Newsdesk 2007

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 238                3 January 2007
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  


 *  Henty Relay won by Anna McLaughlin, Ben Culverwell and George Coates
 *  Kerrie O'Connor and Bonnie Webster both get first places in BPTT
 *  Sam Perkins and Alyn Morgan get third places
 *  Clive Beauvais and Pete Warren lead age groups in Hyde Park 10km
 *  Surrey Championships at Lloyd Park this Saturday
 *  Surrey League fixtures on Wimbledon Common on January 13th
 *  Wimbledon Common Time Trial to be launched this Saturday
 *  MABAC League in Windsor Great Park this Sunday

 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 6th January at Lloyd Park,
 Race HQ is the Archbishop Tenison School, Selborne Road.
 Timetable is: 11am Boys Under 13; 11.20am Girls Under 13; 11.40am Boys Under
 15; 12 noon Girls Under 15; 12.25pm Men Under 17 and Men Under 20; 12.55pm
 Women Under 17 and Women Under 20; 1.25pm Senior Women; 2.15pm Senior Men.

 SURREY LEAGUE DIVISION ONE  Saturday 13th January
 IMPORTANT: the start time for the men's fixture on Wimbledon Common is half
 an hour earlier than usual - 2pm for juniors (U17s, U15s and U13s) and
 2.30pm for seniors. See the Belgrave website for details including maps.

 The women's race is also on Wimbledon Common, but on the other side of it,
 based at the Thames Hare & Hounds HQ in Roehampton Vale.
 Start times are: 12.15pm (seniors), 1.15pm (under 17s and under 15s), 1.45pm
 (under 13s).

 These are taking place on March 10th at Sunderland. Entries have to be made
 shortly, so anyone wishing to run should contact Andy or Anna as soon as
 possible. Contact details below.

 Clive Beauvais gives more details of the long Sunday runs planned for the
 next few weeks. All are welcome to join in:

 Sunday January 7th    14 or 20 mile options
 North Downs Way - beautiful scenery but probably muddy - choose footwear
 accordingly (thick ripple soles ideal). 

 20 milers - meet at the 'bikers' car park at the foot of Box Hill on the A24
 between Leatherhead and Dorking. (Burford Bridge Hotel adjacent to the car
 park). Junction 9 M25, then follow A243/A24 signs to Dorking. Please be
 there for 9:30 start. 

 14 milers - Directions as above. Then, after passing car-park and roundabout
 (Burford Bridge Hotel) continue on A24 for just 100m, then turn right into
 West Humble Street. After Boxhill & West Humble station the road forks
 slightly left & becomes Chapel Lane. After about 1 miles, turn left (narrow
 lane) into Ranmore Common Road. Follow for a mile or so, pass church on your
 left, to T-junction, turn right, car park 100yds on your left. Runners
 starting 20 miler at 9:30 will pass here at about 9:50. 

 Then all run out and back to Newlands Corner. Drink and snack in a pub
 (Dorking) afterwards.

 Sunday January 14th   "The Winter Tanners"
 This is an LDWA event (see LDWA details below). 

 20 miles through the Surrey Countryside - written route description. Two
 checkpoints en route with hot & cold drinks and food. Warning! This is
 probably the only LDWA event with no facilities at the end! Check-in around
 8:30 at the car-park 300 metres south of Leatherhead station (GR 163566)
 with a view to us all starting together at about 9:00am. It's 4 to enter on
 the day but beware - if you turn up late they may have run out of route
 descriptions! Best bet is to enter in advance (2.50 cheque to 'Surrey LDWA
 ') - send to Barry Harrison, 58 Arundel Road, Kingston KT1 2RZ. Enclose an
 SAE & you will get the route description sent to you.

 Other long training runs planned - details in future E-News.

 Sunday January 28th   20 miles in Windsor Great Park : 2 lap course with a
 pub lunch afterwards.

 Sunday February 4th  Thames Path run (out & back) - 24 miles maximum. From
 Ranelagh HQ (Petersham).
 Sunday February 11th  'Punchbowl Marathon' - another LDWA event, 20 or 30
 mile options. From Witley (nr. Godalming) beautiful scenery and great
 facilities including hot meal at the end.

 Sunday February 18th  24 miler in Windsor Great Park. 4 x 6 mile laps -
 ideal for getting your marathon race drinking needs sorted out - opportunity
 to place drinks every 3 miles.

 (Note : the Windsor Great Park runs - route descriptions will be provided -
 easy paths to follow - you won't get lost!)

 The Long Distance Walkers Association (L.D.W.A.)
 EVERY long distance runner, or aspiring long distance runner, should belong
 to the L.D.W.A.!!

 If your mental image of a long distance walker is a knobbly-kneed chap in
 long khaki shorts, striding out to the strains of the Happy Wanderer, you
 are in for a big shock when you attend your first LDWA event! These walkers
 are hard men and women, who tackle distances of 25-35 miles in any weather
 and over tough terrain. At every event the split between walkers and runners
 is around 80/20 and many of Britain's top marathon and ultra distance
 runners regularly use LDWA events as part of their training. The format is
 simple. LDWA events ARE NOT RACES. For convenience, walkers usually start a
 couple of hours before runners. This ensures that the several drinks / food
 stations en route are efficiently manned. The drink station facility is
 great for runners for the obvious reason that you don't have to carry a
 drink unless you want to. If you are running the course you may want to
 start with other runners but you don't have to. You can just turn up, pick
 up the route description (usually excellent and no map-reading skills
 required) and off you go. The entry fee is usually about 5 but this is
 excellent value as it not only includes drinks etc at the checkpoints but
 hot food at the end!!. The LDWA are especially active in Surrey and Kent,
 and there are events to enter all year round - the first of these being the
 Winter Tanners (see above). 

 To join the LDWA and for more details - (but note that you
 do not have to be a member to take part in their events.)

 Alternatively on 7th January there is the first MABAC League event of 2007,
 an 8 miles road race on the closed roads inside Windsor Great Park. It's a
 hilly course, but the surroundings are very pleasant. All Ranelagh members
 are eligible to take part - collect numbers at the start, which is at 11am.
 There is also a shorter option - about 2 miles. Meet at our clubhouse at
 9.30am for car pooling. Full details, including a map, here:

 Following on from the success of the Bushy Park event, Paul Sinton-Hewitt is
 introducing a sister event this Saturday. The WCTT will also be an accurate
 5km, starting and finishing near the Windmill car park. As for the BPTT, it
 will be a 9am start. No pre-entry required, just turn up and run. See the
 BPTT web site for more details.

 These take place on Sunday 25th February in Bushy Park, a 4.8 miles race for
 seniors and a 2 miler for juniors. 

 Julia Langensiepen writes:
 "Hello fellow runners,
 Some of you might know that I went travelling for a year and had a fantastic
 time, throwing myself into new countries, cultures and all kinds of
 interesting stuff. Most of you definitely won't know that singing was one of
 the most exhilarating moments I've experienced on my trip. I was always told
 I could not sing and have very embarrassing childhood memories of performing
 in public. When I was attending a seminar last year and it was announced to
 us that we were about to sing my heart sank and so did my shoulders and
 those of many of the people around me. Absolutely contrary to what I had
 expected, this group singing session was so much fun, so different, totally
 uplifting and exhilarating. The whole atmosphere in the room was so positive
 afterwards, everyone quietly smiling, almost amazed about him/herself and
 the energy this singing had created.

 Make 2007 the year where you dare to do something that you normally wouldn't
 ever think of trying. Discover your voice and gain new motivation, happiness
 and zest for life from within. No matter what your teacher said and what
 other social conditioning you've been exposed to - you CAN sing. Your voice
 is an expression of who you are and the feelings, strength and creativity
 undiscovered inside you. For some people, re-gaining their voice has been a
 life-transforming experience. 

 Lisa Byrnes (B.A. Mus; B.Mus.Ed; M.Perf.Op) used to run an adult singing
 group in Sydney which was an immensely satisfying adventure for students and
 teacher alike. She has over 10 years of experience in working with large
 groups of people, using a variety of interesting techniques; tapping into
 music, singing, drama and kinesiology. Lisa has been involved in
 professional productions including theatre, opera, jazz and other concerts.
 Now she is in London, inviting you to come along to her unique, fun voice
 work out sessions.

 Why you as athletes will benefit:
 Better coordination (rhythm), core strength (wild voice work out), emotional
 focus, team building, tapping into zone peak performance and so much fun. 

 Julie and Robin Drummond have kindly offered their home as a start up venue
 for our singing. We are currently looking into finding a hall in the
 Hampton/Teddington area and if you have a suggestion, please let me know. We
 'll be starting out on:

 Starting date: Thursday January 18th
 Time: 8 - 9 pm followed by drinks
 Address: The Studio, 1 Church St., Hampton TW12 2EB
 Booking a place: Jlangensiepen@talk21.com or lisabyrnes@hotmail.com
 Price: First one is free and then 8 per session 

 Go where you've never been before and gain lifelong benefits. Discover the
 music inside you - come and sing with Lisa. Season's Greetings and a
 fun-filled, exciting New Year to all of you".

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 6th January       Surrey Cross-Country Championships at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. See above.

 Sunday 7th January        Clive's Long Run from Box Hill. See above.
                                      MABAC League 8 miles at Windsor. See

 Saturday 13th January    Surrey League Div 1. Men's and women's events are
 both on Wimbledon Common, but on opposite sides - the men on Belgrave's
 course on the Wimbledon village side, the women on the Thames course at
 Roehampton Vale. 

 Saturday 20th January    Junior Points Prize Race 3 in Richmond Park at 2pm. 

 Every Saturday               Bushy Park Time Trial: 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park.
                                      Wimbledon Common Time Trial: 9am start
 at the Windmill car park.  

 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 30th December in Richmond Park
 There were only ten teams in the Henty this year - a few more would make for
 a more interesting race! The destination of the Kiwi trophy was confused by
 the leading two teams being ineligible for the prize. Simon Hedger - now
 resident back in the UK - recruited Clive Beauvais to join him and his son
 Edward, by-passing Ken Powley's "team levelling" process. Clive was the
 team's not-so-secret weapon, taking them into the lead on laps 2 and 5, and
 Simon brought them home almost a minute clear of the next team. That next
 team started with canoeist Matt Duck as their "fast" man but after the first
 lap he gave way to late arrival Jordan Mungovan. Jordan proceeded to run the
 fastest two laps of the day (taking into consideration that the opening
 lap - on which Ed Barker ran in impressive 7.10 - is slightly shorter than
 the rest). But with four different runners, they too were out of the running
 for the trophy. So it was the third team across the line - Anna McLaughlin,
 Ben Culverwell and George Coates - who were the "winners". 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 23rd December
 It was a high quality BPTT on Christmas Eve Eve, and Sam Perkins's efforts
 to be the star at the top of the tree were thwarted. But 15.41 was his best
 on the course and takes him to the top of the Ranelagh list, jumping ahead
 of Phil Killingley's 15.54 and Paul Doyle's 16.04. It's also the course
 record for junior men. Niall O'Connor and Andrew Forth led the rest of the
 Ranelagh pack, both setting personal bests, as also, inevitably, did Kerrie
 O'Connor. Kerrie was the second woman home and her 18.40 was 15 seconds
 faster than she has run before. Other PBs came from David Rowe, Sam Hunton,
 Evelyn Joslin and Karen Broadbent.

 1 J Trapmore (Shaft B) 15.24
 3 Sam Perkins 15.41
 17 Niall O'Connor 17.48
 19 Andrew Forth 17.54
 23 Marc Snaith 17.59
 35 Kerrie O'Connor 18.40
 38 Darren Wood 18.50
 54 David Rowe 19.20
 56 Chris Read 19.31
 62 Sam Hunton 19.43
 80 Peter Wright 20.28
 97 George Inman 21.16
 111 Phil Aiken 21.37
 117 Evelyn Joslin 21.57
 130 Karen Broadbent 22.32
 133 Amelie Hunton 22.43
 180 Alfie Purdue 24.47
 204 Gill Wilson 25.43
 215 Tate Coles 26.22
 218 John Hanscomb 26.42
 247 Bea Purdue 32.01
 248 Alice Clemens 32.32
 250 Sharon Rowe 33.14 

 BUSHY PARK XMAS TIME TRIAL 5km  Monday 25th December
 174 Mr and Mrs Santas assembled on Christmas morn after a hard night with
 the reindeer. Not surprisingly, few of them ran fast, though Mick Lane was
 5th in line for the mince pies in his first BPTT appearance. Kerrie O'Connor
 jogged round with husband Andrew almost two minutes slower than on Saturday
 but was still the leading woman. 

 1 R Ward (Belgrave) 15.30
 5 Mick Lane 17.23
 13 Darren Wood 19.00
 15 David Rowe 19.27
 23 Sam Hunton 20.03
 31 Andrew Forth 20.42
 32 Kerrie O'Connor 20.45
 62 Simon Burrell 22.20
 63 Amelie Hunton 22.21
 64 Chris Hunton 22.21
 101 Karen Broadbent 24.19
 102 Evelyn Joslin 24.19
 103 Alastair Sinclair 24.21
 125 Michael Brandon 26.35
 139 Frances Ratchford 28.25
 140 Marina Quayle 28.32
 158 Sharon Rowe 32.34
 161 Elinor Busby-Walker 32.57
 162 Deborah Blakemore 32.57
 165 Holly Wilson 33.45
 166 Luke Wilson 33.45
 167 Gill Wilson 33.46

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 29th December
 John Hanscomb was one of four "Last Friday" ever-presents in 2006. 

 1 R Ward (Belgrave) 15.07
 156 Mike Rowland 25.15
 170 John Hanscomb 27.41

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 30th December
 Heavy overnight rain made for mucky going on the grassy parts of the course,
 hence a paucity of PBs. Bonnie Webster was 3rd woman to finish. End-of-year
 stats show Darren Wood to be the most regular BPTTer, with 96 appearances in
 all. Gill Wilson, on 80, is top of the women's list.

 1 C Payne (CT&H) 16.35
 10 Nick Wright 18.05
 16 Marc Snaith 18.57
 24 Darren Wood 19.52
 27 David Rowe 19.58
 44 Bonnie Webster 20.48
 68 Phil Aiken 21.46
 110 Jo Turner 23.53
 131 Luke Wilson 25.25
 148 Gill Wilson 26.23
 150 Holly Clemens 26.38
 151 Bea Purdue 26.40
 157 John Hanscomb 27.25
 177 Frances Ratchford 28.56
 205 Sharon Rowe 33.10 

 Four BPTT results in one e-news - equals my PB! There weren't too many PBs
 amongst the runners though. It was still a bit treacherous underfoot and it
 was, after all, bright and early on New Year's Day. Well, early anyway.
 Nevertheless, there were marginal improvements from Alyn Morgan, 3rd
 overall, and Bonnie Webster, leading woman. 

 1 S McDermott (Raheny) 17.03
 3 Alyn Morgan 17.41
 16 Darren Wood 20.00
 18 David Rowe 20.12
 25 Bonnie Webster 20.45
 26 Peter Wright 21.08
 85 Jo Turner 25.28
 97 John Hanscomb 26.57
 99 Dawn Bates 27.10
 110 Janet Turnes 29.31
 118 Sharon Rowe 32.33
 120 Holly Wilson 35.51
 121 Gill Wilson 35.51 

 NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Monday 1st January in Hyde Park
 Clive Beauvais and Pete Warren were the leading over 60 and over 65
 respectively. Kerrie O'Connor was 6th in the women's event with a new PB of
 38.42, though this was only an improvement of 10 seconds - quite modest by
 her recent standards!

 1 J Powell (Durham) 32.30
 36 Andrew Forth 38.00
 45 Kerrie O'Connor 38.42
 61 Clive Beauvais 40.28
 77 Phil Aiken 41.23
 117 Pete Warren 43.10
 235 Noel Simpson 49.48 

 HOLLY RUNS  Sunday 17th December at Reigate
 Sam and Amelie Hunton, both in the younger section of combined age-group
 races, finished in good mid-field positions. 

 Under 17 / Under 15 Boys
 1 L Caldwell (DMV) 17.01
 17 Sam Hunton 20.03 
 Under 15 / Under 13 Girls
 1 C Hall (Guildford & G) 11.43
 30 Amelie Hunton 14.07 

 Pete Mulholland passes this on from the marathon statistician Andy Milroy:
 "Emma Freeman set a world record for 30 miles for women on 11 August 1823,
 running 7 hours 49 minutes. She was seven years old. NB: Date is 1823".