Newsdesk 2008

*************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 275 15 February 2008 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com *************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Ranelagh's women win Surrey League Division 1 * Anna Scally 3rd individual in the W35 age group * Ranelagh's men finish 4th in Surrey League Division 1 * Good road performances at Wokingham and Chessington * Prize Presentation Supper to be at the Roebuck on April 5th SEE HERE ******** ENGLAND ATHLETICS COMPETITION LICENCE Chris Owens, Membership Secretary, writes: "Many of you, like me, may have received or will soon, an envelope with your England Athletics "licence" attached. You don't need a licence to run - go out and enjoy yourself anyway! However, if you want to compete in open races, it's a good idea to have one of these cards, and the runner number it contains. This will help organisers speed entries (and hopefully keep costs down). It will also help with planning the provision of facilities and future support for running, and athletics in general. This approach follows that in other sports such as swimming and triathlon, where those who compete in open races have a unique competitor number. If you only ever run in Ranelagh closed races, or don't race at all, you don't need a runner number. To make sure we all benefit, please check the details on the card, and on the website - the website details are in the covering letter. Look at your card, then logon to the website using the ID and password provided. The website will show you the other details EA has recorded about you. Check these carefully, and if necessary change them, by clicking the little pencil icon at the top right hand side of each section, make the necessary changes and click Save. It is REALLY important you do this, if my experience is anything to go by - so far: - I've been claimed as a member by another club (am I that good?) - EA thought my post code (which starts KT12) means I live in Kent - EA entered my phone number wrong (I'd never have got that call from Lord Coe) - they misspelled my surname (this is not unusual..) even though we sent them a nice spreadsheet with all the details electronically entered and checked by Ken "Mighty Stats" Powley. England (Athletics) expects you to do their duty, help get the data right! You can still compete in open races without a runner number, so don't worry. However, if you do want to get a runner number, please let me know at aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk. I will also put a signup sheet on the club notice board, as we will be able to add people to the database quite soon". "BAKER CUP" SUPPER and PRIZE-GIVING Our annual prize presentations will take place on Saturday 5th April at the Roebuck on Richmond Hill, starting at 7pm. Please note that this is not the evening of the Baker Cup race, but the week after. If you've never seen the club's impressive array of silverware it is worth attending just for that! If you have a cup or medal to collect, please try to come along. Booking details to follow: more information from Michele Gibson at micheleagibson@hotmail.com. KITCHEN The refurbishment of the kitchen in the clubhouse is now complete and we can all admire the excellent job done by Sandra Prosser and her band of assistants. CAR PARKING AT THE DYSART Until further notice, please do not use any part of the Dysart's car park while you are training. Early arrivals can park on the grass area in front of the clubhouse, but when that is full please use the nearby side roads. EMERGENCY CONTACT Karen, the new Mrs Weir, writes: "We don't like to think about these things but when out running it is a very good idea to carry your Emergency Contact information so that if you have an accident or get into trouble the Emergency Services can identify who you are and know whom to contact should it be necessary. I have found a company that produces shoe tags that thread onto your trainer's laces, are completely unobtrusive and won't impact your running in any way. They hold several lines of information including your name, address and emergency contact details. They cost 2.50 each and the company has been supplied with the Ranelagh logo so make sure you mention that you are a member of Ranelagh if you order (see me on a Tuesday night if you want to see one 'in the flesh'.) If you would like one (or several), contact the company direct to place your order and provide your details, but I really would recommend for everyone's safety you consider getting these for yourself and your loved ones: www.clubtags.co.uk/shoe-tags-8-c.asp. You can select any colour you like, but on the order page where it asks for your 'second side text' enter 'Ranelagh Harriers logo'. The tags also come with a key ring and bag clip so are multi-purpose if you decide you don't want it on your shoe". JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE Saturday 16th February The final junior points prize race will take place on the usual course around Sidmouth Wood at 2pm on Saturday 16th. Following the race there will be tea and prize presentations at the clubhouse. INTER-CLUB at the BANK Saturday 16th February In Richmond Park, but not on our normal stamping grounds. The Bank of England hosts this race, starting just inside Roehampton Gate. The race HQ is at the Bank's splendid sports club in Bank Lane, a quarter of a mile outside the gate. Start time is 2.30pm, not 3pm as previously advised. SPENDLOVE CUP This is the club 20 miles road championship. Sorry for the short notice, but this will be held in conjunction with the Finchley 20 at Ruislip on Sunday 9th March at 9.30am. Those looking for a long competitive run before the London Marathon might want to consider this, especially as the other spring 20s, Worthing and Bramley, have both been cancelled this year and the Cranleigh 15 / 21 on 16th March is already full. Details on the Hillingdon AC website. THAMES TOWPATH 10 MILES West 4's Towpath 10 will take place on Sunday 6th April starting at 9.30am. MABAC LEAGUE Sunday 2nd March in Richmond Park Ann Murray writes: "We are hosting our MABAC League race in Richmond Park on Sunday morning 2nd March. It's 5 miles starting at 11am near the Broomfield Hill car park (the one at the top of the hill between Kingston and Robin Hood gates). The race is one or two laps (you choose on the day) of an approximately 2.5 mile course that is different to any of our other cross country routes. All Ranelagh members are welcome to take part, just turn up and collect a number on the day - no entry fees. Last year we had a well organised, friendly event that saw 128 runners finish two laps, 25 joggers/walkers finish one lap and a hardy 9 juniors finish one lap! We are very keen to have more Ranelagh runners, if you can come and run we would really appreciate it! Any queries contact Deborah Blakemore deboraheblakemore@yahoo.co.uk or Ann Murray annmurray@f2s.com or Bev Ali bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk". BUSHY PARK TRAIL RUN Roger Wilson writes: "Sunday 2nd March 2008 - Bushy Park Trail Run (not Time Trial!). Cross-country 4.8 miles, Juniors 2 miles. Ranelagh Juniors are the holders of the Junior Team Prize. Ideal for novice and advanced runners alike, from Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club (the one you run past on the BPTT). BARBADOS MARATHON Michele Gibson writes: "All those for the Barbados Marathon on Sunday 7th December 2008, this is a reminder!!! The deadline for putting your name in for the Barbados Marathon / Half Marathon / 10km AND receiving your 100 discount is drawing near. The deadline is 29th February. You are not committed to go to Barbados by giving me your name by 29th February because in the early stages names are transferrable. We really just need an idea of numbers and you need to be eligible for the discount. All the details are in the Ranelagh Harriers e-news #273 dated 31st January 2008. As per details shown there....."Any interested parties please send your contact details:- Name, Home/Mobile phone number and email address to Michele Gibson at micheleagibson@hotmail.com. Please include the package and dates you are interested in or would prefer. Michele will then forward your details to the organisers who will contact you to confirm details and make the booking". CONGRATULATIONS... ...to Abi Weeds and Matthias Mahr on the arrival of their firstborn Claudia. JENNI KRUSE ...writes: "I have been quite an absent member lately, due to having kids and not being able to get to the club on time. As we are moving back to South Africa mid-year, I feel it is time to officially resign from the club. I have had over the years been a bit of an infrequent attender, but when I have, have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am also very grateful to everyone for their help in me achieving a sub 3:30 London Marathon in 2004 (wow, that was a long time ago!). I am running again regularly and loving it, but somehow that achievement felt like a different life (before kids!). It was really great to have the support and motivation of the club members. I am proud to have been associated with Ranelagh, and I wish you all the best in your running. If any of you are coming to South Africa for any races, (may I suggest the Two Oceans and Comrades) please contact me, as I'd be happy to advise you, show you around, or host you (mind you I will be living in Jo'burg!). Take care and thank you!" **************** WHAT'S COMING... **************** More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ). Saturday 16th February Junior Points Prize Final Race in Richmond Park. 2pm start. Inter-club at the Bank of England (Richmond Park, Roehampton Gate), 6m. 2.30pm start. Saturday 23rd February National Cross-Country Championships at Alton Towers. Saturday 1st March Inter-club 6km in Richmond Park. 3pm start Sunday 2nd March MABAC League 5 miles in Richmond Park. See above. Bushy Park Trail Run. See above. Sunday 9th March Finchley 20 miles at Ruislip. See above. Saturday 15th March Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in Richmond Park. 2.30pm start. Time Trials, every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Pembroke Lodge car park Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead More details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED ***************** FINAL SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1 RACES Saturday 9th February in Richmond Park Sunshine, clear blue skies, temperature above 15 degrees, the wind a merest zephyr...never mind a spring-like day, this was positively summer-like. Hang on a minute, maybe this IS our summer! Anyway, it was a perfect day for running in the Park. Unfortunately it was also a perfect day for driving to Pembroke Lodge and going for a walk. The car park there was choc-a-bloc by mid-morning and remained so for the rest of the day. Quite how a total of nearly 600 athletes - most of whom must have come by car - managed to get to their respective starts on time is a mystery to me. The senior women were away first. We have performed well all season, but the clear points advantage we carried into the final race was in a large part handed to us on a plate by other clubs' failings. Of the main contenders, SLH, Thames and Herne Hill all started the season poorly and were never able to make up the lost ground, while last year's champions Belgrave were so far out of the hunt that they were in real fear of relegation to Division 2. Hopes for a barnstorming final victory on our home course were dashed by Estelle Damant adding her name to the injured list, leaving Anna Scally, Clare King and Marie Synnott-Wells to spearhead the team while Bonnie Webster, Kath Phillips and Jenny Lloyd-Jones fought out the remaining two scoring places. It was Anna who led the Ranelagh team and she was delighted with her 8th place. Clare reverted to her slow-starting tactics and then worked her way steadily through the field to 11th with Marie following in her wake to 15th. Bonnie held the fourth Ranelagh position throughout, ahead of Kath who made the scoring five for the first time. Jenny was never far behind and she led home the B team which included Sandra Prosser, Sonia Rowland, Louise Piears and Michele Gibson. Sharon Rowe had company in the C team for the first short lap but she was the only one who made it round the second. When the points were tallied up Ranelagh finished third on the day behind Herne Hill - who were our closest challengers overall - and South London. However Herne Hill only managed to pull back 18 points on us, leaving us with a comfortable winning margin of 56. It's interesting to note that Ranelagh only won one of the four races and were twice pushed back to third place; and there was a different team winner in each. Consistency was the key. And so the miniscule League trophy returns to the Dysart where it resided after the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons. Congratulations! It's perhaps just as well there is no trophy for the leading B team: it would, after all, have to be smaller than that for the overall winner, which would hardly seem possible. We had been leading this competition too, but Herne Hill were out in strength today and they pushed us back into second place. For the record the C team - which has twice consisted of Sharon Rowe on her own - finished fourth C team. Skipper Marie adds: "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the ladies team on their overall victory in the Surrey League 2007/2008. It is nice to have the Cup back where it belongs and to have it on view on Tuesday night at the clubhouse alongside a bottle of Champagne donated by men's Captain! I would also like to congratulate Anna Scally who was third overall in the vets' category (Anna, welcome to the world of Zimmer frames and walking sticks). Overall, though, I would like to acknowledge all who gave us support whilst racing, in addition to the carefully organised coaching, both in planning and execution (Tuesday nights) aiding us towards our victory over the last five months. Finally, let's put our hands together to all who organised and volunteered on Saturday to make the day such a big success! This includes the upgrade of the kitchen (well done Sandra et al), the great food on the day, (Carol et al), the race co-ordination team - Alan, Ken and Steve etc and the car park controllers, (Simon and company). In fear that this e-mail goes on forever (I can hear the yawning) and that I have missed key people in the thanking process, please accept this as an overall THANKS from the Ladies' Captain!" Victoria Elbourne, fresh from finishing 6th in the Middlesex schools championships, had her best League run of the season in finishing 3rd in the Under 17s, and Anna Mallett was 11th in the Under 15s. George Inman was our only starter in the boys' events and he finished 10th in the combined Under 17 / Under 15 race. Finally came the senior men. We very nearly had a cracking team, but an injured David Benton - though he still came over from Paris - had been given the red light by his physio. We still had Chris Illman and Phil Killingley at the sharp end and a good solid team backing them up, including even Julian Smith, testing his tender tendons for the first time in many a month. We went into the race safely in fourth place overall, with Belgrave 103 points ahead in third place. Could they possibly be caught? Well, no, but we did give them a fright. Captain Bicks - leading his troops into the League fray for the final time - takes up the story: "Thanks for another fantastic performance on Saturday, finishing the season only just 40 points shy of beating the mighty Belgrave. The race was probably the most high quality of the season with Herne Hill just beating Thames by six points over the season, well done to both those teams. For us, Phil is now running into superb form just ahead of another great performance from Chris whom he overhauled by the Ponds on the second lap. Peter, after a self admitted slight dip, is finishing the season on a high just ahead of 'the most improved member' Justin; and old stagers (sorry) Dinger, after a superb race last time out, and Paul making great efforts to be there and scoring highly. Ed, Jonathon, Mick and Julian ' I couldn't believe I was running so slowly as I passed Andy' (Thanks Jules, it's as if you've never been away!) completed the scoring. 18th birthday boy Sean, one to watch next season, was just behind with a stirring late burst". As we waited for the tail-enders to finish, a Belgrave man declared that we had indeed overhauled them; but his calculations were slightly adrift. In fact we only finished 5th on the day, though level on points with SLH and only 14 behind Hercules Wimbledon. Belgrave were 6th, 63 points behind us but still with 40 in hand. Nevertheless, 4th overall was a great result for us. Guildford & Godalming and Wimbledon Windmilers finished in the bottom two places and will compete in Division 2 next season; their places will be taken by Stragglers and Dorking & Mole Valley. David Rowe's quality photos: rowephoto.co.uk/photos/. REGENTS PARK 10km Sunday 3rd February 1 M Gray (Unatt) 35.29 4 Jonathon Stacey 36.15 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km Saturday 9th February 1 D Norman (Stragglers) 16.32 12 Darren Wood 18.25 24 David Rowe 19.17 94 Adam Wright 22.31 112 Ivan Boggis 23.25 160 Gill Wilson 25.06 231 John Hanscomb 27.06 RICHMOND PARK TIME TRIAL 5km Saturday 9th February 1 T Carbo (Unatt) 19.43 4 Stephen Instone 20.18 7 Steve Rowland 20.58 17 Andy Woodhouse 22.26 33 Jenni Kruse 24.46 35 Louise Reeder 25.00 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km Saturday 9th February 1 L Howson (Unatt) 18.11 11 Steve Grout 20.10 WOKINGHAM HALF MARATHON Sunday 10th February Conditions were well-nigh perfect for running and there were good performances throughout the field, headed for Ranelagh by Steve Whitehead. 1 T Lambert (Winch) 1.05.41 40 Steve Whitehead 1.16.54 59 Peter Weir 1.18.20 109 Kenny Clarke 1.22.37 358 Jonny Rowan 1.32.13 401 Gideon Cook 1.33.28 540 Evelyn Joslin 1.37.14 845 Karen Weir 1.44.41 939 Pete Warren 1.46.41 1049 Louise Piears 1.49.40 1100 Vicci Randle 1.50.59 1415 Karen O'Hara 1.57.58 1881 John Hanscomb 2.20.27 1909 Daniel Hobbs 2.23.23 26.2 VALENTINE'S 10km Sunday 10th February at Chessington Darren Wood had never officially beaten 40 minutes for a 10km before...today he cracked not only that barrier but 39, 38 and 37 minutes as well! "I was really happy with the time," Darren commented. "I had never as yet run sub 40 in a 10k race even though I had in other races. This was the challenge, I knew that my marathon training was going well and I felt good in myself. My aim was for 6.11 min/mile pace that would get me home in 38:30 which I'd be happy with. It was a cold crisp morning, however, seemed like perfect running conditions and this proved right with my time". 1 G Price (Shafts B) 31.08 18 Darren Wood 36.53 45 David Rowe 39.51 66 Steve Grout 41.32 307 Heather Martingell 51.44 373 Julie Naismith 54.16 376 Janet Turnes 54.31 377 Wally Garrod 54.32 493 Alan Meaden 58.40 569 David Meaden 63.11 576 Penny Merrett 64.08 GASPARILLA DISTANCE CLASSIC MARATHON Sunday 10th February at Tampa, Florida Andy Hayward reports: "Arrived from London at 6pm Saturday night and got to hotel about 7:30pm. Went to bed at 9:30, but didn't sleep due to an all night party in another hotel nearby. Had to collect number at 4:30am and race started at 6am, 12 hours after leaving the BA flight. Dark for the first hour. Settled into an easy pace which was always the plan. Didn't taper (unless you count not running on Saturday - the first rest day this year) so this was the long run of a 62 mile week. Looked at my watch at mile 10 and figured I would do 3:24 or 3:25. It started getting warm about half way. Held the same pace through 20 and was on for 3:24 at that stage. Last seven miles from the 19 marker though were into a very cruel, strong headwind, and it took its toll a little. However, it was the same for all, and I finished strongly despite the wind. I targeted three people whom I felt may have been in my age group over the last mile - I really had to dig deep, but I got them all, along with about 20 young whippersnappers. Ended up with 3:26:44 and came 113th overall (don't know how many finished but I would guess about 1000 - 1200). I got 5th in my age group (awards went 5 deep) beating the 6th place guy by 14 seconds (obviously one of the guys I got near the end) so it made the effort worth it. I went down for the awards only to be told they'll post the age group ones out next week. Showered and out to the airport to fly to New Orleans for four days business". 1 R Holassie (Trinidad) 2.22.23 (chip time 2.22.23) 113 Andy Hayward 3.26.59 (3.26.44) PELLING-RATCLIFF CUP MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH and BROMLEY HAC Saturday 2nd February in Richmond Park I omitted to mention in last week's e-news that there was also a sealed handicap for the vets championship. Jim Forrest, Tanya Allen and Andy Hayward won gold, silver and bronze respectively. The full result is on our website: FINALLY... Know the feeling? Kayoko Fukushi is the Japanese record-holder for the women's half marathon. The Osaka Ladies Marathon on January 27th was her first try at the full marathon, and she set off from the gun at sub-2.20 pace. She built up a huge lead but by 30km the wheels were beginning to come loose. By 40km they were well and truly off. As Britain's Mara Yamauchi swept on to victory in 2.25, Fukushi was left tottering in her slipstream.