Newsdesk 2005

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 190               28 September 2005
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Women's team 9th in South of England Road Relay, men's team 38th
 *  3.02 marathon by Ed Whitlock, now 74 years old
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells wins New Forest Half Marathon
 *  Peter Haarer 2nd in Headington 10km
 *  Jo Ronaldson 3rd in Windsor Half Marathon
 *  Wales vest for Anna McLaughlin
 *  Bushy Park Time Trial first anniversary on Saturday morning
 *  Page Cup 5 miles handicap on Saturday afternoon

 The first league races for both men and women take place on Saturday week,
 unfortunately at different venues. 

 Our women's team are the current Division 1 title holders and start their
 campaign on Wimbledon Common. The 6km senior race kicks off the proceedings
 at 12.30pm, followed by the Under 20s and Under 17s at 1.15pm  (5km) and the
 Under 15s and Under 13s at 1.45pm (4km). All are welcome to take part. Only
 five score for the A team but there are B, C, D teams etc too, so everyone
 counts.  More details from Anna.

 The men's League has been thrown into a little disarray after the withdrawal
 from Division 1 of Aldershot Farnham & District AC. They have barely
 remained in the top division in the past few seasons and have been finding
 it increasingly difficult to field adequate teams in both the Surrey and
 Hampshire Leagues, especially now that the race dates invariably clash. So
 they have made the decision to concentrate on the Hampshire League in

 This might have thrown a lifeline to our men's team, who finished 8th out of
 nine in Division 1 last year with two clubs to be relegated. But the
 decision has been made that for this season Division 1 will go ahead with
 eight teams, we will compete in Division 2 and the top three clubs at the
 end of the season will be promoted. The standard in Division 2 is a good
 deal lower than the sometimes frightening Division 1 and although only the
 top ten from each club count in the official scoring, we want to encourage
 at least double that number to take part in each race. To that end, we are
 introducing a "Virtual B Team". The 11th to 20th Ranelagh finishers in each
 race will be unofficially scored as a B team and their aim will be to avoid
 virtual relegation to Division 3! 

 The first race is on Epsom Downs, with the combined Under 17/15/13 race at
 2.30pm and the senior event over 5 miles at 3pm. The start and finish is at
 Tattenham Corner.  More details from Andy or Phil. 

 SURREY VETS CROSS-COUNTRY CHAMPS  Saturday 15th October in Richmond Park
 This is as usual on our own course in Richmond Park. The men run 10km, the
 women 6km. It's open to all men over 40 and women over 35, but you do have
 to enter in advance.
 Margaret Auerback writes:
 "If you want to run the list is in the club house. Please put your name and
 all other details on the relevant list and let me have your 3 entry fee as
 soon as possible please. You can also enter by e-mailing me
 (mailto:m.auerback@btinternet.com) with your name, age, d.o.b, address and
 date of joining Ranelagh. There are medals in five year age bands and team
 medals as well so it is important that you put your d.o.b on the list.
 The course is not too demanding, you'll get lots of support and the sun
 usually shines so come on down and give it a go. Oh, and you'll get one of
 Carol's delicious teas afterwards! How could you resist".

 ...to Anna McLaughlin who has been selected to represent Wales at the
 forthcoming inter-area match (North v South v Midlands v Wales) at the Great
 South Run 10 miles road race at Southsea on October 9th.

 Supplies of both can be found in the clubhouse. Please help yourself and
 take every opportunity to pass a card to any unattached runner you come

 If anyone has any comments or representations they wish to make about Sir
 Andrew Foster's report "Moving On: A review of the need for change in
 athletics in the UK" could they please contact Hon Sec Frances Ratchford by
 e-mail before 12th October (mailto:grapevineproductions@compuserve.com). 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Saturday October 1st         Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.
                              The first anniversary of the BPTT - see below.
      Page Cup 5 miles handicap.  3pm start in Richmond Park

 Saturday October 8th         Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.

      Surrey Cross Country League: men (Div 2) at Epsom Downs,
                                 women (Div 1) at Wimbledon Common

 Saturday 15th October       Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.

      Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships in Richmond Park. See above.

 Sunday 16th October         Cabbage Patch 10 miles at Twickenham. Entries
                             now closed.

 Saturday 22nd October       Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start.

      Mob match v Orion Harriers, incl men's club veterans championships. 
      7.5m in Richmond Pk. 2.30pm start.

 On the 1st of October the BPTT will be one year old. Congratulations and
 thanks to Paul Sinton-Hewitt for all his hard work and enthusiasm in making
 this event such a success. There will be awards in a variety of categories
 and a short celebration after the run - please bring a little food and drink
 for a late alfresco breakfast. 

 For those who haven't yet tried the BPTT, it's a timed 5km run every
 Saturday morning at 9am. The start and finish are at the Diana Fountain car
 park in Bushy Park. Everyone is welcome - no need to enter in advance, just
 turn up. 

 PAGE CUP 5 MILES HANDICAP  Saturday 1st October in Richmond Park
 But don't forget that October 1st also sees the season's second club
 handicap race in Richmond Park. It's 5 miles starting at 3pm and all members
 are welcome. 

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 MILES  Sunday 16th October at Twickenham
 Entries have now closed at the 1500 limit. There are 56 Ranelagh names in
 the list of entries. 

 Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot
 Another new-look Ranelagh squad, with most of the A team running at Rushmoor
 for the first time. Mark Middleton took the opener and despite his getting
 close to the magic 20 minutes barrier the standard was so fierce that it was
 good only for 55th place. Noel Stoddart found some speedy types on his stage
 too and slipped back to 61st but thereafter it was steady progress all the
 way. Duncan Bell really went for it on stage 3 and passed 11 teams despite
 himself dying a bit on the second circuit. Nathan Mills and teenager Sam
 Perkins gained another five between them and then the experienced Peter
 Haarer blitzed round the last stage to bring the team home in 38th place.
 Overall a promising effort even though we missed our target of qualification
 for the National Championship by eight places and two minutes. 

 Our M50 team had top ten potential but injuries left too many holes in the
 line-up and so the survivors opted to run in the senior B team. They
 occupied the nether regions of the race throughout and if the lap positions
 suggest steady progress it was more due to other teams failing to finish
 than anything else. Even Phil Killingley, on his second time round after a
 19.28 run for his first-claim Winchester, saw little of other teams apart
 from those who were lapping us! 

 SOUTH OF ENGLAND WOMEN'S ROAD RELAYS  Sunday 25th September at Rushmoor
 Arena, Aldershot
 In a field of over 70 teams we were delighted to see Anna McLaughlin running
 as high as 5th half way round the first 3851 metres circuit. She held 8th as
 the runners turned into the Rushmoor Arena for the last time but was jumped
 by two more in the closing stages to finish an excellent 10th. Her time of
 14 minutes ranks her third behind Kristina Semple and Sarah Smith in
 Ranelagh's rankings on this course. Liz Kipling took over for stage 2 and
 found a number of teams had chosen to put their fastest runners out -
 including Sonia O'Sullivan who ran the day's fastest time of 12.28 in taking
 Thames Hare and Hounds through from 28th to 2nd. But Liz didn't panic and
 she put in a good 14.40 to hand on to Estelle Damant in 16th place. Estelle
 almost matched Liz's time in gaining three places and lining up Marie
 Synnott-Wells on the final stage with a nice group of runners to aim for.
 Marie caught and passed the lot and though herself being overtaken by
 international Liz Yelling she brought the team home in a great 9th place,
 our first time ever in the top ten in this event. Marie ran an identical
 time to that of Anna on the opening stage. The B team was incomplete but
 featured a first class sub-15 minutes run from Rachel Rowan.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 17th September
 Perfect conditions attracted another record field of 67 and a huge crop of
 personal bests. Most prominent was the course record by Thames's Aussie Phil
 Sly, the first man inside 15 minutes. But of the eleven Ranelagh Harriers
 taking part no fewer than seven ran as fast or faster than ever before. Mark
 Middleton led our contingent and his 16.35 may only have been an 8 seconds
 improvement but it took him one second ahead of Duncan Bell as the fastest
 Ranelagh man on the course to date. Biggest PB was by John Atkinson who took
 33 seconds off his previous mark. A special mention too for another great
 performance from 10-year-old Amelie Hunton who equalled her previous best.

 Keen types Mark, John and Marc used this as a warm up for the afternoon's
 Outlying Run at Ranmore Common!

 1 P Sly (Thames H&H) 14.54
 3 Mark Middleton 16.35
 5 Nick Wright 17.42
 7 John Atkinson 18.10
 10 Marc Snaith 18.35
 12 Stephen Instone 19.08
 26 Stephen Logue 20.15
 33 Chris Hunton 21.23
 34 Amelie Hunton 21.24
 35 Sara Nakielny 21.24
 57 John Hanscomb 25.52
 61 Simon Quayle 26.58

 OUTLYING RUN  Saturday 17th September at Ranmore Common
 Upwards of 20 runners and walkers joined Clive Beauvais and Sue Ashley for a
 conducted tour of the North Downs escarpment. The weather was fine, the
 views majestic, the hills steep and the post-run beer and toasted sarnies
 first class.

 LONDON DUATHLON  Saturday 17th September in Richmond Park
 Roger Wilson reports:
 "A gloriously sunny day for the first running of the London Duathlon on
 closed roads in Richmond Park. The first leg was a 10.9km run taking an
 anticlockwise lap of the Park, followed by a 21.8km bike two laps clockwise,
 then a 5.1km run past White Lodge finishing at Roehampton Gate. The race was
 harder than triathlons due to the first leg run and the Richmond Park hills.
 Anna McLaughlin, after a slower bike leg, ran a storming second run of 5.1k
 in 18.32 (a 5km PB!) to finish as one of the first women. I struggled in the
 second run - the hills taking their toll from the previous legs. Spectators
 lined the route, including an enthusiastic crowd at the top of the hard bike
 hill! Good fun running and biking on the closed roads in the Park".

 Anna McLaughlin adds:
 "I thought that it would be a 'fun' thing to do!! Which in a way it was, but
 I was very grateful when the bike was over!! Sadly there wasn't an actual
 race between myself and the other girls as it was a waved start so it wasn't
 until I saw them at the end that I saw how close we all were! It looks like
 I was 76th overall on run1; 571st on the bike and 39th on run 2 (and fastest
 female!). so it is easy to see where I can work on!! It was good however to
 get a new 5k pb though on the second run. maybe I should cycle to all my
 races in future!!" 

 1 J Will 1.29.52 (35.26, 0.49, 36.59, 0.43, 15.54)
 140 Stephen Stuart 1.52.24 (44.55, 1.30, 44.50, 1.14, 19.55)
 145 Anna McLaughlin 1.52.32 (42.57, 1.09, 48.59, 0.56, 18.32)
 171 Rachel Rowan 1.53.41 (47.35, 1.35, 42.51, 1.31, 20.09)
 179 Jenny Lloyd-Jones 1.54.09 (45.03, 1.32, 45.25, 1.33, 20.35)
 271 Roger Wilson 1.58.07 (48.41, 1.09, 43.30, 1.06, 23.41)
 312 Kerry McLoughlin 2.00.01 (47.51, 1.30, 49.07, 1.27, 20.06)
 364 Chris Wright 2.01.50 (49.51, 1.21, 47.15, 1.10, 22.13)
 764 John Gavin 2.16.48 (55.10, 2.25, 53.14, 2.17, 23.42)

 NEW FOREST HALF MARATHON  Sunday 18th September
 Marie Synnott-Wells won the women's race by a clear two minutes
 1 A Greenleaf (Winch) 71.53
 17 Marie Synnott-Wells 84.33
 24 Phil Aiken 86.56
 107 Michael Beverly 95.01
 828 Karen Vinicombe 123.08

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 24th September
 Another beautiful morning in Bushy Park produced PBs for John Atkinson,
 Roger Wilson and Chris Wright.
 1 C Hart (Blackburn) 15.22
 5 John Atkinson 18.04
 9 Darren Wood 19.27
 17 Alan Davidson 20.27
 18 Chris Camacho 20.37
 19 Roger Wilson 20.48
 20 Adam Wright 20.54
 27 Chris Wright 21.39
 37 Julie Drummond 24.35
 38 Gill Wilson 25.09
 39 Julie Naismith 25.40
 42 Simon Quayle 28.15 

 WINDSOR HALF MARATHON  Sunday 25th September
 Jo Ronaldson finished 3rd in the women's event.
 1 J Kibor (Kenya) 66.52
 43 Jo Ronaldson 84.03
 253 Stephen Logue 95.06
 397 Darren Wood 98.41
 1207 Derek Mason 107.43

 BERLIN MARATHON  Sunday 25th September
 While the winner of the women's event was busy becoming the third-fastest
 ever, Jenny Lloyd-Jones was running an excellent 3.17 after a first half of
 94 minutes.
 1 M Noguchi (Japan) 2.19.12  (chip and actual)
 125 Jenny Lloyd-Jones 3.17.09  (chip, 3.18.39 actual) 

 Ed Whitlock, now 74 years old,  was expecting to be a bit slower than last
 year's extraordinary 2.54 and he had Holland's star over 70 Joop Ruter as
 competition. Mick Lane, at the end of a Canadian holiday, was there too. Ed
 "Spoke to Mick before the race but not after. He did 2:42:47 and came 22nd.
 I don't know how satisfied he is with that, but I would think quite good off
 a less than optimum preparation. I did not have a particularly good race, I
 hoped to do 3 hours although I felt that was going to be touch and go. I set
 out at just under that pace and held it to just after half way, then I began
 to sag. I ran with Mr Ruter until 16k when he dropped off. I saw him at a
 turn round at about 26k and saw I had a big lead and he was not looking good
 so from that point on I was being a little cautious and concentrating on
 keeping it together so that I could finish. Ended up at 3:02:41 in 58th
 place. Joop had a really tough time and ended up doing a lot of walking due
 to leg cramps 3:45:48. A bit disappointed".
 1 S Bor (Kenya) 2.11.57  (chip time 2.11.56)
 22 Mick Lane 2.42.47  (chip time 2.42.45)
 58 Ed Whitlock 3.02.41  (chip time 3.02.38)

 WIMBLEDON AUDI 10km  Sunday 25th September
 1 R Karn (Swindon) 32.53
 151 Simon Burrell 46.27
 261 Jacqui Reid 50.52

 HEADINGTON 10km  Sunday 4th September
 Peter Haarer's first race for some time resulted in a good if distant second
 place. A week later Peter went on to win the Oxfordshire 10,000 metres track
 1 D Wardle (London Irish) 30.31
 2 Peter Haarer 32.51

 ALDERNEY HALF MARATHON  Saturday 10th September
 Sue Ashley reports:
 "The weekend of Sept 8th/9th/10th saw several Ranelagh members taking part
 in the Alderney (unofficial) duathlon - sail to Alderney / run  marathon /
 sail home. Angus Skipper Cater had thrown down the challenge & those souls
 keen to take it up were Tim Woolmer, Juliette Chan, Sally Meekley & myself.
 Unfortunately, after expressing an interest, Sally picked up an injury which
 ruled her out of the running so she & Clive B (in a rare moment of no injury
 other than the inability to set foot on a boat without throwing up) joined
 forces as a relay team - Sally did the sailing & Clive the running. Also
 taking part in the event was Ian, a sailor, triathlete, mountaineer (you
 name it - he's done it!) mate of Angus. 

 The sailors all met up at the marina in Hamble on the Thursday night ready
 to set sail at the unearthly hour of 12:30am. Angus, Sally & Juliette took
 the first watch guiding the yacht, 'Harraca', out of the Solent & by the
 time I was woken for my watch, we were out at sea. It was a beautiful clear
 night and a sea so calm that you could see the reflection of the stars in
 the water. The calm seas made the sail redundant as we motored most of the
 way. We arrived at the small but perfectly formed island of Alderney in time
 for a late lunch". 

 Clive Beauvais takes up the story:
 "As someone who gets sea-sick on the Woolwich ferry, I left the six
 sea-farers to battle the channel while I made the 40 minute journey from
 Southampton on an Aurigny airline plane held together by sticky tape.

 A quick look at last year's result had me wondering how any half marathon
 could be won in 92 minutes - we were to find out! Around 50 of us toed the
 line at mid-day Saturday under dull skies, following a night and morning of
 rain. Tim & Juliette decided that one lap would be enough for them, while
 Sally succumbed to injury & took on the role of official photographer. After
 just 2 minutes of running we hit the island's major hill (what was that
 about the island being perfectly formed?), a  mile grind that reduced many
 to walking. After negotiating the big hill for a second time at 7 miles, I
 risked a quick look round and was amazed to see nobody in sight!. I figured
 I just needed to keep running to hold 6th place but in the final couple of
 miles, I was reduced to intermittent walking & lost a place to wind up 7th
 in a personal worst by over 5 minutes!! Even this got me the 1st O/50 prize.
 Sue finished 14th overall & 3rd lady but only the 2nd WV50. Ian kept Sue
 company for a lap & a half but dropped back in the last couple of miles
 while Angus plugged away gamely - savouring the thought of his first
 alcoholic drink for 6 weeks - to finish not far behind.

 The organisers and can be proud of a very entertaining prize-giving
 ceremony, held in glorious sunshine at the local pub. I cannot previously
 recall a race winner being prevailed upon to give us a song when he
 collected his trophy, but he had made the mistake of telling the organiser
 before-hand that he was not only a brilliant runner but could also sing. The
 first claim was a considerable exaggeration, the second a down-right lie;
 still, as most of us were on our 3rd or 4th pint by this time, nobody

 Sue again:
 "If you want to see Alderney, then the  marathon is a very good way of
 doing so - since the course takes you past all the sights. So how did both
 Tim & Angus fail to see the lighthouse (which we ran right past) & the
 cricket pitch which was hosting a rather loud match? Is this what they mean
 by 'staying focussed?' 

 They say sailors have a girl in every port. Angus introduced us to the
 'lovely Rita' - a lady of a certain age who provided us with an excellent
 celebration meal. Juliette & Sally competed to see who could consume the
 most garlic while Tim replenished his energy store by finishing off everyone
 else's pud. Slightly heavier & certainly more inebriated, we all squeezed
 into one dinghy to get back on board Harraca. Leaving Clive to the mercy of
 Aurigny Airlines, the rest of us set sail early on Sunday morning. This time
 we were under sail most of the way and I learnt a little more of the
 practical difficulties of living life at 45 degrees to the vertical. Angus,
 however, showed considerable skill, not only in cooking delicious scrambled
 eggs for breakfast, but also in getting us home only 7 hours later than
 predicted! An excellent weekend and many thanks to Angus for organizing the

 1 D Hallden (Jersey) 1.25.43
 7 Clive Beauvais 1.37.13
 14 Sue Ashley 1.45.03
 28 Angus Cater 1.59.31

 SURREY ROAD RELAY  Saturday 10th September at Wimbledon Park
 Corrected split times for Anna McLaughlin and Marie Synnott-Wells were 18.32
 and 18.21.

 RON WHEELER 2.8 miles  Wednesday 31st August at Wapping
 This month's event was run as a straight race rather than a handicap.
 1 R Fuller (Bk of England) 14.11
 11 Chris Read 16.11
 14 Alan Davidson 17.00
 15 Andy Hayward 17.48 

 ORACLE 2 ORACLE 10km  Sunday 4th September at Reading
 1 N Bell (Cambs Univ) 33.54
 10 Adam Tapley 37.29
 19 Keith Firkin 39.54 

 Coaching for juniors has re-started at the St Mary's College track on
 Saturday mornings at 10.30am. Contact Frances
 (mailto:grapevineproductions@compuserve.com) for details.

 Tuesday sessions continue year-round, with speed work for various groups and
 Wally's beginners' club, at 7pm from the clubhouse.

 Robin Drummond's  "Improvers Sessions" continue on Thursday nights at 7pm
 from the clubhouse, concentrating on speed and technique (but no sessions on
 September 8th and 15th).

 Also Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 10am at the clubhouse for a steady
 run in the Park.

 Don't forget the Bushy Park Time Trial every Saturday morning at 9am. It's a
 timed 5km run on the cycle track and grass in Bushy Park, starting and
 finishing at the big car park by the Diana Fountain. All are welcome - no
 need to enter in advance, just turn up and run.

 Thanks again to Pete Mulholland for this. American schoolteacher Christopher
 Calfee has just set a new world record (?) by running 316 miles over 92
 hours without sleep; and he finished by racing a sub-20 mins 5km! You just
 can't help some people...