Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 219                29 June 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  436 finishers in the Dysart Dash
 *  Paul Doyle and Jo Ronaldson both runners-up
 *  Men's and women's team wins for Ranelagh 
 *  Jo Ronaldson wins Dulwich Midsummer 5km
 *  Women's beginners course concludes
 *  Good crowd for the Chris Brasher Memorial Ponds Run 
 *  AGM on Tuesday 11th July    

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Tuesday 11th July starting at 8.30pm in the
 Agenda and reports for the AGM will be sent out separately following this
 e-news. They will be in the form of e-mail attachments, so if any of you
 fail to receive them owing to attachment screening or other problems, please
 let me know. The meeting follows...

 COAD CUP SUMMER HANDICAP 5 miles  Tuesday 11th July in Richmond Park. 7.15pm
 Our summer 5 miles canter in the Park. All members are invited and
 encouraged to attend both!

 ...for 2006-2007 were due in April, so if you haven't paid anything in the
 last few weeks you are probably now overdue. If you're not sure, please
 e-mail Membership Secretary Chris Owens at mailto:aachrisowens@yahoo.co.uk.
 Rates are:
 Adult 30, under 20 or Student 6, Family 60, over 60 AND retired 5,
 County (Non-regular runner) 10.
 Please send or leave a cheque payable to Ranelagh Harriers, with a note of
 your name to:
 Membership Secretary
 Ranelagh Harriers
 135a Petersham Road
 TW10 7AA  

 ...to Frances Ratchford who has received her Level 4 coaching qualification.
 Frances writes: "I think there are under 200 women coaches at Level 4 so
 feel quite pleased but it's lots of work!"

 This is our own summer Grand Prix series. Five races have taken place and
 the remaining ones are the Harry Hawkes 8m (July 2nd), the Elmbridge 10km
 (July 23rd), the Wedding Day 7km (July 28th) and the Belgrave 5km (August
 13th). 104 members already appear on the scoreboard, a full version of which
 can be seen on our website, together with details of the races. Current leaders are:

 Open  Paul Doyle 34,  Mick Lane 32,  Trevor Maguire 31,  Phil Killingley 24,
 Nathan Mills 24,  Tim Woods 24
 M40   Trevor Maguire 21,  Mick Lane 18,  Marcus Gohar 11,  Colin Frew 9,
 Simon Burrell 6, four runners with 5 points
 M50   Tim Woods 15,  Mike Peace 10,  John Hanscomb 8,  Stephen Instone 8,
 Tom Reay 7, three runners with 6 points
 Women   Marie Synnott-Wells 17,  Mandy Westlake 8,  Fari Shams 6,  Sara
 Grosvenor 6, Kerrie O'Connor 6,  Jo Ronaldson 6
 W40   Marie Synnott-Wells 18,  Michele Gibson 14,  Anje Lanting 6,  Deborah
 Blakemore 6,  Jo Turner 5,  Lynne Barber 5
 W50   Jane Wyatt 6,  Sonia Rowland 6,  Beverley Ali 5,  Julie Naismith 5,
 Corinne Bishop 4,  Beverly Walsh 3  

 ...in Teddington have a sale starting on the 1st July amd they are offering
 Ranelagh a preview on the Thursday 29th & Friday 30th June. 

 Sian Tingley writes:
 "Some months ago a few members were looking at arranging a Pilates session
 at Raleigh Rd church in Richmond. If any one has details could they e mail
 me at mailto:siantingley@hotmail.com". 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@talk21.com ).     

 Sunday 2nd July           Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton. 10am start.
 Details: http://www.sportsystems.net/hh8/Scripts/default.asp   

 Tuesday 11th July         Coad Cup 5 miles summer handicap in Richmond Park
 (7.15pm start) followed by AGM at the clubhouse.

 Sunday 23rd July          Elmbridge 10km at Walton. 10.30am start. Details:
                                    Surrey Slog Half Marathon.  10am start at
 Peaslake. Details: www.mabac.org.uk. 

 Friday 28th July            Wedding Day 7km.  7.30pm start in Bushy Park.
 Details: http://www.sportsystems.net/weddingday/Scripts/default.asp. This is
 always a popular event and there will most probably be no entries available
 on the day.

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.
 DYSART DASH 10km  Sunday 25th June
 Well, we expect nothing less than a hot day for the Dysart Dash. Early in
 the morning it was quite pleasant but by race time the thermometer had
 climbed and it had become deceptively humid. About 450 runners assembled at
 the start but some found it hard going and not all of them made it round
 both laps.

 At the sharp end, SLH's Stuart Major had a much easier time of it than he
 might have expected. A couple of runners gave chase for the first mile or
 two but Major was away and clear well before the end of the first lap.
 Striding on with only the lapped runners for company he built up a lead of
 over a minute by the time he turned into the finishing straight. Last year's
 winner Paul Doyle ran a canny race, picking off runners on the second
 circuit to move into the runner-up spot ahead of Belgrave's Malachi Byansi.
 Peter Haarer finished 6th to give us a good start in the team reckoning. As
 usual Nathan Mills went out hard in the wake of the leading pack and held on
 well for a sub 36 minutes PB in 20th place. But he could not stay ahead of
 the experienced Mick Lane and Marcus Gohar double act. They fought out their
 own personal battle which took them through to 16th and 19th, the 3rd and
 4th over 40s to finish.  

 Gordon Whitson on a visit from Athens should at least have been well
 accustomed to the conditions. He ducked inside 37 minutes as the second over
 50 home, and a few seconds behind Gordon there was a good performance from
 new member Howard Gleave. Chris Owens, Trevor Maguire, Marc Snaith and Chris
 Read were the only other Ranelagh men to finish inside 40 minutes, but it
 goes without saying that they had our leading women up there with them. Jo
 Ronaldson was close to her personal best with 36.33 but just like last year
 she only had a distant view of Thames's Australian Naomi Warner who recorded
 an excellent 34.52 for 9th place overall. Jo finished 2nd, Marie
 Synnott-Wells was 4th and these two were also the leading over 35s. Anna
 McLaughlin was carrying a foot injury but did enough in 8th place to secure
 the team win for Ranelagh. 

 The men's team prizes also came our way, but the result of the Surrey
 Championship - incorporated as usual with this race - will be different
 because Peter Haarer as an Oxfordshire man is ineligible. The result is to
 be confirmed but it seems likely that our team of Doyle, Lane and Gohar will
 win the bronzes behind Stragglers and Hercules Wimbledon. No such problems
 for the women's team who will add yet another Surrey title to their

 We had 50 Ranelagh finishers in all, and of course there were many more club
 members in attendance helping in some capacity. Organiser Bev Ali adds:
 "Congratulations to all the runners who finished the Dysart Dash, and a
 heartfelt thank-you to all the helpers on Sunday - it was very warm and
 humid, and the extra water angels (especially the short ones) were really
 appreciated. As the nominal organiser of the race, I feel a bit of a fraud
 since most of the 'on the day' effort is performed by a legion of helpers
 orchestrated by Alan Hedger. Special thanks as ever to Alan, to Jimmy,
 without whom providing all that water would have been a logistical
 nightmare, to Ken Powley for his usual efficiency in compiling the results
 in record time (to the uninformed eye he may have seemed a little slower
 than usual, but that was only because I hadn't told anyone where the prizes
 were), to Steve Rowland as Ken's assistant, and to Carol and crew in the
 kitchen. A huge thank-you and kudos to everyone who marshalled, cleaned up,
 washed up, handed out medals, supported the runners, or in general
 contributed to bring order out of chaos in any way, you really are too
 numerous to list and it couldn't happen without you! Thanks also to Malcolm
 McBride from MaxSports in Twickenham for his continued support and

 CHRIS BRASHER MEMORIAL PONDS RUN  Tuesday 20th June in Richmond Park
 Chris Owens reports:
 "We had quite a good turnout for the Ponds run, considering the Ranelagh
 first team were playing England at the same time - well it was some bunch of
 guys in blue and yellow anyway. We had at least three groups going round -
 most of Clare and Anna's group plus Hugh Brasher, a breakaway group of
 Michele plus a few others and a "lanterne rouge" pack lead by Bev Ali.

 Most of the ponds had something loosely described as water in them due to
 rain in the last week or so, which helped make the run understandable to
 some of the people who hadn't done it before. The 20 "Rutted hollows in the
 middle of nowhere" Run doesn't have quite the same ring. We had very
 enjoyable time, although I still failed to find Thompson's pond in the
 middle of the Isabella plantation - it's in there somewhere, but seems to
 move around.

 After the run, some people rushed off to the Roebuck, as the Dysart ignored
 the football completely. So a few of the usual suspects sat in a deserted
 pub, and enjoyed life. Thanks to Marina's daughter Manon, we had our own
 personal update service by phone, a great help as I'd promised Andy Hayward
 who was sitting in some airport terminal in the States that I'd keep him up
 to date. Txting was duly deployed and I was able to comfirm the Ranelagh
 first team's stunning draw almost as soon as it happened". 

 DULWICH RUNNERS MIDSUMMER 5km  Wednesday 21st June at Dulwich Park
 Jo Ronaldson won the women's section impressively by a minute.
 1 M Shone (Woodford G) 15.33
 11 Jo Ronaldson 17.25 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 24th June
 Only a small Ranelagh contingent this week, with the Dysart Dash to follow
 on Sunday, but there were PBs for Phil Aiken and Jim Forrest.
 1 C Kosgei (Kenya) 14.37
 22 Chris Camacho 19.33
 36 Alan Davidson 20.04
 42 Darren Wood 20.25
 54 Chris Wright 20.47
 57 Adam Wright 20.55
 65 Phil Aiken 21.28
 79 Jim Forrest 22.16
 86 Evelyn Joslin 23.01
 96 Karen Broadbent 23.47
 115 Steve McClune 25.38
 121 John Hanscomb 26.28 

 NATIONAL YOUNG ATHLETES LEAGUE  Sunday 25th June at Perivale
 The St Mary's Richmond team finished in 6th place in their latest Southern
 Division 2 South fixture. Amongst the individual event winners were Morgan
 Evans, Josh Keisler, Edward Smith, Alex McKenna, Beccy Culverwell, Rebecca
 Clayden, Nadia Fidler and Rachel Pryce. More details on the St Mary's web
 site: www.smrac.org.uk. 

 WOMEN'S BEGINNERS COURSE  Tuesday 20th June in Richmond Park
 Our annual eight-week course for beginners ended as usual with a run over
 two laps of the Henty Relay circuit around Sidmouth Wood. "Only half the
 group turned up," reports Frances Ratchford, "and Sarah and I weren't sure
 whether it was the football or just the thought of the race! Sarah did all
 the coaching this year despite or because of her bump." 

 1 Emma Hughes 30.30
 2 Grace Over 30.37
 3 Penny Merrett 30.37
 4 Judith Gleave 31.12
 5 Fetitia Adoul 31.23
 6 Anka Draganski 31.32
 7 Deirdre Inman 31.40
 8 Anika White 31.45
 9 Amanda Clarke 34.40
 10 Clementine Smith 35.36
 11 Anna Lise Hulme 35.45 

 RON WHEELER 2.6 miles  Wednesday 28th June at Wapping
 1 A Barns 13.08
 11 Chris Read 15.44
 12 Alan Davidson 15.57
 14 Andy Hayward 16.50 

 MIDSUMMER MUNRO HALF MARATHON  Saturday 24th June at Dorking
 "The hardest half" according to the event web site: "A half marathon with
 height gain/loss of 3000 feet - equivalent to a Scottish Munro. A run for
 very hearty man fellows and lady fellows, mostly on rough tracks, and
 including superb views over the North Downs, the Mole Gap, Denbies Vineyard,
 and Dorking". This might account for Simon B appearing a little jaded for
 the Dysart Dash the next day! 

 1 S Winder (Epsom & E) 1.43.51
 80 Simon Burrell 2.52.36
 81 Simon Tyler 2.52.36 

 Julie Drummond reports:
 "Award-winning landlady and gardener Janet Turnes of Wych Elm fame wanted to
 celebrate her 50th birthday in style and persuaded Julie N and Julie D to
 join her in a weekend away in Guernsey, challenging them to the local annual
 half marathon on the Sunday.  According to the hotel staff, three old ladies
 had 'sailed in' to compete in the event and we thought we had competition
 ... however, we turned out to be the 'Old Ladies', although we were probably
 the youngest staying in the hotel.  

 All three of us were pretty unprepared as Janet injured her ankle and was
 unable to train for weeks, and J & J became lethargic - as their friend
 wasn't there to kick them into gear. Anyway, the day came and three pretty
 nervous vets set out to run along the Guernsey coast and enjoy the views.
 It was very hot, luckily the locals had the hosepipes out to cool us down
 ... we were happy to see the finish line, but of course no PBs.  Maybe next

 Janet took the biggest suitcase you've ever seen. Maybe if we go again
 she'll take something smaller ... our room was on the 2nd floor with no lift
 and no help from her friends!  

 While we were on our way back to the UK the third Vets meeting at Battersea
 was underway. Robin was there to manage the team, who performed amazingly
 well, covering all but 4 events.  Di Wilson amused the high jumpers with her
 stage diving technique. Kerrie won the javelin. Sandra and Marion both won
 two events. At the end of the match we are in 2nd place.  Our last meeting
 of the season is on Monday 3rd July at Battersea Park- please come along,
 men and women, you know it's a lotta fun!  Results are posted in the

 1 A Rowe (Guernsey) 1.16.19
 151 Julie Drummond 2.00.48
 158 Julie Naismith 2.02.49
 185 Janet Turnes 2.12.12 

 TOUR OF EPSOM  Monday 12th - Friday 16th June
 Phil Aiken ran all five events, plus Saturday's BPTT to make it six in a
 row! In the tour he almost succeeded in improving his position each day, and
 overall placed 41st out of 112 who finished all five.

 Race 1  3.3m  Horton Country Park
 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 16.36
 68 Phil Aiken 23.20
 Race 2  4.4m  Nonsuch Park
 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 22.32
 54 Phil Aiken 31.27
 76 Sue Ashley 33.04
 Race 3  4m  Hogsmill  
 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 20.47
 51 Phil Aiken 28.27
 Race 4  3.25m time trial  Epsom
 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 16.31
 43 Phil Aiken 22.24 
 Race 5  4m  Horton Country Park
 1 J McMullan (Epsom O) 19.43
 47 Phil Aiken 27.06

 1 P Stainer (Shaftesbury) 1.15.45 
 122 Stephen Logue 1.40.49 

 WORTHING 10km  Wednesday 7th June
 1 J Baker (Chichester) 32.01
 39 Neil Walford 38.05
 229 Phil Aiken 45.40 

 SELF TRANSCENDENCE 2 miles  Monday 5th June in Battersea Park
 1 T Kingsnorth (Bristol) 9.54
 21 John Pratt 13.32 

 STOCKHOLM MARATHON  Saturday 3rd June
 Andy Hayward reports:
 "Whilst unusual in the world of marathons, a 2:00pm start was the only
 reason Michele even considered running another one after her early morning
 experience of London in 1992. I must say that whilst it meant a late finish,
 it did allow a lay in and a leisurely breakfast, before wandering around the
 waterfront, and then strolling up to the start. The downside was that it was
 an unseasonably warm day (24'C) and of course we were running through the
 hottest part of it. The start of the race was right outside the 1912 Olympic
 Stadium. It is a small stadium, but impressive none the less because of its
 history, both as the venue for the 1912 Olympic Games, and the fact that it
 has seen more world records achieved there than any other stadium in the
 world, thus being a world record holder in its own right. 

 The course headed out east for two laps of the medieval city situated on 14
 islands (part of an archipelago of 24,000). The laps were slightly different
 at the beginning of each, allowing a lot of the Djurgarden, the big park to
 the east of the city, to be seen. The course is a little undulating, but the
 only tough climb on the course is Vasterbron, Sweden's largest arched
 bridge, and the views from the top are stunning. At the end of the second
 lap, the runners pass through an arch into the stadium and on to the track
 to run the last 300 metres to the the finish line of the Olympic Stadium.
 Quite an amazing feeling.  

 I was a little disappointed with the time, but very pleased to have just
 been able to be there, and to finish well. I was also pleased that my splits
 were fairly even for each of the 10kms. I was also pleased to have finished
 my 50th marathon/ultra marathon. Michele ran well, but hit the wall at about
 37k, so had to hang in there a bit over the last 5k. Despite starting right
 at the back behind walkers and the 5:15 pacing group, she passed thousands
 of people, and recorded the best time of her two marathons despite an injury
 plagued build up which meant that her longest training run had been 15
 miles. A gutsy run. The race had a nice atmosphere. With 17,000+ entered and
 13,000 finishers, it had the feel of a big city marathon but was less
 impersonal than the megamarathons such as London and New York etc. Good
 crowd support and a scenic course make this one of the best marathons in the
 world to run".

 Results were included in the last e-news.  

 ..writes from Canada:
 "All's going well for me in Vancouver. I've got an apartment with a partial
 view of the Pacific Ocean - and have been out running alongside it ... and
 around Stanley Park, 3-4 times a week. 

 I ran the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon yesterday in 83:08 (gun time) -
 83:04 (chip - those four seconds made all the difference...), to place 41st
 of 3,424 finishers. Felt fresh as a daisy at the start - having not raced
 for about a month - and was able to keep the trio of Canadian-Kenyans in my
 sights ...for at least the first 250 metres or so. Giitah Macharia won the
 race, in a time of 64:29. Having hobbled home seven days previously from a
 training run with ankle ligament trouble, I was delighted just to be on the
 starting grid. Cruised through 10km in 38:34 (though the kilometre markers
 were positioned fairly randomly, so it could have been 37 or 39:34) - and
 halfway in about 40:34. Slowed a little during the second half - mainly due
 to distracting views of the Pacific Ocean and the searing early morning sun
 - but was able to maintain a fair clip during the latter stages and ripped
 through the chequered flag (with my trademark sprint-finish) just after
 8:20am. I had my timing chip plucked from my right shoe laces, bowed for my
 medal, wolfed down some Gatorade and bananas - and then legged it back to my
 apartment from Stanley Park (about a 10-minute speed-jog) to watch the
 second half of the England-Ecuador game: I've got my priorities in order you

 Weather's been almost exclusively sunny - only a couple of Monsoon days - so
 I've been out on my bike a lot as well. Workwise, I have a few irons in the
 fire and I'm also in the process of snapping up an apartment in a place just
 east of Vancouver called ... Surrey! (Well, it makes me feel at home)". 

 "I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with
 your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with
 your heart."
 Mike Fanelli, coach.