Newsdesk 2001

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 Julian Smith commentates on the annual invasion Franglais for the Enduro
 Pedestre des Sables (beach race to you and me squire) at Coutainville on
 August 25th:
 "The special welcome allegedly prepared for Ranelagh singularly failed to
 materialise; in fact the organisers seemed never to have heard of us,
 assuming instead that we must be elite athletes simply because we were
 foreign. Needless to say, the only person to produce an elite performance
 was Hugh Jones, who stormed through the field to win the V40 prize
 comfortably behind a cosmopolitan cast of superstars.  No-one else did
 anything special in the hot conditions, despite the hard sand being in very
 good nick this year, and as a result we narrowly failed to win the team
 prize again, finishing 28th. However Bill Harvey claims to have been the
 first V60, despite not yet being 60 and despite the organisers not noticing
 this. As for the rest of the weekend, that was typical Coutainville; but an
 explanation of pogonophobia, the amazing Marcellus Wallus, the dodgy
 Embouscade and le bisou sandwich will have to await the Gazette report."
 1	A Ouadhi (Morocco) 	43.36
 15 	Hugh Jones   		46.39
 73 	Chris Owens   		53.47
 85 	Andy Bickerstaff  	54.23
 225 	Bill Harvey  		59.51
 275 	Christian Vaughan  	61.14
 489 	Julian Smith  		66.18
 535 	John Keep 		67.07
 800 	David Rowntree  	73.54
 818 	John Hanscomb 	74.19
 1032 	Auguste Lespinas 	81.56
 1033 	Brian Chard 		82.03

 Forty women in all turned out on a beautiful September Tuesday evening for
 the Ratchford Relay, held over six laps of a circuit of a little over half a
 mile inside the Park. Teams of three comprised one "fast" who covered three
 laps, one "medium" who ran two and a "slow" who did one circuit. Liz Kipling
 predictably led the first lap charge but the very promising Anair Beverly
 was not far behind in 3rd place and on the second lap Anair's team-mate
 Kerrie O'Connor quickly took them into a lead that they never looked like
 losing. As is often the case in this type of event it was having the fastest
 "slow" that really clinched it, Joanne Turner's 3.44 being faster than most
 of the "mediums". Liz's team finished 2nd while Sarah Seal, saving her
 fastest lap for last, chased Liz all the way and just outsprinted Laura Ball
 for 3rd. 

 1  	Anair Beverly		3.08 / 3.16 / 3.16
 	Kerrie O'Connor		3.35 / 3.42
	Joanne Turner		3.44			20.41
 2	Liz Kipling		2.59 / 3.03 / 3.04
	Sandy Renshaw		4.05 / 4.06
	Nicky Greatorex		4.08			21.25
 3	Sarah Seal		3.07 / 3.09 / 3.05
	Stacey Barber		3.57 / 3.54
	Jo Tresidder		4.15			21.27
 4	Laura Ball		3.20 / 3.30 / 3.23
	Julie Drummond		3.37 / 3.40
	Jadshze		3.58			21.28
 5	Louise Webster		3.24 / 3.35 / 3.37
	Carol Barnshaw		3.44 / 3.54
	Beverley Ali		4.20			22.34
 6	Alice Beverly		3.15 / 3.29 / 3.24
	Julie Naismith		4.01 / 4.04
	Nicola Dupree		4.28			22.41
 7	Clare Gutch		3.08 / 3.15 / 3.12
	Denise English		3.59 / 4.31
	Lynne Barber		4.39			22.44
 8	Rachel Dixon		3.15 / 3.26 / 3.30
 	Hilary Wilson		3.59 / 4.23
	Frances Pinn		5.00			23.33
 9	Eileen Church		3.15 / 3.33 / 3.41
	Corinne Bishop		3.56 / 3.59
	Terry McDowall		5.51			24.15
 10	Kathy Mallett		3.25 / 3.24 / 3.26
	Hazel Carr		4.25 / 4.30
	May Nadir		5.22			24.32
 11	Jessica Harvey		3.11 / 3.23 / 3.22
	Gill Fonteyn		4.32 / 5.05
	Eileen Woodley		5.44			25.17
 12	Catherine Gadd		3.40 / 3.57 / 4.01
	Jenny Steadman	4.07 / 4.18
	Mary Donaghue		5.48			25.51
 13	Julie Gilding		3.28 / 3.44
	Sally Ann Morris	4.29 / 5.09
	Judith McLaren		4.58
	Eleanora Zona		5.02			26.50

 Darryl McDonald is in good shape, setting a pb last weekend in the Paisley
 Pattern 10km: "a 'real' PB, as opposed to that Wimbledon 10k I did last year
 which was an unofficial sub 33:00 time".
 1	G Stewart (Mizuno)	30.23
 14	Darryl McDonald	32.51 
 My daily paper on Monday morning gave Ranelagh two honourable mentions: John
 Pratt and Pete Warren were respectively first O55 (19.45) and first O60
 (19.53) in the Serpentine 5km in Hyde Park. Also at the weekend, Mick Lane
 was first O40 in the Overton 5 miles in 28.26 and Corinne Bishop was first
 O45 in the SAM 7 miles at Leatherhead in 57.40.

 Pete Trainor appeals for the Building Fund Draw, proceeds of which are
 divided 50 - 50 between prizes and the Fund:
 "I recently sent a reminder e-mail to those who were in last season's draws
 and who hadn't yet paid up for this season, asking them to cough up their
 tenners. I've had one success so far, but remain hopeful!
 I'd like to give them another reminder and also invite club folks who have
 not yet participated in the draw to join in by sending me 10 which covers
 the season's three draws to be held at the Thomas Cup in September, the
 Henty relay at Christmas and the Baker Cup in the spring. Cheques should be
 made payable to 'Ranelagh Harriers Building Fund' and sent to me at 30 Hatch
 Place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5NB. For anyone who'd prefer to pay
 their tenner by an annual standing order, I can send them a standing order
 form to complete and return to me  if they give me their name and postal
 address. Those who prefer to deal in cash may pay me (or David Rowntree)
 when they catch us at the club. My home phone number is 020 8541 3579 and my
 e-mail address is peter.trainor@btinternet.com." 

 Julian Smith will be conducting a long run through the Surrey hills on
 Sunday morning September 16th and will welcome a few more takers. Anyone not
 up to tackling the full 16 miles or so is welcome to join in at some point
 along the way. Transport details can be worked out as required. Julian
 writes: "Start is on Headley Heath, at the car park opposite the cricket
 ground. Joining points are the stepping stones car park, where we cross the
 A24 underneath Box Hill, or on Ranmore Common Road junction close to the
 church with the tall spire (visible for miles), or where we cross the A25 to
 run south down a very posh road called Milton Street. Thereafter it's into
 the Leith Hill woods, on to Holmbury St Mary and finally to Pitch Hill or
 beyond...". More info from Julian (smithj@bp.com) or Chris Owens

 More details of all the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 norris.hobs@bigwig.net) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 / sarahs@walker.co.uk). 

 Saturday September 8th    Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon

 Saturday September 15th    Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap at Richmond Park,
 preceded by the annual club photograph. Be at the clubhouse by 2.30pm. 

 Sunday September 23rd    Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham.
 10am start. This incorporates our Callis Cup 10 miles club championship.
 Entry forms are in the clubhouse and can also be downloaded from
 www.stragglers.org. Entry 8 (payable to The Cabbage Patch Run) to 29
 Stourton Avenue, Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6LA. Entries on the day 10. There
 is no advertised limit on entries, but I hear that numbers are already quite
 high, so get your entry in in advance to avoid disappointment. 

 Saturday October 6th     The season's first mob match at home v Orion
 Harriers. 7.5 miles in Richmond Park, starting at 3pm. All able bodies to
 the start line please. 

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk