Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 242                7 February 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Blackheath win centenary mob match
 *  Sam Perkins wins BUSA 'B' race
 *  Final Surrey League fixtures this Saturday in Richmond Park
 *  Richmond Mini-Marathon trial on Sunday in Richmond Park
 *  Mick Lane nationally top-ranked M45 over 20 miles

 SURREY LEAGUE FINAL RACES  Saturday 10th February in Richmond Park
 Mark Middleton writes:
 "This Saturday is the final Surrey League and it's at home (which you all
 know, unless you've been on a different planet for the last two months!).
 I'm also sure you're aware that the guys are a mere 30 odd points behind the
 mighty Belgrave and third place...If we were to get this, it would equal
 Ranelagh's highest ever placing in the Surrey League, such opportunities
 don't come around every day!

 The Surrey Leagues are open to everyone (not just the fast guys & girls), so
 we need everyone at Richmond Park on Saturday, either running (men & women)
 or supporting and/or marshalling- as Clare said at Tuesday training we need
 a sea of blue...".

 The women's team is in second place and looks set to stay there. Despite our
 clawing back 20 points on Belgrave in the last race, the Belles hold a
 virtually unassailable 69 points lead. It would take a major disaster for
 them to be dislodged, but a Ranelagh win on the day will send the message
 that the trophy is definitely only leaving us on loan! In addition our 'B'
 team is in second place amongst the 'Bs', just 11 behind SLH, so there's
 everything to run for.

 Timetable is:
 12.15pm Senior women
 1.15pm Girls under 17 and Under 15
 1.45pm Girls under 13
 2.30pm Boys Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13
 3pm Senior men

 You might have noticed that our website is already showing links for entry
 to our Half Marathon in May and our Dysart Dash 10km in June. We need plenty
 of help for both, but especially for the Half Marathon. If you aren't going
 to run, please put the date in your diary anyway, and volunteer. Carol
 Barnshaw writes:
 "I am helping to organise the Ranelagh Harriers Ricmond Half Marathon which
 will take place on Sunday 13th May starting from outside the clubhouse at
 8.30am. The half marathon has a reputation of being well organised and
 friendly. In order to keep up this reputation I need to recruit people to
 help. We need people to marshall, to help organise on the day, to help at
 the water stations and to help with catering.
 Please contact me if you are able to help - hopefully the weather will be
 kind to us and it's a great event to be part of. You can call me on 8547
 6600 in office hours, 8898 9285 at home or by email on
 mailto:c_barnshaw@yahoo.com. Thank you in anticipation!" 

 STREET O  Tuesday 13th February at the clubhouse - start any time between
 7pm and 8pm.
 Your chance to try something new as a change from the normal Tuesday night
 sessions! Street O is Street Orienteering. But you don't need any
 Orienteering skills or equipment to take part. It's more of a cross between
 Orienteering and a treasure hunt: great fun, as well as providing a good
 hour's fartlek training.

 The way it works is this: you start at 30 second or one minute intervals.
 You will be able to start any time between 7pm and 8pm. As you start you are
 given a map and a clue/answer sheet. The map will be a large scale one of
 the Richmond area, but it will show only roads, footpaths and other
 significant linear features like railways and rivers. Road names are NOT
 shown. The start and finish (i.e. the clubhouse) will be marked with a
 triangle. Also marked will be 30 to 40 numbered circles. These are the
 control points. The controls will be valued at either 10, 20, 30 or 40
 points - generally the ones further away are worth more. Typically the
 controls numbered 1 - 19 are worth 10 points, 20 - 29 are 20 points, 30 - 39
 are 30 points and 40 - 49 are 40 points. On your clue/answer sheet will be a
 description of what you need to identify at each control. These are always
 straightforward enough to see once you get to the right place. They might be
 things like the name of a pub or shop; the colour of the door at number 38;
 the number on a lamp post, the height restriction on a bridge etc etc. You
 have to write the answer on your sheet. 

 You have one hour to visit as many controls as you can (in any order), amass
 as many points as you can and get back to base at the clubhouse. BUT you are
 penalised if you get back over the hour - you lose 20 points per minute or
 part of a minute late.  

 So, you spend the hour running as fast as you can between controls and then
 having a break while you identify the control and write down the answer. As
 I said, a good fartlek session, but at the other extreme you can still take
 part by just jogging or even walking round. 
 The only equipment you need is a pen or pencil, and a watch so you can keep
 track of the time remaining. A small hand or head torch is useful too, but
 it's not vital as everything is on lit roads. Most people run singly but
 anyone nervous of going alone can run in pairs or threes (though you do have
 to keep together - sending one person off to one control while the other
 person goes to a different control isn't allowed!). 

 Jo Turner writes:
 "The Baker Cup supper and annual prize giving is going to be at the Orange
 Tree pub in Richmond on Saturday 31st March. This is opposite the train
 station and there is a car park (Old Deer Park) behind it which is free from
 6.30 onwards.
 There will be a finger food buffet and tickets will cost 12.50.
 Unfortunately, we can only have 60 people so the first come first served
 system will be in operation. Put the date in your diaries."
 Book your places with Jo or Marina on Tuesday nights or contact either of
 them at mailto:joturner_45@hotmail.com or mailto:marina_quayle@hotmail.com. 

 RICHMOND MINI-MARATHON TRIAL  Sunday 11th February 2007 in Richmond Park
 As usual we are jointly hosting the trials for the Richmond team to take
 part in the London Mini-Marathon. The course is two laps of Sidmouth Wood
 (opposite Pembroke Lodge) and the timetable is: 10am Girls 13-14 and 15-17;
 10.30am Boys 13-14 and 15-17; 11am Girls 11-12; 11.30am Boys 11-12.

 Next on Clive Beauvais's menu is on Sunday 11th: the 'Punchbowl Marathon',
 another LDWA event with 20 miles or 30 miles options. "Beautiful scenery and
 great facilities including hot meal at the end," writes Clive. HQ is at
 Witley Village Hall, on the A283 south of Godalming, grid ref 948394. 
 You can enter on the day and you should aim to be there for an 8.30am start.
 More info on the LDWA website: http://www.ldwa.org.uk/surrey.

 Sunday February 18th  24 miler in Windsor Great Park. 4 x 6 mile laps -
 ideal for getting your marathon race drinking needs sorted out - opportunity
 to place drinks every 3 miles.

 Carola Richter writes:
 "I joined the adidas team for a run in Bushy Park this Sunday morning. I
 really recommend the event for every first time marathon runners. It's very
 well organised. The run usually starts with some advice for beginners and
 advanced runners alike followed by a run with pacers through Bushy Park and
 ends with free Lucozade drinks, coffee and biscuits afterwards. The good
 thing is you never run alone. There is always someone you can talk to. Don't
 be put off by the low mileage. It will increase soon (as I said it's for
 beginners) but if you feel you need to do more mileage just run another

 The http://www.athleticsdata.com/ web site has ambitiously attempted to
 assemble national ranking lists for all track and road events for all age
 groups. These are I think based on results that appear in Athletics Weekly,
 so will inevitably be incomplete...but in the 2006 lists we have one claim
 to fame in that Mick Lane is ranked top in the M45 age group at 20 miles
 with 2.00.09. His 2.42.06 Marathon ranks 8th and his 57.26 10 miles ranks

 Those making the 2006 overall top hundreds include: Jo Ronaldson (49th at
 Half-Marathon with 79.13), Anna McLaughlin (72nd at Half-Marathon with
 80.32), Marie Synnott-Wells (72nd at 10 miles with 61.59 and 81st at
 Marathon with 2.58.50) and Fari Shams (87th at Marathon with 2.59.56).

 In the veteran lists, apart from Mick we have: Jo Ronaldson (W35: 9th at
 Half-Marathon with 79.13 and 19th at 10km with 36.33), Marie Synnott-Wells
 (W40: 13th at Marathon with 2.58.50, 25th at Half-Marathon with 84.31, 12th
 at 10 miles with 61.59 and 27th at 10km with 38.07), Tim Woods (M50: 18th at
 Half-Marathon with 77.09, 32nd at 10km with 35.06), Ken Fotherby (M50: 32nd
 at Marathon with 2.56.26), Pete Warren (M65: 47th at 10km with 42.50),
 Marcus Gohar (M45: 52nd at Half-Marathon with 77.43), Iain Wilson (M50: 54th
 at Marathon with 3.00.02), Kerrie O'Connor (W35: 62nd at 10 miles with 66.42
 and 90th at 10km with 38.53), Hugh Jones (M50: 72nd at 10km with 35.59),
 Chris Owens (M50: 75th at 10 miles with 62.21), Clive Beauvais (M60: 81st at
 10km with 40.33) and Sonia Rowland (W50: 87th at 10km with 45.36). 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 10th February   Surrey League Division 1 (men and women) in
 Richmond Park. See above.

 Sunday 11th February    Valentines 10km at Chessington. Details:
                                     Mini Marathon Trial from 10am in
 Richmond Park. See above.
 Tuesday 13th February   Street O event from the clubhouse. See above.
 Saturday 17th February   v Bank of England, Herc Wimb, Ealing and others
 (incl Hec Petersen Trophy). 5 miles in Richmond Park (Roehampton Gate - the
 Bank's course, not ours!). Start at 3pm, not 2.30pm as shown in the fixture

 Saturday 24th February   Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap in Richmond Park.
 2.30pm start. 

 Every Saturday               Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                      Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.
                                     See http://www.bptt.net/ for details.

 MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH HARRIERS  Saturday 3rd February at Hayes (Kent)
 Two years ago, on our last visit to the 'heathens, we had a moderate 29
 starters but Blackheath only fielded 40-odd themselves, and we came within a
 whisker of pulling off a rare away win. Cap'n Bicks was hoping that with a
 bigger turnout this time we might just retain the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup that
 we easily won at home last year. 

 Well, we did have a bigger turnout, but only by two - a bit disappointing
 really, on a lovely bright winter afternoon. But as it turned out we would
 have needed a lot more to make a match of it. The 'heathens, stung by losing
 all four of their mob matches last winter, were out to make amends and there
 were over 70 black vests on the starting line. There was quality as well as
 quantity, and their top three pretty quickly cleared off from the rest of
 the field. 

 After some early resistance from Paul Doyle it was left to Peter Haarer to
 lead the Ranelagh contingent and after a long struggle against a youthful
 'heathen Peter eventually had to settle for 5th place. Mark Middleton was an
 isolated 7th and Paul Doyle, storming through the final road section, was
 next across the line in 8th. We had five more in the top twenty, but
 thereafter Blackheath's weight of numbers really began to tell. Only five of
 the next twenty home were Ranelagh, and Blackheath were well on their way to
 a convincing victory. 

 The actual size of the victory is open to debate: the number to score is
 normally based on the size of the smaller team minus three (to allow for
 drop-outs). The Blackheath results team did not realise we had two late
 arrivals, and they based the scoring first of all on 27-a-side and then
 adjusted it to 26-a-side. As we actually had 31 starters, the scoring should
 have been 28-a-side. But's it's all academic - they won anyway!

 Only 30 of ours made it to the finish: the unlucky Phil Aiken took a heavy
 fall early on, badly gashed his knee and bruised his ribs. Painful, but
 fortunately no lasting damage. 

 Some consolation for losing the main trophy was provided by Chris Owens, who
 won the Harry Sheer Memorial Trophy as the first over 50 to finish. Chris's
 name will thus go onto the trophy for the fourth time. Clive Beauvais points
 out that we had a clean sweep of the men's vet categories,as Paul Doyle was
 the leading over 40 and Clive himself was the first over 60. 

 According to Bill Bird's researches this race was in fact the centenary of
 the first-ever true mob match, which took place between Blackheath and
 Ranelagh on the 'heathens' course on 12th January 1907. They won that one

 There are lots of photographs on the Blackheath web site:
 http://www.bandbhac.org.uk/ranelagh%203-02-07.html#photos. Some of those
 stile techniques could use a bit of work!

 Such is the strength of the Birmingham University squad that Sam Perkins
 couldn't secure a place in the team for the 'A' race. But in the 'B' event
 he seized the opportunity presented, and raced to a one second victory.
 Birmingham Uni teams won both titles.

 Sam reports: "I was really pleased with the run. Probably my best
 performance to date. I really enjoyed the firm bouncy conditions. I was very
 pleased that I thought about the race tactically as it went on. I pushed the
 pace on 3k out to leave it with a lead pack of three. I then relaxed a
 little before attacking on the penultimate long drag about 1000m from home.
 Then I was just running scared with the Loughborough guy only a couple of
 paces behind".

 Behind Sam, Jordan Mungovan finished 49th for Nottingham.

 1 Sam Perkins (Birm U) 23.16
 49 Jordan Mungovan (Notts U) 25.47

 The meeting also incorporated the trials for the World Cross-Country
 Championships, and our second-claim member Wendy Jones finished in an
 outstanding 5th place. David Wright reports: "Wendy's run effectively made
 her first reserve for Kenya but rather than make her go through the motions
 of having to have all the malaria jabs and the warm weather acclimatisation
 trip to South Africa (she wouldn't have minded that!), on the off chance of
 getting a run, they are not going to name a reserve. Instead she's been
 picked to run for GB in the Ekiden relay in Yokohama, Japan, on 25th

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 3rd February
 Nathan Mills led the Ranelagh contingent in his first BPTT, but the only PB
 came from Martin Harrison. 

 1 P Edmondson (Tipton) 16.03
 11 Nathan Mills 17.29
 47 Jonny Rowan 20.06
 54 Chris Hunton 20.19
 55 David Rowe 20.25
 92 Adam Wright 21.27
 122 Martin Harrison 22.37
 145 Paul Bisping 23.23
 191 Roger Wilson 24.56
 213 Alfie Purdue 25.58
 222 John Hanscomb 26.20
 226 Luke Wilson 26.34
 239 Bea Purdue 27.18
 270 Holly Wilson 29.11
 271 Gill Wilson 29.12
 276 Wally Garrod 29.34

 CHICHESTER 10km  Sunday 4th February
 David Rowe reports:
 "This was the 16th running of this race and the day began with bright
 sunshine and very little wind.  About an hour before the start it clouded
 over and there was a threat of rain which didn't materialise.  The weather
 was cold, but ideal for this fast 10k run in the historic city of Chichester
 in West Sussex.

 Ranelagh runners David and Sharon Rowe were part of the field of over 1,400
 and both managed PB's.  David finished 292nd (out of 907 men) with an
 official time of 43:32. In the ladies Sharon, running her second ever 10k,
 was 506th (out of 560) with an official time of 67:00, smashing her previous
 PB from the Goring, Woodcote and District Lions 10k in January.

 A longer write-up including photos from David and Sharon can be found
 http://rowerunning.co.uk/?p=32 and http://rowerunning.co.uk/?p=35".

 1 T Lambert (Alton) 30.22
 292 David Rowe 43.32
 1 L Spencer (Chich) 34.39
 506 Sharon Rowe 67.00 

 KINGFIELD CANTER 2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 7th February at Woking
 1 D Fishlock (Surrey Uni) 24.32  (actual time 21.17)
 15 Sonia Rowland 26.50  (actual time 20.35) 

 Bev Ali spotted this in the advertising for this year's Prague Marathon:
 "It's not uncommon for runners to carbo load with beer and pasta before a
 big race. It's certainly not uncommon for runners to quench their thirst
 with a cold beer afterwards. But beer during the race? That's new. Yet here
 in the city that makes what is arguably the world's best beer, they're going
 to give it a try at this year's Volkswagen Prague Marathon, to be run May
 13, 2007. Race partner Staropramen will be offering (alcohol-free) beer to
 runners at designated refreshment points along the course. In addition,
 regular refreshment points along the course will provide the usual
 assortment of water, fruit and isotonic beverages. Asked how many runners he
 thought would opt for the beer, race director Carlo Capalbo responded, "I
 don't have a clue.  But it's a fun idea, isn't it?"
 If you're interested, visit www.praguemarathon.com.