Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 260                29 August 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Darryl McDonald wins Banstead Woods Time Trial
 *  Thomas Cup handicap in the Park this Saturday
 *  Party in the clubhouse on Saturday evening

 THOMAS CUP 3.8 miles handicap in Richmond Park including club photo and
 party  Saturday 1st September in Richmond Pk
 The opening run of our 127th "winter" season takes place this Saturday, 1st
 September. It's the Thomas Cup 3.8 miles / 6km handicap. All members are
 welcome for the race at 3pm, and for the annual club photograph that
 precedes it. There will be a party in the clubhouse in the evening starting
 at 7.30pm - again all are welcome but please bring a contribution to the
 food table.

 Three reasons to bring your cheque book on Saturday:
 1  If you haven't yet paid your subs for 2007 /2008 (due back in April) you
    will need to settle up before the race.
 2  Our new quartermaster (quartermistress?) Karen Broadbent will be holding
    a kit sale.
 3  Copies of our updated history book "The First 125 Years of Ranelagh
    Harriers" will be on sale at 12.

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 8th September at Wimbledon Park
 The county road relay championships will take place on the Wimbledon Park
 course starting at 12 noon. There will be the usual categories - senior men,
 senior women, men over 40, men over 50 and women over 35 - plus two new
 categories this year - men over 60 and women over 45. The senior men's race
 is 6 x 3 miles, all the others are 4 x 3 miles.

 The Richmond Park Time Trial is set to kick off on Saturday 13th October.
 Like the other TTs it will be over a 5km course every Saturday morning at
 9am. The start and finish will be adjacent to Richmond Gate. More details
 nearer the time.

 As of now, there will be no more on-the-day registration at the Bushy Park
 event. Anyone wishing to take part should register on-line at the UKTT
 website here: You need only register once to be able to participate in any
 of the UKTT events. If you have already taken part in any of the TTs you will
 have been automatically registered.

 Belated congratulations to Gill Wilson, who completed her 100th BPTT on July
 28th. Gill became the fourth runner to receive a "100 Club" jacket - she was
 the first woman to do so and the third from Ranelagh after Darren Wood and
 John Hanscomb.

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "Saturday morning training will start again on September 8th at 10.30 from
 the clubhouse. It is mainly for juniors but adults are also welcome to join
 us. There is a lot of hill work and the session is adjusted according to
 age, experience and event.  I am looking forward to seeing you all at the
 clubhouse on the 8th".

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  Sunday 14th October at Twickenham
 It's still six weeks away but the popular Cabbage Patch 10 is already
 filling up fast. The entry limit is 2000 and some 1500 names are already
 down for it, including 50 from Ranelagh. If you're thinking of running,
 don't delay too long in getting your entry in or you may be disappointed. Be
 aware, though, that this is unfortunately taking place the day after the
 opening Surrey Cross-Country League fixtures at Wimbledon (men) and Esher

 Yes, this is being held on the same day as the Cabbage Patch this year,
 which should make things a bit crowded round Kingston! As usual there's a 16
 miles and an 8 miles option. 

 TRAIL CHALLENGE HALF MARATHON / 12km / 6km  Sunday 23rd September in Ham and
 Richmond Park.
 The South London Orienteers and Wayfarers club will be using our changing
 rooms again on Sunday 23rd September to host their Trail Challenge Half
 Marathon, plus shorter options. These events are a cross between
 orienteering and cross-country races and provide another chance to see some
 unfamilar bits of the Park and Ham. The Half Marathon will start at 10.30am,
 a 2km race for juniors (under 15 at 31/12/07) will follow at 10.45am, then
 the 12km at 11am and the 6km at 11.15am.   

 Julia Langensiepen writes:
 "Hello everybody,
 For those of you who hesitated to come to the Hampton singing classes in
 January, there's another great chance for you now. We are starting again on
 6th September. COME AND JOIN US.
 Time:       8 - 9 pm Thursdays
 Address:  Julie and Robin Drummond's house: The Studio, 1 Church Road,

 And, yes, singing is good for you. There was a recent study in GEO magazine
 that stated singing is a life-elixir. It has something to do with magic. It
 talked about ancient gods, Shamans and medicine men who used to sing to
 bring the community together, create harmony, rid them of evil spirits and
 to build bridges between heaven and earth. 

 Their research has shown that regular singing has a positive influence on
 the brain activity. It stimulates the release of hormones conducive to
 memory and well-being while lowering those that cause aggression and stress
 in us. Singing lifts your mood and this has nothing to do with being some
 kind of wonder tenor/soprano. Everyone has a voice. Regular singing, so the
 research continues, creates new neuro-pathways, using present synapses in
 new and differentiated ways. Thus, it does not only give you greater inner
 peace and happiness, it also makes you a more healthy and clever being. 

 It is not just for those who are professionally trained, have the guts to
 appear or make an . of themselves at 'Stars in their Eyes'. Why not sing
 locally and enjoy doing something different one night a week. The sessions
 are still 8 but it would be great if people could pay for 6 sessions at a
 time (48 for 6 weeks).

 From September, warming up with movement, breathing and vocal exercises, we
 will be exploring new songs, voice types and harmony singing - working
 towards a Christmas concert in December. Those of you who missed the last
 concert.....you can't get out of it that easily... 

 Email:  lisabyrnes@hotmail.com or jlangensiepen@talk21.com
 Phone:  07780 988509 (Lisa)    07917 870767 (Julia)

 A few people have asked about private singing lessons in Hampton. Lisa is
 happy to give individual lessons in Hampton - maybe once or twice a term
 depending on demand. Individual lessons are 40 per hour. The group session
 is a really good and economical way to get singing and moving but if you
 feel you want to understand more about how your voice works and get a few
 technical hints catering to you and your voice you might want an occasional
 individual lesson. If you are interested contact Lisa:

 Julia has started a relaxation course Wednesday nights at The Greenwood
 Centre, 8-9pm starting 17th September. If you are interested contact Julia:

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Marie Synnott-Wells (07956 431319 / mailto: nandmwells@aol.com ).     

 Saturday 8th September  Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon Park starting at 12

 Saturday 22nd September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap in Richmond Park starting
 at 3pm.

 Sunday 23rd September  Trail Challenge Half Marathon / 12km / 6km at Ham and
 Richmond Park. See above.

 Every Saturday              Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                     Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                     Banstead Woods Time Trial: 9am start off
 B2219 Park Lane, Chipstead
                                     More details at www.parkrun.com

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 25th August
 Bank holiday weekend attracted nearly 400 runners. Marc Snaith was first man
 for us, though Sam Perkins may have been taking it easy! There were further
 improvements from PB regulars Anna-Maria Plaza and Sharon Rowe. 

 1 A Chetwynd (Oxford U) 16.24
 11 Marc Snaith 18.10
 13 Iain Wilson 18.20
 19 Sean Paynter 18.38
 20 Sam Perkins 18.39
 21 Jonny Peacock 18.40
 39 David Rowe 19.31
 51 Darren Wood 19.55
 55 Chris Read 20.10
 79 Chris Camacho 21.00
 132 Adam Wright 22.26
 137 Anna-Maria Plaza 22.31
 156 Karen Broadbent 23.10
 174 Jim Forrest 23.42
 224 Jenni Kruse 25.55
 252 Sharon Rowe 27.07
 311 Heather Martingell 29.13
 350 Stacey Barber 32.05

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 25th August
 1 D Symons (TH&H) 16.15
 12 Stephen Instone 19.48 

 BANSTEAD WOODS TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 25th August
 Taking a break from his Wimbledon Common back yard, Darryl McDonald won his
 first BWTT by over half a minute.

 1 Darryl McDonald 17.15
 72 Gill Wilson 27.32

 Think you're tough? The latest edition of "Roadrunner" (the magazine of the
 Road Runners Club) features an account written by Arthur Puckrin of his
 experiences competing in the Deca Ironman in Mexico last November. A Deca
 Ironman is an Ironman triathlon (that's a 2.6 miles swim, 112 miles cycle
 ride and full 26.2 miles marathon) every day for ten days. Racing for more
 than 14 hours each day in high temperatures, Puckrin finished 10th of the 17
 who survived to the finish. Oh, by the way - Puckrin is 68 years old...