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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 35          15 AUGUST 2001
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 No less than 48 Ranelagh Harriers perspired their way round the Wedding Day
 7km in Bushy Park on July 27th, though not all had numbers. The "official"
 limit of 500 had been exceeded before the day so no late entries were taken
 - but latecomers were allowed to run anyway, and recorded. So I have
 included them, though they don't appear in the official results. Even
 allowing for these ghost runners, and one or two who didn't put Ranelagh on
 their entry forms (again!), we still wouldn't have won the "mob match"
 trophy for the club with most finishers. That went to Epsom Allsorts, who
 had 54 in the official results. Between us we provided nearly 20% of the
 field! It would appear we should have won the men's team race, but the
 result shown in AW seems to exclude us - anybody know why?
 Blimey it was hot. Even the deer who usually like to enliven the proceedings
 by charging through the centre of the pack of runners couldn't summon up the
 energy to come out of the shade. Peter Haarer, masquerading unconvincingly
 as Julian Smith, ran well for 7th and it was good to see Marcus Gohar right
 back on form in 11th place after a long layoff through inury and illness. He
 won the first prize in the veterans category, with Mick Lane and David
 Wright - 20th and 21st overall - 4th and 5th respectively. Skipper Sarah was
 9th in the women's race, leading home some 21 Ranelagh gels.

 Predictably there were rather less RH out in the final GP event, the Surrey
 5km at Wimbledon - though the race itself is beginning to attract a slightly
 bigger field, with over 130 runners finishing this year. Marcus put in
 another good performance to win the county gold medal in the Over 40
 category and Paul Doyle ran well as the second Ranelagh man home.

 In the sprint for the line Mick Lane muscled past Stephen Instone to win
 both the Open and Over 40 cups, and Sarah Seal sailed past Corinne Bishop
 for the women's trophy. Only Mike Peace in the Over 50 category could afford
 to jog home untroubled.
 But Computer Ken jumped the gun by announcing on our web site that Stephen
 was the winner (having overlooked the small print in the rules that says
 only the best seven results from the nine races count). Stephen writes
 "Foiled Again! But I thought something was wrong when I saw that the
 Ranelagh web site had me
 as Grand Prix winner. After all, it's only 15 years since I last won a
 Ranelagh event (the Barbecue 5), so I couldn't possibly be due for another
 victory yet. Since I don't think I've ever in my life beaten
 Mick Lane in a running event, it would have been a miscarriage of justice if
 I had come out on top.  And for me to abuse the law in the face of PC Lane
 would have been asking for trouble.  In 2003 I think I'll train for a place
 in the British team at the World Championships; it might be easier for me
 than my trying to win the Ranelagh Grand Prix". 

 Leading final scores after nine races (best seven results to count):

 Open: Mick Lane 67, Stephen Instone 62, David Wright 49, Giles Marshall 45,
 Mike Peace 41, Peter Haarer 36, Clive Naish 34, Alan Davidson 26, 
 Darryl McDonald 24, Martin Clark 23, Marcus Gohar 23, Chris Owens 21, 
 Marlene Pautard 19, Milos Dusek 18, John Hughes 18, Sarah Seal 17,
 Paul Doyle 15, Corinne Bishop 14, Jonny Rowan 13, Alastair Sinclair 13, 
 John Hanscomb 12, Eliete Nascimento 12, Graeme MacFadyen 12

 Over 40: Mick Lane 35, Stephen Instone 32, David Wright 23, Clive Naish 18,
 Marcus Gohar 12, Chris Owens 10, Alan Craig 6, Ken Fotherby 6

 Over 50: Mike Peace 30, Martin Clark 25, Alan Davidson 22, John Hughes 19,
 John Hanscomb 13, Tim Woolmer 12, Allan Lang 10, Pete Warren 6

 Women: Sarah Seal 22, Corinne Bishop 19, Sonia Rowland 18, Marlene Pautard
 18, Carol Barnshaw 15, Eliete Nascimento 13, Eleanor Grey 10, Sue Healey 10,
 Rachel Dixon 9, Margaret Auerback 6, Louise Piears 5, Eileen Church 5, Pat
 Hewlett 5, Catherine Gadd 5 

 A total of 97 members finished at least one of the nine races, including 16
 over 40s, 19 over 50s and 37 women. 

 ...belatedly in some cases, to new members Anne Fallows, Jenny Steadman,
 Janet Hoption and Adam Tapley. In addition, an old friend Alex Kew has
 decided to resume his membership.

 Next Sunday, August 19th, we'll be having one more Sunday morning jaunt in
 the Surrey Hills optionally followed by a pub lunch. The venue will be the
 Royal Oak pub at Holmbury St Mary, not far from our usual spot at
 Coldharbour but allowing for easier parking and better access to Holmbury
 Hill as well as Leith Hill. There will be two or three different groups to
 cater for all standards. Aim to arrive no later than 10.30am. More details
 from Chris Owens (chris.owens@unilever.com). 

 Frances Ratchford's annual women-only relay will be on Tuesday September
 4th. All standards are welcome, the format of the race is that the fitter
 you are the further you have to run, so everyone gets a good workout. Teams
 are made up on the night to be as equal as possible. The more runners the
 better the race, so do please come along. Be at the clubhouse by 7pm. After
 the race there will be a party in the clubhouse, so bring some food and
 drink too.

 Ian Milne has wandered down Memory Lane and been mugged for the following
 gem, positively the last word on the 1982 Clutton Cup:
 "Yes, Dave Wright is correct about my attire.  I had been given the fur
 lined jock strap ( does anyone wear them these days ?....apart from Alf
 Pearce ......but his will be the same one !!! ) in 1981 on my 40th, by
 Hedger & Kirk. It was heavenly and kept me in tip top condition.  I well
 remember the winter of 1963 running in a University race in the Birmingham
 area (Bill Harvey will remember also ) when I got into serious trouble in
 the shower as my private part warmed up after losing all blood  & feeling in
 that coldest of cold winters, although I must admit that I don't remember
 much sympathy. The jock strap was often used in the 1982 winter which had
 three periods of cold deep snow.
 That Clutton was run as a scratch race with known handicaps, because the
 wimps did not want to finish in the dark. After the event, Brasher asked me
 at which stage I knew that I'd won......it was after about 200 yards. The
 wimps, starting first instead of last, were kind enough to tread the snow
 drifts for my benefit.
 Two other pertinent memories come to mind....not about that Clutton, but
 about 'attitudes'.  When I was approaching my 50s, I used to play the odd
 game of golf with Wally Beauvais. We always talked the usual talk, which
 generally ended up by agreeing that if ever it took either of us more than
 an hour to run 10 miles  (on the road I should add, not the Clutton ) we'd
 give up. I need hardly list the excuses as that magic hour disappeared
 rapidly into dim and distant memories.
 More recently, I had a visit from Dave and Claudie in mid February this
 year.  Dave & I had an 8 mile run around one of my local circuits in
 Matlock........approximately 1200 feet of climbing, in good February
 weather.  I have long since  had to discard the fur lined jock strap, for
 reasons which I'd rather not go into,  so now I resort to more conventional
 attire to keep warm . Dave is still not quite hard enough for Derbyshire yet
 though as  there was comment from our two beloveds about the relative
 wimpishness of our attire. I think he actually had a hat & gloves on,
 something never seen in Derbyshire.  Plus ca change .......
 Please accept my apologies for not attending the AGM.  It's not lack of
 interest or support. And please keep up the good work."

 At the World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, which immediately preceded
 the Athletics fest, Ranelagh member Kristina Semple competed in the women's
 20 - 25 years open category and finished in 31st place. She recorded
 2.22.03, including a 45.37 10km run. 

 Sunday August 19th  Sunday in the Country. See above. 

 Tuesday September 4th   Ratchford Relay. See above.
 Wednesday September 5th    Committee meeting.

 Saturday September 8th    Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon

 Saturday September 15th    Thomas Cup 3.8 miles handicap at Richmond Park,
 preceded by the annual club photograph. Be at the clubhouse by 2.30pm.

 World Snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan competed in the Harlow 10 miles
 road race on August 5th. Wearing - of course - number 147, he ran a
 commendable 75.18. 

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