Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 264                22 October 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Women top of the table after the first League race, men in 4th place
 *  Ed Barker and Mandy Westlake first home for Ranelagh in the Cabbage Patch 10
 *  Paul Doyle and the men's team retain Surrey vets titles
 *  Vets medals for Clive Beauvais, Martin Clark and Sonia Rowland
 *  Richmond Park Time Trial under way - Jonathon Stacey the first official
 *  Junior Points Prize wins for Tilly Hearty, Stephanie Espinosa, Lucy
    Edmunds, Phillip Bearman and George Inman
 *  Kerrie O'Connor 3rd in Solent Half Marathon
 *  Clive Beauvais first over 60 in Jog Shop Jog 20

 Very sad news from the Dysart, just re-opened after its refurbishment, is
 that the owner Nicholas Taylor was involved in a motorway crash which has
 resulted in the loss of one leg below the knee. We offer our sympathy and
 best wishes for as full a recovery as is possible.

 Our Hon Sec Simon Burrell would like to make the minutes of this year's club
 AGM available to the membership, and accordingly they will be sent shortly
 as a PDF attachment in a separate e-mail.

 Saturday 3rd November sees the first of this season's "mob matches" against
 Orion Harriers on our home course in Richmond Park. There are always new
 members who don't know what mob matches are, so bear with me while we go
 through the details. The idea of mob matches is that each of the two
 competing teams fields as many runners as possible, and all contribute
 towards the final result. There is therefore a big advantage in outnumbering
 the opposition! Orion might well bring 50 or more over from their Epping
 Forest base, so we need to match that at the very least. The course is seven
 and a half miles (two laps of the Thomas Cup course) and absolutely everyone
 who can make it will be welcome. Race hard or treat it as a training run,
 you will still be a valuable member of the team. Start time is 2.30pm.

 The second race will take place on Saturday 3rd November at 2pm, before the
 mob match. The course will be the usual one around Sidmouth Wood and all
 under 17s are welcome.

 This is taking place on our own course in Richmond Park on Saturday November
 17th. It's 5 miles for both men and women. Everybody is welcome to run, but
 entries must be made in advance. Captain Bicks writes: "The closing date is
 in a couple of weeks and since it's on our home course it would be nice to
 make a bit of a splash. I need to enter in advance so names to me please by
 1st November even if you are not certain. The team race is four to score
 both men and ladies". Contact Andy or Marie (details below).

 Our men's and women's teams both made great starts to the season, and will
 want to keep up the momentum at the second fixture. Unfortunately the teams
 again have to head for different venues - the women at Cranford Park
 (British Airways' course) and the men at Kingston Vale, Wimbledon Common
 (Thames Hare and Hounds' course).

 Cranford Park is a new venue for League races - it's in Hounslow, close to
 M4 junction 3. The HQ is the BA Concorde sports club.   Start times as usual
 12.15pm for seniors, 1.15pm for under 17s and under 15s and 1.45pm for under

 The men's race is on the opposite side of Wimbledon Common from the first
 race, based at the Thames HQ.               
 Start times 2.30pm for all under 17s, 3pm for seniors.

 Bev Ali writes:
 "After nominally organising the Dysart Dash for the past five years, it is
 time to give someone else the pleasure and challenge of taking the helm.the
 race takes place on the last Sunday in June, but I will not be in London for
 a large part of June next year, and hopefully for the next few years, so
 although I can do a lot of the preparatory work for this year, I cannot see
 the project through to the end. If you have any ambitions or thoughts that
 you may be interested, please talk to me or to Carol Barnshaw (for ideas on
 organising by committee). I feel that we need to have a titular head for the
 Dysart Dash before Christmas at the latest, so that we can know to go ahead
 with any necessary expenditure. A lot of support has always been given by
 many people much more experienced than I am, so no previous experience is
 required (I had none), just a willingness to give it a go and take the
 flak!" Contact Bev at mailto:bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk

 After a hiccup or two the RPTT got underway successfully last Saturday (see
 below for results). The teething problems related to permit and insurance
 issues, which have now happily been resolved. However it has been necessary
 to make the stipulation for this event that under 13s may not take part.
 It's a shame but beyond our control.

 All the Time Trial events rely on volunteers to organise them. If you would
 be willing to help occasionally at the Richmond Park event - which will take
 place every Saturday morning at 9am - please contact Karen Broadbent at

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ).     

 Saturday 3rd November     Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers. 7.5 miles in
 Richmond Park, 2.30pm start. All members needed!
 Junior Points Prize Race 2 in Richmond Park. 2pm start.

 Saturday 10th November   Sweatshop Surrey League Div 1 (men) at Kingston
 Vale (2.30pm juniors, 3pm seniors)
                                        Surrey Ladies League Div 1 at
 Cranford Park (12.15pm seniors, 1.15pm U15s & U17s, 1.45pm U13s)

 Saurday 17th November   South of the Thames Short Championship, 5 miles in
 Richmond Park. See above.

 Every Saturday                Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                       Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                       Banstead Woods Time Trial: 9am start
 off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
                                       Richmond Park Time Trial: 9am start
 near Richmond gate.
                                       More details at www.parkrun.com

 SWEATSHOP SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION 1  Saturday 13th October on Wimbledon
 Captain Bicks was delighted to produce a team for the all-important opening
 league fixture that was not far short of full strength. And at the end of
 the day he was even happier as the team finished in 4th place, in touch with
 the three clubs ahead and over 200 points clear of the rest. Andy writes:
 "An exceptional performance from all concerned. Although we came 4th on the
 day the points total was lower than the points scored in each of the four
 races last year". For a time we even thought we might have pipped the mighty
 Belgrave on their home soil, but 4th place was a fine performance and leaves
 us precisely where we left off last season.

 Thames's new signing, international Huw Lobb, ran away from the rest from
 the gun, but our own new recruit, Chris Ilman from Cirencester, was up with
 the leading pack and led the Ranelagh team throughout on his way to 13th
 place at the finish. Phil Killingley, with his thoughts on next week's
 Amsterdam Marathon, made a very steady start before working his way through
 the field. He maintains he wasn't pushing ahead but rather, those in front
 were slowing down. Either way, Phil made it into the top twenty and we had
 four more - Peter Haarer, Darryl McDonald, Paul Doyle and Duncan Bell -
 finishing in a little over half a minute to give us six home in thirty. We
 didn't have long to wait after that for Jonathon Stacey, Justin Webb and Ed
 Barker, and then Niall O'Connor closed in the scoring ten at 57th place.
 Outside of the scoring team it was good to see Steve Whitehead back in
 action after injury, and Marc Snaith getting the better of Chris Owens and
 Captain Bicks. CO was the second over 50 to finish, and right on Andy's
 shoulder came Sean Paynter who was the first junior home.

 George Inman was our only representative in the under 17s race, and he
 finished 17th overall, 6th in the under 15 category.

 SURREY LADIES LEAGUE DIVISION 1  Saturday 13th October at West End Common,
 Following wins for Ranelagh in 2004/05 and 2005/06, Belgrave got the better
 of us to take the championship last season. And after this year's opening
 fixture it looks like it might be a Belgrave v Ranelagh fight again. We came
 out ahead but with an advantage of only 14 points there will be everything
 to run for in the second race to try to consolidate that lead.

 The course on West End Common was an unfamiliar one and at first seemed
 relatively innocuous. The first mile was flat and fast but there were some
 testing hills hidden away in the woods. This and the fact that the distance
 turned out to be closer to 7km than the advertised 5.9km made it as tough a
 course as any in recent years. Most of the lap was quite narrow, so a quick
 start was important. Anna Scally made sure she wasn't boxed in by getting
 right to the front, and the Ranelagh supporters were heartened to see her
 leading a pack of seven throughout the short first lap. Marie Synnott-Wells
 was not far off the pace, then came Estelle Damant, Fari Shams, Sarah Smith,
 Bonnie Webster and Rebecca Clayden. But Fari was not comfortable and after
 being passed by Sarah and Bonnie she called it a day.

 As the lead pack broke up on the second lap, Anna lost ground while Marie
 set about picking off those ahead of her one by one. By the time they
 reached the finish, Marie was up to 6th, Anna 9th and Estelle close behind
 10th. Sarah and Bonnie were never far apart and they closed in our scoring
 five inside the top thirty. We totalled 79 points to Belgrave's 93, with
 Herne Hill, Stragglers and Reigate also not out of contention.

 17 year-old Rebecca Clayden - in her first senior race - had been concerned
 about lasting the distance even before it was found to be a kilometre longer
 than expected. But she held on well to be our 6th finisher and lead our B
 team (herself, newcomer Emma Tomlinson, Carola Richter, Sandra Prosser and
 Sonia Rowland) to 15th place overall, the top B team of the day. 

 Victoria Elbourne and Holly and Alice Clemens flew the flag well for
 Ranelagh in the junior races.

 You can see a selection of David Rowe's excellent shots of both the men's
 and women's events on our website, but to see the complete set go to

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  Sunday 14th October at Twickenham
 Conditions must have been nigh-on perfect for the Cabbage Patch this year.
 It was sunny but not too warm and the wind was negligible. The course is
 acknowledged as a fast one - witness Richard Nerurkar's course record of
 46.02 from 1993 - so everything was set up for some great perfomances. And
 if Ranelagh's results are anything to go by, the personal bests set today
 must have run into the hundreds.

 Pride of place for Ranelagh should I think go to Darren Wood. Darren has
 been plugging away diligently for quite a while now without really getting
 the results that his hard work merited. But today he ran a really strong
 race to knock his previous fastest '10' into the long grass. His 61.47
 represented an improvement of some five minutes. David Rowe followed Darren
 for the first half before slowing a little but he too could measure his
 improvement in minutes. As indeed could Mandy Westlake, our first woman home
 in 67.02 - her first sub-70 clocking. And so it goes on. I don't have enough
 information to detail all the improvers, but they continue all the way down
 the list.

 All credit too to our first two men home, Ed Barker and Niall O'Connor. I
 don't know if it was a PB for Ed - I doubt if he has run many '10s', so it
 might have been - but it certainly was for Niall: and this after they had
 completed our Surrey League scoring ten the day before. Ed will be rewarded
 with the Callis Cup club 10 miles championship. Others with enough energy to
 race twice over the weekend included Sandra Prosser and Carola Richter. In
 the age group competitions, Iain Wilson and Martin Clark placed 5th in the
 over 50s and over 60s respectively.

 Ranelagh's Stuart Perry hopes that all the runners like the souvenir
 long-sleeved t-shirt - it was his design!

 SURREY VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 20th October in Richmond Park
 Twelve months ago, Paul Doyle celebrated passing his fortieth birthday a few
 days before by romping away with the Surrey vets title by a good minute and
 a half. He ran the best part of a minute slower this year and the final
 result was not so clear-cut, but in the end Paul had some 50 metres in hand
 and retained his title in style. Not only that, he led our Over 40s team to
 a second consecutive victory too. Peter Weir and Andy Bickerstaff - 8th and
 9th in the over 40 category - combined with Paul to win the golds by four
 points from South London Harriers. Clive Beauvais and Martin Clark were also
 medal winners, silver in the Over 60s and bronze in the Over 65s
 respectively. In the women's race Sandra Prosser was our first home, but the
 only medal went to Sonia Rowland, who was 3rd Over 50.

 JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE RACE 1  Saturday 6th October in Richmond Park
 There was a small turnout for the first Points Prize race, which
 unfortunately wasn't advertised in advance in the e-news. Stephanie Espinosa
 became - I think - the first girl to be the overall winner of a Points Prize
 event, finishing four seconds ahead of George Inman. Lucy Edmunds, Phillip
 Bearman, Victoria Elbourne and Stephanie Croucher followed on, before the
 impressive 10 year-old Tilly Hearty who won the best-supported age group,
 the Under 13 girls.

 RICHMOND PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th October
 The "inaugural" RPTT was officially cancelled but the dozen or so who turned
 up not having heard the news were given the opportunity to test run the

 1 R Tyman (Sheen) 19.08
 4 Sandra Prosser 23.38
 7 Wiebke Kortum 24.31
 12 Rose Constantine 35.28

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th October
 Numbers returned to more manageable levels this week, with so much else
 happening over the weekend. Kerrie O'Connor took third place amongst the
 women but unusually there was not a single PB garnered by the Ranelagh

 1 C Bolt (Aldershot F&D) 15.07
 11 Andrew Forth 18.25
 22 Darren Wood 19.09
 27 Kerrie O'Connor 19.27
 47 Duncan Mallison 20.20
 58 Chris Camacho 20.49
 96 Adam Wright 22.03
 102 Chris Hunton 22.08
 197 Julie Naismith 25.36
 235 John Hanscomb 26.59
 267 Sharon Rowe 28.32
 288 Stacey Barber 29.41

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th October
 1 D Robinson (Stroud) 15.28
 8 Stephen Instone 19.26 

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th October
 1 D Gillett (SLH) 17.55
 11 Steve Rowland 20.44
 49 Brian Chard 26.44

 The clash with the Cabbage Patch seemed to have little effect on entries for
 either event, but most Ranelagh opted for Twickenham.

 16 miles
 1 A Lashmar (VPH) 1.34.25
 15 Paul Sheridan 1.44.49

 8 miles
 1 T Kingsnorth (THH) 45.19
 14 Trevor Maguire 50.49
 854 Celia Beverly 94.54

 JOG SHOP JOG 20 miles  Sunday 14th October at Brighton
 Clive Beauvais was the leading over 60 in this off-road 20 miles across the
 South Downs. Sue Ashley, representing SLH, was the first over 50 home.

 1 J Walker (Steyning) 2.22.45
 7 Neil Walford (B&H) 2.33.32
 12 Clive Beauvais 2.38.11
 88 Sue Ashley (SLH) 3.17.49

 RICHMOND PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 20th October
 There were 42 finishers in the first "official" RPTT, with Jonathon Stacey
 the clear winner and David Rowe in second place. Jo Turner and Wiebke Kortum
 were 2nd and 3rd in the women's section.

 1 Jonathon Stacey 17.26
 2 David Rowe 18.42
 7 John Ricketts 19.39
 10 Stephen Instone 19.54
 13 George Inman 20.58
 14 Stephen Logue 21.06
 25 Andy Woodhouse 23.46
 26 Jo Turner 23.50
 27 Wiebke Kortum 23.53
 34 Anka Draganski 26.52
 36 Sharon Rowe 28.27
 40 Penny Merrett 32.33
 41 Rose Constantine 33.28

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 20th October
 Keeping the ball rolling after his great run in the Cabbage Patch, Darren
 Wood was our only PB setter today.

 1 O Laws (New & EB) 15.39
 14 Darren Wood 18.07
 31 Jonny Peacock 19.34
 36 Nick Wright 19.41
 47 Duncan Mallison 20.20
 56 Chris Camacho 20.33
 124 Phil Aiken 22.39
 130 Alan Howard 22.51
 247 Janet Turnes 27.16

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 20th October
 1 D Baker (SLH) 17.46
 27 Yvonne Hill 22.15
 56 Brian Chard 25.54

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 20th October
 Marie Synnott-Wells was the leading woman.

 1 T Pearson (Unatt) 16.38
 11 Marie Synnott-Wells 19.42
 45 Catherine Carthy 26.46

 WIMBLEDON AUDI 10km  Sunday 21st October
 Chris Brook reports:
 "The race went off very well, considering that the organisers had a total
 nightmare with hardly anyone receiving their numbers and timing chips as a
 result of the postal strike. I had a good run, helped by the second half of
 the race being mostly downhill back down from Wimbledon Common, coming home
 19th in 38:08".

 1 T KIngsnorth (TH&H) 33.11
 19 Chris Brook 38.08

 WORLD ROAD RUNNING CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sunday 14th October at Udine, Italy
 Seond-claim member Wendy Nicholls, in a UK vest, was unlucky to suffer from
 sickness during the Half Marathon championship race and finished some way
 outside her best. In the accompanying "mass race" (distance unspecified),
 David Wright (Wendy's advisor / coach) finished just ahead of Hugh Jones
 (course measurer).

 Half Marathon
 1 L Kiplagat (Neth) 66.25
 49 Wendy Nicholls 76.54

 Mass Race
 1 L Della Pietra (Italy) 22.17
 51 David Wright 25.44
 62 Hugh Jones 26.00

 AMSTERDAM MARATHON  Sunday 21st October
 Phil Killingley was on schedule for his target of 2.30 until half way, but
 struggled in the closing stages.

 1 E Mutai (Kenya) 2.06.27  (chip time 2.06.29)
 81 Phil Killingley 2.40.51  (2.40.47)

 SOLENT HALF MARATHON  Sunday 7th October at Hardley
 Kerrie O'Connor was third home in the women's race in a personal best time
 of 86.18. Phil Killingley, in Winchester colours, finished 2nd overall in

 1 R Gowan (Alton) 71.33
 43 Kerrie O'Connor 86.18

 LOCH NESS MARATHON  Sunday 7th October
 Paul Gilbert reports:
 "It was a very well-organised race in a beautiful location (helped by it
 being a lovely autumn day).  I managed 3h 35m 59s, a personal best by a
 couple of minutes".

 1 Z Kihara (Kenya) 2.23.17
 313 Paul Gilbert 3.35.59

 BRIDGES HANDICAP 2.3 miles   Wednesday 10th October at Westminster
 1 M Wilkes (Unatt) 19.47  (actual time 18.54)
 5 Alan Davidson 20.29  (15.58)
 19 John Hanscomb 21.16  (20.21)

 Thanks to the UKTT for picking up this clip of the finish of the women's
 race in the Chicago Marathon. The Romanian Adriana Pirtea - completing a
 marathon for the first time - thinks she has the race sewn up, but Ethiopian
 Birhane Adere has other ideas. For good measure, Thames's Andy Weir gets in
 on the act too: cbs2chicago.com/video/