Newsdesk 2011

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 354 16 June 2011 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Chris Bundhun and Marie Synnott-Wells are our first finishers in the Dorking 10 miles. * Sara Grosvenor second overall and first woman in the Run Richmond Park 10km. * parkrun placings for Ted Mockett, Rachel Rowan, Michelle Davies and Trevor Maguire * Richmond 10km this Sunday (June 19th) followed by BBQ at the clubhouse * Brasher Ponds Run and Coad Cup coming up in July SEE HERE ******** RICHMOND 10km Entries for our 10km on Sunday are still being accepted at the time of writing. Details:. Race director Niall O'Connor could still use one or two more marshals. The race starts at 9am and you'd be needed for a maximum of two hours, less if necessary. Contact Niall at 10k-enquiries@ranelagh-harriers.com if you are available to help BBQ We will be having a barbecue at the clubhouse this Sunday (19th June), following the Richmond 10km. It's 5 a head and will start at about 12 noon. All are welcome - please come along! BRASHER PONDS RUN Tuesday 5th July Our annual homage to Olympic gold medallist, London Marathon founder and long-time Ranelagh member Chris Brasher will take place on Tuesday 5th July. Starting at 7pm we divide into various groups and attempt to visit each of the ponds in Richmond Park. According to who you talk to there are anything between 20 and 23 to be found! COAD CUP and ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday 12th July A week after the Brasher run comes our annual summer 5 miles handicap race in Richmond Park for the Coad Cup, followed by our AGM in the clubhouse. All members are welcome to both events. SWLAN NEWS Kate Brook send details of the next training talk organised by Kingston AC and Poly H for the South West London Athletics Network: Endurance Training with Julian Goater & Dave Clarke Monday June 20th, 19:30 at the Pure Sports Medicine clinic, David Lloyd Leisure, Bushey Road, Raynes Park London, SW20 8TE. Free of charge, no booking required, just turn up. More details: "This is the third in a series of public talks organised by K&P and the South West London Athletics Network. We aim to inspire, entertain and educate athletes and coaches. Each month (if possible on the third Monday) we will have a formal talk, talks or panel lasting approximately an hour, followed by informal questions and discussion (hopefully over a few drinks in the bar). This forum will provide a regular chance for athletes and coaches - young and old, active or former - to mingle and share their knowledge, and to help a younger generation to understand some of the 'lore of running'. The talks are free and arranged at a time when they should not cut into your racing, coaching or family commitments." MIKE McDOWELL Bill Bird writes: "Just a note to let you know that Dave Wright, Claudie, Alan and Jean Hedger, Mike McDowell and his wife Diane, as well as myself, yesterday celebrated Mike McDowell's 60 years of Ranelagh membership. We made good use of some champagne and a local hostelry close to his home at Cam, nr. Dursley. We remembered many exploits and friends past and present. Someone pointed out that between us we had clocked up over 400 mob match appearances and if Dave can keep going we shall reach 500, entirely with his help I hasten to add. I think Mike would be tickled pink to get a mention in your excellent newsletter. The newsletter means a lot to most of us that receive it but I can tell you that is a godsend to someone like Mike to be able to be in constant contact." CONGRATULATIONS... ... to Philippa Shaw and Rob Kitchen who were married last month. GREETINGS FROM MELBOURNE Carola Richter writes: "G'd day and greetings from Melbourne, It's been almost nine months now since I left London and a friend described my journey as 'like giving birth ... a few months of morning sickness, sense of well-being and finally it's the most normal thing in the world.' And he was right! It feels like I always belonged here. The first initial weeks were hard as I arrived at Melbourne's wettest and coldest winter in years. I had never seen so much rain in my entire life in London!!! But after seven years of drought you can't blame the weather queen for opening her gates. The dams certainly needed that extra rain and everything looks so much greener now. After sorting out my health insurance, tax files, work permit, finding a flat etc I finally managed to start working as an agency nurse in October. The money was great but the job was very lonely as I had to travel to a different hospital every single day. This made it really hard to meet new people. However, through a contact from London I managed to get a full-time job as a sales person for an orthopaedic company called Zimmer. Yes, the one that designs Zimmer frames and the hip and knee implants some of us may require in old age. I still have to travel a lot by car but it's a new challenge and although I don't see my new work mates a lot they are friendly and helpful. Working from home is encouraged with laptops and Blackberrys supplied, petrol paid and all other expenses. No-one works ridiculous hours if one can avoid them and if so you just take some time off another day. I like that concept. Melbourne is very European and has a great coffee culture. I managed to find an apartment close to the city near the river and parks, the cricket stadium is five minutes away and there are running and cycling paths everywhere. All in all a great life and so much more relaxed. I tried to join a running club and as advised by Steve before my departure the Richmond Harriers are a club to look out for. So far, I only managed to turn up at their sessions a few times as they meet 6pm which is a bit early for me (workwise). But I put a smile on some of the older boys' faces when I mentioned the Ranelagh club and some names. Seems there are quite a few ex pats in the area. Unfortunately, the sessions are not as structured as the Ranelagh Tuesday and Thursday sessions which I really miss. Over the summer months it was really hard to run regularly as I struggled with the heat and therefore lost a bit of motivation. Also drinking wine and attending BBQs every so often didn't help my waistline. But the London Marathon talk on Facebook got me focused again and I'm now training for the New York Marathon. Races here in Oz include the whole family which is a great way of involving the kids but you also find yourself running a half marathon with 5k fun walkers, kids running a 2.5k distance, speedies running the 10k and the occasional marathon runner, all in one event!!! Logistically a nightmare for every event director I suppose. For example, last Sunday I ran a half marathon on a 5k course... glad it was split in a 1.5k loop and 4x5k but there were runners doing the full marathon distance! Not sure that is good for your mind but then on a different occasion I ran the Great Ocean Road Half which was fabulous for scenery along the beach. I still read the club news and follow the training sessions Marc sends out every week which helps me to stay focused. I'm also addicted to Facebook now spending hours following the adventures of Mrs and Mr Davies (Lee and Michelle), had many loud giggles reading Heather's 'life of an event director', love David's running photos (they are sensational as the Ozzies would say)...and yes, I read the whole GBR report by Kirsty, well done. I now appreciate these little things more and they make it easier when you feel homesick. Off to a 10k race tomorrow which is at the Flemington Race course and of course they had to split it into three loops. Australia is obviously not big enough to find a 10k one loop. So stay injury free everyone and hope to see some of you on my next visit in July/August. Ozzie chick Carola" SUBSCRIPTIONS... ...for 2011-2012 are now overdue! Rates are: Seniors 40 Under 20 or Student 10 Family Membership 70 Retired and over 60 20 Second Claim 20 Non-running member 10 Post your payment to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. If you have any queries please email the Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 (After 5pm Weekdays) Home: 020-8286 3530 / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Sunday 19th June Richmond 10km. 9am start. Details:. Followed by a barbecue at the clubhouse. Tuesday 5th July Chris Brasher Ponds Run in Richmond Park. 7pm start Tuesday 12th July Coad Cup summer 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park, followed by club AGM. Saturday 16th July Elmore 7 miles. 2pm start. Details:. Sunday 24th July Elmbridge 10km. 9am start. Details:. Friday 29th July Wedding Day 7km at Bushy Park. 7.30pm start. Details:. Sunday 14th August Perseverance Wimbledon 5km. 9.30am start. Details:. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** DORKING 10 miles Sunday 5th June The Dorking organisers switched to an earlier start to avoid the heat which usually afflicts this race - only to find it a fairly cool and breezy morning. Up front Belgrave's Phil Wicks showed everyone how it should be done, setting an impressive course record of 49.13. Back in 16th place Chris Bundhun was well pleased with his run, cracking the hour for the first time on what is a fairly tough course. Duncan Mallison and Bill Neely were next, followed by Simon Hedger and then Marie Synnott-Wells just staying ahead of Simon Burrell and Paul Rider. Marie was 8th in the women's race and second over 45. RUN RICHMOND PARK 10km Saturday 4th June Sara Grosvenor was second overall and first woman by almost a mile! 1 C Reid (unatt) 41.31 (chip time 41.29) 2 Sara Grosvenor 41.39 (41.38) KINGSTON 10km Sunday 5th June Phil Jackson was the first over 60. 1 K Kyreme (Shaft B) 32.04 (chip time 32.04) 32 Phil Jackson 44.26 (44.23) NCBS EPSOM 10km Sunday 12th June 1 K Quinn (AFD) 31.25 100 Tom Reay 49.24 165 Wally Garrod 58.09 EDINBURGH MARATHON Sunday 22nd May We had at least two more runners in addition to the results listed in the last e-news. :Simon Martin writes: "It was my first marathon and I ran 3.22.39. Richard Adams achieved a PB in a time of 3.27.22." 825 Simon Martin 3:22.39 1112 Richard Adams 3:27.22 BUPA LONDON 10km Monday 30th May Colin Brett ran in addition to those listed in the last e-news, finishing 482nd in 40.39. RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June 1 M Delahunty (ES&M) 18.40 6 Peter Faull 19.08 9 Jerym Brunton 19.31 32 Stewart Anderson 20.55 33 Ben Shore 21.01 37 Jar O'Brien 21.10 38 Phil Jackson 21.12 67 Rachael Holmes 22.33 142 Sue Camp 25.48 185 Zinny Gavars 27.27 227 Louise Reeder 30.04 238 Bronwen Northmore 31.05 251 Stacey Barber 32.47 268 Pat Hewlett 35.53 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June Rachel Rowan was close to her PB in finishing second in the women's section. 1 B Wallace (HHH) 16.46 13 David Rowe 18.03 27 Rachel Rowan 18.59 39 Dan Wilson 19.37 45 Paul Rider 19.46 46 Simon Burrell 19.47 69 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.22 120 Simon Rothwell 21.30 282 Gill Wilson 24.21 339 Peter Fordham 25.15 415 Kirsty Bangham 26.19 453 Wally Garrod 27.11 637 Tamsin Burland 31.09 696 John Hanscomb 33.21 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June 1 R Reeder (Strag) 17.45 9 Chris Camacho 20.24 15 Alan Davidson 22.21 22 Wiebke Kortum 23.19 CANNON HILL parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June 1 O Corea (unatt) 17.04 6 Sean Paynter 18.36 52 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 22.58 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June Michelle Davies was second woman to finish. 1 M Owens (Runnymede) 18.21 6 Lee Davies 20.07 21 Michelle Davies 22.08 30 Mark Herbert 23.38 64 Heather Martingell 28.23 84 Danny Hobbs 30.38 89 Cindy Croucher 31.56 96 Deirdre Inman 33.12 ROUNDSHAW DOWNS parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June 1 D Gillett (SLH) 17.13 66 Karen Weir 25.58 CRYSTAL PALACE parkrun 5km Saturday 4th June 1 S Thackeray (unatt) 17.34 50 Mary Hickson 26.10 BUSHY JUNIORS parkrun 2km Sunday 5th June 1 P Bearman (Walton) 6.29 23 Livvy Ricketts 9.26 44 Juliet Ricketts 10.40 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 L Hasell (TH&H) 17.15 18 Bill Neely 19.40 22 Jerym Brunton 19.54 53 Rachael Holmes 22.01 92 Jar O'Brien 23.28 165 Louise Reeder 27.12 167 Lynne Barber 27.22 169 Rob Kitchen 27.30 171 Philippa Kitchen 27.36 199 Christine Goodsell 29.38 216 Stacey Barber 31.07 234 Pat Hewlett 34.26 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 A Wiles (New Marske) 15.07 13 David Rowe 18.10 101 Simon Rothwell 21.07 140 Adam Wright 21.49 334 Gill Wilson 24.27 360 Kirsty Bangham 24.45 721 Sharon Rowe 33.08 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June A good win for Ted Mockett. 1 Ted Mockett 18.11 6 Chris Camacho 20.02 15 Alan Davidson 22.19 29 Hannah Doyle 25.18 32 Lorna Smith 27.04 41 Deborah Blakemore 29.31 42 Danny Hobbs 29.34 43 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 29.34 44 Bronwen Northmore 30.08 48 Deirdre Inman 30.40 50 Cindy Croucher 30.50 51 Annemarie Goodridge 31.16 CANNON HILL parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 R White (BRAT) 16.39 5 James Whistler 18.02 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 A Elferink (Serp) 18.36 40 Sharon Dooley 24.57 LEEDS parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 G Comish (Sale) 16.16 47 Kate Blakey 20.49 48 Andy Woodhouse 20.50 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June Trevor Maguire finished in second place. 1 D Tanner (Clapham) 17.55 2 Trevor Maguire 19.25 6 Stewart Anderson 21.05 WORMWOOD SCRUBS parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June This was the inaugural Wormwood Scrubs parkrun. 1 A Galloway (London H) 18.05 11 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.57 33 Mary Hickson 25.20 34 Chris Wright 25.22 HAMPSTEAD HEATH parkrun 5km Saturday 11th June 1 A Guyot (Morn C) 20.24 39 Jo Knight 31.43 FINALLY... More from Walter Thom's 1813 book "Pedestrianism". This continues from the last e-news, and deals with the pedestrian's final preparations before a race: "After having gone on in this regular course for three or four weeks, the pedestrian must take a four-mile sweat, which is produced by running four miles, in flannel, at the top of his speed. Immediately on returning, a hot liquor is prescribed, in order to promote the perspiration, of which he must drink one English pint. It is termed the Sweating Liquor, and is composed of the following ingredients, viz. one ounce of caraway-seed; half an ounce of coriander-seed; one ounce of root liquorice; and half an ounce of sugar-candy; mixed with two bottles of cyder, and boiled down to one half. He is then put to bed in his flannels, and being covered with six or eight pairs of blankets, and a feather-bed, must remain in this state from twenty-five to thirty minutes, when he is taken out and rubbed perfectly dry. Being then well wrapt in his great coat, he walks out gently for two miles, and returns to breakfast, which, on such occasions, should consist of a roasted fowl. He afterwards proceeds with his usual exercise. These sweats are continued weekly, till within a few days of the performance of the match, or, in other words, he must undergo three or four of these operations. If the stomach of the pedestrian be foul, an emetic or two must be given, about a week before the conclusion of the training, and he is now supposed to be in the highest condition. Besides his usual or regular exercise, a person under training, ought to employ himself in the intervals in every kind of exertion, which tends to activity, such as cricket, bowls, throwing quoits, &c. that, during the whole day, both body and mind may be constantly occupied."