Newsdesk 2009

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 301 27 February 2009 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Sam Perkins wins club honours for 73rd place in the National * Marie Synnott-Wells leads our women in 115th place * Parkrun win for Clare King and a 4th place for Ben Matthews * Several qualifiers for London Mini Marathon * Alan Davidson's 3,000th race * Busy weekend coming up - four races including rescheduled Surrey Ladies League SEE HERE ******** ATTENTION TROPHY HOLDERS!! If you are the current holder of any of the club's trophies please arrange to return it to Alan Hedger as soon as possible - preferably by March 10th. He has to organise the engraving of all the new winners' names before the prize presentation evening on 4th April (see below). Alan is at most of our club races so catch up with him there or leave the trophy in the safe at the clubhouse for him to collect. Please let Alan know how you are returning it - he has a lot of trophies to deal with so don't wait for him to chase you! Alan can be contacted at 01372 740626 or alanhedger@talktalk.net SURREY LADIES LEAGUE FINAL FIXTURE Saturday 28th February The final women's league race, scheduled for Lloyd Park on Saturday 7th, was cancelled - somewhat prematurely - at the behest of the local council. The rescheduled race takes place at the same venue this Saturday. The senior race is at 12.15pm followed by the junior races. RANELAGH CUP SCHOOLS RACE Saturday 28th February in Richmond Park. Our annual schools race also takes place this Saturday setting off at 2.30pm at our normal starting point opposite Pembroke Lodge. BANK OF ENGLAND 5 miles Saturday 28th February in Richmond Park This is on the Bank's course, which starts and finishes near Roehampton Gate. The race HQ is at the Bank's sports club in Bank Lane just outside the Park. Start time is 2.30pm, all are welcome - just turn up and register on the day. MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles Sunday 1st March in Richmond Park Deborah Blakemore writes: "Our very own MABAC cross-country race is being held in Richmond Park at 11.00am on Sunday 1st March. It is a 5-mile course (2 laps of 2.5m) and it starts opposite the car park between Robin Hood Gate and Kingston Gate (to the right of Isabella) - further details can be found on the MABAC website www.mabac.org.uk/ All Ranelagh members are welcome to take part - register on the day. Thank you to all the people who have so far volunteered to marshal, however I still need a few more! The last runner is usually in by 12 noon so if you can spare an hour (either on the course or at the finish line) you would be very welcome and we would be very grateful! Please let either myself or Bev Ali know whether you can help and I will arrange a marshalling position for you. E-mail: Deborah.blakemore@ubs.com.. PARKRUN MOB MATCH Marc Snaith writes: "We are adding a new mob match to our fixture list for this year. It is against The Stragglers and will take place on Saturday March 28th at the Richmond Parkrun so will be 5k and on trails. The race starts at 9am from Richmond Gate and you must be registered with parkrun to compete, otherwise you will not be added to the results. Registration only takes a minute - www.parkrun.com/register.aspx. Full rules are yet to be agreed so keep watching this space. It should be good fun and a great chance for everyone to experience a mob match without having to run 7.5 miles!" BAKER CUP SUPPER and ANNUAL PRIZE PRESENTATION INVITATION You are invited to the Ranelagh Harriers Baker Cup Supper - our Club Annual Awards Ceremony Date:- Saturday 4th April 2009 @ 7.00pm. Location:- The Roebuck, 130 Richmond Hill, TW10 6RN - Tel 0208 948 2329 Dress:- Smart Casual Price:- 20.00 per person Champagne reception Places are limited to 60 people, so please reserve your place early!!! Your glass of Champagne awaits you!! R.S.V.P. to Michele Gibson:- Email:- micheleagibson@hotmail.com Mobile:- 07703 518 956 Cheques payable to Ranelagh Harriers and posted to Ms Michele Gibson, c/o Baker Cup Supper, 16 Copenhagen Gardens, Chiswick, London W4 5NN. FINCHLEY 20 miles road race Sunday 15th March at Ruislip. TOWPATH 10 miles Sunday 19th April Entries are already coming in for West 4 Harriers' event at Chiswick, which is the opening race in our 2009 Road Grand Prix. HEALTH AND SAFETY COURSE Frances Ratchford writes: "We will be hosting a Health and Safety Course at the clubhouse on Sunday March 22nd for all cross-country and road officials. It is free and starts at 10.30, finishing at about 2.30. The organisers are Patricia and Michael Cole, two very experienced and knowledgeable officials. It is for anyone who marshals at our main road running events or helps with cross country or who would like to be more involved. It will be practical and very useful". WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 28th February Surrey Ladies League final race at Lloyd Park, Croydon Saturday 28th February Inter-club 5 miles at the Bank of England. 2.30pm start near Roehampton gate in Richmond Park. All welcome, register on the day. Sunday 1st March MABAC League 5 miles. 11am start in Richmond Park (near Isabella Plantation). See above. Saturday 7th March Inter-club 3.8 miles in Richmond Park - one lap of the mob match course. 3pm start. All welcome, register on the day. Parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead More details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED ************** NATIONAL CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 21st February at Parliament Hill It was always going to be just a matter of time before Sam Perkins's name reached the club honours board. It was perhaps only fitting that he chose as his race to achieve this the classic National at Parliament Hill, the venue thought of by many as the spiritual home of English cross-country. It was a fine and sunny spring-like day but underfoot the conditions were classic Parliament Hill - mud! Sam ran a great race, always in the top hundred, and finished in 73rd place, soundly defeating in the process several runners who had beaten him in this season's league races. Sam writes: "I enjoyed running at Parly Hill for the first time. Very good testing course. I was really pleased to have one of the most historic courses for my first senior National. I hated the mud but seemed to pass people in it so probably shouldn't complain. The race was quite a funny one in that no groups really evolved because everyone was going forwards and backwards relative to each other dependant on how hilly and/or muddy it was at any particular time. I think we have nine miles of Southern to look forward to there next year!" Sam will receive the Roffey Salver as the leading Ranelagh finisher, bringing to an end a seven-year winning sequence by Peter Haarer, who missed this year's race through injury. Darryl McDonald ran well to be our second finisher at 350th and next it was evergreen Chris Owens, who always seems to run well on this course. Trevor Maguire, Andy Bickerstaff and Niall O'Connor completed the scoring team of six, which was placed 53rd out of 112 teams that closed in. Mike Peace, Andy Woodhouse and Phil Aiken were also amongst the 1455 finishers, and in the nine to score competition we finished 31st. The race for the Aotearoa Trophy - for the first Ranelagh finisher in the women's race - developed into a fight between the holder, Marie Synnott-Wells, and Estelle Damant. Marie proved to be the stronger in the closing stages to finish 115th nearly forty seconds ahead of Estelle in 140th. Liz Kipling and Carola Richter completed the scoring team of four, with Sarah Lintern, Kate Brook and Kirsty Bangham backing up. We placed 34th out of 63 complete teams. Here's Carola's view: "What a gorgeous day to run the Nationals. On a sunny Saturday (late) morning, blue sky and sunny, I headed off to Hampstead Heath. Arriving at Parliament Hill I discovered the girls were prepared for muddy conditions: wellington boots for Sarah and Kirsty. I wonder if they had learned from the 'Southern' at Hillingdon. Due to a missing Ranelagh flag, we (the girls) managed to get separated from the boys who set up camp at the track whilst the girls parked themselves right in the mud. Take no prisoners. Once reunited, some good advice on how to tackle the hills came up in addition to the silver tape (to tighten our shoes to our feet, brilliant idea Kirsty). We certainly didn't want to risk losing our shoes in the mud. As an old vet who has run the course before I was prepared for the hills and paced myself throughout the course. This time I knew where the killer hills were and when to tackle an old rival. It's a tough course, let's not deny this, but I managed to keep my pace up. At the last mile or so I wasn't quite sure where Sarah was but I heard people shouting 'Well done Ranelagh, well done' twice. Surely, they wouldn't say this twice to me? That only means that someone is right behind me! But the gap seemed very close if there was a gap at all. So, on the home straight I ran my best to cross the finish line. I didn't dare to look behind me in case that 'rival' was right up my bu... Guess who was literally a thump behind me??? Cheeky girl Sarah. Did she really think she could overtake me??? Yes, she did. Better look out for her next time. Watching the men's race, Sam and Darryl were well up, Andy B looked strong as well and Andy W. and Mike. I thought the boys were encouraged by us girls giving verbal support. I asked old Vet Chris Owens after the race how his race went and he replied:' I'm too light for this course....'. Wish I had this problem". RICHMOND MINI MARATHON TRIAL Sunday 1st February in Richmond Park Ed Smith, Sam and Amelie Hunton, Danya Marx and Anna Mallett were amongst those who made the team for the London Mini Marathon, with Luke Wilson unluckily missing out by one place. George Inman also missed the cut but secured a place in the Hounslow team. Boys 15 - 17 1 G Bridgeman 15.36 7 Ed Smith 16.29 8 Sam Hunton 16.32 11 Luke Wilson 17.19 17 George Inman 18.50 Girls 15 - 17 1 M Garner 18.27 8 Anna Mallett 20.22 Girls 13 - 14 1 K Iliffe 17.46 5 Amelie Hunton 19.21 6 Danya Marx 20.04 BRITISH UNIVERSITIES CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 7th February at Aberdeen In another triumph for the Health and Safety nannies, the organisers decided to cancel their championships at less than a day's notice owing to snow. Many teams had already travelled to Aberdeen and were understandably none too pleased with the decision. The Birmingham University management, for example, estimate that they had spent 12,000 in travel and accommodation expenses. 'Athletics Weekly' quoted Sam Perkins: "All our athletes were devastated. We had been training for months on end, and some had sacrificed a lot to be here. Some individuals were coming back from injury and this event was the one thing that kept them going through the months of rehab training". In the circumstances, 250 disgruntled students reacted in the only way possible by staging a snowball fight followed by an unofficial race through the snow, which was all of ankle deep. Sam finished in third place in the race of about 6km. 1 A Vernon (St Mary's) 19.17 3 Sam Perkins (Birm U) 19.40 RICHMOND PARKRUN 5km Saturday 14h February 1 J Shelley (Shaft B) 16.08 4 Peter Weir 18.25 10 Stephen Instone 19.57 28 Michael Cawley 21.51 32 Karen Weir 22.12 42 Alison Dicks 23.49 90 Annemarie Goodridge 30.40 92 Pat Hewlett 30.59 BUSHY PARKRUN 5km Saturday 14h February Clare King was the leading woman for the sixth time. 1 A Jackson (Sitt) 16.56 21 Darren Wood 19.01 32 Clare King 19.28 40 Chris Hunton 19.41 47 David Rowe 19.54 49 Jonny Rowan 19.56 78 David Ready 21.06 82 Chris Camacho 21.13 85 Chris Wilson 21.19 101 Phil Aiken 21.39 113 Ian Grange 21.59 167 Paul Martingell 23.35 197 Ivan Boggis 24.24 207 Jose Scheuer 24.33 232 Kirsty Bangham 25.26 290 Daniel Hobbs 27.51 293 John Hanscomb 27.55 297 Peter Fordham 28.13 VALENTINE'S 10km Sunday 15th February at Ewell Lorna Smith reports: "There was nothing romantic about turning out to run around Chessington at 9.00am on a grey and chilly February morning the day after Valentine's evening... but hey, when did that stop us? The turnout of 14 Ranelagh members was dominated by veterans but I'm sure that had absolutely nothing to do with the timing of the event. If you like urban undulations this is the race for you; a head down 'is it nearly over yet?' kind of experience. Wally Garrod and John Hanscomb were briefly glimpsed setting off with sprightly determination before the rest of us had even realised the whole grim business had begun. Then there was quite a lot of pavement and a bit of traffic - respect to the marshals who did a great job controlling some difficult roundabouts - and it was home for Sunday lunch. Michael Cawley was first Ranelagh Harrier followed by Clive Naish and Roger Wilson. First Ranelagh woman was Gill Wilson. I puffed over the line some time later toiling in the wake of Lynne Barber. Needless to say, Wally was already lounging in the finishing area looking like he had just come back from a short Sunday stroll, wondering what all the fuss was about. Afterwards it all hadn't seemed such a bad idea. Daniel Hobbs was chuffed to have dipped under the hour, Deborah Blakemore was celebrating a PB as was Penny Merrett and we were considering how to recruit Lynne Barber's son Steven who had come home in 38.59 for Sutton Runners. The T-shirts weren't bad either". 1 N Hodges (DMV) 32.34 142 Michael Cawley 44.36 151 Clive Naish 44.56 305 Roger Wilson 50.55 346 Gill Wilson 53.10 375 Wally Garrod 54.04 416 Lynne Barber 55.47 419 Lorna Smith 55.49 454 John Hanscomb 58.02 476 Alan Meaden 58.56 487 Daniel Hobbs 59.56 496 Penny Merrett 60.46 498 Deborah Blakemore 60.56 500 Christine Goodsell 61.03 521 David Meaden 62.56 BRAMLEY 20 and 10 miles Sunday 15th February Chris Read reports: "The weather was good for running. It was overcast and mild. The course was quite fast although there were two slight inclines. I was happy with my time of 68.32 and also happy that the proximity of the Barcelona Marathon meant that I could not do the 20 miles race". 20 miles 1 J McFarlane (T&HH) 1:47.06 (chip time 1:47.04) 35 Ben Matthews 2:02.26 (2:02.23) 176 Grant Hibbert 2:22.04 (2:21.36) 493 Derek Mason 2:49.31 (2:48.54) 757 Sharon Dooley 3:19.39 (3:18.18) 10 miles 1 P Martelletti (VPH) 51.16 (chip time 51.15) 63 Chris Read 68.42 (68.32) TUNBRIDGE WELLS HALF MARATHON Sunday 15th February 1 F Neuschwander (un) 1:08.49 (chip time 1:08.48) 240 Lee Davies 1:36.35 (1:35.41) 325 Michelle Beaumont 1:39.37 (1:38.44) 601 Michael White 1:47.20 (1:45.28) 831 Alison Dicks 1:53.02 (1:52.09) 1029 Denis Horellou 1:58.14 (1:57.14) BUSHY PARKRUN 5km Saturday 21st February A sub-17 PB for Ben Matthews. 1 J Lock (Thames T) 16.31 4 Ben Matthews 16.55 21 Darren Wood 18.41 112 Chris Camacho 21.58 113 Ian Grange 21.58 123 Adam Wright 22.10 145 Paul Martingell 22.47 158 Alan Davidson 23.08 315 Daniel Hobbs 27.43 336 John Hanscomb 28.07 347 Peter Fordham 28.22 RICHMOND PARKRUN 5km Saturday 21st February 1 D Afshar (unatt) 17.35 12 Stephen Instone 19.54 24 Michael Cawley 21.32 42 Paul Bisping 23.16 53 Karen Weir 24.25 59 Alison Dicks 24.51 90 Christine Goodsell 29.51 91 Pat Hewlett 30.36 WIMBLEDON COMMON PARKRUN 5km Saturday 21st February 1 J Fairs (Serpentine) 17.00 58 Roger Wilson 23.39 59 Chris Wright 23.43 81 Gill Wilson 25.55 SUSSEX BEACON HALF MARATHON Sunday 22nd February at Brighton Cindy Croucher reports: "On Sunday 4613 runners enjoyed the glorious early morning sunshine in Brighton for the Sussex Beacon Brighton Half Marathon. The website claims the race has been voted one of the 101 things to do before you die and to be honest, the cliff climb at the end nearly killed me! It was Penny, Deirdre, Annemarie, Francene, Natasha and Hannah's first ever half and they all did fantastically on the undulating course. I am expecting PBs from them all from the pancake flat Richmond half. The course was tough in parts and cruelly you could see runners passing you the other way making you think you were nearly there only to find you divert miles off somewhere else first (I hate that) but it was beautiful along the sea front passing the pretty beach huts and chip shops. A special thank you has to go to Lynne's husband who drove us all there on the mini bus (it was great passing all the traffic in the bus lane) and to Christine for supporting us and handing out jelly babies. The race was well organised with plenty of marshals, water stops and a nice cotton goody bag and t-shirt, so all in all a lovely day out by the seaside. Apparently we are off to Hastings next year......... hmm what was I saying about cliffs?" Some photos here:. 1 J Baker (Chichester) 1:10.09 (chip time 1:10.19) 280 Marie Synnott-Wells 1:30.44 (1:30.35) 1556 Simon Burrell 1:50.14 (1:43.40) 1783 Tom Reay 1:52.34 (1:48.20) 2712 Parveen Annear 2:02.30 (1:58.17) 3369 Lynne Barber 2:10.42 (2:06.29) 3440 Hannah Doyle 2:11.37 (2:06.43) 3512 Anne Baker 2:12.51 (2:07.51) 3654 Lorna Smith 2:15.03 (2:09.48) 3662 John Hanscomb 2:15.15 (2:14.09) 3685 Natasha Taroghion 2:15.37 (2:11.24) 4077 Tanya Allen 2:23.44 (2:17.30) 4158 Cindy Croucher 2:26.31 (2:21.37) 4163 Deborah Blakemore 2:26.40 (2:21.24) 4164 Penny Merrett 2:26.40 (2:21.40) 4271 Francene Leaversuch 2:30.35 (2:25.36) 4300 Annemarie Goodridge 2:31.22 (2:25.33) 4379 Deirdre Inman 2:35.32 (2:30.56) HAMMERSMITH 3.3 miles handicap Tuesday 24th February Alan Davidson reports on passing a remarkable milestone: "This race for me represented a triumph of quantity over quality as it was the 3,000th race that I have completed since starting running belatedly in 1985. I have diaries recording all my races since 1985 and the first was the Bohunt 10k which some kind soul entered me for without my knowledge. I never had any intention of entering races (recalling my much earlier horror of being forced to run Tiffin school cross-country races annually in Richmond Park - I hated it!) and so as not to be too embarrassed in the Bohunt race I started at the back and was staggered by the number of runners I overtook and got the bug from then on. I probably wouldn't be falling apart as badly as I am if I hadn't taken up running! I had an embarrassing experience on the bus back to Barnes station as a young French lady with flight luggage insisted on giving up her seat on the crowded bus. She must have thought I looked like someone who had run 3,000 races! I was at least able to say 'merci'!" For the mathematically challenged, I'll save you the effort of taxing your brains: it's an average of about two and a half races per week! 1 D Cox (Woodford Gn) 18.13 6 Alan Davidson 23.13 9 Alan Howard 24.13 SCHOOLS RESULTS Roger Wilson reports: On Friday 28th November the Richmond Schools' Cross Country Championships were held in Richmond Park. In the combined fourth and fifth years' race the Hampton School team won their age group, with Ed Smith in 4th and Luke Wilson in 5th. Thereby Ed and Luke qualified to represent Richmond Schools in the Middlesex Schools Championships U17 race where the Richmond team came second to Ealing. Ed placed 22nd and Luke 29th". FINALLY... From the Eugene Hash House Harriers: "'Significant' was how Tim Rhay, City of Eugene Oregon's Acting Park Operations Manager, described the likely cost of the Hazardous Materials team cleaning up more than 50 small piles of white powder believed to be flour found at the base of trees and light poles in Maurie Jacobs Park. According to a local news report, Eugene City Officials speculated the substance may have marked the course of an unofficial run".