Newsdesk 2001

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Well, we didn't have much of a mob for the Blackheath mob match on Saturday.
Twenty-two RH were on the starting line, with at least another three,
including the Captain, arriving late. Nevertheless we dominated at the
front, providing a very clear winner in Julian Smith and 8 of the first 13
home (and one of the 5 heathens allegedly finishing near the front was a bit
dodgy, so I'm told). But then Blackeath's weight of numbers - they had more
than twice as many as us - began to tell and scoring 19-a-side they won by
324 points to 518. They therefore reclaimed the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup that we
won last year. Julian retained the FB Thompson medal for the individual
winner, fortunately as it turned out:   
"I managed to forget to bring back the FB Thompson medal, so I had to ensure
that either I or Andy won! We ran together with a BH guy until halfway up
the diagonal field, when I decided to test the BH man.  And that was it
really.  It was certainly embarrassingly comfortable, though apparently a
very slow time as well (though not especially muddy, despite Sparrows Den
being completely
About 10 RH stayed on for an enjoyable supper with our hosts, but a sad
postscript comes with the news that Marcus turned his ankle badly after the
race and is rumoured to have broken a bone. Get fit again soon, Marcus, we
need you!

1 Julian Smith 48.50
4 Andy Bickerstaff 50.42
5 Marcus Gohar 51.26
6 John Bristow 51.35
8 Geoff Jones 51.58
10 David Wright 52.35
12 Chris Owens 53.08
13 Mike Peace 53.38
23 Clive Naish 56.08
35 John Pratt 59.26
36 John Hughes 59.59
39 Alastair Sinclair 61.46
40 Matt Gisby 61.59
41 Tim Woolmer 62.04
43 Chris Read 62.17
51 Bob Beatson 65.39
52 Sue Healey 65.41
53 Martin Clark 66.03
56 Alan Craig 67.14
60 Sue Ashley 68.29
66 Eliete Nascimento 74.57
68 Catherine Carthy 79.08
Full results and photographs can be seen on the Blackheath web site at

I'm only aware so far of two Ranelagh results from last Saturday's Inter
Counties Championships at Nottingham: Representing Surrey, Allison O'Neill
finished 113th in the senior race in 33.16 (winner Liz Yelling in 28.28) and
Estelle Damant was 74th in the Under 20s race in 28.17 (winner Louise Damen
in 22.45). Both were excellent performances. Allison writes:
"The Inter-Counties was good - I was well chuffed to get a Surrey vest! My
position (113th) didn't sound like much, but it was well into the top half
of the field and, on checking my time relative to the other Surrey girls
versus earlier races, I seem to still be closing in on them with each race.
So overall I was pretty pleased!"

Christian Vaughan writes from somewhere unspeakably warm:
"Howsabout a mention for a rotund Englishman, living in Florida, complaining
about how much colder it is in the morning (60 degrees) compared to the day
(80). I've shaved my hair off & have a belly - so I am now a 'Paul
Graham-alike'. Long live the captain!"

Congratulations to Graeme MacFadyen and Tami on the arrival on Monday of a
son, Anton.

Jim Forrest writes with news of our friend from Thames Hare & Hounds, John
"John Bryant suffered a minor heart attack at the end of a long Thames pack
run last Saturday.  He staggered home with severe chest pains and demanded a
cup of tea and two aspirin. That request probably saved him, as the aspirin
got into his blood system quickly and reduced the effects of the attack.
He's been in hospital for a week and is now back home, convalescing and
awaiting doctors' decisions on the tests they've done on him.  I've been to
see him and he is in good hands, but clearly shocked by the events, as we
all will be, as he was skinny, healthy and fit.  If the doctors come up with
a clear explanation of what caused it, he will assuredly spread it around
the running grapevine. I can pass on any good wishes that Ranelagh wish to
send him."

Our trophies steward Alan Craig would like all club trophies returned to him
as soon as possible so that they can be engraved with the new winners' names
in time for the Baker Cup supper and prize presentation on March 24th. Alan
is at the clubhouse most Tuesday and Thursday evenings, or you can contact
him to arrange a transfer on a.craig@rhp.org.uk. It will make his job a lot
easier if you would contact him rather than waiting for him to chase you!

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday February 17th The race against the Bank of England at Roehampton
has been cancelled.

Saturday February 17th  Surrey Ladies League at Lloyd Park, Croydon. NOTE
this is a double-header with a men's fixture, and as always in the final
League event the senior race will come first. So the start time for the
seniors is VERY EARLY - 12.30pm! The Under 13s follow at 1.15pm, the Under
15s at 1.45pm and the Under 17s at 2.15pm. Please contact Sarah if you need
transport or more details of the venue etc.    

Saturday February 24th  National Championships at Durham.

I'm awaiting news of whether our home fixtures scheduled for March 3rd (Hec
Petersen Trophy 5 miles) and March 10th (Clutton Cup 10 miles handicap) will
be allowed to go ahead. The Baker Cup 3 miles handicap on March 24th is a
road race (starting at White Lodge in the centre of the Park) so should not
be threatened.
I assume that the Stragglers 10km "mob match" in Kingston on March 11th is a
road event, so should go ahead. But I'm waiting for more details on this.

German Björn Grass recently ran a marathon in 2.48.25...on board the liner
"Explorer of the Seas" cruising in the Bahamas! He ran 136 laps of a 311
metres circuit around the ship....
Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk