Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 245                15 March 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Sam Perkins 9th in National Junior
 *  Peter Haarer and Estelle Damant win Roffey Salver and Aotearoa Trophy
 *  Another World Record for Ed Whitlock
 *  Jo Ronaldson 2nd in Fleet Half Marathon
 *  Tim Woods first vet in Wimbledon 10km
 *  Hugh Jones first over 50 in Hastings Half Marathon
 *  Ranelagh wins Inter-club against Hercules Wimbledon
 *  Successful home MABAC League race
 *  Book now for the Baker Cup Supper on March 31st
 *  Green Belt Relay - runners needed!

 BAKER CUP  3 miles road handicap  Saturday 31st March in Richmond Park
 The traditional closing of the "winter" season is on Saturday 31st March,
 the Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap. This is one of the few events on the
 calendar that is suitable for absolutely everyone in the club, young and
 old, fast and slow. It's only three miles and it's on traffic-free roads in
 the centre of the Park. The start and finish are beside White Lodge, near
 the Pen Ponds car park. Start is 3pm. You don't have to enter in advance,
 just turn up on the day - preferably at the clubhouse (no later than 2.30pm)
 or else at the start.

 It's followed by... 

 The Baker Cup Supper and Prize Giving at the Orange Tree pub in Richmond
 (opposite the train station), at 6.30pm for 7pm. This is the occasion when
 all the trophies for the season go to their new owners. If you have won a
 trophy or a medal, please try to come along to collect it. All members and
 families are welcome. There will be a finger food buffet and tickets cost
 12.50. Tickets are still available but we have to confirm numbers by 24th
 March, so please book now! 

 Parking is nearby at Old Deer Park, which is free after 6.30pm. Book your
 places with Jo or Marina on Tuesday nights or contact either of them at
 mailto: joturner_45@hotmail.com or mailto: marina_quayle@hotmail.com 

 Entries are now arriving for our Half Marathon on May 13th - 173 of them so
 far, including a dozen or so from Ranelagh. Don't leave it too late to get
 your entry in!
 If you're not running and can spare a couple of hours, we will need lots of
 help on the day - officials, marshals, helpers at water stations and so on.
 The race starts at 8.30am. Please contact Carol Barnshaw if you are able to
 help on 020 8547 6600 in office hours, 020 8898 9285 at home or by email on

 See our web site for the full list of ten races that will be forming our
 2007 Grand Prix, plus details of the rules, scoring and so on, here:
 The first event is the Thames Towpath 10 on 15th April.

 The five events that form the Surrey Road League all also feature in our
 Grand Prix. They are as follows: Sutton 10km (May 6), Dorking 10m (June 3),
 Dysart 10km (June 24), Elmbridge 10km (July 15) and Belgrave 5km (August

 This event takes place over the weekend of May 19th and 20th. We are the
 reigning champions in both the veterans' and the women's categories. Most of
 you have some idea what the GBR is all about, but for the benefit of
 newcomers it's a relay covering a 220 mile circle around the London green
 belt. The route is off-road where possible, very scenic, and is divided into
 22 stages. The average length of each stage is therefore 10 miles, though in
 fact they vary from 5.7 miles to 13.8 miles. The first 11 stages are run on
 Saturday, starting at Hampton Court and finishing at Blackmore in Essex. The
 race then resumes on Sunday morning to complete the circle, finishing at
 Ham. Teams comprise 11 runners, and each member of the team has to run once
 on Saturday and once on Sunday. You have the option of following the race
 either in whole or in part (we stay overnight in Essex) or else just running
 your own stage and then going home.You can see lots more information on the
 race website here:

 We are not sure yet how many teams we will enter - it depends on how many
 people want to take part! But entries do have to be made soon, so if you are
 interested, please contact me, Andy Bickerstaff or Anna McLaughlin (contact
 details below) as soon as possible.

 Bev Ali writes:
 "We have all missed Wally's teas on Tuesday evenings after running, but none
 of us so far has been willing to make the commitment that he did to brew and
 wash up every week. However, our group has enough willing hands to commit to
 organising after-running teas for the last Tuesday of each month. All are
 welcome; a small (20p?) donation would be requested to cover the cost of the
 tea and milk and whatever snacks are provided. The 27th March is the next
 'last Tuesday'."

 Carola Richter writes:
 "I'm a student at St.Mary's College studying Sports Science. One of my
 modules this semester requires me to undertake a research study on a female
 athlete over 18. Ideally this person should compete at national or
 international level. The later one is probably hard to find. The research
 involves a one-off interview and will take place in a location that ensures
 privacy and confidentiality. The interview will be tape recorded so that it
 can be transcribed later. Results will be analysed and findings will be
 presented as part of my module assessment. 

 The topic is in Sports Psychology: Social Physique Anxiety (SPA). To
 translate this: SPA is the concern that others are negatively evaluating one
 's body or physical appearance. In terms of distance running can you be too
 thin for the sport. I wonder if we have one female athlete at Ranelagh who
 would be interested in my research project. I would give further information
 before the interview.

 Unfortunately, I don't have much time left as the hand-in of the first draft
 is by the end of March. I approached a few athletes already but they are all
 out of the country in their training camps.

 P.S. Coffee and cake would go on my bill!"

 You can contact Carola on 07810 877286 or mailto:carola@pampellone.com.

 ...writes from Canada:
 "As well as proudly representing Ranelagh in this year's London Marathon,
 I'm also trying to raise a few quid for the charity my Mum's associated
 with, the Dystonia Society. So, if any club members would like to donate a
 few bob to the cause it would be very gratefully received. Easiest way to
 make a pledge is online at my fundraising page:
 http://www.justgiving.com/jma. Thank you kindly and I look forward to
 bumping into a few familiar faces when I return to the club for Tuesday
 training on April 10th, after flying in from Vancouver on Easter Sunday." 

 "The Friends of Richmond Park is a voluntary group dedicated to protecting
 Richmond Park as a place of natural beauty and public pleasure. We want
 anyone who cares about the Park to continue to visit it, enjoy its beauty
 and tranquility, and to learn about its diverse animal and plant life". A
 number of Ranelagh members are already also members of the Friends, as is
 the club itself. At only 6 per year it's a bargain, and anyone who cares
 about the future of the Park should consider joining. Details:

 For those interested in a more hands-on approach, the British Trust for
 Conservation Volunteers Richmond branch regularly undertakes conservation
 work inside the Park and in other parts of the borough. For more information
 call 020 8831 6150 or e-mail mailto:richmond@btcv.org.uk.

 The "Christmas" draw belatedly took place recently, with the following
 winners: Carol Barnshaw (125), Archie Taylor (52) and Bill Bird (31). The
 draw costs only 10 a year and provides valuable income to help cover the
 maintenance costs of the clubhouse and future projects. If you'd like to
 join in, contact Peter Trainor at mailto:peter.trainor@btinternet.com.

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 17th March      Ranelagh Cup schools race in Richmond Park. 2.30pm

 Sunday 18th March        Finchley 20 miles at Ruislip. 9.30am start. 

 Saturday 31st March      Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap. 3pm start in
 Richmond Park (near White Lodge).

 Sunday 1st April            Kingston Breakfast Runs 8m or 16m. 

 Sunday 15th April          Thames Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick. Ranelagh GP

 Sunday 22nd April         London Marathon. Ranelagh GP race.

 Sunday 6th May            Sutton 10km. Ranelagh GP and Surrey Road League

 Sunday 13th May           Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon. Ranelagh GP race.
 See above. 

 Every Saturday              Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                      Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.

 Andy Bickerstaff reports:
 "This year the English Nationals, the traditional climax of the domestic
 cross country season, were in Sunderland. Since this is a five hour drive
 from London it was unsurprising that most southern clubs didn't get many to
 the start line. Not daunted by this a few intrepid Ranelaghites did intend
 to toe the line. Unfortunately I went down with a seriously unpleasant cold
 the day before so was relegated to a spectator's role. 

 We got there in time to see Sam Perkins in the Junior race. Lana ventured
 out to the course, and five minutes later declared Herington Country Park
 far too windy and retired back to the car for the duration of the afternoon.
 Good idea!

 Back in the howling gale Sam was having another great run: one of many
 during a pretty awesome winter. Unlike at the Inter Counties he was able to
 run as he wanted without the pressure of finishing in a particular position.
 9th was an excellent result with a very strong finish after a hilly and
 windswept 10k of effort. Great to see a Ranelagh vest mixing it with the
 best juniors in the country. Post race Peter Haarer and I congratulated Sam
 on his run but made a dignified retreat when he was surrounded by a bevy of
 adoring young girls. I think I know whose congrats were more welcome. On a
 salutary note it was interesting to find out when I enquired where Sam's
 training partner Jon Pepper was, that he had a stress fracture. And to find
 out he was running up to 100 miles a week! Are these things connected?

 The next race with Ranelagh interest was the Senior Women. In the race we
 had recently signed second-claimer international Wendy Jones and also
 Estelle Damant. My attention was not surprisingly focused on the head of the
 field but I did notice the only Ranelagh vest having a strong run and very
 good sprint finish.

 At the front Liz Yelling shot off the line and established a gap over
 sister-in law Hayley in the first 800m with the rest including Wendy
 (advised by our own Dave Wright) in a small pack of five or six behind.
 Driven by the relentless pace up front the pack then began to break up with
 Wendy showing well in about 6th. Despite a wobble in the second half she
 rallied well to outsprint a bunch of three girls she had dropped back to
 during the race and finish an excellent 6th.

 Buoyed by two top ten finishes I instructed our only representative in the
 Senior Men to repeat the feat. Sadly he never quite got into the top ten.
 The speed at the front was such that I got quite tired watching. Frank
 Tickner looked effortless and Dominic Bannister in 4th showed what can be
 done by the more mature runner. Back in 1996 he won this race whilst an even
 then mature specimen had his best ever national in 226th. 11 years later he's
 lost 3 places and the mature specimen was a mere spectator. as Lana says
 'why do you bother?' I really don't know and today I didn't".

 Sam adds:
 "I was really pleased with my National debut. I thought it was a very solid
 run. It was an interesting race. The first 800m were pretty quick. Then it
 slowed down and sped up and slowed down and sped up. I think this is because
 it was so windy. I had the peverse situation of moving quickest up the hills
 because they were most sheltered from the wind. After 4k the first 15
 started to string out a bit. I found myself in 9th and that's where I
 stayed. It was pretty isolated. No-one really changed position. I passed
 nobody and nobody passed me. The last half was pretty dull. I was closing
 down on 8th at the end with 10th closing me down but it was all academic as
 it was big gaps in between us, maybe 40m or so". 

 As our only runners in the senior events, Peter Haarer and Estelle Damant
 enjoyed "walkovers" for the awards for the first club finishers: the Roffey
 Salver and the Aotearoa Trophy respectively. Peter's name will thus go onto
 the Roffey Salver for the sixth consecutive time.

 Junior Men
 1 K Deighton (Bridlington) 32.12
 9 Sam Perkins 33.15

 Senior Men
 1 F Tickner (Wells) 37.31
 190 Peter Haarer 43.45

 Senior Women
 1 L Yelling (Bedford) 28.56
 6 Wendy Jones (Ciren) 30.33
 126 Estelle Damant 36.28

 From the Track & Field News message board comes this news: "Ed (Whitlock)
 did it again...breaking his own M75 World Record in the 3000m at Saturday's
 Ontario Masters Championships with a stunning 11:17 mark. His 'old' record
 was 11:28, set just after his 75th birthday at the meet last year". 

 INTER-CLUB 3.8 miles  Saturday 3rd March in Richmond Park
 Only Hercules Wimbledon turned up to provide opposition in this very low-key
 end of season event. Fortunately their team was strong enough to make a race
 of it and scoring seven a side we came out only narrowly ahead. 

 16 year-old Alex Littlewood - who had finished 4th for Blackheath in our mob
 match against them last month - was first home and there were two more HW
 vests in the top four. Only Paul Doyle was able to get amongst them, and
 actually led the way in the early stages. But then we provided the next six
 finishers, headed by Hugh Brasher and Niall O'Connor, and this proved
 sufficient to secure the victory.

 MABAC LEAGUE  Sunday 4th March in Richmond Park
 "The day started grey and damp and progressed to grey, wet and windy!
 Underfoot was boggy at best, ankle deep mud and slime at worst. And to cap
 it all off, Runner's World was conducting 1,000 runners on two laps of the
 park, which translated to a very full parking lot at the time that MABAC
 runners were arriving for the race. Despite all of this, the team managed to
 stage a well organised, friendly event that saw 128 runners finish two laps,
 25 joggers/walkers finish one lap and a hardy 9 juniors finish one lap! Many
 thanks to all the helpers, especially Carol Barnshaw, Peter Saw, Alison
 Cullen, Pat Hewlett, Eileen Woodley, Lorna Smith, Mick Angles, Juliette
 Chan, Jo Turner with Ruby & Dylan, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, Cindy Croucher, Simon
 Burrell, Deborah Blakemore, Ann Murray and Bev Ali - all of whom, in
 addition to other contributions, also braved the elements to stand and guide
 and cheer on the participants".

 1 C Richards (Pyrford) 30.26
 44 Phil Aiken 39.26
 80 Roger Wilson 45.38
 102 Dawn Bates 49.11
 106 Corinne Bishop 49.44
 109 Molly Smith 51.10
 113 Natasha Taroghian 51.40
 119 Jan Choudhury 56.26

 One lap
 11 Rochelle Butler 34.40

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd March
 Another PB for junior Edward Smith, just missing the 20 minutes barrier.

 1 R Stannard (Belgrave) 16.06
 26 Marc Snaith 19.16
 28 Darren Wood 19.23
 40 David Rowe 19.46
 45 Edward Smith 20.02
 110 Wyn Williams 22.27
 139 Adam Wright 23.30
 155 Ray Smith 24.15
 162 Paul Bisping 24.32
 214 John Hanscomb 27.25
 219 Frances Pennycook 27.36
 245 Roger Wilson 29.33
 262 Steve McClune 30.45
 266 Sharon Rowe 31.48

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd March
 1 W Clark (Epsom & E) 16.29
 7 Andrew Forth 18.24
 15 Kerrie O'Connor 20.07
 19 Stephen Instone 20.35

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85m handicap  Wednesday 7th March at Woking
 1 S Potter (Redhill) 24.29  (actual time 20.29)
 26 Sonia Rowland 27.48  (actual time 21.18)

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 10th March
 But this time Edward Smith improved to 19.35, and there was a first time
 inside 30 mins for Sharon Rowe. Kerry Anley and Bonnie Webster were 2nd and
 4th women home in a field that topped 300.

 1 J Adams (Unatt) 16.49
 6 Alyn Morgan 17.50
 29 Darren Wood 19.23
 33 Edward Smith 19.35
 34 David Rowe 19.42
 39 Kerry Anley 19.53
 49 Bonnie Webster 20.19
 113 Phil Aiken 22.54
 186 Paul Bisping 25.13
 210 Frances Pennycook 26.42
 215 Stephanie Croucher 26.51
 230 Danielle Croucher 28.06
 257 Steve McClune 29.29
 268 Sharon Rowe 29.48
 276 Roger Wilson 30.23

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 10th March
 1 W Clark (Epsom & E) 16.07
 18 Stephen Instone 20.34
 41 George Coates 24.48

 FLEET HALF MARATHON  Sunday 11th March
 An excellent run from Jo Ronaldson, who took some 40 seconds off her
 personal best to finish in 2nd place less than half a minute behind the
 winner. Her 78.24 clocking advances her to 3rd place in Ranelagh's all-time
 ranking list.

 Jo writes:
 "The Fleet course is quite lovely, especially in Sunday's uplifting
 sunshine, though rather more undulating than I had been led to believe. I
 stuck in behind a group that included Jo Kelsey for the first 6 miles or so
 but then caution took hold and I dropped back a little. I regret not being
 braver as the gap that opened remained about the same and I ended up
 battling the wind on my own for a few miles, fortunately an unsuspecting RAF
 chap caught up and I mercilessly sheltered behind him for the remaining
 distance! Training has been going well and I was ambitiously hoping for a
 sub 78 min run, but you can never be unhappy with a PB... next time!"

 1 M Miles (Belgrave) 66.05  (chip time 66.03)
 41 J Kelsey (Win - 1st W) 77.56  (77.53)
 46 Jo Ronaldson 78.24  (78.21)
 136 Ed Barker 86.51  (86.46)
 324 Simon Lawrence 95.16  (94.56)
 363 Stephen Logue 96.21  (95.47)

 WIMBLEDON AUDI 10km  Sunday 11th March
 "A lovely day but I had forgotten just how hilly Wimbledon is," reflects Tim
 Woods. Nevertheless, Tim ran fast enough to be not only the first over 50 to
 finish but also the first over 40.

 1 J Sumpter (Unatt) 32.01  (chip time 32.01)
 14 Tim Woods 35.41  (35.40)
 28 Chris Jones 37.33  (37.30)
 650 David Meaden 61.44  (61.15)

 Hugh Jones ran his first Half Marathon for some time, finishing 32nd and
 first over 50 in a field of nearly 4000. However, he missed jumping to the
 top of our over 50s ranking list by one second. That honour still belongs to
 Ken Fotherby senior, who ran 76.35 back in 1984. Kerrie O'Connor's 90.03
 ranks her 9th in our over 35s list.

 1 P Gitia (Kenya) 63.22  (chip time 63.22)
 32 Hugh Jones 76.36  (76.35)
 164 Andrew Forth 88.12  (88.02)
 223 Kerrie O'Connor 90.03  (89.53)
 718 Chris Camacho 101.21  (100.08)
 752 Phil Aiken 101.48  (100.06)
 1830 Louise Piears 117.44  (115.57)
 2064 Lorna Smith 120.47  (118.19)
 2326 Julie Naismith 125.02  (124.00) 

 BANBURY 15 miles  Sunday 11th March
 "The race was well organised but we felt it was a tough course despite
 perfect weather" writes Chris Read.

 1 N McGuiness (NER) 1.22.49
 89 Chris Read 1.51.55
 120 Evelyn Joslin 1.56.52
 194 Karen Broadbent 2.05.46

 1 J Clarke (New & EB) 71.22
 479 Liz Kipling 99.55

 G3 10km SERIES  Newlands Corner, Guildford
 This was a series of 10km off-road races, each on a slightly different
 course but all starting and finishing at Newlands Corner on the North Downs,
 and each more than a little hilly! Bonnie Webster clocked up one 2nd and two
 3rds in the women's section, and Alyn Morgan scored two 6ths and an 8th.

 6th January
 1 E Robson 44.37
 6 Alyn Morgan 48.29
 40 Bonnie Webster 56.38

 3rd February
 1 S Gardener 43.43
 6 Alyn Morgan 46.18
 26 Bonnie Webster 53.04

 3rd March
 1 S Padget 45.23
 8 Alyn Morgan 48.29
 25 Bonnie Webster 54.17

 BUSHY PARK TRAIL RUNS  Sunday 25th February
 Roger Wilson reports:
 "After a rule change from previous years the junior team award was based on
 three rather than the previous four runners, Ranelagh won the junior team
 shield. The team was Sam Hunton (1st), George Inman (2nd) and Luke Wilson

 SUSSEX BEACON HALF MARATHON  Sunday 18th February at Brighton
 Louise Dunn reports that it was not in fact she who ran at Brighton. John
 Pratt was the second over 60 to finish.

 "It seemed to me a great pity that just as this grand season was drawing to
 a close one of our well-known sports writers should choose to bring up again
 that old question of whether our women athletes should run more than a
 furlong. He gave his opinion that girls 'should not attempt athletic
 performances for which they were never constructed'. He spoke of 'the sight
 of a girl with hair in rat tails, eyes staring out of her pallid face, and
 obviously at the end of her tether'. He used the word 'degrading'. Well, I
 ask you. Regular followers of athletics will, I am sure, agree with me that
 instances such as the above are very rare indeed. Of course our women
 athletes sometimes appear exhausted after a gruelling race. So do the men. A
 perfectly natural reaction. And only a momentary one."
 R.A Oliver writing in "Athletics Weekly", 24th October 1953.