Newsdesk 2012


*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 377 29 May 2012 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Estelle Damant wins silver medal in Surrey 3000m track championship * Darryl McDonald and Elin Mortensen are our leading finishers in the Sutton 10km * Carl Selya-Hammer and Lara Werrett lead our contingent in the BUPA London 10km * Our mixed teams finish 19th and 30th in the Green Belt Relay * Karen Weir is runner-up in the Hawassa Half Marathon in Ethiopia * Chris Bundhun finishes 2nd in the Berlin Half Marathon * parkrun placings for Carl Selya-Hammer, Sonia Rowland, Mark Herbert, Duncan Mallison, Gemma Cory, Iain Wilson, Darryl McDonald, Alice Hector and Andy Bickerstaff * Next Road Grand Prix event - the Dorking 10 miles on Sunday 10th June ATTENTION PLEASE **************** SUBSCRIPTIONS... ...were due on April 1st. The rates are unchanged at £40 for seniors, £20 for second-claim members and those who are retired and over 60, £10 for under 20s and students and non-running members. There is also a £70 family membership. Post your cheque to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. A Standing Order form is available from our website here: or e-mail the Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk for Bank Transfer details or any other queries. ROAD GRAND PRIX - NEXT EVENT DORKING 10 miles Scores after four events are on our website here:. Leaders so far are Darryl McDonald (open and men over 40), Bill Neely (men over 50), Heather Martingell (women and women over 40) and Sally Bamford (women over 50). Next up is the Dorking 10 miles on Sunday 10th June Details. Their website lists only some 200 entries so far, so there's plenty of room for more. SURREY ROAD LEAGUE Scores after two races are on the Surrey Athletics website here:. Our women are currently in fourth place and our men in seventh. Best placed individuals are Peter Fordham (2nd in the men over 60) and Heather Martingell (3rd in the women over 45). RICHMOND 10km Sunday 24th June Entries are now coming in steadily for our 10km on Sunday 24th June. Some 400 have been received so far, so if you're planning to run don't delay too long. Details are here:. It will be the same course as 2010 and 2011 - flat, fast and scenic. Entry is £10 for club runners and £12 for all others - great value for a race with chipped timing. As a running club, priority has to be to run the race but if you're available to volunteer to marshal race director Niall O'Connor will gratefully accept all offers at 10k-enquiries@ranelagh-harriers.com. As well as being the county 10k championship the race also serves as the club championship. SUMMER BBQ Following on from the Richmond 10km on Sunday 24th June we'll be holding our summer barbecue at the clubhouse from about midday. BUILDING FUND DRAW Winners of the latest draw were the President (£110), Olive Maslin (£73.34) and John Herries (£36.66). It's only a tenner a year to take part - see Mike White at the clubhouse on Tuesdays or send him a cheque (payable to Ranelagh Harriers Building Fund) to 687 Hanworth Rd, Hounslow, Middx TW4 5PS. OLYMPICS VOLUNTEERS AT ST MARY'S COLLEGE Prof. Richard Fisher, Head of St Mary's 2012 Preparations writes:. "St Mary's University College is playing host to four Olympic teams this summer - South Africa, China, Japan and Ireland. We are looking for mature and reliable volunteers to help supervise the campus from 15th July to 13th August. We have made good security arrangements, which the Police have approved, indeed commended, but we also need a team of people to help steward the campus to ensure that all is orderly and well and just to keep an eye open - do a few hours on a regular basis circulating the campus. It is not a mad request and volunteers won't have to tackle terrorists or wrestle wild dogs - just be around offering a supervisory presence. If you would like to lend a hand please respond to Marie Fernandes at fernandesm@smuc.ac.uk indicating availability, restrictions on times and a contact telephone, mobile preferably." THE DYSART ARMS... ...was sold at auction on 21st May for £1.5m, well above the guide price of £850-900k. We don't as yet have any further details about the new owners. SWLAN NEWS Latest Network news from Kate Brook: Strength and Conditioning for Running Workshop Series (June 13th and 27th and July 11th) in association with www.runwithkaren.com. Details were in the last e-news. Nearly all available spaces have been taken, but contact Kate Brook kate.brook@swlan.org.uk to check the latest position. There is still time to sign up for the Level 2 Endurance Officials with Risk Assessment course being held on 30th June. It is made up of four modules as follows: a) a generic officiating module; b) the start; c) the course; d) the finish. Risk Assessment is a separate module that will be delivered on the same day. Please email Kate kate.brook@swlan.org.uk to express your interest in attending. Details: Level 2 Endurance Official with Risk Assessment Details: no previous qualification or experience required; attendance only, no assessment involved. Date: Saturday 30th June 2012 Time: 10am - 4.30pm Location: St Mary's University College Twickenham TW1 4SX, Shannon Conference Suite Cost: Free to members of SWLAN clubs. Coaching courses - these will be funded by SLWAN for members. Book through Kate as above. Coaching Assistant Date: 23 Jun 12 to 24 Jun 12 Venue: St Mary's University College Twickenham TW1 4SX Booking deadline 15 June 12 click here for more information Coach in Running Fitness Date: 6 Oct 12 to 7 Oct 12 Venue: St Mary's University College Twickenham TW1 4SX Booking Deadline: 28 Sept 12 click here for more information Coach in Running Fitness Date: 23 Jun to 24 Jun 12 Venue: Guilford Spectrum parkway Guilford GU1 1UP click here for more information. WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc and Chris ranelagh.men@gmail.com or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 (After 5pm Weekdays) / e-mail Marie and Heather ranelagh.women@gmail.com Sunday 10th June Dorking 10 miles including Surrey Championship. Details:. Sunday 24th June Richmond 10km including Surrey Championship - see above. Friday 29th June Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park. 7.30pm start. Always a popular event and will probably fill up early. Details and entry:. Tuesday 10th July Coad Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 7pm start. Followed by the AGM in the clubhouse. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** SUTTON 10km Sunday 13th May Darryl McDonald ran his fastest 10km for some four years and was the second over 40 to finish. Bill Neely was our only other runner inside 40 minutes and Elin Mortensen was our leading woman. GREEN BELT RELAY Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th May Kirsty Bangham reports: "Early on Saturday morning everything was in place for another fabulous GBR weekend. Two buses, smiling runners, both stage one runners keen to get going, everything packed carefully into two bags. Cathy was so efficient she even packed two tins of cake - one for each bus. Even better than all of this was the fact that the weather seemed to be behaving itself - neither cold nor hot and amazingly, not wet! So the race got off to a pretty perfect start - Phil and I even found a secret luxury toilet! As soon as the race began we were off. It was into the odd bus for me, to Thames Valley Athletic Centre. Pesky Olympic time trail rehearsal got in the way at the start of stage 1, and some Jubilee jamboree prevented us from going to Windsor. So a few route changes were in place. We stopped in Eton on the way - people wanted coffee and loos, and Sandra P wanted a closer look at the scholars of 'Slough Comp'. Here we had an early contender for strangest quote of the weekend. We were eating Sandra P's homemade hot cross buns, when Phil A mused that he hadn't had any this year, due to spending Easter in Camden!? We arrived at the start of stage 3 where we met a brace of Chris's - C and R. Chris's C and B were running this stage - Chris B was all fired up to win it, and it later turned out he should have done, but a navigational error saw him finish in 4th place. They're like buses these Chris's - moments after we'd sent two of them on their way along came Chris O, finishing stage 2 in 3rd place. Nearly as exciting was the fact that the sun came out at this point! I helped out the timekeepers by giving out the stage winners t shirts (closest I ever get to one) and then a bit later along came Tamsin with a sprint finish and a smile. We then headed off to Great Kingshill for a complicated switch over of bus personnel. En route we saw some of the race, including Chris C following a lady wearing very small shorts. I had to educate my fellow travellers as to the meaning of the phrase 'pace booty', but Chris C certainly seemed familiar with the concept! Marie, Iain and Sandra F had all arrived safely at stage 5. Once we'd figured out who was going where we set off to find our marshalling spot. It was nice and easy with very little traffic, but we still found it a struggle to count up to 36 so we'd know when everyone had gone by. Marie and Iain both seemed happy enough when they went past. Back on the road to St Albans and time for some pre-race faffing for me and Sandra F, as we were up next. I was feeling rather nervous and Sandra suffered from some pre-race... er... issues. Seven of them in fact! I plied her with drugs and off we went, 12 miles to Letty Green with my dad popping up here and there to offer support. Unfortunately I would say this was my least favourite stage of GBR so far. The first 5 miles were along a disused railway - boring! The next part seemed to involve a lot of main roads. Then we went into some woods which was more interesting - but then we got lost. I don't know what the locals thought of it - me, Sandra, a nun and a woman in a yellow tutu, standing around discussing the map and eating sweeties. We were soon back on track thanks to an arrow that had fallen off a tree. The nun found his/her second wind in the last mile, leaving me to finish in the honourable position of last. That was fine, but what was annoying was that my run time was good, but on the results it looks like I was rubbish, because that of course includes my 'standing around looking at the map' time! Ah well. Onto bus 2 and off to High Beach. Or is it High Beech? Who knows. We sent Mark and Ally on their merry way, collected Tony and Phil J and then it was marshalling time again. Now as a club we really seem to have drawn the short straw with this particular marshalling assignment. Not that it's difficult, just a road to cross. However, the crucial thing is that it's a mile before the end of the last stage of the day. So while we're stood around freezing our bits off, all the other teams are in the pub! It was pretty cold but I'd managed to take my own advice for a change and had lots of warm clothes. After some divine intervention that just saved us from losing a nun, we also headed to Blackmore, the pub and dinner. I was very much looking forward to eating my dinner in The Leather Bottle having failed to do so in 2010 when I felt so ill. It was delicious! Every year we organise GBR to what feels like the finest detail, but we always seem to fall apart on the same thing - how the hell do we get from dinner to the hotel, and where on earth is it anyway?! Somehow Satnav never solves the problem either... as ever I unhelpfully went to sleep at this point and we soon arrived at the Campanile. This was booked on the basis that I stayed there in 2007 and couldn't remember it - I decided if it was that awful I would have! Well it was fine (it had showers and beds - what more do you want?!) except the woman on Reception was like a bulldog chewing a wasp. In all fairness we weren't adding a great deal to the ambience of the place, but just give us some rooms please we're exhausted! Eventually we all made it to our rooms - Sandra F was not happy that this involved more arrows to follow! Sunday rolled around seemingly about 5 minutes after we went to bed. It was cold, but amazingly still not raining. We all went to Blackmore first, a journey that took half the time than it did the night before. Today the buses were not odd and even and I found this most confusing. I got in a bus and went to Thorndon Park, where it seemed to be my turn to run again. My legs felt pretty ok and I enjoyed this one a hundred times more than the day before. Apart from anything else it all seemed to be downhill! Lots of woods, mud, nettles and interesting footpaths. Towards the end I began to wonder if I might squeeze in under an hour (it was 6.9 miles). Despite 2 stiles, 2 kissing gates and a double track railway line in the final mile, I just managed it! Back in the bus (no, hang on a minute, this was the other bus) and we went to Davy Down to collect Tom and Tony. I think we went to Tatsfield next, I'm looking at the little yellow book but it's not helping. I need odd and even buses! Anyway, I know we had some food in Tatsfield, and I helped move a car that was parked by the village green where we weren't allowed to park. On the dashboard was their little yellow book, open to the page that said do not park on the village green at Tatsfield... (While all of this was going on, Marie was busy winning stage 15, our only win of the weekend). We dropped off Ben who seemed to be suffering more pre-race nerves than me if that's possible. We then went to marshal a very exciting corner. It was on a very steep hill, the runners were going down and round an extremely sharp bend with loose gravel underfoot. Just to add to the fun, several hundred cyclists (there was an organised event) were going up the hill! (With the help of a random old man (not you, Phil J) we managed to get everyone through safely and even gave out water and jelly babies. Next we sampled the new Olympic standard road surface on the zigzag up to Box Hill. A few things went wrong here! 1. No time for cake. Tragic. 2. People with expensive cars shouldn't park them on corners where minibuses need to turn round. Oops. Luckily any damage was invisible to the naked eye. 3. Sandra P appeared... and we realised we'd forgotten to collect her at Tatsfield! She was most gracious about it but I felt really guilty. However there was no time to worry about it as we had to go straight back down again to marshal a very tricky spot at the bottom of the zigzag. We were stopping buses and all sorts. Once that was done, and I was reassured that no one else was stranded anywhere, we headed to Ripley, where we found Mike, Lee and Michelle. Sandra F and Mike set off and we went to see Mark finish... but we were too late. Or he was too speedy. Tamsin finished smiling again. Then before we knew it, time to head for the finish. It goes soooo fast. (I haven't even had time to tell you about Sandra P's bra delivered by Porsche courier, but that's another story...). On the way I reassured Ted that he had found the right place for stage 22. Can you see Walton Bridge? Yes. Lots of weirdos in lycra? Yes. Then you're in the right place! Ted and Chris O both finished well at Hawker, bringing to an end another successful Ranelagh weekend at GBR. After the prizegiving I went home and deleted 230 emails about GBR. Much as I have enjoyed it, I am officially retiring from team captain duties. Someone else can do it! I'm just running next year. I'm happy to give top tips though - make sure everyone in the team has a different name! No one called Chris is allowed!" Overall 1 Serpentine 22:21.45 19 Ranelagh Mixed A 27:04.28 30 Ranelagh Mixed B 32:17.45 Stage 1 12.7 miles Hampton Court - Staines 1 Chris Minns Stock Exchange 1:15:17 13 Colin Brett Ranelagh A 1:27:37 19 Andy Woodhouse Ranelagh B 1:32:34 Stage 2 7.25 miles Staines - Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Eton 1 Jonathan Moscrop Lon FrontRunners 45:45 3 Chris Owens Ranelagh A 47:03 33 Tamsin Burland Ranelagh B 1:08:41 Stage 3 13.1 miles Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Eton - Little Marlow 1 Steven Artist Lon FrontRunners 1:22.46 4 Chris Bundhun Ranelagh A 1:25:01 20 Chris Camacho Ranelagh B 1:45:02 Stage 4 12.2 miles Little Marlow - Great Kingshill 1 Alan Barnes Stock Exchange 1:15:33 24 Chris Read Ranelagh A 1:43:47 36 Nobody Ranelagh B 2:20:00 Stage 5 13.5 miles Great Kingshill - Chipperfield 1 Hugh Lobb Serpentine 1:14:53 16 Marie Synnott-Wells Ranelagh A 1:35:49 17 Iain Wilson Ranelagh B 1:35:50 Stage 6 8.4 miles Chipperfield - St Albans 1 Martin Gaunt Serpentine 51:18 11 Ben Shore Ranelagh A 57:06 27 Cathy Jones Ranelagh B 1:08:58 Stage 7 12 miles St Albans - Letty Green 1 James Gillanders Lon FrontRunners 1:11:20 34 Sandra Forrest Ranelagh A 1:56:54 35 Kirsty Bangham Ranelagh B 1:57:43 Stage 8 10.65 miles Letty Green - Dobbs Weir 1 Bryn Reynolds Clapham Chasers 1:02:22 26 Tom Reay Ranelagh A 1:28:56 36 Nobody Ranelagh B 1:52:00 Stage 9 10.2 miles Dobbs Weir - High Beach 1 Graham Robinson Sandhurst Joggers 1:00:02 16 Phil Jackson Ranelagh A 1:12:49 35 Tony Clark Ranelagh B 1:34:33 Stage 10 9.7 miles High Beach - Toot Hill 1 Hugh Torry Serpentine 55:28 2 Mark Herbert Ranelagh A 1:03:22 33 Ally Salisbury Ranelagh B 1:36:45 Stage 11 7.5 miles Toot Hill - Blackmore 1 Jonathan Rae Serpentine 45:25 20 Sandra Prosser Ranelagh A 59:51 22 Phil Aiken Ranelagh B 1:02:25 Stage 12 10.9 miles Blackmore - Thorndon Park 1 Wesley Harrison Serpentine 1:09:00 5 Colin Brett Ranelagh A 1:12:07 26 Cathy Jones Ranelagh B 1:31:12 Stage 13 6.9 miles Thorndon Park - Thames Chase 1 Bryn Reynolds Clapham Chasers 41:07 3 Chris Bundhun Ranelagh A 41:52 29 Kirsty Bangham Ranelagh B 59:31 Stage 14 7.9 miles Thames Chase - Davy Down 1 Jim Clark West 4 Harriers 48:31 27 Tom Reay Ranelagh A 1:07:39 32 Tony Clark Ranelagh B 1:15:08 Stage 15 9.2 miles Stone Lodge - Lullingstone Park 1 Hugh Torry Serpentine 50:58 15 Marie Synnott-Wells Ranelagh A 1:04:46 27 Phil Aiken Ranelagh B 1:17:39 Stage 16 13.3 miles Lullingstone Park - Tatsfield 1 Carol Riel Clapham Chasers 1:24:03 29 Colin Brett Ranelagh A 2:03:24 35 Nobody Ranelagh B 2:26:00 Stage 17 10.5 miles Tatsfield - Merstham 1 Mark Fallowfield-Smith Sandhust J 1:04:57 16 Ben Shore Ranelagh A 1:14:55 25 Chris Camacho Ranelagh B 1:23:32 Stage 18 8.6 miles Merstham - Box Hill 1 Hugh Lobb Serpentine 49:27 18 Michelle Davies Ranelagh B 1:04:58 19 Chris Read Ranelagh A 1:05:17 Stage 19 10.5 miles Box Hill - West Hanger 1 Alan Barnes Stock Exchange 1:01:30 25 Phil Jackson Ranelagh A 1:17:10 34 Ally Salisbury Ranelagh B 1:43:23 Stage 20 5.6 miles West Hanger - Ripley 1 Andrew Reeves Serpentine 30:05 4 Mark Herbert Ranelagh A 32:11 29 Tamsin Burland Ranelagh B 47:26 Stage 21 8.4 miles Ripley - Walton Bridge 1 Graham Robinson Sandhurst Joggers 48:48 27 Sandra Forrest Ranelagh A 1:08:27 32 Michael White Ranelagh B 1:17:41 Stage 22 9.15 miles Walton Bridge - Hawker Centre, Ham 1 Stephen Whiting Lon FrontRunners 50:17 8 Ted Mockett Ranelagh B 56:44 11 Chris Owens Ranelagh A 58:45 EVERY ONE HALF MARATHON Sunday 6th May at Hawassa, Ethiopia Chris Read reports: "I went to Ethiopia to run the Every One Half Marathon in Hawassa as part of a party of UK runners organised by Richard Nerurkar. The party included Jo and Paul Sinton-Hewitt and Karen and Peter Weir. We flew into Addis Ababa, which is a booming city with construction work everywhere. The itinerary included training in the Entoto Hills and a museum visit. We then travelled to the Haile Resort at Lake Hawassa. The location was pleasant with lots of birds and an opportunity to go for a boat trip to see the local hippos. The race began at 6.30 on the Sunday morning. The course had some inclines but no real hills. It included a pleasant path along the lake shore. There were numerous onlookers, giving an impression of mild curiosity rather than enthusiasm. Karen ran very well. She was the second lady and was only narrowly beaten by another member of our party. Paul did a time of 1.34.09 and Peter's time was 1.37.58. He might have been faster but stayed with another runner who was having stomach problems. Jo also had stomach problems and had to stop. Haile Gebreselassie presented the prizes. Hugh Jones was also there, having measured the course. It was a very good trip. For me the race was slow, which I attribute to the altitude (1,685m). With the Green Belt Relay at sea level looming I shall have to run faster or find a different excuse." Men 1 M Esubalew (Ethiopia) 1:14.58 22 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 1:34.09 27 Peter Weir 1:37.58 39 Chris Read 1:46.00 Women 1 M Sill (Rothwell) 1:41.37 2 Karen Weir 1:41.44 BERLIN HALF MARATHON Sunday 6th May Chris Bundhun finished in 2nd place. 1 A Leveson 1:16.33 (chip time 1:16.29) 2 Chris Bundhun 1:18.09 (1:17.21) SURREY TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May at Kingsmeadow Our Captain and Vice Captain competed in the men's 5000m on Saturday while on the Sunday Estelle Damant ran 10:15 in the 3000m to secure a silver medal. Men's 5000m 1 S Connor (AFD) 15:05.42 10 Marc Snaith 17:44.66 11 Chris Bundhun 17:51.60 Women's 3000m 1 E Alden (Epsom & E) 9:57.07 2 Estelle Damant 10:15.60 STAINES 10km Sunday 13th May 1 C Dettmar (Head) 32.56 (chip time 32.56) 68 Rob Curtis 44.17 (44.14) 84 Rebecca Hall 45.44 (45.41) CROWLE GUNPOWDER PLOT 10km Sunday 13th May at Worcester Phil Jackson was first over 60 in a new PB. He writes: "I was quite pleased with that (understatement)." 1 V Van Woerkom (Ch T) 34.42 48 Phil Jackson 41.50 SLOW TRAIL CHALLENGE 10km Tuesday 15th May in Bushy Park 1 P Coulridge (SLOW) 36.06 10 Bruce McLaren 42.56 19 Rachael Holmes 44.34 30 Bronwen Fisher 50.31 BOGNOR PROM 10km Sunday 20th May David Rowe reports on his race: "This was my ninth year in a row of running this race having first taken part in 2004 when I was well over 17 stone in weight and a bit of a non-runner. Over the years I've shed a few pounds, trained more and got a little quicker. Conditions on the day were perfect - cool and with a bit of a tail-wind on the all important exposed part of the race along the seafront. I set off at a fast pace (which you need to for 5/10k distances) and just stuck with it. First half felt fairly comfortable and I went through 5k in just under 18:30. The second half was more of a 'just get on with it - it'll soon be over' type mind frame and that I did. I crossed the line in 13th position overall and with a chip time of 36:44 - a 79 second personal best! Needless to say I'm over the moon with this result." ...and Sharon on hers: "This was the fourth time I have run this race. I lined up in the 55-59 minute pen, wondering if I could beat my course PB (which I thought was 58:05 but I think it turned out to be 59:05). Met a nice lady, had a chat, berated everyone wearing MP3 players, decided we were both nervous - but soon enough we were off. I had a plan of running as close to 58 minutes as I could but I really didn't know how I felt before we started. My legs seemed to be OK and I was away and off up the Prom! I managed to hold sub 9 minutes per mile the whole way and by 9kms, I was really digging deep! I crossed the line in 55:21 (chip time), my second fastest ever 10k, which I was very pleased with. I was 780th overall out of 1497 finishers, meaning 48% of runners were behind me - it makes a change for me not to be nearer to the back! A lovely race with lots of support, which I really enjoyed." 1 T Geremew (Ethiopia) 30.37 (chip time 30.36) 13 David Rowe 36.47 (36.44) 780 Sharon Rowe 56.23 (55.21) RICHMOND PARK MARATHON Sunday 20th May About 200 runners completed this year's Richmond Park Marathon, including a smattering of Ranelaghs. The course starts at Sheen Gate and follows one large lap and two smaller ones, all inside the Park. 1 B Jervis (Clapham) 3:03.09 (chip time 3:03.02) 31 Bruce McLaren 3:34.30 (3:34.14) 33 Mark Hayward 3:34.50 (3:34.41) 77 Ian Grange 3:50.20 (3:50.39) 105 David Munt 4:01.42 (4:01.19) 131 Jose Scheuer 4:21.11 (4:20.53) LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km Friday 25th May in Hyde Park 1 R Wallace (HHH) 16.48 37 Richard Adams 19.25 113 Alan Davidson 23.14 191 John Hanscomb 35.39 BUPA LONDON 10km Sunday 27th May In warm conditions and amongst a huge field on the Olympic Marathon course Carl Selya-Hammer and Chris Bundhun both ran road personal bests with Charles Jans our third finisher. Lara Werrett , Elin Mortensen and Bronwen Fisher were our leading three women. 1 M Farah (N&EB) 29.21 146 Carl Selya-Hammer 35.07 183 Chris Bundhun 36.06 236 Charles Jans 37.13 361 Colin Brett 39.29 381 Marc Snaith 39.44 463 Bill Neely 40.54 734 Simon Martin 43.44 795 Lara Werrett 44.12 982 Elin Mortensen 45.22 1089 Bronwen Fisher 46.03 2239 Heather Martingell 51.06 2343 Kirsty Bangham 51.28 3852 Tony Clark 56.30 SURREY HILLS TRAIL RUN 16km Sunday 27th May at Dorking Sonia Rowland was the second woman home in this "Orienteering-lite" race from the Nower to Leith Hill and back. 1 D Rollins (Tri Adv) 1:08.09 14 Steve Rowland 1:43.35 19 Sonia Rowland 1:49.55 BRIGHTON MARATHON Sunday 15th April In addition to those already listed, Rob Curtis finished 1720th in 3:50.23 (chip time 3:43.26). BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 P Tulba (Bas & MH) 15.34 15 David Rowe 18.14 24 Ted Mockett 18.43 104 Simon Rothwell 20.48 164 Ian Grange 21.53 345 Kirsty Bangham 24.12 566 Sharon Rowe 27.25 669 Vicci Randle 29.04 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 H Hughes (TVH) 18.18 26 Alberto Esguevillas 21.21 39 Rachael Holmes 21.56 48 Gemma Cory 22.20 102 Tomas Sterner 24.39 104 Ally Salisbury 24.40 112 Andrew Brown 25.02 128 Jar O'Brien 25.28 208 Val Lowman 29.27 224 Peter Lowman 30.43 233 Annemarie Goodridge 31.40 255 Bronwen Northmore 34.30 280 Michael Sikora 43.26 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May Iain Wilson was runner-up. 1 J Dunne (unatt) 18.15 2 Iain Wilson 18.49 4 Andy Bickerstaff 19.01 13 Phil Jackson 20.51 14 Chris Camacho 21.09 22 Amrut Sharma 22.22 38 Hannah Doyle 24.25 44 Tony Clark 25.26 48 Mary Hickson 25.58 56 Rob Kitchen 26.43 63 Philippa Kitchen 27.49 BROCKWELL parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 Unknown 17.29 101 Mike White 26.52 KILLERTON parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 M Feighan (SWRR) 18.01 32 Steve Rowland 23.18 37 Sonia Rowland 23.34 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 J Harris (Woking) 17.29 34 Rebecca Hall 24.34 64 Lyne Barber 27.16 77 Rob Curtis 28.22 79 David Bell 28.26 87 Stacey Barber 30.06 91 Heather Martingell 30.33 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 B Mackie (Edin) 16.04 4 Mark Herbert 18.14 35 Bruce McLaren 21.50 GREENWICH parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 R Jackaman (Camb H) 18.33 20 Phil Aiken 23.46 OXFORD parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 G Crone (Fire Serv) 17.46 26 Ian Bingham 26.38 27 Evelyn Joslin 26.39 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May Alice Hector was 3rd woman. 1 C Oddy (Abbey R) 17.21 42 Alice Hector 21.57 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 12th May 1 E Stockdale (unatt) 17.30 204 Louise Atkinson 32.46 BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 W Cockerell (Bels) 16.38 98 Alex Fordham 21.01 102 Simon Rothwell 21.03 183 Ian Grange 22.25 273 Clive Naish 23.49 298 Adam Wright 24.10 310 Egis Vincel 24.19 345 Bruce McLaren 24.50 404 Peter Fordham 25.32 463 Mary Hickson 26.34 464 Chris Wright 26.35 469 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 26.40 681 Jose Scheuer 30.08 682 Mike White 30.09 770 John Hanscomb 32.48 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May Gemma Cory was second woman home. 1 D Tanner (Clap C) 17.06 2 Nick Wright 18.10 4 Andrew Forth 18.29 6 Ted Mockett 18.47 20 Stewart Anderson 20.08 34 Alberto Esguevillas 21.05 48 Duncan Brown 21.49 54 Gemma Cory 22.01 67 Amrut Sharma 22.40 81 Lewis Emery 23.18 143 Tomas Sterner 26.36 145 Rob Kitchen 26.38 167 Philippa Kitchen 27.41 212 Val Lowman 31.10 215 Annemarie Goodridge 31.16 216 Martin Clark 31.21 217 Peter Lowman 31.27 236 Bronwen Northmore 33.39 252 Bev Ali 37.15 253 Pat Hewlett 37.20 265 Michael Sikora 44.25 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 M Reynolds (unatt) 18.28 41 Hannah Turnes 28.39 42 Janet Turnes 29.11 OXFORD parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 G Harris (Headington) 17.46 47 Ian Bingham 26.24 60 Evelyn Joslin 29.17 HACKNEY MARSHES parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May Carl Selya-Hammer was the winner in his first appearance at Hackney Marshes. 1 Carl Selya-Hammer 16.50 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 J Sherman (Reading RR)17.27 259 Louise Atkinson 32.41 GLASGOW parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 Unknown 17.35 138 Andrew Brown 24.09 PYMMES parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 R Crangle (Vegan) 21.08 18 Danny Hobbs 32.27 NONSUCH parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 T Tuohy (Dulwich R) 17.18 17 Steve Grout 20.26 WORMWOOD SCRUBS parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May Third place for Bixyboo. 1 A Galloway (London H) 17.27 3 Andy Bickerstaff 18.59 7 Trevor Maguire 19.46 KILLERTON parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May Sonia Rowland was the leading woman. 1 A Miller (Exmouth) 17.44 19 Steve Rowland 22.53 24 Sonia Rowland 23.24 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 19th May 1 J Repper (Chiltern) 17.18 100 Cindy Croucher 31.58 107 Deirdre Inman 34.00 RICHMOND PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 J Hinton (TH&H) 17.47 4 Peter Weir 18.46 25 Simon Burrell 20.56 26 Phil Jackson 21.00 34 Alberto Esguevillas 21.49 43 Elin Mortensen 21.59 46 Gemma Cory 22.11 48 Rachael Holmes 22.17 54 Eugenio Carmo 22.21 55 Tomas Sterner 22.23 68 Amrut Sharma 23.13 85 Lewis Emery 23.58 118 Dianne Oliver 25.32 146 Lorraine Clifton 26.40 148 Tony Clark 26.45 155 Andrew Brown 27.05 157 Colin Rogal 27.05 195 Louise Davies 28.53 205 Stacey Barber 29.21 227 Michael Sikora 30.37 253 Bronwen Northmore 33.41 272 Claire French 35.24 273 Pat Hewlett 3600. BUSHY PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 P Mills (Tadworth) 16.27 58 Bruce McLaren 20.18 105 Simon Rothwell 21.22 336 Clive Naish 25.01 627 Kirsty Bangham 29.14 716 Wally Garrod 31.04 812 John Hanscomb 3400. BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May A Ranelagh one two... 1 Mark Herbert 18.49 2 Duncan Mallison 18.59 17 Wyn Williams 22.24 44 Mike White 26.10 94 Deirdre Inman 34.04 EDINBURGH parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 A Morgan-Lee (Soton) 16.18 191 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 29.41 200 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 29.56 ELLIOAARDALUR parkrun 5km Friday 25th May and Saturday 26th May Peter Fordham completed the Icelandic double with 12th on Friday night and 7th on Saturday morning. Friday: 1 K Karlsson (Iceland) 16.03 12 Peter Fordham 23.06 Saturday 1 N Price (unatt) 19.46 7 Peter Fordham 22.53 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 G Brook (Stragglers) 17.09 16 Chris Camacho 21.33 39 Hannah Doyle 24.37 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May Darryl McDonald was a speedy runner-up. 1 A Robinson (TH&H) 16.27 2 Darryl McDonald 16.38 175 Michelle Purcell 25.26 MARPLE parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 D Norman (Strags) 17.15 13 David Rowe 18.45 134 Sharon Rowe 27.45 FINSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 R Walker (Highgate) 17.39 54 Phil Aiken 23.59 HAMPSTEAD parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 J Poole (unatt) 17.06 28 Andres Arana Garcia 22.57 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 B Reynolds (TH&H) 16.41 186 Louise Atkinson 29.16 ANDOVER parkrun 5km Saturday 26th May 1 T Bennett (Andover) 16.43 29 Rebecca Hall 22.22 31 Rob Curtis 22.35 FINALLY... Details of the 1948 torch relay, the last time the Olympics were held in London:. And here the flame reaches Wembley Stadium".