Newsdesk 2001

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 36          29 AUGUST 2001
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 Not too much to report in the way of results this week. Pride of place to
 Marlene Pautard, who finished a good third in the "Jog Shop 20" on August
 19th on a windy and wet multi-terrain course over the South Downs. Her time
 was 2.57.36, five and a half minutes behind winner Varton of Bishop's
 Stortford. Alex Kew finished a couple of minutes behind Marlene. 

 We also had the usual suspects over in France at the weekend for the Enduro
 Pedestre des Sables in Coutainville. No report received yet, which probably
 means that their hangovers are still functioning efficiently.

 Surprising though it may seem, it appears that we won some team medals in
 the Surrey 5km (results in e-news #35). Congratulations to Marcus Gohar,
 Paul Doyle and Stephen Instone on their bronzes.

 Our annual eight-week course for women new to running has just been
 completed under the able leadership of Frances Ratchford. The final week is
 always a "fun run" round two laps of Sidmouth Wood, with all finishers being
 awarded with certificates. The results were:
 1	Louise Barton		28.10
 2	Nicola Dupree  		28.38
 3	Jo Tresidder		28.42
 4	Sally Ann Morris	32.28
 5	Nicola Greatorex	32.28
 6	Judith McLaren		33.24
 7	Cindy Croucher		33.35
 	Janet Hoption		17.24 (one lap only)

 Darryl McDonald writes: "So, I was running a race this weekend (Glasgow
 half-marathon), when in the near distance I noticed a female wearing a
 familiar Belgrave vest. I ran up to her (although, I must admit, it was a
 struggle catching up), and it turned out to be Birhan Dagne. I managed a
 breathy "Birhan," and she managed a "hey" in return. Being the starstruck
 runner I am, I wanted her to stay with me so she could get a good time
 (well, good for a woman, at least). For some reason, she couldn't stay with
 me, and I certainly wasn't going full guns. I assume she did her usual 20
 races the day before.
 Anyway, I ended up using some petite Russian woman as a pace-setter, and I
 outdashed her in the final stages. Outdashing a woman. Pathetic, huh? I
 shook her hand, thanking her for pulling me in, and she was so frail, I
 thought I was going to break her little arm.
 I then walked to the finishing chutes, and heard someone yell "Look what all
 that training's done for you," or something like that, and turned around to
 see Alan Storey, waiting for Birhan, I assume. Nice to get some southern
 charm, albeit inadvertently, over the weekend."
  1	A Chipu (South Africa)	63.23
 28	Darryl McDonald	72.48 

 It might be a long way off, but Peter Trainor has already received
 information for those who want to "work their passage" to guaranteed race
 entry. Peter writes:
 "Colin Poole of Flora London Marathon has asked that all our club member
 applications for those wanting guaranteed worker entries be completed and
 returned to him (rather than the London Marathon office) by the end of
 September. He wants all such applications from us in together, so I'd
 suggest that members give their applications to me or Mike Peace for me to
 send them all in together to Colin.
 Friday March 15th and Saturday March 16th are the dates for admin duties at
 the Nautical School in Waterloo and registration week sessions will be
 Wednesday 10th April through to Saturday 13th April. Applicants should
 expect to work five sessions of four hours each sesson to be awarded a
 guaranteed entry into the race - i.e. 20 hours in total.
 Colin adds that any of our club folks not running but wanting to help may be
 used in registration sessions on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April and
 asks that I create a list of these persons for future duties. It's a long
 time away yet, but it seems I'll need any such volunteers to be giving some
 thought as to their availability and to be ready to let me know which of
 these two days they'll be available and for which sessions.  I expect Colin
 will want our first offering of this list within the coming two months or

 Julian Smith is planning a longish run in the Surrey hills (15 miles
 longish) on Sunday September 16th, following the Greensand Way from Dorking
 to Ewhurst. His group will be quickish but if there is sufficient interest
 there is no reason not to have a slower group covering some or all of the
 route too. It's well-signposted, easy to follow and on good tracks. If
 you're interested in joining either group, contact Julian (smithj@bp.com). 
 Frances Ratchford's annual women-only relay will be on Tuesday September
 4th. Everyone welcome. Teams will be organised on the night, be at the
 clubhouse by 7pm. Frances writes: "Three to a team or four if we have lots
 of people, fastest runs the longest distance.  Food afterwards plus a photo
 of the winning team displayed in the clubhouse in the trophy photograph
 frame!  Wow!"

 Tuesday September 4th   Ratchford Relay. See above. 

 Wednesday September 5th    Committee meeting.

 Saturday September 8th    Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon

 Saturday September 15th    Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap at Richmond Park,
 preceded by the annual club photograph. Be at the clubhouse by 2.30pm.

 Mandy Holliday writes: "You may have heard I am moving to France soon. I am
 going to take my two cats with me, but will not be able to take them for one
 to two months until I have found suitable accommodation. I am hoping to find
 some one who would be prepared to have my cats for this period of time. In
 particular I would hope they could stay in a safe environment where they
 will not easily escape or wander near roads. They are easy to look after,
 clean and affectionate.
 If a member of Ranelagh felt able to help me by having them I would be happy
 to pay them a reasonable sum and cover all food costs etc. Would any one who
 is interested to contact me by e-mail on ajholliday@supanet.com"

 Steve Rowland
 Telephone: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901
 e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk