Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 224                24 August 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  Opening Run and party on September 2nd
 *  Ranelagh women's team declared winners of the Surrey 5km and the Surrey
    Road League
 *  Jo Ronaldson wins the Thorney 5 miles
 *  Men's team wins the Tywyn Race the Train
 *  125th Anniversary events

 OPENING RUN  Saturday 2nd September
 Our winter season kicks off as usual with the Thomas Cup 3.8 miles (6km)
 handicap on Saturday 2nd September. The afternoon begins with the annual
 club photograph at 2.30pm and the race itself will begin as soon as possible
 afterwards. All members are more than welcome to take part - young and old,
 fast and slow. Just come along to the clubhouse before 2.30pm to register.
 There's no entry fee, but if you haven't yet paid your subs for the season,
 please bring them along with you!

 There will be the usual tea after the race and then at 7pm a barbecue and
 party in a marquee in front of the clubhouse. Carol Barnshaw writes:
 "Everyone is welcome including friends and relatives. The 'entry ticket' is
 a contribution to the feast. This could be something to cook on the BBQ, a
 salad, bread, a pudding etc etc. If possible could you ring or e-mail me to
 tell me what you are bringing or to ask for a suggestion what to bring. We
 also need half a dozen people to bring along their BBQ (the bigger the
 better)and some volunteers willing to do a session of burning the food".
 Contact Carol at mailto:c_barnshaw@yahoo.com or 8898 9285 (evening) /  8547
 6600 (office).

 SURREY ROAD RELAYS  Saturday 9th September at Wimbledon Park
 There are separate events for senior men, over 40s and over 50s, senior
 women and over 35s. We can enter as many teams as we want, so if you'd like
 to run, please contact Andy or Anna (contact details in What's Coming

 The Opening Run party begins a few weeks of celebrations commemorating
 Ranelagh's 125th birthday. Here's the full list of events:

 Anniversary Dinner  Friday 29th September at York House
 Tickets are available from Marina Quayle at the clubhouse or at 101 Sheen
 Road, Richmond TW9 1YJ. The price per head is £45 (payable to Ranelagh
 Harriers) and includes a three course dinner and wine, followed by guest
 speakers. Contact Marina for more info: mailto:marina_quayle@hotmail.com.
 Please specify if you will require a vegetarian meal. Black tie or lounge

 Junior Anniversary Run  Saturday 30th September in Richmond Park
 A short cross-country race for under 18s, which will also count as the first
 of the winter junior points prize races. Either register at the clubhouse
 before 2pm or at Sidmouth Wood before 2:30. The race starts promptly at 2:30
 and there will be tea for all in the clubhouse afterwards. A special
 anniversary medal will be awarded to all participants.

 Birthday Run  Sunday 29th October from the Green Man on Putney Heath.
 29th October is our actual 125th birthday. Our home in 1881 was the Green
 Man and the club's first run was to the Windmill on Wimbledon Common and
 back - about two miles. Back in 1981 in our Centenary year we re-created
 that run, with most particiapnts dressing up in some approximation of 1881
 running kit - long shorts, short-sleeved shirts and so on. Now we are going
 to do it again! Dress up if you can - whiskers too, if you can manage them
 (women excused!). The run will be in the afternoon (exact start time to be
 advised) and there will be a tea in the pub afterwards. All are welcome to
 come - the more the merrier.

 Mass Mob Match  Saturday 4th November in Richmond Park
 We will be playing host to all our mob match opponents on one day! It will
 be a huge field of runners, and it would be nice if a good proportion of
 them were in Ranelagh vests. All participants will receive a memento of the
 occasion. Put the date in your diary and do come along to run the 7½ miles
 if you can. Of course we will also need officials and marshals. There will
 be a supper in the evening. 

 The Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race on Sunday 15th October has already
 reached its stated entry limit of 1500, though at the time of writing the
 website does appear still to be accepting entries. There are 54 RH in the
 entry list so far. If anyone else wants to run, act immediately!  

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( 07772 111491 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Saturday 2nd September  Thomas Cup 3.8 miles Handicap in Richmond Park. See

 Saturday 9th September   Surrey County Road Relay Championships at Wimbledon

 Sunday 10th September    River Relay  Windsor to Ham
                                        St Mary's Richmond Open and Veterans'
 track meeting at the St Mary's track. Entry details:

 Saturday 23rd September  Southern Road Relay Championships at Rushmoor
 Arena, Aldershot (senior men, including vets' races)

 Sunday 24th September  Southern Road Relay Championships at Rushmoor Arena,
 Aldershot (juniors and women)

 Saturday 30th September  Page Cup 5 miles handicap, preceded by Junior
 Anniversary run (see above), both in Richmond Park

 Saturday 7th October     The Surrey League gets underway! Men at Brockwell
 Park, women at Epsom Downs.

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.

 BELGRAVE 5km including Surrey County Championship   Sunday 13th August at
 After some re-scrutiny of the results, our women's team were declared
 winners of the county championship after all. Jo, Marie and Mandy's bronze
 medals will accordingly be swopped for golds. And there was more good news
 when the result of the Surrey Road League was recalculated: our women were
 promoted to the top spot and thus retained the League title for another

 RACE THE TRAIN 14.75 miles  Saturday 19th August at Tywyn
 David Wright reports:
 "I took up the challenge flagged up in the newsletter to complete, with
 Duncan Bell & the captain, a Ranelagh team for the Race the Train. I'd heard
 about this famous race, held over 14.75 miles in Tywyn on the edge of
 Snowdonia, over the years and decided that it just had to be done. I chose
 the wrong year! Having once run that other famous and crazy Welsh race, the
 Man v Horse '22', in a deluge I was fully aware of what the principality
 could offer in terms of precipitation and sure enough we got a repeat dose.
 What presumably were bone dry footpaths a few days earlier were now
 quagmires. The rain hammered down all morning and throughout the race. Thus
 beating the train became more problematical than usual: the race winner,
 Gareth Raven, retained his title but ran five minutes slower than in 2005
 because of the conditions; the train, however, would take 1.47 come sunshine
 or rain. 

 The captain and one of his predecessors therefore had a problem on their
 hands. The result was a bit like the wacky races with Bickerstaff fearlessly
 bounding down the treacherous muddy slopes in his fell shoes and climbing
 the hills like the fell runner he believes he is, whilst Wrighty made up
 ground on the flatter stages through meadows and on the roads. The two of us
 swopped places numerous times, including when I slipped and fell (I swear AB
 pushed me back down again as he ran past chuckling, Dick Dastardly style, at
 my misfortune) before the captain ran out of puff in the latter stages. Both
 of us, thankfully, beat the train as did Duncan who got us into this mess in
 the first place. He finished third in the race last year but unfortunately
 went off course this time around and lost about a minute (and possibly fifth
 place). The good news was to come much later when at the evening's prize
 presentation Duncan had to go up and collect the first team prize on behalf
 of Ranelagh Harriers (by this time Bickerstaff & Wright were safely
 ensconced in a pub many miles away)". 

 1 G Raven (Sale) 1.24.05
 11 Duncan Bell 1.34.23
 37 David Wright 1.41.16
 47 Andy Bickerstaff 1.42.32
 65 The Train 1.47.00 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 19th August
 Kenyan Simon Arusei ran the second fastest time yet recorded at the BPTT.
 Jonny Rowan set the only Ranelagh PB, ducking well inside 20 minutes for the
 first time. 

 1 S Arusei (Kenya) 14.35
 5 Mark Middleston 16.48
 36 Stewart Ward 19.01
 45 Jonny Rowan 19.32
 74 Mandy Westlake 20.58
 79 Stephen Logue 21.07
 84 Alan Davidson 21.12
 95 Chris Wright 21.47
 104 Carola Richter 22.32
 125 Alan Craig 24.08
 145 Gill Wilson 25.39
 157 Steve McClune 26.25
 163 Wally Garrod 26.35
 167 John Hanscomb 26.48
 196 Paul Bisping 31.22 

 THORNEY 5 miles  Sunday 20th August
 Jo Ronaldson won the women's race by a clear two and a half minutes in

 MABAC 10km PAARLAUF  Sunday 20th August at Leatherhead
 1 J McGill and D Cairne (Runnymede) 34.15
 13 Sonia and Steve Rowland 38.47
 34 Juliette Chan and Lorna Smith 46.48
 37 Alan Davidson and S Butler 49.16
 42 Bev Ali and Pat Hewlett 58.30

 1 T Lambert (Alton) 66.43
 162 Chris Spink 96.33
 223 Pete Warren 100.00
 299 Sophie Spink 103.55
 598 John Hanscomb 125.21

 HARLOW 10 miles  Sunday 6th August
 1 N Thatcher (Harlow) 56.44
 107 Phil Aiken 73.32 

 RIVERSIDE 3.3 miles handicap  Wednesday 26th July at Hammersmith
 Alan Davidson was the fastest over 55 with 22.30 and Alan Howard was the
 leading over 65 with 23.18.

 Rinaldo Inäbnit won a 7 miles race up the Stanserhorn in the Swiss Alps on
 Sunday in a time of 2 hours 43 minutes. What took him so long? The six
 competitors all had to run backwards. It was apparently the climax of the
 world reverse running championships, which had attracted competitors from as
 far afield as Finland and Taiwan.