Newsdesk 2009

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 309 17 June 2009 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Ranelagh 7th in South Downs Way Relay * parkrun win for David Rowe * Wiebke Kortum and Heather Martingell 1st and 2nd in German School 7km * Summer BBQ at the clubhouse on Saturday 4th July * Outlying Run on the North Downs this Saturday * Dysart Dash on Sunday 28th June - enter if you're planning to run, otherwise please volunteer to help SEE HERE ******** SUMMER BARBECUE Date:- Saturday 4th July 2009 Time:- 7.00pm Location:- Ranelagh Harriers Club House Price:- 15 per person for a reserved place, 17 if you pay on the day Food, drink, music and fun!!! Contact Michele Gibson, Club Social Secretary to reserve your places!! Cheques made payable to Ranelagh Harriers. Email:- Micheleagibson@hotmail.com Phone:- 07703 518 956 Address:- 16 Copenhagen Gardens, Chiswick, London W4 5NN A RUN ON THE NORTH DOWNS AND SURREY HILLS All are welcome for a social run in the beautiful countryside of the North Downs. The date: Saturday 20th June, the time 3pm. Starting at Shalford Park just south of Guildford we'll set off on the North Downs Way before exploring Chantry Woods and on to St Martha's Hill, on the top of which St Martha's Church stands overlooking the surrounding countryside. We'll return along the edge of the escarpment, with glorious views all the way to the South Downs, then drop down to pass historic Shalford Mill and finish with a stretch along the River Wey towpath. Total distance will be 11 miles or so. The overall pace will be easy but there will be opportunities for faster types to stretch their legs. There will be some re-grouping points and for those who might find 11 miles too far there will be the option of peeling off after about 6 or 7 miles. It's great walking country of course, so walkers are welcome too. Afterwards (optionally) we'll make for a nearby hostelry. We'll try to keep together for the run, but a route map will be provided just in case. Meeting point is the car park at Shalford Park, less than a mile south of Guildford town centre. Parking is free at weekends and there are toilets. Map: In the event of the car park being full, take the next road on the left (Pilgrims Way) and use one of the side roads. DYSART DASH 10km Sunday 28th June at Ham Entries are approaching 400 for our 10km, including over 40 from Ranelagh. There is an entry limit, so don't miss out! Niall O'Connor writes: "2009's Dysart Dash is on Sunday June 28th. We are looking for volunteers and marshals to help out . This is the night after Bruce Springsteen plays at Glastonbury so if you're planning on spending your Saturday night 'Dancing in the Dark' and won't be feeling like you're 'Born to Run' the following morning, but will be able to marshal, please drop me a line on niall_o_c@hotmail.com. With a 9am start, and being a 10k, it won't take a lot of the morning leaving plenty of time to get the hoovering done afterwards". RANELAGH'S ROAD GRAND PRIX The GP continues with the Dysart Dash 10km on June 28th and then the Elmbridge 10km on July 26th. Current leaders are Trevor Maguire (Open and Men Over 40), Jonathan Robinson (Men Over 50), Sara Grosvenor (Women), Gill Wilson (Women Over 40) and Penny Merrett (Women Over 50). Full details and scores to date here:. SURREY ROAD LEAGUE After three Road League events Ranelagh's men are in second place and the women are seventh. In the individual competitions Jonathan Robinson looks well placed to retain his title in the Over 50 category, though he could still be caught. Trevor Maguire is leading the Over 40s but a number of runners, including Darryl McDonald, are well placed to overtake him. League tables are here:. The next event is the Dysart Dash 10km. CARRY ID WHEN RUNNING Doug Armstrong of Serpentine writes: "My brother was down from Leeds visiting me in London. He had a 10k coming up, so on Saturday morning he went out for a four mile run. Shortly into this he collapsed with an irregular heart rhythm. The cycle paramedic was on the scene in minutes, and he was shocked four times at the scene, but was dead when he arrived at hospital. He was 35. So why do I share this with you all? When he went running he was carrying no ID. We only found out what had happened because after a couple hours (I had just assumed he had got lost) my fiance thought to phone Charing Cross Hospital to see if someone matching his description had been bought in. In Leeds he lives alone. Had he been running there when this happened it could have been days before people became sufficiently worried to contact the police or hospitals, and this would have made what is already the worst experience imaginable for me and mum even worse. So in short, for the sake of the people you love and who love you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take some identification and emergency contact details with you when you go out running. There are a number of specialist products (e.g. the Reebok Cramalert) or just take a piece of paper with details with you. Anything that means that people can be contacted will do. Really, it could happen to anyone. Keep running, and keep safe". MARTIN HUGHES-GAMES Viewers of BBC's wildlife programme "Springwatch" might be interested to learn that one of the new presenters, Martin Hughes-Games, was a Ranelagh Harrier in the early 1980s and recorded 3:13 in the 1983 London Marathon. ...AND IAN LEITCH Ian Leitch, who was a junior member of the club in the late 1980s. recently set a record for traversing the South Downs Way on a mountain bike twice in a day. He set off from Winchester and completed the outward journey to Beachy Head in eight hours before returning (into a headwind) in ten hours for a total time of 18:03.12, nearly two hours faster than the previous record. WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07983 430264 / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 20th June Outlying Run on the North Downs. See above. Sunday 28th June Dysart Dash 10km. See above. Tuesday 14th July Coad Cup 5 miles summer handicap in Richmond Park followed by AGM in the clubhouse Sunday 26th July Elmbridge 10km. Friday 31st July Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park. parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Bedfont Lakes Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Ashford, Middlesex Other venues, more details and registration at parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** SOUTH DOWNS WAY RELAY Saturday 6th June Full details have yet to catch up with me, but the Ranelagh team finished in 7th place in 11 hours 38 mins 25 secs, some 50 minutes behind the winners Steyning. GERMAN SCHOOL 7km Saturday 6th June at Petersham Paul Martingell and Andrew Brown both finished in the top six and Wiebke Kortum and Heather Martingell were the leading two women. 1 G Rink 28.55 4 Paul Martingell 32.14 6 Andrew Brown 32.26 9 Wiebke Kortum 33.13 13 Martin Clark 34.45 14 Heather Martingell 34.47 17 Andrew Prosser 36.11 20 Johannes Prosser 36.24 DORNEY DASH 10km Saturday 6th June 1 D McNeely (Serp) 33.55 345 Wally Garrod 52.02 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June 1 D Agustus (Scarboro) 16.00 7 Burkhard Fehsenfeld 19.11 8 Bill Neely 19.15 12 Jerym Brunton 19.41 15 Stephen Instone 19.47 33 Rachael Holmes 21.09 37 Alison Dicks 21.39 44 Jar O'Brien 22.12 57 Kathy Mallett 23.01 61 Sioned Morgan 23.21 93 Sharon Dooley 26.47 110 Pat Hewlett 29.46 111 Lynne Barber 29.46 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June 1 T Haughian (SMR) 17.21 6 Nick Wright 17.49 141 Tony Appleby 22.39 184 Michael White 23.36 278 Peter Fordham 26.20 327 Fiona Jones 27.43 346 John Hanscomb 28.41 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June In his 112th parkrun David Rowe registered his first win. 1 David Rowe 18.25 5 Darren Wood 19.27 7 Graham Quick 20.04 10 Neil Dickens 21.46 28 Daniel Hobbs 28.03 36 Christine Goodsell 29.20 37 Penny Merrett 29.42 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June 1 G Buscke (Clapham) 17.38 49 Melissa Glackin 23.44 GORLESTON CLIFFS parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June at Great Yarmouth 1 W Smith (Strag) 16.54 15 Kirsty Bangham 24.31 LEEDS parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June 1 J Webb (Leeds Uni) 17.31 16 Duncan Mallison 19.34 MORDEN HALL parkrun 5km Saturday 6th June This parkrun was a one-off as part of the Wandle Festival. 1 R Reeder (Strag) 17.43 6 Luke Wilson 19.14 54 Roger Wilson 26.11 55 Gill Wilson 26.18 82 Martin Clark 30.44 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles Sunday 7th June at Holmwood Common Sarah Smith was third woman home. 1 D Cairnie (Runnymede) 29.44 15 Sarah Smith 36.20 COOMBE HILL 5 miles Sunday 7th June at Kingston 1 K Quinn (AFD) 25.16 19 Steve Rowland 32.44 48 Sonia Rowland 37.43 VETS TRACK LEAGUE Monday 8th June at Twickenham Competing for Richmond St Mary's Marion Rayner produced the best result, winning the Over 50 800m in 3.01.9. Marion also finished 3rd in the 200m in 36.3, while husband Chas was 5th in the Over 50 3000m in 12.09.5. Liz Kipling was runner-up in the Over 35 3000m in 11.04.4 and in the field Bev Ali put the shot 6.05m and threw the hammer 13.36m for a brace of 4th places. The next event is on Monday 22nd June at Battersea Park. BRIDGES RACE 2.3 miles handicap Wednesday 10th June at Westminster 1 A Gopaul (unatt) 20.15 (actual time 18.00) 6 Alan Davidson 20.57 (15.57) 16 Simon Hedger 21.24 (14.39) BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 13th June A PB for Jonathon Stacey in 4th place. 1 R Franks (SMR) 16.16 4 Jonathon Stacey 16.28 11 Nathan Mills 17.45 15 Nick Wright 18.14 55 Darren Wood 19.54 67 Luke Wilson 20.14 87 Richard Goddard-Jones 20.44 118 Chris Camacho 21.23 126 Andrew Brown 21.33 139 Ian Grange 21.53 143 Adam Wright 21.57 252 Phil Aiken 24.14 257 Kirsty Bangham 24.22 280 Wally Garrod 24.49 298 Jose Scheuer 25.23 318 Martin Clark 25.43 358 Holly Wilson 27.08 413 Gill Wilson 28.43 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 13th June 1 J Blake (West 4) 17.57 10 Jerym Brunton 19.02 18 Stephen Instone 19.51 22 Chris Read 20.11 37 Jar O'Brien 21.04 42 Rachael Holmes 21.11 66 Kathy Mallett 22.54 68 Andy Woodhouse 23.10 74 Wiebke Kortum 23.41 75 Alison Dicks 23.42 86 Andrew Prosser 25.32 91 Johannes Prosser 27.02 101 Lorna Smith 28.07 112 Tanya Allen 30.26 BEDFONT LAKES parkrun 5km Saturday 13th June 1 M Gratton (SMR) 17.53 8 Duncan Mallison 19.59 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 13th June 1 A Mercer (unatt) 16.42 23 Steve Grout 20.50 134 Catherine Carthy 29.15 SELF-TRANSCENDENCE 10km Saturday 13th June at Battersea Park 1 C Cooke (unatt) 34.09 57 Kerrie O'Connor 42.16 197 Sharon Dooley 53.39 WINDSOR TRIATHLON Sunday 14th June 1 J Hatcher (AVS) 2:03.09 (1.5k swim 22.59; 40k bike 63.21; 10k run 34.49) 1387 Tony Appleby 3:04.23 (37.02; 88.50; 53.19) BEGINNERS COURSE 2.8 miles Tuesday 16th June in Richmond Park Our annual beginners course for women reached its conclusion as usual with a timed run round two laps of Sidmouth Wood. Deborah Blakemore was the course organiser this year. Deborah writes: "I would like to thank Sharon and Ann, my helpers over the last eight weeks, Frances and Simon for their timekeeping and all the members of Ranelagh who came to support - a big thank you to everyone". 1 Daisy Huntington 26.34 2 Shaf Hussain 27.27 3 Amanda Adams 29.28 4 Liz Grantham 30.14 5 Norah Harding 30.28 6 Bronwen Northmore 31.57 7 Elinor Busby 32.33 8 Helen Stephens 33.30 9 Sarah Middleton 33.31 10 Dymphna McCarthy 34.47 11 Helen Frise 35.02 12 Ailsa West 35.16 13 Philippa Metherell 36.16 14 Yvonne Howie 36.27 15 Gurdeep Dhillon 39.58 HALF-IRONMAN (and WOMAN) Roger Wilson writes: "I did the Weymouth Half-Ironman triathlon on Sunday 7th June - my first Half-IM. Not in running shape at the moment, so jogged the half marathon at the end to get round in 5:46hrs. 1 E Charlton-Weedy (Army) 4:04.59 (35.29 swim; 2:08.30 bike; 1:21.00 run) 211 Roger Wilson 5:46.08 (49.04; 2:56.53; 2:00.11) Many congratulations to Karen Weir for her first Half-IM at Barcelona in rather hotter conditions on Sunday 31st May - 1,227th in 6:13hrs". 1 C McKernan (Spain) 4:04.49 (26.47; 2:13.50; 1:17.22) 1227 Karen Weir 6:13.30 (42.42; 3:19.34; 1:58.11) DUDDON VALLEY FELL RACE Saturday 30th May Results were in the last e-news. Here's Andrew Brown's report: "E-News #307 recording Ranelagh's distinguished Keswick Marathon representation awaited my return. Fell races have been in the press recently - October's Original Mountain Marathon and last week's Welsh 1000m Peaks Race were stopped by adverse weather; media criticism notwithstanding, participants appear to have been appropriately equipped and managed, as was the case for my 30 May run (in ideal conditions). The two Duddon Valley Fell Races start from Seathwaite (c350ft), north of Broughton-in-Furness (not Seathwaite, Borrowdale, wettest place in England). The 'long' is some 19 miles (depending on route chosen) and well over 6,000ft climb; clockwise west of the valley, over Harter Fell (2,129ft), Hardknott (1,801ft), Little Stand (c2,400ft) and Wrynose Pass/Three Shires Stone (1,281ft), then south up the Coniston Fells over Swirl How (2,637ft) and Dow Crag (2,552ft), crossing Walna Scar pass (c1,950ft), over White Pike (1,962ft) and up Caw (1,735ft), finishing with a precipitous descent into a bog before reaching the beautiful field behind the celebrated Newfield Inn. Serious fell run (Category A), there's hardly a ridge - most points have substantial descents between them. The easiest of three 'super long' Lakeland classics (Ennerdale and Wasdale are both longer, with more ascent over rougher terrain), popularity increased in 2007 when it was a British and English fell championship counter with 350 finishers, record time 2:42:35 (Ian Holmes, English V40 champion since 2006). The stunning setting continues to attract a strong field: this year some 220 set off. Fully prepared by regular participation in Richmond parkruns, the Heather Martingell carbohydrate diet and SPF20 sunscreen, I wisely opted to join 49 others on the 'short', which starts 20 minutes later: 11 miles, 3,000+ft, also Category A (carry map, compass, whistle and full body cover). Steadily up below Caw, a lengthy traverse north across steep slopes then 900+ft straight up the western side of Dow Crag onto the last quarter of the 'long'. With uncharacteristic judgement, I soloed Wainwright's longer quarry track route rather than scramble with everyone else steeply up to the first checkpoint, where I was 14th. Then I luckily identified the 'intelligent runner' who contoured wide rather than follow others down the rough and rocky track which went up and down beside the wall - 20th at next checkpoint, I was 13th at the top of Dow Crag, having saved so much energy earlier. The weather was perfect: hot sun but steady dry breeze from south-east (without which, Dow Crag slope would have been an oven). Accompanied by skylarks' song, stunning views over Duddon estuary and Morecambe Bay south to Heysham (better than Pen Ponds from Royal Ballet School!), and refreshed by water from high tarns, I was just able to keep 'intelligent runner' in sight all the way down Caw (a devilish route, avoiding tempting direct line grassy slopes which end in a maze of 15ft cliffs), slipping and sliding across the bog to finish 12th in 2:15:21. Next time, I'll invest in fell shoes! (For an idea of the race's toughness, I'm confident this 56-yr old's effort throughout was sufficient for a marathon in well under 1:45). Quaffing beer as I stretched calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes, I watched (multi-tasking!) the first of 208 'long' finishers - winner, 2:56:13, Simon Booth, Borrowdale (2005 British champion), looked ready to run round again! Results at www.duddonvalleyfellrace.org.uk show most in Lake District, Pennine and Peak District clubs with access to steep hills; several ran Isle of Jura the week before - puts parkrun-bagging into perspective! Race day usually Saturday of late-May half-term week, conveniently allowing soft southerners to get preliminary injuries on steep slopes (failing which, five times up Canary Wharf Tower, or 50 times Petersham Gate to Richmond Gate might do!)." FINALLY... "If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn't run hard enough" Steve Jones, 1985 London Marathon winner and fastest-ever Brit with 2:07.13 in Chicago the same year.