Newsdesk 2001

RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 28            8 MAY 2001


First, a reminder that our Richmond Half Marathon is taking place this
Sunday starting at 10.30am from Old Deer Park (near the swimming pool).  The
race incorporates the Surrey county championship and also our own club half
marathon championships for the Williams Cup (men) and the White Rose Bowl
Alan Hedger has just had a hip replacement and is hopping around on crutches
for a few weeks so he won't be directing operations as usual, but he still
wants to remind everyone who can spare some time on Sunday morning to come
along and either run or help.   

Graeme MacFadyen enjoyed another good run last Sunday, finishing 4th in a
windswept Sutton 10km. Further back, new member Simon Griffiths set a pb.
1	S Major (SLH)		30.59
4	Graeme MacFadyen	33.27
46	Simon Griffiths		38.22
70	Steve Rowland		39.51
74	Alan Davidson		40.08
361	Alan Meaden		56.08
365	David Meaden		56.33

Mick Lane finished 4th in the Vets AC 5.2 miles at Battersea Park on 17th
April in a time of 29.29.

Will Graves writes:
"The RH member you may have not recognised in the 'London' would probably
have been my brother Joe in bleached hair. He finished his first Marathon in
an unofficial 3.21.00 - just under 4 minutes quicker than his older brother.
Just wait till next year... He was very happy with the run especially
considering the sponsorship he was due. His plan was to do about 3.45 and so
I reckoned 1.50 for every minute under 4 hours would spur him on. As he ran
past me just before Westminster Bridge he shouted get your cheque book out
and off he went.  So I guess I have only myself to blame. He really enjoyed
it and did get a lot ot encouragement from the various RH supporters. His
official time was 3.22.25."

Simon Hedger writes from Sydney:
"Having joined the ever-growing band of Ranelagh veterans last June, I
decided to put the very enjoyable experience gained from the ultra-soggy
Orion Mob Match in Epping Forest last October (my second X-C race for
several years, the first being the Surrey Vets the week before) to the
desert-like conditions laid on for the Australian Veterans' Cross-Country
Champs on Easter Monday. Over a 10km
course on parkland/scrub in Western Sydney, I struggled round to finish 4th
overall and second in 40-45 age group (the winner/second were 35 year-olds -
you are eligible for the Vets from 30 years old in Oz).

Excited about re-joining the competitive running scene, in a weak moment I
signed myself up for the World Veterans' Athletics Champs, due to take place
in Brisbane in July. I'm in the 5000m on the track and the Cross-Country (to
be run over a golf course, just outside Brisbane). I understand there are
4000 entrants in total for the Championships (anyone else from Ranelagh?). I
note that the
World Record for the over 40 5000m is 13.47!!!!!! I'll be aiming not to be
lapped more than once!

In other news, Paul Beauvais is due over from New Zealand in a few weeks to
find a house to move into when he relocates permanently to Sydney later this
year. He was asking me whether there are any hills to train on in Sydney
(obviously used to chasing sheep over in NZ). Anyone who knows Sydney will
understand it's tough finding a run that doesn't simulate training in the
Himalayan foothills. Looking forward to catching up with him for a run
(won't be taking him anywhere near any sheep though. Hope he doesn't mind)."

Sunday May 13th  Richmond Half Marathon. Surrey county championship and
Ranelagh Grand Prix race 3. 10.30am at Old Deer Park. Entries 7 payable to
Ranelagh Harriers to Robin Drummond, 1 Church Street, Hampton, Middlesex
TW12 2EB

Sunday May 20th   Sunday in the Country. A social run in the Surrey Hills.
Meet 10.30-ish at Coldharbour near Leith Hill. Groups of various speeds will
then get themselves lost for an hour or so, and then -optionally - lunch
will be taken at the Plough pub. If you plan to come, and especially if you
plan to stay for lunch, please contact Chris Owens
(chris.owens@unilever.com) or Julie Naismith (julienaismith@hotmail.com).

Sunday June 3rd   Dorking 10 miles. Surrey county championship and Ranelagh
Grand Prix race 4. I haven't seen an entry form for this - does anyone have

Sunday June 24th  Dysart Dash 10km. Surrey county championship and Ranelagh
Grand Prix race 5. 10am at Ham (3 mins from the clubhouse). Entries 5
payable to Ranelagh Harriers to Dysart Dash, 2 Sapte Close, Cranleigh,
Surrey GU6 7HA.

A recent survey shows that most people would perform at their peak (we're
talking SPORT here) between 4pm and 7pm. Since races are almost invariably
not held between 4pm and 7pm, please feel free to join me in adding this to
your armoury of excuses for running so slowly....

Steve Rowland
Tel:  01926 318734
Fax: 01926 318718
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk