Newsdesk 2008

************************************************** RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 274 7 February 2008 Editor: Steve Rowland mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com ************************************************** HEADLINE NEWS ************* * Ranelagh wins the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup mob match against Blackheath * Wynne Cup club championship for Peter Haarer * Vets trophies to Andy Bickerstaff, David Wright and Clive Beauvais * Sealed handicap win for Jim Forrest * Surrey League finale this Saturday SEE HERE ******** ALAN CRAIG I'm very sorry to report that Alan Craig suffered a severe stroke last week and is currently in intensive care in hospital. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Alan, Sue and family. FINAL SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1 RACES The men's and women's Surrey League seasons reach their climax this Saturday February 9th. We are the hosts so we will have home course advantage for our efforts. Our women hold a clear lead and must be considered odds-on to clinch the title, but it would be nice to win in style with a victory in the last race. There's no trophy for the winning B team, but we are also ahead in that competition, so let's aim for the double! There's room for all standards in the league and a tide of blue vests in the race would be a great boost to those fighting it out at the front. The men are in fourth place after three fixtures. Our target is third-placed Belgrave. We are 103 points behind, so it's a big ask for us to overhaul them, but unless they produce some of their big guns it is possible. We beat them in the last race despite a depleted team. There will also be an exciting fight for the title, with Thames Hare and Hounds carrying a lead of just 27 points over holders Herne Hill. The fun starts with the senior women's race at 12.15pm and the senior men run at 3pm, with all the junior events in between. If you can't run, come and give our teams some support! CAR PARKING AT THE DYSART Until further notice, please do not use any part of the Dysart's car park while you are training. Early arrivals can park on the grass area in front of the clubhouse, but when that is full please use the nearby side roads. JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE Saturday 16th February The final junior points prize race will take place on the usual course around Sidmouth Wood at 2pm on Saturday 16th. Following the race there will be tea and prize presentations at the clubhouse. INTER-CLUB at the BANK Saturday 16th February In Richmond Park, but not on our normal stamping grounds. The Bank of England hosts this race, starting just inside Roehampton Gate. The race HQ is at the Bank's splendid sports club in Bank Lane, a quarter of a mile outside the gate. MABAC LEAGUE Sunday 2nd March in Richmond Park Ann Murray writes: "We are hosting our MABAC League race in Richmond Park on Sunday morning 2nd March. It's 5 miles starting at 11am near the Broomfield Hill car park (the one at the top of the hill between Kingston and Robin Hood gates). The race is one or two laps (you choose on the day) of an approximately 2.5 mile course that is different to any of our other cross country routes. All Ranelagh members are welcome to take part, just turn up and collect a number on the day - no entry fees. Last year we had a well organised, friendly event that saw 128 runners finish two laps, 25 joggers/walkers finish one lap and a hardy 9 juniors finish one lap! The winner finished in 30.26, Ranelagh Harrier Phil Aiken following in 39.26. Some of the feedback we had was: 'Just wanted to say a really big thank you for organising such a super race yesterday. It was a really nice course, extremely well marshalled and it had a super atmosphere. Many of us 'runners' commented how nice it was to see a different view of the park. I shall definitely be joining you for more of these runs in the future. Evelyn'. 'Very well done to a fantastically organised event ... I am proud to be included amongst you Ranelagh troops ... I had great fun marshalling and insist you include me in helping again next year. Jane (a Straggler - shhhhhh)'. 'Also wanted to say many thanks for the great run on Sunday and the encouraging marshalling. I, Luke and Bruno all enjoyed it. Many thanks, Roger Wilson'. We are very keen to have more Ranelagh runners, if you can come and run we would really appreciate it! Any queries contact Deborah Blakemore deboraheblakemore@yahoo.co.uk or Ann Murray annmurray@f2s.com or Bev Ali, bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk". BUSHY PARK TRAIL RUN Roger Wilson writes: "Sunday 2nd March 2008 - Bushy Park Trail Run (not Time Trial!). Cross-country 4.8 miles, Juniors 2 miles. Ranelagh Juniors are the holders of the Junior Team Prize. Ideal for novice and advanced runners alike, from Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club (the one you run past on the BPTT). ONTRACK SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY Kerry Anley writes: "Hi Lads and Ladies, The discount rate is now finished. However, should you book and pay for four appointments in advance at the normal rate of 37 you will receive your fifth FREE! Some of you may have decided to compete in a spring marathon, or an early triathlon/ironman. This is the time to have massage as part of your training schedule. Don't be disappointed and pre-book your massages now. By having a regular sports massage during training the sports masseur can pick up muscle imbalances and irregularities which can be treated immediately. This is a key to help prevent injuries further down the line. I look forward to seeing you soon! Happy Training, Kerry Tel: 07834 223290 to book an appointment or e-mail: kerryanley@tiscali.co.uk". *************** WHAT'S COMING... *************** More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ). Saturday 9th February Final Surrey League races in Richmond Park. See above. Saturday 16th February Junior Points Prize Final Race in Richmond Park. 2pm start. Inter-club at the Bank of England (Richmond Park, Roehampton Gate), 6m. 2.30pm start. Saturday 23rd February National Cross-Country Championships at Alton Towers. Saturday 1st March Inter-club 6km in Richmond Park. 3pm start Sunday 2nd March MABAC League 5 miles in Richmond Park. See above. Bushy Park Trail Run. See above. Time Trials, every Saturday at 9am Bushy Park Diana Fountain car park Richmond Park Pembroke Lodge car park Wimbledon Common Windmill car park Banstead Woods Car park off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead More details and registration at www.parkrun.com WHAT'S HAPPENED *************** PELLING-RATCLIFF CUP MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH and BROMLEY HAC Saturday 2nd February in Richmond Park 7.75 miles Let's skip straight to the bottom line. We won! This was the last mob match of the season, and a very welcome first victory after defeats by Orion, Thames and SLH. We had just over fifty starters, which was OK but not outstanding. Fifty should be the minimum we look for at a home mob match, sixty or seventy would be much more like it. But the heathens' head count at the start was only thirty-four, so the scoring was set at thirty-one a side - though there were subsequent late starters from both clubs. Heavily outnumbering the opposition gave us a clear advantage, though in the event the bulk of our additional numbers were in the second half of the field, so the result was not so clear cut as might have been expected. It was a bright and sunny but very blustery day. The Park was as wet as it gets - which of course isn't very. There were a few strides of real mud at the edge of the Pen Ponds, in case our visitors might have been pining for it. Peter Haarer led out from the word 'go' with Phil Killingley - out for an easy run - tracking him all the way at a respectable distance. Peter was never headed and will put his name on the Wynne Cup as the club champion for an impressive sixth time. Phil was cruising along in second place until he was suddenly startled to find Wendy Nicholls closing up on him. British international Wendy had come up from Cirencester with David Wright and improved by a few seconds the course record she set on her last visit (as Wendy Jones). Wendy showed a clean pair of heels to all the Blackheath runners, giving us the first three home. Ed Barker 5th and Andy Bickerstaff and David Wright 8th an 9th gave us six of the first nine, but then Blackheath began a fight back. When David Powell crossed the line in 20th place we were evenly matched at ten finishers each. Four of the next six home were heathens, so things began to look very tight indeed. Then, thankfully, the balance began to shift in our favour. Eleven of the next fourteen were blues, and our 31st and final scorer was Chris Camacho in 57th place, eleven places ahead of his Blackheath counterpart. When the scores were totted up we held the advantage by 920 points to 1047, and the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup - which dates back to 1922 - will spend the year chez Ranelagh. Several other trophies were on offer today too. The Wynne Cup for the club cross-country champion has an even older provenance than the Pelling-Ratcliff, having been presented by the club's founder Frank Wynne in 1907. All of Ranelagh's most illustrious names from that date onwards feature on it, including eleven wins in twelve years by Arthur Stansbury in the years immediately pre-World War 2, and seven straight wins in the late fifties and early sixties by Bill Bird. Surprisingly the great Hugh Jones's name appears only three times. Peter Haarer takes custody this year of both the Wynne Cup and the F.B. Thompson medal which is awarded annually to the overall winner of the race. The Harry Sheer Memorial Trophy for the leading over 50 was won by Blackheath's Tim Soutar who finished 6th. It doesn't stop there! Ranelagh's men's veterans championship were incorporated into the race. The Hastings Cup for the top over 40 is itself fifty years old this year. Last year's winner Andy Bickerstaff retains the trophy, though he had to fight to stay ahead of our leading over 50 David Wright. David's reward is the McDowell Salver. The Maslin Mug for the first over 60 was retained by Clive Beauvais. And finally, the sealed handicap: no trophy for this, just medals. Former club Captain Jim Forrest was a popular winner, a few seconds ahead of Jonny and Rachel Rowan, who ran in together for the silver and bronze. RICHMOND MINI-MARATHON TRIAL Sunday 3rd February in Richmond Park The trial for the Richmond team in the London Mini-Marathon was held as usual over two laps of Sidmouth Wood, organised jointly by the Richmond Council Sports Development team, St Mary's Richmond AC and ourselves. Edward Smith won the Boys 13-14 category and with the top eight to qualify in each age group Sam Hunton and Anna Mallett also made the team, with Luke Wilson and Amelie Hunton missing out by just one place. Full Result Girls 13-14 1 E O'Brien 17.34 9 Amelie Hunton 19.33 Girls 15-16 1 K Brown 16.57 9 Anna Mallett 19.40 Boys 13-14 1 Edward Smith 16.11 9 Luke Wilson 17.40 15 Toby Piachaud 18.56 Boys 15-16 1 C Assmundson 15.18 6 Sam Hunton 16.46 12 George Inman 17.59 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km Saturday 2nd February Darren Wood is leading the 2007/08 points table for the BPTT... 1 C Bromhall (Bristol) 16.37 8 Darren Wood 18.08 17 David Rowe 19.07 19 Duncan Mallison 19.12 25 Nick Wright 19.31 63 Roger Wilson 20.58 148 Martin Harrison 23.15 223 Gill Wilson 25.21 251 Wally Garrod 26.32 273 Sharon Rowe 27.12 299 John Hanscomb 28.12 322 Daniel Hobbs 29.10 371 Joanne Turner 32.23 RICHMOND PARK TIME TRIAL 5km Saturday 2nd February ...and Stephen Instone is points leader at the RPTT. 1 C Primas (TVH) 17.28 5 Sean Paynter 18.56 17 Stephen Instone 20.20 WATFORD HALF MARATHON Sunday 3rd February 1 J Lawler (Bedford) 1.10.24 85 Patrick Wallis 1.24.50 1937 Deborah Blakemore 2.37.31 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap Wednesday 6th February 1 H Raine (unatt) 22.50 (actual time 21.50) 7 Sonia Rowland 25.56 (19.56) 11 Steve Rowland 26.07 (18.37) 24 Alan Davidson 26.45 (19.15) 30 Louise Piears 26.57 (21.27) FINALLY... "It's the road signs, 'Beware of lions'." Kip Lagat, Kenyan distance runner, explaining why his country produces so many great runners.