Newsdesk 2008

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 293 29 October 2008 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * All needed for Mob Match against Orion Harriers in Epping Forest this Saturday * Surrey Vets golds for Darryl McDonald, Howard Gleave, Chris Owens and M40 and M50 teams * Trevor Maguire wins Callis Cup in Cabbage Patch 10 * Richard Gregory 6th in Amsterdam Half Marathon * Chris Owens and Mike Hynd survive the Original Mountain Marathon SEE HERE ******** CHRISTMAS PARTY Ranelagh's Christmas Party will take place on Saturday 13th December from 7pm in the Promenade Suite at the Dukes Meadow Golf Club, Dan Mason Drive, Chiswick. There will be a buffet dinner and we will have our own DJ. Tickets are 28 (payable to Ranelagh Harriers) and are available from Michele Gibson at 16 Copenhagen Gardens, London W4 5NN or at the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. E-mail Michele at micheleagibson@hotmail.com for more info. MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS Niall O'Connor writes: "Saturday sees the first of our four annual mob matches. This weekend we are in Chingford competing against Orion Harriers on their Epping forest course. The Orion course begins close to their clubhouse and loops through picturesque Epping Forest. It is a single lap, across multi-terrain (mainly woodland trail) of 7.5 miles (comparable to a lap of Richmond Park with the hills still included). The start-time is 2:30pm. In case you missed the note in the previous newsletter on what a 'mob match' is, here's a brief recap: consisting of about 80-100 runners and covering a distance of 7.5 miles these races are not as daunting as they sound. They are more like a 'good run in the countryside', or an extended version of the Saturday morning time trials. This is perfect for anyone that has run a 10k and wants to step up to either 10 miles or a half-marathon. There is no fee to enter and it's perfectly acceptable to use it as a training run if you don't feel like racing. Everyone on the start line contributes to the scoring so the more Harriers in attendance the better our chances are. However the participating number of Ranelagh runners in the matches has been declining over the last few years meaning that many Ranelagh runners haven't experienced these great races. They are definitely worth running in - some have been 'going' for 100 years! Our first mob match against Orion was in 1920 and we edge them on wins - 44 versus 37. However we haven't won at Chingford since 1984 and need everyone in attendance on Saturday. These races are for all standards, good fun, enjoyable and, due to the nature of the scoring, are a good opportunity to represent the club. Last year we lost out when Orion had 18 scorers of the 21 from 37th to 58th places so we really need Harriers of all standards to turn out. Some people enjoy them so much they keep coming back for more - this will be Clive Naish's 99th mob match, of which 97 are consecutive! There are a few travel options available. Mike Peace has upgraded his mini-bus and this will depart the clubhouse at 12 noon. There's no cost associated with the travelling by mini-bus but let me or Marc know so we can work out space allocation. There will be in-bus entertainment - Mike has promised to recount his 101 mob matches to date to shorten the journey to Chingford. Alternatively, if you are planning to drive (I hope the in-bus entertainment won't be an incentive) and are willing to give some fellow Harriers a lift let us know. The Orion clubhouse is close to the Chingford train station so is easily accessible by rail. Here's a link to the clubhouse which also has travel directions and parking instructions www.orionharriers.org.uk/hq.htm. Come along on Saturday and represent Ranelagh in a classic race on a scenic course!" SURREY LEAGUE The next Surrey League races for men and women take place on Saturday 8th November. The men are on Wimbledon Common (Hercule's course) and the women are at Lightwater Country Park. Men's Captain Marc Snaith writes: "Start time is 3pm for seniors, 2.30pm for juniors. The race HQ is the Belgrave Harriers clubhouse in Denmark Road, Wimbledon and the race will start and finish close to the golf club on the Common. It was way back in 1985 that Ranelagh last finished in the top three overall in the Surrey League. Our fantastic start to the season has given us every opportunity to match that achievement. If you still have your number from the first Surrey League match can you bring it along". Lightwater, the women's venue, is just off the M3 Junction 3. The timetable will be: 12.15 pm - Seniors/Vets/U20s; 1.15 pm - U15s/U17s; 1.45 pm - U13s. The host club requests that we use the first two car parks on your right as you go into the Country Park as the car park adjacent to the Leisure Centre must not be used, nor can the Leisure Centre itself. SOUTH OF THE THAMES 5 MILES CHAMPIONSHIP Marc Snaith writes: "The South of the Thames 5 Championship (men and women) is on November 15th and takes place at Lloyd Park, Croydon. This is the same course as the Surrey Champs and always offers a challenge as it is rarely either dry or flat. It has been known for runners (possibly even myself) to end up face first in the mud. Entries close on 8 November so let me or Marie know soon if you are interested". STREET ORIENTEERING IN RICHMOND Some of you might remember the Street Orienteering event that was held from our clubhouse about eighteen months ago. Matthias Mahr and Abi Weeds of South London Orienteers and Ranelagh were the organisers on that occasion and it is now their turn again to host an event. This time the start and finish will be at Matthias and Abi's flat in Richmond but the general format will be the same. Anyone who fancies trying something a little different on a Tuesday evening will be welcome. The date is Tuesday 11th November and you can start any time between 7pm and 8pm. For those who haven't tried Street O before, it's a cross between "proper" Orienteering and a treasure hunt. The map is a street plan of Richmond and the "controls" are any visible features - you might be asked the colour of a door, or the number on a lamp-post for example. You have 60 minutes to visit as many controls as possible and return to base. You don't need a compass or any Orienteering experience - just a torch and a pen or pencil to write down your answers. You can find more general information about Street O on the SLOW website and exact details of the start and finish will be posted there nearer the date. CALLING ALL MEMBERS... Our Treasurer, David Rowntree, is raising funds to help a talented runner in Sri Lanka following destruction of the family home in the Tsunami and the death of his father. At a recent meeting the Club agreed to endorse David's efforts in an appeal to Ranelagh members for assistance in this worthy cause. Please take time to read this appeal and help David toward meeting his target. David writes: "Some of you may recall that about a year and a half ago I made an appeal to members to raise funds to support a Sri Lankan athlete take an English course to help his employment opportunity. With the help of a number of members we were able to help Neel undertake the course and I funded the second course both of which he passed. He has since passed two tourist board exams but needs to acquire transport to be able to gain proper employment. Last year Neel's father died of a heart related problem and he now lives with his mother. Their home was one to have been destroyed in the Tsunami and whilst they have rebuilt part of their home the kitchen consists only of the foundations for which Neel was given financial support from the Sri Lankan Athletic Association. To complete the kitchen would take another 3000 approx. Neel's father was in the process of re-building the kitchen when he suffered heart failure. As a result it now falls upon Neel to complete the work which would mean that he could no longer be focused on running and in all likelihood would have to give up his sport. His mother works in the rice field and earns 15 per month plus a rice allowance. I hope to raise the funds by next March when I plan to return to Sri Lanka to oversee the construction. At the same time I will be visiting the British Embassy to make arrangements for Neel to visit the UK for a month, and possibly take part in some Club events. I would be very grateful for your support however small to help a talented runner in a difficult set of circumstances. Donations can be made direct to me by cheque payable to Neel Tsuanami Fund. If you need any further information my email address is davidcjrowntree@yahoo.co.uk". MARGARET IN DARJEELING Latest news from Margaret Nilsen Fehn: "Hi All. Next stage - flew to Bhadrapur yesterday. Met Nepali friend and we went from Siliguri up and up by rickshaw, bus and jeep to Darjeeling. Crazy driving for 6 hours. Himalayas now coming into view after monsoon. Will visit Kalimpong, another hill station. Looked twice at a shop sign yesterday 'human tailors'". WHAT'S COMING ************* More details of the following from Marc Snaith (07717 213035 mailto ( mdsnaith5@hotmail.com ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto nandmwells@aol.com ) Saturday 1st November Lee Cup Mob Match v Orion Harriers at Chingford (Epping Forest) Saturday 8th November Surrey League Division 1 (men at Wimbledon, women at Lightwater) Saturday 15th November South of the Thames 5 miles Championship (men and women) at Lloyd Park, Croydon Saturday 29th November Mob Match v Thames Hare and Hounds in Richmond Park Parkruns every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Richmond Gate Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead More details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** SURREY VETERANS CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Saturday 18th October in Richmond Park Even in the absence of last year's overall winner Paul Doyle, Ranelagh dominated the men's race in the county Vets championships on our home course. This time the individual honours went to Darryl McDonald, who was running the event for the first time. Darryl controlled the race from the start, going out hard and quickly building up a lead. Talking to Alastair Aitken Darryl said: "I was expecting someone to join me but no one came. I was in denial regarding veterans' athletics until today, when I decided to run. I'm still in denial about being a veteran!" Mick Lane - bronze medallist in the Over 45 category - and Andy Bickerstaff joined Darryl in taking the Over 40 team golds. Ranelagh won individual and team golds too in the Over 50s. Howard Gleave - 6th overall - was the champion, backed up by Chris Owens and Iain Wilson. Chris received a second gold as Over 55s champion. Clive Beauvais added one more to the medal tally with a silver in the Over 60s. We had only four starters in the women's 6km and all finished fairly close together in the 20s. Sandra Prosser - in borrowed shoes, having forgotten her own - led the way but the only medal winner was Kathy Mallett who took bronze in the Over 50 category. CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles Sunday 19th October at Twickenham There were nearly fifteen hundred finishers in this year's Cabbage Patch, including over forty from Ranelagh. The first member to finish was David Wright, who recorded 56.24 in Cirencester colours, but the Callis Cup for the club 10 miles championship turned into a battle between Trevor Maguire and Niall O'Connor. Niall reports: "After running in the same pack of eight, and then together, from mile 1 to mile 9.8 Trevor dropped me with about 200m to go, on the slight incline as we swung away from the river. Images of doing a 'Beardsley and Simonsen' had crossed my mind but Trevor was more focused on a 'Bolt winning the 100m'. While the gap of six seconds sounds close Trevor was actually pulling away from me and was comfortably in control at the finish to finish as a deserving winner of our private duel". Paul Sheridan was the third Ranelagh man home, followed by Iain Wilson - "fresh" from the Surrey Vets race the day before. Marie Synnott-Wells followed next, 14th in the women's race but 3rd in the Over 40s category. Rachael Holmes and Sandra Prosser - another for whom two races in a weekend holds no fears - were second and third Ranelagh women to finish. There were many personal bests recorded further down the order, and congratulations go to all who broke new ground. BUSHY PARKRUN 5km Saturday 18th October 1 J Attard (Australia) 15.59 37 David Rowe 19.41 47 Darren Wood 19.54 57 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.19 99 Phil Aiken 21.48 171 Kirsty Bangham 23.23 179 Paul Martingell 23.48 190 Johanna Scheuer 24.01 RICHMOND PARKRUN 5km Saturday 18th October 1 J Brunton (unatt) 18.34 3 Stephen Instone 19.54 23 Rachael Holmes 22.14 26 Michael Cawley 22.22 41 Chris Wright 23.48 55 Louise Reeder 25.58 75 Pat Hewlett 31.05 AMSTERDAM HALF MARATHON Sunday 19th October Richard Gregory finished strongly in sixth place. 1 M Dollison (Neth) 69.21 (chip time 69.20) 6 Richard Gregory 72.40 (72.34) ORIGINAL MOUNTAIN MARATHON Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October Chris Owens and Mike Hynd were amongst the 2,500 competitors who were faced with extreme conditions in the Lake District last weekend, conditions which caused the event to be cancelled late on Saturday. Chris writes: "It was pretty grim with torrential rain and high winds causing lots of problems with cold. We were about 3km from the end of day one when we found two guys in not a very good state, and so stopped to help them off the hill. Once we got them down and into an ambulance we heard the event had been cancelled. After that it was a weekend of fun getting into clean clothes and finding a B&B while the car was cut off by 4 ft of water on the exit road. By Sunday lunchtime, all was clear and we were on our way back. Quite an event, but not as dangerous as has been made out". RICHMOND PARKRUN 5km Saturday 25th October 1 D Afshar (unatt) 17.47 5 Andy Bickerstaff 18.22 11 Stephen Instone 20.04 25 Steve Rowland 21.18 32 Sandra Prosser 21.29 33 Kathy Mallett 21.37 42 Karen Weir 22.42 51 Paul Bisping 23.42 62 Sonia Rowland 25.04 76 Lorna Smith 26.26 77 Andrew Prosser 26.31 81 Hannah Ebelthite 27.05 83 Louise Gill 28.20 88 Christine Goodsell 29.48 BUSHY PARKRUN 5km Saturday 25th October 1 M Trees (Belgrave) 16.19 6 Howard Gleave 17.23 42 Luke Wilson 19.28 60 Darren Wood 19.57 63 David Rowe 20.00 174 Paul Martingell 22.41 187 Martin Harrison 22.53 215 Chris Wright 23.34 230 Johanna Scheuer 23.58 243 Kirsty Bangham 24.16 299 Gill Wilson 26.20 343 John Hanscomb 28.02 348 Sharon Rowe 28.32 BANSTEAD WOODS PARKRUN 5km Saturday 25th October 1 N Hardy (Birchfield) 17.30 22 Chris Read 20.14 BRIGHTON & HOVE PARKRUN 5km Saturday 25th October 1 S Billing (Brighton) 17.14 52 Sarah Lintern 26.13 STROUD HALF MARATHON Sunday 26th October 1 N Renault (L Eaton) 65.25 (chip time 65.24) 46 Tim Cross 80.46 (80.36) 158 Chris Brook 88.24 (88.17) 181 Kerrie O'Connor 89.20 (89.13) RONHILL CLASSIC 10km Sunday 26th October at Morden 1 T Elsey (Herne Hill) 33.18 113 Roger Wilson 49.53 188 John Hanscomb 58.51 GREAT SOUTH RUN 10 miles Sunday 26th October at Portsmouth 1 B Kipyego (Kenya) 46.43 62 Trevor Maguire 60.20 10370 Daniel Hobbs 119.24 ROYAL VICTORIA MARATHON Sunday 12th October at Vancouver John Atkinson reports: "I'm pleased to say that, 10 days ago, at my 10th attempt - and after 10 years of running - I finally broke 3 hours for a marathon! The Royal Victoria Marathon on Vancouver Island was the venue and the weather was perfect: sunny, but cool with little wind. I set out at 2:55 pace, confident that I could maintain 4.10 kilometres (as courses are measured out here), but mindful that my hamstrings were perhaps only 90%, after I'd put them through a gruelling training schedule weeks earlier. Rest, ice and physio got the muscles back in some kind of shape, but I was starting to feel them at half-way and, not too surprisingly, had drifted back from my planned 1:27.30 half-way pace, passing the 21.1k mark in 1:30.09. However, at that point the hamstrings were still holding out... just... and I thought maybe, just maybe, they could last for the rest of the race. So I gave it a shot. Kilometre by kilometre. Stride by stride. Second by second. And I ate and drank as much as I could; four gels during the race (plus two before), two 500ml bottles of Cytomax and 12 (yes, 12!) electrolyte capsules. And somehow, 25k became 30k, became 35k, became 40k -- at which point there was no way I was giving up on it... even though my right quad then cramped up again - in exactly the place that had thwarted my bid in Boston...the 25-mile mark! My Garmin 405 was my friend for the last 1.2 miles, as I watched the distance gradually accumulate to the point where I knew I could now just virtually sprint the last 400m or so. It was still tight as I came around the final bend (2:58-something on my stopwatch) - and breaking 3 was by no means a foregone conclusion. But there was no way I was going to let this one slip from my grasp. My legs went onto autopilot until I got within about 30 yards of the finish; at which point I knew I could fall on my ar*e & roll over the line in under three hours... the greatest feeling in the world! I roared 'Come on!' (which was probably heard in Seattle) and then pounded through the chequered flag with 20 seconds to spare... 2:59.40 on the official clock (and my chip). Talk about cutting it fine! Now I plan to take this marathon running lark seriously & break 2:50!" 1 S Osaduik (Canada) 2:25.31 63 John Atkinson 2:59.40 FINALLY... Marathon Oddments: 1 Falk Cierpinski's 2:13.30 in the Berlin Marathon has reduced the father-son combined marathon world record to 4:23.25. Falk's father Waldemar ran 2:09.55 in winning the 1976 Olympics at Montreal. 2 Latvian walker Aigars Fadejevs - silver medallist at 50km in the 2000 Olympics and at 20km in the 1998 European Championships - can run a bit too. He recorded 2:18.19 at the Vienna marathon this year and in September won his national marathon title in 2:19.58.