Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 214                11 May 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  Phil Killingley and Paul Doyle 2nd and 3rd in Sutton 10km
 *  Liz Kipling and Sonia Rowland 3rd and 5th in Hogsmill Ladies 5 miles
 *  Tim Woods 3rd in Regents Park 10km
 *  Richmond Half Marathon on Sunday  
 If you're quick there's still time to enter our Half Marathon taking place
 on Sunday. The race incorporates the Surrey championship. Start is at our
 clubhouse at 8.30am. If you're not running but can spare an hour or two
 please come along to help out in some capacity. Whether running or helping
 aim to arrive no later than 8am and bear in mind that, with several hundred
 runners descending on us, parking is not going to be easy!  

 Bev Ali adds:
 "Ann Murray and I both have numbers for the Richmond half that we are not
 going to use. I will be early at the start and will leave them at the help
 desk for anyone who wants to change the registration for them".

 If you are helping out on Sunday and haven't picked up a copy of the
 marshalling instructions, they are tacked on to the end of this e-news.

 Louise Piears writes:
 "www.GoodRunGuide.co.uk has now gone live. For a 10 yearly subscription
 members have access to a database of scenic training routes with all the
 guides necessary to run them with confidence. Also planned is a section that
 will 'fly through' a selection of forthcoming and recent race routes in the

 Thank you to those Ranelagh members who tested the site for us and gave us
 valuable feedback, much of which has been used to improve the site or will
 be included in the near future. Of course anyone who has helped us with the
 coming together of this site or who is willing to help us in the future
 (route suggestions etc.) will be given a membership refund".

 The latest Ranelagh Harriers Gazette has been published and there are copies
 in the clubhouse now. Please help yourself to one and add your name to the
 list. The remainder will be sent out shortly. 

 This will be on Sunday 4th June starting at 10am. It is the Surrey 10 miles
 championship and features in our Grand Prix and the Surrey Road League.

 Winners of the draw at the Baker Cup supper were: Tom Reay (139), Wyn
 Williams (58) and Sharon Cook (35). Peter Trainor reports that a total of
 684 was paid out in prizes in the last year, with a similar amount going
 into the club's building fund. If you'd like to take part it will cost you
 just a tenner a year. Contact Peter at mailto:peter.trainor@btinternet.com.

 John Atkinson is moving to Canada shortly and has a couple of items he would
 like to sell before he goes:
 "The first is a single orthopaedic mattress - a Dorlux Ortho Classic no less
 - which was bought in 2003 for around 200 and has had less than 12 months
 total use. It is an excellent mattress, still in fine condition and a steal
 at 80ono. It would need collecting (from East Sheen). Item two is a Matsui
 VCR, bought for about 50 18 months ago. Has also had limited use - and is
 also in pristine condition. I'm just after around 20 for this (any less & I
 may as well give it away). If either are of interest to anyone, e-mail me:
 mailto:jma17473@yahoo.co.uk or call 07719 433376".

 NBFA 5km  Sunday 4th June in Bushy Park
 As if there weren't enough 5kms in Bushy Park....we've been asked to mention
 this event which aims to raise money for the National Benevolent Fund for
 the Aged. Entry is 6.50, start time is 10am. 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff ( mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Sunday 14th May          Richmond Half Marathon.  8.30am start from the
 Ranelagh clubhouse. Details on our website. 

 Saturday 20th May        Green Belt Relay Day 1 Hampton Court to Blackmore  

 Sunday 21st May          Green Belt Relay Day 2  Blackmore to Ham 

 Monday 22nd May         Masters Track League from 6.30pm at Battersea Park 

 Sunday 4th June           Dorking 10 miles. See above.   

 Every Saturday             Bushy Park Time Trial. 9am start at the Diana
 Fountain car park. See www.bptt.net for details.
 SUTTON 10km  Sunday 7th May at Beddington Park
 Phil Killingley found South London's regular race winner Stuart Major too
 strong for him but ran a good race to finish second just 13 seconds in
 arrears. Nearly half a minute back Paul Doyle returned from injury with a
 solid run to finish in an isolated 3rd place - repeating last year's result
 but half a minute faster this time.

 HOGSMILL LADIES 5 miles  Sunday 7th May at West Ewell
 Conditions at the Hogsmill were humid, though overnight rain had left some
 sections of the multi-terrain course a little slippery. Epsom's Emily Nelson
 was a class apart from the rest of the field and crossed the line over two
 minutes clear - but she could not seriously challenge Sarah Smith's course
 record of 29.31 set last year. The front of the race was well spread out,
 and the three lead bikes that had been laid on proved to be vital -
 especially with local kids attempting to sabotage the direction signs!  Liz
 Kipling overcame a cold to finish 3rd and Sonia Rowland was the leading over
 50 in 5th. Sadly Ann Murray turned her ankle badly in the closing stages and
 was unable to finish.  

 1 E Nelson (Epsom & E) 29.56
 3 Liz Kipling 32.52
 5 Sonia Rowland 36.00
 74 Juliette Chan 46.10
 95 Lorna Smith 48.15
 135 Deborah Blakemore 50.57
 147 Beverly Walsh 53.24
 157 Cindy Croucher 54.27 

 REGENTS PARK 10km  Saturday 6th May
 Tim Woods put in a very impressive run to move into 3rd place in our over
 50s ranking list.
 1 M Taylor (WSEH) 34.29
 3 Tim Woods 35.06

 PARKLAND RELAY  Wednesday 3rd May in Richmond Park
 A mixed bag of our Wednesday-nighters took part in this event organised by
 Thames Hare and Hounds.
 1 Belgrave 63.07
 8 Ranelagh 68.03
 Rob Stillwell 16.54
 Andy Bickerstaff 16.49
 Andrew McLauchlan 16.56
 Chris Owens 17.24
 15 Ranelagh/Stragglers  73.33  
 Graham Brook 16.51
 Andy Morris 19.32
 Ian Foster 20.32
 Graham Brook 16.38
 30 Ranelagh Mixed         82.04
 Michele Gibson 20.55
 Andy Hayward 19.41
 Sue Ashley 21.12
 Andy Hayward 20.16  

 Chris Read reports:
 "The normal Keswick team of Bob Beatson, John Hanscomb, David Rowntree and
 me was this year strengthened by the addition of Evelyn Joslin, running at
 Keswick for the first time. The day got off to a bad start for David as he
 discovered his wife had driven off with his running shoes.  Fortunately John
 had a spare pair and their feet are the same size. 

 We started the race in bright sunshine. About half way through it clouded
 over and the cool overcast conditions were perfect for running. I did
 1.32.49, which was about what I had expected.  Bob did 1.41.41.  Evelyn,
 treating the race as a training run for the Ranelagh Half Marathon, did
 1.53.13.  John showed no ill effects from the previous week's London
 Marathon, to record a time of 2.03.33.  John's spare shoes really did the
 trick for David. His time was 2.10.02, more than 20 minutes quicker than
 last year.

 The afternoon was spent on a boat trip, offering as it did good company,
 beautiful views and most importantly of all no need to move our legs".

 1 A Hilton (York Acorn) 1.12.25
 57 Chris Read 1.32.49
 159 Bob Beatson 1.41.41
 284 Evelyn Joslin 1.53.13
 383 John Hanscomb 2.03.33
 423 David Rowntree 2.10.02 

 PEDNOR 5 miles  Monday 1st May at Amersham
 Mick Lane was the leading vet.
 1 O Jones (Chiltern) 26.42
 7 Mick Lane 28.34 

 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 23rd April
 We missed Charlie Pedlar from our results in the last e-news. He improved
 his PB by 5 minutes to record 2.56.39 for 901st. Ken Fotherby's 2.56.26
 ranks him 6th in our over 50s marathon ranking list, one place and two
 minutes behind his dad's performance 23 years ago! 

 Anna Mallett reports on her first mini-marathon:
 "I got up at six on a drizzly, misty, grey Sunday, wondering why on earth I
 had agreed to do this, and cycled to Twickenham to get on the team coach
 along with about 50 other people doing the mini-marathon. We arrived at a
 big car park, which was also our starting area, where the 13-14 year old
 girls walked about, warmed up and talked for an hour and a half, before
 moving onto the start line. There were a few nerves, but everyone was
 excited about the race and glad to get out of the car park. We were the
 second-to-last group to run, as the 11-12's went after us. An official
 counted down to the start, which never seemed to come, while we stood
 cursing on the line, wondering why we had ever wanted to do this and why the
 start seemed really soon but wouldn't actually arrive.  

 After Cherie Blair set us off there was a crazy sprint along the tunnel,
 which soon (not soon enough) slowed down to a steadier pace. The race seemed
 to be endless, but eventually the sign came which said 800m to go. Even that
 bit seemed to go on forever, but finally Birdcage Walk turned the corner
 past Buckingham Palace, and the finish was in sight. We all got a medal as
 we crossed the line, although I could hardly talk and had to make do with
 giving the officials a grateful look. We were also excited to hear that
 Nadia Fidler had won her age group's borough section. I thought it was
 really a great experience, and I would definitely like to do it again next
 year, so I suppose I have to keep on training..." 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 29th April
 Another new record this week, with 163 finishers. In the 2006 BPTT League
 table, Darren Wood and Chris Wright are in 3rd and 6th place in the men's
 event and Gill Wilson is 2nd in the women's.
 1 M Pierson (Holmfirth) 15.37
 22 John Atkinson 18.59
 27 Clive Beauvais 19.28
 31 Darren Wood 19.41
 37 Chris Camacho 19.58
 39 Chris Hunton 20.05
 42 Roger Wilson 20.10
 44 Chris Wright 20.25
 80 Edward Smith 22.13
 84 Jo Turner 22.40
 85 Paul Bisping 22.43
 88 George Hutchinson 22.46
 90 Holy Clemens 22.48
 112 Alan Craig 24.31
 113 Gill Wilson 24.32 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 6th May
 On another fine morning for running, Aldershot's Matthew Ashton finished
 only 10 seconds outside the course record. Nick Wright and Kerry Anley
 bounced back from their London Marathon efforts to record substantial PBs
 and there were improvements too from Marc Snaith, Chris Wright, Paul
 Bisping, Evelyn Joslin and Kerrie O'Connor.
 1 M Ashton (AFD) 14.49
 6 Nick Wright 17.25
 9 Marc Snaith 17.44
 17 John Atkinson 18.11
 18 Andrew Forth 18.28
 23 Darren Wood 18.52
 39 Kerry Anley 19.40
 58 Chris Wright 20.22
 88 Paul Bisping 21.53
 92 Evelyn Joslin 22.03
 116 Kerrie O'Connor 23.35
 135 John Hanscomb 26.09 

 RON WHEELER 2.6 miles handicap  Wednesday 26th April at Wapping
 1 C Applegate (Equitas) 16.24  (actual time 16.24)
 9 Andy Hayward 18.02  (actual time 16.02)
 10 Alan Davidson 18.04  (actual time 16.04) 

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 28th April in Hyde Park
 1 O Edwards (Shaft B) 15.34
 65 Alan Davidson 20.10
 167 John Hanscomb 26.52 

 BARRY JONES 5 miles  Monday 1st May at Wimbledon
 1 I Horrocks (Herc W) 26.12
 38 Sue Ashley 37.54 

 KINGFIELD CANTER  2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 3rd May at Woking
 1 D Lott (Unatt) 25.16  (actual time 25.16)
 24 Steve Rowland 27.05  (actual time 17.20)
 31 Sonia Rowland 27.30  (actual time 20.30)
 33 Alan Davidson 27.37  (actual time 18.30) 

 Take a look at http://www.athleticsdata.com/. It seems to be an
 extraordinarily ambitious undertaking to list records for every race and
 every athlete who meets Athletics Weekly's standards for publication. Some
 30 Ranelagh names are included in the Athletes directory, and a very
 peculiar mix they are too.

 Please will all marshalls take their mobile phones.
 Will all marshalls email their phone number to Robin
 thedrummonds@blueyonder.co.uk before Saturday night.
 If you cannot make your marshalling post in time please phone Robin as soon
 as you realise.
 The start is at 8:30am. The lead runner will be running at approx 5:15
 miling  Please be at your position at least 15 minutes before the lead
 runner is due.
 Water station staff need to be there at least 60 minutes before the lead
 runner is expected.
 I can tell you what time this will be if you have not been told already.
 Please give clear unambiguous directions to approaching runners. They can't
 tell what you are thinking so show them which way to go. 

 Serious medical emergencies should be first notified to 999.
 Any other problems medical or otherwise should be phoned through to Robin or
 Alan so that we can notify St John's Ambulance or send other help. Please
 tell us your position.
 Put our numbers in your phone Robin 07986 105086     Alan 07791 478092 

 If you see a runner behaving in a dangerous or discourteous manner please
 write down their number and report it to me or Alan so that we know before
 the end of the race. You are in control and they must do what you say.
 You must stay at your post until discharged by tail bike after the last
 runner goes through.
 As soon as you are discharged please move to your next assigned post with
 whoever you are getting/giving a lift to, or on your bike.
 Cyclists remember that you can cross the Thames at Teddington Lock. 

 If these instructions are unclear or contradict what you have been told by
 Alan please phone or email Robin:
 020 8979 8279 (Home)        07986 105086 (Mobile)

 If you are at all unclear where you are supposed to be marshalling or what
 you have to do then contact me immediately.
 Please check that you are marshalling once or twice Do not delay in moving
 to your next position Timing is critical and there is not much leeway.
 It may be SUNNY at the weekend Please take sunblock and water with you.
 Enjoy and a huge thank you from me, Alan and Ranelagh. We can't do it
 without you!