Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 221                19 July 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  AGM - Frances Ratchford becomes Ranelagh's first female President
 *  Club 125th Anniversary programme of events
 *  Coad Cup win for John Keep
 *  Jo Ronaldson wins JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge
 *  Phil Killingley and Sam Perkins 2nd and 3rd in this week's BPTT
 *  Clare King and Rachel Rowan 2nd and 3rd women in last week's BPTT
 *  North Devon training weekend in September
 *  18.45 5km at age 75 by Ed Whitlock     

 Our women's Captain Anna McLaughlin left ITV last Friday, so her old e-mail
 address will no longer find her. For the time being please  please use

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "The Ratchford Relay takes place on Tuesday 25th July at 7.15pm with a party
 afterwards. It is a fun event for teams of three women: a fast runner, who
 has to run 3 laps, a medium runner who runs 2 laps and a newcomer or
 improver who only has to run 1 lap.  Lots of cheering and great fun.  There
 is also a party afterwards so please bring food and drink to share!!"

 ELMBRIDGE 10km  Sunday 23rd July starting at 10.30am at Walton
 This is the fourth race in the Surrey Road League and the seventh race in
 our own road Grand Prix.    
 WEDDING DAY 7km  Friday 28th July starting at 7.30pm in Bushy Park
 This is a nice low-key event on a flat course in Bushy Park and is suitable
 for all standards. It's race eight in our road Grand Prix. There are 42
 Ranelagh Harriers in the list of entries at the time of writing, which is a
 few down on last year's total of 47 RH finishers. That proved sufficient for
 us to win the "Father Onn" trophy for the club with the greatest number of
 finishers - so we might need a few more taking part if we are to retain the
 trophy. Entries are still open but the entry limit is being approached, so
 don't delay! 

 Our new President Frances Ratchford writes: 
 "To celebrate our anniversary there are going to be two months of
 celebrations, including we hope something for everyone.

 The Opening Run starts everything off on Saturday 2nd September with a 125th
 Anniversary photo and Thomas Cup handicap race, then tea followed by a
 barbecue. What we would like is for everyone to bring something to barbecue
 and a little extra to share plus a salad or sweet. Carol Barnshaw will
 co-ordinate it all but we are looking for two men (men are better at
 barbecues) to keep an eye on the fire!!  Everyone welcome including juniors
 and their families.

 On Friday 29th September will be the Gala Dinner at York House, 45 per
 person, which includes wine. Guest speakers include Hugh Jones, winner of
 the London Marathon and over 20 other marathons world-wide plus two other
 special guests. See below for booking details.

 Saturday 30th September: a Junior Anniversary Race with special medals for
 all U18 participants.  It will take place before the Page Cup at 3pm.  Tea
 for all in the club house afterwards.

 Sunday 29th October is the actual 125th birthday. There will be an
 Anniversary Run from the Green Man on Putney Heath, the club's original
 home. We will follow the route of the club's first run to the Windmill on
 Wimbledon Common and back, about two miles. If you can dress up in running
 kit as worn in 1881 then please do and run or even just stroll the distance.
 Starting time will be announced soon, but it will be an afternoon event and
 a late lunch or early tea at the pub will follow it.  Everyone is welcome
 including juniors.  

 Saturday 4th November: Mass Mob Match against Orion, Blackheath, South
 London and Thames Hare & Hounds.
 A special anniversary glass will be presented to all participants and
 helpers.  Mob Match supper in the evening: more details to follow. 

 Lots to enjoy but if we have forgotten anything or you want to organise any
 other events please contact Joanne, Marina or Frances".

 RANELAGH 125th ANNIVERSARY DINNER  Friday 29th September at York House
 Marina Quayle writes:
 "The tickets for the 125th anniversary dinner are now on sale. The price per
 head is 45 and includes a three course dinner followed by guest speakers.
 The venue is York House in Twickenham on Friday 29th September". 

 Contact Marina for more info: mailto:marina_quayle@hotmail.com, or send a
 cheque (payable to Ranelagh Harriers) to her at 101 Sheen Road, Richmond TW9
 1YJ.  Please specify if you will require a vegetarian meal. 

 Dress code has been advertised as black tie but I am reliably informed that
 lounge suits won't be turned away!

 Phil Killingley writes:
 "Sam Perkins and I are planning a training camp in Croyde, North Devon, in
 September to do a spot of limbering up before the mud and hills set in next
 winter.  Absolutely all standards are welcome to join, the more the merrier,
 and there will be NO obligation to do any training.  It will be on a 'sort
 your own accommodation out' basis, but some helpful links are below.  We're
 travelling down on Friday 15 September morning, back Monday afternoon, but
 people will be welcome to stay for more or less. 

 Croyde is a beautiful village on the coast, and has a 5 mile long sandy
 beach (barefoot running possible), grassy and scenic coastal paths for
 steady/easy runs, and some seriously steep and entirely optional dunes for
 strength work.  It probably has some lovely pubs (there - got your attention
 Mr Bickerstaff) and restaurants also.

 We are thinking of staying here:
 but for those on a higher budget a list of alternative accommodation and
 some info about the village is here:
 Advice is to book early, as the weekend is towards the back of the surfing

 If there's interest, we may also run some mini seminars/workshops on
 important aspects of running such as: mental strength; stretching;
 nutrition; style; putting together a training programme; how to turn into a
 Kenyan etc.  If anyone would be interested in leading on any of these
 topics, please drop us a line. If no-one is interested, we can spend the
 evenings/afternoons in the pub instead... (cheer from Bickerstaff).

 Any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  It should be a
 really good weekend away.


 Phil & Sam"

 Our local resident Neil Walford sends on the following from the organisers
 of this very popular flat fast race:
 "Entry for the Brook Brighton 10k on Sunday 19th November is now open on
 www.activeeurope.com. The entry limit this year is 3,000 and as of tonight
 there are only 2,972 places left! Everything is similar to last year except
 there is a new sponsor and they appear to be more generous that the old
 sponsor! The race is also the 2006 South of England Championship". 

 The Olympic Medical Institute in collaboration with Polar  is conducting a
 study to validate a novel wrist-based running computer. Over the last 20
 years, heart rate monitors (HRMs) have become widely used as a training aid
 for a variety of sports. HRMs have recently evolved and have become a
 training companion for athletes of different levels of expertise due to the
 improved capabilities of not only monitoring heart rate during exercise, but
 also performing more advanced analyses of HR variability, and other
 physiological and biomechanical parameters able to provide biofeedback-type
 of information. Polar has recently produced a novel running computer that
 provides real time feedback to the user and suggests training programs based
 upon the individual responses to training and recovery. 

 Researchers at the OMI are looking for volunteers to study how novel running
 computers can affect training routines of runners training at least 4 times
 per week. For this research project male and female volunteers, actively
 involved in running are needed. The volunteers will be asked to perform
 their running training wearing a running computer and a chest belt to
 measure their physiological responses for 8 weeks. 

 The volunteers we are looking for should have the following characteristics:
 Must be 25 to 45 years old 
 Must run at least 4 times a week for the past three months. 
 Must be free of any running related injuries such as stress fractures,
 plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ilio-tibial band syndrome and peri-patellar
 pain, etc. 
 Must not be diagnosed with diabetes 
 Must not have history of heart problems 
 Must be able to come to the Olympic Medical Institute on 5 occasions. 

 For more information, contact the Olympic Medical Institute, Northwick Park
 Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow HA13UJ
 Tel: 020 8423 7200
 Email: Anna.Jackson@boa.org.uk.  

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Sunday 23rd July          Elmbridge 10km at Walton. 10.30am start. See
                                    Surrey Slog Half Marathon.  10am start at
 Peaslake. Details: www.mabac.org.uk. 

 Tuesday 25th July         Ratchford Relay in Richmond Park. 7.15pm start.
 See above.

 Friday 28th July            Wedding Day 7km.  7.30pm start in Bushy Park.
 See above.

 Sunday 13th August     Belgrave 5km.  10am start in Wimbledon. The last race
 in both the Surrey Road League and our road GP. Details:

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.
 Some forty or more members stayed on after the Coad Cup for the club's AGM.
 The highlight was the election of our first-ever female President, Frances
 Ratchford. Frances has already contributed a huge amount to the club in
 running our beginners courses, in becoming our senior club coach and as Hon
 Sec. In recognition of this, outgoing President Brian Chard awarded Frances
 Life Membership. Brian also introduced a new award as his parting gift: the
 President's Prize. This is designed to recognise significant contributions
 made to the club and the first recipients were Carol Barnshaw, Robin
 Drummond and John Hanscomb. 

 Simon Burrell takes over from Frances as the club's Secretary and Sandra
 Foot and Clive Naish jointly take on the role of clubhouse managers
 succeeding Alan Craig. All other officials remain in situ, though Bev Ali
 will now join Alan Hedger as the "Race Officials Team". 
 COAD CUP SUMMER HANDICAP 5 miles  Tuesday 11th July in Richmond Park.
 Over sixty took numbers on a warm sunny evening, though not all of them made
 it round the course for various reasons. John Scally and Andres Arana-Garcia
 both finished a long way clear of the field, but they were competing as
 guests and so were not in contention for the Cup. First who was eligible was
 John Keep who passed Vicci Hollis and George Coates in the final half mile
 to claim his first club trophy. Chris Wright and Simon Tyler were closing
 fast on the first three but couldn't quite make it into the medals, and
 behind them Marie Synnott-Wells and Cilla Pettersson put in impressive runs
 through the field.  

 Fastest on the day was Andy Bickerstaff and he and Marcus Gohar were the
 only runners to beat the half hour. Marie and Cilla were the leading women,
 6th and 8th fastest overall.
 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 8th July
 There was a huge personal best by almost a minute from Rachel Rowan who
 chased Clare King all the way home. Improvements also came from Phil Aiken,
 Sam Hunton, Paul Bisping and Edward Smith.

 1 F Kelly (Raheny) 15.58
 12 Nick Wright 17.57
 21 Clare King 18.47
 22 Rachel Rowan 18.48
 39 Chris Camacho 19.51
 60 Phil Aiken 20.48
 64 Adam Wright 20.58
 65 Chris Hunton 20.58
 66 Darren Wood 20.59
 69 Chris Wright 21.08
 72 Roger Wilson 21.12
 73 Sam Hunton 21.12
 82 Paul Bisping 21.29
 85 Edward Smith 21.36
 86 Yvonne Hill 21.50
 105 Jo Turner 23.04
 122 Alan Craig 24.29
 130 Gill Wilson 25.19
 133 Steve McClune 25.23

 NISSAN FOUNDATION 5km Friday 14th July in Toronto
 Ed Whitlock has now passed his 75th birthday but doesn't seem to be slowing
 down. Here's an excerpt from the "Canada Running Series" web site:
 "It was Ed Whitlock, 'The Master', who stole the show with an electrifying
 18:45 performance at age 75. Gunning for Maurice Tarrant's Canadian M75
 record of 20:42, Whitlock destroyed the old mark. Running a 6:02 per mile
 pace, Ed placed 74th overall in a field of 1,114 finishers. That is correct
 - 6:02 mile pace at age 75, on a course re-certified just last year by an
 AIMS/IAAF 'Class A' measurer".  

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 15th July
 Aldershot's Matthew Ashton ran to his third BPTT win, but behind him Phil
 Killingley beat 16 minutes on the course for the first time, one of only 24
 runners to have done so. Sam Perkins couldn't quite stay with Phil's pace
 but took 14 seconds off his previous fastest with 16.12. The only other PB
 on a morning that was already hot at 9am came from Karen Broadbent.

 1 M Ashton (AF&D) 15.17
 2 Phil Killingley 15.54
 3 Sam Perkins 16.12
 8 Duncan Bell 17.22
 27 Chris Read 19.16
 41 Chris Camacho 19.48
 47 Darren Wood 20.05
 49 Paul Murphy 20.23
 59 Chris Hunton 20.51
 69 Sam Hunton 21.16
 70 Adam Wright 21.16
 72 Chris Wright 21.20
 88 Karen Broadbent 22.35
 92 Amelie Hunton 23.08
 140 John Hanscomb 26.37
 144 Wally Garrod 26.50

 JP MORGAN CHASE CORPORATE CHALLENGE  Tuesday 4th July in Battersea Park
 Quoting the event website
 (http://www.jpmorganchasecc.com/events.php?city_id=10 where you can also see
 an excellent photo of Jo breaking the tape):
 "In a city where the average monthly temperature rarely exceeds 70 degrees,
 there isn't much opportunity to train for hot weather races. But that didn't
 seem to affect Angus Maclean or Joanne Ronaldson Tuesday evening on the
 first night of the 20th annual JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in
 Battersea Park. With the mercury spiking well north of 80 at race time, the
 pair turned in two of the fastest times in the entire 2006 Series.

 Maclean, representing Hampshire & Dorset Health Care Trusts, earned the male
 title in a speedy 17:01. Ronaldson, running for ARUP, captured the women's
 title in 19:54. Maclean's time on the 3.5-mile Battersea course hard by the
 River Thames was the second fastest among all men to date in the 2006
 JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Series and Ronaldson's was third best
 among women.

 Ronaldson had a 29-second margin over former Corporate Challenge champion
 Zara Hyde-Peters of UK Athletics. "I'm thrilled," Ronaldson said. "This is a
 short, fast course and I really tried to hammer it. I'm really delighted,
 especially as it was so hot out there." Ronaldson has had several top five
 finishes in the Corporate Challenge, both in London and at the international
 Championship in New York. This is her first time breaking the tape". 

 Another view of the event comes from Peter Wright:
 "I was hoping to do about 6:30 pace to finish in around 23 minutes but I
 arrived just before the start, took six minutes to cross the start line and
 spent  the rest of the race weaving around long lines of walkers and joggers
 to finish in 32 minutes / 26 minutes actual 'running'. This event is
 tremendously popular, 25,000 people did the two events ths year, loads of
 totally sedentary people from my office took part and claim to have enjoyed
 it, absolutely no idea why!" 

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesday 5th July
 Mick Lane was second over 40.
 1 R McCarthy (AFD) 32.22
 11 Mick Lane 35.29 

 1 J McFarlane (TH&H) 1.10.44
 431 Tom Reay 1.51.27 

 MAIDEN CASTLE LOOP  Saturday 15th July at Dorchester
 Sonia Rowland was second over 50 in this event climbing up and around the
 Maiden Castle Iron Age hill fort.
 1 K Hackett (Poole R) 39.18
 49 Steve Rowland 50.21
 102 Sonia Rowland 55.44 

 SOUTHERN VETS TRACK LEAGUE  Monday 3rd July at Battersea Park
 Julie Drummond writes:
 "On a warm sunlit evening at Battersea Park track for the final women's vets
 meeting our team looked to be slightly short of competitors. After a few
 anxious minutes Julie and Jo were soon joined by Sonia Rowland, who turned
 up with her kit (just in case), followed by Bev Walsh and Sandra Foot.  So,
 instead of two competitors, we were up to five! 

 Agreeing to cover every event that we could and determined to retain our 2nd
 position, we went into action - scoring in every event.  A few first places,
 inc. Sandra W35 200m, Julie W50 800m, Sonia W50 3000m, Bev W50 Long Jump +
 Jo Regan won the W35 in High Jump, Long Jump and Hammer!   

 Thanks to you all for your support this season - we ended up 2nd on the
 night and 2nd overall.  Roll on next year, we can do better!" 

 Clive Naish and Steve Rowland ran in some of the M50 events but are keeping
 strangely quiet about their performances...  

 SKIDDAW FELL RACE  Sunday 2nd July
 Representing Clayton-le-Moors Harriers, Dave Taylor won the over 60s
 section. "It was a first ever 'podium' finish and it was particularly
 pleasing to do it on Skiddaw. Coming down off the Latrigg car park into the
 wooded valley was like stepping into an oven - some people took the heat
 quite badly - I passed quite a few in that last mile or so".
 1 C Leigh (Trafford) 1.15.31
 53 Dave Taylor 1.44.31   

 Amongst the finishers listed in the official results of the Harry Hawkes 8
 were Lord Sequin Funny Bone and Lord Eric Dorrinton Pode...