Newsdesk 2009

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 303 23 March 2009 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Clutton Cup win for Ian Anderson * Sam Perkins runs 31.10 10km * Steve Whitehead retains Spendlove Cup club 20 miles championship * parkrun win for Ben Matthews, 2nd and 3rd for Ralph Street and Jerym Brunton * parkrun 5km mob match this Saturday in Richmond Park * Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap on April 4th SEE HERE ******** parkrun 5km MOB MATCH Saturday 28th March at 9am in Richmond Park Stragglers have challenged us to an unofficial mob match to be incorporated with the normal Saturday morning Richmond parkrun this Saturday 28th March. It's only 5km, starting on the Tamsin Trail (the pedestrian/cycle track) about 400 metres east of Richmond gate. As ever with mob matches it's weight of numbers that counts more than anything else, so please try to come along. For those who have yet to try a parkrun...now's your chance! For those who usually run the Bushy Park or Wimbledon Common events...please try the Richmond one instead! If you are taking part, please wear Ranelagh kit if possible. If you haven't already registered with parkrun, it's a quick one-off process which will add your details to their database so that you can take part in any future parkrun. If your registration details don't currently show you as Ranelagh, please update them before the day (you can always change them back again afterwards if necessary). Registration: www.parkrun.com/register.aspx Heather Martingell adds: "May I include a request for help as well as participation in this event. To volunteer: heathermartingell@hotmail.co.uk. Roster is here: (scroll down page to view)". BAKER CUP SUPPER and ANNUAL PRIZE PRESENTATION Just a handful of places left - please let Michele know by this weekend if you would like to come. INVITATION You are invited to the Ranelagh Harriers Baker Cup Supper - our Club Annual Awards Ceremony Date:- Saturday 4th April 2009 @ 7.00pm. Location:- The Roebuck, 130 Richmond Hill, TW10 6RN - Tel 0208 948 2329 Dress:- Smart Casual Price:- 20.00 per person Champagne reception R.S.V.P. to Michele Gibson:- Email:- micheleagibson@hotmail.com Mobile:- 07703 518 956 Cheques payable to Ranelagh Harriers and posted to Ms Michele Gibson, c/o Baker Cup Supper, 16 Copenhagen Gardens, Chiswick, London W4 5NN. ATTENTION TROPHY HOLDERS!! If you are a current trophy holder and have not yet arranged for it to be returned to Alan Hedger, please do so without delay. Alan can be contacted at 01372 740626 or alanhedger@talktalk.net BAKER CUP 3 miles road handicap Our shortest club handicap race is on Saturday 4th April - the Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap, which takes place on the closed roads in the centre of the Park. Start time is 3pm on the road near White Lodge (close to the Pen Ponds car park). All members are welcome. Just turn up and register on the day - preferably at the clubhouse. TOWPATH 10 miles Sunday 19th April This is the opening race in our 2009 Road Grand Prix. RICHMOND HALF MARATHON Sunday 10th May Entries are flocking in for our Half Marathon, which also serves as the Surrey county championship. We already have over 400 entries and the limit might well be reached before the closing date, so don't delay. Details: GREEN BELT RELAY 23rd and 24th May Would anyone interested in running in this year's Green Belt Relay please contact Marie Synnott-Wells (contact details below). Information about the race: www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/ RICHMOND PHYSIOTHERAPY SPORTS THERAPIST Edel Casey writes: "I am writing to you because I came across your leaflet at my work place and I was very interested in what you guys do. I have been a Sports Therapist at Richmond Physiotherapy at 7 Hill Street, Richmond for almost a year and I work with many runners, mainly middle and long distance, who incorporate their treatments with me into their training regime as a means of injury prevention. However, if they do present with an injury, I work with them through their rehabilitation in an effort to get them back to functional and sporting fitness as soon as possible so as not to disrupt their training too much. During my time at the clinic I have seen many running related injuries and I am keen to treat many many more! In short, I just wanted to inform you of my whereabouts and if you are aware of any runners in need of treatment, be it in the form of injury prevention or of rehabilitation you know where I am. If you have any questions for me I would be happy to come to the club and speak with you. I have also noticed from your website that you are taking part in the Richmond Half Marathon on Sunday 10th May. I am keen to volunteer my time to as many worthwhile local events as possible in the form or pre and post event massage but I am also a registered First Aider so I can jump in where needed. I am running a 10% discount on the first treatment for new clients so if you would like, I could drop a few of the vouchers in one day that I am passing the club. If you do require any more information do not hesitate to get in touch by calling me at the clinic on 020 8332 1132". TICKS ACTIVE IN RICHMOND PARK Bob Beatson writes: "I was very pleased to get third place in the Clutton Cup, and a surprisingly good time (for me), but I wasn't so happy with the infected tick bite just above my ankle. I hadn't run through any bracken or particularly long grass, and this early in the year I wasn't looking out for ticks on my legs. By the time I spotted the bite, the tick was gone, and I had just a small dark circle of blood under the skin (about 3 or 4 mm across). I may have squashed the tick accidentally, and squeezed its meal back in. A good recipe for infection! So far I've just had a very minor case of Cellulitis (skin infection), a "map of the Isle of Wight" (as Andy Hayward described it) which expanded to about 2 cm long a few days after the bite. Since then it's faded away, leaving just a red spot at the site of the bite. Now I'm more concerned about Lyme Disease as that can take much longer to appear, and would need treatment ASAP. I'm looking out for signs, such as a spreading rash with a defined border and/or flu like symptoms. So, please be vigilant, and look out for those ticks attaching themselves to your legs! Check your dog too, if you take it into any deer park. There's lots more information out there on the web, but the following links are good starting points: conditions/Lyme-disease". WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 28th March parkrun 5km mob match v Stragglers. 9am start in Richmond Park Saturday 4th April Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in Richmond Park (near White Lodge). 3pm start Sunday 19th April Thames Towpath 10 miles. See above. Sunday 26th April London Marathon parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead Other venues, more details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** CLUTTON CUP 10 miles handicap Saturday 14th March in Richmond Park Handicapper Mike Rowland reports: "Ian Anderson was a clear winner but may well have been given a much tougher race had Chris Camacho not gone off course. At the halfway point, Alan, Ken and I were ringing all the bookies to get money on Chris - he was way, way up on his expected time. But, of course, he finished a well-beaten fourth and we assumed he'd blown up on the second lap. Not so!! Chris had encountered another race, followed their sawdust track instead of ours and, he estimated, lost about three minutes. Ian Anderson is looking much younger and fitter than in the days when he used to head Jethro Tull. Mike Peace and Bob Beatson - who seems to make a speciality of this race - filled the minor places. Trevor Maguire, Andy Bickerstaff and Peter Weir were the three fastest, but immediately after he'd finished, fourth-fastest Niall O'Connor dashed off to watch Ireland v Scotland and was running a good deal faster than he had done in the race!" BRIDGES 2.3 miles handicap Wednesday 11th March at Westminster 1 A Robinson (unatt) 20.25 (actual time 18.10) 8 Simon Hedger 20.59 (14.44) 12 Alan Davidson 21.11 (16.11) 16 John Hanscomb 21.20 (21.50) RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 14th March Third place for Jerym Brunton. 1 T Grose (Victoria Pk) 17.54 3 Jerym Brunton 18.26 10 Stephen Instone 19.52 37 Michael Cawley 22.06 47 Tony Appleby 23.47 57 Johannes Prosser 25.25 96 Annemarie Goodridge 32.04 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 14th March Ralph Street ran Ranelagh's fourth fastest time on this course in finishing second. 1 M Trees (Belgrave) 16.02 2 Ralph Street 16.12 7 Howard Gleave 17.27 16 Iain Wilson 18.23 27 Darren Wood 19.05 58 Jonny Rowan 20.17 68 David Rowe 20.31 91 David Ready 21.13 148 Peter Fordham 22.52 173 Sioned Morgan 23.12 188 Phil Aiken 23.29 232 Roger Wilson 24.18 264 Jose Scheuer 25.04 304 Chris Wright 26.11 327 Wally Garrod 26.34 417 Daniel Hobbs 30.13 431 Sharon Rowe 30.44 FINCHLEY 20 miles road race Sunday 15th March at Ruislip Steve Whitehead retained his club 20 miles championship and Marie Synnott-Wells finished 10th in the women's race. 1 G Saqui (Highgate) 1:49.55 13 Steve Whitehead 2:01.08 101 Marie Synnott-Wells 2:25.43 142 Steve Grout 2:31.10 TRAFFORD 10km Sunday 15th March Sam Perkins underlined what good form he is running into by taking over a minute off his 10km personal best and moving up to ninth place on Ranelagh's all-time 10km list. 1 M Miles (Belgrave) 29.25 18 Sam Perkins 31.10 BATH HALF MARATHON Sunday 15th March Jo Knight reports: "I've been a member of Ranelagh Harriers since about September last year, mainly with the aim to get fit and have a safe group to go running with during the winter, but have never run further than about 4/5 miles with pit stops; so when a friend asked me to run the Bath Half with him in five weeks time I undertook it with some trepidation! The weather in Bath was fantastic and there were 15,000 people entered for the half marathon; although it was slightly nerve racking running with all those people around me (and trying not to be tripped up by the speed freaks) I was determined not to be overtaken by any giant bananas or milkshakes!! Everything was going brilliantly until about 3.5miles when I had to have a loo stop (too much water waiting for the start) and then disaster struck - as I was queuing, a man dressed as a Rhino ran past! It became my mission to find the Rhino, catch up, overtake and finish well in front of said Rhino. It took me a good mile to catch up and get in front but was a great relief! The organisers lied when they said it was a 'gently undulating' course; it was hilly and hard work (or maybe it was just the way my legs were feeling!!). But I'm proud that I managed to run the whole way, and the crowd's cries of 'Look, here come Batman and Robin' for the last three miles propelled me faster toward the finishing line - there was no WAY I was about to be beaten by men wearing tights!! There was a good turnout from Ranelagh - eight of us in all, with fantastic family effort from the Beverly family, who surely must have been the fastest family on the course!! I thought the course organisation was excellent, support along the route was brilliant, and would definitely recommend running a half marathon to anyone who has never done it before - I've just signed up for the next one!" 1 S Tanui (Kenya) 1:03.00 (chip time 1:03.00) 627 Michael Beverly 1:32.00 (1:31.00) 1464 Alice Beverly 1:42.09 (1:41.09) 2211 Anair Beverly 1:48.34 (1:45.13) 4210 John Scally 2:01.00 (1:57.00) 4967 Matthew Phelvin 2:06.24 (1:55.24) 6438 Amy Ryall 2:14.00 (2:05.34) 9247 Jo Knight 2:35.29 (2:26.15) 10177 Celia Beverly 2:49.28 (2:40.15) HASTINGS HALF MARATHON Sunday 15th March 1 K Kimuti (Kenya) 1:02.50 (chip time 1:02.50) 1759 Denis Horellou 1:58.50 (1:57.44) FLEET HALF MARATHON Sunday 15th March 1 M Blunden (RAF) 1:10.48 (chip time 1:10.47) 312 Kerrie O'Connor 1:34.18 (1:34.12) 1326 Simon Burrell 2:01.04 (1:58.22) 1939 Deborah Blakemore 2:33.43 (2:31.01) DORNEY LAKE 10km Sunday 15th March at Windsor 1 N White (WSEH) 32.07 17 Jerym Brunton 39.48 ORION 15 miles cross-country Saturday 21st March at Chingford Kevin Jacques finished 2nd over 50. 1 A Smalls (Colch) 1:32.00 27 Andy Bickerstaff 1:45.40 49 Kevin Jacques 1:51.56 85 Niall O'Connor 1:58.05 RICHMOND parkrun 5km Saturday 21st March A good win in a new PB for Ben Matthews. 1 Ben Matthews 17.09 8 Jerym Brunton 18.32 12 Stephen Instone 19.34 29 Andy Woodhouse 21.34 31 Richard Goddard-Jones 21.39 32 Michael Cawley 21.47 34 Sandra Prosser 21.59 48 Paul Martingell 22.37 53 Christopher Parsons 23.08 54 Tony Appleby 23.09 58 Andrew Prosser 23.19 66 Johannes Prosser 24.20 101 Hannah Doyle 26.51 106 Sharon Dooley 27.36 111 Lorna Smith 28.20 124 Tanya Allen 30.03 126 Pat Hewlett 30.17 129 Annemarie Goodridge 31.23 BUSHY parkrun 5km Saturday 21st March The fine spring-like weather brought out a bumper field of 553 finishers. 1 R Dessaix-Chin (Bel) 14.57 25 Marc Snaith 18.00 130 Chris Camacho 21.14 141 David Rowe 21.36 155 Michelle Beaumont 21.54 167 Adam Wright 22.11 198 Alan Davidson 22.45 348 Michael White 26.08 358 Kirsty Bangham 26.19 448 Janet Turnes 29.17 464 Sharon Rowe 29.39 WIMBLEDON COMMON parkrun 5km Saturday 21st March 1 J Fairs (Serpentine) 16.57 131 George Coates 30.44 WIMBLEDON AUDI 10km Sunday 22nd March Darryl McDonald missed the first vet's prize by one second. 1 H Raidi (Belgrave) 32.08 (chip time 32.07) 10 Darryl McDonald 35.16 (35.15) 18 Jerym Brunton 37.52 (37.48) 477 Kirsty Gilmour 54.57 (54.11) 727 Alan Meaden 61.26 (60.04) 784 David Meaden 64.08 (62.45) BUSHY PARK TRAIL RUN 4.8m Sunday 22nd March 1 D Agustus (Scar) 24.28 2 Danny Norman (Strag) 26.02 53 Roger Wilson 37.23 67 Gill Wilson 39.36 WATER OF LIFE HALF MARATHON Sunday 22nd March at Marlow 1 R Johnson (Sandhurst) 1:21.12 333 Daniel Hobbs 2:23.55 ST VALENTINE'S 30km Sunday 15th February at Stamford Jo Ronaldson finished third woman in 2:06.48. MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles Sunday 1st March in Richmond Park I omitted to mention the junior race in the previous report of our MABAC League race on March 1st. Peter Martingell is shown as finishing 15th and Amelie Hunton 18th. This was decidedly unfair on Amelie, who had actually run the full two laps with the seniors rather than one lap with the juniors. Her time of 37.39 should have placed her 52nd in the senior race. FINALLY... A few e-news editions ago I mentioned the booklet "A Selection of Victorian Athletic Clubs", which features profiles of running clubs as printed in "The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News" between 1885 and 1894. The entry for Ranelagh Harriers was dated 6th February 1886, and the writer had visited the club on the day of the Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap race - the very same cup that twenty-two modern Harriers contested in the Park last weekend. The club's home at that time was at the Green Man pub on the corner of Putney Heath, at the top of Putney Hill. The writer describes the course for the Clutton Cup: "Straight away over the quick rise from the high-road to Putney Heath, along past the reservoir, by the Windmill on Wimbledon Common, tracks were made for the Crooked Billet. Thence rightwards down Cottenham Hill to Coombe Lane, across the ploughed land to Malden, under the railway arch and back over the out track until the Mill is again passed. Then away by the Iron House, until the high road is reached, along which is the straight run in". Today it would be easy enough to follow the route across the Heath and Wimbledon Common to the Crooked Billet pub (albeit crossing the A3 via an underpass), and Cottenham Hill will be familiar to anyone who has run the Belgrave 5km (or, in the old days, the Southern Road Relay). I guess it wasn't tarmac in 1886 though. Thereafter "across the ploughed land to Malden" is a bit hard to imagine today...and which railway arch was it? Finally back to the Windmill and "away to the Iron House". This was apparently the HQ of the London Scottish Rifle Club and at the time also served as the clubhouse for the golf club. Does anyone know where it was? And where was the "straight run in" back to the Green Man?