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RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 30            5 JUNE 2001

The 10 miles cross-country handicap for the Clutton Cup, which had to be
cancelled earlier in the year owing to the closure of the Park, will go
ahead THIS SATURDAY JUNE 9TH starting at 2.30pm. Sorry for the short notice,
but nobody told me!!! The race will be kept fairly low key, with no course
marking or numbers. I expect the number of runners will be quite small, so
if you always wanted to get your name on one of those splendid cups, this
might be your big chance!

Last Sunday was the fourth race in our Grand Prix series, the Dorking 10
miles, which also doubled as the Surrey 10 miles championship. It was
another bright sunny day, though a breeze kept the thermometer mercury from
climbing too high. The course is a one-lap affair on country lanes and
mostly uphill if you believe the runners. Our representation was not large,
but included most of those whose thoughts are already on collecting a Grand
Prix trophy at the end of the season. No names, you know who you are!  
Mick and Marlene led our teams home, both pleased with their runs and both
making the prize list in the open and vets categories. Sarah was also called
up for a prize. In addition it seems that our women's team was a winner and
Mike Peace was first Over 50, but these results were securely imprisoned
within the organisers' computer on Sunday and only emerged blinking into the
sunlight much much later.

Leading GP scores after four races:
Open: Stephen Instone 34, Mike Peace 30, Giles Marshall 29, Darryl McDonald
24, Mick Lane 23, Clive Naish 16, Marlene Pautard 16, Alan Davidson 15,
Milos Dusek 13, Graeme MacFadyen 12, Ken Fotherby 11, David Wright 11
Over 40: Stephen Instone 20, Mick Lane 12, Clive Naish 8, John Hughes 6, Ken
Fotherby 6, David Wright 6
Over 50: Mike Peace 18, Martin Clark 13, Alan Davidson 11, Tim Woolmer 10,
John Hanscomb 6, Alan Meaden 4
Women: Marlene Pautard 12, Eleanor Grey 10, Corinne Bishop 9, Carol Barnshaw
8, Eliete Nascimento 6, Margaret Auerback 6, Pat Hewlett 5, Sarah Seal 5
Chris Owens reports from the Chris Lane 10km at Woking also on Sunday:
"For the less keen, i.e. those who did not do the Dorking 10:
1	Graeme MacFadyen	33:03
3	Chris Owens 		35:34
Bit of an old tortoise in 3rd place, but at least it was a successful return
to competition after 2 months. Must be the slowest I've done to win a
feeding bottle, baseball cap, T shirt and towel, as well as 15 of Sweatshop
vouchers. Graeme was a bit miffed with only an envelope and a salver - until
he opened the envelope and found 50 in vouchers. Not bad for a morning's

Not content with testing his Achilles tendon out at Woking, Chris went on to
Oxford in the afternoon to turn out in an 800 metres for Richmond and
Twickenham's vets track team: "R&T are a bit thin on the ground. Their next
meeting is at Barnes (Barn Elms) on Sunday July 22 with 400, 1500 and 5000
on the timetable, starting at 2:00. Any Ranelagh Over 40s or Over 50s are
On May 20th two dozen or so assorted Ranelagh Harriers descended on
Coldharbour on a sunny Sunday morning for a run and lunch in the Surrey
Hills. After climbing up to Leith Hill Tower for a warm-up, we split into
three groups: slowish, slow and very slow. The slowish group (Julian and
Chris and anybody who could keep up with them actually) went furthest and
were first back, which I suppose is only right and proper. The slow group
made it back soon afterwards despite being led by Alan Craig who until late
in the proceedings had been under the impression that the white end of the
compass needle points north. The very slow group enjoyed the blubell-covered
slopes for the longest, and reached the pub just in time to avoid having
their Sunday lunches given to the dog. An enjoyable morning was had by all
and the exercise will probably be repeated later in the summer, though
perhaps based on a different pub. Researchers are already selflessly working
their way through every pub in the area.  

Hugh Jones measured a new course for the Coombe Hill 5 on May 13th, all set
up for new vet Paul Evans of Belgrave to gun for a UK veterans' best 5 miles
time. In the event Evans had to settle for a mere 24.08, 23 seconds outside
the record, while Hugh himself finished 2nd in 26.15.

Ray Auerback reports:
"Margaret successfully completed her first ultra on Sunday 27th May, a 50km
race at Ploudalmezeau in Brittany.  She finished first lady overall in 4hrs
10mins 8secs, accompanied by yours truly the whole way (on a mountain
bike--I may be mad but I'm not stupid).  There was a bit of opposition
during the first part of the race, but Margaret ground them down in true
Duracell bunny fashion. The course was undulating, tough in parts but
attractive, passing through a number of lovely fishing villages.  M
pretended to have enjoyed the experience, and said it was less stressful
than a marathon.  She went through the marathon distance in 3hrs 30mins, at
which point she was struggling a bit on the toughest section, but picked up
well at the end.  Supporting by bike is allowed, as long as you don't pace
the runner, i.e.ride just ahead.  It's a great idea, because the supporter
can keep tracking back and going ahead to check on the opposition. The
enjoyment factor might have been different if it had been as hot as the
previous week, since there was very little shade on the course.  All this
prepared us for the day's biggest challenge, which as anyone who has raced
in France will know is to extract the trophy, which we finally managed to do
after about 4 hours of negotiation.  That's when you really need a lawyer!"

Results of the Surrey Half Marathon championship, which was incorporated
with our Richmond Half Marathon, have filtered through. Darryl was the
individual gold medallist, and also collected a team gold with David Wright
and Giles Marshall. Sue Ashley - now representing SLH - was the women's
champ, ahead of silver medallist Margaret Auerback. But Margaret, together
with Eleanor Grey and Corinne Bishop, gets a gold in the team event. Alan
Davidson won the men's over 50 category. 

Additional London Marathon finisher details:
2822	Joe Graves		3.22.25
4677	Chris Spink		3.36.23  

The latest addition to Ken's stats on the club website are all-time best
performances on the road and country, and veterans' bests on the road (men
only so far for the vets - women's lists to follow soon). The vets lists in
particular are very difficult to compile accurately in retrospect, so there
are sure to be many errors and omissions. If you have any amendments please
contact Ken or myself. 

Following on from the last email news, on the subject of the Keswick Half
Marathon and Foot and Mouth Disease, Bob Beatson writes:
"I don't think the protesting farmers would suggest that 'Runners on a road
can spread FMD where walkers, cyclists and motorists on the same road do
not'.  I think they were simply keen to minimise traffic of all kinds on
roads that are open to the fells, particularly with confirmed FMD just the
other side of Keswick.  Also, they were probably wound up no end by the
prediction of a bumper turnout of 1000 runners due to the cancellation of
other races, many of which were probably in much less sensitive areas.  I'm
sure the farmers were overestimating the risks of spreading FMD, and were
not taking much notice of the benefits to hard hit local businesses, but I
can't blame them for that in the circumstances."

Ian Dent writes:
"Goodbye my Ranelagh colleagues. On Sunday June 3rd my family and I leave
the UK ....for good this time. We're retracing our steps back to Melbourne
in Australia where I hope to rejoin the Glenhuntly running club who I ran
for in 1997.
I'm sorry for being such a poor club participant this last winter but since
passing the magic threshold of vet status, plus pressures of work and
family, my fitness has fallen away - so I would have been no help in the
Surrey Leagues anyway.
A special thanks to the guys who have served as club captain - tough job I
know from my experiences back in NZ.
Also a special thanks to Mike Peace and Steve/Sonia who made me so very
welcome in my first run for the club back in 1993, as well as giving so much
to the club.
I wish you good running and lots of PBs in years to come. If you're ever in
Melbourne (Grand prix athletics September / Commonweath Games 2006?) please
look me up. I'll send you my new Aussie email address when I get one.
Must go and throw another 'prawn on the barbie'".

Ed Whitlock writes:
"Simon Hedger asks if any other club members will be in Brisbane for the
WAVA games. I expect to be there for the 5000 & 10000m on the track. I hope
Alan H recovers well and the new hip works fine."

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday June 9th Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in Richmond Park. See above.

Sunday June 17th  The Stragglers 10km "mob match" that was to be held on
this date will not now be going ahead owing to fixture clashes.

Sunday June 24th  Dysart Dash 10km. Surrey county championship and Ranelagh
Grand Prix race 5. 10am at Ham (3 mins from the clubhouse). Entries 5
payable to Ranelagh Harriers to Dysart Dash, 2 Sapte Close, Cranleigh,
Surrey GU6 7HA. Forms can be downloaded from our Home Page.
Entries on the day 6.

Sunday July 1st  Harry Hawkes 8 miles. Ranelagh Grand Prix race 6. 10am at
Thames Ditton. Entries 7 payable to Harry Hawkes 8 to 17A Guildford Road,
Fleet, Hants GU13 9ES. Forms can be downloaded from

Saturday July 7th  Brickmakers Arms Marathon Relay 2.30pm at Windlesham.
Teams of 10, each running 2.6 miles. A not-too-serious relay for all
standards. We'll probably be entering two or three teams, so all are
welcome. More details from Mike Peace.   

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