Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 243                15 February 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Women's team runners-up in the Surrey League
 *  Men's team finish fourth
 *  Anna McLaughlin, Clare King and Phil Killingley in top ten finishers
 *  Rebecca Clayden individual Under 17 bronze medallist

 BANK OF ENGLAND RACE  Saturday 17th February in Richmond Park
 This is a low-key race against the Bank and a handful of other clubs. It is
 in Richmond Park, but on the Bank's 5˝ miles course, which starts near
 Roehampton Gate. Changing, showers and tea will be at the Bank's sports
 ground a quarter of a mile from the gate in Bank Lane. Start is at 3pm, all

 Bev Ali writes:
 "Ranelagh organises our own MABAC race to be held in Richmond Park on the
 4th March 2007. You won't find it on our fixture list, but we still need to
 have 10 to 12 volunteers to marshal, and would like to encourage as many
 runners as we can to race. As with most MABAC races, there is no entry fee,
 the race starts at a very civilised 11 am Sunday morning, and the race is
 one or two laps (you choose on the day) of an approximately 2.5 mile route
 that is different from any of our cross country routes. If you cannot run
 and would like to help, please contact Ann Murray (mailto:annmurray@f2s.com
 or 0794 0292624), Deborah Blakemore (mailto:deboraheblakemore@yahoo.co.uk)
 or Bev Ali (mailto:bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk). 

 MABAC has a 15 or 21 mile (you decide which on the day!) open race on the
 25th March in Cranleigh. Last year it was full almost a month before the
 race, so if you want to run it as part of your preparation for a spring
 Marathon, or just because, the entry forms are available here: and enter as
 soon as possible.
 It is a very friendly race, with a scenic and undulating course, on mostly
 country roads, and the entry fee is a very reasonable Ł7 - a bargain these

 The last Junior Points Prize event will be on Saturday 24th February at 2pm.
 Start as usual at Sidmouth Wood, opposite the Pembroke Lodge car park. All
 under 17s welcome. 

 Jo Turner writes:
 "The Baker Cup supper and annual prize giving is going to be at the Orange
 Tree pub in Richmond on Saturday 31st March. This is opposite the train
 station and there is a car park (Old Deer Park) behind it which is free from
 6.30 onwards.
 There will be a finger food buffet and tickets will cost Ł12.50.
 Unfortunately, we can only have 60 people so the first come first served
 system will be in operation. Put the date in your diaries."
 Book your places with Jo or Marina on Tuesday nights or contact either of
 them at mailto:joturner_45@hotmail.com or mailto:marina_quayle@hotmail.com. 

 Our own Half Marathon takes place this year on Sunday 13th May, starting
 from the clubhouse at 8.30am. We will need lots of help on the day -
 officials, marshals, helpers at water stations and so on. Please contact
 Carol Barnshaw if you are able to help on 020 8547 6600 in office hours, 020
 8898 9285 at home or by email on mailto:c_barnshaw@yahoo.com". 

 One specific job that needs to be filled is setting out the mile markers.
 Wally Garrod writes:
 "Brian Chard and I have put out the markers for several years. This year we
 are not available. You need a car, strings, scissors, hammer and time! Time
 to orientate the route before hand and before and after the race. We enjoyed
 our time and now need two volunteers. Please see me either Tuesday or
 Wednesday evening or give me a ring on 020 8390 1676". 

 This Sunday (February 18th) is the last of Clive Beauvais's long runs for
 the time being, as he and Sue are off for some sunshine. It's a 12, 18 or 24
 miler in Windsor Great Park. 4 x 6 mile laps - ideal for getting your
 marathon race drinking needs sorted out - opportunity to place drinks every
 3 miles. 9.30am start at the Bishopsgate entrance.

 Cindy Croucher is organising a series of junior races in Bushy Park on
 Saturday mornings starting at 9am: all age groups from 8 to 16, and entry is
 free. Dates are 17th February, 17th March, 28th April and 26th May. Register
 at the cricket club near the Hampton Hill entrance.

 We have been sent the following appeal:
 "Equipment Necessary to Help End Torture = One Pair of Favourite Running
 Join the REDRESS team in a race to eliminate torture and earn a place in the
 British 10K. We have six charity places available for runners raising funds
 for REDRESS to participate in the July 1st 2007 British 10K. The money you
 raise from sponsorship will help us fight for justice for survivors of
 torture. For more information call 0207 793 1777 or email nell@redress.org". 

 New member Shane O'Rourke writes:
 "I'm looking to rent a room until the end of May at least. Ideally somewhere
 around Twickenham/Richmond that's near to a train station (I have to get to
 Staines every day) and near to the club. I'll only be around two weeks of
 every month, so won't be under anyone's feet too much. So if anyone wants to
 rent a room out and is looking for a friendly, tidy runner to share with,
 I'd be ideal! I can be contacted at mailto:shane.orourke@gartner.com if
 anyone is interested". 
 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 17th February   v Bank of England, Herc Wimb, Ealing and others
 (incl Hec Petersen Trophy). 5˝ miles in Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate - the
 Bank's course, not ours!). Start at 3pm, not 2.30pm as shown in the fixture

 Saturday 24th February   Junior Points Prize Race 4 in Richmond Park. 2pm
                                      Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in
 Richmond Park. 2.30pm start.

 Saturday 3rd March        Inter-club 3.8 miles in Richmond Park. 3pm start. 

 Sunday 4th March          MABAC League 5 miles in Richmond Park. 11am
 start - all welcome. See above.

 Saturday 10th March      National Cross-Country Championships at Sunderland 

 Saturday 17th March      Ranelagh Cup schools race in Richmond Park. 2.30pm

 Sunday 1st April            Kingston Breakfast Runs 8m or 16m. 

 Every Saturday               Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                      Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                      See http://www.bptt.net/ for details.

 SURREY LEAGUE FINAL RACES  Saturday 10th February in Richmond Park
 A few forlorn and grubby snowmen were all that remained of the white blanket
 that had covered the Park two days earlier. A rapid thaw and heavy overnight
 rain left the Park with what the horse racing fraternity would call "soft

 The women's race started the proceedings, with the Ranelagh team facing a
 task of Everest proportions to catch the club who were to be the afternoon's
 bęte noire for us, Belgrave Harriers. We had won the league title two years
 in a row, and it was Belgrave who had been victorious the year before that.
 Now it was their turn again. A weak team in the second race back in November
 had effectively done for us in the overall reckoning, but a win on our home
 turf would have ended the season with a flourish. Alas the fates were
 against us again, and a heavy cold kept Jo Ronaldson at home. Jo would
 surely have been in contention today for her first individual victory. 

 Anna McLaughlin it was who led the team in 8th place, just staying ahead of
 Clare King, who - discounting two guests - made the top ten for the first
 time. Marie Synnott-Wells was close behind in 13th, and then at 26th came
 Kerrie O'Connor, just back from injury and working her way steadily through
 the field after a slow start. Closing in the scoring team was newcomer
 Bonnie Webster in 30th place, but she had Yvonne Hill, Sara Grosvenor and
 Liz Kipling chasing her home within half a minute. 

 It was a close result, but Belgrave had the edge on us today by just six
 points and secured the League title by a clear 75. Our 'B' team ended the
 season as runners-up too, finishing 45 behind South London Harriers. 

 Rebecca Clayden was our only junior in action today and her 4th place in the
 Under 17s race secured her the overall individual bronze medal. 

 Belgrave Harriers were the target for our men's team too. They stood in the
 way of our equalling our best-ever result in Division One of the Surrey
 League, which was 3rd place back in 1985. We had 39 points to make up, but
 we had taken 59 off them in the last race so with a strong team it was
 certainly a possibility. A three-line whip went out, and a strong team duly
 assembled - not quite the "dream team" perhaps, but pretty good.
 Unfortunately for us, the Bels decided it was time to flex their muscles. On
 paper they are one of the strongest clubs in the country but have not been
 showing well in the League at all this year. However, today there were six
 claret-and-golds home in the top twenty - enough to win on the day and keep
 us back in fourth place overall. This was still our best Division One
 finishing position since 1999, so certainly nothing to be ashamed of. We
 were in fact the first club to close in ten runners today, and our 11th,
 12th and 13th men - Andy Bickerstaff, Alyn Morgan and Marcus Gohar - were
 the top three non-scorers. 

 Just as in the last League race it was Phil Killingley who led the Ranelagh
 team home, with David Benton never far behind. Paul Doyle in 27th was our
 third man and twenty seconds back there was another fighting finish between
 Peter Haarer and Duncan Bell, with Peter coming out on top this time. Pancho
 Gonzalez-Diaz just stayed ahead of Hugh Jones - when was the last time Hugh
 was 7th Ranelagh man home? - and the ten was completed by Jordan Mungovan,
 Mick Lane and Ed Barker.

 David Benton was the first over 40 to finish, Hugh the first over 50 and
 Clive Beauvais the first over 60. It's interesting to note that Hugh
 finished over a minute clear of SLH's Barry Attwell, who had won the silver
 medal in the South of England over 50 championship the week before. 

 For some mind-boggling statistics on consistency and what-have-you in League
 races on our course, see Will Cockerell's Skipper's Corner on the Belgrave
 Harriers website.

 In the Stranelagh Cup, the unofficial B team competition between ourselves
 and Stragglers, we scored our best total of the season to win on the day by
 821 to 1099 and overall by 4218 to 5055. 

 At the bottom end of the table, Reigate Priory pulled off a miraculous
 escape trick at the expense of the Stragglers, who will be relegated to
 Division Two along with the outclassed Dulwich Runners. Coming up in their
 places will be Hercules Wimbledon and Wimbledon Windmilers. This means that
 four of the nine Division One clubs will be Wimbledon Common-based. Must be
 something in the air... 

 There was almost as much photographic talent in the Park on Saturday as
 running talent! 
 These are from Richard Xerri:

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 10th February
 1 C Payne (Cranleigh) 16.20
 13 Nick Wright 18.36
 35 David Rowe 20.21
 38 Darren Wood 20.29
 72 Adam Wright 22.09
 122 Roger Wilson 24.45
 147 John Hanscomb 26.42
 175 Wally Garrod 29.18
 182 Sharon Rowe 30.34

 WIMBLEDON COMMON TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 10th February
 1 T Solomon (unatt) 17.52
 9 Stephen Instone 20.32
 24 Jo Turner 23.48

 RICHMOND MINI-MARATHON TRIAL  Sunday 11th February 2007 in Richmond Park
 130 juniors turned out for the Mini Marathon trials, with the top eight in
 each age-group to qualify for the Mini Marathon itself on London Marathon
 day. Joss Moran won the Boys 11-12 race in an impressive time of 17.20 for
 two laps of Sidmouth Wood. Full results can be found on the junior section
 of our web site.

 WOKINGHAM HALF MARATHON  Sunday 11th February
 Wokingham is one of the better quality half marathons by today's standards,
 with the top seven inside 70 minutes. Nathan Mills was a little outside his
 best, running 78.24 for 35th place, and Liz Kipling found 90 minutes only
 good enough for 28th amongst the women. There was another big personal best
 for Evelyn Joslin. 

 1 W Chinhanhu (Poole R) 64.52
 35 Nathan Mills 78.24
 47 Ed Barker 80.17
 241 Liz Kipling 90.38
 256 Chris Read 91.16
 396 Evelyn Joslin 95.48
 1249 John Hanscomb 119.09

 VALENTINE'S 10km  Sunday 11th February at Chessington
 1 G Price (Shafts B) 31.34
 114 Pete Warren 43.49
 255 Simon Burrell 49.24
 398 Gill Wilson 54.46
 402 Janet Turnes 54.58
 414 Geoff Bell 55.18
 544 Alan Meaden 60.12
 569 David Meaden 61.27
 671 Deborah Blakemore 68.21

 TAUT 10km  Sunday 11th February at Sandown Park
 1 A Whitcombe 35.56
 36 Stewart Ward 43.09 

 STREET ORIENTEERING  Tuesday 13th February
 It was a pity that we had a wet evening for the Street O event organised by
 Matthias Mahr and Abi Weeds on behalf of the South London Orienteers, but a
 good number of Ranelagh Orienteering novices decided to give it a go.
 Despite the plastic bags provided, maps and answer sheets soon got soggy,
 but most people knew Richmond to some extent, so search parties were not
 called for!

 Duncan Bell brought an army mate along, and together they finished in second
 place overall with 520 points, though a clear 100 behind the winner. Andy
 Bickerstaff rashly bet Anna McLaughlin a tenner that he would score 25% more
 than Anna. Some hope. Competitive spirit raised, Anna went on to record the
 top women's score of the day, 460 points. Sonia Rowland was joint 3rd with
 410 and Sanna Eriksson joint 5th with 390. 

 Most people seem to have enjoyed the event, despite the rain. For those who
 would like to try Street O again, there are two more events in SLOW's winter
 programme: Tuesday 13th March at Dorking and Tuesday 17th April at Raynes
 Park. Full details of these will be posted nearer the time on the SLOW website,
 where you will also very soon find the results of the Richmond event.

 Ian Milne writes:
 "On the subject of beer during a race, I'm afraid that there is nothing new
 in that for the Prague marathon. Back in the 70s, when we got involved in
 the London to Brighton race, the boys from Tipton used to regularly drink
 cans of beer from about half way onward, and this was not alcohol free.
 These were not also rans, either, but included the Bentleys. If my memory is
 correct Ron Bentley was a worthy winner on more than one occasion, doing in
 the region of 6 to 6˝ hours".