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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 34                25 JULY 2001
 Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
 Last Wednesday, on a typically glorious English summer's evening, we held
 the Coad Cup 5 miles "summer" cross-country handicap. Mike Rowland
 "My return to cross country racing after years of wiggling my behind on
 the race walking circuit. And what an evening to choose. The heavens
 opened just as Danny Wakeford called me and Eileen Church to the start
 line. And as Eileen disappeared into the mist and rain after only a mile,
 I knew there would be no glorious comeback for me. I'd forgotten just how
 tough cross country racing can be... and so did my legs. Couple of miles
 to go and the first hint of an onset of cramp. Up that long, final hill
 and both calves went. I didn't know how painful cramp can be. It nearly
 knocked me over. Still, I finished and didn't keep Alan, Danny, Will and
 the other noble officials waiting too long.
 I suppose my pre-race favourite was Ken Powley and he certainly started
 like he meant business. How I would have loved for dear old Ken to win. He
 deserved it after all those years of faithful service as club handicapper.
 But it wasn't to be. He had to be content with runner up as Terry Marks
 was too good on the night and many congratulations to him.
 And me? Think I'll stick to race-walking. But wait!! I'll have a decent
 handicap next time after such a poor run. Perhaps Will Graves didn't know
 I had cramp. See you at the Thomas!!"

 Handicapper Will actually gave Ken a more generous start, but, noble
 fellow that he is, Ken insisted on taking two minutes off it. "I didn't
 want to win," says Ken, "I just wanted to break the over 70 record, which
 was my main reason for running cross-country after five years in

 Fastest were the flying footballer William Storey and Sarah Seal.

 We had a dozen or more at the Elmbridge 10km on Sunday, led by Peter
 Haarer and Mick Lane. We managed to avoid troubling the organizers at the
 prize presentation, though we did finish as second team and Pete Warren
 was 2nd over 60. Best run was from Corinne Bishop, who cracked 50 minutes
 for the first time. Corinne's effort also propelled her to the head of the
 women's GP rankings after seven races, with two to go. In the open and
 over 40 categories Stephen Instone continues to hang on with the tenacity
 of Pheidippides. We await the inevitable.

 Leading Grand Prix scores after seven races:
 Open: Stephen Instone 59, Mick Lane 57, David Wright 40, Giles Marshall
 38, Mike Peace 36, Alan Davidson 24, Darryl McDonald 24, Peter Haarer 24,
 Clive Naish 23, Chris Owens 21, Marlene Pautard 19, Milos Dusek 18, John
 Hughes 18, Martin Clark 16, Graeme MacFadyen 12
 Over 40: Stephen Instone 30, Mick Lane 30, David Wright 19, Clive Naish
 11, John Hughes 10, Chris Owens 10, Ken Fotherby 6
 Over 50: Mike Peace 24, Alan Davidson 22, Martin Clark 21, John Hanscomb
 14, Tim Woolmer 14, Pete Warren 6
 Women: Corinne Bishop 18, Marlene Pautard 18, Carol Barnshaw 15, Sonia
 Rowland 14, Eleanor Grey 10, Sarah Seal 10, Eliete Nascimento 7, Rachel
 Dixon 6, Margaret Auerback 6, Pat Hewlett 5, Catherine Gadd 5, Sue Healey

 I haven't yet seen results of the Brickmakers Arms relay at Windlesham
 from a couple of weeks back. Can anyone help?

 On July 14th Mick Lane finished 8th in the Elmore 7 at Chipstead in 40.21.
 Peter Warren was busy winning the over 60s category in the Tesco 10km at
 Perivale on June 17th in 41.19 and finishing 2nd over 60 in the Datchet
 Dash a week later in 41.49.

 Ed Whitlock's feats continue to defy the imagination. Ed writes on his
 return from competing in the over-70s category at the WAVA world vets
 championships at Brisbane:
 "I had a successful meet, particularly as I have not been on top form
 recently. I had a great race from the spectator's point of view in  the
 5000 metres,  winning by a bit more than a second in a sprint up the
 finishing straight in 18m33.4s. I won the 10000 more comfortably in
 38m04.2s. Both were world records, the first I have ever set in outdoor
 track, so I am quite elated."
 Ed didn't see Simon Hedger there - did you run, Simon?

 The club AGM on July 11th was quiet bordering on the somnolent. Only about
 30 members attended and there was little controversy. The two proposed
 rule changes (affecting club honours and family membership) were duly
 passed. More worryingly the evening ended with several official posts not
 filled. The club Captaincy was one of them, though I understand this may
 by now have been resolved. But following the tragic death of Bill Day and
 the stepping down after several years of excellent service by John Brett
 we currently have no Premises Manager or Catering Steward.
 The Premises Manager is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance (but
 not cleaning) of the clubhouse, and ensuring the supply of such vital
 items as loo paper and light bulbs.
 The Catering Steward is responsible for the provision of refreshments at
 our home fixtures.
 Neither of these posts need be filled by a single person on his or her
 own. In particular, the Catering Steward could be a team working on a
 rota. If you think you can help, please don't wait to be asked but
 volunteer to Bev Ali or Mike Peace.

 Best wishes to Clive Beauvais who goes into hospital for a knee op this

 Julie Drummond writes:
 "A thank you is due to Ranelaghites who turned out for the Race for Life
 last weekend to course mark and marshall. And especially for those who
 turned out again this weekend at 7am for the Nike 10k at Kew and who
 incidentally each earned 25 for Ranelagh for their efforts. 16 marshalls
 = 400!"

 News from David Benton in Barcelona:
 "Thought you might like a quick up-date on our progress in Barcelona.
 Allison and I are getting settled in after interminable weekends doing DIY
 and battles with the Spanish authorities. We have managed to find a good
 group to train with and are looking to join a club called Fila Domingo
 (Fila as in the running kit - yes they're sponsored!). The main reason for
 joining is that they tell us the club president is the biggest boozer in
 Barcelona (so totally unlike Ranelagh then!) and they train at 7.30pm, so
 Allison can make it after work!
 There is a pretty big road racing scenre in Barcelona, so we've been out
 sporting our Ranelagh vests. The first race we did was a 10k, two weeks
 after the Baker Cup, called the "Bombers de Barcelona" and had more than
 5000 finishers. Despite the name, the race wasn't organised by the local
 branch of ETA, but by the fire brigade (Bomber is Catalan for fireman) -
 Allison as third V35 lady won a lovely trophy of a fireman's helmet! The
 sharp end of the race was world class, with African athletics taking home
 big pay cheques (the men's winner ran 28.24, the woman's 32.33!). I
 managed 31.51 for 21st position, and Allison 39.24 for 19th woman.
 Next up was the "El Corte Ingles" race (El Corte Ingles is a big
 departmental store in Barcelona - a bit like Harrods, but without the
 kitsch memorial to the owner's son's bird). This was essentially a fun
 run, claiming over fifty thousand runners, many of whom seemed to join in
 from side streets in the first kilometre! The race started in the centre
 of Barcelona, climbed up to Montjuic where we ran a lap of the Olympic
 Stadium, before coming back down into the centre of town. The race was
 billed as 12k, but was nearer 11. No results were published, you only
 found out your time and position when you collected your commemorative
 certificate from the department store 3 weeks later. (I was 16th and
 Allison was 4th "chica")
 Best yet was our local race, the 10k of Vila Olympica. Conditions were
 excellent (cool for Barcelona), the course was flat and on good roads.
 (Worth noting that every race we've done has been on closed roads with
 full police escorts. Even major roads get closed). I finished 4th in 31.15
 (a "recent" p.b.), about 30 secs down on the winner. Allison ran 39.14 and
 got another tasteful trophy for 4th woman.
 Unfortunately, the best was not saved for last. We did another 10k last
 weekend, which was over hardest road course I've ever run! Very VERY hilly
 and in over 30 degrees of heat (at 10.00 in the morning!). I almost gave
 up and walked the last hill but there were people watching! I'm not
 telling you how slowly we ran either. But hey - we both picked up trophies
 again, me for 8th and Allison for 6th place. We are thinking of moving to
 a bigger apartment..."

 Next Sunday, July 29th, we'll be having another Sunday morning jaunt in
 the Surrey Hills followed by a pub lunch. The venue will be the usual one
 at Coldharbour near Leith Hill, with different groups to cater for all
 standards. Aim to arrive no later than 10.30am. More details from Chris
 Owens (chris.owens@unilever.com).

 Friday July 27th  Wedding Day 7km. Ranelagh Grand Prix race 8.  7.30pm at
 Bushy Park (Hampton Hill end). Entries 4 payable to The Stragglers to
 Wedding Day 7km, 32 Wick Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9DW. Forms can
 be downloaded from http://www.stragglers.org. Entries on the day 6 but
 arrive early!

 Sunday July 29th  Sunday in the Country. See above.

 Sunday 12th August  Surrey 5km incorporating Surrey championships.
 Ranelagh Grand Prix race 9 (the final event). 10am at Wimbledon. Entries
 2 payable to Surrey County AA to Derek Crookes, 209 Lynmouth Avenue,
 Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX. Entries on the day 3.

 There was just one competitor in the "Over 100" age category at the World
 Veterans Championships in Brisbane. 101-year-old Australian Les Amey won
 the 100 metres and, when told his time, said "74 seconds? I thought I was
 much slower than that..."

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