Newsdesk 2006

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 201                4 January 2006
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Henty Relay win for Duncan Bell, Georgia Miansarow and Josh Smythe
 *  Building Fund Christmas Draw results
 *  Christmas Eve BPTT wins for Paul Doyle and Clare Gutch
 *  Special Christmas Day and New Year's Day BPTTs too
 *  The return of Hugh Jones
 *  Early starts for next week's men's and women's league races
 *  Centenary team reunion at the Blackheath mob match

 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 7th January at Lloyd Park,
 The county championships get underway at 11am with the under 13 boys,
 followed by the other junior events. The senior women run at 1.15pm and the
 senior men at 2.10pm. For the full timetable plus maps of the venue and
 course, see the Surrey Athletics website:

 We have now learned that BOTH men's and women's leagues will start half an
 hour earlier than normal.

 The women's event is at a new venue for us, Merrow Downs at Guildford. Car
 parking and toilets are at the Newlands Corner Countryside Centre on the A25
 between Guildford and Shere.  The start times are 12 noon for  seniors, 
 12.45 for U20s /U17s and 1.15pm for U15s/U13s.

 The men are back at Lloyd Park, Croydon for the second week in succession. 
 U17s/U15s/U13s all run at 2pm followed by the seniors at 2.30pm.

 MOB MATCH v BLACKHEATH HARRIERS  Saturday 21st January in Richmond Park.
 Our mob match record this season stands at won 1, lost 2. This is the last
 one and we should have a good chance of levelling the tally. But as ever,
 it's weight of numbers that's most important. We need as many runners as
 possible, regardless of speed. You can race or treat it as a training run,
 but just being there is the thing. The race is at home in Richmond Park over
 7.5 miles starting at 2.30pm. The Pelling-Ratcliffe Cup is at stake for the
 winning team and the race also incorporates the club championship for the
 Wynne Cup and a sealed handicap.  Don't miss it! 

 At our mob match against Orion in October there was by chance a reunion of
 half the team that represented Ranelagh in our club Centenary race back in
 1981. In that event a selected squad of nine ran against teams representing
 the English Cross-Country Union, Surrey County, Oxford and Cambridge
 Universities and Thames Hare and Hounds. Bill Harvey, who was in that team,
 missed the Orion match but was inspired to try to organise a more complete
 reunion - with some success. He's hoping that eight of the nine will be able
 to make it for the Blackheath mob match on 21st January: Kevin Harrison,
 Simon Collingridge, Gordon Whitson, David Wright, Paul Keen, Gavin Jones,
 Jim Forrest and Bill himself. Only Simon Hedger, who was here for the Orion
 race but understandably can't make another trip over from Sydney, will
 definitely be absent. 

 If any other "old timers" from that era are reading this and can make it on
 the 21st they would of course be more than welcome! 

 JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE RACE 3  Saturday 21st January at 2pm.
 The third of the four points prize races will take place before the mob
 match at 2pm over the usual course around Sidmouth Wood. 

 NATIONAL CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday 25th February at Hampstead
 Heath (Parliament Hill)
 It seems a long way away but entries have to be made very early - this week
 in fact! The usual suspects will be entered anyway, but the race is open to
 all comers so if you'd like to experience a "National" (and it IS an
 experience!) contact Andy or Anna immediately. 

 Winners of the draw made at the Henty Relay: Neil Walford (136), Frances
 Ratchford (57) and David Parsons (34). If you'd like to join in, it's just
 a tenner a year. Send a cheque payable to 'Ranelagh Harriers Building Fund'
 to Peter Trainor at 30 Hatch Place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5NB.

 Bev Ali writes:
 "The MABAC fixtures list for 2006 is now on their site at www.mabac.org.uk.
 The first race, which will be a road eight mile run or 1.3 mile walk/jog, is
 on the 8th January in Windsor Great Park starting at 11 am - BUT best be at
 the Blacknest Gate car park by 10:20 with 2 ready for parking fees. Numbers
 will be distributed there. Directions and maps are available on the MABAC
 website fixture list".

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "It is marathon time so now that I am confirmed as a senior coach, UKA have
 given me the highest qualifications possible, and I am more than happy to
 help anyone going for gold....... or even just wanting to run the marathon
 in London, Paris or Krakow in a record time.  Last year I had some success
 with a few people getting well deserved  PBs, so if you want some help or
 coaching then please contact me.  Just so you know, coaching can include gym
 work to strengthen your legs, track work, some psychology to get you through
 and lots of long runs. I may also consider helping some people who only want
 a good half marathon time". Contact Frances at

 At the Christmas Party six names were drawn in the ballot for guaranteed
 club entries for the marathon. Unfortunately it transpires that we were only
 due five places, not six. So as the last name to be drawn it's John Atkinson
 who will sadly be missing out. 

 John writes: "Should any of our 'Five' drop out through illness or injury
 I'll be bouncing up and down excitedly on the subs bench, ready to step in!
 I guess you could say I'm effectively first reserve!" So, if you're one of
 the five and you're not going to be taking up your place after all, please
 let us know.  

 Simone Hardy writes:
 "If anyone at Ranelagh is interested in a Golden Bond place for the Flora
 London Marathon then please contact me. I work at Kids, a charity that
 supports disabled children, young people and their families and we have a
 number of golden bond places left. We ask all runners to commit to raising
 1200 (including a 100 non-refundable registration fee) sponsorship. You
 can find out more information on our website www.kids.org.uk. You can reach
 me on my mobile on 07980653696".

 As usual the London Marathon on April 23rd will include a Mini Marathon for
 juniors over the final 4km of the course. Each borough can enter a team in
 each age group and the trial for the Richmond teams will take place in
 Richmond Park on Sunday 5th February. The course is over two laps of
 Sidmouth Wood, the circuit we use for our Henty Relay and Junior Points
 Prize events. The timetable is: girls 13/14 and girls 15/16/17 at 10am, boys
 13/14 and boys 15/16/17 at 10.30am, girls 11/12 at 11am and boys 11/12 at
 11.30am. Entry deadline is Friday 27th January. There are forms at the
 clubhouse or you can call the Richmond Sports Development Group on 020 8831

 ...writes from Australia:
 "I'd like to say thanks for the super job done on the website and thank the
 editor/s for the effort put into the Newsletter. 

 It's heartwarming to see the large numbers of new members being recorded and
 to get the feel that the club is morphing into a social/recreation club with
 fitness-thru-running as its driving activity.

 Looking at the fixture list and the Henty relay event brought to mind some
 thoughts about the man behind this outing. Having done an extensive tour of
 Europe with Chris Henty in his BRG Cortina, I know he'd be overjoyed at the
 burgeoning numbers of females in the club and even more approving of the
 fact that they're doing a lot better than the blokes! He'd also appreciate
 the irony of folk turning out to get rid of the Christmas excess in his name
 in no doubt freezing temperatures while downunder in NZ people are keeping
 cool on the beaches.

 Chris was a fan of Arthur Lydiard, a coach who believed in LSD [that's Long
 Slow Distance in case you're wondering!], in the era that produced some
 great Kiwi runners and Chris wasn't backwards in letting us know that if you
 wanted to find out if you were a 'real' runner, you'd do some 'real'
 training. 'Real' training was to try averaging 70 miles a week, [yes that's
 10 a day] for four weeks. Since most of us only contemplated the two club
 tens in the Park in a year, we thought he was nuts. I have to admit though
 that it worked for me, [led in fact to a lifelong obsession and the
 conviction that four weeks is what it takes for endorphin addiction to set
 in!] and leads me to wonder what current training methods are adopted by you
 folk? If any of you have a moment to share your training diary and thoughts
 with me, I'd be very interested to hear from you. -
 mailto:lockem@dodo.com.au.   Cheers!" 

 Dr Peter Haarer writes from the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents in
 "Minor correction to Gordon Whitson's most interesting report - the battle
 of Marathon was fought in 490, not 492.  A small point, but pedantry is my

 Here's a request from a Ranelagh member:
 "Does anyone who has a ping-pong (table tennis) table THAT CAN BE SET UP
 INSIDE THEIR OWN HOME, preferably a basement. I need to photograph it for a
 personal project".
 If anybody can help please reply to me and I'll pass it on to the individual
 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Saturday 7th January         Surrey County Cross-Country Championships at
 Lloyd Park, Croydon. See above.
                                         Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km.
 9am start. 

 Sunday 8th January            MABAC League 8 miles road race at Windsor
 Great Park (Blacknest Gate). 11am start. 

 Saturday 14th January        Sweatshop Surrey League Div 2 at Lloyd Park,
 Croydon. See above.
                                         Surrey Ladies League at Merrow
 Downs, Guildford. See above.
                                         Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km.
 9am start. 

 Saturday 21st January        Mob match v Blackheath Harriers for the
 Pelling-Ratcliffe Cup. 7.5 miles in Richmond Park at 2.30pm
                                         Junior Points Prize Race 3 in
 Richmond Park at 2pm.
                                         Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km.
 9am start.
 HENTY RELAY  Saturday 31st December in Richmond Park
 Bolstered by a small contingent from Striders of Croydon there were 42
 runners for the Henty on New Year's Eve, sufficient for 14 teams. Some
 explanations for those unfamiliar with the event: the race is over six laps
 of Sidmouth Wood; each team comprises one 'fast' who runs three laps, one
 'medium' who runs two, and a 'slow' who runs one; and the sequence of
 running is up to each team to decide.

 Peter Haarer and Duncan Bell were clearly the fastest men on parade and it
 turned out to be their teams that fought it out for the Kiwi trophy. Peter's
 6.41 on the slightly shorter opening lap gave him a 16 second lead over
 Duncan, but on lap two Georgia Miansarow chased Ian Grange all the way and
 reduced the deficit to 9 seconds. The third circuit often turns things
 upside down as some teams elect to run their 'slow' runner while others put
 out their 'fast' for his or her second effort. For Peter's team it was his
 wife Fiona who ran next and inevitably she soon lost the lead to Duncan.
 Fiona in fact slipped back to 8th but on lap four it was husband Peter's
 turn to gain ground as he ran his second circuit. He restored his team to
 2nd place but for Duncan's team Josh Smythe held on to a lead of over 50
 seconds. On lap five it was Ian Grange against Georgia Miansarow again and
 this time it was Ian who was doing the chasing. He cut back the lead to 28
 seconds, setting up a last lap showdown between Duncan and Peter.

 Bets flew amongst the officials as to who would come out on top. Peter did
 his best, running the fastest lap of the day but at the line Duncan still
 had a scant 8 seconds in hand. "I'd just like to say thank you to Andy
 Bickerstaff for the organisation and having the faith in me to back me in a
 small wager," says Duncan, "I would also like to thank Georgia and Josh for
 their excellent performance". 

 There was a close race for third too, with Andrew McLauchlan overhauling
 Chris Owens on the last lap. Both had juniors as their 'medium' and 'slow'
 runners, as indeed were Duncan's two partners. So it was a successful day
 for the junior section, and in addition there was a new record as the
 youngest ever competitor: Olivia Ricketts completed the circuit, accompanied
 by dad - and she's not five until February! Her younger sister Juliet also
 took part, albeit pushed round in a buggy on John's last lap!

 1 Duncan Bell 6.57 / 7.23 / 7.17
 Georgia Miansarow 9.18 / 10.03
 Josh Smythe 10.03                   50.59
 2 Peter Haarer 6.41 / 7.08 / 6.57
 Ian Grange 9.25 / 9.36
 Fiona Haarer 11.20                   51.07
 3 Andrew McLauchlan 7.28 / 8.01 / 7.45
 Rebecca Clayden 9.53 / 10.23
 Eve Edmunds 10.09                   53.39
 4 Chris Owens 7.40 / 8.10 / 8.08
 Lucy Edmunds 9.31 / 9.53
 Toby Piachaud 10.25                   53.47
 5 Matt Morgan 7.13 / 7.50 / 7.52
 Martin Clark 9.48 / 10.06
 Ann Moseley 11.30                   54.19
 6 Marc Snaith 7.50 / 8.34 / 8.54
 Michele Gibson 9.57 / 10.21
 T Fawcett 8.59                     54.35
 7 Chris Morton 8.13 / 8.48 / 8.48
 Morgan Evans 8.39 / 9.25
 Wally Garrod 11.48                    55.41
 8 Anna McLaughlin 7.45 / 8.10 / 8.24
 Andy Hayward 10.33 / 10.33
 M Dunn 10.29                    55.54
 9 Bob Ewen 7.42 / 8.12 / 8.07
 John Hughes 9.46 / 9.42
 M Seymour 12.45                    56.14
 10 Chris Read 8.52 / 9.04 / 9.26
 Alan Davidson 9.16 / 9.16
 Karen Broadbent 10.39                    56.33
 11 Steve Rowland 8.18 / 8.42 / 8.57
 Sonia Rowland 9.40 / 9.49
 Corinne Bishop 11.32                    56.58
 12 S Ward 8.05 / 8.52 / 9.02
 Rachel Price 9.45 / 9.58
 Carol Barnshaw 11.42                    57.24
 13 Phil Aiken 9.32 / 10.08 / 9.49
 Steven Downie 10.16 / 11.23
 J Scalley 10.09                    61.17
 14 John Ricketts 7.59 / 8.38 / 9.40
 Katherine Mercer 11.03 / 11.43
 Olivia Ricketts 26.19                    75.22

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 24th December
 The Christmas Eve run attracted a field of 128 runners, a record second only
 to the special first anniversary run. It turned out to be a successful day
 for the 27-strong Ranelagh contingent, with Paul Doyle and Clare Gutch
 leading the men's and women's divisions.

 It was Paul's first BPTT and he tracked those familiar with the route for
 most of the distance before breaking away in the final half mile. He
 inadvertently cut a corner just before the finish so his recorded time of
 just inside 16 minutes was adjusted back to 16.04, leaving Paul with a
 double target for his next appearance - Phil Killingley's fastest Ranelagh
 time (16 mins dead) and of course the 16 minutes barrier itself.

 It was a well-nigh perfect day for running and there were personal bests
 aplenty, not least from Sam Perkins who hacked 28 seconds off his previous
 fastest with 16.29 in 4th place. But Clare Gutch topped even that with a 33
 seconds improvement down to 18.50 to finish 21st overall and leading woman.

 Juniors were out in force and Taylor Nunn and Joss Moran battled around
 together to finish two seconds apart just on the 20 minutes mark.

 1 Paul Doyle 16.04
 4 Sam Perkins 16.29
 14 Andrew Forth 18.16
 21 Clare Gutch 18.50
 27 Daren Wood 19.13
 33 Chris Read 19.35
 35 Stephen Instone 19.39
 40 Andrew Morris 19.57
 41 Mike Bruce 19.58
 43 Taylor Nunn 20.00
 44 Joss Moran 20.02
 46 Peter Wright 20.11
 50 Alan Davidson 20.18
 55 Chris Wright 20.40
 57 Roger Wilson 20.51
 63 Morgan Evans 21.07
 78 Toby Piachaud 23.34
 81 Steven Downie 23.44
 82 Jim Forrest 23.45
 85 Lucy Edmunds 23.59
 86 Kerrie O'Connor 24.02
 92 George Inman 24.19
 93 Holly Clemens 24.20
 97 Karen Broadbent 24.29
 99 Eve Edmunds 24.41
 108 Alina Mingham 25.41
 115 John Hanscomb 26.36

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Sunday 25th December
 Fifty runners turned up bright and early on Christmas Day for a jaunt round
 the BPTT course in the opposite direction to normal. Nobody ran very fast,
 except perhaps organiser Paul Sinton-Hewitt who seized the rare opportunity
 to take part himself. Father Christmas hats were there in abundance but
 extra mince pies go to Andrew Morris who went round in full Santa costume
 including beard.

 Champagne and Christmas goodies were generously laid on after the run and in
 due course we went on our way well set up for the rest of the day's

 1 R Reeder (Stragglers) 17.13
 3 Sam Perkins 18.01
 6 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 18.59
 8 Darren Wood 19.27
 14 Chris Wright 20.53
 15 Chris Hunton 20.59
 17 Alan Davidson 21.10
 18 Andrew Morris 21.12
 25 Sonia Rowland 24.08
 26 Steve Rowland 24.08
 28 Alastair Sinclair 24.30
 32 Simon Burrell 25.46
 34 Karen Broadbent 26.12
 35 Jo Turner 26.13
 36 Joanne Muir-Little 26.13
 42 John Hanscomb 26.59
 48 Alexander Quayle 31.24
 49 Simon Quayle 31.27
 50 Marina Quayle 31.27 

 CHRISTMAS MORNING 30 mins PAARLAUF  Sunday 25th December on Wimbledon Common
 Bushy Park just wasn't enough for some people...
 1 A Bodin (HW) & A Robinson (THH) 5m 1420yds
 3 K White (HW) & Steve Rowland 5m 1037yds
 7 R Xerri (HW) & Sonia Rowland 5m 638yds 

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 30th December in Hyde Park
 1 E Jackson (Notts Un) 14.51
 81 Pete Warren 20.54
 82 Alan Davidson 20.55
 135 John Hanscomb 26.45

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 31st December
 Over a hundred turned out again, despite the Ranelagh presence being a
 little lighter than normal owing to the Henty Relay following on three hours
 later. Jenny Lloyd-Jones ran her fastest time for the course in finishing as
 2nd woman.

 1 D Cummins (W Water) 16.43
 17 Jenny Lloyd-Jones 19.32
 19 Stephen Instone 19.45
 41 Stephen Logue 20.57
 49 Roger Wilson 21.29
 65 Adam Wright 23.51
 69 Alfie Purdue 24.43
 70 Karen Broadbent 24.58
 76 Julie Drummond 25.39
 79 Luke Wilson 25.52
 82 Gill Wilson 26.02
 88 John Hanscomb 26.43
 89 Robin Drummond 26.57
 99 Bea Purdue 31.42 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Sunday 1st January
 ...and a hardy 30 were out bright and early (or in some cases fuzzy and very
 late) on New Year's Day. Not surprisingly, pbs were thin on the ground. The
 Wilsons were all out in crisp white shirts and dicky bows and Jo Turner,
 "resplendent in evening dress and running shoes" (to quote Roger Wilson) was
 first woman home. For the evidence, see

 1 F Kelly (Raheny) 18.00
 6 Andrew McLauchlan 19.00
 8 Paul Sinton-Hewitt 19.06
 11 Darren Wood 20.13
 16 Roger Wilson 22.34
 19 Jo Turner 23.52
 21 Luke Wilson 25.42
 24 Gill Wilson 26.02
 25 Robin Drummond 26.23

 NEW YEAR'S DAY 10km  Sunday 1st January in Hyde Park
 A slightly more reasonable start time of 11am found nine RH lining up beside
 the Serpentine for three laps of Hyde Park. A welcome sight amongst them was
 Hugh Jones, in his first racing appearance for some eighteen months. Hugh's
 35.59 was probably his slowest ever but having celebrated his 50th birthday
 in November it was comfortably good enough to win that age group by two and
 a half minutes from Gordon Whitson. Pete Warren was first over 60.

 1 M Geele (Leicester) 31.08
 15 Hugh Jones 35.59
 28 Gordon Whitson 38.32
 84 Alan Davidson 42.31
 98 Pete Warren 43.09
 154 Phil Aiken 46.25
 173 Tom Reay 47.30
 207 Noel Simpson 49.31
 231 Jacqui Reid 50.39
 314 John Hanscomb 54.59

 RON WHEELER 2.6 miles  Wednesday 21st December at Wapping
 1 S Roberts (Paddock W) 13.42
 7 Chris Read 15.52
 10 Andy Hayward 18.57

 KINGFIELD CANTER  2.85 miles handicap  Wednesday 4th January at Woking
 1 P Dry (Epsom O) 24.22  (actual time 19.52)
 12 Steve Rowland 26.36  (actual time 17.21)
 24 Sonia Rowland 27.19  (actual time 20.34)
 28 Alan Davidson 27.32  (actual time 19.02) 

 RUN BARBADOS 10km  Saturday 3rd December
 Andy Bickerstaff adds the gory details:
 "Despite being in terrible form and all indications being that I'd be lucky
 to run sub 40, and having arrived only 24 hours earlier and it being 32
 degrees Celcius...hah, it was only 10k. I started like I was going to run 35
 minutes....passed 1k in 3:30 ....but that was that! Pain, agony! 5k in
 19mins.....you can guess the rest..."

 Thanks to Pete Mulholland for finding this:
 "If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid,
 the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise".  P.Z. Pearce.