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 Don't forget that this Saturday is the Opening run of the club's 121st
 Season. The Thomas Cup handicap race will start at 3pm, preceded by the
 annual club photo at 2.30pm. The race distance is within everyone's range at
 only 6km / 3.8 miles, so we'll hope to see a good turnout of members old and

 Last Saturday were the Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon and it was again left
 to the women to fly the flag for Ranelagh - and very high it flew too. Sarah
 Seal reports:
 "I was very pleased and proud with all of our performances on Saturday - and
 everyone enjoyed themselves even though it was tough. All of our runners
 worked very hard on their stage runs and this hard work was rewarded with
 2nd and 8th places. As you can see from our positions for the A team during
 the legs, we really benefited from having a good depth of field of fast
 runners which helped us improve our position from 5th to 2nd!  It was a
 similar case for the B team who ran reasonably consistent times as well. It
 was good to see Alice Beverly running a very respectable time in her first
 race as a senior for Ranelagh. Corinne also ran as an incomplete team and
 achieved a good time of  23.01. Congratulations and a very big thank you to
 everyone who ran.
 Christian Vaughan sends the following, strangely entitled 'Goldilocks and
 the Five Bears':
 "La Ronde des Vendanges - Carcassonne - 8th September 2001 11.7km
 This was a bizarre race for a few reasons. Firstly, it started at 9pm on a
 Saturday evening...ie in the dark. Secondly, just for entering, you got a
 rather pleasant bottle of red wine - my kind of race - and thirdly, well,
 have you ever spent a weekend with Allison & David?!!!
 I travelled with Julian from London, whilst David and Allison drove up from
 Barcelona. We spent a couple of days in the peaceful idyll of Buc in the
 South of France, eating well & drinking well. And then came the
 business-part of the weekend. 11.7km around Carcassonne - that is three laps
 of a 3.9km course, with splendid views of the medieval walled city & some
 rather sharp climbs. David has been in very good form recently in a series
 of French & Spanish road races, and indeed he proved that by finishing 2nd
 ahead of his mullet-headed nemesis. He received 1000Fr for his troubles and
 a ghastly trophy which he later sacrificed at the altar of SuperTed
 (in-joke, apologies). Meanwhile Allison continues to excel and a 3-minute
 improvement from last year saw her finish 5th lady, winning a really naff
 set of cutlery!!!
 Julian decided this year that he would run the prescribed number of laps,
 rather than one more than everyone else. He finished 13th, but if he had
 been wearing his racing shoes, well, who knows?
 As for me, well, I was just happy to be there! If you have seen my girth
 recently and/or my performance in Coutainville, you may even be impressed
 with my time!!
 We spent the rest of the weekend as we had started with excellent food, wine
 and company, and I would like to use this e-news to thank Allison & Dave for
 their kind hospitality."
 1	Serrat 			36:18
 2 	David Benton 		37:09
 13 	Julian Smith 		39:55
 96 	Allison O'Neill 		47:01
 163 	Christian Vaughan  	50:21 

 Mick Lane was in fact only 4th Over 40 in the Overton 5 miles on September
 1st, not first as I reported last week. But in the same race Allan Lang did
 win the Over 60 section in 33.17. On the following day Sue Healey finished
 2nd in the Harrow Hill 6 miles in 44.59, just 23 seconds behind the winner
 Caroline Bolam of Hillingdon. 

 Don't forget Julian Smith's planned long run through the Surrey hills this
 Sunday morning September 16th. Some are covering the whole 16 miles but a
 few have already expressed their intention to cover just a section of the
 route. More are welcome for either option. The route is from Headley Heath
 to Pitch Hill, taking in Box Hill, Ranmore Common, the Nower, Leith Hill and
 Holmbury Hill. More info from Julian (smithj@bp.com) or Chris Owens
 Andy Bickerstaff has received the following from James Best at the
 Roehampton School of Sport, Exercise and Leisure:
 "I am currently looking for participants to be involved in a study I am
 doing, which is part of my Ph.D. research in exercise physiology. The study
 requires participants who are 18-35 years old, from the sprinting and
 endurance sporting areas. The research area is Maximal Accumulated Oxygen
 Deficit as a measure of ability to perform very intense (i.e. anaerobic)
 work, and the effects of sprint training and endurance training on this
 There are a number of measures performed that will give the participants
 important information on the state of their fitness. The cost of a detailed
 fitness assessment package such as this would normally be well in excess of
 100. Hence, to be able to get this package for no cost is an obvious
 benefit. The measures taken are:
 1. Maximal Oxygen Uptake - This is the most widely accepted measure of
 aerobic fitness, and an essential variable for establishing the endurance
 capabilities of an athlete.
	 The Power/Oxygen Uptake/Heart Rate Relationship - Useful for
 establishing speeds and oxygen uptake levels from heart rate data, etc.
	 Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit - A measure of an athlete's
 ability to perform high intensity (anaerobic) exercise, such as sprint
 running. Particularly of use to sprinters but also useful for endurance
 athletes, large scores for this measure have been shown to be associated
 with a strong ability to perform all-out maximal exercise.
 The study will consist of a minimum of three visits to the laboratory and
 one to a track. The details of the sessions are included with a participant
 pack that will be sent to those who would like to take part."
 For anyone who might be interested, Mr Best can be contacted at 020 8392
 3327 or at j.best@roehampton.ac.uk. 

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@bigwig.net) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / sarahs@walker.co.uk). 

 Saturday September 15th    Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap at Richmond Park,
 preceded by the annual club photograph. Be at the clubhouse by 2.30pm.
 Sunday September 23rd    Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham.
 10am start. This incorporates our Callis Cup 10 miles club championship.
 Entry forms are in the clubhouse and can also be downloaded from
 www.stragglers.org. Entry 8 (payable to The Cabbage Patch Run) to 29
 Stourton Avenue, Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6LA. Entries on the day 10. There
 is no advertised limit on entries, but I hear that numbers are already quite
 high, so get your entry in in advance to avoid disappointment. 

 Saturday September 29th     Southern Road Relays at Aldershot

 Saturday October 6th     The season's first mob match at home v Orion
 Harriers. 7.5 miles in Richmond Park, starting at 3pm. All able bodies to
 the start line please. 
 Saturday October 13th    Surrey Cross Country League Division One - men at
 Brockwell Park, women at Wimbledon Common. 

 Saturday October 20th    Surrey Veterans Championships (women 6km at 2.30pm,
 men 10km at 3pm) at Richmond Park. This is on our course but entries do have
 to be made in advance to be eligible for the team competition. We regularly
 seem to miss team medals because of this, so anyone planning to run should
 please be sure to add your name to the list on the clubhouse noticeboard or
 contact John Hanscomb (020 8399 3928) or send your entry direct to Derek
 Crookes at 209 Lynmouth Avenue, Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX with the 2 fee
 payable to Surrey County AA.

 Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those affected by the disasters
 this week in New York and Washington. Darryl McDonald would like to reassure
 everyone that his family in New York are all thankfully safe and well. 

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk