Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 262                25 September 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Janet Turnes wins Page Cup
 *  Fastest times by Ed Barker and Marie Synnott-Wells
 *  Kerrie O'Connor wins Swineshead 10 miles and BPTT
 *  Fari Shams wins Ashtead 10km
 *  Several RH in the prizes in the Richmond Trail Challenge
 *  First Surrey League fixtures on October 13th
 *  Third anniversary BPTT on October 6th
 *  Richmond Park Time Trial to be launched on October 13th

 By all estimations we did pretty well in last winter's Surrey League
 competitions. Both our teams competed in the top division and the men
 finished fourth while the women were runners-up. We'll be hoping to perform
 equally well this season, if not better. As ever, it's crucial to get a good
 start: it's very difficult to recover from a poor result in the opening
 fixture. That opening fixture is on Saturday 13th October. All members are
 welcome to run, but we particularly need all those who might make the
 scoring team to be in attendance if they possibly can. In the men's league
 it is ten to score. In the women's it is five to score, but there are B and
 C teams and so on, and so all finishers will count.

 The women are at West End Common, near Esher, and the timetable is: Seniors
 at 12.15pm; Under 17s and Under 15s at 1.15pm; Under 13s at 1.45pm.

 The men are on Wimbledon Common (the Belgrave Harriers course) and the
 timetable is: Under 17s, Under 15s and Under 13s at 2.30pm; Seniors at 3pm.

 More details of the exact venues will follow nearer the time.

 Karen Broadbent writes:
 "As the newly appointed Chairman of the RPTT I am pleased to announce that
 the inaugural RPTT (Richmond Park Time Trial) will be held on the Saturday
 13th October. The team at UKTT have been working exceedingly hard to get
 this next event underway and I am excited that we are finally getting our
 own time trial on our doorstep and in the Park that we all know and love. I
 am aware that this first running of the event is on the same day as the
 Surrey League, but I figure this is a great opportunity to get Ranelagh
 members out in strength as supporters and volunteers and for those not
 racing that afternoon, please come and try out the course! For more details
 visit the RPTT website: www.parkrun.com/ and click on RPTT. I am also
 keen to build a community of regular volunteers from amongst our ranks, the
 more people we have the less workload there is for everyone. If any Ranelagh
 member (or friend or family member) would be willing to spare some time to
 help out, either for the launch event or in the future, please email me at
 richmondhelpers@parkrun.com Many thanks and see you on the 13th
 October at Pembroke Lodge".

 Saturday October 6th sees the third Anniversary of the BPTT, and following
 the run there will be a "bring and share" alfresco breakfast while the
 annual prize presentation takes place. David Rowe and former winner Darren
 Wood are placed 2nd and 3rd in the men's league table for the year, while
 Sharon Rowe and another former winner Gill Wilson are 7th and 18th in the

 If you haven't already got your copy of our updated club history, you can
 buy one from Steve Rowland at most club events, price £12, or by post for
 £14 including p&p to Ranelagh History, 2 Sapte Close, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6
 7HA. Overseas orders: Europe £16, rest of the world £20.

 There are still places left for the Cabbage Patch 10 at Twickenham on Sunday
 14th October (http://www.cabbagepatch10.com/). However, this takes place the
 day after the opening Surrey Cross-Country League fixtures, so an
 alternative for those looking for a ten miler is the Geoff Moulden 10 at
 Wimbledon on Sunday 7th October: www.wimbledonten.co.uk/ 

 Keith Haworth of the Stragglers writes:
 "Hello everyone, yes it's that time of year again when I am looking for help
 with the marshalling duties at the Cabbage Patch 10. The race is on October
 14th this year and we need somewhere in the region of 80/85 marshals to
 successfully cover the course and the finish area. So if you can spare the
 time please can you contact me and indicate your availability. If you
 haven't marshalled before don't worry we will tell you exactly what is
 needed and what to expect. Naturally there will be the usual additional
 incentive with the offer of the traditional long sleeve T shirt, a free beer
 and a free two course meal after the race to all who assist with the race.
 Bring your friends and family. You will be most welcome".

 If you can help, e-mail Keith at keithhaworth@aol.com

 ...to second-claim member Wendy Nicholls (formerly Wendy Jones), not only on
 her recent marriage but also on her selection to represent Britain in the
 World Road Racing Championships in Italy on October 14th. 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ).     

 Saturday 29th September  South of England Road Relays (men) at Aldershot

 Sunday 30th September    South of England Road Relays (women) at Aldershot 

 Sunday 7th October          Wimbledon 10 miles. See above.

 Saturday 13th October      Surrey Cross-Country League. Men at Wimbledon,
 women at Esher. See above.
                                        The Richmond Park Time Trial also
 starts today, see above.

 Sunday 14th October        Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. See above.

 Saturday 20th October      Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships in
 Richmond Park. 2.30 pm start. 

 Sunday 21st October        Founders' Challenge 26 miles walk / run in the
 Surrey Hills from Peaslake.    Details: 

 Every Saturday                Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                       Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                       Banstead Woods Time Trial: 9am start
 off B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
                                       Richmond Park Time Trial: 9am start
 near Richmond gate.
                                       More details at www.parkrun.com

 PAGE CUP 5 miles handicap  Saturday 22nd September in Richmond Park
 Handicapper Mike Rowland reports:
 "I wonder when we last had such brilliant late summer weather for both the
 Thomas and Page Cups. A lovely warm, sunny afternoon saw 48 runners set off
 with hopes of glory but it was course specialist Janet Turnes (she'd won the
 Page back in 1996 and the Coad in 2002) who romped home by over 45
 seconds.There cannot have been a more delighted race winner. She just
 couldn't take in that she'd won. It was a joy to see, much better than us
 stony-faced men when we cross the line first. Or perhaps I'm just a silly,
 old sentimentalist. Second in was Michele Gibson with Andy Hayward third,
 obviously too much of a gentleman to overtake his partner! Ed Barker was
 fastest with guest Justin Webb running impressively just behind Ed.
 Hopefully, Justin will join the club. He's bound to improve after a few runs
 with the fast pack and looks a real prospect. Marie Synnott-Wells and Clare
 King were the fastest women". 

 There's a choice of photos this week: apart from a selection of David Rowe's
 on our website, you can see the rest of David's here:
 and Paul Sinton Hewitt's here:

 TRAIL CHALLENGE HALF MARATHON / 12km / 6km  Sunday 23rd September in Ham and
 Richmond Park.
 The South London Orienteers' autumn trail challenge races utilised our
 changing rooms as their base and attracted nearly 200 runners to four
 different races including one junior event. All four started and finished
 inside the Park opposite the clubhouse, with the half marathon also taking
 in parts of Richmond and Ham. They are orienteering-style events, with
 control points to be found in the right order, but with mass starts and no
 technically difficult orienteering they favoured the runner as much as the
 map reader. 

 Relatively few Ranelagh Harriers were brave enough to give it a go, though
 thanks to SLOW's generous prize list most of those who did take part came
 away with something alcoholic or chocolaty to show for their efforts.

 Full results, including split times between controls, can be found on SLOW's
 website: www.sloweb.org.uk

 Half Marathon
 1 N Barrable (Tonbridge) 82.01
 14 Andy Bickerstaff 99.51
 65 Sue Ashley 129.54

 1 D Abrams (Guild O) 50.53
 9 Martin Clark 64.58
 19 Sonia Rowland 68.47
 42 David Meaden 95.12
 47 Clare Dowty 109.01 

 1 Steve Rowland 29.23

 SWINESHEAD 10 miles  Sunday 9th September
 Kerrie O'Connor reports:
 "'The Swineshead 10 is based in a small village just outside of Bedford.  I
 chose the 10 mile race there only as it was the nearest 10-miler I could
 find to London on that weekend!  The race was billed as 'undulating' and in
 fact started up a longish hill.  The rest of the course was basically
 rolling, with the steepest hill being somewhere around 7 miles.  I didn't
 really have any expectations going into the race as I have been injured a
 few times this year and am trying to get fit for the Dublin marathon at the
 end of October.  When at 9 miles, a spectator told me I was first woman, I
 spent the next mile worrying about being outsprinted so close to the finish
 (being notorious for not having a sprint this was a worry)...happily though
 I was not and got my first race win and a 55 sec PB at the same time.  If
 anyone wants a nice, friendly race I would recommend it for next year.  It
 also coincides with the village fete, complete with tombola, bbq and Women's
 Institute cake stall, so well worth a visit for next year". 

 1 A Turnbull (RAF) 56.52
 12 Kerrie O'Connor 65.56 

 ERIDGE PARK 10 miles  Sunday 9th September
 Clive Beauvais was the leading over 60 in this tough Kent off-roader.

 1 N Barrable (Tonbridge) 59.51
 14 Clive Beauvais 74.36

 BRIDGES HANDICAP 2.3 miles  Wednesday 12th September at Westminster
 1 D Williams (Herc Wimb) 17.10  (actual time 17.10)
 10 John Hanscomb 21.06  (20.05)
 19 Alan Davidson 21.28  (16.29)

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 15th September
 There was another huge field of 438 finishers. In the women's section Kerrie
 O'Connor scored her second BPTT win, though it was a close thing with only
 six seconds covering the first three. PBs this week came from Jenni Kruse
 and Hannah Bradshaw.

 1 C Bolt (AFD) 15.31
 15 Sean Paynter 18.00
 16 David Rowe 18.05
 35 Kerrie O'Connor 19.17
 37 Edward Smith 19.18
 44 Darren Wood 19.30
 70 Chris Camacho 20.19
 71 Chris Read 20.25
 75 Duncan Mallison 20.40
 273 Jenni Kruse 25.29
 296 Heather Martingell 26.06
 308 Sharon Rowe 26.28
 323 John Hanscomb 27.18
 362 Hannah Bradshaw 28.46 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 15th September
 1 R Karn (Herne Hill) 16.49
 11 Andy Bickerstaff 18.00
 36 Kathy Mallett 23.06

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 15th September
 1 R Ward (Belgrave) 16.27
 37 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 21.26

 ASHSTEAD 10km  Sunday 16th September
 Fari Shams was the first woman in this off-road 10km. 

1 A Hawkins (Epsom & E) 37.35
10 Duncan Mallison 43.56
11 Fari Shams 44.04

 HYDRO ACTIVE CHALLENGE 5km  Sunday 16th September in Hyde Park
 Sandra Prosser reports:
 "Anna Scally had two free entries to give away for a huge 5km run in Hyde
 Park with a mouth-watering goody bag at the end. Anka Draganski and I could
 not let this go to waste and travelled to central London early on Sunday
 morning. One corner of the park was covered in marquees from every charity
 known to man. Bottles of extra-hydrating H2O were given out hours before the
 start of the race. After the 15,000-strong aerobics-warm up followed the
 15,000-strong toilet queue. Anka and I got to the cubicle two minutes before
 the start so we could not position ourselves for the race that well and had
 to negotiate past mums and daughters with picnics in their rucksacks, mums
 with buggies and the usual walkers fashioning rubber dinghies round their 50
 '' middle. As this is clearly a race for first time runners I felt like a
 cheat in my Ranelagh vest, overtaking steadily and finishing just within the
 first hundred runners in about 22 minutes. Anka knocked off 15 minutes of
 last year's time and crossed the line after 30 minutes. The goody bag held
 its promise. We found pink rubber aprons - just what we always wanted!"

 ROBIN HOOD MARATHON and HALF MARATHON  Sunday 16th September at Nottingham
 Martin Halvey just shaded the three hours mark in finishing third in the
 over 45 category. Here's his account:
 "The Nottingham marathon was a hilly affair during the first 13 miles but at
 least you were no sooner up but you were on your way down. The hills were
 not a slow steady climb stretching slowly into the distance.

 It was a little chilly during the morning but as the race progressed it grew
 quite warm (17 degrees C).The problem was the wind. Years ago washer women
 would poke their heads out the doors and remark: 'There is great drying
 outside'. Out would come the wash boards, up on the wash line went the wet
 clothes and a few hours later were taken down, dry, fresh and crispy
 especially the nappies. Except for the freshness I felt the same
 way.....hung out to dry. The wind was especially strong when we entered the
 water centre at the 19 miles mark. It was in our faces from there to the
 finish except for one mile when it ushered us on a brisk pace....well it
 seemed brisk. Running into the headwind it was just a matter of putting our
 heads down, gritting our teeth and thinking of England....or whatever. 

 The drying wind meant it was imperative that we took on enough fluids and
 there were sufficient water stations to enable us to do so. The only minor
 complaint I had concerned the placing of the water and lucozade together, so
 if you wanted both you grabbed while on the run and found on a few occasions
 the tops still attached so you needed the dexterity of a spider to obtain
 the liquids. Overall the race was very well organised, the support friendly
 and helpful and the course varied. Afterwards I went to the oldest pub in
 England, the 'Old Trip to Jerusalem', tucked into a fry made by Marian,
 willed myself to eat the scarlett tomatoes and immediately took a little
 trip to the John. All going well I would like to run the Robin Hood again
 despite the difficulties".

 1 N Williams (N York M) 2.29.40  (chip time 2.29.39)
 31 Martin Halvey 2.59.52  (2.59.40)

 Half Marathon
 1 S Tanui (Kenya) 1.04.09  (chip time 1.04.08)
 1044 Leigh Pedersen 1.45.49  (1.45.29)

 HORSLEY 5km  Sunday 16th September
 1 C Hogg (Blackheath) 18.00
 3 Steve Rowland 20.47
 9 Sonia Rowland 23.31
 36 Corinne Bishop 29.28
 44 Daniel Piears 31.53
 45 Louise Piears 31.53

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 22nd September
 Another record number of finishers this week...no fewer than 470. Kerrie
 O'Connor exactly equalled last week's winning time but on this occasion it
 was only good for third place.

 1 S Ablitt (AFD) 14.57
 22 Charlie Pedlar 18.27
 28 David Rowe 18.49
 34 Darren Wood 19.02
 39 Kerrie O'Connor 19.17
 63 Duncan Mallison 20.07
 97 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 20.52
 104 Stephen Logue 21.02
 132 Adam Wright 21.21
 183 Alan Howard 22.34
 349 John Hanscomb 27.33
 389 Heather Martingell 29.18
 400 Sharon Rowe 29.45 

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 22nd September
 1 R Marriott (SLH) 16.40
 29 Steve Grout 21.10

 SWITCHBACK 5 miles  Sunday 23rd September at Addiscombe
 The name of the race speaks for itself! Yvonne Hill was 4th woman and 2nd

 1 C Gray (Unatt) 30.53
 21 Yvonne Hill 36.22

 ...travelled over from Perth for the World Masters Championships in
 Riccione, Italy, with the intention of running the 8km cross-country, the
 5km track and the marathon events. In the end he was only able to run in the
 cross-country where he just missed a medal in the over 60 category,
 finishing in 4th place. He did, however, lead the Australian trio into third
 place in the team competition. 

 1 A Anderegg (Switz) 26.25
 4 Jim Langford 27.39
 "Stadiums are for spectators. We runners have nature and that is much
 better". Juha Väätäinen, Finland.