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RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 32               27 JUNE 2001
Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers

"PHEW, WOT A SCORCHER!!". You want a hot day? No problems, just get Ranelagh
Harriers to organise a race. It had been hot for the Half Marathon back in
May. It was hotter still for the Dysart Dash on Sunday.  "PHEW, WOT A
SCORCHER!!". The phrase could equally have been applied to South African
Elana Meyer, Olympic 10km silver medallist back in 1992 and 8th last year in
Sydney. She was 8th again on Sunday, this time with seven men ahead of her,
after scorching round in a course record of 34.08. She had three minutes to
spare over her nearest rival in the women's event.
The men's race also went to a colonial, Kiwi Craig Kirkwood. Peter Haarer in
7th place just missed out on the prizes by 5 seconds but was pleased to stay
ahead of Meyer. He wasn't the only near miss: Mick Lane was 6 seconds behind
the 3rd Over 40, Mike Peace 8 seconds behind the 3rd Over 50 and Sarah Seal
one second behind the 6th prize-winner in the women's race - but as this was
Marlene Pautard whom she had been tracking all the way, and as Sarah had
hacked several minutes off her pb she didn't mind too much. Marlene, Sarah
and Sonia Rowland combined to win second team wine bottles, but that was it
as far as prizes for the home contingent were concerned.
The home contingent was a healthy size though. We had some 45 starters and
42 finishers out of the 384 who eventually crossed the line. The total entry
had been a bumper 450, about 200 of them on the day, which stretched our
resources somewhat. We were also beginning to run out of water for the last
finishers, but that aside everything went pretty smoothly. Thanks as ever to
all those who helped to make it a successful event which should bring in a
useful profit for the club.

Leading Grand Prix scores after five races:
Open: Stephen Instone 42, Mike Peace 36, Mick Lane 34, Giles Marshall 29,
Darryl McDonald 24, David Wright 20, Marlene Pautard 19, Milos Dusek 18,
Alan Davidson 17, John Hughes 12, Graeme MacFadyen 12, Peter Haarer 12
Over 40: Stephen Instone 23, Mick Lane 18, David Wright 10, John Hughes 8,
Clive Naish 8, Ken Fotherby 6, Chris Owens 5
Over 50: Mike Peace 24, Martin Clark 16, Alan Davidson 16, Tim Woolmer 14,
John Hanscomb 8, David Meaden 4, Alan Meaden 4
Women: Marlene Pautard 18, Corinne Bishop 10, Eleanor Grey 10, Sarah Seal
10, Carol Barnshaw 9, Sonia Rowland 8, Eliete Nascimento 7, Margaret
Auerback 6, Pat Hewlett 5, Therese Panetta 4

A total of 66 members have completed at least one of the five GP races.
Stephen Instone clings on to the lead in both the Open and Over 40
categories, but his pursuers are bearing down. The two MPs are well clear in
the Over 50 and Women's categories. But there are still four races to go and
it's been shown often enough in the past that the GP cups can be won just by
turning out regularly. Watch this space.

Following on from my comments in the last e-news about it being some while
since 62 minutes was good enough to win the fastest time medal in the
Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap, David Wright writes:
"Simon Collingridge was, surprisingly, the answer to your question re slow
'fastest' times in The Clutton.  I'm sure that he won't mind being reminded
that he ran the stunning time of 65:23 in January 1982.  There were
extenuating circumstances, however as the course was covered in a few feet
of snow.  It was such a heavy fall that the race was run as a sealed
handicap rather than the traditional yacht (staggered) method so that nobody
would get lost!  Hard man Ian Milne won the sealed handicap."

..to Lizzie Clifford on the birth of Angus on May 4th...and for getting
round the Dysart Dash in 54 minutes just seven weeks later!
..and to Phil O'Brien who was married on June 16th after a marathon stag
stagger around 26 Twickenham & Richmond pubs the previous Saturday.

WEDDING DAY 7KM - July 27th at 7.30pm
This is a pleasant Friday evening jaunt around the flat traffic-free roads
of Bushy Park, starting at the Hampton Hill end. There is a very attractive
"mob match" trophy for the club with the most finishers, which we won two
years ago and should have won last year (if two of our runners hadn't failed
to put the club name on their entry forms!!). We'll need at least 40 RH in
the race to have a chance of winning, so do come along for a run and a beer
or two. Entry details below, but remember that an entry limit of 500 is
strictly enforced and last year they stopped taking entries on the day soon
after 7pm. So enter in advance if possible, otherwise arrive early!

Chris Owens writes: "Several people have asked about a repeat of the Sunday
run we did in May. So it's back to Leith Hill - or somewhere in the
surrounding area - in July. Suggested date is Sunday July 29th - other
weekends seem to be full of races. We may go back to The Plough at
Coldharbour or to Holmbury, another village in the vicinity. Please can you
let me know if you are keen to take part (chris.owens@unilever.com). We will
sort out the exact venue later, but the format will be the same as before:
- a nice jog in some different countryside
- wonderful views
- nice lunch in a small village pub
There will be at least three groups  - abilities covering the span of
Ranelagh's recent performances in the London Marathon. If this means
nothing, read the e-news more closely ! We will have some large scale maps
with suggested routes for 30-75mins running. The rest is up to you !"

Don't forget that Clare Nicholson, Andy Bickerstaff, Dave Knight, Mick Lane
and Paul Graham - aka the PB Junkies - will be performing again on Friday
13th July at the King's Head, Acton High Street.

We've been asked to provide some marshalls for the Nike 10km in Kew on
Sunday July 22nd - for which the club will get PAID!! If you can help,
contact Robin Drummond (the.drummonds@lineone.net).

Saturday August 25th sees the 25th anniversary of the Enduro Pedestre des
Sables beach race in Coutainville, which used to be a regular club summer
trip a few years back. Bill Harvey is wondering if there are any plans for a
repeat visit this year, or if any individuals are planning to go.

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Sunday July 1st  Harry Hawkes 8 miles. Ranelagh Grand Prix race 6. 10am at
Thames Ditton. Entries 7 payable to Harry Hawkes 8 to 17A Guildford Road,
Fleet, Hants GU13 9ES. Forms can be downloaded from

Saturday July 7th  Brickmakers Arms Marathon Relay 2.30pm at Windlesham.
Teams of 10, each running 2.6 miles. A not-too-serious relay for all
standards. We'll probably be entering two or three teams, so all are
welcome. More details from Mike Peace (admin@frimley.surrey.sch.uk) or

Wednesday July 11th  Ranelagh Harriers AGM 7.45pm at the clubhouse. All
members are encouraged to attend!

Sunday July 22nd  Elmbridge 10km. Ranelagh Grand Prix race 7. 10.30am at
Elmbridge Leisure Centre, Walton-on-Thames. Entries 5 payable to Elmbridge
Road Runners to Paul Westbrook, 2 Elgin Avenue, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 1QF.
Forms can be downloaded from http://www.elmbridgeroadrunners.co.uk. Entries
on the day 6.

Friday July 27th  Wedding Day 7km. Ranelagh Grand Prix race 8.  7.30pm at
Bushy Park (Hampton Hill end). Entries 4 payable to The Stragglers to
Wedding Day 7km, 32 Wick Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9DW. Forms can be
downloaded from http://www.stragglers.org. Entries on the day 6 but arrive

Sunday 12th August  Surrey 5km incorporating Surrey championships. Ranelagh
Grand Prix race 9 (the final event). 10am at Wimbledon. Entries 2 payable
to Surrey County AA to Derek Crookes, 209 Lynmouth Avenue, Morden, Surrey
SM4 4RX. Entries on the day 3.

Thanks to Julian Smith for the following:
Remember the story you reported about the guy who wanted Nike to put
"Sweatshop" on his Nike i.d. shoes, and the e-mail correspondence with Nike
that has gone around the world? Well, I have just read in New Scientist (of
all places) that Nike was subsequently deluged with e-mails about the
incident... but 25% were from people interested in buying products from Nike
i.d. As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity....

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