Newsdesk 2005

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 192               12 October 2005
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Women win Surrey League Division 1
 *  Men win Surrey League Division 2
 *  Good junior team results too, including a win for the Under 13 Boys
 *  Anna McLaughlin 25th for Wales in Great South Run

 ...to the following new members. Some have made quite an impact already!
 Geraldine Conneely, Caroline Creasey, Pippa Duncan, Jo Hayes, Yvonne Hill,
 Toni Leo, Jenny Lloyd-Jones, Corinne Picut, Jodie White, Becky Withycombe,
 Chris Camacho, Martin Landless, Sam Perkins, Owen Smith, Matthew Taylor,
 Jamie Taylor-Caldwell, Stewart Ward, Martin White, Chris Wright.

 Bev Ali writes:
 "At Ranelagh, there is a tradition of voluntary participation in the
 organization and running of our club and our races. We need volunteers to
 act as race coordinators, marshals and timekeepers for club and handicap
 races and the other (few) races that we host. If everybody does a little,
 then we can all feel a part of the club without feeling imposed upon. So,
 understanding that members are able to commit differing amounts of time due
 to work or family pressures, please have a look at the fixture list (on the
 website) or look around the clubhouse (room for amateur
 gardeners/landscapers, etc) and try to find something you can help with.
 Please contact one of the club captains listed on the website, any member of
 the committee, or me at mailto:bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk if you feel that you
 can help out with a specific race or make any other contribution".

 SURREY VETS CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPS  Saturday 15th October in Richmond Park
 This championship is open to all women over 35 and men over 40, with medals
 on offer in 5 year age groups. The women run 6km starting at 2.30pm and the
 men follow on at 3.10pm racing 10km. The race HQ is our clubhouse. Entries
 are usually taken on the day but only those entered in advance will be
 eligible for team scoring. If you're planning to run it might still be
 possible to get an advance entry - contact Margaret Auerback
 (mailto:m.auerback@btinternet.com) without delay.

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 miles  Sunday 16th October at Twickenham
 Entries are closed, but Steve Whitehead is injured and will not be able to
 take his place. He has confirmed with the organisers that it will be
 possible to transfer the number to someone else, so if anyone is looking for
 a late entry (and a free one, Steve isn't looking for any re-imbursement)
 contact Steve at mailto:stephen.whitehead@jpmorgan.com.

 MOB MATCH v ORION HARRIERS  Saturday 22nd October in Richmond Park
 A word of explanation for the newcomers: mob matches are "all hands on deck"
 jobs. Only two clubs take part and each side fields as many runners as
 possible. All finishers count towards the final result. It's 7.5 miles
 starting at 2.30pm and we need everybody we can get. Orion usually bring a
 coach load of 50 or more so we must try to match that at least. If you don't
 fancy a hard race just treat it as a training run - you'll still count. The
 Lee Cup is the reward for the winning club and the race also incorporates
 Ranelagh's men's veterans championships: the Hastings Cup for the Over 40s,
 The McDowell Salver for the Over 50s and the Maslin Mug for the Over 60s.

 This is a series of four races in Richmond Park with prizes for the overall
 points winners in each age group. All under 17s are welcome. The first event
 will be at 2pm on Saturday 22nd October.

 CHRISTMAS PARTY  Friday 9th December
 Last year's great party at the Turk's Head in St Margaret's is to be
 repeated on 9th December. More details to follow but put the date in your
 diary now!

 You might have seen that there is now a Headline News link from our home
 page, which should as the name suggests keep you up to date with club news.
 We also hope shortly to introduce a dedicated Junior section to the website.

 Carol Barnshaw writes:
 "In Kingston there is an Eye Buddy Scheme that provides volunteers for
 visually impaired people; there is also an offshoot Tandem Buddy scheme and
 people are now asking for a Running Buddy Scheme. A couple, who live in New
 Malden, are looking for some
 volunteers who would act as sighted guides for a run round the park (on the
 road) occasionally in the evening - they run at 9 to 10 minute mile speed
 and would need collecting and dropping off in New Malden. Ideally we would
 like to find a few people so that each buddy would only have to commit for
 maybe once a month. If you are interested or would like to know more contact
 me on 8898 9285 or mailto:c_barnshaw@yahoo.com or the scheme coordinator
 Jackie Gould on 8949 6405".

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Saturday 15th October       Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.
                                         Surrey Veterans Cross-Country
 Championships in Richmond Park. See above.  

 Sunday 16th October         Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. Entries
 now closed.

 Saturday 22nd October       Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.
                                         Mob match v Orion Harriers, incl
 men's club veterans championships.  7.5m in Richmond Pk. 2.30pm start.
                                         Junior Points Prize 2km Race 1 in
 Richmond Park.  2pm start.

 Saturday 29th October       Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.

 Saturday 5th November      Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.
                                         Priory Relays (men and women) at
 Reigate from 2pm.

 FOUNDER'S CHALLENGE  Sunday 23rd October at Peaslake
 This is a 26 mile challenge event in the Surrey Hills, walking or running,
 organised by the Long Distance Walkers' Association. More details from the
 LDWA London group web site at http://www.dasha.demon.co.uk/Founders.htm.

 SURREY CROSS-COUNTRY LEAGUE DIVISION 2  Saturday 8th October on Epsom Downs
 We find ourselves competing in Division 2 for the first time since the
 1996/97 season. Three clubs will be promoted at the end of the season and so
 our main target is to ensure that we are one of those three. But the
 underlying aim, of course, will be to win the Division 2 title, as indeed we
 did on that last occasion.

 If we can repeat Saturday's performance in the remaining three races then
 both those targets should be achievable. We packed our scoring ten into the
 top thirty and registered a clear victory by 130 points. Peter Haarer led
 the team in style with a convincing win. Always in contention after the
 initial mad rush he finally broke clear half way round the second lap to
 come in 8 seconds clear of Ian Horrocks of Hercules Wimbledon. Phil
 Killingley ended up in an isolated third place after losing touch with the
 leaders on the first lap and never quite managing to regain contact.

 Mark Middleton was our third man throughout, just hanging on to a top ten
 place, and Noel Stoddart ran strongly for 13th. Mick Lane and Marcus Gohar
 had their usual battle before Mick edged away and the slow-starting Julian
 Smith also caught Marcus in the closing stages. Rob Stillwell, Nathan Mills
 and Chris Owens completed the team.

 But it was very pleasing to see another 14 Ranelagh runners in the race, led
 by Peter Weir who had been up in our top ten in the early stages. We have
 yet to track down full results beyond the top thirty, and the times shown
 are Ken Powley's unofficial versions. Accordingly we can't give a score for
 the "Virtual B team" yet, but it's likely that they wouldn't have been last!
 Watch this space.

 It was pleasing too to see us well represented in the junior event, and more
 pleasing still to discover that the Under 13s had won their race. Taylor
 Nunn in third place got us off to a fine start, and the rest of the scoring
 team Matthew Wilson, Robert Curtis, Richard Crowther and George Hutchinson
 packed in within about a minute of each other. George Inman provided backup
 not far behind.

 In the combined Under 15 / Under 17 race Matt Hirschler, Lloyd Bridger,
 Alfie Purdue and Stephen Downing were one man short of a full team but they
 nevertheless finished well up in 4th place.

 SURREY LADIES CROSS-COUNTRY LEAGUE  Saturday 8th October on Wimbledon Common
 After winning the Division One title last year for the first time in our
 history, the tough task facing the team this season is to live up to that
 success. On Saturday, despite a team slightly below full strength, they did
 just that. Marie Synnott-Wells takes up the story:

 "Conditions: Warm autumn afternoon. Perhaps could have being a little
 cooler, but whatever! It did not hamper our performance!

 The crucial dawning of the day arrived and the fact that I was not running
 my usual loop around Richmond Park with my running partner, Oscar (the dog)
 became a reality. In the absence of our great leader (Anna), who
 incidentally was carrying out Godmothering duties, I was charged with the
 honourable role of Captain (for the day) for the first race in the Surrey
 League Serious (Ladies Division 1). What an honour was bestowed on me.
 Although absent, Anna had co-ordinated various members as my back up (Robin
 and Julie to collect the numbers and distribute, and Clare to lead the warm
 up) with exact precision. All that was left for me was to greet all and
 offer support and advice (hugs etc) to all who decided to participate.

 In order not to let her down and the fact that we needed to start the league
 as we hope to continue, I arrived at the start 15mins earlier than the
 prescribed time (No, I did not get lost) and was relaxed enough to welcome
 all the brave Ranelagh ladies who where about to take part in this event.
 With pep talk out of the way, numbers on vests, Clare led us around the
 course for a pre-race warm up. (That hill at the end did not seem as long as
 this last year!) After the warm up, I read Anna's text message to us all and
 we were ready to do battle.

 In the usual style of any XC event on Wimbledon Common, there was a little
 confusion to where the start line was, but once that was out of the way, the
 race began. And oh, did it! The start was as usual F/F, but I took advice
 from an absent fellow team member and started out steadily, gaining ground
 and increasing speed consistently over the two lap course (ending with a
 hill) and keeping sight of a HHH member to come in third place overall and
 second scorer for the Ranelagh team; with Jo Ronaldson second place and
 first scorer. The other scorers where Clare Gutch, Liz Kipling and Jenny
 Lloyd -Jones.

 A little note to add, the only reports of casualties were Clare (well done)
 who ran out of her skin! And Liz, who had a little interaction with a thorn
 bush; we all came out of this experience unscathed, or nobody has reported
 any adverse incidents to date! Overall, I think we did our Captain and Coach

 Once again, well done to all who ran last Saturday and see you next time in

 The result was a 12 point win over last year's runners-up Belgrave Harriers
 and we had enough runners in the race to register B, C and D teams too.

 There was also a great crowd of Ranelagh vests in the junior races. Emily
 Ball was on her own in the combined Under 17 /Under 20 event (and
 unfortunately full results have yet to appear for this one) but in the Under
 15 / Under 13 race we had a great twelve runners: four Under 15s and eight -
 more than any other club - in the Under 13s. Best performance came from
 Nadia Fidler who finished 4th in the U15s and led the team of herself,
 Georgia Miansarow, Lucy Edmunds and Rachel Price into second place behind

 Top U13 in 14th place was Amelie Hunton, who has another two years in this
 age group. Eve Edmunds, Holly Clemens and Anna Mallett closed in the team in
 6th place and our B team was placed 14th.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 8th October
 There was a good turnout of 56 despite the Surrey League opening races later
 in the day. From a Ranelagh point of view there were sub-18 minute runs from
 Sam Perkins and Nick Wright, course PBs from Chris Camacho and Julie
 Drummond, a return to running by John Herries and a storming debut from
 14-year-old Jamie Taylor-Cauldwell.

 1 F Kelly (Raheny) 16.25
 5 Sam Perkins 17.56
 6 Nick Wright 17.58
 9 Stephen Instone 19.02
 10 Jamie Taylor-Cauldwell 19.22
 13 Darren Wood 19.47
 15 Chris Camacho 20.07
 22 Adam Wright 21.16
 24 John Herries 21.25
 30 Chris Wright 22.39
 36 Julie Drummond 23.57
 39 Gill Wilson 25.00
 45 Julie Naismith 26.02
 46 Robin Drummond 26.03
 47 John Hanscomb 26.04
 50 Becky Withycombe 26.51
 51 Wally Garrod 26.53
 52 Janet Turnes 27.17

 GREAT SOUTH RUN 10 miles  Sunday 9th October at Southsea
 In her first appearance representing Wales Anna McLaughlin's race did not
 quite go according to plan but nevertheless she set a new personal best time
 of 62.59 to move into 7th place in Ranelagh's all-time list.
 1 D Tulu (Ethiopia) 51.27
 25 Anna McLaughlin 62.59 

 Kerry McLoughlin was 4th woman home in the 8 miler.
 16 miles
 1 S Bayliss (Croydon) 1.29.24
 288 Martin Landless 2.07.55
 328 Roger Wilson 2.11.01

 8.2 miles
 1 P Wicks (Belgrave) 41.14
 53 Kerry McLoughlin 55.47
 436 Anna-Marie Plaza 69.24
 587 John Hanscomb 73.13
 615 Janet Turnes 74.09
 617 Catherine Gadd 74.10

 DULWICH 10km  Sunday 9th October
 Yvonne Hill was 10th woman home in her Ranelagh debut.
 1 R Bentley (Black & B) 33.05
 115 Yvonne Hill 43.56
 240 Sophie Spink 48.50

 After an injury-hit summer Sally Piesse put in a great performance to finish
 34th in the 20-24 age group, 4th Briton home. Distances were 1500m swim,
 40km bike an 10km run.

 1 J Whipple (USA) 2.10.11  (24.02 / 66.02 / 37.37)
 34 Sally Piesse 2.31.27  (24.52 / 76.11 / 47.55)

 A small group from Ranelagh has run the last couple of MABAC League races
 with a view to entering a team in next year's series.

 Sunday 4th September at Peaslake
 1 N Hodges (Dorking) 27.40
 116 Lorna Smith 47.30
 125 Lynne Barber 51.53
 126 Jane Wyatt 51.53
 129 Ann Murray 52.42
 133 Bev Ali 54.39
 134 Deborah Blakemore 55.15
 135 Pat Hewlett 56.33
 136 Cindy Croucher 60.52

 Sunday 2nd October at Epsom Downs
 1 C Folan (Blackwater) 33.41
 44 Simon Burrell 43.32
 69 Juliette Chan 48.42
 100 Ann Murray 60.03
 102 Pat Hewlett 60.42
 104 Bev Ali 61.17
 105 Deborah Blakemore 61.51
 109 Cindy Croucher 65.56

 Sophie writes:
 "Thanks to everyone in Ranelagh for the wedding card. We were so touched to
 receive it so thank you very much - it meant so much particularly as the
 very first time we met, we were both wearing Ranelagh vests and running the
 final leg of the Green Belt Relay!
 That day was probably one of the only times I've ever beat Chris on a run so
 it was definitely a special day (he had run two other legs that day too so
 we'll let him off!). We had a truly amazing wedding day and the sun shone
 for us all day".

 Race organiser Ian Champion writes:
 "I have had many responses to Sunday's race, each and every one of them full
 of complimentary remarks about the sheer quality of marshalling and drinks
 stations. I would personally like to thank you all for a fantastic job on
 the day. Whether the race will be held next year is still to be decided. If
 it is, the date will be Sunday 1st October 2006 so please make a note of the
 date in your diaries. My sincere thanks to you all".

 "Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart
 enough to know they were impossible". Doug Larson.