressed our appreciation of David Rowntree's clear and detailed financial report, particularly in relation to his recovery of a substantial overpayment in last year's 10km accounts. Most of the club's officers are continuing in their positions, with a few exceptions. In a couple of instances discussions are still underway regarding replacements (but see above re Hon Secretary). Marie Synnott-Wells is standing down after an excellent five years as women's Captain and her replacement is to be Estelle Damant. Heather Martingell is standing down from her two roles as Fixtures Secretary and Women's Team Manager with our gratitude for all her hard work. The new Team Manager is not yet definitely decided but Andy Woodhouse has taken over Fixtures and indeed already has a draft list for next season. Andy informed us that the Opening Run and Thomas Cup handicap is to take place on Saturday 8th September, with the Surrey Road Relays a week later. A number of changes to the club's constitution were approved: 1) a minor point regarding appeal against membership refusal was included at the insistence of HMRC in order for our application for CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) status to be approved; 2) an additional point was added to the list of AGM functions to deal with the appointment of trustees to hold the land on which the clubhouse stands on behalf of the club; 3) the section relating to the club's Land and Buildings was re-written to define the role of the trustees and how they should be appointed. The appointment of four trustees was approved: Simon Burrell, Chris Read, Michele Gibson and Steve Rowland. The full minutes of the meeting will be available to anyone on application. ELMORE 7 miles Saturday 14th July The unrelenting British summer caused the cancellation of the Chipstead Flower Show owing to the waterlogged nature of the fields in which it is held and which provide the car parking. As the Elmore 7 usually starts and finishes within the showground this presented organisers South London Harriers with the alternatives of cancelling the race or quickly finding a new start and finish and parking facilities. They opted for the latter and 250-odd runners successfully negotiated the revised course, which was reported to be about 200m shorter. The individual winners of the men's and women's races provided a little exotic flavour in the forms of Mongolian Olympians Ser-Od Bat-Ochir (who ran 2:11.35 in last year's London Marathon and apparently goes by the nickname of 'Ziggy') and Lursanikhundeg Otgonbayar, who were both well clear of their opposition. Ranelagh's representation was fairly small and our first finisher in 8th place was Darryl McDonald, who missed the over 40s first prize by a matter of 11 seconds. Nick Wright was next in, followed by Mick Lane in his first club event for some time. Ben Shore and Bruce McLaren were next, followed by Phil Jackson who took 3rd place in the over 60s class. Cathy Jones was our leading woman a couple of seconds clear of Heather Martingell. TOWN v GOWN track meeting Wednesday 6th June at Oxford. Peter Haarer finished 4th in the 5,000m but won the Oxfordshire county senior and veterans titles. 1 A Muir (Oxford U) 15:26.7 4 Peter Haarer 15:48.9 MIDSUMER MUNRO "HALF MARATHON" Saturday 23rd June at Box Hill To quote from the event website: "A half marathon with height gain/loss of 3000 feet - equivalent to a Scottish Munro. A run for very hearty man fellows and lady fellows, mostly on rough tracks, and including superb views over the North Downs, the Mole Gap, Denbies Vineyard, and Dorking." However, as a special treat the 2012 version offered a bonus 3 miles and an extra 500 feet of ascent and descent! 1 S Blanshard (Hill) 2:05.58 5 Phil Killingley 2:24.24 25 Simon Burrell 2:49.08 138 David Munt 3:26.18 ALETSCH 21km Sunday 24th June at Bettmeralp, Swiss Alps. Peter Fordham writes: "Well.. it's tough!" 1 C Cesar 1:30.41 1139 Peter Fordham 3:01.55 2119 runners finished REGENTS PARK 10km Sunday 1st July Phil Jackson was first over 60. 1 H Torry (Serp) 33.09 (chip time 33.09) 72 Phil Jackson 42.28 (42.21) SELF TRANSCENDENCE 5km Monday 2nd July in Battersea Park Elin Berstad Mortensen writes: "The same three musketeers from the week before set out to do this lovely 'n' flat 5k race at Battersea Park. We were all a bit nervous as this is a race with (too) many fast runners and at least one of us had said aloud that she was aiming for a PB. Thirty minutes before race start a shower made us all seek refuge under a tree and someone said a thing or two about the sofa at home, but at the start we soon realised that there were some obvious benefits too: a handful of sub-18 mins women and other quick runners had decided to stay at home on their treadmills and when the shower passed, conditions were actually excellent. With newfound energy and highly determined, we all set out. Myself first, then Phil and with Gemma close behind. Phil caught up with me after 1k and together we pushed through the second k. When I then took the lead again, Phil stayed on my heels. Meanwhile, not far behind, Gemma was going for that PB and overtaking quite a few ladies on her way. Racing like we've never raced 5ks before, we shaved more seconds of those PBs than you can shake a stick at and became not only team PB, but team medal. Phil finishing as first male vet 60, Gemma as seventh lady and I as fourth lady. What a fun experience on a rainy afternoon! And, folks, if you haven't understood this by now - from earlier newsletters - this self transcendence race series is highly recommended!" 1 J Ellis (Clapham) 16.03 38 Elin Berstad Mortensen 20.12 40 Phil Jackson 20.25 50 Gemma Cory 21.11 81 Alan Davidson 23.18 YATELEY 10km Wednesday 4th July Andy Bickerstaff reports: "Burkhard and I ventured to Yateley last Wednesday to run what was supposedly a fast course....well the course may have been fast but we weren't. It turned out to be a little undulating on a typical summer's evening: rainy, gloomy, muggy. Roll on next month when we do it again." 1 M Greenwood (AFD) 33.29 (chip time 33.28) 31 Andy Bickerstaff 38.40 (38.34) 97 Burkhard Fehsenfeld 43.02 (42.56) CLAYGATE COUNTRY 5 miles Sunday 8th July We had a venerable team of three over 70s and two over 60s! 1 D Norman (Strag) 28.17 134 Pete Warren 40.22 359 Wally Garrod 51.02 365 Alan Meaden 51.24 398 David Meaden 55.19 415 John Hanscomb 57.44 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 2 miles Monday 9th July in Battersea Park 1 N Shasha (Orion) 10.01 23 Elin Berstad Mortensen 12.47 62 Bill Harvey 16.16 BRIDGES 2.4 miles handicap Wednesday 11th July 1 R Whiting (Herts P) 20.28 (actual time 18.43) 7 Alan Davidson 21.15 (17.30) 17 John Hanscomb 22.04 (25.04) SWANAGE CARNIVAL HALF MARATHON Saturday 14th July Roger Wilson reports: "Gill ran a PB on an interesting hilly road course with many drinks stations and enthusiastic marshals and supporters in both downpours and sun, on the same weekend as the Swanage Jazz Festival. The start and finish were along the seafront, including a guard of honour just before the finish of 10 inspiring local Olympic Torchbearers." 1 S Way (Bourn) 1:13.46 409 Gill Wilson 2:08.36 422 Roger Wilson 2:09.51 G3 10km Saturday 4th February at Newlands Corner Roger Wilson writes: "I don't believe the results from February's G3 very hilly 10k XC made it into the newsletter. It was actually around 11k I believe." 1 F Lassonde (unatt) 43.20 274 Roger Wilson 72.28 310 Gill Wilson 79.10 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 P Langton (unatt) 17.47 7 Peter Weir 18.50 16 David Lawley 19.46 21 Stewart Anderson 20.17 61 Eugenio Carmo 22.49 62 Stephen Logue 22.54 65 Simon Taylor 22.59 66 Amrut Sharma 23.01 70 Karen Weir 23.09 85 Tomas Sterner 24.01 121 Andrew Brown 25.55 157 Michael Sikora 28.17 158 Lloyd Camp 28.20 206 Peter Lowman 30.45 207 Val Lowman 30.46 260 Pat Hewlett 35.46 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 A Jackson (Sitting)) 16.03 14 Nick Wright 18.20 53 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.50 88 Simon Rothwell 20.58 150 Ian Grange 22.20 219 Egis Vincel 23.25 371 Nicholas Fordham 25.55 372 Peter Fordham 25.55 701 Chris Wright 32.23 713 Wally Garrod 32.39 721 John Hanscomb 33.09 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 R Reeder (Strag) 18.51 35 Lynne Barber 27.04 45 Christine David 31.12 50 Deirdre Inman 35.57 51 Cindy Croucher 35.58 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 M Boulton (unatt) 17.47 12 Chris Camacho 21.05 OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June Runner-up spot for Niall O'Connor. 1 S Barber (Dulwich Pk) 19.46 2 Niall O'Connor 20.09 5 Ben Shore 22.28 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 T Aldred (London Hth) 16.02 91 Michelle Purcell 23.19 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 I Charlton (unatt) 19.30 86 Danny Hobbs 33.24 GLADSTONE parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 D Norman (Stragglers) 17.09 14 Phil Aiken 22.14 27 Kirsty Bangham 25.26 ASHTON COURT parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 R Dallman (Bristol) 17.54 36 Rob Curtis 23.01 41 Becky Hall 23.15 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 30th June 1 D Hollis (unatt) 17.30 225 Louise Atkinson 33.17 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km Sunday 1st July 1 H Reynolds (K&P) 7.09 59 Euan Sinclair 9.47 74 Finlay Sinclair 10.24 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July Elin Berstad Mortensen was the leading woman this week with Sally Dell third. 1 M Chaston (Belgrave) 16.33 3 Ted Mockett 18.31 7 Sean Paynter 19.03 19 Alberto Esguevillas 20.27 22 Stewart Anderson 20.34 27 Elin Berstad Mortensen 20.57 29 Phil Jackson 21.04 39 Sally Dell 21.38 40 Eugenio Carmo 21.39 76 Amrut Sharma 22.57 77 Lloyd Camp 23.04 110 Jar O'Brien 24.43 115 Tomas Sterner 24.46 120 Louise Davies 25.04 138 Sue Camp 25.53 166 Andrew Brown 27.13 191 Michael Sikora 28.43 224 Val Lowman 30.10 235 Peter Lowman 31.14 241 Martin Clark 31.59 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 A Jackson (Sitting)) 16.27 11 Nick Wright 17.49 23 David Rowe 18.43 62 Bruce McLaren 19.53 170 Ian Grange 22.03 193 Adam Wright 22.29 318 Jose Scheuer 24.27 420 Vicci Randle 26.06 580 Kirsty Bangham 28.38 748 John Hanscomb 33.03 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July Mark Herbert was runner-up. 1 I Johnson (Strag) 17.48 2 Mark Herbert 18.51 8 Andy Woodhouse 21.27 23 Tamsin Burland 25.35 29 Nicholas Fordham 26.17 30 Peter Fordham 26.18 37 Kate Woodhouse 27.12 40 Stacey Barber 28.33 48 Christine David 30.04 51 Tanya Allen 31.50 OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July Christine Palmer was the second woman to finish. 1 G Newman (Fleet & C) 21.49 6 Christine Palmer 23.12 14 Melanie Hunter 25.22 20 Lorna Smith 28.15 28 Deborah Blakemore 34.33 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 J Ball (unatt) 18.38 12 Chris Camacho 21.20 54 Annemarie Goodridge 30.16 69 Wiebke Kortum 36.39 TILGATE parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July Becky Hall was third woman home at Tilgate near Crawley, which was her 69th different parkrun out of a total of 111 runs. Remarkably she is only in 8th place amongst "parkrun tourists" - the leader Chris Cowell has visited 94 different events in 178 runs. Becky writes: "Indulging the inner child Rob and I are both afflicted with a major dose of curiosity. We know all about the poor old cat, but still we cannot help ourselves. Every Wednesday when we get that 'ping' of the parkrun newsletter arriving into our respective inboxes, we scan quickly through to find out about any new events. Which are close (Crane Park, Guildford)? Which are far but can be tied in with some weekend away or other (York, Bedford, Andover)? Which can we tick off while pretending to be dutiful sons and daughters (Ashton Court, Eastbourne)? And which can we tie in with doing other things (a trip to Tilgate on the way to collect a bike bought on ebay)? What we love most though is the good old 'secret garden effect'. That turning up and not knowing exactly what you are going to get. The thing is about parkrun, each has its own flavour. From the sublime Dulwich with its sweeping corners and tarmac paths and resulting fast times to the puddly, orange mud-filled Bedfont Lakes, and the fancy dress stag and hen party at Brockwell (not us getting married by the way!), every one has its unique charm. People often ask us which we like best, but how can we know until we have tried them all? If only they would stop opening new ones!" 1 R Berry (West 4) 18.09 31 Rob Curtis 23.01 34 Becky Hall 23.22 NEWPORT parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 M Dury (Islwyn) 18.41 6 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.40 60 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.57 MEDINA IOW parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 T Blackwell (Ryde) 20.19 59 Danny Hobbs 35.19 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 J Stead (HHH) 16.20 89 Michelle Purcell 23.19 GLADSTONE parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 R Reeder (Stragglers) 18.19 14 Mike White 25.37 COLWICK parkrun 5km Saturday 7th July 1 N Dunn (unatt) 16.40 27 Phil Aiken 22.40 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July 1 H Barclay (unatt) 18.22 36 Alberto Esguevillas 21.50 38 Eugenio Carmo 21.52 48 Lloyd Camp 22.35 53 Steven Mountain 22.51 63 Amrut Sharma 23.12 74 Simon Taylor 23.51 88 Louise Davies 24.25 111 Sue Camp 25.32 112 Andrew Brown 25.35 148 Tony Clark 27.15 159 Michael Sikora 28.09 203 Val Lowman 31.04 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July 1 M Skinner (Black & B) 14.49 29 David Rowe 19.07 57 Nick Wright 19.52 170 Ian Grange 22.08 211 Adam Wright 22.58 298 Clive Naish 24.30 564 Wally Garrod 28.22 600 Sharon Rowe 29.14 620 Vicci Randle 29.38 733 John Hanscomb 33.25 CRANE PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July Jo Sinton-Hewitt was the second woman home. 1 R Brookling (unatt) 16.54 13 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.20 28 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 25.21 41 Tamsin Burland 27.53 48 Kirsty Bangham 29.05 62 Tanya Allen 31.04 65 Cindy Croucher 33.24 OLD DEER parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July Lorna Smith finished 3rd woman. 1 M Smith (unatt) 20.26 7 Wyn Williams 23.46 17 Lorna Smith 29.32 18 Stacey Barber 30.15 22 Deborah Blakemore 35.30 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July 1 R Reeder (Strag) 17.56 23 Chris Camacho 21.55 66 Annemarie Goodridge 31.20 BEDFORD parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July 1 D Norman (Strag) 16.55 26 Chris Wright 23.19 74 Mary Hickson 28.43 RIDDLESDOWN parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July Another top three for Mark Herbert. 1 N Reissland (Colling) 18.26 3 Mark Herbert 18.50 43 Mike White 27.19 VALENTINES parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July Carl Selya-Hammer was the leading man in his first appearance at Valentines Park. 1 Carl Selya-Hammer 17.02 LLOYD parkrun 5km Saturday 14th July 1 J Coates (Oxted Sch) 19.05 13 Phil Aiken 23.27 FINALLY... Pete Mulholland writes: "Not the greatest Olympic song ever written but worth a look for the photos of the 1908 Games. Video:".