Newsdesk 2011

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 351 28 April 2011 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Richard Gregory runs 2:30.46 in the London Marathon * Marie Synnott-Wells is our leading woman at 3:09.46 * Mike Peace completes his 31st London * Chris Owens finishes 3rd M55 in the European Duathlon Championships * Gavin Jones runs 33.29 10km in Italy * parkrun placings for Sean Paynter, Andrew McLauchlan, Mark Herbert and Ted Mockett * Richmond Half Marathon helpers urgently needed SEE HERE ******** URGENT - RICHMOND HALF MARATHON Our Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 8th May starting at 8.30am. It's a course that requires a lot of marshals, drinks stations and so on, so we need every volunteer helper we can get. If you're not running in the race, PLEASE give us 90 minutes or so of your time. You'll be slotted in somewhere convenient for you. Don't delay, contact Philippa Metherell ranelaghhalfhelpers@hotmail.co.uk now! RANELAGH ROAD GRAND PRIX Full details of our 2011 Road Grand Prix are up on our website here: Any spring marathon counts for the GP, an overall result will be compiled based on chip times. The result so far can be seen here:. If any results are missing please let us know as soon as possible. The next race is the Sutton 10km on Sunday 1st May, and there is still time to enter. Details:. A week later comes our Richmond Half Marathon (see above). GREEN BELT RELAY We have two teams entered for the Green Belt Relay taking place over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd. There are eleven runners per team and we still have a few spots to fill. The course covers a total of 219 miles, describing a large circle around London's green belt. The race is divided into 22 stages and each team member runs one stage on Saturday and another on Sunday. The course is off-road as much as possible and generally pretty scenic. For more details see the website www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/. If you're interested in taking part please e-mail Kirsty Bangham kirstybangham@hotmail.com or Jo Sinton-Hewitt josintonhewitt@gmail.com . SUBSCRIPTIONS... ...for 2011-2012 are now due! Rates are: Seniors 40 Under 20 or Student 10 Family Membership 70 Retired and over 60 20 Second Claim 20 Non-running member 10 Post your payment to Membership Secretary, Ranelagh Harriers, 135a Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA or leave it in an envelope at the clubhouse. If you have any queries please email the Membership Secretary aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk BUILDING FUND DRAW Winners at the recent draw were: Ivan Boggis (£120), Wally Garrod (£80) and Wiebke Kortum (40). Draw organiser Mike White writes: "Would anyone wants to be included in the next prize draw please see me. For the ridiculously low amount of 10 per year you will be included in two prize draws at Christmas and April. Half the proceeds go towards the upkeep of the club premises. I am normally at the clubhouse on a Tuesday: tall, young and exceptionally good looking. Alternatively you can contact by e-mail at michael.white@fullers.co.uk or by phone on 07957280577. WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 (After 5pm Weekdays) / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Sunday 1st May Sutton 10km. 10.30am start. Details: Sunday 8th May Richmond Half Marathon. 8.30am start (see above). Sunday 5th June Dorking 10 miles. Details: Sunday 19th June Richmond 10km. 9am start. Details:. We already have over 300 entries, so if you're planning to run don't delay. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Kingston The Hawker Centre Old Deer Park Pools in the Park on the A316 Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com The 2km junior parkrun for under 15s takes place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month from Bushy Park's Teddington Gate. WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** LONDON MARATHON Sunday 17th April It was unseasonably warm for this year's London - though fortunately not quite as warm as it became a few days later, when we saw temperatures in the high 20s which would have caused carnage amongst the under-prepared. As it was, most runners outside the very top flight found it tough enough. We had a fairly small representation this year, with just 21 names shown in the results below - please let us know if we have missed anybody. Only two of that 21 managed to beat three hours, led by Richard Gregory who took seven minutes off his previous best tantalisingly close to the two and a half hours barrier. Richard writes: "My first London, and I loved the experience. Nothing quite prepares you for how amazing the support is, and so many Ranelagh faces and cheers were a huge boost. I was really happy that more consistent (and structured) training paid off with a big PB. I definitely learned how fine the margins can be, though - I'm sure I'm not alone in going a touch too quick through halfway and struggling to (not quite) hold on...hopefully I'll get it right next time!". Richard wins the Winter Cup club marathon championship. Second-claimer Chris Illman finished a couple of minutes ahead of Richard in Cirencester colours. David Wright comments: "Some interesting, banal even, stats to go with this: (1) excluding Africans he was the youngest by three years of the top 50 finishers, which may go some way to explaining today's declining standards; (2) his splits were 1.12.28 / 1.15.55, Jo Pavey did 1.12.28 / 1.15.56 - yes they both went off too fast, and (3) Chris is 24 and ran 2.28.23 at London...when I was 24 I ran 2.28.29 at (the first) London 30 years ago." Our only other finisher inside three hours was James Thornton who recorded 2:56. Next came Marie Synnott-Wells on 3:09.46 just a couple of seconds ahead of Bill Neely. Bill writes: "I saw the familiar blue vest near the start and ran up to Mike Peace who graciously gave me six miles of tips on how to run the damn thing based on his amazing 31 years of London Marathon experience. I thought the talking alone would screw me, never mind the fact that we were blasting through my target pace - and his! After six miles I stupidly pushed on and at eight miles saw Marie ahead. I followed in her wake for a while - I've spent the last year admiring her 3.04 from last year and wondering if I could ever match that. Suddenly I'd lost her. For 18 miles. Until 500 metres from the finish. I heard 'Come on Bill' from the crowd and then 'Come on Marie'. I just knew it. I knew it was her. And I knew she was coming for me. And there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I was at 7.15 pace and heading for my target time but I had very little left - certainly not enough to tackle what I knew was coming. And suddenly there she was. Blonde and bombing....'Go on Marie!' I shouted. I felt proud of her and at that point cared only about my own time. I sprinted to a finishing time 12 seconds under my target - 3.09.48. Marie was about 100 metres ahead. But I later discovered she'd beaten me by a whole...TWO seconds! Bravo Marie, you deserved it and I'm happy to be anywhere near you at 26 miles! And thank you Mike - you laid the foundation for my 14 minutes PB. Hey, what a race!" Next in was Niall O'Connor, who was on 3 hours schedule until gone half way, but struggled a bit in the second half to record 3:14. Lara Werrett ran well for 3:24, Colin Frew came home in 3:28 a minute ahead of ever-present Mike Peace, who is one of now only 18 men to have completed all 31 London Marathons. Sarah Doe and Michelle Davies both ran good times in the 3:30s with Christine Palmer on 3:45 just ahead of Nick Martin. Nick reports on his day: "Sitting in my office last April, an email came through from a friend advising that the ballot for the London Marathon was about to close, so we had better apply quickly! I promptly did, then thought afterwards, 'It's been 15 years since I actually did a 1/2 marathon, why on earth am I doing this?' That led me to evaluate the situation further and I actually decided this was a great idea, and complimentary to my main passions of sailing & skiing. So over the summertime, I built up the idea of a marathon campaign and by the time it came to the ballot notification, I was 100% committed. However, as with most applicants, I was turned down. Disappointment and minor relief turned to annoyance, so I applied the next day and secured a place with Children with Leukaemia, pledging 1,700 (and a 4 hour time without any clue!) in turn for a place, which I was duly awarded. So initial training started in October, mainly around Richmond Park and the surrounding area, but without any real plan or idea how to prepare. I found out about Ranelagh, so turned up one evening in November and joined in with Vicky's Ham group. Quickly, I realised there was more to this than just covering distance and the training program gave shape to my weekly training efforts, combining interval, hills and pace work. The cold winter campaign ensued, with all manner of conditions to encounter. But I soon realised my continued improvement and I felt I was on the right tracks. A few ailments & injuries along the way took me to the Oakley 20 in late March, where I managed a 2h 44m time, which I was delighted with. With just weeks until the London Marathon, I was beset with injuries, so increased physio and daily stretching became the new regime. With two weeks to go, a new and quite painful problem in the shin area took me to Ibuprofen intake on a 4-hourly basis. On the day, I woke up at 5:45 to what would be a major occasion for me. After an incredible build-up, where I had secured generous sponsorship from friends & family of 3,000, I was now set to really test whether I was able to complete this great challenge and whether the injuries would hold up. At the start, the atmosphere was electric and the excitement and passion from everyone around me in pen 6 was evident. As the gun went off, we shuffled to the line and as the pace picked up, I was monitoring the various injuries to see how things were holding out. At 3 miles, having enjoyed mass crowds all enjoying the occasion and providing amazing support, the pain died away as the adrenalin took over. I was now enjoying the run until mile 6, where suddenly, the pain in the shin area and knee intensified. I initially thought this may be the end of my race, but I continued on and locked out the pain, which later subsided. Miles of cheering crowds, people in costumes, brass bands, steel bands, jelly babies, showers, water stations.....the time rolled on and I kept checking my condition and pace. Crossing Tower Bridge was a real highlight and key milestone. What a beautiful city we live in. All seemed well, the emerging concern being the rising temperature, so plenty of fluids along the way with the occasional gel. Leaving Canary Wharf, it really felt like the homeward straight and I was now at about the distance I had previously experienced, so, although only 6 miles left, this was new territory and the unknown. The support from the crowd again played a key part as we emerged onto the Embankment, the roar was incredible and provided a real lift. Finally, turning the corner into the impressive and tree-lined Birdcage walk, the sign stating 400M to go appeared and I knew I was almost there. As we turned into the Mall, and with the finish in sight, one chap decided to put in a sprint, only to lose his legs and take a tumble, knocking over two other competitors in the process. Best avoided, a quick side-step and onto to the gantry. It was incredible to check the time as I looked upwards to register what was my eventual finish time of 3:46.31, ahead of my target and therefore officially my 'PB'! I can honestly say that this counts amongst some of the most memorable things I have achieved and I would recommend it to anyone considering it for the first time. All of the work and effort, with great support from Vicky and fellow 'Ham Group' runners, has helped me gain a most memorable achievement, thanks to you all!" Ian Grange and Tony Appleby were just inside four hours, with Mark Herbert just outside - dressed as a Fuller's beer bottle! Then came Evelyn Joslin, Kirsty Ivison, Rob Kitchen, Mike Rowland - who as usual race-walked starting from the very back of the pack - Cindy Croucher and Penny Merrett. Penny writes: "All I can really comment on is how good the St John's Ambulance people are albeit they could not get rid of my cramp. They spent about half an hour trying to loosen my calves which had gone into complete spasm to the point where I could not put my heels on the floor at mile 12. I was really doing OK until then. I hobbled the next 14 miles having to stretch every few minutes - hence my dreadful time! The atmosphere was terrific, the crowds so supportive, the showers very welcome and the quarters of orange some thoughtful spectator was handing out were a life saver!" In the mini-marathon Amelie Hunton, Luke Wilson and Alex Fordham featured in the Richmond team. The best result came from Amelie who was 20th in the under 17 girls. Men 1 E Mutai (Kenya) 2:04.40 58 Richard Gregory 2:30.46 776 James Thornton 2:56.58 1632 Bill Neely 3:09.48 2038 Niall O'Connor 3:14.40 3300 Colin Frew 3:28.35 3410 Mike Peace 3:29.25 5343 Nick Martin 3:46.31 6747 Ian Grange 3:55.59 7426 Tony Appleby 3:59.28 8221 Mark Herbert 4:04.40 16022 Rob Kitchen 4:54.15 21363 Mike Rowland 6:05.20 Women 1 M Keitany (Kenya) 2:19.19 126 Marie Synnott-Wells 3:09.46 344 Lara Werrett 3:24.08 687 Sarah Kim Doe 3:36.53 720 Michelle Davies 3:37.44 1030 Christine Palmer 3:45.28 2702 Evelyn Joslin 4:15.02 5395 Kirsty Ivison 4:45.56 10848 Cindy Croucher 6:09.03 11203 Penny Merrett 6:22.06 Mini Marathon Boys Under 17 1 M Callegari (Barn) 15.00 122 Luke Wilson 19.09 142 Alexander Fordham 19.53 Girls Under 17 1 L Macgregor (Walth) 18.01 20 Amelie Hunton 20.23 EUROPEAN DUATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS Sunday 17th April at Limerick, Ireland Chris Owens performed exceptionally well to win the bronze medal in the M55 age group. 1 D Cowie (UK) 2:02.16 (10k run 37.12, T1 1.16, 20k bike 65.42, T2 1.19, 5k run 16.46) 2 P Wheddon (UK) 2:02.55 (41.31, 0.56, 59.33, 0.52, 20.00) 3 Chris Owens 2:04.50 (38.30, 0.59, 65.56, 1.04, 18.19) BOSTON MARATHON Monday 18th April Chris Read reports: "On Monday 18th April Stewart Anderson, Colin Brett, Heather Martingell, Phil Jackson and I lined up at the start of the Boston Marathon. The weather was almost perfect, with a temperature of 14C, sunshine and a tail wind. For me the race began well. With a target time of 3.30 I took advantage of the mainly downhill first half to build a bit of a buffer. I reached half way in 1.39.40. I slowed considerably on the uphill stretches between miles 17 and 21 but held on to finish in a time of 3:28.11. Colin was the fastest Ranelagh runner, with a time of 3:11.44, which is a new PB. Then came Stewart in a time of 3:22.59. Phil also ran a PB of 3:29.25, as did Heather who recorded 3:45.56. Colin, Stewart and I were 49th of the 73 men's masters teams. The race as a whole was won by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya. He ran the fastest time in history, although it will not count as an official record due to the course being net downhill and the tail wind. The race was well organised. The crowd support was outstanding throughout. The residents of the historic towns which make up the first half of the course cheered us on and offered refreshments. At Wellesley College, which is just before half way, hundreds of school girls lined the road and screamed as we ran past. (This is something that does not happen to me very often). During the last few miles through Boston the noise was almost deafening. When I stopped for a drink just after 25 miles lots of people started shouting that there was only a mile to go and I should get moving. When I did so there was a huge cheer." Heather Martingell reports: "I am bumbling about as if I've just done my first marathon ....and then some. Along with the comedy walk I feel like I've been used as a punch bag around my ribcage, my upper arms have the most excruciating 'by-eck-you've-been-running-up-and-down-some-hills-haven't-you' piriformis finished off with cheese wire cutting into the outer side of each calf. But hell I feel on top of the world. This was the toughest course I've ever raced. I came to this marathon the strongest, fittest, fastest and most mentally ready I have ever been. Good and consistent training was in the bag. My only doubt was what to wear, with some cold weather alerts coming through on email from the BAA (Boston Athletics Association). We arrived in Boston to find quite a bracing chilly wind and shared some concerned looks as we mimbled over to the expo to collect our bibs as in whether to wear two or more layers for race day? It was Parliament Hill XC cold. I can hear the sharp intake of breath of those who know just how cold I mean. Race day dawned. Conditions chilly, dry = perfect. A short walk to Boston Common (quaint mini Central Park) to queue for the School buses that would transport us to the start. On arriving at the Athlete's Village we did the usual 'queue for the toilets whether you want to go or not because by the time you reach the toilet you *will* want to go'. It was a chilly wait but time seemed to pass quickly. The bag drop off was a bit of a shambles. You posted your bag through the windows of school buses which were parked closely together causing quite a jam of people. That's the contents of my bag all over the floor of the bus I thought. It is quite a steep hill to file into your respective corrals at the start. There were three waves this year to try and improve the start in the quaint town of Hopkinton. Most of the route is along a rural road with pretty New England homes on either side. Some are mahoosive. The elevation suggests a downhill first half but it is in fact undulating. My race strategy was to be careful on the first half (1:50 to 1:52) trying not to 'brake' or go too much with the assistance of gravity ('overrun'?) to save my quads for the second half. I planned to inject the pace after recovering from the four ascents in the latter half. It took a fair few miles for the congestion to ease. All was going to plan and then the temperature started to rise. At halfway there's a girls' college with every girl out lining the course so for some the temperature was rising in more ways than one. The Wellesley girls were incredible...screaming and waving signs saying 'kiss me' with the odd male runner nipping over to collect a kiss LOL. Those miles were tick, tickety tick, ticking by. You know how they do when it is all going great. I don't normally clock watch, I just do a glance at half way but with this race I checked at 5k, 10k and half way. The first of the four hills of doom came around and I went into my first comedy shuffle uphill. The ascent felt like I was in the treacle of one of our club races. Maybe I should call it the Sidmouth Wood Shuffle. My mantra at the top was recover, recover, recover....here we go, only 3 more and so on. My memory (which may be still fugged) tells me they were like the ascent from the Odeon Cinema to the Roebuck Pub. Probably shorter. Maybe a longer Parliament Hill ascent. Ascents aside, I did have just enough fuel in the tank at the end and was just strong enough for the last few miles with the support of thousands of screaming spectators. The desire for a bucket of tea had kept me going from mile 21. I crossed the line with nothing left. A good day at the office. At this moment I feel I couldn't have tackled it any way better or have done anything different. I'm trashed and I took the first half carefully. I daren't think of the second half if I'd let my legs let go. I thought about so many of you and the way you've been involved in my training. Thank you." 1 G Mutai (Kenya) 2:03.02 3297 Colin Brett 3:11.44 5689 Stewart Anderson 3:22.59 7096 Chris Read 3:28.11 7484 Phil Jackson 3:29.25 12238 Heather Martingell 3:45.56 BARCELONA MARATHON Sunday 5th March 1 L Matebo (Kenya) 2:07.31 7555 Ian Grange 3:58.37 PARIS MARATHON Sunday 10th April 1 T Tola (Ethiopia) 2:06.41 2821 Dee Mondair 4:30.11 MAIDENHEAD EASTER 10 miles Friday 22nd April 1 N Torry (Serp) 53.28 (chip time 53.28) 99 David Bell 67.32 (67.22) 511 Aiah Songu-Mbriwa 87.02 (86.56) 569 Tom Reay 89.16 (88.49) 572 Ally Salisbury 89.22 (88.40) 868 John Hanscomb 112.21 (111.55) IDROPARK RUN FOR ORGAN DONATION 10km Monday 25th April at Ostia, Italy Gavin Jones reports: "Those Ranelagh over-50 records need updating again! With marathon fatigue now behind me and on a cool day and a flat course I did a 10k at Ostia on Monday in 33:29." This performance takes Gavin to the top of our over 50s 10km rankings by over 40 seconds. 1 T Maranoui 30.57 9 Gavin Jones 33.29 STOCKLEY PARK 10km Monday 25th April at Uxbridge Bill Neely was the first over 50. 1 H Raidi (Belgrave) 33.53 7 Bill Neely 39.13 86 Pete Warren 51.36 87 Melissa Glackin 51.37 HAMMERSMITH RIVERSIDE 3.3 miles handicap Tuesday 26th April 1 A Harran (HHH) 9 Alan Davidson 23.40 12 Alan Howard 25.17 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April Second place for Sean Paynter. 1 C Assmundson (SMR) 16.47 2 Sean Paynter 18.04 55 Steven Mountain 22.10 67 Andrew Brown 22.31 88 Sally Dell 22.36 118 Jar O'Brien 25.00 130 Michael Sikora 25.54 135 Romina Oxborough 26.07 137 Tony Clark 26.12 156 Louise Reeder 27.13 160 Zinny Gavars 27.20 211 Bronwen Northmore 33.30 212 Christine Goodsell 33.54 213 Lynne Barber 33.54 236 Pat Hewlett 42.27 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April 1 J Lock (T Turbo) 16.18 14 Ted Mockett 18.13 17 Peter Faull 18.25 23 David Rowe 18.34 87 Chris Hunton 20.42 139 Adam Wright 21.57 319 Mary Hickson 25.09 343 Nicholas Fordham 25.37 344 Peter Fordham 25.37 360 Gill Wilson 25.53 384 Kirsty Bangham 26.12 416 Wally Garrod 26.55 473 Chris Wright 28.07 581 John Hanscomb 31.29 633 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 36.53 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April 1 R Brookling (unatt) 17.42 4 Si Martin 20.19 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April 1 I Johnson (Strag) 17.03 19 Michelle Davies 23.39 20 Lee Davies 23.41 21 Mark Herbert 23.49 26 Mike White 24.58 65 Tanya Allen 31.17 BLACK PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April 1 R Francis (Harrow) 18.19 164 Marina Quayle 27.46 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April 1 A Weir (TH&H) 16.45 10 Nick Wright 18.38 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 16th April Andrew McLauchlan finished 2nd. 1 R Blair (Sheen) 17.36 2 Andrew McLauchlan 18.12 12 Chris Camacho 20.21 24 Alan Davidson 22.32 47 Louise Gill 28.35 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 J Flood (Strag) 16.27 9 John Ricketts 19.18 11 Bill Neely 19.25 49 Steven Mountain 21.49 53 Michael Cawley 22.02 65 Andy Woodhouse 22.48 66 Jar O'Brien 22.49 131 Tony Clark 26.27 147 Zinny Gavars 26.28 148 Sue Camp 27.29 151 Val Lowman 27.55 155 Zoe Gavars 28.07 160 Philippa Shaw 28.22 165 Rob Kitchen 28.40 190 Peter Lowman 30.20 197 Christine Goodsell 31.19 230 Bronwen Northmore 34.42 235 Bev Ali 36.15 237 Pat Hewlett 36.46 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 B Osborn (Strag) 16.27 23 Peter Faull 18.28 25 James Whistler 18.36 34 David Rowe 19.00 98 David Ready 20.49 122 Adam Wright 21.22 343 Gill Wilson 25.02 406 Kirsty Bangham 26.07 483 Wally Garrod 27.31 629 Roger Wilson 29.59 646 Tamsin Burland 30.53 740 Sharon Rowe 36.11 741 Heather Martingell 36.12 OLD DEER PARK parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 J Pabon (Ealing E) 18.49 23 Lorna Smith 30.40 31 Deborah Blakemore 32.08 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April Mark Herbert was runner-up. 1 Unknown 17.11 2 Mark Herbert 19.08 12 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.28 26 Chris Wright 23.57 29 Mike White 24.29 31 Jo Sinton-Hewitt 24.35 32 Mary Hickson 24.57 72 Deirdre Inman 31.58 BANSTEAD WOODS parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 L Greatorex (Sutton) 16.57 9 Duncan Mallison 18.43 117 Tom Reay 26.22 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 C Parr (Gateshead) 15.04 6 Darryl McDonald 17.29 KINGSTON parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 D Collier (26.2) 17.49 14 Chris Camacho 20.25 21 Chris Hunton 21.41 22 Amelie Hunton 21.45 25 Alan Davidson 22.25 41 Hannah Doyle 25.52 53 Janet Turnes 29.22 WHITSTABLE parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April Ted Mockett provided another second place. 1 D Thompson (Barnsley) 17.46 2 Ted Mockett 17.56 BRIGHTON and HOVE parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 J Baker (Chichester) 15.46 5 Nick Wright 18.37 MILTON KEYNES parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 M Fudalej (Milton K) 15.48 7 Marc Snaith 18.26 66 Andrew Brown 22.54 CANNON HILL parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 H Speed (Coventry G) 15.44 7 Sean Paynter 17.51 FRIMLEY LODGE parkrun 5km Saturday 23rd April 1 M Symes (unatt) 17.26 35 Peter Weir 21.32 59 Karen Weir 22.58 222 Danny Hobbs 35.14 FINALLY... Brian the Snail, aka Lloyd Scott, who is attempting to set a record as the London Marathon's slowest finisher, has at the time of writing yet to reach the half way point. Follow his "progress" at www.briansmarathon.com/.