Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 266                8 November 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 Marina Quayle writes:
 "It's that time of the year again and Jo and I are selling tickets for this
 year's Xmas party. It takes place at the Turk's Head in Winchester Road, St
 Margarets on Friday December 7th at 7.30pm. There will be a three course
 meal and a DJ and the price is 25 per ticket. Everybody is welcome and the
 more the merrier. You can get tickets from either Jo or me on Tuesday
 evenings, or you can e-mail me at marina_quayle@hotmail.com".

 *  Orion win the Lee Cup mob match
 *  Individual mob match victories for Peter Haarer and Marie Synnott-Wells
 *  Sam Perkins the top Under 20 at the Birmingham Cross Challenge
 *  Jenny Lloyd-Jones wins World Duathlon W35 title
 *  Junior Points Prize wins for Tilly Hearty, Stephanie Croucher, Victoria
    Elbourne, Phillip Bearman, George Inman and Jay Cash
 *  RPTT win for Sean Paynter, Yvonne Hill 3rd at BWTT
 *  Surrey League races this Saturday

 Our men's and women's teams both made great starts to the season, and will
 want to keep up the momentum at the second fixture. Unfortunately the teams
 again have to head for different venues - the women at Cranford Park
 (British Airways' course) and the men at Kingston Vale, Wimbledon Common
 (Thames Hare and Hounds' course). League races are open to all members - no
 need to enter in advance, just turn up and get a number on the day. 

 Cranford Park is a new venue for League races - it's in Hounslow, close to
 M4 junction 3. The HQ is the BA Concorde sports club.   Start times as usual
 12.15pm for seniors, 1.15pm for under 17s and under 15s and 1.45pm for under

 The men's race is on the opposite side of Wimbledon Common from the first
 race, based at the Thames HQ.
 Start times 2.30pm for all under 17s, 3pm for seniors.

 MOB MATCH v THAMES HARE AND HOUNDS  Saturday 24th November
 The season's second mob match promises to be a tough one, away to Thames
 Hare and Hounds on their course on Wimbledon Common. The venue is the same
 as for Saturday's Surrey League (see above). It's 7.5 miles and as always in
 mob matches we need as many runners as we can get.

 Lucky winners of the draw made after the mob match on Saturday: Sarah Smith
 (124), Duncan Bell (52), Anka Draganski (31). You have to be in it to win
 it! It's just a tenner a year: send a cheque payable to RANELAGH HARRIERS
 BUILDING FUND to Peter Trainor at 30 Hatch Place, Kingston upon Thames,
 Surrey KT2 5NB. Phone: 07714 203498.

 Kerry Anley writes:
 "OnTrack is offering you the opportunity of a discounted rate of 25 per
 session for existing clients from 1st November 2007 to 31st January 2008.
 Should you refer new clients you will be given a further 5 off each massage
 per booked new client referral. Winter is upon us and we are mostly back to
 base work for the next few months. One of the key factors for a successful
 training programme is sports/deep tissue massage on a regular basis. Some of
 you may have decided to compete in a spring marathon, now is the time have
 massage as part of your training schedule. January through to the marathon
 are busy periods so best to pre-book!
 Telephone 07834 223290 to book an appointment, or kerryanley@tiscali.co.uk". 

 David Rowntree writes:
 "A year ago a number of generous runners supported my appeal to help a Sri
 Lankan runner, Neel De Alwis, take an English Language course. I met Neel
 while on holiday and whilst he could converse pretty well in English he
 needed to improve his reading and writing to gain any chance of employment.
 Well, he completed the course and passed the end of term exam with a Grade
 C. I therefore funded him for the next term which he will complete in
 December. In September he passed a written English exam which enabled him to
 obtain a licence to work for the Sri Lankan tourist board. During the year
 he has continued to train and has achieved 1m 56s for 800m. I remain in
 regular contact and have renewed his Club membership. He is extremely
 grateful to the Club and receives the newsletters. My personal thanks to all
 those members who supported my appeal; I think the outcome has been very

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ).     

 Saturday 10th November   Sweatshop Surrey League Div 1 (men) at Kingston
 Vale (2.30pm juniors, 3pm seniors)
                                        Surrey Ladies League Div 1 at
 Cranford Park (12.15pm seniors, 1.15pm U15s & U17s, 1.45pm U13s) 

 Saturday 17th November   South of the Thames Short Championship, 5 miles in
 Richmond Park. 2pm start.

 Saturday 24th November  Mob match v Thames Hare & Hounds. 7.5 miles on
 Wimbledon Common (Kingston Vale). 2.30pm start.

 Saturday 1st December    Dysart Cup women's race including club women's
 championship for the Hugh Jones Salver. 6km in Richmond Park, 1.45pm start.
                                       Ellis Cup men's race. 5 miles in
 Richmond Park, 2.30pm start.
 Every Saturday                Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                       Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                       Banstead Woods Time Trial: 9am start
 off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
                                       Richmond Park Time Trial: 9am start
 near Richmond gate.
                                       More details at www.parkrun.com 

 MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS for the HAROLD LEE CUP  Saturday 3rd November in
 Richmond Park
 The season's first mob match was a close-run thing, but the spoils went to
 Orion Harriers who retained the Harold Lee Cup by a margin of almost 200
 points. Our "mob" of 53 runners was fair, and might have been sufficient to
 see off the challenge of one or two of the other mob match clubs. But Orion
 take these things very seriously and we needed another ten or fifteen
 runners to overcome them. Our best chance might have been to start the race
 on time - the Orion coach was delayed and the clock had ticked round to 2.30
 before the coach had even reached the clubhouse. But when it arrived it
 disgorged 57 runners, outnumbering us and putting us at an immediate
 disadvantage. The scoring was to be 50 a side. 

 The race finally got underway at 2.50 on a fine afternoon. Peter Haarer went
 directly to the front and stayed there, maintaining a safe lead through to
 the finish. Jonathon Stacey held 3rd place most of the way, and Ed Barker
 ran a very fast second lap to move up to 4th. An Orion bunch followed but
 then Duncan Bell, Marc Snaith, Andy Bickerstaff, Niall O'Connor and Peter
 Weir occupied the positions between 9th and 13th. Thereafter things were
 pretty evenly matched until a good Ranelagh pack in the early thirties
 ensured that scoring 20 a side we were ahead. Then the damage was done.
 Between 37th and 51st, Chris Read's was the only blue vest in a sea of
 white. We fought back, and when Louise Piears crossed the line in 90th place
 there had been exactly 45 Ranelagh finishers and 45 Orion. But that
 mid-field Orion pack had done the trick for them and the final reckoning
 came out at 2433 for Orion and 2628 for Ranelagh.

 Individually it was a good win for Peter Haarer and Marie Synnott-Wells made
 it a double by winning the women's race by a substantial margin. Kath
 Philips made an impressive debut to be our second woman home.

 JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE RACE 2  Saturday 3rd November in Richmond Park
 There was a fairly small turnout for the second Points Prize race, with just
 fifteen starters. Last month's overall winner Stephanie Espinosa was absent
 and George Inman took the opportunity to lead the way home for his second
 consecutive maximum points in the Under 15 age group. Jay Cash followed 20
 seconds later and then came Victoria Elbourne, Phillip Bearman, Stephanie
 Croucher and Tilly Hearty, all of them winning their respective age groups.
 Phillip and Tilly both registered their second wins, and Tilly, Danielle
 Croucher, Anna Mallett, Rhian Lewis and Luke Metcalfe scored the bonus point
 for a new personal best. The scoreboard after two races can be seen on our
 website: Scoreboard 

 Girls Under 13
 1 Tilly Hearty 10.08
 2 Danielle Croucher 10.53
 3 Jodie Clarke 16.05 

 Girls Under 15
 1 Stephanie Croucher 9.47
 2 Anna Mallett 10.13 

 Girls Under 17
 1 Victoria Elbourne 9.03
 2 Rhian Lewis 10.40 

 Boys Under 13
 1 Phillip Bearman 9.11
 2 Sam Harper 10.12
 3 Luke Metcalfe 10.55
 4 Sam Metcalfe 14.37
 5 Kelechi Obiabgwu 14.51
 6 Tyrell Wells 15.49

 Boys Under 15
 1 George Inman 8.30

 Boys Under 17
 1 Jay Cash 8.50

 BIRMINGHAM CROSS CHALLENGE 10km   Saturday 27th October at Senneleys Park,
 Sam Perkins, representing Birmingham University, finished a great 14th in a
 high-class field and was the first Under 20 home.

 1 J Ndaysenga (Birchfield) 29.41
 14 Sam Perkins 31.45

 Jenny Lloyd-Jones reports:
 "Back in March when I broke my wrist in a cycle race I realised I would miss
 all of the short course duathlon season so I naively signed up for long
 course duathlon in October. I arrived in Richmond, Virginia in the US a few
 days before the event to 35 degrees temperatures and 90% humidity. Walking
 was hard work never mind running and cycling! Nevertheless, I had a look at
 the run and the bike course to see what I was letting myself in for. The run
 course just had one big hill in it and was very twisty and the bike course
 had hills, sharp corners, potholes, drains, everything you could imagine.
 However, having done the Wimbledon 10 mile race two weeks before I thought
 that it looked relatively easy...!! 

 The race was 15km run - 76km bike - 7.5km run. I felt really good on the
 first of the two laps for the first run and went through in 30mins 30secs,
 signficantly faster than I had been running two weeks before! I slowed
 marginally on the second lap but still completed the first run in 62mins 33
 secs which was two and a half minutes faster than my best estimate. This set
 me up well for my stronger discipline, the cycle. I was 7th woman overall
 coming off the bike & overtook one woman on the second run who was in my age
 group. When I crossed the finish line I knew I was 6th woman overall & first
 non-American home but had no idea where I had finished in age group. It
 transpired that I had won my age group.....World Champion, how good does
 that sound??!! It turned out that my cycle leg was faster than half the
 elite women and I was only 7 mins slower than 10th placed elite woman, so
 for my first long distance duathlon I was really happy with my performance
 especially since the quality of other competitors in my age group was high.
 Just one of those days when everything went right! And it turns out my
 cycling and running commuting between Richmond & Regents Park provides the
 perfect training!" 

 Women Over 35
 1 Jenny Lloyd-Jones 4.01.41
 (Run1  62.33, T1  0.50, Bike  2.22.49, T2  0.51, Run2  34.39)

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd November
 Darren Wood cracked the 18 minutes barrier for the first time.

 1 J Goulis (Stragglers) 16.03
 13 Andrew Forth 17.57
 14 Darren Wood 17.58
 27 Jonny Peacock 19.11
 72 Edward Smith 21.05
 165 Phil Aiken 23.34
 225 Luke Wilson 24.58
 228 Gill Wilson 25.01
 271 John Hanscomb 26.46
 333 Stacey Barber 28.56
 339 Daniel Hobbs 29.08
 351 Tony Appleby 29.46 

 RICHMOND PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd November
 The third RPTT attracted a field of 60 and they were led home by Sean
 Paynter who held an advantage of nearly half a minute.

 1 Sean Paynter 18.38
 10 Stephen Instone 20.10
 34 Jo Turner 23.17
 49 Louise Dunn 26.02
 52 Lorna Smith 27.45
 53 Lorraine Clifton 27.58
 56 Penny Merrett 32.50
 57 Rose Constantine 33.03 

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd November
 Yvonne Hill was third woman home.

 1 D Baker (SLH) 17.40
 18 Yvonne Hill 21.59
 44 Brian Chard 27.04

 MARLOW HALF MARATHON  Sunday 4th November
 1 D Merckel (Oxford C) 1.13.26
 826 Clare Dowty 2.15.00

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 7th November at Woking
 1 A Gibson (Unatt) 25.35  (actual time 23.35)
 17 Sonia Rowland 27.04  (20.49)
 18 Alan Davidson 27.06  (19.21)

 DARTMOOR VALE HALF MARATHON  Sunday 21st October, Newton Abbot
 Phil Aiken reports:
 "After the disappointment of the Rugby World Cup the night before, the
 crisp, clear, sunny blue skies which greeted the runners assembled at Newton
 Abbot racecourse for the Dartmoor Vale Road Races (comprising both a full
 and a half marathon, a 10k and a fun run and, it must be said, excellently
 organised by the Rotary Club of Dartmoor Vale and the Women's Running
 Network) were nothing short of ideal, if a touch 'fresh'. 

 After a relatively flat five miles the route turned right, back over the A38
 and up into the village of Chudleigh. There was a brief respite before it
 went up once again, more severely this time, to Ugbrooke House. At least the
 views were worth looking at. The descent along deserted country lanes was
 undulating in the manner of Hastings, with a couple of nasty surprises
 towards the end. The last descent in the final mile provided the impetus to
 finish strongly in front of one of the stands. After running again for just
 a month I was more concerned with running the distance than recording a good
 time but I did achieve some satisfaction on that score by beating my
 previous effort at Wycombe".

 1 P Monaghan (Torbay) 1.16.17
 88 Phil Aiken 1.42.09

 BERLIN MARATHON  Sunday 30th September
 Heather Martingell finished 11919th in 3.51.19.