Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 235                28 November 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Marie Synnott-Wells wins silver medal in South of the Thames 5m
 *  Anna McLaughlin leads Welsh team in Leeds 10km
 *  Sam Perkins 27th in UK Cross Challenge
 *  Christmas Party 15th December - book now!
 *  Club women's championship in Dysart Cup race this Saturday
 *  Ellis Cup men's race also this Saturday
 *  Club men's championship in SLH mob match on December 9th
 *  Second junior points prize race on December 9th

 Marina Quayle writes:
 "The Ranelagh Christmas Party will be at the Turk's Head, Winchester Road in
 St Margarets (Twickenham) on Friday 15th December, 7.30pm for 8pm. The band
 that will be playing goes by the name of Los Mojados del Tamasis and Wally
 describes it as Mexican music with a difference! Jo and Marina have decided
 on a Mexican theme for the evening so they are hoping for runners and
 partners to dress as Mexicans if they want to. Jeans therefore will be
 allowed as will sombreros, long skirts, bushy moustaches and anything else

 This year the only choice of food will be between vegetarian and
 non-vegetarian options. The menu will be:

 Starter: Home-made spiced winter soup (suitable for vegetarians and
 non-vegetarians alike)
 Main: Turkey parcels with sausage stuffing mix wrapped in bacon served with
 vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy
 Vegetarian main: Caramelised onion, pear and fig cheesecake (Shortcrust
 pastry with ricotta and soft cheese interlaced with chestnuts and finished
 with a caramelised topping, with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes).
 Dessert: Christmas pudding and brandy custard. 

 The cost will be 22 per head. Jo and Marina are taking bookings on Tuesdays
 in person or you can send a cheque (payable to Ranelagh Harriers) to Marina
 Quayle at 101 Sheen Road, Richmond TW9 1YJ.. Don't forget to indicate
 whether you want the vegetarian option. 

 We're hoping for a big turnout and hope to see as many of you as possible". 

 More info if you need it from Marina (mailto:marina_quayle@hotmail.com) or
 Jo Turner (mailto:joturner_45@hotmail.com). 

 We host these two inter-club races on Saturday 2nd December in Richmond
 Park. The women's race goes first, at 2pm. It's over 4 miles and
 incorporates both the Ranelagh's women's club championship for the Hugh
 Jones Salver and the women's veterans (over 40) championship for Trish's
 Trophy. The winning team takes the Dysart Cup. The men's race follows on at
 about 2.30pm over 5 miles and the winning team takes the Ellis Cup. The
 Stragglers are the current holders of both trophies. All members are welcome
 to take part - just turn up on the day. 

 The second event in the four race Points Prize series takes place on
 Saturday 9th December at 2pm in Richmond Park. The course is the usual one
 lap of Sidmouth Wood. All under 17s are welcome to take part. Current points
 leaders are Emily Johnston and Josh Keisler (under 13s), Stephanie Espinosa
 and Jamie Taylor-Caldwell (under 15s) and Rebecca Clayden and Nicholas
 Harrison (under 17s).

 Our next mob match is another home fixture in Richmond Park on Saturday 9th
 December at 2.30pm. This race includes the club championship for the Wynne
 Cup, and also the three men's veterans championships: the Hastings Cup
 (overall), the McDowell Cup (over 50s) and the Maslin Mug (over 60s). It's
 the usual two-lap 7 miles course. As always in mob matches, we need as many
 runners as we can get - the more we have, the better our chances of winning.

 Kerry Anley writes:
 "I am available to provide sports massage to club members at very good
 rates. I practice from home which is fortunately just around the corner from
 the club therefore very convenient for everyone (just at top of Richmond
 Hill). I was also thinking of setting up my bench on Tuesday or Wednesday
 nights at the club and can do 10min massages for anyone, and if they want a
 proper consultation I can book them to come to the house". Kerry can be
 contacted by telephone on 07834 223290 or by e-mail at

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 2nd December   Dysart Cup (women) at 2pm and Ellis Cup (men) at
 2.30pm in Richmond Park. See above. 

 Sunday 3rd December     MABAC League 5 miles at Ashtead Common. 11am start.
 Details: http://www.mabac.org.uk/fixtures06.htm.

 Saturday 9th December   Junior Points Prize Race 2 at 2pm in Richmond Park.
 See above.

 Saturday 9th December   Stubbs Cup Mob Match v South London Harriers at
 2.30pm in Richmond Park. See above

 Friday 15th December     Christmas Party at the Turk's Head, St Margarets 

 Every Saturday               Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See http://www.bptt.net/ for details.

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES 5 miles CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 25th November at Epsom
 We had only a token presence at the South of the Thames this year, but
 nevertheless we did not come away empty-handed. Reigning champion Marie
 Synnott-Wells this time took the individual silver medal, only half a minute
 behind winner Rachel Disley from Thames. Kerrie O'Connor was not far behind
 in 6th place and Sophie Spink was 29th. Mark Middleton and Phil Aiken, 25th
 and 125th, were the only Ranelagh men.

 BROOKS BRIGHTON 10km  Sunday 19th November
 Anna McLaughlin and Kerrie O'Connor finished 13th and 19th respectively in a
 high-quality women's race. It goes without saying that Kerrie's 38.52 was
 another huge PB and she slots in at 18th place in Ranelagh's all-time list.
 The race incorporated the South of England Championship and Kerrie missed
 the W35 bronze medal by just 8 seconds. James Corbett put in a good run in
 the 36 minutes bracket and there were PBs for Simon Burrell (chip time only)
 and Evelyn Joslin. 

 1 J Ward (Altrincham) 30.01  (chip time 29.59)
 42 N Warner (TH&H) 34.15  (34.12 - 1st W)
 89 James Corbett 36.32  (36.28)
 140 Anna McLaughlin 38.18  (38.08)
 157 Neil Walford 38.44  (38.30)
 165 Kerrie O'Connor 38.52  (38.39)
 197 Andrew Forth 39.30  (39.17)
 215 Phil Aiken 39.53  (39.10)
 235 Richard Brett 40.15  (39.51)
 423 Clive Naish 43.08  (42.52)
 516 Simon Burrell 44.30  (43.45)
 552 Evelyn Joslin 45.05  (44.20)
 1101 Julie Naismith 51.54  (51.25)
 1167 Karen Broadbent 52.38  (51.52)
 1322 Janet Turnes 54.17  (53.48)

 UK CROSS CHALLENGE  Saturday 25th November at Sefton Park, Liverpool
 Sam Perkins reports:
 "It was quite a good run. The conditions were very heavy. In the end I was
 27th. I am definitely looking forward to next year".
 Junior Men
 1 T Minshull (Trafford) 21.51
 27 Sam Perkins 23.10

 LEEDS ABBEY DASH 10km  Sunday 26th November
 Anna McLaughlin was selected for her third Welsh vest and was well pleased
 to be within a minute of her personal best after only five weeks training
 following injury. She led the Welsh team to 4th place in the inter-area
 1 S Willamott (Blackburn) 34.28  (chip time 34.25)
 20 Anna McLaughlin 37.31  (37.28)

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 18th November
 Mark Middleton finished 3rd, but for the second week in succession the only
 Ranelagh PB came from Sharon Rowe.

 1 W Clark (Epsom & E) 16.41
 3 Mark Middleton 17.28
 6 Nick Wright 17.59
 29 Darren Wood 19.30
 30 Chris Read 19.31
 37 David Rowe 19.51
 46 Chris Camacho 20.09
 109 Alan Davidson 22.04
 122 Phil Aiken 22.32
 133 Chris Hunton 22.47
 134 Amelie Hunton 22.49
 169 Roger Wilson 24.10
 195 Kim James 25.32
 200 Gill Wilson 25.43
 209 Dawn Bates 26.16
 230 Wally Garrod 28.13
 231 Alison McLaughlin 28.14
 271 Sharon Rowe 32.02

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 25th November
 Paul Sinton-Hewitt writes on the BPTT web site:
 "For those of you who woke up at 4am this morning to crashing rain, you must
 have doubted the event's viability. However in BPTT tradition, there was no
 rain. All that was left was a very boggy marsh. Impossible for good times
 and stretching the imagination if you targeted a PB. Well done and thanks to
 all who turned up (I might have stayed in bed if I was allowed)".

 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 16.17
 11 Niall O'Connor 19.00
 14 Marc Snaith 19.13
 22 Chris Read 19.44
 26 Darren Wood 19.56
 27 David Rowe 19.57
 44 Chris Camacho 20.34
 76 Chris Hunton 22.31
 96 Tony Appleby 23.26
 103 Karen Broadbent 23.37
 110 Amelie Hunton 24.04
 115 Ed Barker 24.34
 143 Gill Wilson 26.02
 162 John Hanscomb 27.08
 169 Wally Garrod 27.53

 LEATHERHEAD FIRE STATION 10km  Sunday 19th November
 1 K Quinn (AFD) 32.38
 358 John Hanscomb 57.14

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 24th November in Hyde Park
 1 K Quinn (AFD) 15.35
 165 Mike Rowland 25.29
 178 John Hanscomb 27.09

 Seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong completed the New York
 City Marathon on November 5th. Paced by a relay of former winners - Alberto
 Salazar, German Silva and Joan Samuelson - he crossed the line in 2.59.36
 and told reporters "Nothing in the Tours was as hard as that for sheer
 fatigue and soreness"...