Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 215                17 May 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  Over 700 finishers in the Richmond Half Marathon
 *  Course record for Phil Killingley 
 *  Runner-up spots for Marie Synnott-Wells and Paul Doyle    
 *  Men's and women's team wins for Ranelagh
 *  Sam Perkins wins gold in Surrey under 20 track 3000 metres

 Many of you are probably unaware that Ranelagh Harriers celebrates its 125th
 anniversary this year. It was on 29th October 1881 that the new Harriers
 club - born as an offshoot of the Ranelagh Cricket Club - held its opening
 run from the Green Man on Putney Heath.
 Your committee is not allowing such an auspicious anniversary to pass
 uncelebrated and a number of events are planned for the autumn.
 First - just as a warm-up - will be a party after the Thomas Cup handicap
 race early in September. The serious business begins on Friday 29th
 September when we will be holding a dinner at York House in Twickenham,
 complete with entertainment and guest speakers. 
 The 125th birthday itself - 29th October - happily falls on a Sunday and
 that afternoon we plan to repeat one of the events we held during our
 centenary season back in 1981. This is a re-run of that very first run from
 the Green Man to the Windmill on Wimbledon Common and back - in 1881
 costume! The Green Man will lay on some food afterwards.
 Finally, one of the most popular events we held in the centenary season - a
 "mass mob match" where we will host all our traditional mob match opponents
 on the same day. This will take place on Saturday 4th November.
 More details of all of these will follow soon - meanwhile please note the
 dates in your diaries!  
 We have two teams taking part at the weekend in this relay around London:
 the Ranelagh Lassies women's team and the Ranelagh Old Dogs men's vets team.
 In addition there are a couple more members competing for composite teams.
 Start is at 8.30am on Saturday in front of Hampton Court Palace - early
 arrivals for the BPTT please come and see them on their way! The finish is
 at the Hawker Centre in Ham on Sunday afternoon, with the first arrivals
 expected just before 6pm. All are welcome to join us there for a beer.     

 Get your entries in! This will be on Sunday 4th June starting at 10am. It is
 the Surrey 10 miles championship and features in our Grand Prix and the
 Surrey Road League.  

 The second of our own promotions takes place on Sunday 25th June. The course
 starts a short jog from the clubhouse in Meadlands Road and finishes at the
 same point as last Sunday's half marathon at the end of Riverside Drive. All
 members are welcome to run, though of course we need some help on the course
 too. Details are on our web site.

 Louise Piears writes:
 "www.GoodRunGuide.co.uk has now gone live. For a 10 yearly subscription
 members have access to a database of scenic training routes with all the
 guides necessary to run them with confidence. Also planned is a section that
 will 'fly through' a selection of forthcoming and recent race routes in the

 Thank you to those Ranelagh members who tested the site for us and gave us
 valuable feedback, much of which has been used to improve the site or will
 be included in the near future. Of course anyone who has helped us with the
 coming together of this site or who is willing to help us in the future
 (route suggestions etc.) will be given a membership refund". 

 The new St Mary's Richmond Athletic Club (formerly Richmond and Twickenham)
 is competing in the Southern Leagues for men and women, as well as the
 National Young Athletes League and the Masters League. Ranelagh members are
 welcome to compete for St Mary's Richmond and they would welcome seeing a
 few more of you! Clare Gutch, Estelle Damant, Liz Kipling and Lucy Edmunds
 all took part in the first women's fixture - Clare even put the shot, which
 must have been worth seeing, and Liz has been known to pole vault...
 Fixtures and results can be found on the web site www.smrac.org.uk.

 Many of our juniors will be competing for St Mary's Richmond AC this summer
 in the National Young Athletes League Southern Division Two South. The
 opening fixture is this Sunday (May 21st) at Perivale.     

 MASTERS TRACK LEAGUE  Monday 22nd May at Battersea Park
 The program for the next masters (aka veterans) league is as follows. All
 Ranelagh vets are welcome to come along and have a go.
 18.30 Hammer M40 M50
 18.30 TJ W35 W40 W50
 19.00 Hammer W35 W40 W50
 19.00 TJ M40 M50
 19.00 200m W35 W40a W40b W50
 19.10 200m M4Oa M40b M50 M60
 19.20 800m W35 W40a W40b W50
 19.35 800m M4Oa M40b M50 M60
 19.45 LJ M40a M40b M50
 19.45 Javelin W35 W50 W60
 20.00 3000m M40a M40b M50a M50b
 20.15 LJ W35 W40 W50
 20.15 Javelin M40 M50
 20.20 3000m W35 W40a W40b W50 W60
 20.40 4 x 400 Men
 20.50 4 x 400 Women
 Further details from Julie Drummond on 020 8979 8279 or email

 Membership Secretary Chris Owens would like to remind us all that subs for
 2006/2007 were due on April 1st. 
 Rates are:
 Adult 30, under 20 or Student 6, Family 60, over 60 AND retired 5,
 County (Non-regular runner) 10.
 Please send or leave a cheque payable to Ranelagh Harriers, with a note of
 your name to:
 Membership Secretary
 Ranelagh Harriers
 135a Petersham Road
 TW10 7AA 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Saturday 20th May        Green Belt Relay Day 1 Hampton Court to Blackmore  

 Sunday 21st May          Green Belt Relay Day 2  Blackmore to Ham

 Sunday 4th June           Dorking 10 miles. See above.

 Sunday 25th June         Dysart Dash 10km. See above.  

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.
 Nearly a thousand entries produced well over 700 starters on a cool windless
 morning that was almost ideal for running. The start in front of the
 clubhouse was executed with minimum disruption to traffic and the field was
 very soon spread out along Petersham Road heading for Richmond Bridge. 
 Phil Killingley immediately imposed his authority on proceedings and Paul
 S-H's photo on our website shows him with a few metres advantage within the
 first mile. Paul Doyle was prominent in the following pack, but he had been
 suffering from a cold and had decided before the start to run for second
 In any case Paul would have had to run a personal best to win the race. Phil
 relentlessly stretched his lead until at the finish in Riverside Drive he
 had almost half a mile in hand. He said afterwards that he might have been
 able to run a bit faster had he known that the red-headed bloke on the lead
 bike was the legendary Hugh Jones! Nevertheless, Phil's 70.30 was a record
 for the new course adopted last year. Popeye Doyle did enough to secure a
 comfortable second place ahead of last year's winner Dave Symons of Thames. 

 Nathan Mills went out hard with a view to being our third man home but Tim
 Woods soon pulled ahead and established himself in the top ten, undeterred
 by the spectacular stomach problems of the runner one place ahead! Tim's
 77.09 for 8th place secured the over 50s prize and places him second in our
 all-time ranking list for the age group. Steve Whitehead finished strongly
 for 10th, just ahead of Marcus Gohar who was the second over 40 to finish.
 Nathan held on for 15th and Graham Quick in 23rd was the last Ranelagh
 runner home before the leading woman, Angela Howe of London Heathside. 
 Howe's 80.42 also constituted a course record and her margin of victory was
 even greater than Phil Killingley's. She had been in for over four minutes
 before runner-up Marie Synnott-Wells crossed the line. Third woman another
 three minutes back was Abi Weeds of the South London Orienteers.
 Pete Warren ran some three minutes faster than last year to win the over 60s
 prize and throughout the field there were many personal bests recorded. Most
 runners seem to find the course an agreeably scenic as well as fast route.
 We won both open team races, with the men's awards going to Phil, Paul and
 Tim and the women's to Marie, Eliete Nascimento and Evelyn Joslin. The
 margin of victory for the women was a single point but would have been
 greater had brand-new member Mandy Westlake been included. She entered
 before joining us so was listed in the official results as unattached. In
 fact she was our second woman home in 13th place, ahead of Eliete 19th and
 Evelyn 26th.
 The race incorporated the Surrey Championship again this year but it will be
 a little time before the full county results will be available. But I think
 it's safe to say that the men's individual gold and silver will go to Phil
 Killingley and Paul Doyle and the men's team to Ranelagh. It's likely that
 Angela Howe is not Surrey qualified so the women's gold will probably come
 our way too, to Marie Synnott-Wells. Women's team golds are also on the
 cards, though it's not clear at the moment which three will count as the
 scoring team.     
 It was great to see 50 Ranelagh names in the results and almost as many
 helping in some capacity.
 Organiser Robin Drummond adds:
 "I would like to put a big thank you in e-news to all who took part in the
 half marathon at the weekend. Without all the helpers this event just could
 not take place and I can proudly say that the feedback on marshalling and
 all other aspects of the event has been almost unanimously positive. So
 thanks to those who ran the event and even more thanks to those who help run
 the event".
 COUNTY TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May 
 Sam Perkins won gold in the Surrey under 20s 3000m championship in 8.56.76.
 Pete Mulholland reports:
 "Alex Bodin (HW) set the pace and looked to have made a break after two laps
 but the pack hauled him back. Soon after, Sam tucked in and he and Bodin
 pulled well clear of the field. Sam appeared content to follow the pace (I
 even shouted for him to do his share of the work!) when with about 600m to
 go he set off and cleared well away from Bodin. Meanwhile Adam
 Przedrzymirski (HW) came charging from the pack and began to haul Sam back
 around the top bend but to no avail as the damage had been done. I spoke to
 Sam afterwards and he admitted, 'That was my first race over 3000m and I
 wasn't sure how to run it, that's why I sat in'.
 Sam adds:
 "I ran the race fairly evenly. I found the pace pretty comfortable so when
 everyone else slowed slightly in final K I just continued the pace we had
 been running for previous 2K. I think there is a lot more to come on the
 8:56 I ran".

 Noel Stoddart reports on our other county championship competitors:
 "Another strong performance saw Nadia Fidler finish 2nd in 4.55 in her 1500m
 race at Middlesex after leading for the majority of the race. This was only
 just outside her pb of 4:53 run the week before at Watford. There were more
 pbs as Georgia Miansarow sliced another 6 seconds off the 1500m time she set
 last week (5:14.38), Rachel Pryce destroyed her 2 year old pb (5:19.38) and
 Eve Edmunds took a big step forward with 5:48.9 in the Middlesex U13 race.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 13th May 
 1 L Greatorex (Belgrave) 16.07
 13 Nick Wright 17.41
 16 Andy Bickerstaff 18.03
 43 Joss Moran 20.09
 54 Chris Wright 20.40
 62 Darren Wood 21.02
 68 Chris Hunton 21.20
 78 Sam Hunton 21.51
 83 Martin Clark 22.31
 89 Edward Smith 23.00
 101 Karen Broadbent 23.53
 108 Gill Wilson 24.52
 143 Wally Garrod 28.22  

 MASTERS TRACK LEAGUE  Monday 8th May at Battersea Park
 Julie Drumond writes:
 "A big thank you to all who came to Battersea for the first Vets meeting.
 Everyone enjoyed the event, men finishing in 3rd place and the ladies a
 close 2nd to Serps. Two of our runners were persuaded to join the regulars
 on the track. Beverley Walsh threw herself in at the deep end and covered
 various events, including the Shot and Long Jump - winning both events.
 Kerrie O'Connor-Forth came in 2nd place in both the 400m and 1500m. 

 Other winners in the meet were Jo Regan W35 in 100m, High jump and long
 jump; Debbie Singleton W35 in Shot and discus; Marion Rayner W50 in 100m and
 400m; Julie Drummond W50 2km walk; Sandra Foot, Jo, Julie and Marion in the
 4x 200m relay. Thanks also to point scorers, Pat Hewlett and Lorna Smith.
 The next meeting is on Monday 22 May and hopefully we will have an even
 bigger and better team". 

 CONCORDE 10km  Sunday 14th May at Heston
 1 M Boucher (AFD) 34.30
 18 Chris Brook 39.24 

 OMAGH HALF MARATHON  Saturday 25th March
 Marie Synnott-Wells protests that it was not in fact she who ran at Omagh as
 reported last week.  

 Lost your kit? Found somebody else's? See www.lostkit.co.uk.