Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 227                26 September 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  

 *  Women's team 9th in South of England Road Relay
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells wins New Forest Half Marathon
 *  75 year-old Ed Whitlock runs 3.08 in Toronto Marathon
 *  125th Anniversary Dinner this Friday
 *  Junior Anniversary Run and Page Cup handicap on September 30th
 *  Surrey League opening fixtures on October 7th
 *  Bushy Park Time Trial second anniversary also on October 7th

 Anniversary Dinner  Friday 29th September at York House in Twickenham
 We have a good crowd of about a hundred booked for Friday's dinner, but we
 have reserved a handful of extra places in case there are any late
 additions. So if you'd like to come, you can still do so. Tickets are 45
 per head. Contact Marina Quayle on 07951 292379 or at
 Start time is 7.30pm. 

 Junior Anniversary Run  Saturday 30th September in Richmond Park
 A short cross-country race for under 18s, which will also count as the first
 of the winter junior points prize races. Either register at the clubhouse
 before 2pm or at Sidmouth Wood before 2:30. The race starts promptly at 2:30
 and there will be tea for all in the clubhouse afterwards. A special
 anniversary medal will be awarded to all participants.

 PAGE CUP 5 miles Handicap  Saturday 30th September in Richmond Park
 All members are welcome. Start time is 3pm, but please come to the clubhouse
 to register and collect a number by 2.30pm. More details including a course
 map are on our website.

 The BPTT celebrates its second anniversary on Saturday 7th October.
 We'd like to have a big Ranelagh presence there. If you are not involved
 with the League races later in the day (or even if you are!) please try to
 get along to Bushy Park and please wear your Ranelagh colours.
 For those who haven't yet tried it: just turn up at the Diana Fountain car
 park in time for the 9am start. No pre-entry required, and no entry fee
 asked for. For the anniversary there will be a little alfresco breakfast
 celebration afterwards, so bring something along to contribute to the feast. 

 The first league fixtures are on Saturday 7th October. Our men's team is
 back in Division One and our women are the reigning Division One champions.
 Unfortunately the two fixtures will be at the same venue only once this
 year, and that is when we host the final races on 10th February. 

 For the men, the first race is at Brockwell Park.
 For the women it's at Epsom Downs. 

 It's vital for both teams to get off to good starts, so it's a three-line
 whip for anyone who might even come close to the scoring team. All are
 welcome to run, the more the merrier. Just turn up on the day and find the
 Ranelagh crowd. No pre-entry required.

 The women's timetable in this fixture is as normal - i.e. seniors at
 12.30pm, under 20s and under 17s at 1.15pm and under 13s and under 15s at
 1.45pm. Note that in the subsequent fixtures the senior women's race will be
 brought forward by 15 minutes to 12.15pm.
 The men's timetable is as normal, i.e. all juniors (U13, U15 and U17)
 together at 2.30pm and seniors at 3pm.

 to two new arrivals! First, on September 6th, came Eilidh Susan Sinclair, to
 be followed on September 22nd by Alexander James Smith. Many congatulations
 to Sue and Alastair and to Sarah and Julian. 

 Hey, it's still summer! Date for your diary anyway......Friday 15th December
 at the Turks Head, St Margarets.
 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Mark Middleton ( 07725 119649 / mailto: markjmiddleton@yahoo.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Friday 29th September    125th Anniversary Dinner. See above.

 Saturday 30th September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap, preceded by Junior
 Anniversary run (see above), both in Richmond Park

 Sunday 1st October      MABAC League 5 miles at Tattenham Corner, Epsom
 Downs. 11am start.

 Saturday 7th October     The Surrey League gets underway! Men at Brockwell
 Park, women at Epsom Downs. See above.

 Saturday 14th October   Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships in
 Richmond Park. Races for men over 40/50/60 (10km) and women over 35/45/55

 Sunday 15th October    Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.

 Only the women's team took part this year. Twelve months ago we achieved our
 highest-ever finishing position in this event, 9th, so the target this time
 was to match or better that. In the end we matched it, though in a time over
 half a minute quicker than last year. 

 Cilla Pettersson was entrusted with the tough opening stage, despite
 reporting feeling less than 100%. She tucked in with the leading pack for
 the first half of the twisty 2.39 miles circuit around Rushmoor Arena, but
 then became detached on one of the short climbs. Thereafter she lost a
 little ground and entered the arena in 11th place before seeing two more
 teams slip past in the run in to the finish. Nevertheless, this was a good
 run, the third fastest Ranelagh time recorded on this course, just a few
 seconds behind Kristina Semple's blinder from 2004. 

 A number of clubs had elected to put their star turn on the first stage, and
 Clare King made short work of some of these after taking over from Cilla. By
 half way Clare had advanced right up to 8th but had to concede one place
 towards the end. Liz Kipling took over and after three-quarters of a mile
 she momentarily moved into 7th before herself being passed and shunted back
 to 9th. Marie Synnott-Wells ran the anchor and after a ding-dong battle
 brought us home 9th in a time just one second slower than Cilla's. 

 Ed Whitlock moved up to the over 75 age category earlier this year and has
 already polished off a handful of world records. The latest came in his
 favourite Toronto Marathon, scene of his extraordinary 2.54 as a 73 year-old
 two years ago. The M75 record stood at 3.18 and Ed hacked ten minutes off
 that in recording 3.08.35.

 There had been talk of a sub-three hours run, and Ed wasn't too far off that
 target at half way in 90.55. But a knee injury had restricted his training,
 as he told global.com in Canada: "I'm going to be a bit short of training
 for the marathon, because of that I'm trying to make up lost ground now, but
 time is a little too short. If training and racing had gone really well,
 breaking three hours might have been possible." 

 1 D Rono (Kenya) 2.10.45
 87 Ed Whitlock 3.08.35 

 NEW FOREST HALF MARATHON  Sunday 17th September
 Marie Synnott-Wells ran her fastest time in Ranelagh colours in winning the
 women's race by half a minute. 

 1 L Rodriguez (New For) 72.06
 8 Marie Synnott-Wells 84.31
 47 Phil Aiken 93.55 

 LONDON DUATHLON  Sunday 17th September in Richmond Park
 The Park was again taken over by the bke-and-run London Duathlon. Rachel
 Rowan and Jenny Lloyd-Jones had a close battle on their way to finishing 4th
 and 6th in the women's race. The "Challenge" distances were 9km run, 20km
 bike and 5km run; the "Fun" distances were 5km run, 10km bike, 5km run.
 There may well have been more Ranelagh taking part - let me know if you were

 Women's Challenge
 1 F Ford 1.31.47
 (33.12 / 38.47 / 17.58)
 4 Rachel Rowan 1.38.53
 (36.53 / 40.24 / 19.16)
 6 Jenny Lloyd-Jones 1.38.59
 (37.09 / 39.43 / 19.54) 

 Men's Challenge
 1 D Aitchison 1.21.41
 (30.09 / 33.57 / 16.00)
 24 Andrew Forth 1.30.33
 (34.23 / 36.04 / 18.09)
 98 Jonny Rowan 1.37.54
 (38.24 / 36.27 / 20.56) 

 Women's Fun
 1 L Hattingh 1.06.27
 (21.26 / 20.13 / 21.56)
 34 Zuzana Lhotanova 1.19.27
 (26.52 / 25.02 / 25.16)
 134 Daphne Moynier 1.32.53
 (29.11 / 26.47 / 32.44)

 MABAC LEAGUE 5 miles   Sunday 17th September at Peaslake
 1 N Hodges (Dorking) 27.46
 71 Simon Burrell 40.43
 111 Deborah Blakemore 54.37
 112 Pat Hewlett 54.59
 115 Mary Nash 55.41
 116 Bev Ali 57.10 

 BRISTOL HALF MARATHON  Sunday 17th September
 1 P Makau (Kenya) 1.03.38
 6566 Lynne Barber 2.14.43
 7085 Hazel Carr 2.18.35
 7329 Jane Wyatt 2.20.30 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 23rd September
 Fari Shams was the leading woman in the BPTT for the second time this month
 and set a new personal best into the bargain. Other PBs came from Niall
 O'Connor and Dawn Bates. 

 1 J Brown (Thames T) 17.05
 8 Nick Wright 18.23
 10 Niall O'Connor 18.30
 17 Fari Shams 19.04
 31 Chris Camacho 20.04
 46 Joss Moran 20.32
 47 Phil Aiken 20.34
 54 Darren Wood 21.00
 58 Chris Hunton 21.07
 71 Chris Wright 21.30
 112 Karen Broadbent 23.30
 137 Julie Naismith 25.32
 139 Steve McClune 25.46
 140 Gill Wilson 25.47
 141 Wally Garrod 25.53
 144 Dawn Bates 26.01
 155 John Hanscomb 27.07 

 CRYSTAL PALACE CANTER 5km  Tuesday 5th September
 Yvonne Hill was the leading woman in 21.24. 

 POLICE 10 miles Championship  Thursday 14th September at Broadlands,
 Mick Lane finished 13th in 57.26 and was the second scorer for the bronze
 medallist Met Police team. 

 Just a few minutes ahead of Ed Whitlock in the Toronto Marathon, Michal
 Kapral was setting a new "joggling" record - that's running while juggling,
 for the uninitiated. Kapral finished in 2.57...