Newsdesk 2011

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 365 24 November 2011 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Thames Hare & Hounds win our mob match * All needed for another mob match this Saturday - against Blackheath at home in Richmond Park * Marie Synnott-Wells wins Vets AC title in Epsom 10 * parkrun placings for Duncan Mallison, Marie Synnott-Wells and Melanie Hunter * London Marathon club places up for grabs * Still time to book for the club Christmas Party on Saturday December 10th at the Richmond Hill Hotel SEE HERE ******** MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH THIS SATURDAY! We had a good turnout of 46 at the Thames mob match last Saturday (see below) but although we outnumbered them they were just too strong for us. This Saturday will be our chance to make amends as Blackheath and Bromley Harriers and AC visit us in Richmond Park. Blackheath are not likely to appear in such strength as Thames nor in very high numbers. When they last visited us we had 87 runners on the starting line. Can we get anywhere near that again? Well, it's up to you! There are always new members who don't know what mob matches are, so briefly the idea is this: each of the two clubs taking part fields as many runners as they can and all count in some way towards the final result. If we can heavily outnumber the 'heathens that will give us a head start towards regaining the match trophy, the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup. Our first race against Blackheath was in 1886, though our annual contest did not become a "mob match" until 1907 and the trophy dates from 1922. So, come and make history! Remember, every extra body on the starting line will mean another few points in our favour. The race doubles as our club championship for the Wynne Cup and there is a sealed handicap. Start time is 2.30pm and the distance is 7.8 miles. Please come and do your bit! More details:. SURREY LADIES LEAGUE The second League race for our women's team takes place on Saturday 3rd December. It's at home in Richmond Park and we need a good result after finishing 12th in the opening fixture. The senior race starts at 12 noon, followed by the junior races. DYSART CUP and ELLIS CUP These inter-club races (for women and men respectively) both take place on Saturday 10th December in Richmond Park. The women's race over 4 miles comes first, starting at 1.45pm. It also incorporates the club women's championship for the Hugh Jones Salver . Afterwards at 2.30pm comes the men's five miles race. All members are welcome. RANELAGH CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday 10th December 2011 from 7pm at the Richmond Hill Hotel. There's still time to book for the social event of the year! Cost: 42 for members, 44 for guests to include three-course dinner, wine and a DJ. You will need to give your choice of food on booking with Michele Gibson. Here's a link. to the menu in the Richmond Hill brochure (see page 4) There will also be menu choice sheets at the clubhouse for you to complete with your booking. Contact Michele Gibson micheleagibson@hotmail.com for more details or to reserve your place (or text 07703 518956). LONDON MARATHON CLUB PLACES If you were unsuccessful in the ballot for the 2012 London Marathon you may be eligible for one of Ranelagh's guaranteed club places. We were allocated four spots this year, but one of these is already spoken for following a mix-up with the documentation for the 2011 race. So we'll be holding our own ballot for the three remaining places at the Christmas Party on December 10th. To be eligible you need to have taken part in at least two mob matches in the past twelve months, or else to have run one mob match and also helped as a volunteer at two club events. Saturday's mob match will count. If you qualify send your name in to Louise Piears louise.piears@goodrunguide.co.uk before the Christmas Party. So far, Louise has not received many applications, so the odds are good! SWLAN FIRST AID COURSE Kate Brook writes: "SLWAN has organised a First Aid course with St Mary's University College, to be held on Sunday 4th December from 10am to 5pm at St Mary's in Twickenham TW1 4SX. The course normally costs 85 but because you are part of the SWLAN you can attend this one day First Aid Course for only 10 - make the most of this opportunity, it might not happen again. The course is sports specific and as such will use sporting scenarios to detail first aid procedures. You will gain a First Aid certificate that is valid for three years. To book and pay contact Liz Everett at St Mary's University College Short Courses on 020 8240 4321 by 25th November. Quote First Aid course code SWLAN/FA1211. HEATHROW Bev Ali quotes from the Richmond Council website: "From 1 November 2011 until 29 February 2012 and again from 1 July 2012 until 30 September 2012 a new trial will be undertaken at Heathrow airport. This will involve periods when both landing paths will be in use at the same time, instead of the normal use of alteration, whereby aircraft land on one path for half the day and then switch and land on the other path for the rest of the day. The switch over happens at 3pm. The twin landing proposal was a recommendation of the Government's South East Airports Taskforce, which was set up in 2010 to look at making more efficient and flexible use of the two existing runways. The Task Force felt that the airport needed more resilience, to help it recover from delays. One way to do this is to land aircraft out of the normal alternation pattern. In other words, aircraft would be allowed to land on the runway which would otherwise be used for takeoffs. The 3pm switch of runways enables residents under the flight paths to have a regular and predictable half day respite from aircraft noise. We know that this respite is valued by the communities for the benefit of health and wellbeing. The Minister has committed to retaining it, although she has also approved that the 'freedom trial' should go ahead. The freedom trial will permit Heathrow to operate not only dual arrivals but also dual departures (but not at the same time). The aim of the dual arrivals is to reduce the time that aircraft spend in the holding stacks. The benefit of this includes reduced delays for passengers; reduced wasting of fuel; it may reduce emissions and may also reduce the number of late-running flights after 22:30. Although the benefits are appreciated, probably the main concern for residents will be that aircraft landing to the wrong runway will result in a loss of respite, with a consequent increase in noise when there should be relative peace. This peaceful respite is something that residents prize highly. It is not something they will wish to lose, whatever the benefits to airlines or their passengers. There are also some businesses and residents in the Borough who specifically rely on the certainty of the respite, and plan their weekly activities around it." Bev adds: "If you wish to express your opinion about the new mixed mode operation there is a short survey at www.richmond.gov.uk/aircraft_noise" WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 / e-mail Marc ranelagh.men@gmail.com or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 (After 5pm Weekdays) / e-mail Marie and Heather ranelagh.women@gmail.com Saturday 26th November Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match v Blackheath & Bromley HAC in Richmond Park including Wynne Cup club champs. 2.30pm start. Saturday 3rd December Surrey Ladies League Division 1 in Richmond Park. 12 noon start. Saturday 10th December Dysart Cup inter-club women's 4m race including Hugh Jones Salver club women's championship. 1.45pm start in Richmond Park. Ellis Cup men's inter-club 5m race. 2.30pm start in Richmond Park Saturday 17th December South of the Thames 7.5 miles championship on Wimbledon Common parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** MOB MATCH v THAMES HARE and HOUNDS Saturday 19th November 7.5 miles on Wimbledon Common The unseasonal weather continued and we enjoyed a warm afternoon with the Common at its most picturesque as the sun dappled through trees bright with their autumn shades. Conditions underfoot were mostly dry and the going was fast. Thames's course is an attractive one with frequent changes of terrain and surroundings to hold everyone's interest. It was certainly a beautiful day for a jaunt on the Common. With 46 starters we outnumbered Thames by a handful but that was the only advantage we managed to gain today. Thames, perhaps still smarting from our win the last time we visited them, made sure we wouldn't get a look-in at the front by fielding a very strong fast pack. In the absence of our fastest runners the result was that our rivals counted fourteen men (and one woman) home before our first finisher Carl Hammer. Marc Snaith, Mark Herbert and Louis Randall were the only other Ranelagh runners in the top twenty, with Trevor Maguire and Ted Mockett not far behind. We packed reasonably well from the late 20s onwards but of course the damage was already done and was not recoverable. Scoring 40 a side Thames were proclaimed victorious by 1251 points to 1994. It was good to see a few new faces, including Fiona Ford, who was our first woman home in 39th place. Mob match centurions David Wright, Steve Rowland, Jim Forrest, Mike Peace and Clive Naish all added to their tallies. Top gun Wright's notches now number 145. Thames had booked the Green Man on Putney Heath for the evening's supper - very appropriate for of course this was Ranelagh's home from our founding in 1881 until 1935. More than twenty Ranelagh stayed to enjoy Thames's hospitality - once again I believe we outnumbered our hosts. Thames's entertainer-in-chief John Bryant provided most of the after-dinner cabaret but there were valiant attempts at joke-telling by various others. A new departure this year was the recital of jokes direct from i-Pads. Goodness, where we would we be without technology.... ELLIOAARDALUR parkrun 5km Saturday 29th October Here's Peter Fordham's account of the first Icelandic parkrun. Results were in the last e-news.: "Historic Day in Iceland 20 Million Years Ago: Iceland emerges from Atlantic Ocean 874 AD: Ingolfur Arnarson -the first permanent settler in Reykjavik 1944: Icelandic Republic formed. 1950's -1970's: The Cod War 1986: Gorbachev and Reagan meet in Reykjavik to end 'The Cold War' 2008: The Icelandic banking system collapses 2010: Eyjafjallajokull erupts bringing flights to a standstill 29 October 2011: The most northerly 'parkrun' in the world starts in Reykjavik Given the first settler arrived over 1100 years ago it makes you wonder why it took so long to start 'parkrun' in Iceland. However, the bringing together of Smari, Race Director and Paul made it worth the wait. On Friday the 28th October the inaugural flight pr101 of 'parkrun airlines' to Reykjavik took off from London with Captain Sinton-Hewitt and co-pilot Jo at the controls. Onboard were a further 37 U.K. parkrunners plus two non-runners, all heading for some unpronounceable valley in Reykjavik. Amongst the group was also what will go down as the finest squad ever assembled to represent Ranelagh Harriers abroad- Wally Garrod and Teresa, Martin Clark, Paul and Jo, Kirsty Bangham and Peter Fordham One of the exciting things about going to Iceland is that you never know when you might come back. The island has had serious stomach problems since the day it was a born, and on the next belch you could well be stranded for months and seriously late for work. Not that some of us had to worry about that - Wally, Martin and I go back to the days of the Cod War, and when fish and chips used to be served in newspaper - they tasted a lot better in those days, and at the same time you could 'trawl' the wrapping to 'catch' up on the news you missed the previous week. In fact, I was studying in Hull during the Cod War and used to see the trawlermen returning from a 'battering' by the Icelandic Navy. The wives used all the supplies of salt and vinegar available to heal the men's wounds and they dried to a crisp, hence the term 'batter' was born. After a failed trip to view the 'northern lights' on the Friday, thanks to the unpredictable weather, all headed for an 11am start of the first 'parkrun' in Reykjavik. Smari had come up with a stunning and undulating course that took a loop through beautiful parkland, a river with waterfalls and forested track. Of the total field of seventy runners, two were from Denmark, and one from Switzerland. The U.K. representation included three from Stragglers, which incited the less disciplined members of Ranelagh to break into the club war cry 'hobble, gobble, razzle......' before the start. Some fine runs were recorded, Paul was allowed to finish first amongst Ranelagh as the squad knew he had the camera to record the 'crossing of the line'. Jo led the Ranelagh ladies home (and first lady overall) just ahead of Kirsty, and Wally set a PB for running in his 'longjohns'. Timing was 'Fish and CHIP'. The highlight at the end was to sink into the naturally heated outdoor hot tubs at the nearby bathing facility. This proved so popular that I hear 'parkrun' volunteers are already drilling for a natural thermal water supply to heat the Bushy Park lake in time for the worst of the winter. A post-run celebration dinner followed for most of the Ranelagh squid, it was fish of course, paid for 'C.O.D.'- it's hard to get credit in Iceland these days. One member, whom I shall not name, indulged in the putrefied shark. Thereafter, it was a further day and a half of enjoying the warmth of the Icelandic people, sampling the incredible sites of Iceland and enjoying the 'life' in Reykjavik. We might just do it again!" DUBLIN MARATHON Monday 31st October Derek Mason writes: "I also completed the Dublin Marathon on 31st October, despite having shin splints and pulling my stomach muscles the day before. I considered not running, but thought that I had gone all the way there, I might as well give it a go, and still managed a sub 4 hour run, and my legs were not even stiff afterwards, so hopefully better luck next time." 4026 Derek Mason 3:57.02 (Other results were in the last e-news) ALGARVE RUNNING CHALLENGE Wednesday 2nd - Sunday 6th November Alan Davidson reports: "It was the usual friendly bunch but not the usual weather for Track & Field Tours Algarve Running Challenge at Monte Gordo (Eastern Algarve) with races and general organisation excellent thanks to Steve Smythe of Athletics Weekly. The previous week had seen 22C sunshine every day with the freak exception of a tornado that struck Faro airport terminal. Farcical organisation at the airport meant instead of walking 50 yards from the baggage hall to the front it was instead a coach from the back, and while other drivers went straight away, our hot, overcrowded coach waited for thirty minutes for an escort car to take us on the five minutes trip to the front of the terminal! The weather broke dramatically for the three lap 5k pine forest race on sandy trails, and thunder, lightning and torrential rain even flooded the sand. I ran a woeful 27.01 and even went wrong on the third lap trying to see through wet, misted glasses! A black cloud hung over most of Portugal but luckily our tiny corner had breezy, sunny conditions briefly for our one mile track race (6.41). The 10k forest trail race took place in dull but mostly dry weather on stony/sandy tracks and I finished in 48.10. Next came a walk in the Castro Marim nature reserve in chilly but sunny conditions where I saw flamingoes, storks, black-winged stilts, hare etc but had to plough through mud of Parliament Hill proportions! The Guadiana 10.75 mile road race had 614 finishers but only 49 women and was hard graft for much of the first 7k into a 15mph wind. Thankfully once over the bridge into Spain we had a tailwind, sun on our backs and a flat finish. I enjoyed the crowd support in Ayamonte and also (unsolicited) for the last 4k firstly two Portuguese (GIPS-GNR vests) runners ran alongside me urging me on then when they dropped back another ran beside or ahead of me encouraging me and even ran ahead of me on the back straight of the track finish to shield me from the strong headwind blowing as we turned! I thanked him for his help. I was 417th in 1.26.10. Manuel Ferraz won in 54.36 and first lady was Clare Elms of Dulwich Runners in 1.07.53. A final train ride through the countryside when travelling fast (downhill only) the doors were all open - perhaps not covered by EU Health & Safety regulations! Leaving the warm sun of the Algarve for the Gatwick drizzle I had as always enjoyed the trip and thankfully by then the roof was back on Faro airport!" RG ACTIVE WINTER BALLBUSTER DUATHLON Saturday 12th November at Dorking Simon Burrell reports: "So, another report for a race which doesn't just involve running, but in my defence it did include 16 miles on foot and was set in my favourite location of Box Hill, deep in the beautiful Surrey Hills. Simple idea really - run a lap, cycle three laps and then run another lap. But...the lap was a hilly 8 miles, ending up the famous Box Hill zig-zag: a steady 1.5 mile climb up to the National Trust car park, shop and cafe at the top. I was advised to take it easy on the first running lap, which I duly did, clocking about 1:01 with a comfortable ziz-zag climb. Then followed three steady bike laps totalling 1:20, offering some fast and furious downhills and a tough climb up that final hill, getting steadily tougher each lap. However, the race for me really started on the final run. Normally you get a chance to 'spin out' the legs on the bike before the run, but the end of lap incline means you start the run straight after a tough uphill grind. Nothing could have prepared me for the objection my quads would make at being asked to do a second run up and down those Surrey hills. It is a first for me to be running down hill and wish I was running up, whilst simultaneously wondering whether my quads would carry me back up that final long stretch. In the end they did, although it was a tough old climb. My earlier caution paid off as I clocked three and a half minutes faster on the second run lap! A few other Ranelagh members were mad enough to join me on the day - greatest respect to them. Andrew Forth finished 3rd over 40, Chris Owens was 2nd over 50 and Kerrie O'Connor-Forth was 2nd woman over 40. For anyone who likes a bit of a bike ride sandwiched between a few gentle runs on a nice undulating course, there is both a Winter and Spring event. Clearly, I have a short memory span as my entry is already in for 3 March 2012." 1 H Mackenzie 2:41.09 (run1 43.47, t1 1.06, bike 66.51, t2 1.10, run2 48.12) 16 Andrew Forth 2:57.26 (49.59, 1.16, 70.42, 1.19, 54.09) 82 Chris Owens 3:18.24 (51.08, 1.17, 81.44, 2.00, 62.12) 112 Simon Burrell 3:23.57 (61.53, 1.28, 80.18, 1.51, 58.25) 115 Kerrie O'Connor 3:24.18 (splits not available) LEATHERHEAD FIRE STATION 10km Sunday 13th November 1 N Aitken (Clapham) 33.59 (chip time 33.59) 50 Mark Herbert 42.27 (42.27) 64 Lee Davies 43.16 (43.11) 95 Michelle Davies 45.27 (45.22) 140 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 48.05 (47.37) 198 Mike White 50.59 (50.30) 210 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 51.21 (50.53) 369 David Meaden 66.11 (65.47) 385 John Hanscomb 70.44 (70.34) GRAND UNION CANAL HALF MARATHON Sunday 13th November Lynne Barber writes: "It was a lovely run down the canal past all the narrow boats and the weather was great." 1 M Alvarez (Spain) 1:15.20 144 Jose Scheuer 1:44.40 553 Lynne Barber 2:08.33 774 Penny Merrett 2:32.29 823 Bev Ali 2:50.15 LONDON YOUTH GAMES 3km Saturday 19th November at Parliament Hill Amelie Hunton was the sixth finisher for the winning Richmond team in the under 17s race. 1 S Draper (Hill) 11.16 32 Amelie Hunton 13.29 EPSOM 10 miles Sunday 20th November Marie Synnott-Wells was the first over 45 to finish and also won the Vets AC championship which was incorporated with this race. 1 J West (Stragglers) 55.31 51 Marie Synnott-Wells 66.50 204 Tom Reay 86.36 257 Alan Meaden 103.56 267 David Meaden 107.41 BRIGHTON 10km Sunday 20th November 1 B Whitby (WSEH) 29.52 (chip time 29.52) 588 John Pratt 46.18 (46.01) 1072 Heather Martingell 51.36 (49.55) 1154 Kirsty Bangham 52.40 (51.00) 1434 Janet Turnes 55.42 (54.30) 1476 Julie Naismith 56.09 (54.55) 1528 Jane Craigie-Payne 56.36 (54.25) OLD DEER PARK 10km Sunday 20th November 1 R Weston (Serp) 34.42 (chip time 34.41) 25 Colin Brett 39.36 (39.33) LUTON MARATHON Sunday 20th November 1 T Haughian (WSEH) 2:35.23 275 Ian Grange 3:54.03 CHELMSFORD 10km Sunday 20th November Alan Davidson writes: "Chelmsford or bust! As I can get to few races on Sundays now because of early starts I entered the Chelmsford 10k (1400 start) knowing that a bus replacement was necessary for part of the rail journey between Liverpool St and Chelmsford. However having left home at 0700 and travelled by train to Waterloo, then Charing Cross followed by bus to Liverpool St I found to my dismay that rail travellers from there had to go by tube to Newbury Park then rail replacement bus (45 min journey, even longer coming back because of roadworks) to Ingatestone from where I did the last 5 miles by rail! Reaching the characterless sprawl of Chelmsford I caught a service bus to the race venue but did have the pleasure of running a gently undulating course past farm fields in warm(ish) autumn sunshine before the trek home." 1 J Mays (Kent) 31.21 150 Alan Davidson 48.07 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 J Scott-Buccleuch (Sto)16.49 13 Peter Weir 19.14 39 Tomas Sterner 21.17 52 Stewart Anderson 21.58 56 Duncan Brown 22.14 61 Andrew Brown 22.24 69 Daniel Chiechi 22.44 71 Jane Craigie-Payne 22.48 75 Simon Taylor 23.00 77 Amrut Sharma 23.02 84 Steven Mountain 23.21 91 Gemma Cory 23.48 108 Louise Davies 24.56 109 Zinny Gavars 25.04 149 Michael Sikora 27.26 160 Martin Clark 28.25 187 Bronwen Northmore 30.57 206 Pat Hewlett 36.00 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 P Pollock (Abbey) 14.33 206 Karen Weir 22.53 266 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 23.48 289 Adam Wright 23.51 425 Kate Brook 26.14 616 Kirsty Bangham 29.55 GUNNERSBURY parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 J Flood (Strag) 17.14 8 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.07 25 Karl Garvey 22.21 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 M Shurlock (AFD) 19.08 8 Chris Camacho 20.34 18 Alan Davidson 22.49 41 Wally Garrod 27.29 56 Janet Turnes 35.11 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 R Brookling (unatt) 17.13 6 Chris Spink 20.09 73 Gill Wilson 28.27 85 Cindy Croucher 31.02 87 Deirdre Inman 31.33 94 Danny Hobbs 33.55 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 J Saissi (Hill) 17.30 48 Mark Herbert 21.47 49 Michelle Davies 21.47 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November Duncan Mallison was the winner and Melanie Hunter was third woman. 1 Duncan Mallison 19.10 14 Melanie Hunter 25.20 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November Marie Synnott-Wells was second woman to finish. 1 K Macintosh (Wimb W) 17.53 24 Marie Synnott-Wells 19.50 READING parkrun 5km Saturday 19th November 1 J Sherman (Read RR) 17.41 151 Sharon Rowe 27.58 FINALLY... Chris Finill of Harrow AC and Thames Hare and Hounds has just completed a 3100 miles run across America with his running partner Steve Pope. They set off from San Francisco on August 17th and just inside 80 days later, after battling all extremes of weather, they reached the east coast on November 5th just in time to take part in the New York City Marathon (which they completed in 3:38!). They were raising funds for the Help For Heroes charity. More details, including a short video of the run, are here:.